One-State Solution

Rather than an exclusivist Jewish state predicated on the consensus irrefutable assumption of both Kach and Two-State advocates that Israel cannot be Jewish without demographic majority, that’s the logical basis of the package of the militaristic settlement enterprise, Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation, justified by obvious ethnic particularism that by necessity confers a proclivity for xenophobia that’s poisoning within and without, adopt a One-state solution of Justice Compassion and Mercy for Peace that phases in equality of proportional representation over time while incorporating the noble goals of haven and advocate of the Jewish people worldwide.

Both Two-State and Apartheid-State Untenable

Look under secular Herzl to find Orthodox Kahane, both for compensated displacement for demographic majority. Population exchange from the inception as the ostensible remedy failed with the one-sided expulsion of Jews from a hostile Arab neighborhood without reciprocal emigration of refugees. Geography and security issues make Two-State untenable.

Demography makes One-State as an Apartheid of equality binational state untenable. Our reluctance to trust being the minority in a democracy is from our experience past and present that evil has been is and can be elected from majorities, by hate. Their Nakba to the current policy of SN2 within Israel of Arabs collectively banished in place is justified by the refusal of even ostensibly moderate Arab countries to stop the hate.

Hate Pressure

They’re keeping hate pressure on me while offering the poisoned pill of Two-State with 1967 borders (with mutually agreed land swaps), that they know I can’t do. Meanwhile, by not facilitating refugee immigration into their countries (population exchange), Arabs within Israel are maintained as victim of the particularism of Israel as Jewish. Iran and Hezbollah have real military capabilities that make threats real.

The offered mutual defense provision is attractive except that these ‘moderates,‘ whose ‘good will’ is such that they won’t stop teaching anti-Semitism stand on shifting sands of Democratic times. I won’t entrust my security to them, or anybody else for that matter. One-State enfranchisement of a Nakba population for a Tyranny of Majority is also an existential threat. I’m caught between a rock of being a very small country with institutionalized regional hostility and a hard place of demographic Democracy, the past and the future.

Don’t Hate

Oslo dead since the Al-Aqsa Intifada, the Canaan of Jordan will be cleansed for my survival, herem. I don’t hate them, have tried to work out an amicable Peace in the past, but that’s history now. It’s a practical impossibility to evacuate Judea and Samaria like Gaza because haters will flow south from a vast pool called Hezbollah, and there’d be a civil war if tried as Gaza. Neither are acceptable security liabilities.

Heartland within the Homeland

Rather than the disengagement barrier demarcating a ‘Palestinian state,’ it’s demarcation of my religiously sanctified heartland within the homeland that is Israel. Israel was premature to Moshiach, but must be supported unequivocally now. I can’t dismantle or stop new settlements to return Canaan of Joshua because it belongs to HaShem. While some Arabs have rights within pre-1967 Israel, until population exchange, the terms and conditions of remaining in the Canaan of Joshua is submission to having no rights.

The Whole World is Watching

Right of Return is an issue, but the policy of effective expulsion by banishment in place has created the ongoing friction between no Human Rights recognition of Arabs as untouchables and Israel’s fading hopes of international goodwill. Declaring all Arabs within Canaan of Joshua without rights without a judicial process hates HaShem to follow idolatrous men-as deities with debased hate-mongering in The Name to justify. That because they’re not Jews, as the man-as deity talking-point marketing sallies forth that innocent gentile infants can be killed, when we feed our animals before we feed ourselves. This when these Arabs are people of Abraham, of the book, looking to HaShem, as are we. The whole world is watching what happens here, in His Holy Land.

Reject Another Addendum

This adoption of the men-as deities‘ specious justifications of Native American removal as Manifest Destiny for slow-rolling Roman seige herem as genocide that creates a proclivity for xenophobia that poisons us from within: Ashkenazim over Sephardim over Ethiopian, religious against ultra-religious against not-religious. By accepting this Fourteenth Principle addendum, though rejecting their other addendum, we’ve set upon ourselves, as have they for a Third World within.

This world of today we created on behalf of HaShem is incompatible with treatments of civilian populations as hostiles, alienates the international community, and strains the Diaspora sensitive to code-words of hate toward Them. Parole of associates of South African Apartheid has been revoked for associating with high-profile known felons of xenophobia for a Presumption of Guilty by association, internationally.

International law is predicated on our tradition. Ethnic treatment acceptable in previous eras is as historical as Oslo in my world.

From the Beginning

These two sides, Humane accommodation and expulsion, have been there all along, playing themselves out from the beginning of Zionism as roles of souls in History. The world economy is global, and the populations of developed countries are heterogeneous. The march of history is toward people being recognized as individuals, with Civil Rights in place more realistic to the modern world of egalitarian democracy rather than forced population displacements that’s the highest aspiration of Israel in population exchange. The culture of the United Stated of America of yetzer haTov is toward Human Rights, the culture of the rising old-South of the United States of Manifest Destinies is toward yetzer hara.

Of Choice of War

Israel now being represented by my avatar of hate associated with the old-South’s raison d’être of hate justifying dominion is reminding that Israel supported South African Apartheid while the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation is alienating those who care about rights, displaced now by those standing for men-as deity’s misanthropic freedoms. They’re militaristic, but few beyond the desert wilderness are anxious for another pre-emptive war of choice.

Sentiment is stronger to end being Birmingham world policemen using dogs and water cannons, assassination and regime-change, to stop world Civil Rights and democracy. Whack-em-all is too expensive, regardless of who’s elected. The tides of time will overtake us if we imagine that we can exterminate them as Native Americans where the west was months if not years from consciousness in emulation of an American culture founded in racism sold on the savages lie. Today, world communication is instantaneous.

End the Occupation

End the occupation by saying straight across the table, Israel includes Judea and Samaria; was, is now, and will be. Formally end Two-State talk and convert those resources to reconciliation/just expatriation with legal minds put to the work of structuring Israel’s Democracy as inclusive without Afrikaner fear of native demographic majority rather than ensuring an exclusivist permanently fearful Jewish pariah state.

In Days and Times

I don’t say One-State solution because I’m powerful and mighty, can nuke all comers, nor in capitulation, but out of existential necessity; Jews and Arabs are irrevocably bound together here. I’m pressed between a rock of the impracticality of herem, and the reality of the world of today, that I, He is creating from The Divine Torah. Souls of yetzer haTov of the world will tell of men-as deities’ icebergs of injustices in days and times.

Allegiance to an Inclusive rather than Exclusivist Israel is necessary, for everyone. A transitional lop-sided democracy conveys more hope for all.

Conventional Wisdom

The standard conventional wisdom is that under One-State, everyone either has equal rights or none, All or Nothing at All. Obviously, for the past forty-five years, Israel’s major parties support a non-democratic one-state solution, that’s what the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation, the soul of Israel means as Jewish has been all about. So when It’s sad, but a one-state solution in Israel will never work

The first is that the raison d’être of the State of Israel is to offer Jews a homeland and protection from persecution. … Nevertheless, the hatred of Jews around the world, especially in the Muslim world, fuels a feeling among most Israelis that the Zionist vision of providing Jews with a place of safety from which they could defend themselves speaks as loudly today as it did 100 years ago. 

in the fait accomplí assumption that in order to be homeland and protection, for an ethnic reality that both Muslim and Jewish Arabs are being driven out:

The One State Solution Is a Fantasy because Israel might agree to annex all the territories but it would never agree to grant Palestinian citizens full rights. Reuven Rivlin is quoted with We’re living in a political reality that requires answers. … When people say that the demographic threat necessitates a separation, my reply is that the lesser danger, the lesser evil, is a single state in which there are equal rights for all citizens. Realpolitik requires us to opt for the danger in the demographic threat over the existential threat of separation. 

Then from The One-State Solution Of course, you don’t hear too many voices on the right in Israel clamoring to extend full Israeli citizenship to the Palestinians. The right-wing wants the land, but not the people. There’s no wonder that there’s talk of a “one-state solution” for Israelis and Palestinians At some point in the future, demography will force Israel to choose between being a predominantly Jewish state or being a democracy, because Palestinians within Israel are reproducing at a faster rate than Israeli Jews. The only way to avoid this choice is to create a separate, viable state for Palestinians. Which suggests that people will revert to talking about a two-state solution before long. 

As the window was closing on Middle-East peace If the two-state solution dies, Israel will only be left with ugly options. It could ride out the status quo as the world continues to turn against it. It could unilaterally create a Palestinian state by withdrawing to the line of the barrier, incurring most of the costs of a two-state solution with few of the benefits. It could annex the West Bank and give all Palestinians citizenship, making Israel a binational state.

So that we’re all: Rethinking Israel and Palestine Or it could annex the entire West Bank without giving Palestinians citizenship, embracing apartheid. They have no family or property in Amman or Cairo, and thus they are more like the Palestinian citizens of Israel than they are like the members of the old guard. It would not be a great exaggeration to assert that the new Palestinian generation in the West Bank (less so in Gaza), who know Israel so well, would prefer to fight for equal rights in a single binational state rather than continue a struggle that seems almost hopeless—to establish an independent state.

Because we already have a one-state solution.

The only remaining question is whether this One-State solution is going to be an ethnic Apartheid of rights in a pecking order of men-as deities in a Heart of Darkness particularism that’s a pariah in modernity, because it’s predicated upon the same premises of classical anti-Semitism. The march of progress, Time and Motion from The Divine Torah is against, simply fed up with hypocritical idolatry of ethnicity that characterizes ethnic nationalism.

Phase In Equality Over a Generation

Rather than the current talking about a Peace that’s nothing but a Two-State gerrymandering lie, retain Lani Guinier to chair a commission to design a system that phases in equality of proportional representation over time. Rather than pretending it’s something that it’s not, create it unequal and phase in the equality constitutionally. Naturally, a referendum with will be necessary on both sides. Create constitutional Israel with a ninety-five percent or other appropriately high approaching-unanimity threshold for modification.

Remember that the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States constitution had to be passed during temporary old-South disenfranchisement post-Bellum. Consider a form of Progressive Proportional Representation ketuba that phases in an equalization of rights, even if over an extended period as forty years, a generation.

Arabs to Rescind Oppressive Resolutions

Until the UN resolutions have been corrected by Arab petition, elects from Judea and Samaria initially have seats without voting rights in the Knesset, as the status of Washington D. C. in America. Their votes will never count nationally until the UN lifts the contradictory and oppressive resolutions and approves the phasing.
The following illustrates a sample ten year proportional phase-in with sequencing of weighting by 30 – 10 to 29 – 11 to 28 – 12 to 27 – 13 to 26 – 14 to 25 – 15 to 24 – 16 to 23 – 17 to 22 – 18 to 21 – 19 to 20 – 20.

Multiply this ten by Four for a World of Hope. Over forty years with a structured constitutional protection of an Inclusive Israel, an extremely short time by measure of this conflict, full equality realized in good faith is preferable to lies that can never end.

Fairness Is Critical to Inclusive

Fairness is critical. Establish a special court of reconciliation to adjudicate Arab expatriate claims, as well as consideration of Jews expelled from Arab countries. Ultimately, there will be honorable Justice for validated claims, even if it involves compensation rather than Right of Return for hostiles.

Arabs who petition for return in allegiance to Israel as an Inclusive Jewish State should have fair hearing with international oversight. Justice tempered with compassion and in some cases mercy is absolutely necessary. Selectively and justly banish inveterate haters including accessories — on both sides.

Currently, Jews who violate only get a few months time-out effectually leaving them in place. As untenable as leaving Inveterate Arab haters in place, leaving violence from Jews in place will only continue the cycle into all futures and worlds.

The government and IDF obviously collude with the militaristic settlement enterprise by favoritism and permissiveness, like the parent who stands by their juvenile delinquent mouthing the right words of contrition to the authorities (the world) while depending on their delinquent’s criminal actions tearing up trees or robbing old ladies. Right-wing complainers are too immature to see the obvious or it’s just Kabuki theater to anesthetize the decerebrate.

Clean Hands

Clean hands get to choose a path to citizenship without exclusivist genocidal pressure by xenophobic humiliation and starvation for an excuse to murder as self-defenseHostiles will be actively culled while those who want to live and let live have a chance, have valid grounds for hope. On both sides.

To stop the hate speech, Arabs will recognize Israel’s right to exist as an inclusive state envisioned in it’s constitutional conception as a belated unilateral first step and stop teaching anti-Semitism as we distance ourselves from racist Coliseum droolers slithering in the reeds.

The passed referendum of right to exist should be met with stopping the siege and thinly veiled Native American genocide. Violent activities, and hate speech, unlike The United States of Inequality where it’s structurally a part of the landscape of the slavery-supporting culture of racism from the inception of accommodation, is a ticket to leave.

Banish Hate

Witless automatons lurching around making Madam Defarge Arab-lover lists are subversive. Abiding hate is an injustice to the hope for a viable Israel, from whomsoever. Haters must be persuaded or forcibly removed, rather than a race ethnicity or religion. If criminality is involved, on whatever side, direct or accessory, banishment is just. Leaving Jewish haters in place to infect the barrel is no more desirable than abiding Arab haters.

If an Arab chooses irrevocable expatriation, just compensation for relocation out of the region should be considered; funding campers in the region lying in wait for an opportunity to attempt my death and destruction isn’t a desirable outcome. Those who choose to return or stay must have a credible path leading to full and equal indiscriminate rights in time. To seize on that someone left as justification of convenience, and refuse both return and compensation is unjust. We left.

Investment Over Time

Theirs is a right of possession by investment over time. Forcing them off this investment without just compensation is existentially unjust. Men-as deities will always rationalize, justify, and demonize to deny Justice Compassion and Mercy. Rabbi Kahane was talking about just compensation.

Annexation involves just compensation, or what should be, were it not for predatory men-as deities. Masquerading covetousness as righteousness won’t make it just. We all need liberation from Hate. For the sake of the children, for all citizens, we can create a fair and just joint Democratic custody. To be a citizen you must have allegiance to an Inclusive, not Exclusivist, welcoming in-gathering of the Diaspora. If any Arab doesn’t want to become a citizen of an inclusive Israel, and what part of that word isn’t understood, let’s have as amicable a no-fault divorce as possible, with all respect, For humanity.

Conventional Wisdom Is the Wolf Eating the Lamb

Conventional wisdom doesn’t know anything but the wolf eating the lamb.

I don’t like this alliance with old-South Idolatrous hate marketed as in The Name, but I should turn a cheek for my destruction? As long as I don’t have a right to exist, I’ll continue abrogating rights of Arabs within and a slow-rolling herem in the Canaan of Joshua sending messages to leave. It’s long been too late for Two-State, and if we-they don’t stop trying to whip the Tar Baby in time, it’ll be too late for One-state as well.

The premise of Religious Zionism may be that the fear of the Israelites to cross over into Canaan and take possession of the land in narcissistic European ownership was the cause of another forty years of wandering in the desert wilderness. This time, the fear of equality in demographic minority is preventing the Israelites of realizing a truly Greater Israel of Unity in Awe of HaShem. Delaying the World to Come for another generation, until this one whose rejection of compassion for suffering other than their own has died out.

Is starvation on the Native American reservation practical today? And if so, how will this bring the wolf to dwell with the lamb?