Race and Racism are men-as deities’ tools of Us-Them to justify a pecking order. Negroes are descendants of American African slaves whose culture has been influenced by systematic destruction of self esteem, being or overcoming being beat down. President Obama’s wife is a Negro and he’s interracial African-Caucasian. Dr. Jacob K. Olupona might be an African-American.

Racism is Based on an Illusion: Racists are Real

While biologists sometimes use the concept of race to make distinctions among fuzzy sets of traits, others in the scientific community suggest that the idea of race often is used in a naive or simplistic way, i.e. that among humans, race has no taxonomic significance: all living humans belong to the same species, Homo sapiens and subspecies, Homo sapiens sapiens….
Social conceptions and groupings of races vary over time, involving folk taxonomies that define essential types of individuals based on perceived traits. Scientists consider biological essentialism obsolete, and generally discourage racial explanations for collective differentiation in both physical and behavioral traits.

Race is a human construction of climatic paint, a thing based upon an impossible absolute, as there is no absolute in the unity, that is no more than a tool of division advanced as conventiional wisdom of souls lower than the common beast who would have us divided rather than united. People are people. There are Souls of compassion for All suffering within every Them, as there are Black Holes as-souls wthin US who have compassion for no suffering other than their own. It’s the reality of their existence that we have the free Will to reject by looking with Perfect Faith only to The Absolute-Unity, creator all things. In His image of a free Will to choose Good over evil.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson

Dr. Carter G. Woodson

Mixed Race Eschew Acquiescence to One-drop

Many mixed race people eschew simplification of their heritage by acquiescence to One-drop. Africans, as a plethora of other ‘people of color,’ don’t see themselves as Negroes cum African-Americans cum Black. I am not enamored of laying claim to African as though that’s some sort of legitimizing heritage out of the fantasies of Pan-Africanism and elevation by some of a genocidal lunatic Shaka Zulu Sudanese grand heritage to point to in opposition.


I prefer the term Negro to the Black connotation of reactionary opposition to white. I also prefer the term Negro as both historically precise and reminding of those noble values of a Carter G. Woodson generation that emphasized the value of education as the foundation of the struggle for equality that is still eminently relevant today.

As a swath of lower-class Black culture disillusioned by the reality of ‘at-will’ nepotism and chronyism has deserted faith in education for Booker T. Washington taking the opportunities offered by ability to Run, Jump and Shoot and Minstrelsy, ex-crack dealers as heroes of intelligentsia to match the Joe Kennedys.

Perhaps I am more comfortable with the term as ‘older,’ what I grew up as, and perhaps I haven’t been persuaded that Negro is ignoble to either more ‘politically correct‘ terms.

Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington

Mock Anyone Who Believes Race is Real

I mock anyone who believes that race is real. Something to be ashamed of or take pride in, write ‘scholarly‘ books about. Maximum Drivel of the absurd. That there is some value or dignity in being called Black or African-American to somebody else’s white moving target.

One-drop was to segregate and delineate for the special treatment of justified permanent slavery, and now permanently lesser. Untouchables in modernity.

West Indian culture, as Sidney Poitier, has a self-esteem that isn’t similarly burdened by the centuries of American systematically drowning self-esteem in a flood of humiliation to extinguish hope.

To what degree does the fact that immigrants are proactive affect population comparisons? More insightful and relevant to this, Condoleeza Rice’s parents instilled self-esteem that enabled her future accomplishments despite being in the old-South.

Without the distraction of the dragging loss of energy on the issue of race.

Distraction of the Dragging Loss of Energy

In modern times, we’re all aware of the drag of too many processes running on our processors. Thinking racially constitutes a drag on energies of potential. Add, additional processes of deciding whether to wear a hoodie as an Afro in the past in Derbyshire America is an additional drag. Was what happened and will happen dictated by race, and to what degree?

Dr. W. E. B. Du Bois

Dr. W. E. B. Du Bois


Add, discrimination that is a headwind against all efforts. Add, efforts to save and assist compatriots being blown by the winds of old-South proclivity for xenophobia, as the Criminal Injustice System and usury are other drags imposed by race. All diminish accomplishment.

As the famous Samaritan chose to delay personal interests, as several Chinese were too busy to attend the toddler being run over in the street, aiding others is at some personal expense. While the one is voluntary, subjects of collective mistreatment are often compelled by conscience and association.

Internalized Racism

Those concerning Racism without, Racism within is more destructive. I wrote a paper in my freshman year, Pre-Adamites at Amherst College, about upper-classmen Negroes telling freshman Negroes that they can’t be Pre-Med: Take something that doesn’t involve equations.

That reflected my parents disbelief that I could succeed at Amherst College, that reflected George Brewer’s ‘lack of mechanical ability‘ when he could have added his whole family’s I.Q. together to land under mine. Bernice Tomlinson’s stand that I couldn’t succeed at University of Oklahoma or Oklahoma State University. It took being failed from setting the curve in my Shangri-La of escape for them to finally get under my skin. Racism within is far more destructive than racism without. The reason racists put so much energy into humiliation is specifically to inject their Racism under the skin of their targets, to have it internalized.

Strong Families

There are Negroes with strong families, whose culture differs from those without, a Tale of Two Cities within one ‘race.’ Self-esteem and family are the first things the plantation took away, these have had someone. a matriarch perhaps, that said No, we will stand together, teach each other and generations to follow to be a family.

Success is largely rooted in someone, whether parent relative or Mentor saying yes, you can do it, believe in yourself. Delay gratification with Faith in the fruits of sincere labors.

Faith is learned. Blaming ‘the man’ as the joke goes, may be the way it’s presented, but the real issue is that some Negroes lack confidence in who they are. That’s reinforced and justified by presumptions of guilt as applied to the Trayvon Martin case, as ‘Conservative’ media lashes out at the injustice of accusations of Racism. As they gerrymander and discriminate ‘at will’ today. Those who overcome have families and Mentors that counter old-South One-drop Eugenic conventional wisdom, chelating their poisoning of hearts minds and souls that stunt futures. Kill them before they grow. Kill hope.

The Correction Is Counter-intuitive

As turning into a slide on ice, the correction is counter-intuitive. The old-South description is not confined to whites as old-South Negroes don’t believe in miscegenation and social integration either. Think racially. Racism in counter of racism is building a castle on Charles Murray sand.

There was a professor of psychiatry at Howard named Frances Cress-Welsing who had a color theory that white people oppress people of color because of their being genetically recessive. I went to talk to her about psychiatry, because that’s what I ‘d planned to do. Talk about obsessive perseveration, all she could talk about was her color theory. I remember thinking; Are all psychiatrists this crazy? I hope her reality wasn’t as simplistic, the Welsing in her name was from her Caucasian husband.

Assimilation to Racism

Old-South Negroes assimilate race/Black Pride to the All or Nothing reactionary extreme of ‘we’re better than them.’ Cress-Welsing’s color-theory is existentially racist in the presumption of guilt that (all) white people are motivated to be Men-as deities over people of color. A fancy way of rationalizing the ‘can’t be trusted‘ code and this is why. Scientific. Eugenic.

That still justifies Faith in old-South Historical Black institutions in counter to old-South teachers as Lawless, Blackburn and Brewer. Though the old-South dynamics remain, restricting the pool of Mentor encouragement to ‘historically Black’ creates disadvantage as the society evolves.

History of Oppression Doesn’t Necessarily Confer Empathy

One might imagine that people from oppression would have more empathy. History of oppression doesn’t necessarily confer collective virtue of empathy either. Reality is that some from oppression simply want their turn at the whip. And some who’ve never been oppressed not only refuse to take up the whip, but Fight the Power of those who do. Neither race nor age nor illness is a determinate of the soul within.

We fantasize that age confers wisdom to all rather than some, when most young assholes that survive to become old assholes. Healthy assholes become sick assholes.

People Choose to Be Racist from Within

People choose from within. Religious assholes use religion to justify their choice of Role of being an asshole. All prisoners get religion, until their Faith abandons them in ‘the world.’ Accepting the old-South premise of race as justified and explained by Cress-Welsing for ‘can’t be trusted,’ blindly turning within ‘the race’ is a recipe for being abused by assholes within. Though justified by incident upon incident, urban old-South descendant Negroes lose energy interpreting and filtering racial intent, becoming racially ‘sensitive.’ Peer pressure of cultures lacking faith in ‘the system’ mentors failure.

The Whip of Racism as Conventional Wisdom

That some people are better than others is old-South metareligion. Both oppressed and oppressor from a culture of oppression will think in terms of who’s oppressing whom. The white old-South of dominion frames their War within the States as against ‘oppression’ of their freedoms of xenophobia and misanthropy. Their Birthright to dominion. Naturally, if they’re being denied the ‘at will’ whip, someone else is wielding it by affirmative action.

The idea of no-one having the whip in egalitarianism is beyond their cousin dumb-as-a-post comprehension. I Code as ‘old-South,’ the veiled Identity truth that flashes through with Buchanan-Derbyshire to show their true face of antipathy. Some aren’t. Surrendering to old-South collectivization really does give them the win.

Egalitarianism is Anathema to Racists

Americanism is a belief from our tradition in egalitarianism of opportunity for everyone. A Statue of Liberty where people can leave the Egypt of their pecking orders of origination and find a ‘level playing field.’ America still isn’t a level playing field as ‘Conservatives’ rally around the flag of xenophobia. They bluff and bluster to dissuade people from saying the obvious, quickly dissociate themselves from John Derbyshire that was perfectly appropriate to their Sowell association before he brought negative national attention.

Po Han of The Sand Pebbles

Po Han of The Sand Pebbles

Racism and Xenophobia Energizes the old-South

Derbyshire’s always been as here, but instead of being Po-han in the engine room of their Sand Pebbles confining his vitriol to Muslims, he had to be ‘put down’ to avoid any admission that their engine is xenophobia.

The Trayvon Martin case prompts John Derbyshire to righteous indignity in protest of a ‘Rush to Judgment,’ at the assertion of Racism as improper. Incensed, he projected his own not so bad strange fruit dreams of ‘when we catch them alone.

That more so justifies ‘the talk’ I missed until the old-South desert wilderness band teacher stole my horn and I needed to suck it up rather than get lynched for a plantation happiness violation.

Elsewhere, I decry my parents not giving me ‘the talk,’ condemn their not warning me about white Racism. But, more importantly, I decry their being so Beat-down that they had no Condoleeza Rice ‘yes, you can do it anyway‘ in them. As the Pre-Adamites at Amherst College paper, more significant than Racism without is ‘you can’t do it’ Racism within. Internalizing the idea that race should matter within as it matters without.

Racists: Honorable Men All

Honorable men all, ‘Conservatives’ decry being called racist while their oxygen is code-words on the edge of overt hate speech. Historical pretenses of Racism as scholarship coincides with Islamophobia.

Curiously, when I was writing this, from Sabbath, I was looking for a John Derbyshire article at New English Review without success, stuck at FrontPage.

His Racism was well known by his 2009 book, We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism, New English Review and National Review now distance themselves, as though the world doesn’t know what motivates their why.

Racism: An in-Common Mission for Automatons

They expunge Derbyshire’s writings from their websites and all is wafered and wined in ticker-tape bygones. National Review and New English Review, American Enterprise Institute, the endless list amenable to genealogical diagramming is with the common mission of taking points for decerebrate cousin dumb-as-a-post automatons.

Conservative group-‘think tanks’ spew propaganda as their associates walk up to the line of hate speech without going what they think is over, avoid being overt for loss of plausible deniability of Identity with thin ‘scholarship.’

They pretend they aren’t just almost-eloquent old-South revisionists in furtherance of Federalist propaganda to return Autocracy, justified by States’ Rights code-words.  Previously One-drop then anti-Semitism and now Islamophobia.

Purty Fancy-house Ways of Speaking

The John Derbyshires Charles Murrays and Dinesh Disousas, for all their scholarly Cress-Welsing credibility are afforded respect, not in spite of their Racism, but by their ability to articulately dress up the old-South’s proclivity for xenophobia in purty fancy-house ways of speaking, pretending Islamophobia isn’t directly descended from Birth of a Nation One-drop.

What needs to be highlighted isn’t a John Derbyshire or Rush Limbaugh that crosses the line from code-words, it’s that Xenophobia is the true tick in the old-South ‘Conservatism’ clock. Pat Buchanan’s 1992 Republican convention Hate speech said the same ‘ethnic balance in immigration’ in code-words. No one’s accused Buchanan of being a racist, but his following by blatant racists is for code-word cause, the revered sage of had-been-news CNN political analysis.

National Review protested only as Derbyshire walked up to Taki Theodoracopulos’ antisemitism, too close to home. Substitute Islam for Negro for a window to the Birth of a Nation One-drop Eugenics of yesteryear.

Pied Pipers of Antipathy: Black Holes as-souls

As if Daniel Pied Piper of Antipathy and Aryan Dinesh Disousa pretense of ‘scholarship’ enlightened genetic and religious expositions of Proclivities is divorced from One-drop Eugenics. Now, one drop of Islam a Thuggee makes. I struggle to resist collectivizing Muslims as Thuggees, not because of their pretense of Islam, but by their cultural metareligion being divorced from Abrahamic sensibilities of right and wrong, from compassion for any suffering other than their own. Pakistan will stop being corrupt? Belies the existential impossibility that there aren’t any righteous Muslims. That I remind my self with every opportunity.

Faith in Pecking Orders

Racism per sé isn’t the ‘Conservative’  issue, but that their man-as deity faith is in pecking orders, by whatever justification of antipathy for humanity. A peccadillo of code-word  plausible deniability violation triggers vociferous denials that Xenophobia defines them. ‘Read my fair and balanced book.’ Old-South ‘Conservative’ media including quasi-scholarly books written by articulate mercenaries, markets unjust collectivization, then pretends innocence when a Rudolph McVeigh goes off the code-word reservation of charged-up hate to bring negative publicity.

Conservative Beehive Comes Alive

The ‘Conservative’ beehive comes alive to discredit any idea that unjustified Racism still exists, if ever while the old-South lawyer propagandizes racial harmony in Sanford county despite a number of young Negro men having been murdered without police interest.

The other side of media perseveration absurdity focuses on the ‘epithet’ when the killer’s ‘frame of mind‘ was already on tape as acting on a misjudgment of  ‘up to no good,‘ a Syrian soldier disregarding the Turkish border of ‘We don’t need you to do that.

Guilty by Whatever Accusation

That Negroes wellness statistics still reflect systematic exclusion at the hands of these same, from the American dream except rare entertainment escapees isn’t coincidental as Charles Murrays Dinesh Disousas and John Derbyshires hold in eloquent language that they’re incapable. With a Black Redneck on the payroll to chime in to agree.

As the District Attorney in Sanford Florida less eloquently held the same, guilty by whatever accusation. The American dream has always had the caveat of Xenophobia returned to respectability with the libertarian freedom of affirmative action for cousin Dumb-as-a-post.

Dr. W. Montague Cobb

Dr. W. Montague Cobb

Role in Bringing His World to Come

Pecking Orders are within cultures all over the world, go back to when we were going around in packs on all fours. Some East Indians Assimilate to the old-South cosmology by embracing being Aryans under ‘Conservative’ mentorship, to argue with Persians for that high standard of justification of better than other people.

Greek Hindus Judaic Persians, all great and esteemed cultures. Whose greatness in time will not be measured in historical achievements, but in their Role in bringing His World to Come.

Once Upon a Time, Negro ethos was maintaining an obsequious patina and ‘proving ourselves‘ until the old-South sees the error of their not so strange voter-lockout gerrymandering ways.

Too much processing energy is and has been wasted on ‘dialogue’ with those whose low-born role of the soul is to be xenophobes. Racism is a convenience of not having to think for the simple-minded.

Born haters. Change from within, another few centuries of talking or protesting won’t matter to those with no soul of Justice Compassion and Mercy within them.

Climatic Paint

Mixed-race at Amherst College were understandably repelled by the Racism against part of their heritage marketed as for another. Racism both within and without is destructive.

Given old-South white and Negro reciprocal conditioned responses, we will let go of being ‘races,’ affirm that we are all the same under the paint. Choose to stop the hate in opposition to others who live for that whip, all colors sizes and descriptions

Dr. Charles Drew

Dr. Charles Drew

We will not take up the old-South ‘Conservative’ whip of xenophobia, as Derbyshire expects at the low his limits of thought while he fancies himself an intelligent and witty English Bob with a keyboard. His Evrémonde children are perfectly safe. He’s done a great service by scientifically proving that neither he nor his historical associations who accommodated his racist line of thought until he crossed their line of plausible deniability have anything to say worth hearing. Instead, we will slay their ‘Conservative’ idea that climatic paint makes the car within our own souls.

People are people

People are people. Race is a specious differentiation, a handle on ‘them.’ If Negro is indicative of a culture, already we have a differential Tale of Two Cities within that renders that line of thought as invalid. Are all East Indians Aryan racists by the representations of one under an addendum influence? Rather than allowing events to substantiate phantom ‘racial’ divisions, employ these opportunities to reject turning to the old-South dark side of hate by remembering who the real enemy is that sings the praises of the Ronald Reagan of murder as freedom in Neshoba County in Code-words.

Remember Haters

Remember the old-South as haters without plausible deniability of their Congenital Deficiency of humanity, discredited with their ideas of accommodation of their Racism as harmony. Give them something to really cry about, ignore them until voting against their associates and the Trojan horse of respectability they rode in on. Banish them in place.

To Stop the Hate

Who will stand to stop the hate rather than increasing with more Us-Them code-words? Who will stand to end the fiction that ‘race’ is a reality, rather than a Soul of yetzer haTov or yetzer hara, among all ‘races,’ under the climatic paint.

We will let go of being ‘races,’ something that has been drilled into the American psyche by One-drop and spread as water on the world from old-South One-drop. Souls of yetzer haTov will be freed from the self-limiting implications of specious designations, of internalizing the hate directed against Them, even my call to hate Amlekties. To be free to be individual souls of honor and virtue, content of character, piety defining value. To be free to be in Awe.


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