Observance as Suspension of Disbelief in Unpopular Things

buckrogersThe captive Diaspora audience is to willingly, mouths gaping in religious fervor in The Fourteenth Principle of Jewish faith, embrace a suspension of disbelief in say-do-whatever militarism as observance. Pied Pipers of Hate hand down the tablet of the tribal obligation to unconditionally support ‘unpopular things,‘  no questions asked. Do this to hear the Siren song of Jewish as old-South dominion Calvinists, Native American removal for Manifest Destiny a job well done.

A great hook into suspension of disbelief in science fiction movies is the time-travel plot-line with all the ramifications of conflicts that arise out of actions that will effect the course of history that negate the actions that are to effect the course of history. The willingly captive fan-boy(and girl) audience is to accept these contradictory premises for the freedom to hopefully tell any character-driven story with good special effects, without concern for logical consistency. Credibility, facts to be accepted by true-believers upon presentation, as irrelevant.

These not otherwise specifiedunpopular things‘ are a don’t need to know ‘secret’ militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation for Arabs with right-less vassal status in a Jewish Birthright to ethnic purity. For a most noble ‘particularism‘ that has Arab Jews as second class citizens voting with their passports in condemnation of this Jewish as ethnic(race) state.

Birds of a Feather

The water’s fine in a sea of icebergs of injustice as I submit in obeisance to guilt by association with xenophobes conducting a War Within the States to repair their ‘as it should have been‘ to ‘at will’-no-rights even to life. Islamophobia is Code-word for my hate of Arabs as savages for resisting a righteous Calvinist justified by power money might pecking order of men-as deities of Manifest Destinies.

Busy repairing their world of the injustice of emancipation to the highest equality gap in history widening by the second, middle class on life-support as they struggle to pull the plug. Labor Human Civil Rights all under relentless assault by the scum of inhumanity that firmly rejects compassion except for themselves. These Birds of a Feather have rendered America a politically dysfunctional duality with the country dumbed down to cousins for 26th in the developed world educational ranking, all to Atwater ‘hurt them more.’ For an old-South Utopia with Third World country within under Roman seige as Gaza within the First in the World in militarism as the national religion.

Israel ranks 2nd in poverty rates among OECD states while nuclear-armed to the teeth as aging Dimona crumbles into fire hazard, spending hand over fist in Judea and Samaria since 1967, paying from the guts for permanent war, fine new submarines for quad-redundancy of assurance.

Decimated Credibility

Israel Matzov posted about the injustice of an Arab being sentenced to death for selling property to a Jew. As I’m writing my Amen, wanting to call 911, I go back looking for the article to find the standard right wing loon fodder that decimated the credibility of anything from that quarter-moon of Grimm’s fairy tales agreed upon as an inbred self-serving Delusion in Common accepted by true-believers — fans of fiction.

I’ve never believed in Two-statestill pissed about Gush Katif. In my mind, I’ve already traded Gaza for the entirety of Judea and Samaria. I’ve already settled Arab refugees right of return in exchange for the expulsions of Jews from other Arab countries. Then this last straw that’s breaking my back is racist justification, that is shocking, a depressing leap into a negative space of Code-Words with the old-South that raises money for Native American removal. Cheers the race-state’s commitment to religious freedom of dominion.

To then look without suspension of disbelief naïveté to find these ‘unpopular things’ have been all along. Islamophobia is the proof of the extra measure of antipathy that’s needed for the suspension of disbelief to remove Arab humanity, and put it over the top into faith in the Land of Making Believed.

To another Calvinist addendum, The Fourteenth Principle for Israel’s Authoritarians to take over and sit in the place the wisdom of elders. The world knows that by “The Prohibition of Abandoning Land in Eretz Yisrael.” of Rabbi Chaim ZimmermanTwo-State is over, dead except for prevarication and pretense to buy time for the militaristic herem package to do its Native removal to cell-blocks magic.

Delusions in Common: Consistency of Suspensions of Disbeliefs

Yitzhak Rabin’s warning of May 6, 1976:

We must prevent a situation of an insufficient Jewish majority ….There is room for a non-Jewish minority on condition that it accepts the destiny of the State vis-a-vis the Jewish people, culture and tradition. The minority is entitled to equal rights as individuals with respect to their distinct religion and culture, but not more than that.

Which is the from Herzl consensus of the necessity of demographic majority that then necessitates these ‘unpopular things.‘ Native removal into uncooperative surrounding Arab countries is ideal, but this ‘need to know to  be discussed‘ is logically (have’t thought enough) right-less cell blocks in a Birthright as racist-state future. Daniel Gordis’ No More Racist than You or Me pretends to dismiss Zionism as racist:

Look, he [his son] said, with that tone that meant he knew I wouldn’t like what was to follow, even though he was right. This guy you’re asking about believes in Israel being a Jewish state. He knows that that’s not going to happen by accident. If by racist, you mean that he thinks that some possibly unpopular things need to be done to keep this country Jewish, then yes, he’s a racist. And so are you. And so am I. But if you mean, Does he hate Arabs or anything like that, then, no, he’s not at all a racist. 

to existentially prove that it is. For the Delusion in Common of racist relativism as ‘unpopular things‘ by Benny Morris’ a ‘little‘ ethnic cleansing. These ‘unpopular things‘ are justified by Rabbi Lior, the Religious Zionist leader and student of Zvi Yehuda Kook, son of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook who says ‘Arabs are ‘evil camel riders‘ and President Barack Obama is a ‘kushi of the west.‘ Western European leaders akin to Nazi collaborators. With him, I must endorse Torat haMelech that ‘explores‘ halakhic killing of potential enemies to infants.

The book [Torat haMelech] asserts that under certain circumstances Halacha (Jewish law) permits the killing of non-Jews, including civilians and young children, who might become killers of Jews at some future time.

In the resounding and unanimous no to Can Arabs be fully integrated into Israeli society? in loyalty to the collective Delusion in Common by suspension of disbelief in reality. By huff and puff, ‘self-hating quislings‘ will be humiliated into a Solidarity of The Diaspora in this suspension of disbelief: That Palestinians Arabs Muslims the ‘kushies‘ of the U.N. and now the First World of compassion for suffering are all anti-Semitic. That the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation are ‘humane’ by the relativism of seeking to drive them all out (with nowhere to go) rather than kill per sé. That my obligation as observance is to be ethnicist(racist) within the green line to Arab-Ethiopian-commoner contempt. Fire-bombing asylum Africans. The rate-limiting step of accepting xenophobic collectivization logically extends to any Them. ‘Noble‘ old-South say-do-whatever dominion religion — mine.

Behold! Tablets from Above

From NeoCon Jonathan S. Tobin in Commentary: What Israel Needs From American Jews:

Liberal Zionists and other so-called progressives should not feel inhibited from putting forward their vision of what Israel can or should be. But what they first need to do is to show some respect for the people of Israel and demonstrate some understanding of the limits to which their ideas can alter political reality on either side of the security fence. Without that respect and understanding, Israelis are to be forgiven for viewing American liberal Zionism as a thin façade for self-righteous and ignorant claptrap.

is as In the Tent, or Out: That is Still the J-Street Question. Rather than a substantive response to the global concern about settlements, the failure to stand in Solidarity is the issue, the we Know Best ‘unpopular things‘ tablet handed down by;

And if you want those of us who are still unsure to become convinced that you are part of the Big Tent, then I have another piece of advice for you – recognize that not everyone can be part of the tent. 

Bullying as ‘Reasoning‘ for Suspension of Disbelief

Gordis talks about ‘possible‘ future territorial concessions to say “If you think that something is obvious, then you simply haven’t thought enough.” No one who’s still thinking believes Two-state isn’t already dead with rigor mortis by  those anti-Semitic to publish B’Tselem maps of the settements.

I’m not for Two-State, glad it’s Over, but in absolute contempt of bullying as ‘reasoning.‘ That displays a Consciousness of Guilt. Go ahead, feel free to spit down on my intelligence. I appreciate the opportunity to remember as you threaten excommunication, to be banished in place. I just love being humiliated by militaristic racists. Slap me up side the head with your condescending absolutist collectivization ‘advice,‘ take my ball and tell me to go home. Don’t make aliyah to lose my soul is advice I’ve taken to heart.

His points against J Street have loyalty traction, but there’s no coherent alternative being offered to Two-state. We know what we’re doing, have everything under control while BDS signals loss of moral authority, as problematic as recognition had value. This ‘unpopular things‘ plan is as ‘secret‘ (since Herzl) as nuclear capability.

The UnderbellySucked into the Drooler’s Coliseum Suspension of Belief

When Project Humiliation extends to The Diaspora and the only ally (almost) you have left, the only thing proved, is that you want to hold dominion over not only the Arabs, the Diaspora, allies, the narrative, and my Soul as well.

Medvev’s What the Evangelicals Give the Jews — May 2012: Begins with the standard right-wing loon-fodder assertion that Jews are deeply disappointed with the Obama administration.

For not attacking Iran on command with no allies as dyslexic-Bush one-Texas-Ranger of Germany in Iraq making-believed. And speaking the dreaded Two-State word while providing unequivocal support of Israel far more so than any previous.

This say-whatever propaganda is to set the reader on a Buck Rogers path in a suspension of disbelief assumption to then contend that Jews should ‘overcome their own discomfort with evangelicals‘ and vote for the old-Southern Strategy Republican candidate. …

Should Jews view our born-again fellow citizens as natural allies or inevitable adversaries?’

A rhetorical question to then pretend that their Code-words of Hate don’t lead to  ‘inaccurate assumptions and proceed inexorably to illogical conclusions.’ As if Hate is a ‘core Jewish value’ (in the Diaspora as in Israel) and we’re to ‘put aside sharp disagreements on American domestic issues in order to make common cause against the existential threat of Islamofascism.‘ Come squealing to old-South hog-calls. Peace with Arabs as vassals isn’t the issue that materialistic Trinitarian Pauline addendum enthusiasts of dominion are hateful Calvinists bent on misanthropy toward any ‘Them.’ Drawn by the smell of not so bad strange fruit in their Drooler’s Coliseum — before Israel existed. To make common cause with these same souls lower than common beasts that murdered us through time? Domestic issues?

Intentions Are What Is Done

The doubters, moreover, question the theological sources of Christian Zionism, insisting that sunny proclamations of brotherhood actually mask dark intentions of mass conversion, married to apocalyptic visions that inevitably include the unappetizing prospect of large nuclear explosions in the vicinity of Jerusalem. As if that weren’t enough, conservatives (or, in the preferred locution of their leftist critics, “the American Taliban”) stand accused by the Rejectionists of seeking to impose the sort of ruthless theocratic rule that would make life intolerable for all religious minorities.

While they come to the hog-calls of ‘religious freedom’ to ban contraception, have employers make healthcare decisions for employees, and reject the separation of church and state, I need to be ‘corrected from my understanding … for a ‘Jewish-evangelical alliance.’

The biggest differences in attitudes toward Israel involved political rather than religious orientation: 80 percent of Republicans backed Israel over the Palestinians, compared with 57 percent of both Democrats and Independents.

Reflects old-South dominion theology, support of Apartheid South Africa on the same metareligious  basis.

In which areas, exactly, can committed Jews identify irreconcilable differences with serious Christians when it comes to most significant questions of morals, ethics, and righteous behavior?’

Righteous? Seriously?

Righteous? Crusades. Inquisitions. Pogroms. Murders of Civil Rights workers, Bombing little girls in church. Please. Righteous? Southern Baptists that tried to throw Carter out for trying to end their three-fifths a soul doctrine and defense of slavery. That claim pro-life while any compassion for suffering other than their own is Communism. Righteous? Haven’t heard of a war they didn’t want to join, their only question who to Hate. For the longest time, that was me. Calvinist Identity. That their core value is a proclivity for xenophobia does constitute a fundamental split on basic core values in perpetuity by Is the right really breaking up with its racists? What’s disturbingly goyishe about the NRA, is that through history these are the low souls that have sought the power to kill, us. Righteous?

Wealth creation through a freedom to Ayn Rand Greenspan say-do-whatever with impunity as the ‘free-market convictions’ of conservatives as if Ethics, ‘one of the principal concerns of Jewish law from the Torah onward, shaping a culture known for millennia for its enterprise and industry in the marketplace‘ has anything to do with their ‘personal responsibility’ of suckers conservative utopia.

Israel: a Second Coming of Higher Interest

The higher interest of cooperation with conservatives (by voting for them) on behalf of Israel … amounts to a betrayal of the very essence of Jewish identity — providing aid and comfort to a potentially lethal enemy of the pluralism that allows unpopular religious minorities to thrive in the United States‘ — is notably against their will. The standard right-wing loon-fodder say-do-whatever by taking credit for advances they fought.

For a half century, Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League has been warning of evangelical efforts to “Christianize America”” — by these same aforementioned that reject separation of church and state. Then it tries to fluff the pretense of scholarship to make baseless assertions about the honorable intentions of these materialistic Calvinist dominion enthusiasts, to cite ‘Alan Dershowitz, one of Israel’s most effective and impassioned defenders in public debate, wrote a 2007 book called Blasphemy: How the Religious Right Is Hijacking Our Declaration of Independence.’ for another fatuous unsubstantiated disclaimer of evangelical Authoritarian drive. Conservatives are telling Israelis to run their country into the ground with this ‘secret’ ‘unpopular things‘ plan for dominion.

To highlight the purported dangers facing the Jewish community and other non-Christians in America, alarmists (such as journalist Michelle Goldberg in her 2006 book Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism) focus breathlessly on colorful, crackpot, fringe operations to suggest that their radical views characterize all or most of the nation’s 50 million evangelicals.

map1-settlementswhen these ‘values’ characterize the hateful core driving the old-South’s War within the States. Then ‘Fortunately, the hysteria over looming theocracy has receded significantly since George W. Bush went home to Texas.‘ Nevertheless, we should vote another Nuevo say-do-whatever Born Again to old-South Republican dominionism into the presidency? For Israel?

Driven by Demonization

I demonize devangelicals because they’re driven by demonization. Excepting me now that we’re white doesn’t except them from that. It claims that we should be comfortable with their desire to return the country to the not so bad strange fruit 50s.

I have no doubt that ‘associating with those conservatives has made some more Jewish,’ because exposure, as to any infectious disease or foul stench leads to an anamnestic response. Repulsive. I should vote for hateful xenophobia, for corporatists to say-do-whatever with no oversight? I will Never Forget Schwerner Chaney and Goodman as these old-Southern Strategy Republicans have  found a way to play a race card in every election since 1968.

A Calvinist says at Ynet that we’re not praying to the same as Muslims, as if I’ll ever pray the Nicene Athanasian Pauline addendum, to a Greek myth. Forget the Crusades pogroms and Inquisition and other notable but unmentionable instances of these cousins at work. The xenophobic old-South cheering the compatriot militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliationin in racism-evolved Islamophobia justification has banished the good standing of Zionism among Western nations, the Third World not-withstanding.

The Side of Justice

Ethiopian ProtestHumans are compelled to take the side of justice. The quelling of internal dissent at home and in the Diaspora, and by extension within America, is like plantation white folks arguing at the dinner table about what they’re going to do about that buck that’s getting uppity, as if house slaves aren’t standing there overhearing. Can’t read. Even with Code of Omerta ‘loyalty to tribe‘ within, the word is out, has been before Israel became a recognized nation.

Indubitably, Injustices are occurring worldwide, far more so than tearing up thousands of trees in a version of Roman scorched earth. Reality is that we hold ourselves to a higher standard, as do they. In addition, there’s reverse racism that’s intermixed in that the Ashkenazim face of Israel accepted as white that is the genuine reason for old-South ‘support.’ Allusive Anti-Semitism is by the assumption of their mantle of Crusades Inquisitions pogroms colonialism and imperialism, to be guilty by association. Before with South African Apartheid and now Calvinist Identity.

Collectivization Is the Linchpin

The One-drop of Blood idea is consistent with Dov Lior’s Gentile sperm leads to barbaric offspring,‘ that’s a negation of the matriarchal paradigm of identity. It may not be racism per sé, under suspension of disbelief, it’s Eugenically close enough, more than One-drop. Collectivization is the linchpin. The colonialist idea that power money might will prevail is sliding into the quicksand of reality as people all over the world point to Israel as they struggle against injustice, no matter how chilled the voices of dissent within the Diaspora, or bilateral the political consensus within say-do-whatever America. The list of countries to whom America dictates foreign policy is diminishing if not diminished. The pretense, suspension of disbelief, that the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation are disconnected from everything else is stumbling to fall. Forget the developing world, the European and still holding onto compassion addendum shoe is dropping, and all the huff and puff bullying in the world can’t remove ‘secret’ ‘unpopular things‘ from being an ‘issue.’ To be discussed.

Suspension of Disbelief in Democracy or Egalitarian Justice

Assuming that the decision has been made (at least thirty years ago) to do these ‘unpopular things,‘ reality is that an increasingly justice-seeking world can’t be prevented from affecting the course of events as Thousands in Jordan call for end of peace treaty with Israel. The last friendly Arab government teetering, As Arab Spring burns, Jordan’s Abdullah is feeling the heat.despite all his warnings and efforts.

The right denigrates the Obama administration for the presence of mind to build a coalition on Iran as President George H. W. Bush, (who withheld financial aid over settlements) rather than the faith-based dyslexic one-Texas-Ranger for one(of two)-war coalition of the ‘willing.’ On his American Express credit-card charger with his Don Quixote lance backward, blind-folded.

The break-their-will herem brigade, aside from the standard ‘kushi‘ old-South rationale, decries the Obama administration for giving Them Hope by being critical of the settlement enterprise. While every American administration has done the same, as dyslexic Bush’s Condoleeza Rice’s initiatives. Sadat and Rabin assassinated, President Carter reenters the fray with an ‘unhelpful’ book. As George H. W. Bush from Connecticut had the good sense to value international support.

The second Reagan term ended on what many Israelis considered to be a sour note when the United States opened a dialogue with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in December 1988.

As Randolph Scott to Bart in Blazing Saddles, the temerity to mention ‘mutually agreed land swaps,’ the basis of all peace agreements, with no mention of Resolution 194 wasn’t enough to appease Calvinists of dominion. That operates from Calvinist messianic absolute certainty that’s built a fence outside the fence of good sense for Bill Maher(‘s): The Republican Party Is ‘At War With Common Sense.

Suspension of Belief in your Prophetic Interpretations

My religious beliefs are an absolute Perfect Faith, but my interpretations can’t be. Nor yours. Carrying a human interpretation to an absolute of absolution is existentially untenable. Clearly, my religious beliefs that didn’t agree with abandoning Gush Katif can’t agree with giving Migron back. I’m not for Two-state but for the Civil Rights for everyone. I’m not for anything Human as an absolute, a primary reason these all these addenda are my unpopular things to decry. They are not of prophetic interpretations. Not holy. Incredible.

Conventional wisdom is either all theirs or ours in European ownership driven by the faith-based disconnect from reality engendered by elevating a self-serving out-of-context human interpretation to an absolute. When we have a ‘BirthrightpureJewish as ethnic State, we’ll be beacon of the world coalescing ‘kind after kind’ for His World to Come. Of dominion? Now, Kahane cum Dov Lior’s racism-evolved Zionist philosophy is another addendum to be conflated to Judaism. Arabs, the residual illegal ‘occupation,‘ are to be right-less vassals as the talking point goes forth that those within the green line that do have rights are to be expatriated to the cell blocks, unless rich.

I will stipulate that Israel is at least inclusive of the land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River, the standing problem is that there’s nothing in the Mandate that removes the Civil Rights or property rights of Arabs within. On the one hand we want to stand on parsing the terminology of the mandate, and on the other it doesn’t matter because of ‘realpolitik’ or biblical proscription. Whatever. This suspension of disbelief exceptionalism for uncompensated taking marketed as philo-religious is simply colonial Birthright for the master ‘race.’ The darkies, obviously, are not entitled to ‘excessive‘ compensation. If Arab aggression has removed their rights collectively, make the case. To the world, not only to old-South decerebrates who’re willing to believe anything that sounds like Dixie re-Birthright to a Nation. 

Without integration, impossible with this ‘particularism’ euphemism for racism ‘haven’t thought enough’ I-Thou never happens. That leads to Ehud Barak: Yair Lapid’s party charter worse than that of Syria’s rulers because of broaching the issue of integration. For Lapid to float a kushi-kushi insult to express fealty to the Delusion in Common after getting elected. All or Nothing absolutism endeavors to place the ‘savages‘ who are citizens Spartan stones within the Green Line until they can all be ‘exchanged’ to some kind of Two-state as cell-blocks or Romney-self-deport.

Observance as Unpopular Things

Rather than focusing on improving what we’ve understood as observance for millenia, observance has been old-South dumbed-down to supporting and doing ‘unpopular things‘ as thought that’s faith in HaShem, when ‘popular’ isn’t the issue but being required to have faith in a Dov Lior’s interpretation of interpretations in a One-drop of European context. Oral law to love myself, let’s hate Them all?

I’m so terrified of being put out of your Calvinist Identity tent, I beg pardon for my ‘thin façade of self-righteous and ignorant claptrap.’

I have no pretense of ability or wisdom to tell Israelis what to think feel or believe: whether to be exclusive or inclusive, condemning fellow Semites or not. That applies to me as well. No more than Israel can be badgered or cajoled from the ‘secret’ decades-old militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses Project Humiliation ‘secret’ plan, can I be badgered or cajoled into embracing racist justifications or believing that racists have ‘been good for America Israel the world or the World to Come. Getting away from those associations would have ‘improve(d) my misunderstanding.‘ I’m in almost unanimous agreement to then be choked to the other side of ‘sides’ on that over-the-top last straw as bone of a rancid rotting festering Hate. This Fourteenth Principle addendum to justify ‘unpopular things‘ being handed down as a tablet from on high is as anathema as that other Calvinist addendum to my Awe of HaShem.

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