two-state solutionForgetaboutit

Rabbi Meir Kahane’s justly compensated dislocation and the Two-State Solution have the same aim of ensuring survival of a Jewish state by demographic majority.

Two-State is endorsed by well-intentioned without and within. Israeli popular support for Two-State, those whose lives are at risk, is the most powerful endorsement.

Under My Roof

My primary objection to Two-State is that it creates a hater-state under my roof. Our schism is in the definition of roof. I’ve been blessed with personal experience to know a hate that I was born. That Israel was born.

Their only relief is my destruction and death. I’ve lived with, know haters: Very heavy prices paid at the life. Gaza’s gone to the hater weeds, proving the Hate-state the West Bank will be should Two-State ever happen. An endless uninhibited loop, it will never end, even after it seems.

Refusing my hand of friendship, my honorable intentions, time and again – has been instructive. When I’m dead, they’ll hate that I lived until they find someone else to Hate more. Will 1967 lines with land swaps stop the hate religion Nakba? Will Hezbollah Hamas and Iran accede to ending hate?


Friendly’ moderate monarchs teetering on the sands of democratic times keeping street Hate pressure on us with Arab refugees can’t enforce a resolution, as their fight with Shiites of another succession-by-birth looms.

Two-State won’t accomplish anything, even with right of return and land-swaps. I’m ‘over it’ as we say in America, but it’s the Hate, not ethnicity religion or any of the other excuses haters have operated across history. I know to the core of my soul that there’s no appeasing a murderous heart.

My secondary objection to Two-State is that no other country in the world has our security reality. No responsible municipality irrevocably concedes just rights of annexation and the ability to maintain its security and well-being.

Annex the Judea and Samaria

The security ‘UN illegal’ settlements in the West Bank should be annexed with just compensation. I’d rather Occupy forever than allow military capability waiting to infiltrate from the north. Any child that’s played soldiers knows that two fronts is a bad idea, save history.

Sovereignty concession is nonsensical. For my safety, I shouldn’t fly over your airspace? You’re an insipid amateur to dream that I don’t know you want a time-out so you can gain an advantage for another push. Say whatever, I’m not dim-witted.

My third objection is that this is a foregone conclusion, set in fait accompli barrier. Shockingly better offers than my best have been rejected. We talk as though decades old offers are still on my table, with experiential realities of blood logged to a history of Hate.

Paid in Full

I have paid in full in blood and treasure; intellectual and religious arguments notwithstanding. For me, Two-State died in the Al-Aqsa Intifada, and needs to be buried deep so I can Forgetaboutit.

As wrong as splitting the baby is awarding it to the larcenous woman that wants to eat it: evangelicals praying for their Armageddon, encouraging Israel to attack Iran while Mossad says no, for a mythical abominable return to a last musical chair out of our destruction. Not the Wisdom of Solomon.

The insipid sanctioning of an election with a terrorist organization, then declaring it invalid because the wrong side won, is reflective of the same faith-based salvation-from-history schizoid personality disorder that dreams about Two-State when it clearly isn’t in our interest to do.

No Credibility

We pressure and offer to be nice if you make nice, when my own is a history of resistance to Man-as deity subjugation. To maintain the spoon-length of dealing with Arabs collectively, we’re talking to a fat on millions from ‘the process’ layer that has no credibility to the street.

Why pretend the Two-State solution can happen? Trouble from UN tyrants that use anti-Semitism to anesthetize their own Shiites being fleeced? No, it’s the proponents of Oslo within our allies we strive to confuse with a tactical diversion to deny the left hand knowledge of what the right hand must do. A checking move designed to obscure maneuvers.


We pretend Two-State is possible, wont admit it already died of terminal hate, then smugly nod as Americans with a proclivity for xenophobia attack fellow Jews who still think land can buy Peace while the majority of Israelis think that as well.

By me, withdrawal was too late as of the Gaza evacuation. Never again. Prices? You bet. We don’t want to alienate Two-State supporters so we prevaricate and obfuscate and pretend.

To Forget 1967

I’ll say it if you can’t: We will not vacate Judea and Samaria. Forget 1967 lines. Will there be a problem if you tell me to leave that lunch counter? Forgetaboutit.

The Two-State game is over, has been.