I was gratified to read the Op-ed Israel’s Settlers Are Here to Stay by Dani Dayan. One small step for Zionism, one giant leap for Mankind.

danidayanDani Dayan NYT Op-ed

To date, what’s happened is associating our just Cause in rejection of Two-state with debased old-South Coliseum droolers enthralled with the smell of death praying to Ba’al for dominion of their Greek myth.

It’s About Time somebody just made the case — straight across the table. Without all the Islamophobic fear-mongering to appeal to decerebrate old-South simpletons and their ilk. Beckoning the people of justice to join the misanthropic xenophobic Right that’s never heard of a Crusade Inquisition or genocide in pursuit of dominion that was a bad idea.

The Facts, Ma’am

It’s the matter of fact and clear-eyed approach to the issue of Judea and Samaria that’s been most lacking and most needed. Unwillingness to simply state the obvious has done serious damage to our credibility, taking the Fifth; pretending when we’ve long known Two-State’s a nonsensical idea.

This Op-ed is well-placed in the New York Times, the epicenter of faith in Two-State, that whether anyone accepts or rejects our Civil Right to be there, we will.

Now, let’s talk.

Along with the Levy Report, this deserves recognition for frankly stating reality, getting the truth cards on the table, an opening for people of reason and conscience to support the settlement enterprise with the critical caveat of settler violence under IDF protection against a civilian population rendered defenseless. More facts, ma’am. Yes, let’s talk.

Canard of Contentment

The canard of everybody’s content with the current situation, is as the old-South saying ‘there wasn’t any trouble down here until the Yankees refused to cooperate with expansion into the territories,’ Dred Scott settled law.

Yossi Beilin’s telling article a few months ago of Saudi Arabia’s ‘… when there is no violence, no reason to hurry‘ needs to be contextualized as  — Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Saudi Arabia … are satisfied, comfortable with the security stability, but Men-as deities don’t represent ‘the street.’


The First World of Human Rights advocates with empathy for the Arab ‘street’ won’t be content with the situation. As World Bank: Palestinian economy unsustainable due to foreign aid reliance, the effects of Maestrini’s law on Spartan stones creates a dual-layered discontent.

One a poverty of dignity, without potential for contiguity geographically, and the other plain poverty out of the break their will and drive them out militaristic enterprise of holding produce until rotten, ruining means of production by killing trees, and progressively seizing the arable lands with taking without just compensation.

For an argument with surrounding Arab nations of if you don’t like your dog being starved, we’ll be happy to send it to you.

That’s the reason Abbas can think time on his side as that’s overheard by People for the Ethical Treatment of Arabs in Judea and Samaria. Of the world.

Improve Viability

Dayan calls for the international community to ‘work together with the parties to improve it where possible and make it more viable.‘ Traditionally, this has meant, ‘take them off our hands.

No adjacent state is going to take in this angry afflicted and impoverished population, just as a dog that’s been accused of biting can’t be put up for adoption.

The ‘drive them out‘ settlement enterprise has become synonymous with militaristic settlers, and Buffalo soldiers.

Buffalo Soldiers

There was a video posted today, no coincidences, of a Human Rights organization filming a confrontation between an IDF soldier and an Arab youth. The fact is, the youth was being the challenging aggressor, and the IDF soldier tried to deescalate the situation, as an NBA referee walking away from an upset player without calling the technical. When he continued, the issue became physical. The premise of interpretation was to be that the IDF soldier used excessive force, and that could only be supported by the belief that he shouldn’t have been there to be accosted by the Arab.


Clearly, there’s pro-Arab bias by Human Rights groups. But the realities are dismal for the lot of Arabs in Gaza Judea and Samaria. Perhaps Human Rights organization bias is a consequence of seeing the desperate conditions created by bias, on these they still appreciate as human. Rather than caring about Human Rights, we’re to rationalize as the old-South ‘discovered’ America, uninhabited, except by sub-humans with no more standing than the deer in the trees.

It’s the witnesses of the rotten meat that undermined the credibility of the premise that the Native Americans were going off the reservation because of the ‘natural aggression‘ of savages. Historians more intelligent than cousin dumb-as-a-post have admitted that rotten meat was fed to the resigned. Only those with faith in dominion, with no compassion for suffering other than their own can accept this as righteous. Why mangy rabid Cujos of the old-South are the face of Zionism now.

Happiness Violations

The history of the role of the U.S. Army in Native American removal was of settler provocations of the Natives, on or off the reservation, for the attack based upon plantationhappiness violations‘ — renegades, off the reservation.

The similar permissiveness of the IDF and Israeli society of settler violence is the Human Rights issue. The militarism beyond rational defense were it not for the perceived necessity to encourage emigration by the pitiful afflicted waifs is more the issue than settlements per se. Driving the savages out.

The Two-State premise is both the necessity for demographic majority, as well as acceptance of the righteousness of militaristic settlers and compatriot IDF that can’t be expected to restrain themselves any more that the Taliban seeing eyebrows that should be under burqas. Naturalé Animalé.


We’ve won. The Two-State game is over. With that short truth as work of art by Dayan in conjunction with the Levy Report opening act, the militaristic component of the settlement enterprise needs to be reigned in. By professionalism. A truce.

As insipid as the hater-state within Two-state is the pretense that continuing to drub a rendered helpless civilian population isn’t an existential threat to the legitimacy of Israel, all over the world, especially the First.

Two-State theory, aside from gerrymander is that at least the Arabs would have their own Third World national state, for dignity, the field serfs still destitute under the standard pecking order, but at least their man-as deity is ostensibly of their own. May show favor. Kind after kind.

In His sight. Pleased with their blood crying out?


There’s no doubt that ‘The settlements of Judea and Samaria are not the problem — they are part of the solution.‘ But settler violence is the problem, as not so bad strange fruit in the old-South and the Native American removal enterprise by clearing the buffalo from the plains is going to continue to bring down the moral condemnation of the world. That is in a different space than Andrew Jackson by the light of The Divine Torah.

Right to Exist

Israel’s right to exist is fundamental. My Civil Right to be in Judea and Samaria is fundamental to Israel’s right to exist. Jerusalem is beyond all those.

With all the history of the conflict, with people I take seriously still promising every day to wipe me off the face of the earth, I still refuse to make my right to exist as Exclusive of their’s as Thousands march in Tel Aviv against loyalty oath bill.

That shows the divide of generations with an assumption of antipathy — rejecting compassion for suffering other than our own as Virtue, racism as self-affirmation, and the generation toward yetzer tov for all humanity that will be the World to Come.

Jewish State

With what it means to be a Jew defying simplification, what is the derivative ‘Jewish state’ supposed to mean? As white supremacist Pat Buchanan decried the death of America as a Caucasian nation, ‘We, the Caucasian people …” or ‘only whites can be men created equal.’

With no settled law on what being a Jew means as reflected in the Aliyah controversies, no homogeneous religious or other unity within, can’t agree to keep the Sabbath, the issue in it’s lowest common denominator boils down to ethnicity, race — genetic lineage.

That looks quacks and walks with the stench and sounds of old-South Aryan Birthright idolatry.

The juxtaposition of ‘Jewish state’ and Democratic is code-word for demographic majority: No Right of Return and drive them out.

The Fourteenth, no coincidence, tenant of Faith to supersede the rest as we’re not a religion, a race, an ethnicity but a tribe, that goes along to get along with whatever injustices may ensue is the new definition of a Jew.

This battle-cry, this moniker has been the rallying cry of Zionism from the beginning. Rooted in the history of the Diaspora even before we were thrown out, Maccabees. Under Romans, and a litany of debased idolaters that have persecuted us through time, for being. Looking only to HaShem, putting no thing before. … Now this, thing.

Exclusive versus Inclusive

The Jewish state as Exclusive is rooted in reflection of unit cohesion in the face of all our history with Birthrights of Aryans. The tablet has come down from on high that being a Jew is supporting the say-do-whatever militaristic, racism-justified settler attacks on Arabs in Judea and Samaria and discrimination within the Green line.

That’s proving by treatment of Ethiopian Jews and the cannon-fodder ‘little people’ that this ‘Jewish’ in the ‘Jewish state’ is just smoke and mirrors for Men-as deities. Self-serving. Self-aggrandizing. Hypocritical. Unrighteous. Unholy.

Not only does the old-South look to Ba’al of power money might, to things, they pursue and kill anyone who rejects their faith in things in this world, in a man as if. In their status as men as deities. There’s no question that “… for the [addendum], let there be no hope.” That’s certainly a form of special mental illness. As Feiglin stumps with The Name while the old-South usurps to beckon us to join them in the worship of things. Colors. AKC pedigree. Westminster. Paint.

Less Than Human

From the bedrock of prophesies that is our foundation, repeated warnings against assimilation to the old-South proclivity for inhumanity, a justification arises to become inhumane as they. To be them.

For a perversion of ‘in the spirit‘ as rendering Abel as less than human by Murder, a blood sacrifice as proof of worth in Cain’s deific human mind — only proved faith in say-do-whatever.

Not his brother’s keeper.

Not as carpetbag-porters, the only purpose of the old-South being in this world is to serve to remind us against selfish motives – self-glorification, that we not bow to vanity and emptiness. To idolatries. To remind us that we Chose to be Holy.

man, ash, blood, bile, stinking flesh, maggot, defiled men and women, adulterers and adulteresses, dying in their iniquity and rotting in their wickedness, worn out dust, rot of maggot [and worm]—and pray to a god who cannot save.

These idolaters are everywhwere the soul can see, as a constant reminder. To not be them.

That we not interpret our Chosen as superior for dominion as the old-South, but our duty to be superior in piety of commitment to looking only to HaShem. Away from idolatries. To be Holy.


Marrying His Cause to idolaters and idolaries, to old-South Amalekites whose oxygen is Cain’s injustice of Murder for dominion, justified by their core value of lying in the grass. With no compassion within them, threat their chattel as they please. Do not feed them before they feed themselves. Do not know they have a Filial soul.

It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for [threatening Israel]. If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments—because we care about the commandments—there is nothing wrong with the murder.

Now, my cause is to hide in the tall grass that there are Jews of all races — for a racist pecking order of Jews within Israel as the old-South hides behind rare successes they fought.

While we are to ally and call compatriot these racists extending all the way to the pretense that they’re not pagans. Make believe. That’s your Fantasy as faith.

Is it permissible to kill His righteous Cause by a pretense of self-defense as Native Americans escaping from a reservation of rotten meat? With a lie for a justification of pursuit of ‘aggressors’ going ‘off the reservation?’

What of the commandment against bearing false witness the old-South has used as justification through ages, against us? While it’s permissible to kill aggressors and pursuors, and if in good Faith, their children that will be fixed in evil by seven are harmed, we are without sin. But if we lie to justify, every killing is Murder.

Lies do not justify, contrary to old-South dogma of faith in men-as deities’ dominon by power money might to say-do-whatever. Marrying starvation on the reservation is marrying a lie of who is being the aggressor. That from the lie that they’re not human. The Lie for the Lie.

A Lie for a Lie

Deny, just Say It Isn’t So that there are any real issues of the Human Rights treatment of Arabs within Israel, it’s all made up, an anti-Semitic fabrication, a tissue of lies, and if an eeny teeny bit true, overblown, out of proportion. Irrelevant. Savages.

Ethiopians and impoverished cannon fodder Jews inside the Green Line, antisemitic to take to the streets to protest. Self-hating to complain.

Then, Choose sides, it’s the way of the world, predator and prey. Us or them, then all of them or all of us.

However, the heavy justifying rhetoric of lies is a smoke that reliably implies the existence of fires of willful injustices.

Combatant Conditioning

Target. Prey. Can only be for the purpose of training the soldier to pull the trigger. Without thought or hesitation.

However, beyond the issue of rights, we already know that we will return, that the Zionist project will succeed.

We just don’t know how.

In our unit cohesion, wid’ us ‘er agin’ us, on war footing, Feiglin has issued the collectivization fatwa, and he’s a mensch, a righteous man. Holy.

Arabs are being threatened with expulsion within the Green Line as it’s already illegal to give them a job, discrimination a religious duty.

Israel’s right to exist has become a right to discriminate, to hate. From an idolatry of Birthright. That to justify refusing Right of Return. Based upon Arab expulsions of Jews.

When there’s no need to tell a lie to refuse Right of Return, as there’s no need to pretend to be Andrew Jackson to claim our Civil Rights in Judea and Samaria. Those Arabs do need to be justly compensated. We left, they stayed.

We have infinite funds for militarism, starving inside the Green line to finance this war by other means, nothing for Them but demonization.

Loyalty Oath

The Universe knows Israel. The finger in the eye ‘Jewish state’ is as though the Word is weak, needs explanation, just can’t get it done on its own.

Collectivization assault on Arabs as an enemy within with this existentially racist differential in who is being confronted by this double-entendré of Israel and ‘Jewish state’ typifies the dichotomy of the old-South that expects their Racism to be accepted and accommodated, as subordinates washing their smelly feet with their tears.

To then deny that the issue is race when Jews are excepted from any need for attesting to their honor, made by Birthright, infallible pure and innocent.

Lard Coated

Though Thomas Sowell may be a Confederate Negro fighting for Dixie, I don’t recall his having to sign his admission of inferiority to his master, John Derbyshire. It’s unnecessary and existentially untenable, like having someone make a suicide pact at the tip of a sword and expecting it to be enforceable in a court of just laws. But, I don’t imagine any Jew as that stupid; it’s a provocation, pure and simple. Here we have a lard covered oath that as bullets triggered the Indian Rebellion of 1857, a bald-faced provocation by singling Arabs out for the necessity to profess their loyalty to an exclusivist Jewish state. To remove the humanity of the subject as target. And if they refuse to admit they’re subhuman; Population exchange, grounds to deport.

Were it not for hubris of infallibility, idolatry of Birthright, that goes to Aryan, a Jew who is unwilling to agree that Israel is an inclusive Democratic state is excused by tribal Identity to rely on hypocrisy as righteousness to an old-South Beckwith null-of-humanity Neshoba jury. Married to a shiksa of idolatry.


Taking without just compensation. Justified by lies of collectivization. Arbitrarily punishing Arabs for being Arabs, as we were punished for being Jews. There are valid questions and decisions that need to be made on both sides of any Hope for Peace. Trust.

Arabs who profess loyalty to an Inclusive Israel are still banned from employment by these Men-as deities, as a religious duty in a self-serving revelation du Jour. On state-paid spec.

Peace, One Person at a Time

The tide of history is against tyrants and despots, lighted by the Divine Torah of Justice Compassion and Mercy. We need to be partners with peace, one human at a time; not master – slave. Man-dogBoteach-Bubbles. Pass the Loyalty Oath for an Inclusive Israel without the ‘Jewish state’ for all to sign, peace treaties, one person at a time. Then, a building of trust. Applicants are vetted, and if they have no unresolved untoward associations with hate on both sides should be treated fairly, not collectivized in a negative way. Without bias.


Then, oops, religious Jews like me are disinclined to take these kind of oaths. I used to think this kind of oath was as licking lard. That make Jews as deities of a human politico-military state. Would I take a Loyalty Oath to ‘Cesarean’ Rome? Burn me, I’m self-hating, anti-Semitic. I don’t think so.

Rather than building religious piety, we’re spitting at minors. Internecine conflicts remind of Buddhist monks fighting in combat boots and robes for their spot on the pecking order. For things.

Can’t even git er done on the fundamental of the fundamental of the Shabbat observance in the ‘Jewish state.’ As though their ‘non-secular’ mercenaries-of-the-state toils are going to bring Moshiach out of the militaristic enterprise, the only progressive to-spec idea that’s come from these battle-group religious fatwah-tanks is the religious duty to collectivize Arabs. The Loyalty Oath as it was conceived is a surrender-of-humanity oath, not a peace treaty. Treaties have obligations on both sides. It’s prima facie discrimination to hold that a Jew can say-do-whatever to an Arab with impunity, and an Arab has to say-whatever I tell them to say, and accept whatever I do. Idolatrous on its face.



In Chinese culture, face is very similar to the notion of reputation, a dynamic of both personal and business relationships, inseparable with guanxi or “relations.” Good face means credible, dependable, reliable — business is safe. The United States has been assiduously lending face, credibility, after Britain receded after Europe receded. Never Forget, it’s the First World that conferred the legitimacy, lent the face, we now scorn. Israel’s reputation is under question, and for the good of all, showing sanity of restraint of the collectivization yetzer hara of the militaristic settlement enterprise is what’s required: Stop the Hate.

Our face is now old-South Cujos, that oozing pus of debased inhumanity that thrives on hate can send money and cheer between drools in the Coliseum, but have a reputation and souls less than the treif they eat wrapped in bacon. Losing face by association with this scum of the earth has brought us lowas we’re now to pray to a new deity of Zionism, Ba’al’s power money might — militarism. Abiding injustices for a greater deity.


Guanxi is I-Thou, the only possibility of moving from Us-Them to real Peace. Forgiveness means I’ll trust you again. Until Mercy, all we will ever have is a truce with scores left unsettled. Wolves circling for an opening.

The Loyalty Oath, that was dismissed as lunacy is actually a cornerstone of future Hope, with the critical modification of sanity, the facts ma’am. Of all to inclusiveness rather than exclusivity.  As a preamble of an Israel of Inclusion for the future, a Human state that only looks to the One, that doesn’t attack people with larded oaths, has human decency. A mensch.

Fundamental Decency

The American government and its European allies should abandon this failed formula once and for all and accept that the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria are not going anywhere.

On the contrary, we aim to expand the existing Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, and create new ones. This is not — as it is often portrayed — a theological adventure but is rather a combination of inalienable rights and realpolitik.

As Dayan has the good sense to take the ‘doesn’t believe in evolution’ old-South King of the pagans James says we own it out in a step toward sanity, decency is: Behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality or respectability. Attacking the defenseless with a siege of slow starvation is indecent.

As the police in desert wilderness 1921 Tulsa Race Riots led the killing, but are professionals deserving of respect today, the settlement and by extension Israel and the Zionist enterprise will not regain respect within the halls of the humane and intelligent as long as militarism against the defenseless goes unchecked. The Human Rights community is the only good face of care that can call the BDS dogs off. Just another fact, ma’am.

Once upon a time, the word Jew meant Human. Now, our face is meaning something less. Aryan Birthright. Colors. Paint.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time we had Kings. Some say we need another Saul, while we have always had the Queen of queens. Looking up at top of the universe at unity within, as the one judges another as ‘them;’ What to do? Rather than reducing what it means to be a Jew to Westminster AKC pedigree and willingness to vilify Arabs and anyone with compassion for them, preening Got Mine peacocks with a Right to Exist in discrimination, consider Returning.

Drop of waterKeeping it Holy

Let’s take a small, a Nano-step toward the World-to-Come by remembering  Shabbat, to keep, make Israel Holy. If you think it’s possible you might care about Israel – the world, even if skeptical of the World to Come, from secular atheist to ultra-Orthodox, let’s just remember that day.

Let it pass through your mind, your heart, your soul.

From a Bill Maher rejecting the idea of Faith, to those of us who reject the idea of lack of Faith.

Only asking each other to remember. That one day for that one moment, that’s free to be as nano-short or as long as the breadth of the universe as she will be.




We have all kinds of differences, to the difference in my awareness of self and yours. Alone in our own soul looking out, listening. My moment of writing, that isn’t yours of reading. Shabbat is ours in common. Unify!

Let’s just try, attempt this One Small Step of being together.


In free choice within. Never asking of the past, but only of the future. Never judging, I’m praying. In free choice within. Praying only to HaShem, I ask of you, I beg and plead. For One Moment Please.

This is my prayer for a time of life; for the World to Come.

In Perfect Faith that what we reallly need, more than militarism, politics, plans for lard-covered oaths as provocation to finally finish them off, or white papers justifying genetic superiority of souls, is remembering this human that is Jewish freedom of taking not physical things, looking to idolatries, but this One Small Step. In Perfect Faith.tsunami21

That doesn’t have to be as if anything human is perfect, infallible. OK to be small and not great, humble.

Connecting across this moment that for some can be a fleeting thought on the way out the door for a day at the mall, to living with it foremost in my conscious mind from the one Shabbat to the next.

Don’t reduce, denigrate the imperfect the fallible the human, the Jew to an old-South mongrel of faith in hate. Let’s elevate. With a rising tide of one infinitesimal moment in time. I’m not telling any thing, but Please remember.

While we talk about politics and plans, mice twittering and scurrying on our way, our only reality, the only fact really worth talking about to bring the World to Come is Awe of HaShem that we were brought out to be free of Will to bring from One Small Step in His time, the giant leap to His Shekhinah.

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