Levy Report: Time to Move on from Two-state Make Believe.

map1-settlementsNow is the time for all of us to come to the aid of Israel and the World to Come and endorse the Levy report, exactly what is necessary: to End the Occupation today by saying straight across the table, the truth that Israel includes Judea and Samaria, was is and will be.

The other side of that duality is that it’s also time to end the fantasy that Arabs within Israel can be managed as Native American removal. Confined to gerrymandering reservations until they can be hunted down as aggressors trying to survive, to escape rotten meat.

The Bitter with the Sweet

Not a Bombshell, a giant step toward reality. As with the Vietnam War, eventually, reality is going to break through: that ‘The far-reaching consequences of the Levy report mean Israelis must either recognize that the legal system in the West Bank resembles apartheid – or extend political rights for all.


Rather than the issue being whether Arabs will have a ‘state’ within, that can never in reality be allowed to happen, Abbas as a Shah Mubarak  “Security forces in Palestinian cities did not allow the demonstrations to spread,” strong-man in Judea and Samaria is eventually going to come under street attack, a Third Intifadah.

This time, having learned from the Tar Baby, by non-violent protest; look next door as our last public ally in the region, Jordan’s King Abdullah teeters on the sands of non-violent Democratic times.

No more than Native Americans were savages are Semites decerebrate old-South walking deadly automatons. The entire region is in some state of instability as the growing Flood of Consciousness raises the tide of yearning for egalitarian justice while Men-as deities’ fingers of militarism in Dikes of Oppression await seismic cracks. Though Assad’s a man-as deity killing more every day, he can’t murder the idea of justice that compatriot old-South Birds of a Feather work to kill every day in the United State’s War within the States. As hypocritically as Syria applies for Human Rights status, the old-South pretends pro-life, opposes their Bird of a Feather Assad; better to kill with Spartan stones under Maestrini’s law than uncivilized Murder with guns unless Nugent vigilantism.

The Word is Out from The Divine Torah

Reality is that the word is out, delivered by The Divine Torah that not only are all men created equal, all humans are human, who choose to be. And the Good we’re searching for is egalitarian yetzer haTov rooted in compassion for all suffering.

That genie is not going back in the bottle. As the veritable feared Cold War toppling of dominoes, the hegemony of old-South conventional wisdom of the reigns of men-as deities of Ba’al’s power money might is diminishing progressively.

Pandora’s Gift

Rather than the to World to Come of milk and honey we promised to deliver for All his creation, we’ve been gifted a Pandora from the forge of Hephaestus, from Ba’al, Zeus of the men-as deities of power money and might.

Beautiful and beguiling. Kind after kind. Birthright.

As Prometheus’ mythological gift of fire, for the benefit of all mankind. Phoenix of Hope.

Cousin Epimetheus

SSB-Meissen-gold-mounted-Royal-snuff-boxPrometheus’ cousin Epimetheus, only capable of afterthought when making believed fails, has singular focus on Judea and Samaria, no matter warnings of accepting gifts from Ba’al.

Our Judea and Samaria box came with a warning — that it wasn’t a gift, for us, but a responsibility to HaShem. To return The Lost. To return within for Moshiach. For the sake of Heaven.

Pandora Opened the Box

Our militaristic settlement enterprise Pandora, certain that Judea and Samaria are a gift, for us, has opened the box, with confidence that Native American removal will work, for us. Today.

It’s Ours, we own. Without a doubt, we Will drive them all out.

For Our World to Come. It’s Ours. We Own.

From the Crack

The locusts of ghosts of Two-State past are gushing forth from the crack, and all the evils of our conflicted and afflicted of the world are bearing down upon us. While the Levy report appears as a gift of legalization of the settlement enterprise, that has always been our Civil Right save the anti-Semitic U.N., an unintended consequence is an existential endorsement of the inevitability of egalitarian One-State.

Now, that day after time was born, an eerily silent nobody knows calm before the storm.

Calm Before the Storm

Passion cooled by Hope is relatively stable, and once it blankets a region, in turn it stabilizes that air, those energies. In abated breath, the world listens, barometer plummeting out of the sky that’s caused the calm before the storm. As Two-state is recognized as Over, a low-pressure vacuum is left in the wake of the Levy Report.


The updrafts of heated and moist passions, of our internal conflict that never persuaded on Sinai and Never Forgetting Gush Katif, I’m not going to evacuate my Civil Rights. Judea and Samaria are impossible to surrender and Two-state’s core of surrogate Palestinian Authority gerrymandering with the storm clouds of Hezbollah Hamas and Iran on the horizon waiting to infiltrate any ‘sovereign Arab state‘ are building pressure. With Birthright oppression of Arabs within the Green Line traveling up through the storm cloud of the impending clash of impossibilities: Native American removal displacement policy and Two-state. Neither are realistic. 

Racism dressed up as ‘particularism‘ as justification of forced taking has extended to Arabs ineligible for Civil Rights  in an exclusivist Jewish state, that affirms the conviction of the world that Arabs outside the green line must have a state of their own. Pour lé respect.

In-common with Two-state advocates and the Native removal militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation is the  conviction that demographic majority is necessary, as well as the de rigeur proclivity for xenophobia. The crux of the issue of both sides is predicated upon the conventional wisdom of the Tyrannies of Majorities of power money might.

Swirls of cross-currents fracturing us within, the Diaspora to be cowed if unable to Never Forget Human Rights, to be silenced as old-South Loyalist automatomic subjects down the pecking order of Israeli authoritarian man-as deific rule. Add the associated alienation of the previously friendly First World. All will inevitably meet the unrelenting tide of egalitarianism re-entrant from The Divine Torah, the air we all breathe.

All of us are being pulled into the storm clouds of the reality that Ba’al’s power money and might cannot save — Forgetaboutit.

Top of the Clouds

Inevitably, these passions for justice fueling the coming storm will reach the top of the clouds, and will necessarily precipitate. Energies passing over the top then descending — by the very vacuum the departure of the Two-state fantasy created by the Levy Report. The injustice to us of Two-state meeting the injustice to Them of forced taking.

Cooling hope will condense with these passions heated by icebergs of injustice to precipitate as despair, aggregation of liabilities, the anti-Semitic U.N. expanded into the previously friendly First World as classic anti-Semitism on the right and Allusive anti-Semitism on the left.

Immune to Weather

The desert wilderness is immune to Global Warming simply by saying that it ain’t necessarily so, immune to weather because as Senator Inhofe, they don’t believe in science. Rain, rain, go away. Evolution.

Gordis of the necessity of ‘unpopular things,‘ handed down the tablet of Choose hope: Don’t adopt the Levy report. The rationale is that:

… to exist as a Jewish State, something that Israel must insist on if precluding the refugees’ return is to be defensible.

 … Palestinians, not the Israelis, who are the obstructionists. … Adopting the Levy Commission report would make it impossible for Israel to make that point…. tantamount to annexing the West Bank. 

Though that day will probably not come in our lifetime, perhaps not even in the lifetimes of our children, we dare not give up on Zionism’s aspirational essence. … “our hope is not yet lost,” and we will do all we can to cling to the possibility, however distant, of a better future for us all.

Diplomacy by Denial

2666946203Now, the diplomacy by denial pretense is that the militaristic settlement enterprise that has been an impediment to hope for Two-state since the Reagan — posting a map of the effects is anti-Semitic information that is in the mainstream public domain.

O sure, deny deny. Cry wolf. Attack.

The Hope put forth is that with two more generations of the ‘secret‘ militaristic settler enterprise, this ‘unpopular things’ aspirational essence that to define Jewish is known as with the stated intent to crush Arab aspirations of being more than vassals. To then aspire to cross into American politics for an old-South administration that will go along quietly. If two more generations isn’t within a description of perpetual war by other means, what is?

These knee-jerk attacks against the friendly world have been against the reality that the First World, forget the rest, finds the unwillingness to protect a lawfully apprehended ‘suspect‘ if you like, who has been rendered helpless. As the old-South sheriff that arrests Chaney Goodman and Schwerner and turns them over to the Klan, or just changes  into his cousin’s robe at twilight.

Fundamental Decency

anneThis is an issue of fundamental human decency. When the issue is a principle, numbers aren’t the issue. This is the reason that Israel is losing and will continue to lose this ‘don’t be anti-Semitic and let’s keep Whistling Past the Migron argument in the First World, as Disney pulls out. On the principle. Hawking declines to come. Protestants defect. BDS grows.

The lame argument of proportionality, that they’re better off as our chattel instead of in Syria’s meat-mixer,  doesn’t remove the natural revulsion of people who perceive the helpless Buddy being mistreated by his militaristic settler master. Then to do a standard  let’s pretend nothing’s happening; Say it’s lies; nothing but lies. From people who will say anything against Israel. Bad press. Disproportionate. Anti-Semitic.

I can tell instantly when I’m reading or hearing an anti-Semitic Israel-hater because as someone else said, they recycle the same ridiculous  tripe from discreted mythologies, like the old-South chain guns that repeat the same drivel and pretend they’re saying it anew. Hoping that by saying the lie long and loudly enough, that it’ll stick. As it has in the past. Israel isn’t served by the same selective talking-point making-believed as deific infallibility of the ‘unpopular things‘ militaristic settler enterprise. At a critical mass of inconsistency, credibility was lost.

On Principle

84yo woman pepper-sprayedAs passionate as I am about my Civil Rights, I am about Human Rights. I’ve never believed in Two-state or Land for Peace. Or Oslo. I’m not confused, but clear about my principles. Israel can’t have its Manifest Destiny Native American removal militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation for a pecking order grounded in a proclivity for xenophobia in a particularist exclusively Jewish exceptionalism. And eat its member of the developed world credibility too.

I’m enthusiastic about the Levy report because it’s the truth. I have Perfect Faith in the truth. I can’t stand being patted on the head and expected to abide a condescending lie. Oslo was a lie. Two-state as secure is a lie. Judea and Samaria for no Right of Return as peace is a lie. Hamas Hezbollah and Iran as peace is a lie. While Iran is lying when they say they’re not going nuclear. Lies.

No Counter-offer

69686992As Arabs were criticized for not being a peace partner, there’s been no counter-offer when it’s clear that we’re keeping Judea and Samaria, as well as Jerusalem, and the of settlements are permanent. Moreover, there’s no occupation; that’s another fiction by anti-Semites. Forget contiguous and Right of Return. Local gerrymanders for ghetto policing authority that we’ve experienced in our history, is the not so ‘secret’ plan, as secret as it’s nuclear.

As the Second Intifada, their constituents weren’t going to accept our  non-negotiables. What’s our counter? Beyond shrublands and vassal status?

What the legitimate Two-state advocates’ objection to the Levy report boils down to: Let’s continue to tell the lie that nothing’s going on in Judea and Samaria, boys will be boys as though the wildfires of racism blowing across the Green Line from the East all the way to the west coast of the United States are under control. Arab Jews got the message to emigrate. For another two generations, to keep our ‘unpopular things‘-state a secret? The Levy report is definitely one small step in the right direction.

Guess what? The militaristic settlement enterprise ‘secret’ is already out too. Where it really counts, in the First World.

Clouds of Locusts

When there is enough food, Desert Locusts live alone, but when the food becomes scarce, they form massive swarms and roam large territories in search for food.

Massive swarms of Birds of a Feather have gathered, to fill the air to every horizon as clouds of locusts with their icebergs of injustices blotting out the light for Darkness.

The last to come out of the Levy report as Pandora’s mythological box is the Good named Hope in the reality that neither Two-state as gerrymander nor Native American removal will bring His World to Come. Will save.

As fire has been beneficial to all mankind, The Divine Torah is lighting the way to His World to Come. Our Gift of Chosen is responsibility do the right thing, the impossible this is His only possible.

Rays of His reality are piercing the predatory heart of mankind by the understanding that we are all human, who choose to be. Chosen to choose to search for His Good. For His World to Come.

Search for the Good

falling_into_a_black_holeAs old-South locusts of Hate as Virtue have flown across oceans in say-do-whatever search of predatory dominion, we will search for the Good, for all souls of yetzer haTov. Within the self first, then within our associations and ultimately without — to the Us within Them.

To separate the eternal internal reality of Kind after Kind, souls of the light of yetzer haTov will be Passed Over while the souls of the Darkness of yetzer hara are to be vapors, their black holes as-souls evaporating from the desert wilderness drying soulless sand.

With Perfect Faith

I have Perfect Faith in the people of Israel, within and without, including those lost wandering to return and the lost tribes of Us within Them. Guided by constellations of angels shepherding their flocks returning to HaShem. All doing our part.

I have Perfect Faith in the rabbis, including those of the settlement enterprise. One might imagine that the racist Birthright justifications that have made the rains tornadoes hurricanes hail and snow are immutable Spartan stones at the bottom of the seas. My faith in them is always perfect because of my certainty of the power of The Divine Torah. To remind that we will Save the Afflicted. That we are not the soulless old-South.

All Doing Our Part
A State Effort in a Time of Perpetual War

A State Effort in a Time of Perpetual War

We’re all doing our part, what we believe to be the right. Both Two-state, and the Native American removal paradigms are existential threats to Israel. The Israeli ‘right’ is correct that Two-state as it has been conceptualized would be a disaster. The left is correct despite the accusation of quisling ‘tribal’ disloyalty for their sincerity in warning of the existential threat of the herem enterprise. To reject Birthright as an exceptional entitling to Human Rights abuses. To reject that compassion for suffering is to be only for our own. To affirm that justice and laws — ethics do matter. The people of Israel are correct that all the resources of the state have been poured into the herem enterprise for a generation. I’m correct that I have a Civil Right to live free, including in Judea and Samaria. Arabs are correct to refuse to accept themselves as inferior, as vassals. Everybody’s correct.

In our world of simplistic absolutes, code-word demonization to make targets has spread within and without, infecting souls to stumble and fall to a Heart of Darkness marketed as His light. Falling. All for a cause.

Our Arab cousins are honor-bound to avenge their injuries, as we as fervently maintain that we’re honor-bound to avenge ours. Wounds raw and weeping, tears in our voices. Despair fighting Hope. Semite fighting Semite.

It's About Time! Adopt the Levy Report

It’s About Time! Adopt the Levy Report

Adopt the Levy Report

Adopt the Levy Report findings. Oslo Two-state with Abbas as self-serving  man-as deific surrogate overseer nor Deir Yassin were ever good ideas. None would end perpetual war, bring a true and lasting peace. Let us all start doing our part by telling the truth — straight across the table.

In our world of lies, a cracking of Pandora’s box for the realization of the truth to gush out isn’t a bad thing. The souls of locusts were already with us when Pandora opened her box. We just started seeing their reality by the light of The Divine Torah. For what they are. Are we going to have Faith in the humanity of the Us within Them? That is the question. His only question.

I have Perfect Faith that we’re all in this together, and that out of the Chaos of the legal winds, through the reign of old-South locusts, out of Darkness of icebergs of injustices, the realization of the limitations of our impossibilities, we will find His possibility. That we already know as realized in His time. That we’re Chosen to choose Justice, Compassion, and Mercy for Peace. As Prometheus’ gift of fire, for All humanity.

At the very bottom of my Pandora’s box I call my silent attic, I have Perfect Faith in Awe of HaShem. My only answer.

It’s about time that we start telling His truths, to bring the World to Come by His Shekhinah.

The Word Is Out of The Divine Torah

The Word Is Out of The Divine Torah

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