Be Not Afraid That’s it? Fear Not. That’s it?! 

You must be joking. You can’t be serious! Fear Not. Yes, that’s it – Be Not Afraid. Clear as a bell, no question about it, no doubt. The first concrete answer to all my prayers over forty years of Wandering in the Desert Wilderness was: Fear Not. From my silent attic, wolves closing in, hold steady in Awe of HaShem, putting none before.

Tsunamis of Fear Washing over a Sandy Beach

Justice or Injustice That Is the Question

Justice or Injustice That Is the Question

Sudden slow and relentless, the tide goes out. Realization comes too late. My fear washes over my soul like a sandy beach, sparing nothing. I’m as weak as a grain of sand past the rising tide while pilings are uprooted and boards fly, as chafe of wheat in the wind, swirling. What an interesting scene my mind chimes in the distance as the reef peeks through the foam below. Who’s fish is that? goes my inner comedian trying to find a last laugh.

Terrible threats of being thrown out of the Gordis tent, my toes tickled by the loose sand already turned into a gritty soup; this rising tide of condemnation is My Fault: You there! Get in line!

Knuckle under. Surrender. Master Gordis says worship your tribe or get out of my tent. Like a barnacle that has to be scraped off, I can’t let go. It’s just not in me. My thin and reedy voice is drowned out by the roar of a herd of rhinos tearing up the tracks of history to the inevitable.

I’m not going to make it. I can tell. Should I try to swim anyway? Hold onto something when everything is moving up around in sliding scraping crashing? There’s that floating piece of Pauline wood, can’t touch that. Over there’s that Kind after Kind card I still won’t play. Blow after blow those pilings ram into my chest while they say I shouldn’t hold my breath but be quiet and wait for it to pass. Have faith. You’re not praying right, just surrender. Go with the flow. To what?

Going With the Flow: Try to Imagine

Try to imagine that I’ve wandered alone for more than my forty years in the Desert Wilderness, refusing to bow down to idols, to go with the flow, and now, here we have a shiny new idol to be worshiped. Through time it’s been: ‘Convert’ to an addendum? Want to live? Yes, I believe so, but convert? Rabbi says I should try to survive, you have a heter. I know I have a heter to survive, but convert to idolatry? I can’t. I’m a failure. Loser.

Confusion with substitution of awe of being a Jew on the pecking order of fear of for by from Israel, arguing for one idolatry against another, in hypocrisy as normal, I’m to pretend ‘to do better in life.’ In the Kind after Kind call for all Jews to get in line with the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights Abuses and Project Humiliation for an  Zionist Fourteenth Principle tent; Judaism taken-over by 19th century Europeans with their own versions of ethno-racist exclusion is just another addendum. To me, being a Jew has very specific religious meanings, is not an ethno-race divorced from doing to hear. Is all about putting none before, not even myself. Is about Chosen to bring the World to Come.

My Bad: Addicted to Awe

If anyone has, I’ve done it to myself. Decided to set forth in the Desert Wilderness to wander to the light of The Divine Torah, but not to forget the ground of pursuit of Justice from which I came. Born into beatings for no reason, I can’t come from that as some and use that as justification for beating someone else for no reason. I can’t use the injustice of my loses as a rationalization.

‘Loyalty to your race’ Kind After Kind elevates paint as an idolatry. For those who believe in ‘race,’ this is the choice I’ve made. Regardless that I don’t believe in the concept of ‘races.’ Cultures yes, races no. There’s a telling difference in orientation when someone chooses the one word or the other. The implication of ‘race‘ is as the Aryan de novo blood-idea, versus a culture of pursuing qualities that have had a genetic impact. This ascendancy of this mirror image of Volksgemeinschaft, that promotes race, as ethno-religion, not Awe, but fear of the Untermenschen, makes a direct assault, on par with those accusing me of being a Traitor of the Race. Making ‘races’ real. Official. True and important.

For me, Judaism is a religion, not an ethnic social club. Or Heaven Forbid, a race. Anyone talking about ‘race’ in this day and age is talking about the world being flat. That degree of ignorance doesn’t deserve any respect. Can’t happen. The various Jews in history that converted to the Pauline addendum, or more recently to pagan worshiping Israel and power money might as typified by Neo-cons and the ZOA, have less standing than an agnostic or atheist Jew who’s still putting none before.

True Religion: Ayn Rand Calhoun Calvinists

Jews of the true religion of the old-South are accepted as proper converts. The term ‘secular’ is better as agnostic, or believing but declining to adhere to reverence of traditions, but the religion of Ronald Reagan and Ayn Rand may be termed Calhoun Calvinists, are certainly religious acolytes. Unless such a convert to pagan, the old-South hates ‘the Openly Jew’ more than most.

Truth of the matter is that the Pauline addendum avatar is such a dirty word, you won’t see me writing or saying it. To say this, as criticizing Israel today, was fair grounds for being a Spanish Inquisition ‘security threat’ for an inevitable Keystone Old-Faithful geyser as pogrom. Even more than Muslims because our very existence as the purported root of their fable threatens the validity of the man as if idea. Secular Jews are on some degree accepted as righteous converts by loss of the Clarity that the Pauline addendum is a disservice by promoting the worship of idols, lesser deities being put before.

For good reason from the history of Avodah Zarah, I’ve been afraid to say this aloud, and now I have a new fear. That the religion of putting none before is being dragged down into the mud of injustices uncontested with a new idolatry. That by a call for unconditional loyalty to an infallible quasi-religious interpretation of Postville Kosher that doesn’t care how the Land is delivered, torn and bloody, the ground crying out. Today, in this world, the likely legitimate kosher isn’t something from a factory, but from an individual known for their personal care and concern for the common humanity of an animal who’s being sacrificed. As Abraham for Isaac.

Today, we know more about being humane than a time when a sharp and sudden knife was far more humane than the practice apparently at a time of eating the flesh off of a living animal. That’s unimaginably barbaric today. This idea of chewing the flesh as Land to be purloined but whatever say-do-whatever that passes quasi-legal cover is against The Divine Torah. That Abraham paid in good measure for the land for Sarah’s grave exemplifies that taking has to be willing as well as justly compensated. Somehow, these pedestrian truths are being treated with a collective silence, and particularly from ‘religious’ leaders.

We Know Better But Are Afraid

It says something that the Jewish voices of reason, much less honor integrity, consistent with the import of The Divine Torah are secular as well as marginalized. Rabbis afraid among the people of the chutzpah to tell the truth on the tip of the sword. Who will not hesitate to argue with HaShem, but are cowering in fear at the tip of Gordis’ tongue. No one ‘religious‘ has the courage to say that it all has to be justly compensated. Not only after 1948 1967 whatever, all of it. The lives runied and lost need to be made whole. Until and unless, it’s just not fit to eat in a pretense of Being Holy.

Until the injuring ends, there can be no forgiveness. In addition, there isn’t any forgiving unless asked.

Yes, we live in a time of food factories, but there isn’t any law that requires the eating of flesh. We live in a time of awareness of injustices past and ongoing, but how is it that this is a rationale to lose our own souls in silence. Beyond that there’s now a new supreme law, The Fourteenth Principle of demographic majority predicated upon a complete lack of faith in both the stranger and within.

What’s so strange is that we know better. This interminable ‘Peace Process’ as cover for uncompensated taking is lower than debased, explicitly because we wrote the books on Justice from The Book of Justice. One might argue that some bushman that just discovered the concept of clothing a generation ago may not understand, as Native Americans were accused of being savages when the reverse was the case. Even the youngest child understands the concepts of fairness and justice.

It’s just completely ridiculous. Since when has been saying that road kill isn’t kosher Antisemitic? When a rabbi has to recuse himself from a beit din because of a potential conflict of interest, how can it be that this lame taking for whatever excuse is Justice when the courts themselves accept the same Dred Scott premise of lack of standing in the ‘Jewish state.’

Of For By: Manifest Destiny

We know that we are manifestly destined to return to the Holy Land and rebuild The Temple, but how is it that this ‘religious’ justification is supposed to hold water when we can’t even agree to keep Shabbat? Not by draconian man as deity edict, but by each in Awe. What’s that about?

That just goes to show that it’s all rooted in fear, being afraid, and not Awe or Being Holy. Fear of Them, fear of each other, fear of losing, a thing. The Holy Land isn’t a piece of European old-Southern resort real estate. Not a big juicy toy to play King of the Hill. Cannot be ‘owned’ in a physical sense any more than The Absolute-Unity can be described.

Another fifty-four percent of the world population has an interest over time, just as the ‘Natives’ had an interest over time. In America as well as here. To say that they can have supervised visitation misses acknowledgment of the power of The Divine Torah. These aren’t casual acquaintances, but people who regard themselves, and rightly, as drawn to that Great Light.

Victory and Defeat

Today, (radical) Islam has to be defeated on behalf of the Zionist ‘movement’ of the Manifest Destiny religion of power money might. On behalf of Western civilization and Israel that’s the forward outpost of Liberal democracy with a Civil Right to an outpost of Federalist democracy of inequality in the heathen land of the Saracens. The pagan old-South is as Antisemitic as Islamophobic, but in enemy of my enemy, ‘the Jews’ are being pimped, led by a Neo-con coalition with a pagan addiction to the hubris of power money might for their ‘Left Behind’ second man as if coming.

Those still walking around with their fence up, thumbing the Pauline abomination in the eye as my insistence on not working on Shabbat and beard to my chest, are still no more than tolerated. Are going to get our just deserts. To the victor, the spoils.

Fog of War: Confusing?

There’s an irrevocable association with establishment Diaspora unconditional support of meshugenah Israel whose kindred alliance with Apartheid South Africa is a fresh memory in emulation today; entirely consistent that Netanyahu couldn’t go to Mandela’s funeral. And the hypocrisy of the Anti-defamation League seeing Classical Antisemitism when directed against Jews while deifying Israel’s ‘ethno-religious’ colonialist justifications against the ‘natives’ of the ‘disputed’ territories under Manifest Destiny as Antisemitic to contest. The best disinfectant against credibility is hypocrisy.

Sabrosky_-anti-Semitism-_Davids-kingdom1Among critics of Israel there are layers of apostasy. One size doesn’t fit all. J-Street couldn’t get into the establishment, made a serious misstep and said the wrong thing. No matter that they, as Dershowitz who threw them under the bus, advocate the exclusive ‘Jewish state’ and oppose BDS.

They just don’t get it that the plan is to maintain the ‘Peace Process,’ meaning the ‘conflict’ for the next twenty to thirty years until those ‘Left Behind’ are in total submission as vassals without rights, and the ‘uppity’ have either emigrated or are dead.

The required lie-Plantation representative job is to maintain this Fog of War while more ‘realities’ are created on the ground. For plausible deniability until it doesn’t matter with the same ethos of obfuscation as the nuclear program. That’s already the case. Two-state’s been dead since the Gaza evacuation. There’s no question that the settlers won’t move, and beyond that, the clear state-run national project within which they are participants has no intention of stopping the taking until the land between the Mediterranean and Jordan has been ‘sanctified.’

Truth Be Told

Truthfully, Israel as 1967 borders is too small. Truthfully, Israel as predicated upon an ethnic apart is out of this time. Just as we don’t lop a leg off the goat and leave it there heaving with ‘fresh meat’ when we come back, there are realities on the ground as this earth that we don’t expect to see again. What’s happening in Israel is ghastly. Not because worse injustices aren’t occurring elsewhere, but because we don’t expect to see this sort of systematic grinding siege of civilians over decades. The strong preying on the weak. ‘Civilized.’

Nevertheless, maintenance of the obscenity of nuclear weapons speaks to the standard of Compassion as a reality in which we live. That just further underlines the hypocrisy of the ‘powers that be’ with so many nuclear weapons they can’t keep track of them all while crying about North Korea. If you believe in justice, you can’t think any of this is right. You don’t have to be a ‘goat-lover’ to have compassion for it. To know that there are humane and inhumane ways, that there is Justice, and without that forget Peace. The same No Justice No Peace being applied to take it back ‘from the Romans’ in office in Palestine today, applies to this taking. The world is watching, and won'[t forget any more than we have.

Anaesthesia of Denial: Population Exchange

People aren’t stupid except when in willing denial, the most powerful anaesthetic.

In their annual End of Year poll, researchers for WIN and Gallup International surveyed more than 66,000 people across 65 nations and found that 24 percent of all respondents answered that the United States “is the greatest threat to peace in the world today.” Pakistan and China fell significantly behind the United States on the poll, with 8 and 6 percent, respectively. Afghanistan, Iran, Israel and North Korea all tied for fourth place with 4 percent. Gallup Poll


The Agony and the Ecstasy

The Agony and the Ecstasy

BBC poll: Israel among world’s least popular nations, so that the detractors on the third-world-first-world victim axis are no longer the sole provinces of concern for the militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses. Israel presents itself as a Western European Liberal (LGBT but religious) democracy, and not Middle Eastern nation by prerogative and association while at the same time invoking the relativistic comparison of it’s policies to ‘the neighborhood.’

In other words, see us as any other noble fair-haired blue-eyed civilized European nation on one of our faces, and ignore the other mask in the ‘disputed territories’ in our little Comedy/Tragedy drama. The amity of your ideal of beautiful both inside and out, who’s just doing their best with a ‘difficult situation.’ And the tragedy for all that this bounty has been and is being torn from the hands of people who have lives and souls of their own.

We Want Population Exchange

Ideally, current day Jordan should be the ‘Palestinian’ state with other Arab countries with open arms. Regardless of this goal of the militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses, as Shin Bet, Mossad, and other rationale voices have said, is implausible. Not because it hasn’t been done — in another time. Applaud Putin for taking Crimea of 10,077 sq miles, when

Israel’s area is approximately 27,000 km2 (10,425 sq mi), which includes 445 km2 (172 sq mi) of inland water. Israel stretches 424 km (263 mi) from north to south, and its width ranges from 114 km (71 mi) to, at its narrowest point, 15 km (9.3 mi). The Israeli-occupied territories include the West Bank, 5,879 km2 (2,270 sq mi), East Jerusalem, 70 km2 (27 sq mi) and the Golan Heights, 1,150 km2 (444 sq mi).

On the one hand, there’s the consensus that the exclusive ‘Jewish state’ will not survive a loss of demographic majority, and on the other is this state of denial that Israel should make any significant concessions to the vanquished. As Lee Bender, Co-President, Greater Philadelphia District ZOA says,

This (“we will not recognize Israel as Jewish state”) is what the Palestinian Authority (PA) complains about, and what the media expects. Is there no price to pay for intransigence and rejection? Or defeat in war? (my emphasis)


The Price of Defeat In War

Regardless of what the United Nations of tin-pot dictators says or the International Court, Judea and Samaria are ‘disputed territories’ and it is Antisemitic to expect Israel to accept anything less than from the Jordan to the Mediterranean. That wasn’t a binding agreement because there have been ‘defensive’ wars. Today, we want it all in unconditional surrender by the terms ‘Jewish state.’ Agreeing to the Of For By exclusivity.

What’s needed is for Palestinian Arabs to surrender unconditionally and accept whatever Terms and Conditions are to be dictated by the victor. Right to Exist as an exclusive ‘Jewish state’ is all about population exchange of disloyal by Feiglin default Arabs out of the Israel to be conceded to be from the Jordan to the Mediterranean.

Perhaps in several generations, when these enclaves (reservations) have been economically developed, and their inhabitants properly civilized and assimilated to Western modernity, there may be a regional consortium within which Israel may assume a leadership role, as Germany to the European Union. West Germany was not unified with Poland but with East Germany. Already there is a nascent but inconvenient to disclose alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel, the other ‘big dog’ in the region against Iran, so an Israeli umbrella of protection comparable to NATO makes a lot of sense.

Consider an ideal wherein most Arab Muslims within 1967 borders are summarily stripped of citizenship in Israel, but may apply and eventually gain citizenship as any other immigrants. As the 1947 borders, then 1967, the principal issue here is that the Jewish people have 19th Century European ownership as infallibly substantiated by Rashi, whose authority if recognized by ‘religious’ and atheist alike, and that area extends into Iraq. Not to mention Jordan that was concession enough.

After all, Israel is a tiny country and size does matter. Look at it this way: In comparison to David’s kingdom promised, this small portion the size of Vermont is only fair considering the technological potentials and stellar qualities comparatively of the peoples involved: Europeans versus savages.

War Won: These Decisions Were Made Decades Ago

Were the issue a matter of defense as marketed, the configuration of the ‘official’ settlements and infrastructure in Judea and Samaria wouldn’t be as is, and the necessity to concede all of Jerusalem ‘undivided’ wouldn’t be a non-negotiable in the face of the interests of the Pauline and Muslim interests. The decision was taken decades ago to annex Judea and Samaria, but the miscalculation has been that other countries would volunteer this solution as has been the case in other notable cases. Decades of slow-rolling herem are far preferable to any sort of ‘Two-state’ mistake. The common belief that Palestinian Arabs are savages is as common as bacon grease in the Desert Wilderness.

What Two-state advocates expected is that Israel stood to gain from a Two-state deal by securing the demographic majority within the Green Line. As important, was the patience and good will of the European world for continuation of the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation with the Palestinian Authority as trustees of the ‘Correctional Facilities.’ People don’t hire employees to have them dictate how the business is going to be run. The necessity to agree that Israel is a ‘Jewish state’ is as acknowledgement of who owns the business. Who’s your daddy? Say uncle.

Finklestein: The Canary In the Mine That Is The ‘Left”

There’s cognitive dissonance of rogues Finklestein and Chomsky and Beinhart being attacked hammer and tong for advocating an exclusive Of For By ‘Jewish state’ with demographic majority, that’s consistent with The Fourteenth Principle within 1967 borders (with land swaps). That illustrates the heady confidence of Israel that we can ‘win this thing’ by Unit-cohesion in marketing. Who are you going to believe, Us for savages?


Finkelstein comments: It’s an unrealistically rosy interpretation of what’s coming.  Levy reminds me of the 1960s, when we used to chant the Frelimo (Mozambique) slogan, A luta continua (The struggle continues).   Well, sometimes it doesn’t continue.  Mozambique is now a basket case (as are Angola and Guinea-Bissau).  If the Kerry plan is implemented, Palestinians will be stripped of the critical pillar in their struggle: international law/legitimacy.   The legitimate field of operation of the Palestinian struggle will henceforth be reduced to the bantustans on the “Palestinian” side of the wall.  At some point, the only viable option will be some sort of confederation with Jordan.  To Levy’s credit, however, he is, finally, seeing beyond (or through) the current mass BDS psychosis.  If the Kerry plan succeeds, all the European anti-settlement initiatives will cease.  What will be left?  A handful of “crazies” harassing Scarlet Johansson.

That Shoah has been abused in colonialist justification has been famously well-articulated by Finklestein, while his expectation that loss of demographic majority would be genocide is remarkable. Without articulation from the ultimately articulate, what the virtue of Jewish ‘self-determination’ means beyond the prerogative to be racist and maintain a proclivity for xenophobia, and Israel is an internationally recognized nation remains ethereal. Ostensibly, there’s a disconnect between Israel’s Civil Rights to discriminate against Arabs, both Jewish and non within the 1967 borders, and the underlying Calhoun Calvinist old-South religion of ‘we’re superior to them’ colonialist justifications for expansion and subjugation outside 1967 borders.

He explains his opposition to BDS as with the intent to destroy Israel itself by undermining demographic majority. Is an acolyte as most, of The Fourteenth Principle. However, the idea that the threat of BDS isn’t real, though to this time ineffectual, doesn’t remove the reality that many have been holding off on any sort of ‘inappropriate pressure’ on Israel. Falling back on ‘international law’ doesn’t change the fact that Israel’s inception was colonialist, or that already, the geographic configuration is such that any plausible Two-state with a sovereign Palestinian state within is a recipe for eternal conflict. If the issues were so settled as he reports, with the only issues being Jerusalem and compensation for refugees displaced, and the settlements can be islets with two major settlements evacuated the ‘framework’ based upon U. N. Resolutions and International Court rulings would be already clear. Israel recognizes none of that as relevant.

Many have given, including him, their idea of what a plausible Two-state might look like. As typified by Bennett, there’s a strong contingent within Israel that doesn’t want any sort of ‘Peace’ deal. We’re winning the siege and the worst thing that can happen is to interrupt the process. The ‘settlement blocks’ are sacrosanct and the idea of Jews being under Muslim rule is as anathema as Muslims being under Jewish rule in the neighboring theocracies. The settlers have been out of a pretense of control since the Gaza evacuation, in ‘Never Again.’

One-state: Carolyn Glick For Annexation

The Palestinians in the West Bank would be the primary beneficiaries since they would receive full civil rights equal to those of all Israelis, including automatic permanent residency. They would enjoy the right to vote in local elections – and to apply for Israeli citizenship. Only active or past membership in a terrorist organization, or a history of incitement to anti-Semitism, would disqualify anyone from citizenship.

As my ambivalent admiration of Kahane, today we have Carolyn Glick. Her ideas are the best I’ve heard so far (except my own of course) in the sober reality that there not only won’t be, but can’t be Two-states.

The problem is that there’s no prospect of a credible citizenship application process can happen in an Israel weaned on racist justifications such that it’s common to an overwhelming majority, across all political spectra. No real prospect that the ‘legal’ system will ever do anything but maintain their third class status into the depths of time, as Untouchables in India. Yes, as she acknowledges, there will be blow-back, but whether it can be ‘managed’ is another issue.

As with Japan and Korea and their ethnically homogeneous populations, that India was ‘found this way’ differs from a case where an aspiration to dignity has been selectively denied. That Israel was created out of European colonial powers is also relevant. It’s as though two siblings, which is actually closer to the case on other levels, have petitioned for an inheritance and the one is chosen over the other by men who would be deities. To then try to say it has to do with religion when the inception was anything but. Now, the losers are unreasonable savages for wanting human dignity. This is an existential reality that resonates with every ‘moral’ person world-wide, religious or not.

The juggernaut of the Calvinist religious underpinning of the ‘Jewish state’ is such that while Glick’s proposal sounds good, in my Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace plan the difference is in the At-Will prerogative of the ‘Jewish state’ to deny obfuscate and delay. In mine, all Palestinians receive citizenship with constitutionally phased in weighting and a constitutional advantage of the ‘Jewish’ character of the state without the ‘Jewish state’ existentially exclusive militaristic moniker, but the onus would be on the state to show cause to revoke citizenship.

The ‘Jewish state,’ as it so often points out, is no different from ‘uninhabited‘ United States when the colonists came from Britain, is a Manifest Destiny start-up with a propensity for militaristic settlement expansion Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses. The hangman’s noose in her plan is that civil disobedience or activism in promotion of voting rights and continuing injustices as normal, as currently under attack in the United States in the War Within the States would be North Korean subversive and disqualified from human dignity. An old-South ‘uppity‘ enemy of the state.

On both sides, there’s a promise to continue the ‘struggle’ for generations. Palestinian ‘administrative enclaves’ will still smack of Bantustans, cannot be ‘sovereign’ in any substantive sense for security reasons. Discrimination against Arab Muslims within the Green Line will intensify if anything in retaliation for BDS ‘interference’ in this herem process that’s expected to take generations.

Even with complete Palestinian capitulation, personal millions undoubtedly at stake for ‘professional peace processors,’ if ‘we got everything we needed and more,’ Israel will be painted into a smaller corner (in that this inability to take territory by conquest is invalid to the ‘Jewish state’ religion based upon biblical history) while the conflict in its totality continues as before. Worse than that, the militaristic settlement expansion enterprise would be complicated by ‘borders.’

The Bitter With the Sweet

The air is very thin in One-state land. The reason the Diaspora will resist the Glick annexation or egalitarian One-state is that neither the Jewish-supremacist Zionists nor the Palestinian Nationalists are trustworthy. That’s the ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ that underlies the persistence of the Two-state fantasy. The most clear-eyed views, from both the left and right is that One-state is the de facto reality, and the efforts need to be placed into making that work.

One-state, particularly as egalitarian, is to negate Jewish ‘self-determination’ when Israel itself is founded on the same colonialist supremacist premise that is under attack with respect to the ‘disputed territories.’ The bitter is that the Israeli ‘justice system’ is blatantly biased to the Zionist national settlement enterprise, and has only interceded when ‘proper procedures’ haven’t been met by rogues with an occasional token victory from time to time ‘Keeping Up Appearances.‘ Just as share-croppers and Native Americans were systematically but ‘legally’ stripped of their lands and forty acres.

The sweet is that Palestinian enclaves will have an opportunity for economic cooperation, as ostensibly typified by the SodaStream factory, while hopefully, over time, the Palestinian diaspora will accept their fate, as Jews at a time had to do. Opposition as Hezbollah and Hamas, and Iran for that matter will be dealt with militarily. Never Forget, there’s no making peace with terrorists. And anyone who doesn’t think Bantustans as economic development zones are a generous deal is most certainly a terrorist. Especially since we won the war, forget that can’t take territory by conquest, look at Putin.

Have Courage and Don’t Get It Twisted

As frightening as it is to say, Israel is already the land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean. The entire world isn’t confused about this situation. We all know that sound.

The hope had been that Israel could be secure, and the Palestinians would cut their loses and call it a day. It’s true that the Palestinian Authority questionably talks for their street. Surely, however, it only makes sense that they are operating in consultation with their (financial) supporters. If they declined to knuckle under to the ‘say uncle’ demand, it was a bridge too far. Consider that it’s the same thing with Adelson, the territories are ‘disputed’ because money says so. The issue, as Levy says is that the deal Israel (and their ‘Fair and Balanced‘ representative) is willing to accept is unconscionable.

In Unity, all will need to get over it and share as Jerusalem. Anything less is putting values of things before Awe. In fear. Both the ‘Jewish state’ and a Palestinian state are putting nationalism or ethno-religion before, are idolatrous. Standing that Muslims can visit the Dome of the Rock or Pauline addendum adherents the Church of Nativity as tourist attractions simply won’t fly with at least two thirds of the people of good faith in this existence. Throwing more water on Icebergs of Injustice won’t sink them. Fog doesn’t make them poof and go away because they’re harder to see.

Whoever Saves a Life

Hypocrisy in fear is destroying the standing of the Jewish people as living lights from The Divine Torah in this world. That soul is being destroyed. Now Is The Time.

  • Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.

Contrary to the pied-pipers of hate propaganda, there are souls on both sides of the separation wall being destroyed every day. People who will be Antisemitic regardless, so not with any illusion of reconciling with hearts of darkness, that coincidentally are Israel’s staunchest herem fair-weather allies today, but we’re destroying our own souls. Eating torn flesh off of a still breathing prey and calling it kosher.

The old-South demonstrates their debased Roles of the Soul every day in their congenital deficiency of Humanity out of the ‘righteousness‘ of first the genocide of Native Americans, then American Slavery.

Two-state is officially over. So what, now what? Absolutely, Judea and Samaria should be annexed, but a fair and credible mechanism with international oversight is necessary. Business as usual is going to be a problem as Carter found poling abuses in Israel. After the decades long co-religion of demonization, on both sides, the entire world needs to get behind making One-state work.

Be Not Afraid

The Holy of the Holy people need to speak up. If there’s a virtue to being a Jew beyond Judaism that is a religion that puts none before, say it clearly now or forever hold your peace. And the best way to say that we are still in Awe of HaShem and putting none before is by Justice Compassion and Mercy for a Peace that holds up to No Justice No Peace. Being Holy by willingness to share in an egalitarian One-state. With Loving Kindness not only for ourselves, but all mankind. From Adam.

Be not afraid, and have the courage to bring the World to Come for the Righteous within All Nations in His Shekhinah.





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