Boycott Divestiture Sanctions (BDS)

I don’t support BDS, Two-State, A One-state with Arabs as rightless vassals of enclaves but an inclusive egalitarian One-state without the Jewish exclusivity finger in the eye that embraces compassion for the suffering of All its citizens. Without the loophole predicated upon denial by racist Birthright, so yes, with Right of Return for Arabs. I send more than I can afford to Israel and have no intent to stop, so don’t expect me to be hypocritical and in any way imply that I support BDS.

map1-settlementsNation-State Enterprise

It’s entirely illogical to try to ‘target the settlements’ because the militaristic settlement enterprise has been a coordinated nation-state effort under the banner of defense for the past forty-five years with the defacto complicity of the United States that also provides Aid and Comfort to that enterprise as well as the Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation.

Two-state was dead with rigor mortis at least by the second dyslexic Bush administration so that anyone pretending that BDS is going to lead to a Two-state that allows Palestinians to have human dignity is either naive or disingenuous. Two-state that’s being discussed today is  inherently insecure in that in that Right of Return and the Jewish finger firmly stuck into the eye of Arabs is firmly off the table. There is no possiblity of teritoriial contiguity unless some enclosed and sealed train system between shrubland enclaves is contiguous and voting on the local Washington D. C. dogcatcher is sovereignty.

Good Cop Bad Cop

These voices for Two-state as peace are simply providing diversionary cover for the herem enterprise of the ‘tribe’ in the concern of avoiding world condemnation. Good cop talking Two-state, the bad cop talking herem, both working for the same Department of Bad Intentions that strives to deliver a patina of legitimacy for Palestinians as vassals to be policed by approved overseers. In the ten or more years its going to take to completely break their human will with Gordis’ ‘secret unpopular things‘ of Native American removal for Manifest Destiny by naked uncompensated taking justified by a proclivity for xenophobia.

Daniel Gordis

Daniel Gordis

On the Jeff side is : By giving local autonomy with a ‘quasi-national’ administration to coordinate with Israel, Arabs won’t have grounds to demand any rights within Israel nor International legal protection from the authorized police state. The herem enterprise needs to continue as long as possible before this vassal state is implemented to maximumize taking before it’s ‘locked down in an agreement.’

On the Mutt side is: The nationally supported Native American removal enterprise is predicated on encouraging emigration to the Trail of Tears. That encouragement to leave has extended back across the Green Line with arab-lover lists of businesses that hire and rent to Arabs and firm intent to disenfranchise the Arabs that are citizens of Israel with population exchange to the vassal state when that’s ‘locked down.’

While defenders as Gordis point to Arabs that have attained positions and success within the Green Line, it’s also pointed out that can change. Which is to stiff-arm any effort to end the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation as having a handcuffed Palestinian at your feet while shooting at the others (behind closed doors – secret). This threat is to say, if you try to stop me from drubbing that one, this one it right here.

As the old-South points at integration having fought it tooth and nail, doing everything they can to reduce Civil Rights while claiming credit for cover, this has become the Israeli ethos of say-do-whatever in pursuit of ethnic dominion, fully justiified by both particularism and exceptionalism, both being two sides of the same coin. In any event, Arabs’ highest aspiration is to be as second-class participants in an environment that’s predicated upon encouragement to leave as a religious belief, The Fourteenth Principle.

The Livni Jeff is population exchange to Two-State enclaves, then Kahane direct emigration, the third Feiglin simply breaking the aspiration to be human and willingness to subsist as a domesticated animal. The good cop is saying, my partner doesn’t like you and if you stay here, I can’t be responsible for your safety, and the bad cop is saying, I will kill you if you so much as make a peep — called a non-violent protest.

Peter Beinhart

Peter Beinhart

The Diaspora: In or Out

Gordis of the good cop of articulate threats against Diaspora BDS advocates are rooted in the same ruling that’s to be applied to Arabs collectively, banishment — not everybody can be in the tent, albeit hypocritical to the Birthright marketing premise. That’s boiled down to if you don’t want Arabs removed from Judea and Samaria, you’re out. Anti-Semitic. self-hating. Excommunicated. That by extension of particularist-ethnic (racist) rationale extends to if you want Arabs in an inclusive Jewish state within the Green Line, you’re out. Anti-Semitic. self-hating.

Overwhelmingly, the unquestionable fait acompli assumption is that Israel cannot remain a Jewish state without demographic majority. The probitive value of that Jewish qualification rides on an assumption of empowerment by the moniker, uncontested. It’s been anti-Semitic to publicly question anything about the Jewish state so that for cause, only a Jew can write an essay: On Questioning the Jewish State so that this has to fore been a dialogue internal to the Diaspora. That’s not fully Jewish on the pecking order from on high that is Israel. Either get behind your authoritarian leadership that’s executing the militaristic Native American removal operation. Or you’re out of the tent.

Real Jews

The real Jews are living in the Holy Land of which we were promised European ownership. Conducting operations at least weekly. Under the arc of rockets. Sleeping with our guns on our chest. Subject to attack at any time and in any place. The only question left unanswered is whether Arabs within the Green Line will be able to keep their rights. By collective justification as Feiglin says all Arabs are the enemy, how these can be excepted is unclear. That lack of clarity dismissed with a you don’t need to know, but fight BDS and trust us. Or you’re out. While Jews are being threatened with being designated as out of the Tent by the men-as deific settlement enterprise, Israel is being threatened with being out of legitimacy. Not in the anti-Semitic U.N. but in the First World. That is the import of BDS.

Making Believed

A recent opinion piece posited that if an additional million Jews had made Aliyah, there would be peace — by demographic majority. Pretending that the Native American removal plan isn’t in progress in Judea and Samaria isn’t going to prevent First World BDS. Crying anti-Semitic wolf against BDS while we’re doing the same thing to Arabs, blatantly in Judea and Samaria.

With the extension of divesting Arabs of ownership of private lands, purportedly they’d sell were it not for the death fatwas were they to do so openly. Helping olive trees boycott by tearing them down. And sanctioning anybody with the temerity to say anything about it as anti-Semitic and self-hating.

People don’t do construction they’re planning to tear down the next day. The latest talking point is Israel doesn’t have a peace partner because Right of Return and settlements are already such that there’s no contiguity, perhaps linked townships. And we’re still going to encourage Arabs and other sand-niggers as Ethiopians to leave if they know what’s best. Offer them the desert shrublands. And when they refuse, say they’re not serious about peace. If the Diapora doesn’t need to know the end-game of this ‘secret‘ Arabs as Native Americans removal plan, the First World surely doesn’t. In addition, association to old-South racists further substantiates the unjust collectivization basis of the effort.

It’s About Time

The Levy Report was long overdue. It’s About Time we stopped pretending about Two-State. We have abjectly failed to articulate Two-State as insecure in the halls of international power. The reason is that while Two-State is in our demographic majority interest as a gerrymander to prevent Arabs from having Civil Rights in Judea and Samaria, we want to keep the majority if not all of the settlements as well as control of the area for security purposes. It’s also about time to stop pretending about Human Rights abuses. And about the tolls of racist justifications within and without.

The Third Intifadah

All these smart people, experts are stuck in the conventional wisdom that Two-State is needed for gerrymander are forgetting that the Second Intifadah was a ground up rejection, not top down. While Abbas and his pecking order will gain handsomely for his surrogate occupation duties under a negotiated settlement that maintains the status quo with some restrictions on unfettered taking, the static problem is that the streets aren’t going to go along with it. They’ll resist, and the justifications of Hamas Hezbollah and Iran Iraq Egypt and the rest of the Arab world will remain in place. Those extended and matured by the rise of egalitarianism that is the underlying current of all populations worldwide, flowing as irrepressible light from The Divine Torah. This time, they’ve learned from the Tar Baby, with the lessons of the First World that non-violent protests have traction within the world of conscience. Aided and Comforted by our conscience within that sees Birthright as dangerously akin to Aryan Eugenics, discrimination as reprehensible, and settlements with uncompensated taking as unjust.

Moshe Zalman Feiglin

Moshe Zalman Feiglin

Birthright Discrimination Settlements

Existentially, Birthright may be rooted in invoking our common religious duty to return, now usurped to a racist idolatry of lineage quality for an implementation that’s resulted in discrimination as justification of the militaristic settlement enterprise outside the Green Line, and extending to discrimination within the Green line and placing the Diaspora down on the pecking order. Which is what discrimination is all about, who’s where on the pecking order. The Diaspora isn’t in Israel, isn’t qualified to have a critical opinion about the militaristic settlement enterprise, but is qualified to have a critical opinion on Arab intransigence, and make sure the checks are on time.


Birth evokes genetic that evokes race or ethnicity. It is by this lineage of association that Birthright is experienced as ethnically based. In simplistic terms, racist. Beinhart’s criticism of the militaristic settler enterprise is that preclusion of a contiguous Palestinian state threatens to render Israel as an Apartheid non-democratic pariah. What of Gaza?

Exclusion of Arabs as part of the Birthright experience is said to give a less than full picture to those having that experience. Beyond that, the emphasis on Birthright tracks closely with an idolatry of lineage in common understanding. Gordis’ concern that Judaism is turning into a ‘faith’ instead of a people straddles the issue of responsibility to doing observance to be versus Western ‘feelings,’ that then ties back to Idolatry of Bloodline, ‘tribalism’ as the modern understanding of the face of Judaic to the world.

Chaim Bialik

Chaim Bialik

Birthright is historically self-glorification, out of selfish motives. Cultures breed to certain traits. Values to idolatries are reflected in the traits that are valued in mates, picking fruit. “The prohibition ‘Thou Shalt Not Murder'” applies only “to a Jew who kills a Jew,” is the preening Birthright I’m better than them, not because of piety or righteousness, intelligence or integrity, but because of an idolatry of lineage. Tribal. I like this One-drop idea because it allows me, as the old-South of say-do-whatever absolved by wafers and wine, to do my man-as deific will. That I’m not evil, because I, the Cain’s deity on His earth can say, from on high-on-myself: I am I am. Through the history of the Diaspora, aside from the issue of genetic miscegenation, there’s cultural miscegenation — Assimilation.

There’s no necessity to become an addendum convert, to convert to their inhumanity, assimilate to their debased role of the soul without adopting the terminology and iconography of pagans to become worshipers of things. Genetic bloodlines are things. Tribes are things. Overwhelmingly, people adopt the words and views of predecessors. Israel and her vociferous militaristic supporters are awash in racism because this physical Birthright ‘blood idea‘ has been adopted as justification to reify the Native American removal of Arabs as ‘savages.‘ There’s no hiding behind ‘physical genetics yes, but …‘ because when it’s physical genetics, it’s racism. Far more pure than the genetic issue raised.Adelson Birthright

Now, to be a proper supporter of Israel, one is compelled to integrate idolatry of genetics as religious justification of the secular Jabotinsky militaristic Zionist metareligion. When we have more blood in common with Arabs of whatever kind than addendum pagans we’re supplicating that were killing us only yesterday and through time. For rejecting their idolatries and looking only to Awe of HaShem. To pray to become them now by adopting their Aryan idolatry of blood lineage to turn that about onto someone else. To prey as they. These are our friends, saviors? Compatriots in hateGot mine Birthright genetics Birds of a Feather?


The substance of Gordis’ response is that tribal loyalty creates a responsibility to accommodate injustices perpetrated on Arabs by your own hurting people. It ended by quoting Michael Walzer from: The State of Righteousness: Liberal Zionists Speak Out saying; ‘It is first of all the emotion-laden belief of someone who grew up during World War Two that the Jews need a state, and that this need is so critical and so urgent that it overrides whatever injustices statehood has brought.’ That translates with his disinterest in talking to Arabs; to protect and care for your hurting and disillusioned tribe’s militaristic settlement enterprise. Have compassion for your tribe and disregard their suffering. That has been approved by democratic election on high.

Racism is oozing out of the pores of impressionable youthful Jewry with a direct coupling to Israel as motive for adopting that Idolatry. As a religious duty, as the simplified tribal Birthright definition of what being a Jew means, loyalty to the tribe. That, even more so than religious observance by associated commentary upon his concern that being a Jew is becoming Judaism rather than a tribal people. Insipid American fan-boy and fan-girl dim-wits make racist statements that they picked up a ‘pro-Israel’ websites, then we sniff some disclaimer for thin code-word cover.

Ethiopian Protest

All waters flowing to their lowest level: Beta Israel Ethiopians are not Jews but refugees as Sudanese; ‘Not the right color.‘ as expressed by a fan of Israel on a social web site. Sephardim are almost equal, by some need to get in line. Many voting with their passports knowing their place under Ashkenazim. Admittedly, my view of the situation is idealistic in the sense that existentially, collectivization, simplification to tribalism as primary and primal metareligious loyalty for exclusivity forecloses the potential for I-Thou that Beinhart referenced in Rabin’s efforts to positively engage Arabs. And in that closing of potential for seeing the common filial humanity, the underlying issue of Arab national service and participation in the military is far more important, beyond the issue of ultra-Orthodox. The policy of collectivization turns back upon us to within. By tractional effect, that ‘not the right color‘ Jews will be marginalized, discriminated against, as another tribe. The rationalizations for injustices without are poisoning within by continuity.

Searching for the good, I have to look within my own experience for an understanding of where Gordis, Israel is ‘coming from,‘ and I’m reminded of my own antipathy. Warned by my Hindu friend that reminds me of Gordis’ warning about Arabs. I should have listened, and not been idealistic. I’ve never met an honorable Muslim, doubt they exist. As Gordis for Arabs, I think they should be left alone. Not all Muslims, but I don’t think they should be allowed to immigrate into the United States. Would warn any friend against doing business with them. Don’t expect any diplomatic efforts involving foreign aid to bear fruit. Not on a genetic but cultural basis, they’re Thuggees in modernity with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. As Gordis says of Arabs, thinking otherwise is being unrealistic. But, I have to be careful, because existentially, I also know of collectivization that it ain’t necessarily so.

Ovadia Yosef

Ovadia Yosef

Let us Never Forget that were it not for Rabbi Yosef Ovadia, who has been accused of anti-Arab racism for one statement, the Beta-Israel Egyptians wouldn’t be in Israel in the first place. In simplistic interpretations, as cherry-picking Michael Walzer’s ‘overrides whatever injustices’ while hoping to leave the question open to interpretation as to whether this is a global justification going forward — in vain. Read what he said for full context as I’ve been reading Gordis as an admixture of both Hope and Despair — my interpretation, not his through my prism existentially.


For these purposes, everyone agrees with the expansion of the existing legitimate settlements. While Beinhart’s argument is that the Israeli government is paying Jewish Israelis to move across the green line with settlements far outside the large settlements considered legitimate. And, the government legalized three outposts illegal under israel law. And, the enterprise has created settlements that make contiguity very difficult.

The Gordis seemingly disingenuous contention is that settlements can be dismantled if there ever is a Two-state agreement, but that for now, placing pressure on the Arabs by the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation lets them know that delay is against their interest. And punishing them for past intransigence, options closing daily. While dismissive of any complaints that Likud is disinterested in talking to the Arabs, with the important point that it’s the elected government. By tribal loyalty, the Diaspora should support this decision of Israel that arose out of the death of the left in the Second Intifadah — with the death of Land for Peace. The Diaspora aren’t Israeli citizens. Qualified to criticize Arabs, opinions on Israeli policy — another ‘to be discussed.’

When Palestinians rejected the injustice of an uncompensated – integral to the Oslo agreement as predicated upon the unrecoverability of the Jews that had been expelled from Arab countries, and this ‘generous’ offer was perceived as the ultimate uppityness. As Benny Morris says, in 1948, there as only a little ethnic cleansing so that their flight was unreasonable. The racist premises are assumed as valid when the definition of Jewish in Israel is ethnic and superficial color on the pecking order, and not religious practice because a secular ‘correct color’ trumps a frum ‘wrong color.’ Race is both motive and justification. The ongoing talking-point narrative is that ‘You savages don’t deserve to own anything, when we came here you were barefoot in loincloths, so if we offer you a reservation with (rotten) meat you ought to be grateful.’ For this articulate advocate of particularism as some sort of observance to emerge as a black hole as-hole.

David Ben-Gurion - Golda Meir

David Ben-Gurion – Golda Meir

Bellicose Defensive Strangulation

Evolved from the Defensive Ethos to a war by other means bellicose offensive strangulation, the militaristic quality of the settlement enterprise is more objectionable than settlement per se.

Clearly, the maps of the settlement enterprise that imply that there is a decreasing prospect of a contiguous Arab state are concerning, to people who believe in Two State, but more troubling to me is the offensive militaristic quality of the enterprise.


The world knows that the settlement enterprise is militaristic, aggressive, belligerent, offensive, bellicose. Reminiscent of the honorable Andrew Jackson Native American removal enterprise; ‘The only good Indian is a dead Indian.‘ Here, the only good Arab is a persuaded to self-deport Arab. The litany of Human Rights abuses is beside the issue as Beinhart gingerly taps around settler assaults with a ‘stopped counting at…’ when the relativistic Gordis rejoiner is that our slow starvation isn’t their bus bombing. Remarkable.

Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon

These ‘unpopular things‘ of the necessity to create the Jewish state that ‘overrides whatever injustices’ are more the issue than even the taking of private Arab land — with just compensation, as a municipality annexes needed areas. The obvious intent isn’t as much settlement per se than driving them out, reducing their potential for demographic majority, on principle. It is this attacking of a helpless civilian population that underlies the world’s disdain for the settlement enterprise, because it’s militaristic with no compassion for anyone’s suffering other than their own. Inhumane is inhuman. Everybody taps around that with tangential references to Human Rights when that old-South treatment of Native Americans and then Negroes in the United States is the same animal with the invocation of; What’s in a name?


No one within or without questions Israel’s rights to defense, descended from the Defensive Ethos. The militaristic settlement enterprise is evolved by the axiom of the best defense is a good offense to the conclusion that attacking them reduces their capability for offense. True enough. Attacking a defenseless civilian population, under whatever rationale is beyond the modern pale. Israel has already lost all credibility as an ethical culture. The only good news is that there are Human Rights groups and Haaretz, as far as I know, is the best journalism operating still in existence in the modern age. They are Israel’s last line of defense, that the authoritarians haven’t managed to eliminate them yet.


Nobody cares. Nobody really cares that the intent, with the Population Exchange rationale is slow strangulation to encourage them to leave. That they’re not being bombed but starved, Food insecure. What a nice euphemism. Nothing’s new under the sun. Seige. Banished in Place. People try to ‘think positive,’ but the combination of pressure and unwillingness to talk was being fatal to the Zionist cause. Not just the pressure. Or the unwillingness to talk. The synergistic combination.

By trusted testimony, the same can be said of Arabs, but leaving somebody alone isn’t bulldozing their trees. People in the First World aren’t fools anymore than babies. Just Saying It Isn’t So doesn’t keep people’s lying eyes from seeing an ugly face of Israel as the bulldozer about to kill an olive farmer’s livelihood by killing their trees. This strangulation result, more so than any map is what makes people uneasy in their seats.


The spillover across the Green Line of racism against Ethiopians and Arabs, both Muslims and Jews is heavier incoming evidence of militaristic targeting than Human Rights reports as the Orr Commision 2003. Or what ever leaked. Relativism has it’s limits when people know that Israel is on full war-footing to the starvation of its own population to support the militaristic settlement enterprise. Those demonstrations of the cannon-fodder ‘little people’ are more telling than tree pictures. Louder than a shell whistling in the air.

Thump Thump

Uzi Landau

Uzi Landau

Gordis envisions a united front of the Loyalist tribe abiding injustices as antidote to the incoming thump thump of the Alice Walkers and Disney heirs or the world condemnation of the militaristic settlement enterprise justified by Birthright conflated in the eyes of the world to racism. The issue whether Vladimir Jabotinsky, said ‘.., because his blood, his body, his physical racial type are Jewish.‘ or that Chaim Nachman Bialik did or didn’t say ‘I too, .., believe in the power of the blood idea.‘ but that modern day leadership as Gordis Lieberman Feiglin stand firmly on collectivization of Arabs. Today. And by clear-eyed election of Likkud, the Israeli Democracy stands there too.

The real incoming isn’t the history of what people said in the past, or injustices of the past. But what leaders’ statements of today mean for the future. That’s the real incoming thump after thump. The incessant drip drab of Human Rights violations with the smell of racism in the old-South Coliseum, that aphrodisiac of the old-South. That reminds me under a thin layer of smells and sounds I will Never Forget. Thump thump.

As some are clearly of the opinion that Arabs should have no Rights within the Green Line, only being logically consistent as I say I’ll never trust a Muslim again. And mean it. My existential disclaimer doesn’t remove that I’ve been experientially convinced that dealing with some groups of people is a totally bad idea. Looking at it through Gordis’ eyes, I have to admit that my discomfort is with acting upon the Collectivization justification. Chastened by remembrance of my idyllic confidence in the imprimatur of legitimacy by allowing Mulsims to immigrate with my inability to listen to my Hindu friend’s admonitions before I pass judgement on Gordis The real thump thumps are the landmines of intent, planted by the insistent terminology of collectivization and exclusion. And that apparently this is translating into actions that are causing deaths as injustices.

Avigdor Lieberman

Avigdor Lieberman


Collectivization is the issue. On the one hand, Birthright establishes a set of inclusion parameters that inherently establish an exclusion. Right of Return is a non-negotiable absolute that has been drawn in the sand that Arabs are required to forego on any level. An unmentionable, anti-Semitic to raise the issue. I’m more committed to being truthful than correct. Preferring to show my warts than be a hypocrite.

I don’t know Alice Walker, only found out about her refusal to allow her work to be translated into Hebrew only indirectly from reading Gordis. My made up from nothing is that her objection, and what some seem to have difficulty appreciating is that collectivism, as racismIslamophobiaanti-Semitism, now add my Islamophobia, are the base primal us-them that is the nasty stinking desert wilderness underbelly of inhumanity.

As living downwind of a garbage dump, the smell of Arabs as niggers in Judea and Samaria blows West as the reek of the old-South is covering the earth more reliably than the ozone layer. The old-South points North to pretend that Confederate Negroes as Thomas Sowell wouldn’t be slaves today if they’d had their way. As Israelis point across the Green Line to the roles of Arabs there, those hearing veiled threats of Population Exchange, with a ‘just saying‘ walk-back weaker than my existential maybe there’s an honorable Muslim somewhere in Space and Time. To then call Alice Walker ignorant as though she has anosmia

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu


Always searching for the Good, one of the most humanizing statements Gordis made is that Beinhart’s book made him feel lonely. We’re all alone in our skins, our bones still trying to decide whether they want to stay or leave. One of the most moving aspects of the Tablet Debate is that both men bared their souls. Clearly both passionate within their skin, bones clanking against the walls of validity on both sides.

Boycott Divestiture Sanctions

I can’t support any level of Boycott Divestiture Sanctions. It’s just not in me. Nor do I believe the Diaspora or Israel can prevent this movement by a Diplomacy of Denial, or huff and puff. As an avalanche that’s already broken loose at the top and coming downhill, the time for prevention was before it started. Worse, the reality of the militaristic settlement enterprise that threatens Democracy within Israel by governmental defiance of The Court is a heavy sub-sonic rumble on the horizon. As ominous as the BDS movement, Democracy within Israel has already cracked with an administrative practice of being dismissive of the Supreme Court.



Gordis parries by questioning why the Netanyahu administration’s intentions toward making peace are suspect, when a plethora of credible figures within Israel are speaking out to sound the alarms. His irrefutable point is that Likud was elected, and is known as against an Arab state. Clearly, the Israeli population, not Netanyahu, who is at the end of the day in a representative Democracy, has their hands on the tiller.

That’s what Democracy means. As Gordis so aptly pointed out, mine is no more than an unsolicited opinion. I’m not a citizen of Israel. And yes, I do believe in egalitarian democracy. The strong Beinhart question we’re back to is how to have a Jewish state and a Democracy. Inclusive vs Exclusive ‘to be discussed.’

What a lonely odd duck I am, beyond. I don’t believe in Two-state or the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses Project Humiliation or having a proclivity for xenophobia. If tribal loyalty is all there is, so that justice doesn’t matter, and the Shekhinah my delusion, observance an option, I’m really in outer space. In Cap’n Kirk’s black hole. Tripping.


I’m always waiting on the Shekhinah. I don’t believe we’re going to negotiate, or ‘win’ peace through this ‘secret’ militaristic enterprise for total breaking of Arab will either. I’m always praying, as I breathe I’m praying. What I can do. Can’t stop doing. Urgently while waiting patiently for the Shekhinah. Beinhart is being loyal in being the man on fire to tell his truth. Saying aloud what more than a few exemplars have been cowed from saying. Doing the right thing. Speaking out for his tribe, and the World to Come.

Rabbi Menachem Froman

Rabbi Menachem Froman

I don’t have Faith in coincidence, but in looking, seeking, returning. Looking again. This BDS issue has been discussed for some time, but finally the Shekhinah, that always delivers if I have faith, came with The West Bank’s Rabbi Menachem Froman has the solution to the conflict

Some will say, O he’s losing his mind. On the contrary, looking reality of death in the face clears the mind as we fall through life, through Denial Anger Bargaining Depression and Acceptance. My made up from nothing is that in his Acceptance of death, as articulated by his wife, he arrived at a place of Faith that’s beyond both Hope and Despair, in the Shekhinah that lets us know beyond this existence we so ardently cling to as solid ground. The Land.

Have Faith

I have Faith. What Rabbi Froman’s saying is both timely and critical. The piece I’ve been awaiting before I said anything about this ‘hot’ BDS topic. He’s absolutely right that the only peace we will attain will be religious. And attain it we will. As certain as the Shekhinah, in His time, this will happen.

On both sides, collectivization as rationale to drive them all out has become a religious, the religious duty. The only lines of disagreement are on how that’s to be accomplished. Native American removal as a religious duty parallels the Nakba religious duty – both to drive them out. The racist Jewish and anti-Semitic Arab justifications erected on both sides of those religious edicts are to invoke faith in the absurd. Both Arabs and Jews see their diversity within, to then be blinded by faith that They are a monolithic collective.To deny their humanity. Rendering Them as targets of old-South predatory animals with code-words. To dig deeper and with ever increasing fervor into Us-Them, to ‘win.’ When we can’t ‘win.’

We are killing Israel as a Democracy, and before that as legitimate with the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humliation, long before we’ve ‘driven them all out.‘ Or for a first, breaking the human will. And we’ll die of Two-state with no Right of Return and the permanent Jewish finger in their eye if we let that happen too. While the Palestinian Authority may have a great security cooperation, when we step back, and we shouldn’t, the people, on the rising tide of egalitarian justice will rock that Authority, ‘next door.’ We are between a rock and a hard place, for His Cause.

Boycott Divest Sanction

Boycott having a lack of Faith in keeping our minhag, even when it’s inconvenient. Doing our best to keep what’s made us a people, and our spiritual connection to elders of blessed memory, all looking only to HaShem. And not just the tribal idea as an ethnic identity. Return within, and strive to reach an in-common of agreement: To Make it Holy. In the smallest way, that little step of many toward unity. Beyond words are what we do. As Gordis has Faith in the Holy Land to transform the reluctant and uncertain, the Shekhinah is in the doing, the kinetic. Is not a thought, an ‘idea.’ Isn’t rationale for militarism.

Divest ourselves from placing faith in things, materialism. Idolatries are everywhere, including the metareligiousblood idea.‘ As simplistic and convenient as that may be for pheromonal old-South pack identification to justify, the Shekhinah is beyond things. Not the dust of our bones, but the Soul within. More than a thing.

Sanction those who would have us turn way from doing the right thing by resting on collectivizaton, that translate to divisions within rather than unity. Rather than defining our us as narrowly as possible, with factions of Thems on a genetic pecking order within on the way to ever-widening canyons of divisions with Them without, we will reach beyond our selves in Awe of HaShem.  With Perfect faith I call for Justice Compassion and Mercy for Peace. Knowing by The Prophets, already realized in His time, that we will unify within to Unify without to find His Shekhinah.



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