Initially, with deep respect for all rabbis, I was dismayed that Boteach decided to join the Big Tent of Hate. Then, deliverance as lightning from above, proof positive of Buffoonery by the temerity to ‘engage’ the old-South with a ‘Kosher‘-addendum to the addendum.

Which sin is worse, go-along-to-get-along silence or speaking out?

We’re warned against speaking evil, and as long as someone doesn’t totally reject their Jewish identity, by the elders of blessed memory, they’ll have their portion in the World to Come. The question being posed here is how much of an affirmation of Jewish identity is the opposite of a tzaddik, who would lead anyone gullible enough to follow them into the most blatant idolatry — the concern of the masses of genuine rabbis and tzaddiks who foresaw that militaristic Zionism would bring purported ‘teachers‘ pretending to teach and represent Judaism while beckoning to stumble. Then to be protected from people speaking out because of lashon hara while they’re creating great harm and defiling The Holy Name.


Sum carpe diem est carpe commodum.

Sum carpe diem est carpe commodum.

Boteach was surprised, shocked that Jews don’t see the addendum as a kosher topic for ‘exploration and mutual discovery.’ Or that the addendum has anything in it for us to ‘appreciate’ as twisted but valid. As if the elders haven’t addressed this issue ad nauseum before. Didn’t then.

Opening the Door

Under the law, it’s called opening the door. a ‘you brought it up, so now we get to talk about it — here’s my argument.‘ We don’t need to have this argument. Again.

‘Debate, discuss religion’ with the debased by kissing the papal ring of their man as if he was the Good though not divine? When we already know the elders handled the situation with wisdom, and justice.

Imaging Slander

Imagining slander, I forced myself to read the addendum, to see the scene of the crime for myself. Hoping to see some Good. To become deathly ill from the contact with such a depraved elevation of a man as if. Absolutely sickening in every imaginable way. At the end of those trying days, I came to the conclusion that this man as if was as remarkable as the addendum that sallies forth under his name, with the Ronald Reagan’s high bar of conviction only by confession.

It’s for care that elders have warned against reading it, not because of any enticement to insanity, but to prevent spiritual and bodily injury. I’m impressed that any Jew can remain healthy after trying to ‘study it.’ Perhaps a Forensic Pathologist. Accustomed.

Duty to Mitigate Damages

Another common principle under the law is the duty to mitigate damages. Commenting upon, complementing the addendum’s avatar with recycled Hyam Maccoby and S.F.G Brandon wishful thinking is telling them I’m OK, your’e OK. Only a Buffoon opens the door against their client’s interest. Puts their client known Guilty of contempt for the addendum to the core of who I am for the past thousands of years on the witness stand, On the ‘spot.’

He may fantasize that having this ‘discussion’ will bring us closer to addendum enthusiasts, or them to us, when afflicted with the Ron White inability to be silent, though with the Right; unnecessarily opening the door for damages one way or another, the one being silent in acquiescence and the other in speaking out.

There’s no thing more offensive to me than a man as if thing. Here I am, at risk of violation of lashon hara having been plopped onto the Perry Mason witness stand, knowing I refuse to lie. Trusting that I’ll take the Fifth by a — no comment. Be willing to be ‘political, flexible‘ about these addenda.

Think positive. Kiss and play nice. Diplomatic. What’s happened through time is unpleasant. Euphemisms with Damages.

Bubbles from Below

Better a Shinto or African traditionalist praying to an ancestor or the wind and rain or a Hindu to a real elevated spirit, or Neptune Apollo Zeus Poseidon than a pretender preying on His throne.

Regardless of the ‘truth‘ of what their man as if was about, their Pauline depth of disrespect, the hubris to make, create that thing, a man as if, is well approaching infinite. Pagan but less than to hyper-pagan. Pagan in the superlative. To pretend as credible from an ever-opportunistic supplicant. Respect the addendum? Be Judeo-Pagan? An incredible complement of a powdered pork-rind dough stuffed with rot to look like a knish.

My only apologetics are for showing my teeth by talking about that unmentionable thing of an ‘it’ at all. Insanity is too kind. Overly euphemistic. Kosher? Forgetaboutit.


From it should have come as no surprise when a few weeks later Boteach announced his intention to run for Congress, and for what it’s worth, as a Republican.

Why would a rabbi run for Congress? Because the problems we’re seeing in our great nation are not caused by an economic downturn but by a values erosion, and I intend to be the values voice that Congress so desperately needs. … The values that have dominated the American political landscape for decades are the American obsession with gay marriage and abortion, to the exclusion of nearly all others, which explains why our country is so incredibly religious yet so seemingly decadent. It’s time to expand the values conversation and policy agenda. Let’s begin with really saving the institution of marriage by focusing squarely on the outrageous 50 percent divorce rate. I will promote legislation that will fight marital breakdown by making marital counseling tax-deductible.

Why be a Republican today? Join the Big Tent of Hate? For their Hate.

Their hate is their value, their values. As long as their Islamophobic hate light-saber is directed against the other monotheism instead of ours, all’s well. That end’s well. In perpetual War — for dominion.


So naturally, Boteach joins the old-South Republican Party to talk about ‘values‘ when the only value of the old-South is their hate. The Judeo-Pagan has become the old-South code-word of Islamophobia that’s coming through loud and clear by hawking the coincidental association of Judaism to rank hyper-paganism with no consideration of the other ‘Western’ religion, that dastardly Islam. Not the cultures, but the religion.

An army of Medveds who have yet to pretend that they’re rabbis, and now Boteach ‘lead‘ us into the Big Tent of Hate of a fantasized Ronald Reagan, that would have a problem today for his willingness to reach across the aisle. That’s light years from that of progressive Theodore Roosevelt. Forget Lincoln. Now  ‘Republican’ is nothing but another defiled name for this old-South Federalist Party of ‘niggerniggernigger‘ that rejects any compassion for suffering as anathema. That I am to join for a noble value of Arabs as sand-niggers.

Big Tent of Hate

The Big Tent of Hate will never have anything to do with yetzer haTov or loving kindness beyond vehement rejection of the idea, including as espoused by their make-believed as divine Trinitarian Pauline avatar.

Their only care is to end care. These Republicans he finds No Fault in joining explicitly reject yetzer haTov, while drooling in the Coliseum to kill social programs — food stamps. As they’ve killed and strive to kill, murder, yetzer haTov. The Good. Us for ages.

As if the thirty years devolution of the morality of the country isn’t rooted in the rise of the old-South’s War within the States inaugurated in Philadelphia Mississippi in honor of murder. That has resulted in moral anarchy starting in the centers of leadership of the military-industrial cabal of inveterate misanthropic corporatists. That’s all that’s trickled down.

Values indeed.

Antipathy as Virtue

We’re not even speaking the same language with this old-South of antipathy as Virtue. The born role of the soul of old-South pagans is to look to things; Here’s our deity of Ba’al’s power money and might. Cain’s power of murder standing over Abel.

This association is emblematic of joining the Atwater Derbyshire-Sowell, the Black Redneck’s team by those who want the old-South to continue to practice their dominion religion as long as that ‘freedom’ of Native American removal is extended to getting mine in Judea and Samaria.

More Important

An exclusivist Israel is to be my more important consideration, my Cause to supplicate old-South pagans of making believed. Praying to them to help us prey on the Arab sand-nigger Them. For the children. Ours.

Never mind the last few millennia, as though these old-South beastly Bubbles won’t tear his opportunistic duplicitous face off in an animistic return-to-their-roots faux pás. As long as we affirm the natural conventional wisdom of creating alliances with fellow predators, we’re saved. Birds of a Feather. Observance now to be returning to worshiping our new golden calf, without need for a real Moshiach. Our Cause is safe with cousin Goliath. Never mind the rest. Not my brother’s keeper. Yetzer haTov? Compassion? Forgetaboutit.

Emphasis of Interpretation

There are specks of compassion in the addendum; with disparate emphasis of interpretation as any other religion, one interpretation with default yetzer haTov for all in practice, and another rigorously confining the good as exclusively for Us.There are people who believe in the addendum in the ‘Democrat’ party, but their interpretation’s inappropriate by their greater likeliness to interpret from egalitarian compassion for Them. That the old-South of compatriot Trojan association edits out. Ignores as heresy.

By metareligion, as there are people who describe themselves as ‘this‘ and Buddhist, the old-South religion of Ba’al only demands their Birds of a Feather uphold the primacy of interpretation of whatever religion as Us holding dominion over Them. Today, anyone who affiliates with this incarnation of the Federalist Party of no compassion for suffering beyond their own, is making a statement, about themselves. As infirm water seeking its lowest level, into a crack of hate as old-South crack. Showing Boteach’s true heart.

True Heart Exposed

As another authority on Negroes with No Ears to Hear who ruin their faces under his opportunistic tutelage without the prescience or perception to understand that the One-drop is not a step toward being Bubbles. Standing by while he cuts his nose to spite his face. For the caché. Crumbs of fame from high pockets. Without care. Except for a great opportunity.

Someone with One-drop having someone who embraces an association to the old-Southern Strategy of ‘niggerniggernigger‘ as a mentor is like having faith in a charlatan ‘healer’ who prescribes medieval water torture, water-boarding as a cure for asthma. Bubbles of pain that could never be treated by someone comfortable with the old-South selling the snake-oil of One-drop while his Bubbles’ Bubbles lives in a cage. Today. Where he ‘belongs.’ Kind after kind.

Where He Belongs

So all has ended well. From someone I had a default of respect and willingness to listen, I know that knish isn’t made of the stuff I’d expect for kosher, a mensch. Actions remove all doubt. Showing himself as another hypocritical Atwater, with a self-serving association to another minstrel, this time as man-as deity looking down his nose at his Bubbles in The Mirror on a scale toward humanity like Atwater the man with The Blues Legend as dog. Or the Ronald Reagan’s minstrel Ray Charles as convention show-dog. A great show, Westminster.

Sum carpe diem est carpe commodum.

How to Tell

How to tell where he’s coming from? Talking about family values as if there’s some revelation outstanding from paying marital counselors to discover that when the money goes away under Maestrini’s law, the marriage teleologically goes with it: contract voided for non-performance.

If someone opens their Soul to another person humanly in I-Thou, one comes to care about what the other person cared about. I-Bubbles is proved by his disregard for children, except his own. That proved by choosing to associate with the old-South that has no care for humanity. A lucrative opportunity no doubt.

The old-South is all about death except for flipping words as they flip their guns for a religious duty to pass judgment. With necessary fealty to ending of all social programs, against food stamps in hard times while U.S. Child Poverty Second Highest Among Developed Nations, their — his only plan of care for children is to harden their Spartan stones and tighten the noose under Maestrini’s law. Pretending with pro-life anti-abortion propaganda with explicitly no care for people after they’re born, with no care about Child Poverty or the Infant Mortality Rate, while sticking a pinky out while sipping their tea in hypocritical condemnation of birth control, all self-serving pretenses to see themselves as Better Than. Sin. Infallible. Pure. Deities.

Closets Full of Hypocrisy

This old-South Boteach is affirming has no better divorce rate than any other United States demographic with their family values they insist on preaching to the world about from pinnacles of hypocrisy. Their closets are stuffed to the corners with deception as preferable, more noble than honesty. Virtuous lies on virtue. The family that hates together stays together, aint necessarily so either.

Managing Expectations

Managing expectations, along with the rise of the Romantic method of picking fruit is at the core of the divorce issue, the contract unenforceable without the ability to Put Food on the Table. However, these aren’t really the Boteach values issue, but the value of Gordis’ unpopular things in Judea and Samaria. It’s these specific addendum enthusiasts with which Boteach finds No Fault to be ‘engaged,’ joining them under the Atwater old-Southern Strategy of xenophobia.

Not as though they have a soul within to get off of their thing as if commitment, but for them to accept us as accepting them. Allied for vicarious dominion, for the smell of not so bad strange fruit in the Coliseum. These old-South cousins certainly understand code-words for Native American removal, as they cheer for dominion in Judea and Samaria of the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation justified by hate.

Boteach would have us pretend that they’re human, almost the same except for a small inconsequential detail of terminology. Their avatar presented as an in-common noble predecessor of politico-religious resistance to UN anti-Semitic aggression against the militaristic settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria. Our kind of man, Boteach’s idea of a mensch. Managing to set an expectation of common cause with the old-South while the causes of divorce go unscathed if not not successfully aggravated.


Seemingly, Boteach is an authority of The Divine Torah, and his militaristic NeoCon cousins of the Republican Party that is a full Chimera to virulent and intractable racism have long held what we need is a strong antipathy toward Them. As though hateful old-South murderous hearts can ever do anything that isn’t self-serving, self-aggrandizing. Be a kosher best friend. To anyone except themselves; and even that’s questionable.

Provoked to Contempt

Birds of a Feather may have varied names, but in practice and association, the name doesn’t matter when it’s the same hiss and growl if the pheromonal territorial markings were violated. Boteach, by leading us into the Big Tent of Hate is rewarding the greater good of the Islamophobic hog-call of those with faith in hate. Birds of a Feather in mutual admiration with minor terminological disagreements. Same ‘culture.’ Of dominion.

I don’t have to accept your admittedly good man as if, and you don’t have to stop believing that thing as if. To be… BFFs for life.

Suicide of Credibility

The Buffoonery of the idea of beckoning a ‘Kosher‘ addendum association with the Big Tent of Hate has resulted in a suicide of credibility, from a default of respect. Marrying the old-South metareligion is as impactful as marrying a shiksa that prays to idols. Walking us down the aisle to marry the Big Tent of Idolatries.

As suicidal as falling to the madness of the addendum is assimilation to their soulless Ba’al religion of power money might. Whether Thuggee, Addendum Identity, papist Crusader, Spanish Inquisitor, Tzar Loyalist. What ever.

As Boteach’s Bubbles was encouraged to a cause greater than himself, the lesson here is an affirmation of the risk to our souls of association with converts to the Ba’al religion. Who simply want to take. Prey. Under the banner of a cause — Our thing, a golden calf greater than Awe of HaShem.


Respect the old-South for their proclivity for xenophobia? The addendum’s man as if? Opportunistic supplicants of haters?

Applaud encouraging that old-South interpretation that hate is Virtue, the hara as the tov? That defines being a Republican today, as George Will has complained. While the old-South fantasizes that Jews, some willing to encourage their largess on behalf of the dominion in Judea and Samaria Native American removal enterprise will convert, reality is a provocation to contempt for this leader.

Taking Without Compensation

As with Native American removal, the issue isn’t just taking, but taking without just compensation. The issue of Justice Compassion and Mercy is to be removed by demonization, invalidation — savages. The progression of egalitarian justice from The Divine Torah that started with faith in Exodus from pharaoh’s slavery in Egypt has been despite other pharaohs, men-as deities, not because of them. Against their interest. Infallible. Impunity. Immune to justice. Divine.

Poison from Within

This racism, Arabs as his less than fully human Bubbles he pretended to befriend, while preying on his minstrel’s association to fame and lucré without the just compensation of the ability to recognize that he was fully human is poisoning us from within. When we ‘win‘ with this, we’ll be as doomed as the old-South by faith in say-do-whatever ‘works’ — Ba’al’s power money might to make our golden calf.

Every day, there’s another assault, mission by settlers in Judea and Samaria. We’re to accept this as biblical justice. Anti-Semitic to even acknowledge as reality, and commanded from on high to choose sides, wid’ us er’ agin’ us pard.’ In or out.


Jealous? When I refuse to covet? I should be jealous of the inanity and insanity of a man as if? However, that’s not the real issue. I doubt any significant number of Jews are dim-witted or unbalanced enough to make the leap to HaShem as a man, any man. The issue.

A trip down a Lewis Carroll rabbit-hole that’s beyond cousin’s Land of Make Believe, through Neverland and into Captain Kirk as if in a black hole as-soul. When Moshiach comes, he still won’t be HaShem.

There’s no real challenge there; Nixon’s Checkers takes on Spassky.


The real risk, the true danger, is assimilation to the old-South metareligion of hate as Virtue. Or secularism. Those are the two choices being presented in the War within the States. The vociferous as though religiousspitting down on those talking about care, Human Rights as a perversion.

To assimilate to the insipid idea that the Arabs in Israel can be handled as Native American removal. Today. To the old-South’s true religion of worshiping the power money might of Ba’al, without the need for any formal adoption of their systemic terminology of lies beyond common Islamophobia. That is to be our Tent of Meeting on Golgatha. The old-south doesn’t care about Syrian Human Rights, but is drawn as the peals of children’s laughter by the smell of blood in the Coliseum. To wash their hands in it and vicariously experience deity.

Dai Rabbit Hole


The real threat is hypocrisy. Youth. People. Have an innate sense of right and wrong. Fairness. From who gets what and why.

My parents were petty-bourgeois. They valued education, and tended to expect people of better education and then better means to have better morals and better trustworthiness. In an Idealistic Aristotelian of Platonic sense that would be true. When in reality it ain’t necessarily so.

Since Reagan, there is no morality beyond the Virtue of Ayn Rand Greenspan no-oversight predation. There is no honor or integrity. Our culture is depraved, rotting from the top, from the educated and moneyed. Greed. Fraud. Lying. All the old-South oldies but goodies, now extended diffusely.

Leaving the Good

The world, by The Divine Torah, has been learning of the Good of egalitarian caring, of the favor in His eyes of being my brother’s keeper. Of the yetzer haTov in preference to the yetzer hara. Then, a Boteach comes along and says, true true, but like Gordis, and many more, there are unpopular things we need to do. Infallible. Things. Divine.

So while it’s true that people should be valued for the content of their character, and not judged by who they are, nothing’s more important, there’s no ‘value‘ more important, than dominion in Judea and Samaria. Over savages. With fond memories of naturally looking down his nose at his Bubbles as a savage that’s supposed to go before as a placard of credibility. So we don’t really have faith in egalitarian justice to fair conviction under laws, or compassion for the suffering of the  weak poor or sick, or His Mercy. Or compassion. First things first.

First Things First

We have faith in Ba’al, in Goliath’s power money might, old-South (for my, forget yours) ‘family values.‘ And because the old-South Republican Party that’s energized by hate is on ‘our dominion side,’ those other ‘values‘ fade into the background. The old-South of Ba’al has the ‘values‘ that are important, for Us. Clearly, many of the cultures within Islam, as the old-South, are despicable. Then, where does the cultural metareligious interpretation pick up and the religion leave off? Are we those people? Willing to sell our souls to Ba’al to make sure the old-South keeps saving the militaristic settlement enterprise? Kosher?


If we go into the old-South Big Tent of Hate for humanity, we will not come out clean. There are some flecks of potato and onion in there, but that pork-rind dough and core of rotten souls has been well-known to us for millennia, before these leaders telling us to eat up, to ignore compassion as heresy. As the old-South ignores the flecks of potato and onion – the compassion, in preference for old-Southern Strategy bacon-flavored dominion, neither their defiled avatar nor wafers and wine will save.

We are not Chosen to be these people of money talks, do the right thing walks away from Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace. In His time, we can’t pretend to befriend to be Adelson’s idea of a mensch. Then feign surprise while smug and happy as a say-do-whatever  opportunistic Boteach that sold a Kosher addendum confidential tapes and now the Republican Party along with his credibility if not his soul. Bubbles of Buffoonery aren’t an excuse. As though we don’t already know the souls of the old-South.

Here we have another forbidden fruit before us, offered as a ‘Take and Eat, …’

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