Dada a tournament bridge player, sometimes I sat in if the fourth was late. I remember that you need to know when to play your trumps. Not too soon and not too late, but just right.

neutron-bomb1The position that some will be responsible with nuclear weapons while others are not is existentially inconsistent when weapons of mass destruction are inherently irresponsible obscenities of inhumanity.

Nuclear Weapons: Unmercifully Indiscriminate

Their only utility is sword-of-Damocles fear while their use is absurd because of their being unmercifully indiscriminate. Nuclear weapons are the greatest obscenity imaginable of Mass destruction.

Social Promotion Fops

If a world survives, first-strike criminality is indefensibly too soon, and second strikers are too late toast. Only Dr. Strangelove cold-war-bluffing social-promotion fops talk post-nuclear scenarios.

Emerge to Their Surprise

Playing this trump now when least expected and to maximum effect is just right. Emerge to their surprise by leading global nuclear disarmament as we’ve led civilization throughout history. Decimate the driving principle of the injustice of inequality spurring nuclear weapons development: without giving up an iota of self-defense by focusing while refining.

Acknowledge Reality

Acknowledge reality: No one wants a nuclear world. Fear of nuclear stateless terrorism will be a problem into time. Russian depravity will sell a nuclear bomb for a nice TV with speakers, as some have to a Bird of a Feather.

Assumption of Responsibility

If this unthinkable horror should happen, do we then annihilate Iran in an assumption of responsibility by conventional wisdom, including all the masses of protesters, as the Arab woman shot by the rocketeers, on the side of Justice Compassion and Mercy suffering under that regime? Then to find out it came from our inveterate perpetual Russian enemy, the Barzini behind Tattaglia all along.

Stand for Humanity

By standing for Humanity, we can save our own, and the world.

The conversation will take an affirmative turn, globally and within. Standing for global nuclear disarmament will morally decimate nuclear fear, a parent of hate.

Destroy these weapons of war first.