Allusive anti-Semitism is my interpretation of New anti-Semitism wherein Israel and Jews are proxy to allude to the assertion that the ills of the world are the result of Caucasian colonial imperialism justified by ethnic particularism conflated to racism in the context of the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation and proclivity for xenophobia in Israel. 

New anti-Semitism

New anti-Semitism is the concept that a new form of anti-Semitism has developed in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, emanating simultaneously from the far-leftradical Islam, and the far-right, and tending to manifest itself as opposition to Zionism and the State of Israel. The concept generally posits that much of what purports to be criticism of Israel by various individuals and world bodies, is, in fact, tantamount to demonization, and that, together with an alleged international resurgence of attacks on Jews and Jewish symbols, and an increased acceptance of antisemitic beliefs in public discourse, such demonization represents an evolution in the appearance of antisemitic beliefs. Per Wikipedia

Critics of the Concept Argue That It

  • conflates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism,
  • defines legitimate criticism of Israel too narrowly and demonization too broadly,
  • trivializes the meaning of anti-Semitism
  • and exploits anti-Semitism in order to silence debate. 

wolfowitz-kissingerConflates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism

By and large, classical anti-Semitism no longer pertains in Western European culture. Judeo is now a revered qualification of the finer character intelligence and capability — the Virtue of European tradition. The only apart is superlative that being seized upon by anti-Caucasians for allusion to Israel as a colonialist enterprise. Zionism has been conflated to colonialism and Imperialism and ‘linked to anti-Semitism, or constitute(s) disguised anti-Semitism‘ but the raw paradox is that Jews and Israel are being discriminated against for being ‘white,’ and secondarily as a Jewish target of opportunity.

The U.S. State Department‘s 2004 Report on Global Anti-Semitism identified four sources of rising anti-Semitism, particularly in Europe:

  • Traditional anti-Jewish prejudice… This includes ultra-nationalists and others who assert that the Jewish community controls governments, the media, international business, and the financial world.
  • Strong anti-Israel sentiment that crosses the line between objective criticism of Israeli policies and anti-Semitism.
  • Anti-Jewish sentiment expressed by some in Europe’s growing Muslim population, based on longstanding antipathy toward both Israel and Jews, as well as Muslim opposition to developments in Israel and the occupied territories, and more recently in Iraq.
  • Criticism of both the United States and globalization that spills over to Israel, and to Jews in general who are identified with both [my emphasis].”

natalie-portmanBattleground of Convenience

New anti-Semitism as anti-Caucasian-European racism is proxy with Israel as a battleground of convenience, and specifically to rub America’s xenophobic old-South sanctimonious pretense-of-care nose in the mud. The risk in saying this is the fatuous pretense that Israel or the West is infallible.

That’s the reductive choice being presented by both All or Nothing sides. Seemingly, the reference is assumed as what’s been classically understood within European societies as Jews. While Jews may be seen as a separate race ethnicity or religion by some Europeans, in the code-wording of the Nation of Islam as a blatant example, the Jew is being conflated to white. And so is the New anti-Semitism.

Conflation of Jew to European

AdamSandlerInsistence on maintaining that all current anti-Semitism is classically 19th century European in evolution either misses the conflation of Jew to European in this context. Or serves the purpose of linking the justifications of the exceptionalism premise of Zionism as an ethnic nationalism.

Code-words are recycled when referring to Jews as the Crusader Infidels, as in the old-South where ‘everybody got along during the times of not so strange fruit‘ is a deeper resentment of the ‘troublemakers‘ that wouldn’t accept the expansion of slavery into the territories for unwarranted Yankee Aggression against States’ Rights in the War Between the States, and then turned around and laid the last straw with Civil Rights. Flipped on its head as the addendum practice in the context of direct Birds of a Feather guilty by association to Israeli policy toward the Arabs, both Muslims and Jews who have self-deported from Israel in rejection of second class status.

Yankee Carpetbagger is a deeper villain in the old-South than Negro. Imperialist Crusader deeper than Jew in the Third World. Bernard Lewis’ ‘directed against people who are in some way different from the rest‘ is here actually the same as the rest — European Caucasian Colonial Imperialists with anti-Semitic code-words more politically correct to say in certain environments.

Supplicant Third World

Former colonies are routinely in dependent relationships with their former imperial masters, need their foreign aid, loans extended by the World Bank, and a cooperative relationship with the International Monetary Fund. Saying European Caucasian Colonial Imperialists will also bring down the wrath visited on Iraq as an example. Being overtly anti-Caucasian is untenable for the supplicant Third World, but the history of European anti-Semitism creates space for misdirection while tweaking the Caucasian Imperialist nose by pointing at Israel.

Wolfowitz Kissinger

Wolfowitz Kissinger


The disproportionate Third World condemnation of Israeli is explicitly due to Israel’s vulnerability. An example  is the association with South African Apartheid.

The practical necessity of making ‘coalitions of the willing,’ South African Apartheid supported by Thatcher and the godfather of antipathy in Neshoba County, while the developed world has turned the page, American-British support of Apartheid has been conveniently wafered and wined with foreign and economic aid and economic opportunity, bygones, for Israel to come away with a permanent stain.

By Association

Enemies’ of Israel accusations mirror the anti-Semitic old-South who look to the Ba’al deity of power money might allying against by Islamophobic collectivization under One-drop of Islam, that in conjunction with Native American removal policy in Israel is a necessity of being their current definition of a proper supporter of Israel. Singled out as the villain of the world for racist accusation by proxy of Europeans as culturally misanthropic.unholy-alliance-israel-apartheid-south-africa-and-nukes

From Different Spaces

For an inversion of perception of Jew’s asserting their Civil Rights in the Levant as an assault on innocent Natives’ Human Rights in rejection of compassion for Palestinian suffering, and the other in rejection of compassion for Jewish suffering. And on the hard white-nationalist right, both as The U.K. extreme right is undecided on who to hate: Jews or Muslims? What can be confusing is that this racism against Europeans excepting Nazis is coexistent with the classic anti-Semitism of the Neo-Nazis, but coming from differing spaces.

The former rooted in the Pan-Arab-African Nationalistic condemnation of Europeans as the root of all ills in the post-colonial Third World, and the latter the traditional jealousy cousin Dumb-as-a-post will always have for the intelligent and learned, the ‘uppity.’ While Jews were persecuted through history by these old-South cousins, the emergence of colonialist militaristic Zionism is proffered as assimilation to those causes of the evils of the Third World in an anachronistic applications of 19th Century European justifications.

The Face of the United States



As Neo-cons, Jews have become the Kissinger/Krystal/Perle/Wolfowitz face of American colonial Imperialism, Manifest Destiny for demographic majority in Israel and racism in evolution are the ‘white man’s burden’ motives, that then conveniently feed back by guilty by association to Israel as representative of the old-South in a well-known and documented proclivity for xenophobia as Israel is the most naive and racist country in the West.

As any bullyAmalekite, attacks the weak at the back of the pack, Israel is vulnerable by the moral conundrum of her associations history and intentions. That all the ills of colonial Imperialism are being symbolically laid at Israel’s feet is further driven in moral turpitude by association with the old-South murderous hearts that build a godfather of Murder in Neshoba County monument annually as code-word for antipathy in furtherance of the misanthropic War within the States that took the American dream; in tandem with the kindred multiple-decade militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation within Israel with a particularism rationale and a relativistic defense of forced taking without compensation.

Defines Legitimate Criticism Narrowly and Demonization Broadly

As Anne Bayefsky [wrote]

that over one quarter of the resolutions condemning a state’s Human Rights violations have been directed at Israel. But there has never been a single resolution about the decades-long repression of the civil and political rights of 1.3 billion people in China, or the million female migrant workers in Saudi Arabia kept as virtual slaves, or the virulent racism which has brought 600,000 people to the brink of starvation in Zimbabwe.

Along with Lawrence Summers’

 UN’s World Conference on Racism failed to condemn Human Rights abuses in China, Rwanda, or anywhere in the Arab world, while raising Israel’s alleged “ethnic cleansing” and “crimes against humanity.”

That both refute the ‘diplomatic’ EUMC working definition of anti-Semitism ‘criticism of Israel cannot be regarded as anti-Semitism so long as it is “similar to that leveled against any other [democratic] country.”

  • Denying the Jewish people the right to self-determination, e.g. by claiming that the existence of a state of Israel is a racist endeavor; [By definition of ‘Jewish character’ that’s dismissive of Arabs.]
  • Applying double standards by requiring of Israel a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation; [My emphasis: For a hypocritical loophole for Third World and Chinese tyranny .]
  • Using the symbols and images associated with classic anti-Semitism (e.g. claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis; [Parallels anyone who speaks against Jabotinsky Zionism is denounced by Madam Defarge in the Court of the Jewish People.]
  • Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis. [Parallels old-South One-drop Islamophobia Hate-speech.]
  • Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the State of Israel. [Parallels holding Muslims collectively responsible for actions of jihadists.]

Trivializes the Meaning of anti-Semitism

On both sides of the issue of Israel’s policies, the term anti-Semitism has been employed as a tool for aims. On the one hand, the idea that Israel should accede to a ‘sovereign’ Arab state within is an absurdity, of being painted into an untenable cornerby one UN resolution after another.

What Does Jewish State Mean?

The idea that anything less than a ‘pure‘ exclusivist Jewish state as antisemitic, is anti-Semitic. Is existentially racist by should be homogeneously Birthright and ideally ethnically homogeneous. Homogeneity isn’t reflected in a coalescing of the differentials of what Jewish means beyond sublimation of Sephardim as an underclass to Ashkenazim by every measure of preference. For logical inconsistency and inaccuracy of facts as to what the Jewish is supposed to mean.

The European Perspective

While there is a tendency in the West to view the world from the European perspective, what’s missing in analysis by that Heisenberg observation is that the Third World is less generous in perception of the nobility of the ‘white man’s burden’ motive. Imperialists. Crusaders. As cousin dumb-as-a-post believes that past say-do-whatevers are bygones, wafered and wined, As though the prerogatives of influence aren’t fully operational today. Third World cultures haven’t accepted that absolution. And hold that the German and Russian Jews brought the European Colonial Imperialist ‘white man within’ to the Levant more so than the Jew by this ethnic particularist application.

Racism Against Caucasians

Pierre-André Taguieff’s argues that ‘anti-Semitism based on racism and nationalism has been replaced by a new form based on anti-racism and anti-nationalism.Bernard Lewis’ directed against people who are in some way different from the rest is actually the same as the rest — European Caucasian colonial Imperialists. Irwin Cotler’s ‘collective Jew among the nations.’ is the Jew as the remaining Colonial blatantly Imperialist men-as deity enterprise among people of color, that’s vulnerable because the situation is so obvious, finger in the eye.

Exploits anti-Semitism To Silence Debate

Back to World War II and before, Arab opposition to Ashkenazim Zionist aliyah preceded the Balfour Declaration in anticipation of the looming contest of Arab Nationalism and Zionism. While Pierre-André Taguieff cites the 1967 Six Day War, well known is that the ‘1948 refugee situation’ was a turning point of anti-ZionismDeir Yassin still the focal point of proof that Zionism is and has been genocidal of the innocent despite the a little ethnic cleansing by direct killing, that’s dismissive of the indirect killing of people being ground on Spartan stones under Maestrini’s law, as the illegal Gaza blockade.

Imperial Power

Jabotinsky Zionism was controversial within the Diaspora before the creation of Israel. The concept and mechanism of international recognition was secular Nationalist-colonial at the hands of Imperial power, with the consistent drive for demographic majority from inception to this day predicated on consciousness of the need to avoid the standard historical colonial outcome.

That’s existentially colonialist until a SN2 resolution by Andrew Jackson Native displacement. That which reified America from Native is that same ethnic nationalism preferences that are locked to Israel as an exclusivist Jewish nation-state.

Avoid Demographic Minority

This secular idea’s inception before the aliyahs in the Zionist congresses from Herzl forward is the underlying Why of the ethnic cleansing motive even if it’s not being carried out as direct killings by Roman siege  Two-State is hardly more than gerrymander to avoid Demographic Minority. Even Beinhart who’s been so vitriolically demonized for criticizing the settlement enterprise concurs.

The handing down of justifying hadiths as tack-on addendums is to quell the religious objections, from people like me who can Never Forget His Justice for the innocent. The New anti-Semitism, through today’s code-wording for One-state or Two-State is a choose sides by ‘new manifestations of anti-Semitism coming from radical left, radical right, and “pro-Arab” figures in the U.S.’ Predicated on the absolute certainty of the necessity to avoid Arabs evolving to the Gandhian non-violent demand of egalitarian anathema inclusivist Jewish State in the settled reality that Israel is there to stay. Now, non-violent protests are routinely converted to stone throwing (that’s maintains the violent savage narrative) by state-sanctioned violence. Kill one with a tear-gas cannister to the head, pepper-spray that woman in the face that’s sitting in.

As Norman Finkelstein argues there’s been [no significant rise] in [European] anti-Semitism: by … The Changing Face of Anti-Semitism.

 and ‘Jews have a tendency to see the State of Israel as a victim because they were very recently themselves “the quintessential victims.”, with (i) “exaggeration and fabrication”; (ii) “mislabeling legitimate criticism of Israeli policy”; and (iii) “the unjustified yet predictable spillover from criticism of Israel to Jews generally.”

and Lord Jonathan Sacks holding that the 2001 Durban Conference

“unites radical Islamists with human-rights NGOs—the right wing and the left wing—against a common enemy, the State of Israel.”

Aid and Comfort

With the chilling of criticism within the Diaspora assertion that Progressive Jewish Thought and the New Anti-Semitism are lending aid and comfort by substantiation of opposition to the unpopular things that need to be done, the Native American removal paradigm, to serve the ‘tribe.’ And loyalty to the tribe should overwhelm any discomfort concerning the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation as well as the underlying proclivity for xenophobia.

Traitors of the race that legitimate the UN discrimination against and demonization of  Israel (and by necessary association) Jews. In addition, the must believe All or Nothing authoritarian imposition of Jabotinsky Zionism on the Diaspora as the new Rabbinical Judaism is handed down from on-high of the pecking order that is Israel as senior to the Diaspora, for a religious duty.

Anyone who criticizes displacement policy is self-hating and anti-Semitic to this men-as deities threat of banishment as Gordis threatened J-Street. Consider the concept of being deported from who you are for the gravity of such Threats that are certainly Existential. While Brian Klug

 true that the new anti-Semitism incorporates the idea that anti-Semitism is hostility to Jews as Jews, the source of the hostility has changed; therefore, to continue using the same expression for it — anti-Semitism — causes confusion. Today’s hostility to Jews as Jews is based on the Arab-Israeli conflict, not on ancient European fantasies. Israel proclaims itself as the state of the Jewish people, and many Jews align themselves with Israel for that very reason. It is out of this alignment that the hostility to Jews as Jews arises, rather than hostility to Israelis or to Zionists. Klug agrees that it is a prejudice, because it is a generalization about individuals; nevertheless, he argues, it is “not rooted in the ideology of ‘the Jew’,” and is therefore a different phenomenon from anti-Semitism[my emphasis].

Defiance of the Court

With firmly settling on two-State as game over, and a consensus from the Inception that Demographic Minority within Israel’s democracy assumes a Tyranny of Majority as untenable that has created a ship drifting by Human Rights abuses in Judea and Samaria rationalized as religious, that can’t be divorced from the discomfort within the Diaspora with Israeli settler exceptionalism.

More than dissent in the Diaspora is the threatened fracture of Israel’s democracy by routine godfather defiance of the Court concomitant to the emergence of Madam Defarge Arab-lover lists.

The Most Serious Existential Threat

The reason Likudniks attribute the left within Israel, Ha’aretz and B’Tselem as the most serious Existential Threat to anything less than the idealized exclusivist Jewish State as ‘indifference to the fears of the Jewish people, apathy in dealing with anti-Jewish bias, and an inability to understand the importance of Israel to Jewish survival.‘ Predicated upon the faith-based assumption that Israel can’t be both inclusive and Jewish, that assumption underpinning Earl Raab’s anti-Israel bias. Diaspora Jews have been humiliated into their place as Allan Brownfeld wrote to “silence any criticism of either Israel or U.S. policy in the Middle East,” Robert Wistrich’s “new anti-Semitic anti-Zionism” emerging, but the equation of Zionism with Nazism is actually code-word-rooted in the correlation to Authoritarianism in the methodologies employed to stifle dissent from Jews in conjunction with Arabs being denied even the mechanism of peaceful protest to call attention to their (invalid) plight.

And the Blood Idea

golda_meirSending Messages

Allusive anti-Semitism is a mosaic with Israel as a target of opportunity for attack and counter of disparate interests. The old-South as well as the Third World are using Israel as a battleground for sending different messages to each other, Israel as code-word.

What is this like? Israel is common ground, that’s trying to get along with enemies, just trying to survive. The Third World is sending messages in anti-Semitic code-words in the form of UN resolutions, and the old-South is sending messages of antipathy in Judea and Samaria. Europeans are sending messages to inveterate misanthropic corporatists that have no compassion for suffering other than their own.

Piling On

The Third World resents being lesser in European pecking order metareligion, code-words of anti-Semitism stave off local subjects overthrowing them as man-as deity with a stiff-arm of ‘don’t talk morality from high and mighty to me,‘ while you’re standing with genocidal Israel. So they pile on Israel to say, ‘See, you’re as guilty by association as we are. Hypocrite! I may have killed a few hundred thousand to their hundreds to encourage ‘self-deportation,’ but; Don’t wave your judgmental finger at me while I’m being Man-as deity. Give me the head of Israel on a platter and I’ll love you. If not, Send More Money. Forgive my loan. It’s your fault!

mccain-gore-liebermanDrooling for the Smell of Death

Al Gore couldn’t carry his own old-South state with a Jew on his ticket, but those same Atwater ‘hurt them more‘ xenophobes who don’t believe in science, logical consistency or accuracy of facts, are now, for Islamophobia cause, the staunchest supporters of the Native American treatment of Arabs within Israel.

Not for rejection of racism as in abolition, or care for life in being anti-abortion, or care for Jews, but by their religious compunction of proclivity for xenophobia while decerebrate. Automatons. Drooling for the smell of strange fruit in The Coliseum that is Judea and Samaria to send a message of dominion.

Assuming that Israel’s Human Rights abuses pale in comparison to others, the left, as Diaspora Jews, hold Israel, and Jews to a higher standard. Jew has been defined for millenia as the Diaspora bringing The Divine Torah, spreading the call to egalitarian Justice as purpose for His World to Come. That, the foundation of calling the world to the higher spirit of yetzer haTov. That some hold should be abandoned as ‘Disingenuous.

What Difference Does This Make?

Charles Small of YIISA said that anti-Semitism has

reemerged internationally in a manner that many leading scholars and policy makers take seriously … Increasingly, Jewish communities around the world feel under threat.

for “The Academic and Public Debate Over the Meaning of the ‘New anti-Semitism.” that by Israel being the common battleground of Clash of World Interests.

The Secret Plan

As Jews have been accepted into mainstream European culture as valid and white, Rabbi Meir Kahane’s movement has come of age as Jabotinsky Zionism by a new man-as deity addendum. Association with avatars of hate paints the collective as guilty. Clearly, the settlement enterprise is undermining Two-state, if not already game over, with a you don’t need-to-know secret plan to be handed down at the right time as tablets from on-high. Your-worship-leadership, to be regarded with ardent or adoring esteem and devotion.  That itself binds the Diaspora as complicit so that classical anti-Semitism and allusive anti-Semitism have been conflated — from within.

Disproportionate doesn’t remove. Rather than arguing my Civil Right to settle, it’s married to old-South Amalekites rather than the impossible offering of equality, that maintains the Apartheid — Deir Yassin Man-as Deity Ba’al religion of power money might narrative that undermines moral authority, now as well as into the future.

The Deir Yassin Opening

While the UN may be irrelevant by terminal hypocrisy, the problem is that the progressive erosion of moral authority, is rooted in the poor Deir Yassin opening move. Anyone familiar with Nimzowitsch positional Chess knows that even a little mistake (as a little ethnic cleansing) is to be exploited until the next mistake that is making common-cause alliance with the Lords of the Realm of demonization. And thumbing the nose at International Law and the U.N. that conferred legitimacy in the first place.

With an ill-considered sacrifice in Judea and Samaria, the boycott movement grows, most significantly in historically compatriot populations. For a serious threat that can’t be militarily, only one tool in the box, dismissed.

To Mimic Native American Removal

The Second Intifada proved the inability of Arab leaders to deliver ‘the street,’ the Palestine Authority devolving into surrogate military suppression. For some well-meaning critics of Israel, religious objections not-withstanding, the settlement enterprise to mimic Native American removal is existentially untenable.

There will be haters, no matter what. A robe can’t disguise that I’m being marketed a religious duty to adopt secular Jabotinsky Zionist policy dressed up in a 14th Principle hadith addendum to confer infallibility of hate justifications to ally with Amalekites, to fight Amalekites.

Some may criticize my conflation of new anti-Semitism to Third world pre-Israel critics’ anti-European racism as specious. And that the alliance with the old-South, as South African Apartheid, is ‘doing what it takes;’ They’re on our side. Both diplomatically unhelpful to question motives while going along to get along. Or that anything but permanent war is idealistic, demonization on all sides, the Game.

Richard Perle

Richard Perle

Nobody Really Knows What to Do

As Iraq, the insipid way the war is being handled supersedes and is further undermined by the pie-in-the-sky cousin dumb-as-a-post German forward base in the Middle East grandiose militaristic colonial idea. Those smartest-in-the-room Neo-cons only retain credibility with decerebrate automatons with short-term memory loss. The fact is, for all their pontificate huffing and puffing, nobody really knows what to do. Except pray.

Instead of seeing the delayed-gratification picture of Greater Israel, short-term All or Nothing gains in Judea and Samaria will only postpone that eventuality, and The Temple. And threaten the entire project as calls for sanctions grow. Israel and Jews and Palestinians and Arabs are together, Issac and Ishmael, between a rock and a hard place, with no easy solutions. For His Purpose Israel is both the battleground and substrate of the World to Come of yetzer haTov.

Splitting the Baby

I’m neither going to become self-hating to accept racist Third World hucksters as determinate of what Israel should do and condemn the Zionist enterprise for the will to survive, or misanthropic Islamophobic materialist to fantasize that mangy rabid Cujos are welcome help, or a hypocritical denier of the realities of Arab Human Rights being affected by the exclusivist Jewish State driving the concept of Good and Evil from The Divine Torah onto Spartan stones through a frozen sea of icebergs of injustices.

I reject men-as deities sides. Splitting the baby, or the land that is holy, is not the Wisdom of Solomon.

My Näive and simplistic faith-based solution is that Jews enroll each other in being all the Jew they can be. Fight anti-Semitism by stopping the hate within, of what it has meant to be a Jew for millennia in observance, that had been the grounds of ‘apart’ rooted in The Divine Torah. By that doing, all can hear the call to compassion for Justice Compassion and Mercy for Peace.

Not a middle way, it’s our way. Chosen responsible, of and for Awe of HaShem. Returning.

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