Will a genuine reconciliation between Ishmael and Isaac have occurred by the time the Dome of the Rock is removed by natural disaster so that The Temple will be rebuilt cooperatively?

Holiness is Credibility

Moses before the Burning Bush

Moses before the Burning Bush

In one interpretation, holiness is some anointed touching of the sword on the knight’s shoulder by the proper royal conferring a life-long title. In my paradigm, holiness is credibility.

For some, the Doing to Hear is an option so that the being holy is an assumption of title rather than a reality. For others, the hearing is an option, the doing an end in itself.

Saying all the proper recitations at the proper times with perfect cantorial intonation with all the appropriate accoutrements and milieu is great practice for potential, but the only way to demonstrate genuine holiness, that the Soul has heard is from kinetic action in His spontaneous pop-quiz of the unexpected moment.

We have religion for the context of taking somebody else’s word for something that ain’t necessarily so.

In the desert wildernessthe wind comes sweeping down the plains such that listening to local weather reports is a Fool’s Errand. I feel for the poor schlub that has to stand there and pretend through a weather report when you can do better by watching the Weather Channel without the sound. The lack of credibility is situational to the terrain, that’s ever-expanding with global warming and consciousness.

Declarative absolutes, when found untrue, damage credibility so that there’s either a witless faith as suspension of disbelief or the fog clears. For all my superiority of responsibility conversation, I don’t believe all Jews are perfect, or individually inherently infallible. Are wholly credible no matter what they say or do.

A Medved has no more standing than a Beck beyond the door being open to return. I will listen to every Jew as from a Good family until the fatal saying something too stupid, at which point the holiness has been irrevocably lost.

Mothra: Taxation without Representation

Abrahams Opfer

Abrahams Opfer

What is this like? In my poverty, coffee is a luxury. So that when I came back to enjoy my fresh-brewed Espresso Roast treat, there was a moth in my coffee. Both had to go.

The Fourteenth Principle addendum to Judaism as unquestioning What Israel Needs From American Jews support of the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation predicated upon insipid and nonsensical self-contradictory ethnic nationalistic as if religious justifications that are tailor-made for decerebrate automatons.

Worse than that is the insistence upon badgering and cajoling – at every opportunity trying to humiliate people who still bother to care into silence to avoid the evil tongue of the self-hating appellation, as is their custom toward those other targets. With no right to an opinion that’s deviant from the militaristic party line Down Here on the Ground of the pecking order, beyond an obligation to make sure the taxes in fealty are delivered on time — without representation of my values.

To then end the verse by saying that all we in the Diaspora have at stake is money when it’s a lot more than that with the militaristic knife at our throats threatening our credibility, dashing aspirations for holiness against a wall of righteous injustice.

If Palestinians didn’t have a legitimate complaint in their frustration with being thrown out to suffer, they’d be the demons I’m supposed to pretend. An awareness of Good and Evil creates a major component of the effort to delegitimize compassion for their suffering of public diplomacy coordinated with Diaspora components in a concerted effort. Palestinians are rendered as sub-human — savages directly from the Manifest Destiny playbook. This when even the suffering of animals had been our concern; once upon a time.

Wolves have Compassion, a lot more than some people, and their way is to agree on prey as Them. This ubermensch I’m supposed to aspire to becoming is a predator. We need to eat our credibility, for safety. Then I’m supposed to pretend like an old-South decerebrate cousin that finds Mary Had a Little Lamb to be challenging literature that the entire world doesn’t know everything that’s been said. And is being done. As though we’re as they who’ve never heard of education and intelligence.

The purported fact is to be that Nothing Matters Anymore.tooter

As Inhofe’s Global Warming – Global Warming go away, come again — no, it’s not real so Tooter Turtle’s Mr. Wizard of Ozd”no says it isn’t so. Abracadabra. Makes sense — in the Desert Wilderness of Ignorance as Virtue.

Rejectionists of The Divine Torah pushing Islamophobia out of one side of the mouth and Birthright as genetic superiority out of the other is a moth in my coffee.

Instead of consolidating the position in the understanding that the lunacy of Oslo, that a free-ranging sovereign Palestinian state raw from expulsion within lifetimes couldn’t be allowed, our queen of credibility, of holiness, the kinetic of The Divine Torah is dumped overboard to hop around the fire dancing for a golden calf of imaginary safety in power money might.

Full speed ahead with no compassion for suffering  but our own.

Religious Zionism: Stopped in My Tracks

rhinoAs a Serengeti rhino stopped in its tracks in full charge, I was shut up in a flash of understanding of the intensely powerful argument of Religious Zionism: That the fear, the lack of faith, of the Israelites to pass over into Canaan to ‘take possession of the landcondemned us to wander until that generation had died out, is the full speed ahead with the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation, rest of the world of icebergs and rocky shores be damned.

That Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook’s emuna is that when the land has been sanctified — ethno(-religiously) cleansed for the final redemption, He as Tooter Turtle’s Mr. Wizard, will miraculously save us by this mitzvah. Of faith. As in that other addendum, of salvation by belief.

That the hopping around the fires of the idolatry of power money might for our golden calf of ethnic nationalism in modernity will be forgiven as for His cause of having given possession of the land to Us — personally and exclusively.

Constantine the Great

Constantine the Great

That the light to all nations is to be as Constantine the Great’s conversion to that other addendum in military victory. Constantine the Great was reliant on rescue from the court of Galerius by his father in the west, as the militaristic settlement enterprise and Project Humiliation are dependent upon the ongoing rescue of the Constantius of modernity that is the United States of Manifest Destinies.

That my lack of faith in power money might is a lack of religious faith in our Chosen to receive as beneficiary for our dominion, not as shepherd giving the World to Come with portions for Souls of yetzer haTov from all nations. Beyond the opportunity to serve Us that is. How excellent, a pecking order with happy slaves in the World to Come.

That Israelis as a culture are tone-deaf to the rest of the world as irrelevant and inconsequential because of emuna, faith in His having Chosen Us for European possession, no matter what is said or done — providential Calvinist impunity with immunity.

Chosen to Possess

Driven to relentlessly crystallize to binary, the crux of my heresy seems to be in the nature of Chosen to possess. Contrary to my apparently misguided conceptualization that being the light to the nations is bringing all souls of yetzer haTov to the World to Come, and being credible as holy for that reason, the light to the nations is to be that everybody looks up to a winner, whose head is anointed with the finest oil then placement of the olive wreath. Acclaimed. Victorious.

As champions (my guess not their words) of faith in His final redemption is the premise of Religious Zionism.

olive-wreath-ancient-olympicsIn my narrow and plebeian view, it’s the holiness that’s bringing the spirit to move rather than Coliseum cheers for an athletic (physical) victor, after the fact.

Recall the origins of the contests of the ancient gymnasium where the athlete was the champion of a deity, then later city-state, or owner. As a Kentucky Derby horse stable, victory brings honor (handsome stud fees).

In this modern case of redemption, is the pink slip that’s on the line of this physical contest, possession of the land between the Jordan and Mediterranean and Jerusalem, or the Levant with that other part about its dimensions wrong only until the next conquest?

Is the World to Come to be built upon icebergs of injustice in a frozen sea of global consciousness?

European Ownership

There’s a fundamental heresy in my concept of possession of the holy land, that’s rooted in a Native American resonance wherein the Great Spirit owns the land, and the people Down Here on the Ground are its caretakers. My definition in this context of holiness is possession of care, of reverence.

The land is holy explicitly because its ownership transcends the personal by The Absolute-Unity that is Not a Thing.

Magna Carta

Magna Carta

European ownership is ownership by a thing, like the Brooklyn bridge is owned by a municipality that’s a thing. The European progression from at the pleasure of the king to personal ownership is a premise of itself rooted in the injustice of taking without due process in a system of just laws that govern things. A fundamental of property law is that forced taking of personal property as by a municipality, must be for just cause.

No person or group can claim European ownership of the holy land explicitly because the holy takes it out of the realm of things and places it in is His transcendent.

The current concept of He gave it to me is as a noble receiving land from a feudal lord or King, for loyal non-service to the crown based upon a conferred title without return, without the intent of future use anticipated beyond personal. European ownership is in direct contrast to the Native American reverence of the land as holy with the possession in the context of stewardship, and not for personal use per sé.

An immanence of the holiness of the holy land is that He is using this physical land to bring all this existence together in a global awareness of Good and Evil. For a personal decision of care for compassion, from each and every Soul.

The Fourteenth Principle of Jewish Faith

While dismissed as doddering, the identity premise of ethno(-religious) nationalism that Abe Foxman so presciently articulated with:

Can you be anti-Zionist and not be an anti-Semite? Almost never. Unless you can prove to me you’re against nationalism. If you’re one of those unique individuals in this world that’s opposed to American nationalism, French nationalism, Palestinian nationalism, then you can be opposed to Jewish nationalism. Is it racist? You bet it is. Every nationalism is racist. It sets its laws of citizenship, it sets its own capital… It sets its songs, it sets its values. It is, if you will, exclusive, and you can even call it racist. But if the only nationalism in the world that is racist is Jewish nationalism, then you’re an anti-Semite.. I don’t want to make any apologies for it. 

is a concise articulation of exclusivity of compassion so that the rest flows from that, ‘now go and study.

Norman Finkelstein

Norman Finkelstein

Today’s affirmative Jewish ethno-religious nationalism as Zionism is in a Final Common Pathway that is a logical holistic package of the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation that’s per force integrated to a proclivity for xenophobia that euphemistically goes by particularism from an awareness of Good and Evil — from The Divine Torah. That’s one version of holiness, the other in opposition.

Each Soul of care Will make a personal decision, the only minority escape in not caring one way or another — about the world.

All are operating from compassion. Herzl Jabotinsky Rabbi Meir Kahane and an endless list of others including Baruch Goldstein and our Joan of Arcs Caroline Glick and Pamela Geller are operating from compassion for the suffering of the Jewish people. Beneath the ugliness of bashing goyish infants’ heads against the wall, Shapiro’s Torat haMelech is a positive affirmation of that compassion.

Two-state advocates as Beinhart Chomsky Dershowitz Finkelstein and Morris are also operating from compassion for the Jewish people, that rejects the practicality of excluding Palestinian suffering as a consideration.

Shlomo Sand

Shlomo Sand

Both sides point at each other in the irreconcilable mirror and say ‘unrealistic.

Bound by Jewish Identity

That all of Jewish identity Will make a decision is the Binding of Issac. The elders of blessed memory decision to leave the door of return to Judaism open on a matrilineal basis was a Binding of Isaac for these days and times.

Whether secular and all other versions to Religious Zionist, all who identify have ‘skin in the game.‘ As holiness is credibility, affirmation of Jewish identity is wholly credible as transcending the actuality of current religious, or for that matter ethnicity. All by His choice.

Consistent with the invalidation of any non-Jewish criticism as anti-Semitic and any Jewish criticism as self-hating as a religion of its own, even the staunch advocate-general of Zionism, Alan Dershowitz, who’s sacrificed his personal credibility on the altar of the militaristic settlement enterprise of Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation is booed unmercifully by drunkards of faith in power money might while presenting a plan to restart peace talks. Is acting from compassion in realism. Abbas (can) sign(ed) a paper with Dershowitz that he would agree to such a move if the Israeli side would as well, the professor stated.’ safe in the certainty beyond faith that there isn’t an Israeli peace partner as New Israeli government guidelines push peace process to margins.

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

Obama: Israel has the right to guard against Hezbollah arms transfer shows being drawn into the ‘game-changer’ bluff while trying to play poker in Vegas with the big boys as Former Bush administration official: Israel may be behind use of chemical arms in Syria positing that “I think we’ve got a basically geostrategically, geopolitical inept regime in Tel Aviv right now.

And as (Dershowitz) ‘said he would defend his right to tell you what I think of you, and it’s not much.’ that thought is extending in the developed world. While Billy Kristol, exalted man-as deific infallible prophet of the Iraq debacle sits there smirking with his ‘he said game-changer‘ gotcha.

Another war, how yummy, we win.

Anti-Jewish Sentiment

Abe Foxman

Abe Foxman

Israel and her advocates have lost global credibility such that Even after Boston, there is more anti-Jewish than anti-Muslim sentiment in U.S., says ADL’s Foxman of Obama ‘putting too much weight on solving’ the Israel-Palestine conflict that’s rooted in the Delusion in Common disconnect from the reality that ‘solving Palestinian issue would promote peace and stability for entire world‘ as China offers to host Netanyahu and Abbas at Beijing meeting while ‘senior Israeli source writes-off likelihood of meeting taking place.‘ Everyone knows we need another ten years of perpetual slow-rolling herem to get the ethnic cleansing Native American removal for Manifest Destiny job done right.

The irony is that so many have been so slow to realize that all this, before, over decades, and into the future, is a perfectly logical outgrowth of the exclusivist ethno(as if religious) premise of Zionism.

The problem is that in the Time and Motion of this existence, this exclusivist premise, if not yet antiquated, is at least being Abandoned! by Souls of yetzer haTov all over the world. That’s immanent from The Divine Torah infusing this existence with a yearning for egalitarian Justice Compassion and Mercy for Peace.

Ironically, the rationale for exclusivist Zionism is the same collectivization that endeavors to badger and cajole all Jews as bound by identity to support the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses Project Humiliation and embrace a proclivity for xenophobia as justification by collectivization identity that the Anti-Defamation League decries. As anti-Zionism is conflated to anti-Semitism.

The Diaspora-Israeli Continental Divide

An Israel against peace is a danger to its citizens, while for its citizens, the rest of the world recedes into irrelevance. A new breed of post-post-Zionism is smugly self-congratulatory with:

Americans, Europeans, Arabs and Israelis are now being exposed – whether they know it or not – to the enormous gap between the (human) dimensions of Israeli injustice and the (inhuman) intensity of the brutality that surrounds it. This gap has opened people’s eyes and explains some of the things we’ve had to do and the immense accomplishment we’ve achieved. It has made post-Zionism obsolete, explains the feeling of deep pride that we felt on Independence Day, and defines the challenge that we face in our 66th year.  

And explains the relativistic exceptionalism ‘unpopular things ‘cut in stone as still to be done to secure an exclusiveparticularist‘ future. Herzog: Israelis uninformed about Diaspora isn’t the issue when 74% of Israelis believe that Diaspora opinions should not be considered. To be sure, the Diaspora having opinions is as the tail trying to wag the dog, while the job of the Diaspora is to wag the dog that is the political systems of their respective countries — with a united front as:

Diker applauded the South African Jewish community for its successful opposition to the Russell Tribunal, a panel that he said sought to put Israel on trial. Diker said the community’s response was a good example of a proactive and confident approach that should be replicated elsewhere.

Chosen, Choose

A choice of ‘sides‘ has been demanded: Justified relatively minor injustices or unjust to your ‘tribe‘ self-hating righteousness.

Israeli apathy and Diaspora panic will bring about a decay of the Jewish people is of dis-unity as looking at the Weather Channel without the sound that shows a storm-front of world-consciousness in condemnation blowing in with one shoe dropping after another with Google goes political? Search engine adopts the term ‘Palestine.’ That’s directly connected to

The claim of Israel and its supporters to speak for “the Jews” and therefore to tar Israel’s critics with the brush of anti-Semitism was demonstrably false, she argued. Jews are speaking out against the occupation, even as key Jewish establishment figures publicly demand that the Obama administration end its pressure on Israel for a settlement freeze in Jerusalem.

the cognitive dissonance within Israel’s electoral majority, as well as her supporters that the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation are sustainable for the next ten years, to secure the future as the light to the world of how to do Manifest Destiny from power money and might right.

Center of the Jewish People

Ilan Pappe

Ilan Pappe

The weakening of the Israel-Diaspora connection isn’t really a failure to ‘… teach them the importance of having a homeland in Israel that is the eternal center of the Jewish people.’ but is rooted in the progression, the Time and Motion, of history of particularistproclivity for xenophobia and racism within and without as another version of the heart of darkness of anti-Semitism of which we’re all so painfully aware.

Collectivization Rationales

That goes against the experience of not only the Diaspora, but the world-wide acceptance of those principles from The Divine Torah as ideals going forward. That justice and injustice are realities that matter. That ethnic collectivization rationales aren’t valid, and should be resisted, and not in the context of because it was done to us, it’s our right now that we have the whip of power money might to do it to another Them.

The Diaspora is being asked to choose that, or faith in the common humanity of all man descended from Adam with faith in the descendants of Abraham, including Them.

The divide between Jewish diaspora and Israel is precisely that:

As long as Israel retains US support, its rulers may feel they can shrug off the alienation not only of non-Jewish Europeans, but also of growing numbers of European Jews. Yet if David Goldberg is right that diaspora Jews today contribute far more to the “universal values” of civilisation than the people of Israel, then the Jewish state has a far more profound problem than that of frontiers

Which is also a generational divide in the Diaspora that’s been carrying the torch of The Divine Torah to touch the Souls of the entire world is now being asked to adopt an exceptionalism with respect of these very ideals that all of the developed world holds dear, and to which many of the poor and huddled masses of the developing world aspires while under the thumbs of their men-as deities.

19th Century Europe

While we’re not there yet, the dilemmas of the 19th-century European Jewish Diaspora do not directly translate to the experience of today’s Diaspora. It hasn’t been an undermining of concern as in personal self-interest as advertised.

I can only speak for myself, but I could care less what other nations think about me, actually take satisfaction in sticking my Jewishness finger in their pagan eye. But I do care what I think about myself. If you tell me I’m self-hating, I won’t argue if that means that I hate haters with the intensity of six million suns. I’ll own it. Guilty as charged. And proud of that as part of my Jewish identity.

It’s the premises and assumptions of 19th-century Europe that have been undermined. By us.

No one is against Israel’s right to defend herself. With the crisis du jour, perpetual war or threat of war, and the hostile neighborhood, everyone wants to rally around the flag.

As the situation between Israel and the Palestinians worsened in the early years of this century, however, the pendulum began to swing backward somewhat, with Israel–again under attack, figuratively and literally– relying heavily on Diaspora Jews for political support.

However, the idea that drubbing the helpless peons both within and without is to be irrelevant, and if it’s happening, it’s just a part of routine ‘right to defense’ is losing traction. We have to drive them all out because they don’t like being driven out. The chubby-cheeked cherubic innocence is wearing off as the world is badgered and cajoled into closing its eyes and swilling the coffee, hairy moth and all. And, my goodness, what’s that smell?

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Moshe Dayan’s Widow Ruth: Zionist Dream Has Run Its Course:

We built this country inch by inch, and we lost so many lives. We built public and social institutions, schools, factories. What’s going on today is awful. They’re ruining this country. I am a proud Israeli. I’ve lived through every war, endured every moment of suffering, but I never stopped believing in peace. I lost friends and family members. I’m a peacemaker, but the current Israeli government does not know how to make peace. We move from war to war, and this will never stop. I think Zionism has run its course.

Israel Shahak

Israel Shahak

Zionism hasn’t run its course as a movement, it’s run its course as involved in justice compassion mercy or peace. Has moved post-post-post past all that.

The Fourteenth Principle package of the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses Project Humiliation with a clear intent to continue forced taking for at least another ten years unabated is starting to reek.

One must ignore the stench of a proclivity of xenophobia that poisons within. Few beyond the gullible want to relocate back in time to the old South, even if as an honorary Aryan. Or defend it. The old-South isn’t even the South anymore, but a heart of darkness that’s spread as a communicable disease. Hepatitis X is for xenophobia.

The most damning factoid of them all, showing lividity with early rigor mortis of humanity with no better excuse than decomposing rot is the incapacity to accept Sephardim as first-class citizens because they’re Arabs.

That totally blows away the religious marketing misdirection making it just another pecking order operation. That one Jew found the discrimination within Israel intolerable would be enough, but that an entire Jewish contingent has rejected Israel is the shot that hasn’t been heard around the world, but has made a tawdry existential ethnic-exclusivity reality that can’t be repaired with talking-points from the incredible discredited and window-dressings.

Steven J. Gold looks at emigrants’ (from Israel) reasons for leaving

existing links abroad, political and economic dissatisfaction at home, the lure of world-class career opportunities and cultural environments in global cities, and in the case of the Sephardim (or Israelis of non-European origin) often a feeling of being treated as second-class citizens.

Down the Drain

Coffee_Moth_by_teslaextremeIt’s all rather bizarre, this idea of drinking this narcissistic ethnic particularism coffee with that ugly say-do-whatever for exclusive European ownership moth in it.

When you tell one of us who’ve been penetrated to our very core by The Divine Torah that if you can Never Forgetaboutit, at least shutupaboutit or be humiliated as a quisling, a traitor to the ‘race,’ meddling Jews like me who can’t resist interfering in the beating of the helpless slave start talking. Turn on the bug machine. Speak out!

Especially when trying to take-over my religion, my identity, like that other addendum thing of the old-South that thrives on fear and humiliation.

These humiliation initiatives as existential defenses of the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation that perforce embraces a proclivity for xenophobia within, as the association to the old-South, is binding those of Jewish identity to affirm or disclaim the same dominion motivations that characterize those whose only value in this existence is their hate for Souls of yetzer haTov to poor down the drain in disgust.



That has led to: Questioning the Jewish State as well as its 19th Century European premises leading to The Ten Most Common Mistakes of the Israeli People.

Any criticism of Israel’s offense as defense is anti-Semitic so that Beinhart’s plea to save Israel – in vain is a voice of reality as the formerly friendly developed world turns its back: Church of Scotland: Jews do not have a right to the land of IsraelHeading toward an irreparable rift between U.S. Jews and Protestants as well as the world at large of compassion for suffering

While the decerebrate automatons who’ve published this JEWISH SHIT LIST [that Masada2000 Webhost Takes Site Down] may think they’re delivering a telling blow of humiliation to the quislings, all they’ve really done is point out what a great mass of the Diaspora still underwater has been thinking and feeling about the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation with its attendant shockingly rancid proclivity for xenophobia. Realize that those who have Chosen to speak out are only the tip of an iceberg. The tip that’s secure enough in their jobs and lives to take the heat.

With No Eschatological Insight

When the Dome of the Rock is removed by the earthquake of 5871, conspiracy theorists will successfully have the world believe that some mysterious secret Israeli weapon caused its destruction, and the got mine Religious Zionist Israel, and by extension of the dog that wags the Diaspora tail will see their toils as having been answered, substantiating application of power money might with even more fervor than before. How yummy, a new war.

The old-South that comes gleefully shrieking at the prospect of strange fruit in the Coliseum will be enraptured.

And I still won’t accept their materialistic Trinitarian Pauline addendum, nor this other Constantine the Calvinist rejection of compassion faith in military conquest addendum within either.

The Miracle in Your Hand

The Binding of Issac

The Binding of Issac

BDS is irrelevant with respect to a democratically-elected state-sponsored enterprise that’s backed by the most powerful country the world has ever known.

All involved agree that it’s impossible to turn a ship with its wheel welded with no one manning the throttle stuck wide open in time to miss the icebergs of injustice and jagged Spartan rocks of a safe Siren shore of power money might.

The only message that will matter is a message of selflessness from within, of returning to the traditions of observance of halacha from the elders of blessed memory while reaffirming the aggadot, the Loving Kindness for All His creation we Chose in reverence.

We’re credible as holy not because of some bauble pinned onto clothes for military conquest, or a name as title for bravery in battle, not even by Birthright, but because of being immanent of The Divine Torah by the transcendent willingness to speak truth to power. At any given next moment.

To put no other before. To Be in Awe with Perfect Faith. Then and Now.

If you care, have compassion, then return.

And bring that clarity of holiness as compassion for all suffering with you. Invoke His mercy to send angels that will stay Isaac’s hand that would sacrifice the children of Abraham. Ours and theirs. This miracle is within your own hands to do. Today.

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