The most difficult thing to persuade is people stepping off their righteousness of convictions, to Stop the Hate. One would’ve hoped religious leaders would step up here. Everybody in their way is trying to do the right thing.

Do the Right Thing: Stop the Hate

The Birmingham policemen with their dogs and hoses in their day job, not so bad strange fruit tailgaters by night, as the Syrian sniper who shoots the protester’s son in the head through the window are, in their minds, doing right, defending their moral pecking order. Old-South Republicans believe in the freedom of genocide to maintain their freedom of genocide, as that sniper.

As Waters on the Earth

Not only have we been in Diaspora, the people of the world have been separated by language and custom, spread as waters on the earth. I’ve been thinking about this since I was writing my flawed thesis, The Absolute-Unity and Unity. I spent a chapter on the concept of religion, another on concept of G-d. I talked about the wheel of consistency to maintain tradition, customs and teachings handed down through generations. The radical solution, inconceivable is that we depart from conventional wisdom.

Hate as Righteousness to the End of Time

Jews tolerating, much less supporting Islamophobia are the opposite of righteousness. We will make religious Peace. Too militant, too radical, inconceivable is that Judaism and Islam unify. Islam is the other monotheism from Abraham. We have different traditions from different histories, both facing east looking to HaShem. Hagar and Ishmael were thrown out. Conventional wisdom is that this must be to the end of time. Was the accession to a man immutable or the challenge we were Chosen to remedy?

Stop the Hate for His Cause in His Time

Perhaps for His cause I was born in the desert wilderness, thrown out. I resent it, but I have palpable experiences through which I see in ways difficult for some.

Is our patriarch’s decision immutable in His time, or as my exile, Chosen to His ends? Have we not been hammered into something other than what we were in our travels, by our loses and travails? Don’t we have palpable experiences through which we see in a way difficult for some? Do they resent that Hagar and Ishmael were beat for no reason, as we endeavor to throw some more of our lost tribes out?

A World to Come with No Precedent

In America, precedent is an important premise of the Court. Hate is woven into the fabric of American society from and inception of accommodation of slavery as no other in the world, by precedents of fallible men who woud be deitys. America has two faces, one of hope in reconciliation and the other in the redeeming value of hate of Them. Based on fruit, on results, their prophet we rejected brought billions to HaShem. Have we deified history, the past, to the extent of becoming intransigent to its lessons?

Several have considered a Friendly Merger rather than a hostile take-over. Reportedly it wasn’t his intent, but when I heard of Ariel Sharon’s visit to The Dome of the Rock, I thought he must get what I’ve been too afraid to say for decades. His charge may be that we come together. Not us having dominion, but out of the Unity of people of common cause of looking to HaShem despite our differences of customs histories traditions, rebuilding The Temple together.

O yes, I hear the cries of mine ours Us, that you’re talking about being a traitor to the race. I don’t forget that racism is Idolatry. I can’t pretend that traditions and customs can’t be deified. No thing is an absolute, and hate is making a thing into an absolute. Our charge is to return to our minhag, the traditions of our ancestors to meet the challenge to make religious Peace with Them, those good souls of yetzer haTov willing to no-fault set aside primacy of differences, with no precedent to search for the Good in Unity.

Custom of Legal Systems

In our wanderings some have adopted our commitment to just laws justly administered, and given the custom of legal systems for Justice Compassion and Mercy that informs the ideals of the world of today.

We’re being called by unconventional events to return for an unconventional resolution. If we can see fellow Jews, regardless of tats and straying to the nastiest pork and associations with old-South low souls that were only yesterday in historical time murdering us through the ages as eligible for return, let’s reconcile with His other people in similar spirit.

Chosen for Cause: to Stop the Hate

We were Chosen to be His people for cause, to step out of conventional wisdom with No Precedent to unify within and without, to stop the hate. There are people all over the world, in varied cultures and tongues and traditions who are souls of yetzer tov we were Chosen to bring together. Is saving the afflicted people making our insular self-congratulatory bunker of meeting in the right Stonehenge spot, or to bring them out, to a Unity that conventional wisdom says is impossible?

Nothing Is Impossible

With HaShem, nothing is impossible. Some take Chosen as better, more than, superior as in the old-South man-as deity, killing a Negro — gentile only bears property damages. My made up from Nothing is that Chosen means we have the responsibility of the humility to stop our hate to put HaShem before ourselves.

I’m not saying concede our minhag and traditions and differences, as man-as says we should for their freedom of genocidal conquest, but including and attracting people from all nations to our Awe of HaShem.

He Chose us to lead to guide, to stop the hate. As vigorously as some have turned to the man-as deific Ba’al for salvation in power money and might, let us turn as leaves to His light, away from the darkness of reflections of things. Chosen to say Nothing Is Impossible for Not a Thing.

This Mitzvah to Do The Mitzvah of Rebuilding The Temple

We are returning to making bunkers to hunker down for our private party in ghettos within ghettos. As though we’re the same blood-thirsty Coliseum droolers as conquerors of Native Americans who think somehow, we can kill billions as deities for our golden age. Only by the mitzvah of unity to stop the hate in our family will we do The Mitzvah of rebuilding The Temple.

Vanity is the hubris that creates the fault lines of irreconcilable differences when with a wide swath of common ground a seemingly insurrountable issue becomes the highest mountain, that’s led to myriad fractures and divisions within. Let’s start with unity within, and apply that in-common understading to Unity without.

HaShem Is the Only and Key to Peace

Stop the Hate by Never Forgetting that He is the issue, not me, not us, that we aren’t what matters, it’s not for us, not because we or they deserve anything, but out of awful Awe of HaShem do we search for the Good souls of yetzer haTov looking to HaShem to bring the World to Come by His Shekhinah.