Civil Rights to Live Free in The Holy Land

Becoming in Judea and Samaria, in Israel is my Civil Right. The predicate of civil rights is acceptance as valid. Freedom of conquest isn’t a right, but a man-as deific imposition of pharaoh, Ba’al’s power money might.

While I object to the idea that I cannot be free there, or anywhere, I discount that acquisitions of conquest by force are lasting. What I really want.

PineRidge051Native America Conquered

America is a young country. The pillar of American ethos is that Native Americans were effectively conquered and are now co-opted by miscegenation and casinos as perks while still a broken people.

The poisoned pill that threatens the future of America, like the correlate basis of slavery in racism, is a madness that threatens the survival of the project. The culture of reliance on militarism, as with the fall of the Soviet Union, is that willingness to bankrupt and sublimate the state, as Sparta, to a faith in the fruits of war, of conquest.

As care for people is illegal in America since the war on Communism marketed as care, so is the idea that America is to enforce by Hate-justified conquest the primacy of inveterate misanthropic corporatism at the heart of the culture of man-as deity dominion.

dwight_eisenhowerReliance on Militarism

As the USSR, the risk is that the paranoid reliance on militarism, in conjunction with the military-industrial collusion warned by Eisenhower will run the country into the ground on the principle that maintaining the state of perpetual war in pursuit of monarchical interests is for the good of the Loyalist nation.

Afghanistan, the tar baby of history, brought down the USSR as much as anything.

China learned from the mistakes of the USSR, has taken a tack of economic dominance rather than spending resources in this perpetual global militaristic/foreign-aid dominion of corporations. America’s witlessly surrendering its technology edge, ‘for access.’

Iran insists on their nuclear program for the acquisition of technology, as much the point than a nuclear weapon per se is the capability; to rival the scientific and intellectual splendor of Salah Al-Din in a religious duty of equilibration.

On Borrowed Money

While the West is building trillion-dollar weapon systems on borrowed money, China is saving theirs, as all adversaries foresee the informational and computing basis of future conflicts. Few foresaw the obsolescence of the battleship. Hostile energy grid control removes the ability to respond to Katrinas, without controlling weather.

What all this has to do with Civil Rights, is that while the government had to occupy the old-South to institute integration, since the godfather of antipathy, Civil Rights has been cast aside as a national goal, and Negroes are to be co-opted with entertainment money and political miscegenation, while the iceberg of Negroes as Native Americans remains submerged in stifling hopeless poverty.

From poverty being a Negro issue as some of them insist on maintaining by code-word, it’s really a Human Rights issue of all subjects of men-as deities within the United States as poverty is skyrocketing across the board, to Atwater ‘hurt them more.’

Civil Rights Grown Up

Human Rights are Civil Rights grown up. Animal rights are Human Rights grown up. Kosher.

Animal rights and gay rights activists are the tip of the spear because the conceptualization of lesser falls to a common denominator. If you can appreciate the humanity of mice that have to be killed, how to deny that even old-South Republican xenophobes are human, despite their contempt for Humanity?

If you can appreciate that people living under the cloud of being seen as an abomination in history, as sinister as left-handed people of a time, are entitled to have the same Civil Rights as anyone else, you cannot deny that we’re all human with the idealized basis of our American constitution that all men are created equal, and deserving of equal treatment under just laws.

Misanthropy as a Cultural Norm

From the narrowly defined basis of Negro oppression, to the current reality of misanthropy as a cultural norm, race matters, but people dismissed as lesser by men-as deities have common cause beyond superficialities as race.

Progeny of privileged Negroes being selected over economically disadvantaged whites is nonsense. At Howard, the children of alumni professionals had connections for privileges of financial aid over people of poverty.

Though race does still matter, regardless of race, there are Men-as deities among all groups and peoples. Operating from yetzer tov as only for themselves, rejecting looking to HaShem. Lack of resources is more of an issue in people’s lives than coloration as success grows out of strong families and available mentors more so than money.

How to factor for being beat for no reason by the alcoholic in a trailer park war-zone of domestic abuse? Eating disorders are manifestations of despair, internalized poverty of esteem, hope, well-being. Now, age obesity and health issues are impediments to employment in competition with race and beauty. Aryan Eugenics.

If we accept hate toward anyone, we’re eating with our mouths wide open. The homosexual adolescent who commits suicide is a canary in the mine of our culture.

As the Buddhist monk in Vietnam who turned the war in self-immolation, all of good heart, of compassion and empathy, as with the accessories of the destruction of Native American means of survival, have to condemn the Hate at cause.

This is a Hate of Hate and haters website. As they’ve judged, so have they been.

Free in My Bunker

To be sure, I have every intention of being in Greater Israel, but I’m not going to be free in my bunker with my favorite gun on my chest. My heretical stand is for Semitism, for a coalition, today as impossible as the USSR – West conflict of decades.

America imagines itself free, while still enslaved to a mentality of mendacity rooted in the prerogatives of slavery and Native American genocide, as Hate takes its toll statistically in a War within the States old-South redemption as Revisionism under the banner of Federalism.

Some would have us believe that this is the way it should be, that dem’s dat got shall get, dem dat’s not shall lose.

Insularity Promotes Us-Them

Insularity promotes us-them, America is the greatest country in this time, out of humanizing integration: I-Thou. Are non-Ethiopian Israelis protesting in Israel as delusionally anti-Semitic as the Ethiopians?

Jim Crow was an institutionalization, as the Hindu caste system, of an us-them as all us-them paradigms are falling though time in evolution of contact, person to person, I-Thou.

Women are the original Human Rights workers as they still have faith to reproduce and intermarry in a rejection of the permanence of conventional wisdom. They lead the efforts for peace, fighting for Compassion and Mercy to temper Justice in rejections of man-as deity, the original sin.

Human Rights

Without standing up for Human Rights for everyone, including the souls of animals we slay mercifully, my Civil Right to be in Judea and Samaria will never by genuinely realized.

An animal raised in horrific conditions, regardless of the method of slaughter, isn’t kosher. As with cigarette smoking, we already know meat is a primary killer with heart disease, obesity, cancers, and environmental impacts. Sugar.

We’ve been killing our souls with our bodies in go-along to get-along with men-as deities who beckon to worship Ba’al of beauty power money and might, marketed as a Federalist high ideal of neither man nor beast having civil rights or any other kind of rights that aren’t subject to monarchical dominion of inveterate misanthropic corporatists who buy the small minds of Loyalist automatons.

Dominion Plantation

Two-state will be an institutionalization of the old-South man-as deity dominion as-it-was on the plantation, and the challenge for those who believe HaShem is to see and have seen that the Justice Compassion and Mercy conveyed as His yetzer tov in various means and ways is the message of Human Rights for all, to have empathy even for decerebrate addendum enthusiasts that live to judge people with thumbs set to in for hate as all they know.

Conventional wisdom is that pharaohs will reign for another billion years, forever, but by the futures we all ready know foretold in Awe of HaShem, these men who would be deities will fall at any given next moment.