Guilty by Association with the Xenophobic old-South

I’m guilty by association with the same Amalekites that only yesterday in historical time were pumping anti-Semitism that resulted in various persecutions of the Diaspora through millennia. Of my cause being guilty by association with the misanthropic xenophobic old-South. Of my cause being guilty by association with South African Apartheid, regardless of the accuracy of that characterization of Israel today.

Of Never Forgetting who they are and what they’ve done, I’m guilty by association with skeptics of cousins’ heroic Native American removal settlement enterprise as creating a lasting Peace. I’m also guilty by association of a lack of faith in power money might, in the Jabotinsky hammer without the need for a political solution.

Guilty by Association of Being Out of Step

Beyond these, I’m guilty by association of being out of step with The Fourteenth Principle addendum in obeisant breathless adulation, as Israel has become increasingly xenophobic with an ever-increasing drip of Israel’s politics of discrimination. Or is that righteous ‘particularism‘ within?

We Do Understand Each Other

From Yael Miller’s Why Israelis and American Jews don’t understand each other.

First, American multiculturalism simply baffles Israelis. … Israel is by definition a multicultural state, but religiously, it is homogeneous, which contrasts starkly to the United States’ “melting pot” of varied religions, ethnicities, and races. … They find it difficult to imagine a world where religious barriers don’t define political identity — either because of the nature of the Jewish state, or the history of Jewish persecution. How could a foreigner possibly understand the complexities, and the losses suffered, by people who grew up in a land plagued by warfare? [My emphasis]

Exclusivist Jewish State

Arabs aren’t included in this exclusivist definition of the Jewish state, Sephardim relegated to second class. Some Jews within Israel are asserting that their Identity isn’t inherently religious. Ethiopians aren’t Jews, but ‘refugees.

Some branches of Reform Judaism and Conservative Judaism can also confuse some Israelis, particularly older, secular Israelis. For many who have grown up in Israel, one is either religious or isn’t. While this perception is certainly changing with time, Israelis often do not see, for instance, women wearing a kippah. To many Israelis, these kinds of images are jarring and don’t fit into what they consider “religious.” Therefore, some might view American Jews who call themselves religious but follow a different tradition as being disingenuous.

Guilty by Association of Needing to be Told What Religious Means

In Five Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Two, you need to to tell me what religious means. I’m hearing about women with kippahs, that I admittedly find rather jarring, while I’m reading treif recipes on Israeli web sites, a special goose for a kosher taste of pork. A tad jarring as well are the Madam Defarge Arab-employer lists becoming de rigueur within the green line.

My prayer is that I, we, improve observance, each doing their best, better every day; but, that’s not the religion that’s really being discussed. Purely for code-word plausible deniability, for anyone who isn’t signing onto the Jabotinsky Fourteenth Principle Zionist metareligion. A quasi-kosher taste for the people of pork, their side of bacon to go better with my religion, for ‘old-Southern’-flavored hate, I just don’t get it — Not religious.

I’ve been guilty by association of thinking of Reform and Conservative as not as religious. They’re without question far more so than unloosing an evil tongue with the ignoble purpose of silencing dissent by invalidation, threatening excommunication. In a tradition of spitting, down. Now at other Jews. From and authoritarian on-high of idolatry of power money might — militarism.

Now, my religious tradition is to get in line with concern for Human Rights as less than genuinely Jewish. Disingenuous.

I should be enthralled by being guilty by association with the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation that’s as supporting the Death Penalty in the face of unequal application. The injustice of the latter undermining the principle of justice of the former.

Guilty of Disbelieving The Mitzvah is Herem

Now, Amalekites has become a code-word for a resurrected mitzvah of Arab herem in a no quarter asked or given Total War. Taking The Holy Name as a can-opener of guilty by association for absolution from any possibility of injustice is remarkably cavalier if an association fallacy.

Complete Breaking of the Will

The departure from modern feasibility of Arab as Native American removal invalidates the enabling theory modified to complete breaking of the will, to reify removal. The history of failure to break people’s will, much of it our own, is probative of this as a cousin dumb-as-post goal.

Guilty of No Ears to Hear Concerns Expressed

Assuming that the concerns expressed within and without don’t rise to understanding of the impossibly of injustice out of “the losses sufferedby people who grew up in a land plagued by warfare,” the disconnecting of the military proxy by settlers policy from a political process beyond denial is existentially untenable, by residua and witness.

And history.

For a Delusion in Common that, as the old-South, whatever has been done in the past was perfect and justifiable as Birthright to dominion, that it’s heresy to protest. Only the most self-absorbed narcissist can maintain the cognitive dissonance that they are as infallible as the world is fallible by contesting their deific wil.

Fundamental Justice, Fundamental Decency

Two-state  is moribund, but there’s a fundamental justice in the fair compensation for taking that Rabbi Kahane advocated.

Peres to Haaretz: Israel must not put off peace process with Palestinians while

IDF chief to Haaretz: I do not believe Iran will decide to develop nuclear weapons and

Israel’s former Shin Bet chief: I have no confidence in Netanyahu, Barak.

Then Yuval Diskin: West Bank evacuations could lead to another political assassination that the Rubicon is crossed and the two-state game is over.

The only issue left is whether Israel is going to be an Exclusivist Jewish state.

Obvious and Silenced

The policy of driving them out by removal of resources to pressure emigration in Judea and Samaria is obvious, to everyone. Unrealistically whistling by the reality that Arabs are going to be in Israel, in one form or another. The idea that any remaining are to be vassals without rights is in cousin dumb-as-a-post denial of a world that’s rejecting men-as deities in every corner. For permanent war.

Israeli government policies are a form of national suicide.’ per New York Times columnist and Nobel prize winner: Paul Krugman, beyond the limits of criticism of Israel silenced by accusations of anti-Semitism and self-hating.

Consider the Diaspora as effectively silenced, will broken, when a Jewish Nobel laureate speaks out with trepidation. From the New York Times: The Conscience of a Liberal The Crisis of Zionism

Something I’ve been meaning to do — and still don’t have the time to do properly — is say something about Peter Beinart’s brave book The Crisis of Zionism. The truth is that like many liberal American Jews — and most American Jews are still liberal — I basically avoid thinking about where Israel is going. It seems obvious from here that the narrow-minded policies of the current government are basically a gradual, long-run form of national suicide — and that’s bad for Jews everywhere, not to mention the world. But I have other battles to fight, and to say anything to that effect is to bring yourself under intense attack from organized groups that try to make any criticism of Israeli policies tantamount to anti-Semitism. But it’s only right to say something on behalf of Beinart, who has predictably run into that buzzsaw. As I said, a brave man, and he deserves better.

The most important thing he said is ‘I basically avoid thinking about where Israel is going.

Guilty by Association with Unqualified and Personal Attacks

We’re to believe that without the usual, anti-Semitic and self-hating or nothing at stake but money;

Diskin said, “Over the past 10-15 years Israel has become more and more racist. All of the studies point to this. This is racism toward Arabs and toward foreigners, and we are also becoming a more belligerent society. [and] criticized Netanyahu and Barak on their bellicose stance on Iran, as well as on what he called the premier’s unwillingness to advance peace talks with the Palestinian Authority.

is a personal attack when naturally, the defense of messianic militarism brings personal attacks for:

Olmnert went on to ask, “Until they expressed their opinion in public they were brave and admired fighters – and suddenly they are enemies of Israel, suddenly they don’t care about Israel’s security?” [after] “These people are not necessarily enemies of Israel. And we have to ask – what has happened that all the leaders of Israel’s security services suddenly think in the same way?”

when Former Mossad chief backs Shin Bet counterpart over criticism of Netanyahu, Barak.

Not Misunderstanding but Disagreement

There isn’t a misunderstanding between Israeli and American Jews, but a disagreement. Despite the policy of dismissal of any criticism at home and abroad, we all have a lot at stake.

My Soul Is at Stake

Clausewitz might recognize that idealizing the Native American result is dismissive of the icebergs of injustice within that’s now a debilitating War within the States. As the United States hits the high-water mark of second highest poverty rate among children, in the world, with a Third World within on Spartan stones under Maestrini’s law. Neck and neck with Israel. Birds of a Feather in militarism as state religion.

That’s dragging the world into a chasm of ‘Deposits’ with a sheer wall of corporatist greed on one side, and another of antipathy as the Virtue of ‘hurting them more.

Or Sun Tzu might remind that moral issues not-withstanding, the enemy has to be left an avenue of escape. Expanding the Arab in Judea and Samaria enemy to a world that cares, with no avenue of political escape is a standard dumb-as idea. Based on the hubris of men-as deific power in this world.

Déjà vu All Over Again

What is this like? Years ago, with a lead foot, thinking I had everything under control in heavy rain, I hit a sharp curve that some cousin decided was OK to go out of spec. And there I was, mitigating damages by steering up to the end. My customized to the hilt BMW was totaled, but I walked away.

This is déjà vu all over again. There’s a lead foot in Judea and Samaria dismissive of the heavy rain of criticism within and without, thinking everything’s under control, with faith in power money might.

With the inevitable unexpected sharp curve that I learned to take into account in the future just around the bend, of the World to Come.

Along for the Ride

A lesson of South Africa is that the first and most important loss of control, that cousins dismiss, plans to power money might through, is moral authority. We’re clearly losing that traction.

The militaristic settlement enterprise, without any initiative to derive an alternative political solution to Two State with Justice Compassion and Mercy for Peace is:

  1. Taking eyes away from the road to Greater Israel by focusing on territorial gains in Judea and Samaria.
  2. Steering against the direction that the world is inexorably sliding toward increasing awareness of both justice and injustice with an ever increasing pace of developments.
  3. Not being ready to straighten back out again with a political solution, over-correcting from past failures.
  4. Rather than easing off, the engine is gunned on the settlement enterprise while hitting the brakes on a political solution that takes into account that the ‘enemy’ is human, and will have a resolution on that basis, one way or another. In all theory of war, changing that state to advantage has value.
  5. Losing traction in the international community and in the Diaspora that will eventually time-out on talking to the wall, and stop thinking about where Israel is going. Be quiet. Along for the ride, praying.

The Issue Is Religious

In guilty by association with that same Identity (under a thin crust) old-South that dismisses Native American genocide or South African Apartheid as injustices, rejects any criticism as unpatriotic, un-American. And now in ostensible history whatever was done is irrelevant by wafers and wine. These same below-animal souls scum of the earth were only a moment ago pumping that we’re controlling the world, the same as they pump One-drop Islamophobia today. The same low souls that have done it all to Jews throughout time.

The Same

Their propaganda directly from the Atwater say-whatever old-Southern Strategy playbook of using racist code-words, to then turn around and accuse anyone who brings up the real word of racism. The very same that reject political solutions, see every problem as solvable by a militaristic hammer. Holding dominion.

The Diaspora has millenia of experience with these Amalekites. To be religious, I need to meet a degree of hate that is willingly guilty by association with the dregs of soulless inhumanity to forget, to have faith in power money might?

I should be enraptured by my opportunity to be guilty by association with the old-South’s — Israel’s proclivity for xenophobia? I should be charmed by the opportunity to be guilty by association with people who promise to murder non-violent protesters? I should be self-hating enough to be motivated as though I have a religious duty to drag my soul into his black hole while it drops its Project Humilation guilty by association tablet as trip onto me for having compassion for their suffering as well as my own? To be guilty by association with men-as deities who reject humlity as firmly as compassion?

There’s No Accident in that Rejecting Compassion is a Rejection of Awe of HaShem

Even with the Civil Right of Way, a driving them all out offensive as defensive ethos leads to wrecks that ain’t neccessarily euphemistically dismissible as ‘accidents.‘ Dismissive of all history and practice of war we know that can end in a lasting Peace, that isn’t a lie. By this condescending and arrogant insistence on telling me to reject compassion for suffering other than my own with ‘your own hurting people,‘ you’ve rejected my cause of compassion for All suffering. The issue is religious.

If I’m guilty by association in go-along-to-get-along with this Fourteenth Principle addendum as compatriot Birds of a Feather with the old-South materialistic interpretation of the Trinitarian Pauline addendum, if I look to their Ba’al as if in The Holy Name, my Awe of HaShem is what’s ‘disingenuous.’ I Will be guilty in reality.

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