Humiliation is Murder of the Spirit with Mutilation

30-israel2-AFPI remember all my bullies and the moment of their triumph by my humiliation as an indelible picture of their soul in mine. A conflict, a disagreement, even to the death doesn’t pass into the humiliation of the mutilation of the corpse.

Humiliation is a mutilation of the spirit that says everything about the hubris and vanity of the aggressor who takes pleasure in cruelly causing suffering. The target is as only an electrode that low soul discharges onto. Were it not them, it would be somebody else, and routinely is.

We choose the role of our soul. As soundly as I stand for compassion for All suffering, I reject compassion for those who take please in cruelly causing suffering. If it wasn’t their born soul, if it wasn’t in them, they wouldn’t have done it. In militaristic old-South cultures rooted in the Holding Dominion religion, humiliating is from of that Holding Dominion, but those within those cultures choose their role, as a soldier chooses: To be the one that humiliates, to be the Ivan the Terrible in contrast to the ordinary go-along-to-get-along guard trying to survive. Pictures from Israel reminded me of that kind soul lower than a common beast that humiliates.

Say It Isn’t So

MIDEAST-PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-OLIVE TREESSay it isn’t so that stellar qualities of Israel are Human Rights groups as B’Tselem in an open and robust democracy. Israel is a seemingly exclusivist model that is both refuge and destination of Jewry of the world and inclusive.

Israelis, settlers, are Civil Rights workers, forward sentinels in hostile territory mischaracterized as callous jackboots. Israelis have more Human Rights regard for Arabs in the ‘occupation’ than the rest of the world for their own populations. I dismiss malevolent intent; say not aggression but self-defense with uncommon restraint. When you walk by the rocket site in your neighborhood, you know you’re accessories.

When you tolerate hate-mongers, you create consequences. I know the ‘Jewish state’ moniker that I’ve insisted upon is existentially exclusivist, a finger-in-the-eye that reads as white South Africa, Bantustans to maintain the white; but Arabs framing their grievances as a struggle on the order of Gandhi King and Mandela – that I’m unjust, is baseless. Propaganda affects perception, but the reality is far from it, trees pulled down are justified by overt acts. I have faith, am certain Israel is just and fair.

You’re lesser to talk down to, to be put in your place; I am Holding Dominion over you.

You’re lesser to talk down to, to be put in your place;
I am Holding Dominion over you.

I’m determined to minimize reported incidents of humiliation, discrimination, and harassments as rogue exceptions rather than policy. Humiliation, a cow-tipping sport for old-South xenophobes, is a demonstration of Holding Dominion over the lesser, not only disrespects but removes self-respect; puts them in their place.

I put my closest democratic regional and Muslim ally, Turkey’s ambassador on a children’s chair – to humiliate. If it wasn’t who I am, I wouldn’t have said: You’re lesser to talk down to, to be put in your place; I have dominion over you.

We had a right to board the blockade-runner, tried our best to defend ourselves humanely, but the constellation is context of the star. My certainty of honorable intentions is certainly transformed to an undeniable realization that not only marginal extremists, but the official policy of the government of Israel is to drive Arabs out. What of the olive farmer far from prying cameras?

I’m fed-up with Arab hate, but more than Al Jazeera, beyond any Human Rights reports with an agenda to further the Arab cause, my own photo-op, without caption or discussion convicted me beyond a reasonable doubt: from presumption of innocence to consciousness of guilt in the blink of an eye, my pretenses ended. Not by words, but pictures.

Humiliation is a Standard Tool in the old-South Holding Dominion Religion

Israeli MK Adi Kol (Yesh Atid) Humiliated at a Checkpoint

Israeli MK Adi Kol (Yesh Atid)
Humiliated at a Checkpoint

The old-South unleashes a barrage of howls in protest of the apostasy of opposition to their Calvinist righteousness of power money might Holding Dominion religion.

Despite the Gaza blockade being illegal and must be lifted, decerebrate chain guns of automatons are unleashed in chorus with that same pictured looking down on the Turkish ambassador Former Dep. Foreign Minister say(ing) Turkey is the one who backed down in accepting phone apologyIsrael’s unjust humiliation and Barack Obama’s humiliation of Israel is a disgrace a juvenile caps-shouting TO TURKEY’S ANTI-ISRAEL PRIME MINISTER in a relentless propaganda war to quell any dissent to removing a helpless populations’ resources of survival.

President Obama is their devil for saying ‘Peace is possible,’ but see the world as Palestinians do, as though they are human. To then send Secretary of State to attempt the absurd despite Netanyahu’s ballot humiliation, with Kerry’s gamble: A resounding first victory or political humiliation still talking Peace when we’re already Holding Dominion large and in charge. In an old-South conventional wisdom of humiliate or be humiliated consistent with the US and UK (Hold Dominion) through contempt and humiliation

The picture that changed my perspective about Israel brought back a flood of other memories, so that unlike before in naïveté by obligation to judge my brothers to the merit, there’s no surprise that American professor ‘humiliated’  or ‘Jewish stickers’ and ‘Arab stickers’ or Humiliation of Palestinian detainees as a trend or humiliating and torturing children and using them as human shields or IDF: Cases (of humiliation) not criminal in nature or that a ‘looks like Them’ Israeli MK gets to taste Palestinian humiliation. Then Former Israeli soldiers disclose routine mistreatment of Palestinian children and Israeli inspector pours bleach over food in Tel Aviv restaurant run by African migrants.

When the blinders come off, the game is up. None of it is inconsisten with the old-South disdain of ‘Them’ as less than human, to be humiliated out the door, or provoted to bristle as Negroes in the old-South on the way to the not so bad strange fruit barbeque. There’s a rotten soul in Denmark when this is as normal as the Muzak in the elevator on the way to the next Holding Dominion floor. Unremarkable. Routine in a relativistic, not so bad.

Humiliation of Targets is Proof of a soul Lower Than That of a Common Beast

Tags Required to Designate Targets

Tags Required to Designate Targets

Bullying is only one expression of the old-South say-do-whatever Holding Dominion from power money might religion. Bullying is a prevalent problem in the United States because since Ronald Reagan elevated Antipathy to Virtue at the inauguration of the War Within the States by paying homage to murder in Neshoba County, this is the Culture of the Situation in the United States.

Old-South misanthropes are in love with Israel, not because of any sort of biblical affinity, but by Birds of a Feather in the use of force or coercion to abuse or intimidate others. This is beyond habitual, it’s a religious obligation that involves both creation of an imbalance of power for the free exercise as liberty of that Holding Dominion. The verbal harassment or threat, physical assault or coercion is directed repeatedly towards ‘targets’ on the grounds of classracereligiongendersexualityappearancebehavior, or ability, but the religious duty to exercise the prerogatives of Holding Dominion for them are as as living in the words and letters of The Divine Torah for me.

Bullies as Marquis St. Romney, will employ whatever say-do-whatever means are at their disposal – emotionalverbal, and physical. Intimidation is employed only  when constrained by fear for consequences for themselves. Beyond the merely Libertarian rejection of compassion for suffering other than their own, Republicans lower than the common beast revel in cruelly causing suffering.

On the desert wilderness ‘at will’ lie plantation, those Demjanjuks with ambition, choose from the souls within them to be agents of dehumanization. The godfather’s insipid “victims of Nazism also . . . drafted into service to carry out the hateful wishes of the Nazis.” is just a Bird of a Feather defending compatriot lower than beastly. They were drafted as soldiers and chose from their born soul to be more, to aspire to be elites of cruelty.

Choosing from the Role of the soul Within to Humiliate

Ronald Reagan The Godfather of Antipathy as Virtue of Waffen SS as victims

Ronald Reagan
The Godfather of Antipathy as Virtue
of Waffen SS as victims

In the same way that anti-social personality disorder is from the born soul, behaviors only mitigated by consequences as threat of jail to that  self, their only concern. Those who choose to take up the whip in old-South bullying culture are making a personal choice in the same way those Nazis who chose to become SS choose an extra measure in cruelly causing suffering distinct from being a soldier. In the same spirit that there’s an extra measure in mutilation beyond killing.

This pleasure in the intentional cruelly causing of injury or discomfort as the ‘measure of a man‘ was the active definition on the old-South plantation of the past as it is today. The old-South will always put the happy Redemptionist of Holding Dominion Ronald Reagan face on the cruelest Waffen SS Demjanjuks Eichmann Mengele as those these were good souls that were caught up in the Culture of the Situation.

Or that because their bullying was done as a child that it’s invalid as juvenile. Albeit the soul is what it is by the age of seven, ‘Dee Dee’ and William Ashley might be excused as juveniles in some Western paradigm. However, Gary Davis of ‘Smells like nigger-shit here,‘ well past Bar Mitzvah age, the man that had been made is a low soul in eternity.

Doctor‘ Playing Man-as Deity

The Howard University Hospital head of the Department of Urology ‘Doctor‘ Aaron Jackson, a buffoon I’d seen murder several patients playing man-as deity, did everything possible to humiliate me with all kinds of ridiculous edicts as having to review cases with him at 6 P.M. knowing my kung fu class across town started at that time so that starting my day at five in the morning wouldn’t matter. Having me take first-call every other night and second call on the nights between. Trapping me into a corner on rounds to humiliate as Chief Resident with blatant lies in a show of power.

Perhaps my objections to his deviations from standard medical practice in vanity that caused the Complications section of the boards to be my highest scoring because I’d seen them all, was its rationale. Rather, its low soul is responsible for all. I have no doubt that my difficulties getting jobs since with a clean record and despite every effort trace back to it. When it was time to check references, everything A-OK the opportunity would routinely shut down, from then.

It Held Dominion over my life as exercised over those unfortunate patients. I lost my list of the patients it’d intentionally  killed, but a perk of being a doctor as man-as deity is the statute of tort limitations. That’s distinct from the rejection of compassion for suffering other than his own Edward Sanders who was willing to say-do-whatever to Put Food on the Table to godfather-‘take care of his family‘ (and his vintage Mercedes gull-wing). The twenty-year-old that haplessly came into its office for Gonorrhea to be told a metal rod had to be put through his penis ‘to make a proper diagnosis (of profit)’ causing an unnecessary stricture that Edward Sanders then get to make money dilating for the rest of that patient’s life.

This crass say-do-whatever for profit is wholly apart from ordering that a kidney mass be cut knowing that all available literature had proved that would it metastasize without hope for treatment. In the face of that long-time standard of removing in a way not to cause metastasis and over my strenuous objections was beyond unnecessary. It’s the over the top egregious and unnecessary from the height of power that’s the distinction. For that  glee of the rush of power money might. Of power over life and death in this world. Of being man-as deity.

Bullying in the medical profession is common, particularly of student or trainee doctors and of nurses. It is thought that this is at least in part an outcome of conservative traditional hierarchical structures and teaching methods in the medical profession, which may result in a bullying cycle.

Is an entirely different kettle of fish from killing that helpless woman and others for a feel-good rush, for fun.

Humiliation is For the Pleasure of the low soul Causing Suffering

Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Dr. Kermit Gosnell

That buffoon’s patients, trusting in their ‘doctor,‘ were helpless victims. What he did to them wasn’t necessary even in the context of Putting Food on the Table, but because he could. As head of the Department with the power of legitimacy over the institution that had elevated it to that position, trying to raise alarms in the old-South culture than turns on nepotism and cronyism as Howard is as jousting windmills.

The Code of Omertà in medicine is strong. The whistle-blower may win the case that what was done was tantamount to murder, but their career in medicine will be ended while the deity exposed will be protected as the old-South institution rallies around their decision to promote. While I agonized over whether to go to the administration, the pathologist who got the ‘biopsy,’ the nurses and other professionals who witnessed my vehement objections, and specifically that administration I was thinking about going to that did have power money might, were already standing silent over that woman’s corpse.

All are accessories after the fact while it continued its reign of terror for many years. Its pleasure in cruelly causing suffering is manifold, in having the power to effectively murder a patient with all her suffering unto death, humiliate me by forcing that mine be the hand with the knife that did the cutting over my objections, humiliate me into the depths of time for resisting its Holding Dominion over that helpless woman on a laundry list of its other victims, the humiliation of Howard that eventually lost its ability to have a board-recognized Urology training program through rampant buffoonery, and the medical system at large who’s credibility has been humiliated in the Code of Omertà that protected it.

That in the round is part of the reason the medical profession has fallen to the ignoble and humiliating status of being untrustworthy today. While people are shocked that a Doctor found guilty of first-degree murder in Philadelphia abortion case, it’s more important to consider the number of years this went on and the numbers of foot-soldier employees and ‘professionals‘ who had to go-along-to-get-along as accomplices in their silence. All of that is silence is out of knowing the system would effectively murder their status as potential hires or professionals for violating the Code of Omertà.

While everyone is focused on access to legal abortion and what preventions can be instituted, if there’s anything that needs to be exposed out of this, it isn’t this Eichmann, but the go-along-to-get-along medical Code of Omertà that’s directly descended from an old-South Holding Dominion culture of men-as deities of infallibility in impunity. Without honor.

Murder for Fun: Congenital Deficiency of Humanity

A tough Jamaican drug-dealer character in the movie Belly under assault by a squad of assassins says, ‘You want to romp with me? Come on!. I murder … for fun.’ All of these souls invigorated by humiliation, honourable men all, are choosing from their born soul within to indulge their pleasure in cruelly causing suffering. Their Congenital Deficiency of humanity isn’t dominant genetic inheritance as the concept of congenital may imply but from their born soul enabled by their environment.

Their lacking intelligence in the dialectic sense isn’t genetic incapability as the standard psychological defense of bullies and miscreants from naïve idealists trying to find some mitigating circumstance, but because faith in power money might confers no need to think in that way. Beyond souls as empty husks that reject compassion for suffering, these are the extra measure to soulless by taking delight in cruelly causing suffering.

Humiliation is to Remove Humanity and is on a Continuum to Murder

Adolph Eichmann on Trial

Adolph Eichmann on Trial

Humiliation is on a continuum to murder from a version of the murderous heart, but without a justifying cause Outside of the Self. That values, has faith in cruelly causing suffering, without the excuse of ‘following orders.‘ Though most residents wouldn’t have loudly conscientiously objected to following the order under lawful authority in that the woman was technically his patient, the pecking order has to make the conscious decision of better them than me.

Most of those on the pecking order aren’t necessarily the rotten soul at the center of the barrel, but in the bright light of The Divine Torah today, those who excel by being agents of humiliation are drawn to and became in concert by the resonance of the souls within them. The unmentionable is to be Ronald Reagan’s excuse as creating Eichmann and the Waffen SS as victims, but all those chose to be that extra measure from the pleasure in suffering within them, not as duty but out of affinity.

On the plantation, the ‘management’ is routinely selected for a lack of education or logical thought process knowing they lack any capability to do anything else that they’re prone to comply, and be complicit in humiliating. Nevertheless, what shouldn’t be missed is that they’re that way because they didn’t see the value of thought and education a priori. That they ‘perform poorly academically’ and are bullies isn’t cause and effect but co-equal results. To say otherwise is putting lipstick on a pig. The overwhelming majority who perform poorly academically don’t become bullies, and there are plenty of noteworthy bullies who did perform well academically and exist in all spheres and levels of society.

Equivocal Results from ‘Researchers’ Trying to Put Lipstick on a Pig

High-level forms of violence such as assault and murder usually receive most media attention, but lower-level forms of violence such as bullying have only in recent years started to be addressed by researchers, parents and guardians, and authority figures. It is only in recent years that bullying has been recognised and recorded as a separate and distinct offence, but there have been well documented cases that have been recorded over the centuries. The Fifth Volume of the Newgate Calendar contains at least one example where Eton Scholars George Alexander Wood and Alexander Wellesley Leith were charged, at Aylesbury Assizes, with killing and slaying the Hon. F. Ashley Cooper on February 28, 1825 in an incident which might today be described as “lethal hazing“.

So that their envyresentment, and self-esteem ‘issues’ have produced equivocal results for rationale-seeking researchers because bullies are arrogant and narcissistic, and without shame in the anxiety that they will lose the power money might to humiliate that defines their self-esteem. Both cause and justification.

What’s been attributed to jealousy is a perception of threat to the validity of what they’re doing by the intelligent humane and moral that rejects the essence of their soul of taking pleasure in cruelly causing suffering. There is no causal relationship to beatings for no reason as rationale beyond validation of these resonant souls’ Metareligion. The first-person shooter gamer that goes out and shoots up a school or theater is acting out their fantasy. The overwhelming numbers of Germans didn’t become Eichmann or Waffen SS, and the overwhelming numbers of first-person-shooter gamers do not see the validity in going out and shooting up a theater or school, can’t see the fun in that.

The Making of the Soulless old-South Automaton

Frankenstein by misstell The monster says his debasement was progressive and it is due to the hostility, desolation and loneliness that it has suffered.

Frankenstein by misstell
The monster says his debasement was progressive and it is due to the hostility, desolation and loneliness that it has suffered.

Neither proclivity for xenophobia or souls lower than a beast are a race or ethnicity as some would contend, nor even a religion or creed as anything in the context of conflict that is life can be interpreted as validation of the infliction of suffering. A resonance within that soul by taking pleasure in cruelly causing suffering is distinct from the professional soldier sent to kill in defense.

The old-South sends cultures religions societies and people out to kill in defense of liberty as the freedom to take pleasure in cruelly causing suffering. Abu Graib. That Thuggee and other compatriot old-South cultures promote this Antipathy as Virtue doesn’t create the souls that gravitate to the call to take pleasure in this, but harnesses them.

That some ‘get carried away’ dismisses that what they’re doing is on a consistent continuum. The old-South Negro version from Howard reincarnated decades later as a white desert wilderness overseer who did much of the same. Announced loudly and in glee during a company-sponsored treif-fest that ‘Ha ha ha, we have a doctor working here.‘ Put into twenty-two lines all set to top priority to convict of ‘not helpful‘ in the chat used to avoid the expense of training new hires.

The computerized hypertext agent console developed over thousands of man-hours to deliver point-of-touch accurate and up-to-date information on all lines ‘is nothing‘ (doesn’t humiliate). For an interviewer Matt Dolan to say the problem against promotion is ‘don’t humiliate well.‘ When the parent company inquires, with qualifications and repeated applications for promotion, it directs an ad hoc ‘interview’ while the interviewee is taking calls. Every day, that lie plantation loses business with reputable companies by the roiling chaos and rampant incompetence consistent with Aaron Jackson’s practices. The roiling chaos has a constructive value in that many people don’t bother to call ten times over a few dollars and just give up as they stand firmly in the Machiavellian sucker born every minute paradigm.

The jewel in the crown is the murder for fun top of the pecking order overseer who’s encouraged because of the primacy of a willingness of call-agents to say-do-whatever. In setting the example for those who want to pursue moving up the pecking order as Eichmann was  ‘trying to have a career.‘ Or down the line survival – keeping the ‘at will’ job. By dehumanizing ‘target’ agents, the under them culture of the situation ‘target’ available becomes the customer as that woman with a solid renal mass was to be a target. The motive for non-slave-owning whites in the War Between the States was One-drop African blood making an under them. The weak sick and poor under them today are the ‘target’ of today’s Big Tent of Hate, to be society-assisted in helping the Spartan militaristic state stay powerful wealthy and mighty to Hold Dominion. By dying.

Humiliation Is the Career

chariotOverseers in training lieutenants that take glee in cruelly causing suffering have utility through time and rise as cream to the top. While it’s absolutely required to feign empathy, the intended effect is to induce rejection of compassion, to murder thedo the right thingurge most come with through the door. And harrass any who ‘can’t get with the program‘ into either quitting or being fired.

Those who buck against telling the lie will be humiliated, and if being humiliated fails to induce submission to having faith in old-South Antipathy as Virtue, they’ll will be hyper-tasked by a Roman as Gaza siege until caught in inevitable ‘mistakes’ in the roiling system of conflicting damned if you do damned if you don’t rules. The call-agents’ job may be to tell the lie with a smile, but those who ‘want a career‘ as Eichmann, learn that management by humiliation is the career.

De-humanized agents as automatons with hardened hearts or in sheer terror tell the lie with enthusiasm to try to either get the Roman siege boot off their neck or get ahead: That proof of purchase doesn’t prove ownership or letters sent ‘aren’t showing‘ and it’s ‘oops’ out of claim window now. The culture of the old-South Holding Dominion situation doesn’t create the pecking order, it culls those with a Soul out one way or another, and gives those without a soul a venue to be all the humiliating on a continuum to murdering-in-another-opportunity bully they can be.

Chief Robert Lovelace and Alice Walker  Trying to Interfere in the Beating of the Helpless Slave

Chief Robert Lovelace and Alice Walker
Trying to Interfere in the Beating of the Helpless Slave

Eichmann didn’t stop when the policy was halted realizing that the Allies would eventually win, but stepped up his pace of genocide against orders because he was murdering for fun. Defended as ‘following orders,‘ he as these were and are acting from within. Got promoted up the chain by being comfortable in a culture of humiliation.

The Eichmanns Demjanjuks and Waffen SS are the cream dé lá cream, elites deserving of His special mention. “Pharaoh’s chariots and his army He cast into the sea, and the elite of his officers sank in the Red Sea.

Empathizing with Bullies is as Validating Murderers

Bullies are negative because their dark soul is being progressively exposed in the light of The Divine Torah through time with awareness of good and evil. Should ‘feel negatively toward himself/herself‘ — because their soul knows it lives for the opportunity to take up the whip. They arepsychologically strongest” and have “high social standing” among their peers, charismatic as one wannabe Waffen SS applicant said, while their victims are “emotionally distressed” and “socially marginalized.” Availability is more the issue than the nature of the target, the ‘different’ is attacked to promote conformity in being soulless with them to create Birds of a Feather.

They “enjoy going to school, and are least likely to take days off sick” because they’re having nearer-my-deity-to-thee murder or the next best thing fun. Monsieur Marquis St. Romney graduated by the Calvinist providence of his daddy’s power money might, ‘as a bully ages, his or her related behavior patterns .. become more sophisticated. Schoolyard pranks and “rough-housing” .. develop into more subtle activities such as administrative end-runs, planned and orchestrated attempts at character assassination — its kissing-cousin Bird of a Feather Birther-bully Donald Trump.

Or other less obvious, yet equally forceful forms of coercion:‘ Hate-mongering talk radio that eventually has Beck’s Blaze sitting at Soledad O’brien’s had-been-news CNN table. Gerrymandering and voter lock-outs. Gaza blockades. Check-points as tools of humiliation. Rape and murder as tools of humiliation. That they have authoritarian personalities, combined with a strong need to control or dominate with a prejudicial view of subordinates isn’t a risk factor but an article of faith in the old-South Holding Dominion religion.

Humiliation is the Sunny Tip of the Injustice Iceberg

Icebergs of  injustice live through time in all worlds. People overlook humiliation as though that’s some sort of non-lethal minor ‘boys/girls will be boys/girls.’ If the concept of Bar or Bat Mitzvah is outside your lexicon, if it has pubic hair, it’s not a child and anything it does has the gravity of an adult. Furthermore, because humiliation is on a continuum to murder and other violent crimes as rape and murder are usually grounded in humiliation of the victim, viewing those who humiliate as human with souls is a disservice not only to this existence and their future victims. Whenever a bully is perceived, know that it should be avoided if at all possible, try to escape.

Moshe interfering in the beating of the helpless slave was as protesting before cutting into the solid renal mass was done to prevent the killing of that woman among others in the helpless state of having signed the consent and been placed under anesthesia. NaÏvely unable to imagine that complaining for do the right thing merited Aaron Jackson’s religious duty to attack me through time as a heretic deserving of the death penalty.

As a heathen dis-believer in the old-South Holding Dominion religion. I was afraid to try to leave, but I should have been more afraid to stay. I was unaware that as Moshe, I should have fled that training program. By faint awareness of The Divine Torah being implacably opposed to them, this type of old-South Holding Dominion say-do-whatever acolyte is a primary driver of classical anti-Semitism.

Keeping quiet out of fear wasn’t effective salvation for me with Aaron Jackson, and it won’t be for other Souls of conscience in these times of increasing global consciousness because when the old-South knows their Holding Dominion religion is opposed even in your heart, it’s their religious duty to fight you to the death. Whether you know it or not. Remembering that woman who was murdered into a slow and painful death from unnecessarily metastatic renal cancer on the operating table, I also know from my life that bullies are not harmless children in need of more love and understanding, but murderous animals with souls lower than that of a common beast.

That though they can smiles and talk about having feelings, they will not be ‘good people‘ when they get to keep the toy, or if they can’t. They are deserving of this special mention, and as the Code of Omertà, it’s the old-South say-do-whatever Holding Dominion religion that resonates with some to become disciples of their prophets Ayn Rand and Machiavelli, to be latter-day saints of the ascendancy of Antipathy as the Virtue of power money might to humiliate ‘at will’ if not murder.

Humiliation of the Community Chi: Losing Face

In the concept of community chi, or Qi in China, there is a spirit within the in-common understanding as unity of the group. The same sort of old-South conflicting rules apply today when Palestinians try to non-violently protest. One or two protesters are coincidentally-killed by purportedly ‘non-lethal’ suppression of protests. That riles up the savages to protest not being able to protest by juveniles throwing a rocks at an armored vehicle. For those to be killed or arrested for a healthy dose of humiliation. The world today frowns upon violence, and violence in the face of non-violence is a non-starter in the modern world. Then for His humiliation by the pretense of all this bullying and humiliation on a continuum to murder as doing His will. That inevitably returns us to being freed from the Egypt of idolatries, of faith in things.

Of idolatry of self-adulation that makes the justification of say-do-whatever for Holding Dominion as Calvinist righteous. What things are more worthy of faith than power money might?   The lie-plantation slave doesn’t have the freedom to tell the truth, and as Aaron Jackson’s patient, the customer is technically theirs so they’re just doing the lies as picking cotton job, can have no soul of compassion for their suffering that isn’t dictated. While the soulless overseers that want a career, as Eichmann will do better if they are at least comfortable is not taking pleasure in cruelly causing suffering  in humiliation.

Into the Depths Like a Stone

From pictures stamped into my Soul, I know soulless bullies when I see them both within my mind as well as my Soul. The intense effort to humiliate badger and cajole the Diaspora into go-along-to-get-along with unpopular things while no Israeli minister of relations with Diaspora Jews in the context of pictures, means that no matter what these old-South bullies may say or do: In my heart of hearts, in my silent atticthose who as a culture in a conflicting situation that is life have created automatons to humiliate only because constrained from murder, whether deserving of a portion in the World to Come because they’re claiming by Birthright the title of being a Jew or not, are forever silenced within me now.

Not only by words, but more so by pictures. No matter who they are, I will not call bullies who thrive on humiliation brother or friend. I will not be their Bird of a Feather. Not stumble and fall to freedom as ‘at will’ liberty to take pleasure in inflicting suffering on Them as the old-South Holding Dominion religion requires of its faithful. I have Perfect Faith that His freedom to do the right thing of having compassion for All suffering is liberation from Egypt. Soulless bullies rapists and murderers, no mater how elite, will claim no portion in My Prayers, and “The depths covered them; they descended into the depths like a stone.