That Arabs haven’t renounced violence is remarkable. When I played Chess, my favorite plan was slow strangulation. Any sliver of a positional mistake would be seized and strangled with clarity of focus.

The lightning from above comes later, assuming they didn’t make another. I knew that eventually that little seemingly inconsequential breath of a sliver long ago was going to create an untenable position for my adversary.

By refusing to pay attention to history, they gave their position away. Way back then. Even a strong buck bested knows to save it for later.

tar babyA Baby Made of Tar

Br’er Rabbit comes upon a baby made of tar in the middle of the road and bids the Tar Baby a good day. Nothing.

That’s awfully unfriendly; you ought to have better manners. Nothing.

You need a lesson if you don’t apologize. Nothing.

Hits the Tar Baby and that paw sticks; Now let me go, you rude Tar Baby. Nothing.

Hits the Tar Baby with the other paw and it sticks. … Br’er Rabbit wears himself out while beating himself up pulling off kicking and sticking.

Eventually, the sun comes up and melts the tar and Br’er Rabbit escapes.

Knew How

My cousin knew how to get me beat for no reason. When Dada was coming around the corner, he’d grab me and pretend we were wrestling against orders for a good chuckle as I was hauled away. I didn’t play with my cousin after that. History has proved time and again, playing an opponent’s game isn’t always the best. A sacrifice not thought out loses. A smart adversary would stop trying to fight the Tar Baby and let him melt in the light of day. His light.

map1-settlementsOnce Sanctified Not Mine

Under no circumstance will Israel evacuate Judea and Samaria attenuate or restrict the religious duty of settlement creation expansion, right of aliyah or entrust security to anyone else. After land has been sanctified to HaShem it’s not mine to return. Even the ‘illegal’ settlements can’t be touched without a civil war that’s not going to happen. Already, Judea and Samaria a Swiss cheese, there’s no possibility of contiguity, only townships with the capability to elect the local sheriff.

The Culture of the Situation

Arabs delude themselves that international pressure will matter to an Israel that isn’t a colonial occupying force whose heartland is elsewhere, this is my heartland of the homeland. In nature, the bull that owns the territory defends differently than the adventurer, the culture of the situation today and tomorrow.

Duty to Mitigate Damages

Under the law, there’s a duty to mitigate damages. In nature, the weaker submits, to live. Rather than continuing to threaten to really beat the Tar Baby up this time, Arabs can capitulate by unconditionally renouncing violence and recognizing Israel’s right to exist as an inclusive Jewish state.

Sue for peace on the basis of One-State of equal rights with adjudicable return or compensation for displacement or emigration, for Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace, in time.

‘Palestinian’ Arab ethnic nationalism is an anachronism of another colonialist time as if there isn’t a plethora of Arab homelands. While Kurds remain distributed over three countries with a much more coherent argument for redistribution that has a bleak future. We’re becoming a world of individuals with Human Rights and responsibilities.

Palestinian protesters hold up their national flag, Beit HanunThe State of You Answering

When we’re all called to account, it’ll be the state of you answering, not the men-as deities you’ve placed your faith in instead, to be expected to intercede with HaShem on your behalf.

Fomenting anti-Semitism to call for the destruction of Israel creates Arabs as existentially hostile, to be treated as an enemy population. Without this initiative coming from the ‘Palestinian side,’ as the tough brothers Iran Hezbollah and Hamas promise the destruction of Israel, amassing weapons and building military capabilities to carry out that threat,  Arabs in Judea and Samaria and Greater Israel will continue to be the treated as hostile.

Continue to Squeeze

Two-state died with the Al-Aqsa Intifada. Left as it is, for more ‘negotiations’ as though Israel has not already functionally annexed Judea and Samaria is only going to play into further tightening of the grip that already can’t be displaced. I will continue to squeeze the Arab position until the lightning from above.

Face Reality

The outmoded nationalism game is over, take up the banner of the fight for Human Rights first by acknowledging the Human Rights of Jews to live free wherever they may be, including Judea and Samaria and Arab countries from which Jews were collectivized and expelled. Continuing to threaten while building militarily will only result in me beating the trees to flush Arabs out with increasing determination.

For all I say here in furtherance of Peace, I take no step of compromise from the Human Rights of Jews to live in Peace wherever. I object to idolatrous hate-mongering that poisons us from within as unnecessary to the treatment. Against the Purpose.

Cancer of Hate

I’m not angry at the cancer of hate I’m excising, but that hate has infected us and will continue to consume us after they’re gone, into the third and fourth generations, the Tar Baby on fire.

We want peace. The problem with ignoring history is that nothing’s new under the sun. If suggesting Arabs admit that the Palestinian nationalism Cause has been defeated in the Israel that already includes Judea and Samaria is unrealistic, they’ve been unrealistically fantasizing about better deals than best deals I’d prefer hadn’t been offered.

Stop the Hate Together

Pharaoh’s lesson is history now. All those best offers are history now, done. The only way I’ll consider a different way is that Arabs stop the hate. Perhaps together. Otherwise, the plan will be executed to completion unless the conditions on the ground change. An agreement to a ‘Palestine’ that ignores Iran Hezbollah and Hamas creates an unrealistic peace, a lie. I won’t give away my position either.

FeiglinIsrael Won’t Be Divided

The Jewish population of Israel is becoming more religious daily, naturally. I was flummoxed by the candidate talking about Two-State as if it’s still an issue to lose, but fair enough, for some it is. Israel won’t be divided.

I’m as ashamed of those insipidly hurling code-word epithets at allies, but Likudniks win and will because peace initiatives from the left have been rebuked consistently and long enough that they’ve become as irrelevant as the U.N. Judged as they’ve judged, Arabs have collectively dug their own grave by insisting on fighting the Tar Baby, going to really push it into the sea next time. Push me into the sea.

Now, reality is that all that’s left on the table is Arabs being able to live humanely in Israel, perhaps.

Identity Song of Hate

My candidate Who’s Now Mainstream says no, no Civil Rights for Them — Arabs. This observant Moshe Feiglin running for office made the point that Arabs – are the enemy as we come upon homage to My Lai. Oops there it is. Same Identity song of Hate articulately put by another Hate Comes Smiling man-as deity whose kippah might as well be a Crusader’s cross of the Inquisition as he wraps himself in a different flag, pretending to be my side of sides. Desecrating The Holy Name calling himself observant. Of what?

I’m impressed with his talking in The Name culminates in promising murder for non-violent protesting as Palestinian protester killed by Israeli army fire and Israeli forces kill two teenage Palestinian protesters in West Bank and Israeli forces kill six protesters and Palestinian medical official says protester killed by Israeli troops and Palestinian protester shot by Israelis is sixth civilian killed this year and Israeli forces kill two Palestinians protesting Israel’s Apartheid Wall and Report: Up to 20 protesters killed as hundreds of Syrians storm Israel border and Israel attacks Palestinian border protests and Palestinian protester killed by Israeli tear-gas canister and Weekly Non-violent protests in West Bank violently suppressed by Israeli troops  … enough already.

It’s really come to this, a race state as the old-South’s War within the States but for a perpetual war within the Soul of the world.

I Never Forget Chaney Schwerner and Goodwin. I Never Forget Danny Perle. Every day, I remember them. They died for this?

We Don’t Have Ours

I stand for Human Rights for everyone, including Jews. Nevertheless, drive Arabs out I will, for my Rights, and Peace. I don’t have a right to exist, a human right to be in Judea and Samaria? I know these men-as deities are singing the praises of murder are purportedly made and raised by genuine fear to become hate. Collectivization to murder as final solution is still conventional wisdom, our Deir Yasin job not finished. As we increasingly look to HaShem, cherry-picking the order to wipe them all out including the livestock is men-as deities Native American slow-rolling genocide for Manifest Destiny justified. We certainly don’t have ours.

Unilateral disengagement to focus on the Canaan of Jordan was a strategic walking away from the Tar Baby, but in compassion for us all, the Greater Israel I’m responsible to actualize can’t be created out of merciless icebergs of injustices in the Canaan of Joshua – Lebanon Syria Jordan Oman Yemen UAE Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Until Any Given Next Moment

Sharpeville Massacre

Sharpeville Massacre

That Isaelis haven’t renounced the violence of the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation and recognizing both Arab Muslims’ and Arab Jews’ right to exist in an inclusive Jewish state is remarkable. An offer of humanity that’s as off the table as Right of Return. By refusing to pay attention to history, we gave our position away. Of an intent to drive Them all out by the same demonization I say Arabs must end. Whose was first? And does that really matter?

Arabs are human, and I pray that they persuade Iran Hezbollah and Hamas of my not made of tar humanity to stop fighting me, so I can be humane again, peaceful. As I pray that Israelis can become humane again, as everything I’ve said of Them is as true for us. Faith in correcting Saul’s left-alive herem disobedience won’t save Us from melting in His light of day if the obligation of the wolf lying with the lamb isn’t a Br’er Rabbit fairytale.

Orangeburg Massacre

Orangeburg Massacre

If His instruction this time isn’t to kill all billions men women children babies livestock sympathizers and witnesses this time, is Samuel to anoint a new king? As this would be king rejects compassion for suffering other than his own, rejects Awe of haShem. That was the disobedience of Saul. Men-as deities use The Holy Name as a can-opener to talk about intent to murder non-violent protesters, that’s being carried out every day today as the world stands quietly stable sublime in go-along-to-get-along with Hate. Taking every side but His.

This commitment to murder non-violent protesters for 19th century European ownership of land that is holy, that can’t be owned by a person, even a man-as deity such as this, is the Tar Baby made of Hate of The Holy Name.

Holy means The Land belongs to One Absolute-Unity that is Not a Thing. The only thing that’s being sanctified by this desecration of The Holy Name being used to justify murder to offend as defense of the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation for ethnic nationalism for narcissistically exclusive personal use is the Palestinian cause. Is the cause of the world to turn its back on this corrupting idea of 19th century European owners ship of The Holy Land called nationalism, and condemn any cause that finds itself murdering the non-violent as old-South stand-your-ground vigilantes defending their dominion way of life with not so bad strange fruit.

Kent State

Kent State

Such a nationalism that is properly described as the basest and ugliest kind of racism in that it doesn’t even include Arab Jews that have been driven out more effectively than other Arabs by having the resources to leave. His holy place has been torn to treif by violence in The Holy Name. This is their pervasive Delusion in Common observance as particularism of the ugliest kind that’s been elevated to a religion of its own as The Fourteenth Principle. That has nothing to do with compassion for suffering beyond marketing and rationales. To prey.

The entire world of compassion for All suffering, as is His, must sue for peace on the basis of a One-State solution of equal rights in the context of inclusivity with judiciable return or compensation for displacement or emigration of Arabs Jews and neither from a conflict that has been tearing at the Soul of the world by a making-believed finger in the eye of the World to Come named Hate. That’s usurping another name, Jewish. ‘Till then, it is what it is. Reality. Until any given next moment of His Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace.