Until Mercy, Peace is a Truce with Scores Left to be Settled

Until Mercy, peace in the modern era is a truce with scores left unsettled.

Boston Traffic Anarchy Necessitates No Fault

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of driving in Boston, Massachusetts will understand why No-Fault insurance is necessary. New York City is fast-paced and aggressive, but everybody understands the rules. If the other car gets a fender on you, they’re coming over. New York cabbies may not watch NASCAR, but they understand it. In Boston, the turn across lanes in an epiphany without signaling is de rigueúr.  No matter how seasoned to fender-to-fender driving in New York, there’s no experience to prepare anyone for that anarchy as there’s only one rule of the road in Boston, ‘oy vey!’

Western-Wall-0Understand the Rule

Understand the rule that until the injury is stopped, healing can’t begin. I don’t believe in forgiveness while the injury is in progress. I don’t believe pharaoh was at fault for his role played out, had his opportunities to let us go, but his judgment was impaired. Some use this as an argument over free will, ‘hardened his heart.’ In the timelessness of Not a Thing, when was that?

I don’t believe in ascribing valuations or pretenses of omniscience, but I do believe there was purpose in our being brought out then sent out. To return. As I believe there has been purpose in everything that has been is and will be. If we spend the next year decade century millennium trying to sort out who shot John and who shot first, we’ll never get anywhere toward Unity.

Stipulations for the Record

I’ll stipulate for the record that injustices have occurred against Jews by Arabs and by Jews against Arabs. I also stipulate that I have familial allegiance to Israel. For sake of disclosure, if asked the question of Solomon, I’ll refuse to split the baby. We don’t have to split the baby as conventional wisdom holds, and we don’t have to leave our family of Issac, or Abraham, split either. We will Unify. Both within and without.

We will step away from the crimination and recrimination dynamic process of back and forth ongoing long enough in a fog of war over decades so that trying to untangle rights and wrongs becomes a self-serving exercise in nothing but rationales for continuing a perpetual war, as it should be according to some. Perhaps the inability to reconsider is as unavoidable as pharaoh’s lesson. Rooted in the collectivization justifications that underpinned the mass killing episodes throughout history wherein the only resolution of the contact was a ‘Clash of Civilizations’ that is necessarily violent with a victor and vanquished that’s being either exterminated or Held Dominion over. 

map1-settlementsTwo-State Is Gerrymandering

Two-state is nothing more than gerrymandering on steroids, the democracy of Arabs in a so-called Palestinian state must be a toothless old woman crying in her basket; with the democracy of Washington D. C., capped at local. They have to be as defenseless as Negroes in the not so bad strange fruit old-South against Birmingham officers of someone’s idea of halakha. If they can’t non-violently protest, what’s left? Submission in truce?

Alliance with South African Apartheid and rabid Islamophobic Cujos as avatars looking for moving targets to bite shows sincere institutional malevolence. As certain as I am that power money and might aren’t the solution, I have no doubt that our faith is being placed in a chivalrous mighty Don Quixote arm of power money might. Our only commonality may be that Judea and Samaria are and will be in Israel. I wouldn’t have been able to give up Sinai, forget Gush Katif, or pretend Two-State isn’t already over.

I fix people in the role of their soul, will say they’re born that way; by the seventh year, it’s what it is. That cynical and pessimistic view is a realistic contrast to the optimistic faith in Libertarian do-whatever anarchy that characterizes Boston driving. There are so many accidents that the insurance industry would drown in trying to sort liability.

Stop Ongoing Injustices

We need to declare Israel as it is and stop the injustices from ongoing, on both sides, and declare No-Fault. I don’t mean that displaced Arab or Jewish claims should not be justly addressed. I mean that past claims need to be viewed as No-Fault, compensating damages without admissions of guilt or innocence being helpful to the resolution.

When the injustices stop, on both sides, including worldwide hate speech one against the other, we can start talking about the Search for a New Land of forgiveness and reconciliation. The first thing is a cease fire, of words rocks and tear gas, rockets and settlers scorching Arab earth as Arabs threaten to wipe us from the face of the earth.

Damaging Arab resources of survival is either treason against the state, as vigorously pursued as Gaza rocketeers, or my own stipulated bias negating any farce of cessation while pretending to talk Peace. Arabs teaching anti-Semitism as is propaganda from rabid old-South racists with a proclivity for xenophobia are both existential continuations, preludes to more icebergs of injustice.

No-Fault doesn’t mean no Justice. I’m not a forgiver of blood, still stuck in the eye for an eye. The Arabs that murdered the settler family should’ve been given the death penalty, for Justice. Contrary to promoting a possibility of Peace in vain unrepentant Mercy, this injustice justifies someone else’s exacting of just compensation. Price tags.

However, if the murderer’s resources of survival were being removed by settlers, those settlers and those who colluded by looking the other way inside and outside the government are accessories as well. The cycle has to be stopped, and those who violate, on either side need banishment.

The Jewish exclusivist finger in the eye will need to come out as white was removed as qualification of South Africa, until then the injustices will continue.

No-Fault Means Both Fault

No-Fault also means both-fault. If there’s to be mercy for the one, it must be for the other. When young, I drove ahead with the Right of Way into a hassle to defend, while in maturity I may have the Right of Way, but still yield. Refraining from injuring myself in willful righteousness becomes wisdom.

Forgiveness Is Willing to Trust Again

People have different concepts of Forgiveness. Forgiveness, to me, is being willing to trust again. People who have wronged me in the past go on with their lives under His sun and enjoying His rain, as do I. Nothing is or isn’t going to happen to them or not based upon whether I wish them well, forgive them in some wafer and wine paradigm or not. Wasting my energy thinking about them is just that, but I don’t turn the cheek and wish them some sort of salvation epiphany either.

What’s relevant is today and the future. When I encounter similarly low people today, as an anamnestic response I immediately know what they are. By pattern matching I know that person can’t be trusted. What they will be with the next eclipse is irrelevant to this moment.

Irrevocably Bound Together

Arabs and Jews are irrevocably bound together, born of the same root to a shared fate. While the location is relevant, and proved holy by that relevance, as important is the binding in resolution of our enmities and faults that have more relevance to the future than the past. I’m not advocating unilateral disarmament or turning the other cheek. But as rigid as I am about Justice, I am about being honorable: Keeping my word. Omissions are as lies as any. The rapprochement of good Faith in the context of Two-state that failed in an existential imposition of permanent inequality is what died in the Al-Aqsa Intifada rooted in people, humans saying; I’m not your lesser, I refuse.

Babies Know What’s Going On

U.N. rights inquiry says Israel must remove settlers

U.N. rights inquiry says Israel must remove settlers

Babies are as intelligent as we are in our maturity, understand. I’ve even thought that Arabs lack intelligence as they persist in violence when history’s proven non-violence more effective in bringing down the weight of world moral condemnation. That’s my own man-as deific self-serving lie. They know what’s going on. Talking down to people on a low chair only engenders hate reflected from my witty diplomat who showed a lack of good sense by disrespect. The devolution between Israel and Turkey wasn’t over a blockade-runner, it was over a chair message.

The world knows what’s going on as well, with the illegal Gaza blockage, the militaristic settlement enterprise that has been a state effort for decades along with Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation elevated to the state religion with a poisoning proclivity for xenophobia within and without that’s led to moral condemnation of a concerned world. 

Even if all the histories of injustices or not on both sides are dismissed under a No-Fault paradigm, the healing cannot begin until the injustices end. Repentance, the first step, is acknowledgment of realityThe patina of innocence has worn off, and credibility has been sacrificed to a propaganda narrative that has allies questioning integrity and motives. There’s no accident that the first tool to pop out of the box is the humiliation du jour to be applied to the Diaspora as though a solid front in favor of the herem enterprise with create invulnerability. The Diaspora to accept the infallibility of Israel or be excommunicated as heretics. 

Islam Requires Hate

israeli_democracyWe have our differences, but if good hearts come from the must-agree-to a man as if addendum, it’s dim-witted to hold that a tradition predicated on promising only to look to HaShem requires hate. They are our brothers. Regardless of whose or both fault, that we’ve become so distant in our family, He chose us to mend these rifts. If our salvation is rooted in unifying to conquer billions, and somehow there’s going to be taken away and/or an addendum left behind, reevaluation of the interpretation may be indicated.

Reality is that it’s existentially untenable that Israel or Arabs are going to go away. There’s a marketing industry of back and forth about who has rights to what, who was first and how many and why. The one side says the other is lying and the other impugns the integrity of the other.

600733-dalai-lama-desmond-tutuIn the Shadow of South African Apartheid

The real looming shadow of South African Apartheid is their reconciliation process. While there’s a professional marketing campaign and big-board international chess strategic maneuvers, the glaring problem is the unwillingness of either side to admit the humanity of the other.

Both sides are standing in justice without compassion for the suffering of the other. Mercy? Forgetaboutit.

Off the Table

Right of Return is off the table. Attenuating the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation are off the table. The exclusivist Jewish finger in the eye has to stay while the Delusion in Common proclivity for xenophobia is defended as righteous Jewish particularism in an ethnic preferential context so that Arab Jews are second class citizens. Hamas Hezbollah and Iran say the Jewish state has to go, but haven’t been able to articulate that it’s the Jewish ethnic preference because they’re still stuck in a Palestinian nationalistic anachronism of their own.

Strong Moves

They’ve been making strong moves by allowing Israel to hang herself with a conviction of malevolent intent. The U.N. vote for observer status was a message to Israel that you need to put something reasonable on the table besides herem. While the talking point from Israel is that there’s no peace partner on the other side, what this has translated to mean is that the Palestinians have not yet surrendered unconditionally. The de facto annexation of Jerusalem and formal termination of Two-state by Housing Move in Israel Seen as Setback for a Two-State Plan Hiroshima bomb can’t be pulled back as simply a petulant anal-phase child stamping its foot.

_202367_deklerk300What this signaled is that Jerusalem as open for sharing by Judaism and its addenda of considerable resources wasn’t being respected. As with everything, where altruism picks up and self-interest leaves off is impossible to say. But what can be said is that from the perception that the necessity of the Jewish state was the perpetual victimhood out of anti-Semitism, lés énfant terriblés has been caught misbehaving on the playground with the wrong people. Who do have credibility.

Messing with the Wrong People

Increasingly, European countries, and certainly the addendum community out of the old-South that goes into a trance with the anticipation of the smell of blood, are starting to question the necessity for Israel to maintain the Jewish exclusive as European ownership. The perception that only Muslims were being encouraged to accept their second class status until population exchange was undermined by the recent increases in attacks upon addendum targets with the standard governmental no more than slap on the wrist permissiveness that’s characterized the herem effort for decades.

The Finger in the Eye

church-of-the-holy-sepulcherIf the existentially exclusivist finger in the eye that is the Jewish as a qualifier of Israel can’t be reconsidered, the world will continue to disdain this anachronism of 19th century Europe, that by logical extension is clearly striving for Apartheid whether that status has been formally realized or not.

Denials are as the old-South citing integration that they fought tooth and nail until it was imposed upon them. By some, the world will stop turning, as was said of South African Apartheid if the white particularism preference isn’t upheld. The world, nor reality, is going to be convinced that taking the Jewish moniker off will perforce prevent Israel from doing anything she might want to do on behalf of the Jewish people, except creating by completing the herem enterprise and maintaining an Apartheid state.

Meanwhile, another shoe drops every day on the condemnation of the heart of darkness that wants to maintain this as a modern model of running a state that has roots in language or ethnicity. Commonly, as the inveterately corrupt Muslims, the presumption is that by having their own state, they won’t be under the thumb of oppressors. While tossing acid into the faces of women that reject their amorous advances.

Voluntary International

International law is voluntary in a paradigm wherein states are constrained by participation in an international community. As long as backed by the United States’ power money might and veto, if Israel wants to pursue this course toward de facto Apartheid for the next ten years, there’s no credible threat from the international community beyond paper.

As with the expedient non-idolatrous heter to do business with the addendum, the expectation that business goes on as usual no matter what, was disproved by South African Apartheid. It’s quite unlikely that the situation will remain stable for another ten years to complete the ‘secret’ herem Native removal as Manifest Destiny plan. The BDS movement is picking up speed and rolling downhill. The spate of countries calling Israel’s ambassadors was sending an explicit message that: We won’t defend what you’re doing any more, externally or internally. That wasn’t undone by saying we’re just planning the E-1 construction, which is our Civil Right, but it hasn’t started yet.


while no one pretends that South Africa is now a model First World society free of corruption without men-as deities taking their turn at the whip, the adult way in which they came into the modern age was a Sign and Wonder. The end of the world we know from The Divine Torah didn’t occur with taking the white off the South Africa. There were no massacres of whites. Life has gone on. Now, the economic disparities are the issue, as expected. White and coloured advantage survived that ‘apocalypse’ of demographic minority.

When the international community, including Palestinians, stops trying to fight the Two-state Tar Baby, that wants to just stabilize things as they are for the herem magic to do it’s thing, the heat of moral condemnation will extend to governments. Banishment of Israel from the international community as legitimate will enter a Final Common Pathway. An accident waiting to happen as China of Tibetan occupation and yearning for reunification with the Republic of China offers to help.

Until mercy, peace is only a truce with outstanding scores left to be settled. If injustices are never acknowledged, they can’t be forgiven. That’s a fundamental wisdom of any human interaction. For Israel to survive as a member of legitimate governments, the existentially necessary Jewish finger in the eye in exceptionalism has to come out. As long as it has to be both definition and justification, the defining banner as standard of the Jewish nationalist ambition that is Zionism, the injustices can’t stop. Nor can the healing begin.

Unity is His Requirement and Expectation

No-Fault is that rather than which side is the wolf and which the lamb, One-state Unity is His requirement. The disunity, duality of sides is conventional wisdom, who gets to kill whom with man-as deific impunity from the next billions of years. The sanctification of the Canaan of Jordan and Israel by expelling all Arabs (by a little ethnic cleansing here and there until total submission) is as wishful thinking as that Israel is going to be pushed into the ocean. History’s repeatedly proven that colonial and imperialist suppressions don’t work, by us. Rather than who’s right or who’s wrong, we’re compelled to actualize the revelations of the prophets here.

Anyone who plays Chess understands that the game is set in the opening, and so has it been with the beginning of Israel. My made up from Nothing is that we, both sides, have arrived a position that’s mutually untenable, making His the only possibility. Reality is that like it or not, neither Two-state nor SN2 Native American removal for Manifest Destiny will bring a true and lasting peace.

Infallible deific men have ruled that Arabs are to be subjugated as domesticated animals whose souls, if admitted to have a soul, are as inconsequential as the three-fifths of a soul American Negro slaves. More than cars and coal, the world has been raised by The Divine Torah to an in-common understanding that All humanity is His, from Adam into the continuous depths of time. If we didn’t know our livestock have a soul, it wouldn’t matter how they’re treated while alive or in their deaths for our purposes.

As I believe the revelations of the prophets with Perfect Faith in Awe, I know that His Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace is true.

No one’s at fault as we all stand up for Unity both within and without to have the World to Come from  His Shekhinah.