Demographic Majority

The Fourteenth Principle of Jewish Faith is that the nation-state Israel should be explicitly and exclusively Jewish and the fait accompli certainty is that in order to accomplish that, there must be a demographic majority.

Torat HaMelech

Torat HaMelech

The militaristic settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria, as well as the policy of harassing the ‘Natives’ with Human Rights violations and humiliation at every conceivable opportunity is to make life as uncomfortable for Them as possible, to encourage self-deportation or dyin’ tryin’ – to resist.

Everything about the ‘Peace Process’ flows from these premises, so that it’s perfectly logical that the non-Jewish need to get out; from the Jordan to the Mediterranean. The spirit of this age in A. B. 65, is that West Bank rabbi: Jews can kill Gentiles who threaten Israel, and as Al Qaeda held with respect of the American Force Protection Agreement with Saudi Arabia, that their very presence is The Holy Land is an existential threat.

The pockets left behind are to be local municipalities, vassals of their superiors in Calvinist righteousness of power money might holding dominion. It matters not that UN Panel: Israeli Settlements Are Illegal, or that United Nations News Centre – Independent UN inquiry urges halt to Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory. Or International Law by of and for kushies and kushie-lovers.

Right of Return

Right of Return is off the table because it makes no sense to discuss even a token Palestinian Return while fervently trying to drive those still left out. Dispossessing acknowledged Palestinian landowners goes forward in the same inexorable spirit of Manifest Destiny with the same entitled-by-whatever (race/ethnicity/religion) justification for uncompensated Native American removal.

There’s incessant hand-wringing about birth rates with the realization that even with aggressive aliyah, the Jewish multi-ethnicity will be in a demographic minority soon if not already, even if not a single Arab is allowed to return. Naturally, this includes spouses of Jewish Traitors of the Race who marry Arabs. NGOs. Quislings.

By Birthright

tianaIsraeli right-wing groups use ‘right of return’ to evict Arabs from East Jerusalem.

Birthright to Right of Return is on a genetic basis, that in juxtaposition to the policies of accepting applicants for aliyah and recognition of converts is consistent with a layered ‘particularism’ that prioritizes race/ethnicity over intentions.

Stringent criteria are applied for converts, as Peruvian converts denied permission to immigrate to Israel while non-observant without Faith to be humble or modest are approved by mysterious rationales that appear to be ethnic.

This appearance is bolstered by Israel is the most naive and racist country in the West. Fast-track aliyah of a million Ashkenazim Russians is a Cognitive Bias that addressed both bolstering an authoritarian demographic majority within on behalf of Ashkenazim as well as the external demographic majority against Arabs.

Advocates, as with everything, always default back to ‘it’s complicated‘ and ‘context‘ as the old-South taking credit for Civil Rightsto then wax poetic on Kind after Kind. For a caste-system pecking order in the same paradigm as India with Ashkenazim then Sephardim – Mizrahim then Ethiopians whose centuries of tradition was only grudgingly accepted as Jews. Are still called refugees when Russians fleeing Tzar Putin are revered aliyot. Arabs are Untouchables.

Counting Counting, I’m Counting: The Franchise

UnfairThe tacit Livni intent to disenfranchise the Arabs within the Green Line in exchange for dog-catcher sovereignty in the scrublands as the best deal mirrors Lieberman: Israeli Arab ‘hate parade’ proves they must be included in deal with Palestinians.

When the reference is made toward Israel as being a democracy, naturally, as with the ‘Jewish,’ that precludes Them. Locking Them out of participation in the government today under any circumstance until that can be formally accomplished is a banished in place, until the next steps. 

Hagai El-Ad in Haaretz: The anti-democratic shadow over Israel. The Israeli Arab MK: Loyalty oath relegates Israel’s Palestinian citizens to inferior status while Jews are presumptively loyal. Israeli Arab committee slams ‘racist, fascist’ bills as every other Anti-Democratic Initiative is to insulate against any Arab hope of meaningful participation in the government beyond being allowed to give speeches. Perhaps.

If known that the speech won’t be ‘helpful,‘ forget that too. Israel election committee disqualifies MK Hanin Zuabi from running for Knesset — had no business interfering with the ‘defensive’ Roman siege of Gaza, letting Compassion for Suffering overcome good sense while UN independent panel rules Israel blockade of Gaza illegal.

ShowImageWhat is this like? In high school, I joined a Med-co club for students who were interested in becoming doctors. The ‘mentor,’ a Dr. Orr was a gynecologist, and during a meeting he decided to show some slides. I was asked to leave; my One-drop might get some thrill out of seeing anonymous white women’s diseased genitals.

Arabs will never be trusted with national security, that at its core ultimately necessitates their willingness to emigrate. A rare Arab coming up through the military does not a democracy make.

The decades of coordinated Native removal policy is an in-common between the left and right policy that’s perfectly logical based upon the necessity of demographic majority. That itself is predicated upon ‘their’ not being able to be trusted in the process of their own marginalization until ultimate elimination.

Only One Problem: anti-Semitism

Pam Geller - Geet Wilders

Pam Geller – Geet Wilders

The only problem is the world isn’t cooperating, because they hate us ‘for our freedom‘ (as Birthright to hold dominion) in the Levant. What apostasy to say In landmark case on Israel and Jewish identity, British tribunal says anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.

This justification third rail of the offensive as ‘defensive ethos’ is predicated upon any opposition to my man-as deific will as anti-Semitic. Of course Lieberman blames Arab leaders for rising racism among Israeli Jews.

The atmosphere of mutual collective demonization is such an integral and strong thread of justification with Islamophobia and kissing-cousin Racism that a proclivity for xenophobia has become a sub-clause of The Fourteenth Principle as in No More Racist than You or Me.

We Hate them because they’re anti-Semitic for not agreeing with whatever we say-do. Have done. Or plan to do.

That’s a ‘They just don’t know their place.‘ position that warms the cockles of the old-South black heart.

Daniel Pipes advisor to John McCain with Geet Wilders

Daniel Pipes advisor to John McCain with Geet Wilders

Kind after Kind: Ethnic Nationalism

Only the mentally deficient think whether Ashkenazim are descended from Khazars would matter if it were true. When I hear it, I get upset.

No, I get testy. Yes, let’s say it that way. I get terse and testy when I’m hearing anti-Semitism coming from anybody, including the sea of a generation of Negroes too ignorant to know that it was Ashkenazi Jews that paid not only treasure but dear blood on behalf of the advances that have occurred. A full share at that.

What is this like? When I was in college, a friend who lived in the same house was interested in the Nation of Islam. Invited, I went with him to one of their meetings. Being slapped about the head with ‘the Jews this and the Jews that,’ I thought, what is this intelligent man doing with these uneducated and terminally ignorant people? This drek.

Black Hebrews

With my One-drop, a well-meaning friend sent me a website link to either the African Hebrew Israelites or the Black Hebrews. I don’t know which it was, could have even been something else. Because I have severe allergies, at the instant I realized what it was I ran, hair on fire, and scrubbed the decks by erasing the email while nursing an injury to my Soul. Maybe I should have bookmarked it to know what it was to put my hazmat suit on and go back for forensic analysis.
WretchedofEarth-L_FFanonThese are as deeply offensive as if someone tried to sell me the materialistic Trinitarian Pauline addendum, or slip some bacon grease into my salad. I, as Israel, reject black Hebrews as JewsBut then, as an apostate of the genetic  foundation of The Fourteenth Principle, I reject the Aryan Blood idea as well. Period. 

One of their synagogues is a block and a half from my house. I won’t set foot into anything that advocates any sort of idolatry, particularly something as specious and absurd as ‘race.’ To do so would be as going into a church.

In My Solitude, neither idea crosses my mind. I’m positively allergic to anybody who wants to put a racialist qualifier — talk about desecration of His Holy Name? Forgetaboutit. Sanity is dropping the ‘African’ and the ‘Black.’

Take down that wall!

From Self-Affirmation to Reactionary

Black nationalism, was a ‘self-affirming‘ response to centuries of systematic old-South racism. There was a positive benefit of creating a counter to this long-standing decimation of the spirit. At a time, a Nina Simone or Whoopi Goldberg could only aspire to be someone’s cook, too ugly to serve during the meal. So the beast, Celie the shrek, had to stay in the kitchen. Out of sightInvisible.

ZuluattackguttThis self-affirmation had a positive effect, still in progress, where a Moesha can be attractive, Sanaa Lathan finding crossover heroine success without an aquiline nose. For the considered pugly uneducable and three-fifths-a-soul according to the old-South, out of ‘I’m Black and I’m Proud‘ came a new sliver of faith in their own potential. Misspent for many in chasing balls and monotonous rhymes as ends of themselves.

When this self-affirmation pendulum swings past neutral, it’s toxic in being reactionary at ethnic Kind after Kind. That’s still the rule in the old-South for all involved.

At the same time, there’s a deep and serious self-injury of internalizing the same make-believe distinction used as a tool of oppression. The Blood idea that ‘African or Black’ is inherently virtuous and good to their moving-target ‘white’ colonialists as cause for all the ills of the world is a Fool’s Errand that creates as much loss as gain. I hold that as many lives are ruined as saved by this idolatrous doctrine.

In one encounter, the subject of Shaka Zulu came up, as though my One-drop was supposed to be proud of a ‘Black man’ who was a genocidal maniac on par with Stalin and another unmentionable. A despicable character, a Slobodan Milošević on steroids elevated to hero based upon ‘race/ethnic identity.’ That underlines the cognitive dissonance of herds following the methane fly-trail of the tail in front of them.

While Xenophobia and sexism are alive and well in the United States of American Idols, there are other prejudices that will approach as impactful as we go forward in Space and Time: ageism, adulation of beauty power money might, discrimination against those with health issues including diabetes hypertension mental illness and obesity. The standard-fair of Amalekites using code-words to attack the weak and infirm without Compassion or Mercy by any means unnecessary.

Jewish Ethnic Nationalism

MK Orit Struck (Bayit Yehudi)

MK Orit Struck (Bayit Yehudi)

Birthright is marketed in the same spirit of ‘Black is beautiful‘ to Jewish is beautiful and Israeli Jew is better than that. The settler in Judea and Samaria is the Fairest of Them All. The mitzvah of living in the Holy Land has been conflated to the mitzvah of the militaristic settlement enterprise and Project Humiliation.

For ‘supporters,‘ that Diaspora mitzvah is quiescence if not hearty cheering in the face of say-do-whatever to accomplish Arab herem to insure demographic majority: Join the Good Fight Fight Fight for your old Birth Right.

Ben Ami Dershowitz Morris and advocate du jour sits there and laments the lack of a peace partner on the anti-Semitic Palestinian side while mumbling out of the other side of their mouths about disagreeing with the militaristic settlement enterprise and the other components of Project Humiliation while issuing insensate platitudes about Two-State. Lamenting missed opportunities for population exchange as though that was the destruction of The Temple.

This herem is a national project as The money’s in the occupied territories, Lapid — as much as the transcontinental railroad Interstate Highway system or Hoover Dam. Or Manifest Destiny for Native American removal. A societal effort if ever there was one, that’s viewed by cognitive bias as irrelevant to the issue that Arabs are ‘savages.

Rachel Shabi

Rachel Shabi

That blends into Arab Jews as lesser for righteous Urban racial purity. White is more fair than dark as Rachel Shabi has to say she’s Not the Enemy,’ in Israel’s other Arabs.

With an American hand in glove push to establish being a Jew as a race with New Book Opens Lid on Jewish Race Question to tie into a not-so-subtle undercurrent to refute “Scientists consider biological essentialism obsolete, and generally discourage racial explanations for collective differentiation in both physical and behavioral traits.” While saying that not The Divine Torah, not a culture of learning, not a culture of Compassion for Suffering, but race – is what makes sense.

There’s all kinds of controversy with Fault Lines about what Judaism is, as the mud flies between Orthodox and Conservative, but we must all agree to rally around the nation-state flag and support our ‘tribe’ no matter what, as Gordis euphemizes it.

For the same kind of decerebrate knee-jerk defense of all things ‘Jewish’ as if this irresistible force to finish not so much what was left undone in the time of Saul as advertised, but in the time of Deir Yassin. That has shrunk brains into walnuts for mindless lips moving to say that Shaka Zulu was a great man while leaving out the murderous lunatic nightmare-in-history that deserves shame.

Benny Morris and the chorus of born-again to dominion theology supporters are correct that the situation would be different had there been wholesale ethnic cleansing. To point out that a little ethnic cleansing wasn’t a lot, and then the inevitable relativistic ‘look around.’ Regardless of any so-called ‘peace agreement,’ the obvious ‘secret’ plan, as secret as nuclear capability, is to go ahead with ethnic cleansing one Shabbat, one protester, one tree, one village or neighborhood at a time. It just makes sense.

Cognitive Bias

The world knows that Israel has an electoral majority of the cognitive bias that non-Jews must be incessantly driven out for demographic majority. The will of the people.

The Negroes who remained in the old-South are the docile, happy-feet Confederate Negro version that was most shocking in supporting Civil Rights. Instigated by those meddling Jews that don’t know how to stop interfering with slaves being beaten.

Israel strives to get that right too, learning from this history as well as South Africa. By the Native American removal model that got the job done right, why not get rid of them all? Most Native American tribes in the Desert Wilderness are busy invoking their honorable support of the Confederacy in the War Between the States. As legitimacy.

Coliseum Droolers
Are you not entertained?

Are you not entertained?

It doesn’t matter to old-South Coliseum-droolers as McCain that, [addendum] Palestinians: Israel ‘manipulating facts’ by claiming we are welcome while their Bird of a Feather true religion is praying to a pagan deity of perpetual war for dominion while relying on wafers and wine as absolution for say-do-whatever; just in case.

This humiliation offensive as ‘defense’ is in the spirit of Philadelphia, Mississippi defending their dominion way of life with strange fruit.

Shapiro Torah HaMelech robots are going about their business of building the Jewish nation-state as machines programmed for targets. Efficient. Coldly filling humiliation orders with panache.

Pushing the legitimacy of a relativistic policy of Human Rights abuses and the militaristic settlement enterprise as righteous has distanced the developed world, that can’t be dismissed with these talking-points because Israelis aren’t pre-Adamite Sudanese or Somalis with designer-bones through their genocidal noses. Beyond the old-South that’s still whining about their ‘lost way of low-life‘ that is.

In addition, the disgusting association with these old-South pagan xenophobes as Birds of a Feather is negatively revealing. Was the catalyst for my blinders being stripped off to get realistic about the Heart of Darkness within, the Plan.

From a Good Family

passover-seder-plateJews are from a good family. I have: Perfect Faith in klal Yisrael, in the power of The Divine Torah.

A debate I used to have with Momma as a child was that cultures that value education and intelligence, virtue and integrity, are selecting mates on a different basis than ‘There’s a running back in that booty, or America’s Next Top Model in that face.’ Superficialities.

Don’t get it twisted, and pretend that people with booties or symmetry are incapable of selecting for education integrity and intelligence. The Negro story within America is a Tale of Two Cities. I use the term Negro in honor of the legions, generations who inculcated a value for education in their culture and offspring. Invoking their memory in a specious word that replaced colored to be replaced by another Delusion in Common. President Obama might be an African-American.

While militancy became a counterpoise to non-violent resistance in the history of the Civil Rights movement, the peer pressure against academics as ‘trying to get in the house‘ remains a destructive undercurrent within successor communities so that great faith and effort is placed into entertainment — sports and minstrelsy in modernity.

We All Love Dudu

We All Love Dudu

The athlete that gets a college degree, even if not making it into professional entertainment has been intelligent to get educated.

The tried and true of history is education and intelligence; the countless-millennial definition of what it means to be human.

Being Human: Virtue and Integrity

The highest praise in my culture is to be considered a mensch, “a person of integrity and honor.” Now, Judaism’s enemy No. 1: Moral complacency among religious Zionists that’s dismissive of Compassion for the stranger is a Birthright to be defended as a mother hen protecting her brood. While noshing on Ilan Hall’s prosciutto-wrapped matzos appetizer at swanky Traif NY.

The history of the world started in 1948 (except for justifications) so that there’s a decided Cognitive Bias in the before and after. I was for South African Apartheid until I was forced to be against it. Now, the old-South scum of the earth are my best friends – What the Evangelicals Give the Jews, and slavery was a good thing for the One-drop by Six inconvenient truths about the U.S. and slavery, paving the way for the shucking and jiving happy-feet Confederate-Arabs as: 

The other Arab parties place too much emphasis on the Palestinians and external Arabs. But it’s more important to serve the Arabs inside Israel who want to live in peace with our Jewish cousins.

who are clear about their place under the ubermensch who’s doing them a favor by holding dominion. That will be to no avail.

Yair Lapid

Yair Lapid

Now, being a mensch is supporting unpopular things according to Gordis who’s the master of the excommunication threat with In the Tent, or Out: That is Still the J-Street Question and What Not Who is a Jew that’s observance as unquestioning fealty to the throne of King Pistachio Bibi.

The Palinesque photogenic Lapid as court jester telling one-liners about helping the cannon-fodder in their hovels with a slur against the Arabs as a cherry on top.

What Yair Lapid’s anti-Zoabi comments reveal about Israeli politics doesn’t only speak to politics but to the democratic majority opinion of Israel so that elected representatives are comfortable not only in their skins, but in their prospects for reelection as New Israeli government guidelines push peace process to margins. To the black reality of the matter. Consistent. Makes sense.

Crystallization of Thought

There has already been a Crystallization of Thought in the developed world concerning Israel’s intentions with United Nations News Centre – Independent UN inquiry urges halt to Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory. The confluence of  media and revelations about the long-standing nation-state of affairs, including the recent documentaries are clearing the fog of war.

For everyone, there’s a tipping point of crystallization where the benefit of the doubt becomes just doubt.

Ongoing today is not only history, but news, that has become senescent at birth in its consistency.

True enough, there had been a dual message coming from Zionism, one of peaceful accommodation and the other of militaristic victory for threats and injuries on both sides. Were it the case that what was taken before was sufficient, people would want to just push history into history and get on with life. 

Voices of Reason

crystalsNetanyahu is an elected representative. Israeli ‘voices of reason‘ only warn against being too blatant. There is a unity of intent to proceed with forced uncompensated takingby any means necessary, that is the nagging thorn in the side of the ethical.

Arabs are ghettoized by residency zoning restrictions that remind of the desert wilderness well after the Fair Housing Act had been passed and Right-wing group mapping Jerusalem businesses that employ ArabsJust 0.7% of state land in the West Bank has been allocated to Palestinians, Israel admits. All of it makes sense.

It’s crystal clear that if not already, Israel is a wannabe Apartheid state, at least until Population Exchange including Arabs from within the Green Line exchanged to the scrublands so that the issue becomes (seemingly) moot.

The massive feverish construction in the West Bank is to last hundreds of years and be used exclusively by Jews. Nobody puts the kind of effort into a lease property that they do into a home.

Irreconcilable Mirror

charlize-theron-snowwhiteFor an uninhibited endless loop, that feeds-back flat refusal of Right of Return and any attenuation of the militaristic settlement enterprise to the necessity of demographic majority while marketing ethnic and hypocritical religious justifications while sublimely dismissive of ‘their’ Suffering.

With a condescending pat on the heads of quislings with ‘All life is precious (but some animals are more equal on the Animal Farm, and as low animals – savages, their sense of injustice in my throwing them out pales to nothing in the light of my own justifications.)


The injustice of expulsion by whomever’s fault, or no-fault, albeit incomplete in 1948 is a fundamental driver of the Palestinian street and diaspora and within the Green Line, all being resistant to Abandoning the Right of Return. Because it’s emblematic of intent to accomplish and maintain demographic majority. That entails most if not all removal by logical extension of counting the numbers.

In the Arab neighborhood, the absolute refusal of Right of Return and more so than that, any attenuation of the ongoing militaristic settlement herem enterprise is indicative of an implacable intent to complete the process, self-described as within ten years: Lieberman: Israeli-Palestinian peace will not be achieved within the next decade, parroted in Gordis’ tablet handed down to those ‘who haven’t thought enough.‘ How strange that Arab leaders set up $1 billion Arab fund for Jerusalem or that Israeli ambassadors summoned in protest at new settlement plans. Didn’t they get the message?

Narcissus by Caravaggio

Narcissus by Caravaggio

The sense of injustice of Arabs displaced by uncompensated whatever-justified Manifest Destiny extends to the entire world of Compassion when non-violent demonstrations are treated as military assaults, as opportunities to send a coincidentally deadly message of leave submit or die. These messages, as others in history, have resonated around the world. Few are confused enough to think a petulant bully is a mensch.

Taking the ‘Jewish‘ finger in the eye out that seemed such an obvious remedy is the height of heresy and equivalent to advocating Jewish genocide because if we take that finger of humiliation out of their eye, they will surely kill us.

Emboldened as a Birth of the Nation uppity ‘niggerniggernigger‘ that’s going to rape and murder all the fair white women if they get the vote and don’t have to go to the colored ‘facilities’ on the Palestinian foot-paths. Aren’t subject to at-will lynching proved as an in-common agreement by The silence after the lynch of Israel’s Arabs

That from our ‘hurting‘ as Gordis says it, (that they don’t want to let us push them out as their superiors) perfectly justifies the in-common narcissistic dismissal of ‘their’ Suffering, by (race/ethnicity/religion) whatever works, dude. Git ‘er done.

Making Sense

The problem with relentless Aristotelian dialectic is that what obviously makes sense, as Einstein’s Sanhedrin composed of both Jews and Arabs, and my Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace that didn’t appear as radical but logical — making sense, is that revered and respected voices as history professor Yehuda Bauer, whose words are taken seriously, not as mindless automatomic talking-point ponies that parrot whatever they’ve witlessly been persuaded. By Birthright.

Those who attack Israel with flagrant hatred call for the annulment of the state’s existence; in other words, to dismantle Israel from its status as a Jewish state and to create a Palestinian entity from the sea to the river. This will incorporate Israel and the areas of the PA and Gaza, purportedly as a progressive basis for equality between the two peoples while ignoring the identity and the national impulses only of the Jewish side. They would attack and destroy the entity called the State of Israel. That entails killing as many Jews as possible. In a word: genocide.

How can the Zionist entity be annulled without destruction? That is the implication of it. At the same time, I agree that the occupation policy in the territories of the PA is helping to bring about viewpoints of this kind. So are the actions of the hilltop youth and the fascist-religious-messianic settlers against their neighbors, while acts such as the burning of mosques, the cutting down of trees and attacks on Palestinians are not restrained by the government.

The Promised Land

The Promised Land

So that the in-common certainty of “killing as many Jews as possible. In a word: genocide.” with the in-common cognitive dissonance of “agree(ing) that the occupation policy in the territories of the PA is helping to bring about viewpoints of this kind (and) are not restrained by the government.” renders non-Jewish (Palestinian) removal as a prominent definition of the “identity and national impulses of the Jewish side” in a representative democracy.

So that an Anthony Weiner Falsely Claims There’s ‘No Israeli Occupation’ In The West Bank And No IDF Troops is a confession of fealty to The Fourteenth Principle of Jewish Faith.

This Land is My Land

The only thing that matters is that this land is MY land. He gave it to me, to pOwnIt’s Mine! 

Some Muslims appear to be more consistent with the spirit of Jewish Faith from which the Principles were derived; such Palestinian chutzpah, interfering in the beating of the helpless slave. Arabs then third world then the developed world and now the Diaspora of education, intelligence, integrity and honor.

What’s Up with All These anti-Semitic People?

Today, Everyone in Israel’s new government is gunning for reform – but at what price? We can all rest assured that Right of Return will stay off the table, as well as the militaristic settlement enterprise, and Human Rights violations in Project Humiliation to drive home ‘leave submit-as-inferior or die’ at every opportunity. Though ‘unpopular’ (to anti-Semites), all this with the Xenophobia that goes with it has been elevated to a religious duty, is sacrosanct —  The Fourteenth Principle of (legitimate) Jewish Faith. That’s to take precedence over any others.

israeli_settlers_protestNeo-Spartan America outspends the rest of the world in ‘defense,’ makes such disingenuous meager and stingy contributions to Israel’s defense that President Obama is ‘the devil.’

The chorus of cousins pretending that the United States isn’t going to be brought to its financial knees by the same militarism that did such a fine job with Native American removal are who’s delusional, along with this kindred say-do-whatever justified by the Blood idea.

Even if the Native American will has been broken, the making-believed that with enough power money might, a nation of two billion who’ve experienced forced taking will, if unable to Forgetaboutit, be too Machiavellian-weakened to do anything about it into the depths of time.

That, as ignoring Global Warming, is misreading the winds of change in the progression, Time and Motion, of history.

It’s too late to pretend that Two-State isn’t already Game Over.

In the end, Kahane won, and so have these words of Ahad Ha’am come true as well, quite some time ago:

We must surely learn, from both our past and present history, how careful we must be not to provoke the anger of the native people by doing them wrong, how we should be cautious in our dealings with a foreign people among whom we returned to live, to handle these people with love and respect and, needless to say, with justice and good judgment. And what do our brothers do? Exactly the opposite! They were slaves in their Diasporas, and suddenly they find themselves with unlimited freedom, wild freedom that only a country like Turkey [the Ottoman Empire] can offer. This sudden change has planted despotic tendencies in their hearts, as always happens to former slaves [‘eved ki yimlokh – when a slave becomes king – Proverbs 30:22]. They deal with the Arabs with hostility and cruelty, trespass unjustly, beat them shamefully for no sufficient reason, and even boast about their actions. There is no one to stop the flood and put an end to this despicable and dangerous tendency. Our brothers indeed were right when they said that the Arab only respects he who exhibits bravery and courage. But when these people feel that the law is on their rival’s side and, even more so, if they are right to think their rival’s actions are unjust and oppressive, then, even if they are silent and endlessly reserved, they keep their anger in their hearts. And these people will be revengeful like no other.

For the Sake of Zion

Ahad Ha'am

Ahad Ha’am

Perhaps this ‘vengeful like no other’ is the ‘haven’t thought enoughthat makes the reality that we must play out the power money might hand, and anything else is wishful thinking. To this day, there are people who defend South African Apartheid as better for everybody. Just as slavery was better for everybody involved according to ‘reb‘ Medved.

There’s no question that the natives in South Africa were far more primitive than Native Americans, many of whom Assimilated and were still set on the Trails of Tears. Assimilation didn’t save us in Germany from the same genetic Blood Idea rationales either.

The drive for Israel as ‘safe’ as an exclusivist Jewish pecking order has become the unequivocal Zionist dream. By unanimous consent of all still allowed by Gordis to be in the tent.

That’s from a pre-existing faith in power money might as the First Cause. That’s fed faith in another thingdemographic majority, to be justified by the ‘particularist’ existential Nationalistic Principle.

For that reason, any opposition to the militaristic settlement enterprise, Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation is anti-Semitic. All are integral to the underlying drive to survive oppositional rationale of holding dominion as defense against recurrences of previous assaults from vulnerabilities to power money might. The Holy Name has long been reduced to a Feiglin marketing talking-point as invocation of this existential package as The Fourteenth Principle.

All of my attempts are journeys of themselves. Only now do I see the depth of my heresy in lacking faith in power money might!

Born from the swords of history, live in the sword.

For the Sake of Heaven

Arabs in the Levant are also descendents of the Golden Ages of their Islamic intellectuals so that awareness of western philosophies came to our tradition in no small part by renaissance translations from Greek to Arabic. It’s just not true that all of them are savages, no more than it’s true that all of us are mensches.

How conveniently we’ve forgotten that they’re, that Them, is from a good family too, of Abraham.

Without proof and with Perfect Faith in the penetrating light of The Divine Torah, I made it up from Nothing: That this land is His land: That neither they nor we own it, and as for European ownership, we both own it. That the family of Abraham has been called to compassion out of our in-common Suffering to Unify in Justice Compassion and Mercy for Peace.

It most certainly is Time to be single-minded in Awe of HaShem.

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