Two-State Game is Over

Arabs have misplayed their last hand. Better offer after best offer was turned down, with one lame miscalculation after another. Yitzak Rabin died for Oslo, and not only was the deal not kept, refusing recognition of Israel’s right to exist was psychotic. Israel is not going to go poof and go away. They dug their own grave with a shovel made of Hate.

West Bank Settlements 1986

West Bank Settlements 1986

Ethnic Dislocation

No beit din approved razing The Dome of the Rock, violence in our holiest of places. All the signs of my jamais vu are clear that ethnic dislocation for an Exclusivist Jewish state has been approved; justified collectively as war if not individually just. Not with machine-guns loading trains, but strangulation of hope by Roman scorched-earth-lite, discrimination humiliation and economic privation to drive them out of Israel and Judea and Samaria, selling out as grubstake, for better opportunities elsewhere. Leave, starve to death, or get killed fighting the Tar Baby.


Martial law has been declared in a form and war-footing resources are poured into the settlements. The government is to bolster the effort to long-term by anti-democratic and media attenuation measures and maintain a fog of war for plausible deniability by arresting and wrist-slapping price-tag Civil Rights workers and inciters.

Two-state talk continues to the West. Some settlements are government approved and I claim others are wasting energy and creating liabilities and hassles I don’t need. But, we’re all in this together, right?

Smoke Them Out

Smoke Them Out

Smoke Them Out

Some settlers see their job as removing Arab resources of survival, and smoke them out. Then when they pop their heads up like prairie dogs on the plains to protest, they get a non-lethal coincidentally lethal tap to the head as a target of opportunity to send a message from a coincidental IDF of-one-cause righteous compatriot.

If they want Gaza as a ‘Palestinian’ Dunkirk; whatever, have at it. With the soldier exchange, the gloves came off: send a rocket, and I’ll want a bomb sent, not a bulldozer coming after that house for photo-ops.

My Back is Turned

While Hamas thinks they won, proving their astute perception of the position and powers of deep calculation, instead of anything positive they gloated and said they’ll do it again. Now, my back is turned on them, last shred of empathy gone.

They lost the exchange, lured into a trap of declaring themselves incapable of any other possibility, fixed. I feel for the Arab woman shot trying to stop the rockets in her backyard, but I have no incentive for reconciliation plans on that misery.

Judea and Samaria Settlements 2002

Judea and Samaria Settlements 2002

Abbas can retire to France with his money and write another book.

The Hand of Justice

The right hand of justice dislocates by SN2 pressure in Judea and Samaria as Man-as deity predestined as any manifestation of pharaoh’s power. Preferably they decide to leave when the message is clear, killing them isn’t my point.

Life will go on without this interminable hassle. Now, we continue while everyone is distracted and confused – and silenced if not in a Worldwide Why Now. When done, people will get over it, encouraged by the need to make business.

I hear the Hate, know what’s happening, and don’t need to ask: My soul knows that sound.