While racist Icebergs of Injustice swirling in the the jet stream from Israel are the grounds of allusive anti-Semitism, make no mistake and don’t get it twisted; yes, Scarlet, there certainly is a Lot of Antisemitism Out There. Antisemitism that’s predicated on the ‘other,’ that rejects their idols, refuses to bow down to their deities. Stands apart. Putting none before. Antisemitism that’s rooted in the jealousy of Cain, that would murder ‘the Jews’ if given the opportunity. This is an ongoing reality one must Never Forget. “The wicked cannot like the righteous person.”

Shocked and Appalled by Antisemitism in a ‘Friend

My cousin having died under suspicious circumstances, I became re-acquainted with his Muslim ex-wife who I worked with to do a memorial website. I’m very open about my Jewish identity and make no apologies to anyone. Seeing this website, we discussed that I’ve been a Jew since 1973. She emailed a link to an Antisemitic website that, the first time I deleted so fast I wasn’t sure from where it came. Then, the second time, aware of her email address, I forced myself to read through it.

Turns out, she believes I must be confused by being Haughty and Assimilated, have been going through a phase for forty years. I need to return to the warm and comforting embrace of my ‘race.’ To be free – to idolize ‘race’ as an absolute. I should turn my back on my Beautiful Mind delusions. She found my dismissal of ‘racial’ identity as as incredible. My Jewish identity was being tolerated (until it could be changed), but not accepted.

Paid At The Life

There’s great harm in acceding to ‘race’ as any other thing as an absolute value. I went to Howard University and paid at the life with that idea, and it has no place within me today. I learned that people are people, and that there are small and petty people in every possible description who’ll find a reason to discriminate, even when the issue isn’t ‘race.’

The same condemnations that come from whites in the Desert Wilderness are affirmed and promulgated by old-South Negroes as well. Growing up within the ‘Black’ community I was either too light or too dark. Too smart — that makes me arrogant and ‘uppity’ — Haughty and Assimilated, as correcting my math teacher, or the physiology professor who didn’t know answers to his own test, or the head of the Urology program that was murdering patients with worse than malpractice.

Lessons Learned

That Antisemitism from someone I thought was a friend was a teaching moment that sent me reeling. Shocked in my naive belief that being forthright and amicable in Clarity would be accepted. That explaining this as my religion that’s entirely consistent with my stand for Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace as well as what I think. That by no means is Judaism monolithic in embrace of racist justifications for Manifest Destiny in Israel. That many vocal opponents are Jews. The my allegiance and identifications are with elders of blessed memory, and specifically with Heschel and Buber. Didn’t matter.

By losing my apart, she was helping me see the ‘truth’ about ‘the Jews’ by sending me that link. Many Negroes approaching the ‘purity’ of only One-drop ‘passed,’ albeit with discomfort in the possibility of spawning a ‘throwback.‘ And, I’m trying to ‘pass,’ have become a Traitor of the Race. My presumption of monotheism misplaced. I was mistaken that because I’m not Islamophobic doesn’t stop Muslims from being Antisemitic.

Usually I won’t discuss religion with people of Strange Worships, but my existential belief that Islam and Judaism will Unite for the World to Come was shaken as mistaken. That hope chastened by realization of a yawning gulf in some areas while in agreement in others. Rather than imagining that people will be able to step up to this, I realize it will take a Miracle. A miracle that’s not going to happen for me to accept the Pauline addendum its avatar, or Islam.

I lost what I thought was a friend, and learned another valuable lesson as well. That anti-Semites don’t listen, can’t get past the fact of Being a Jew. As with Ann Coulter, acceptance is conditional at best.

Face the Reality of Antisemitism

Face reality, Antisemitism, as Racism, is alive and well in the world.

I stipulate now and for the record that until the Conventional Wisdom of Us-Them no longer holds, there is, in fact, a goyish Shoah around every corner. Those of us One-egalitarian-state ‘quislings’ should accept that there’s a sea of people out there who will find a reason to hate ‘the Jews’ regardless of what Israel does or doesn’t do. Know that whether pagan Neo-con worshiping power money might, or One-state Atheist quisling in Awe, or frum trying to stay out of it, some will still hate us either way.

Part of organized religions is affirmation of an ‘Us.’ As before, many are waiting for us to ‘come around‘ to an acceptable idolatry (or die). And as is well known, periodically they decide not to wait.

Being Apart: Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t

One of the primary citations of the cause of Antisemitism is being Apart. I have very good reasons for being apart.

My core identity is that of a Jew, an anchoring stone by the Shekhinah from 1973. Asking me to deny that is tantamount to an invitation to suicide. There’s no expectation of a reward, even unto the World to Come. However, this ‘idea’ is firmly connected not only to that experience, but my intellectual metaphysical belief in continuity. That there’s a connection as choice to be a Blessing to the Land of bringing the World to Come in Awe of HaShem. Come what may, that lies at the core of who I am, is my personal identity.

Fences Within Fences

Firstly, I like my fences; that you can look at me and tell that I’m beyond an apostate of the Pauline addendum and unwilling to ‘submit.’ Openly Jewish. I want my fences high in hope of avoiding this kind of assault. Perhaps they’ll just let me go on my way without trying to ‘save’ me. Then this draws attacks. Damned if I do, and damned if I don’t.

Secondly, there’s no cussing at me more dire than trying to talk to me about an addendum. I just don’t want to hear it. I might prefer to be slapped, can’t say for sure. Nevertheless, this is a capital reason for me to stay apart. Don’t ask me to agree that the Quran is Holy or that the Pauline addendum avatar or Muhammad is a prophet. Press me and I’ll show teeth because it’s the next thing to a physical assault, an injury to my soul. To once again find myself facing a ‘convert or else.

Thirdly, derivatives from The Divine Torah believe their deities are good. Eventually, as in this case, they’re going to want to help a friend with their enlightenment. Then, when the slippery of avoidance and euphemism has at long last been wiped off the eel, it’s going to come out in unflattering terms that not only I don’t want this Antisemitic Egyptian snake oil, I find it an abomination, contemptuous under a thin veneer. Feelings get hurt all around.

Jonah In the Great Dagon

dagon-3Fourthly, I’m trying to get along here while not going along. I’m not trying to anger anyone by being angry. I’ve marinated in my absolute certainty for forty millennial lifetimes, and there are no magic words or threats that will ‘show me the light.’ All that’s going to happen is being pissed off; me them or both. In a world of euphemisms, there’ll be disappointment on both sides.

The need to be sensitive to dominant culture sensibilities dilutes the forthrightness of addressing the severity of the issue of idolatries for younger generations by not saying the plain truth that it’s an abomination. That gets it twisted by not Keeping It Real.

Most come in by Birthright, but making a conscious choice to be responsible is where I’ve received the heaviest condemnation from self-hating Jew and gentile alike. I have no excuse. It’s not a marriage of convenience but an identity ingrained from the Shekhinah. That found Wandering. I’ve heard; ‘You don’t want to call yourself that.’ ‘What’s wrong with you?’ ‘Why would you want to do that?’ ‘You’re awfully full of yourself, haughty and proud, to want to assimilate to that.’ The sheer nerve.

Antisemitism In the Wind

copy_of_anti_semitic_2_xlarge-280x230Through time, there’s been demonization of ‘the Jew’ that hasn’t abated but has evolved. The same depictions and descriptions of the characterizations of Jews if applied to Africans for example would be immediately recognized as blatantly racist. It’s accepted as a light breeze in the air, inconsequential, a legitimate complaint about meshuganah Israel. As if we, those of us Down Here on the Ground, ‘own the world,’ and the ‘Protocols’ are true and not just hateful propaganda. This is all fine and dandy.

Perhaps I’d like to be a racist ‘Black Hebrew Israelite‘ pretending that Caucasians can’t be real Jews but Khazari interlopers? Those claiming to be the ‘real’ Jews, both within the Pauline addendum and without as usurpers making claims against usurpation are Antisemitic — to me.

No Ears to Hear

As much as anything, I was impressed that she had No Ears to Hear anything I’d said. Once the I’m a Jew came out, didn’t matter: That I’m allergic to the Pauline trinity but accept that some are looking through the man-as-if invitation to idolatry. I, as most Jews, am opposed to Racism within and without. That Jews have been exemplars in the pursuit of Justice through the expanse of time.That it was Jews who supported Civil Rights, put their lives on the line and some losing. That this is my personal identity that is consistent not only with what I believe, but what I think. Couldn’t hear any of that.

Not only against Israel as is the premise of Allusive anti-Semitism, but simply by virtue of Being a Jew, I’m Guilty by Association regardless. This Pauline avatar is the patron-whatever of ‘acceptable‘ Unit-cohesion ‘Black’ religions. The right-wing fascists are definitely correct that all ‘the Jews’ are demons in the eyes of Antisemites. For a moment, I became Baruch Goldstein wanting to clear the mosque. At the end of the day, for some, we’re just whatever-derogative Jews. We’re alone in this responsibility to bring the World to Come, and should Never Forget. And Facing Reality, Be Not Afraid.

By ‘Monotheism’ Ethnic Identities Are Either-or

Fair enough, she’s right that by deciding to be a Jew, I’ve decided to leave the Negro community. By her I don’t have to be. I can embrace my One-drop and ‘pass’ just by changing my conversation, stop talking about Being a Jew, shave my beard, take off my kippah, and stop insisting on keeping Shabbat. ‘To get along’ with people she knows who have money, I need to let this Pauline abomination be my ‘personal savior’ and embrace my ‘blackness.’ Come home and Make business.

From what I thought was no-where I was hearing how people who wanted to could be cured of homosexuality. I didn’t make the connection that I could be cured of my Being a Jew obsession if I really wanted. My answer was related in that I support everyone being free to be honest about who they are. As well as a repetition of saying that I’d gone to therapy for years to get out of my Do the Right Thing addiction, so I’ve learned to accept that defect in my character with respect to the ‘culture of the situation.’ I’m operating from honesty, and not a rejection of my One-drop. I didn’t make that choice to become another ‘race,’ to embrace Jewish Racism over here when I’m too Haughty and Assimilated to embrace my ‘blackness’ over there. I believe in putting no thing before, including ‘race’ or ethnicity.

As with other religions that allow conversion, Neo-cons and their acolytes who’ve converted to the old-South Calhoun Calvinist Holding Dominion addendum that worships power money might, may call themselves ‘ethnically‘ Jews without their religion being Judaism; just as Southern Baptists have dissociated themselves from the Pauline addendum avatar. The differential is of terminology as both , as Amalekites, reject compassion for suffering other than their own. As do ‘Religious’ Zionists.

In history, Jews could be the money-changers. Occupations were restricted in various ‘dirty jobs’ ways in a parallel to Untouchables in India. Then demonized for making lemonade out of lemons in the light of The Divine Torah that elevates learning and education. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been assailed by some old-South bumpkin with some intent to ‘humble’ me for being ‘intelligent’ that translates to ‘uppity’ — Haughty and Assimilated, life would be good. The unvarnished truth is that the dim will always resent the bright, as the wicked the righteous.

The only thing Shelton Adelson and I have in common is that anti-Semites are going to hate us both. This has to be remembered as we breathe. While not getting it twisted that an identity of responsibility to be a Blessing to The Land to bring the World to Come isn’t an identity of privilege in a Pecking Order of entitlement to be unjust.

The Jews This and The Jews That

The Jews this and the Jews that‘ is in the Pauline addendum as well as the Quran. As these Western religions have come to prominence, so has Antisemitism as background music. Just as the light of The Divine Torah has spread as waters on the world, so has the heart of darkness of Antisemitism. Reality today is a mixture of Classical resentment of Judaism as rejection of these addenda, jealousy of ownership of The Divine Torah, and Allusive to Israeli ethno-religious exceptionalism. Forces of injustice hate us for pursuing Justice, and those of Justice for the injustices in Israel that many of us are struggling against. Anti-Semites blame us for either and both.

While I was at Amherst College, having been invited to the Black Muslim mosque in Springfield by a friend, there was railing with ‘the Jews this and the Jews that.’ ‘The Jew,’ the Great Satan as the evil of the world was at least half their conversation. Code-word conflated to whites in general. Talking more about the Pauline addendum while claiming to be Muslims. I don’t think they’d ever read the Quran with a picture of Elijah Muhammad in place. I was offended enough then hearing ‘the Jews this and the Jews that,’ as I deleted that first email so fast it made my own head spin. Now? Forgetaboutit.

This insipid Zev Jabotinsky is Miko Peled carping is standard among the terminally ignorant, and particularly among African-Americans and Hispanics who, as Jews, know Xenophobia when they hear it. The association of Israel to Apartheid South Africa, Neo-cons as quasi-intelligentsia of the hubris of Baghdad Shock and Awe Nights, ZOA lauding Code-word racists as Glen Beck for Islamophobia as motive. Then Shelton Adelson oops, Donald Sterling who was self-hating enough to change his name being the kindly father counseling against associating with (a filthy rich) Shvartze.

All giving traction to Classical Antisemitic tropes while undermining the history I try to inform. Aided and abetted by the necessity to maintain a collective uncritical wall of unity of support of ethno-religious Israel standing on the necks of the latest ‘savages’ to be dispatched under Manifest Destiny. With a strong undercurrent of genetic Birthright justification cultivated in the Zionist narrative of colonialist justification.

Injustice Is Antisemitic

Injustice itself is Antisemitic. By the light of The Divine Torah, Justice is being pursued worldwide. Over the entire earth, the question of good, Compassion for All Suffering and evil, compassion only for some or none, has reached the furthest corner of every heart in the most remote village and culture alien to the concept.

Were the term Jew not synonymous with the pursuit of Justice, the idea of being as unjust as Islamic states would have more traction. The argument that ‘we’re no worse than Them‘ runs counter to the reality that Jews are better. Not better than in the Charles Murray-Thomas Sowell-Derbyshire sense, but better as a culture predicated upon the value of pursuing education and the ability to think while pursuing Justice.

Israel is being particularly singled out as emblematic of those decrying corruption while standing shoulder to shoulder with the corrupt.

You think you’re better because you talk about Justice, but look at you now. Hypocrite! Finding any quasi-legal excuse you can to steal their land. Fool! So convinced of your own propaganda it’s become your religion.

The Classically Antisemitic effort to bring ‘the Jews’ down, to ‘humble’ us is more than a contest of who has power money might, but a contest against the very premise of The Divine Torah itself. That speaks of the necessity to be kind to the stranger, to care for the widow and orphan, to Be Just.

Fire This Time

We are at odds. I’m not going to pretend to pray to the Pauline addendum abomination, be a Sabbatai Zevi convert to Islam, or The Fourteenth Principle addendum under Gordis’ threats full of the Feiglin demonization of all Arabs Jonestown Kool-aid. I just can’t bring myself to bow down to men who would be deities any more than the man-as-if.

It’s perfect that the Holy Land, has become the grounds of the contest of good and evil in every heart around the world. The impossibility of herem between the Euphrates and the sea to raze the Dome of the Rock is perfect, providential. That the treatment of the stranger within contrasts to the known that there are Righteous Among All Nations and not stopped at Shoah. To now be taken-over by snaggle-toothed old-South Coliseum droolers supporting a fantasy of cleansing the ‘Jewish state’ of its population infections. First the Arabs, then Us in a second coming of a Greek myth.

Reality is that, by the power of The Divine Torah, the Us within Them is most certainly there. Our split at Abraham and hurting family, are all in need of healing. There are souls within Them that are Searching for the Good in Awe. That were at Sinai too and went the way of the unfortunate, but who were responsible enough to survive that tip of the sword. Are on the other side of the wall.

Be Not Afraid

Under my prime directive to Be Not Afraid, I can’t let threats of death by Catholic excommunication stop me from pursuing Justice. Or the ongoing reality of Classical Antisemitism in opposition to fulfilling our mission of bringing the World to Come – by Being Holy.

Our question is: Will we stand for Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace, regardless of threats both real and imagined, both without and within? On the principle of putting none before in Perfect Faith from Awe of HaShem.

Still somewhere between terror and admiration of rabbi Kahane, despondent that Aliyah has become a dream torn out of sight, and floating away on the mists of impossibilities, I still remember Jerusalem. Dream of The Temple rebuilt. Returning.

Bundles of Reeds

Militaristic Zionists are right, there’s strength in sticking together, as a Bundle of Reeds, but more important is what we’re sticking to; fear or Awe? Justice or Injustice? Born in terror to live in terror while terrorizing quislings within and critics and ‘enemies of the state‘ outside: Don’t you want to do business with the technological future of the world? Aren’t all Arabs Amalekites? Isn’t any resistance Antisemitic, and futile? You there! Get in line!

Don’t get it twisted: I won’t deny my Awe of HaShem, but still reject Judaism as an ethnicity. Awe is at the core of My Silent Attic. I’m not going to be ‘saved’ by their Pauline addendum avatar or accept it as a prophet, much less maschiach. No more than I’m going to accept Antisemitism will I condemn reflections from the The Divine Torah while clear that none of them are for me. Including this addendum that holds Pam Geller Daniel Pipes Robert Spencer and Ayn Rand, pied-pipers of hate, are prophets. Or the king’s torah as Holy in its debased intent.

I have no more interest in being a ‘race’ than Muslim. ‘Black Hebrew?’ Please. I’d rather be Haughty and Assimilated at the back of the bus from The Divine Torah that shows the light of putting none before. At the same time, I’ll be damned if I’m going to shut up about these ‘unpopular things‘ in another addendum that puts Being a Jew before.

Tolerance Isn’t Acceptance

Before, rejection of the addenda to The Divine Torah was the foundation of Classical Antisemitism that’s now combined with jealousy and Allusive anti-Semitism based upon a Haughty and Assimilated 19th century European colony drunk with power saying Who’s your daddy?

Damned if I resist being complicit with injustices and damned if I don’t. Damned if I get too close to people of Strange Worships and an ineffective light if I don’t. My clear choice is not to Abandon the ark of elders of blessed memory, regardless. I will go down with that ship, or come up. It’s exactly that stiff-necked dogged refusal to abandon Awe that’s so infuriating to Antisemites. I simply will not be moved to put any thing before. Forgetaboutit.

The forces of darkness, the adversary named Fear, is pursuing our soul. Their greatest success has been the turning the people of Justice, whose raison d’etre is to bring the World to Come for All nations, away from Awe to embrace the militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses that have been from the inception.

One-state Judt Pappe Peled Shahak, beyond Two-state Zionists Chomsky and Finklestein; all of whom are Profiles in Courage in an understanding that when Antisemitic terrorists take over the plane, like Danny Pearl; the question will be, Are you a Jew? Yes or no.

As with my ‘friend, standing for Palestinian justice won’t remove from being a Jew in the eyes anti-Semites, induce them to drop being Antisemitic. They need us to suffer, to ‘humble’ us. ‘Friends’ who yearn for ‘the Jew’ to be down for the kicking until ‘coming around.’ They need the ‘Jewish state’ to run aground. To finally manage to light a fire that can’t be extinguished.

Transcending Antisemitism

Zionism cannot use existentially exclusive ethno-religious Of For By ‘Jewish state’ justifications while dismissive of the reality of its creation as well as the realities of ongoing expansion. To arrogantly rely on sheer power money might in Unit-cohesion to prevail in the face of Icebergs of Injustices. These are the fires of the altar upon which the Diaspora as Isaac has been bound.

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

I get it better than before that despite my disagreements concerning Israel, as a Pauline-addendum Palestinian has a video linked at Algemeiner that condemns Palestinian Arab Muslims, her truths are being used, as Derbyshire-Sowell-Murray racist commentary as justifications. What better critic than within?

When I had the sheer nerve to walk away from the Pauline addendum at thirteen as an idolatry rooted in fear, hell be damned, understand that it’s been a gargantuan effort to keep my mouth shut until Lo, was I brought low.

Report: Anti-Semitism at highest levels since WWII while the conflation of criticism of Israel’s state-driven militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses to Antisemitism, to stifle any dissent within so that Two-state advocates, not only those questioning Right to Exist, are consistently attacked hammer and tong has meant friendly fire in a Fog of War. That has played the narrative into the hands of those who say ‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks.‘ The Kahane reality is that anyone who makes any allusions to ‘peace’ other than Holding Dominion is a traitor.

Provocative to say to some, but the truth that no one should get twisted is that Being a Jew means putting no things before; to question everything. Yes, I’m a Jew first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean I agree to deify Israel any more than the kindred niggerniggernigger old-South Ronald Reagan as patron saint of Holding Dominion Calhoun Calvinism applauding the murders of Chaney Goodman and Schwerner in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

As with helping momma and Dada, I cry out to keep my word given in Awe. In that I am personally responsible, all criticism of Israel is factually Antisemitic, is critical of me. And, if I won’t speak up for Justice from my weakness and insecurity, who will? Yes, I’m absolutely responsible — to Do the Right Thing. Regardless. We are truly all on the same moving train.

Until we fulfill our promise as Chosen to bring Unity, we are and will be a nation apart. With an inherent contradiction of needing to be apart to maintain the putting none before while needing to be in contact to affect the transformation of this existence to the World to Come by His Shekhinah.

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