That Human Rights Violations Are Worldwide Cannot Save Us from Ours

refugee-camp-chadNow is the time: People are being murdered in protests worldwide, who will dare contest our tranquil low-profile siege by Roman starvation on the Native American reservation?

He brought our enemies to the battle-ground of His choosing and I will make an end.

Jews, within and outside of Israel, the most attentive in the West about Arab Human Rights are silenced, anything that can be interpreted as critical invalidated.

Allegations are going to be the usual boy-crying-wolf Israel-bashers whose IMF funds need cutting. My tear-gas smoke is, not a problem. Human Rights bleeding-hearts will not dare a peep with other fires raging with real bullets flying all over a world of genocide by various methods and materials.

Salty Snacks

The American right that feeds on demonization like salty snacks is proud of Native American genocide by starvation on the reservation until they broke out trying to survive to be hunted down as renegades. Eventually, near genocide was complete; lauded as righteous Manifest Destiny.

A few owning casinos is a fine end for savages, though Native American wellness statistics are of the worst in the America that will veto as the old-South drools for fresh blood in The Colosseum.

America and Europe are in an intractable financial depression from inveterate misanthropic corporatism. The chicken of two unfunded wars is home to roost. Bankrupted-by-wars, both hot and cold with foreign aid to serve these corporatists, America is plain tuckered out with trying to convert tribal metareligious cultures with millennia old Sunni-Shiite animosity as intense as toward us to western egalitarian sensibilities.

The American old-South’s plan to continue being world Birmingham policeman on the backs of nouveau serf labor by killing all social programs will eventually meet resistance.

Few will want another pre-emptive war for a generation. America’s educational system already deteriorated to match their infant mortality statistic, public education is another Communist entitlement for to end.

Middle class engine of purchasing power domestically and of the world has been choked into a coma; healthcare caught up in Putting Food on the Table, getting paid, or not paying. Twenty-nine ovations from a house set against itself locked in a War within the States resurrected may ensure bipartisan support, but the dependent of an irrational mother with a Hate-addiction that can’t take care of herself is at risk.

Afghanistan: will stick up the West for protection money and still be their corrupt mortal feudal enemy selling poppies for heroin to the end of time.

China: awaits its return to ascendancy, holding sucker monetary tabs to purloin technology at a staggering rate, will quietly approve.

Egypt: masses anti-Israel, but will not allow more trouble for their already weak economy.

Iran: huffing and puffing against Israel is for respect their heritage deserves and regional hegemony, not to become pretty multicolored glazed sand; won’t initiate any major direct military interference.

Iraq: Trifecta; will ally with Iran Hezbollah Hamas in a pogrom of Sunnis to the ignorant-of-history shame of faith-based fantasies.

Jordan: has been trying to diplomatically sound the alarm of its own Sunni-Shiite liabilities exacerbated by obvious displacement policy. The King is slipping on our banana in Judea and Samaria.

Lebanon: their occupation, Hezbollah.

Pakistan: Cain/Abel with India will be enemies of the West disinterested in getting too involved in our Middle East.

Russia: still criminals without a pretense of principles and thin democracy in contest are not interested in anything but free money.

Saudi Arabia/League: Sunni-Shiite conflict is heating up while populations become restless with monarchical and military rule.

Syria: gate of the north in Civil War, checks Hezbollah by two-front.

Third world/Africa: don’t want to be World Bank and IMF targets.

Turkey: stable democracy with moral authority and credibility, has their own outstanding Armenian genocide allegations and Kurdish ‘freedom fighters’ to attend.

All these Machiavellian calculations are conventional wisdom of men-as deities in a von Clausewitz worldwide why now imprudently dismiss Awe of HaShem.