I was in college in the time of take-overs and sit-ins, the Civil Rights Act passed in 1968, the year before I finished high school. The Fair Housing Act still wasn’t being recognized in the desert wilderness when I passed through in 1982.

Take-over of Hebron House

So when I read Netanyahu asked Barak to delay evacuation of Hebron house, I was reminded of provocative take-overs and sit-ins in which I participated that brought attention to the Civil Rights issue. That I can’t live in Peace wherever.

In those days, there were the people who ‘put their ass on the line,’ those who didn’t get involved, and supporters who stood around expressing solidarity — until it was time for them to go to class.

You can rely on me to put my ass on the line: to settle, to take-over and sit-in. I mustn’t provoke my adversaries? I’m going to provoke them until I’m free to live in Peace wherever, in Israel.

I Don’t Know

I don’t know what I’m trying to say when my ‘supporters‘ milling around outside, that I’m walking with arm in arm, are the same people who stand against Civil Rights, against any rights, today. Whose predecessors were locking me in the ghetto and more before.

Rav Kook

Rav Kook

It confuses me.

That Rav Kook now is being credited with being the father of the militaristic settlement herem enterprise when he was calling for peaceful settlement. What time is the class that’s going to educate me on the wisdom of faith in association with those who have faith in injustice? Until then, I will meditate on: “The desire to be good to all with no restrictions – not in the quantity of those to whom we are good nor in the quality of the good we perform – that is the inner nucleus of the essence of the soul of Israel.”


Whatever has been said, or will be, lives in interpretations. Most of that climatic paint. Those within contexts. Humanity shares over 99% of a human genome, with a last 1% differentiating. From the gravity that holds us down, to the molecules in the air, we’re born and die in conflict, in a yes or no, tov or hara.

Do we interpret our roles of the Soul from yetzer haTov or yetzer hara?

Within Each

Bathsheba from cae2k.comAcross religions and cultures, across people and through time, the question within each of us is our motive of why.

Are we going to interpret from His good, or for metareligious teleologically carnivorous treatment of ‘them?’

All religions have elements of gravity, conflict within them, how we interpret our selves within our religions, within the same words from the same sources, can be as foreign as tov and hara.

For War or Peace

Are we people of war or peace? Do we interpret ‘good to all with no restrictions’ as inapplicable to ‘them?’ Restricting them from within our us?

To place our religion in a carnivorous context of old-South holding dominion, over ‘them’ as beasts of the field? Coveting Bathsheba as exception from the law against covetousness. Rather than a lesson in the injustices of men as deities.

Their Cause is Not Mine

Upon reflection, my cause is not from their idolatry of hate for war, but in opposition to Hate and haters.

No more than I want a bacon marmalade pizza pie do I intend to pretend that these ‘supporters‘ of hate are carrying my banner of freedom, their’s a Crusader standard with a totemic string of talking heads of code-words as a necklace of Kali.

People of War

With no compassion for man nor beast, worshiping a man to be people of war, swimming in graven images of every kind. Hopping around the fire with bones of hate in their noses as they look down on the world, judging from on high. Their honor is in dishonor.

Drooling for the smell of strange fruit in the Coliseum, they’ve never heard of a slaughter they didn’t want to join, on one side or another. Sometimes both. Now my identity is to be in common cause with their addendum Identity. To be Birds of  Feather with people whose cause is not mine.

Bridge of Neoplatonism

When I started writing my thesis, I was an agnostic evolved from Platonist to wander to an affinity for the writings of Plotinus, still reflected in the terminology here.

Coming from Plato since the age of seven, with my ostensibly ‘magical’ practices of causality a knowing of the Marsilio Ficino reality of mysticism. Ironically, looking for the Magi I found Neoplatonism.

The spiritual and cosmological aspects of Platonic thought, synthesizing Platonism with Egyptian and Jewish theology became a bridge to my consciousness to this day.

Causality as ‘magical practices or theurgy as part of the soul’s development in the process of the soul’s return to the Source were perceived by the sensibilities of my eleven-years-old soul as damaging rather than noble, usurping into man-as deity. Dirty.

Who am I to decide for other people, to stand in Causing?

Touchstone of Reality

densefogPlotinus’s Enneads for a time, became my touchstone of reality. I still believe in cross-pollinated thought. A why I borrow without shame from whomsoever with nothing new said and nothing absolute.

The problem being to what we’re cross-pollinating. By cherry-picking, the Religious Zionism of some is a hybridization to old-South dominion theology, with an assimilation of faith in Ba’al’s power money might by association. In the wafer and wine certainty that all will be forgiven, regardless.

As Neoplatonist arguments were taken seriously in the thought of medieval Islamic and Jewish thinkers such as al-Farabi and Moses Maimonides, assimilation is routinely bi-directional with the application in weight of valuations for interpretation on a continuum.

Philo’s translation of Judaism into terms of StoicPlatonic and Neopythagorean elements, and held that G-d is “supra rational,” who can be reached only through “ecstasy”, and that the oracles of G-d supply the material of moral and religious knowledge. Translates directly to The Absolute-Unity as beyond beyond things, and can only be reached through the Shekhinah, and that His prophets supply the material of moral and religious knowledge. Gave direction to my path, cleared the fog of association with the addendum.



Whether Plotinus had any actual influence of Jewish philosophy is beside my issue that this was a road my soul had traveled before, that seeing a familiar signpost on my journey returning home, as Plato when I was seven, I took that road of interpretation. As Neoplatonism, my ‘attempts’ here are of a religious philosophy. Pathways of the soul. My made up from Nothing for journeys of themselves.

By The Same Road

Souls of yetzer haTov have been spread as waters on the earth, and are drawn to return by the same road traversed in being thrown out. I was as ashamed as Adam for being thrown out, my soul naked and exposed in its wretchedness. Now, I’m as inclined to believe that the wandering back, returning is the purpose. My purpose. Bringing the dust of the winds that have tossed me as a leaf still struggling to turn to His light.

As my own soul, our world-soul is on the long but same road of descent into disunity we will retrace to return to the supreme Good of Unity. We must first of all return within ourselves, in our minhag and traditions, with observance as Virtue, which aims at becoming spiritual athletes for His opening to carry us through. To have the faith to depart from pharaoh, from Egypt.

We cannot bypass ethics in Judea and Samaria predicated on denying ‘them’ Civil Rights, being ascetically impure within while striving for neo-Aryan purity without.

Deities Exist

By continuity, many deities exist. Henads. We just don’t look to them, worship things, are not of henotheism but monotheism. That, is our distinction. We’re always tempted to bow to the Golden Calf before us, the next thing up the pecking order. The seen, the ground under our feet.

I revere elevated souls I call my angels, but I see them as in mentoring partnership rather than to be worshiped, as we don’t worship Moses or Abraham. I revere the Rebbes of Blessed Memory, but won’t worship them.

We share the Shekhinah.

By idealistically worshiping esteemed teachers who have tacked on Religious Zionism in an addendum to Rabbinical Judaism predicated on force, departing from theistic monism, some have become polytheists with a monistic-polytheism that elevates, deifies Zionism Israel and Jews as absolutes. Intercessional or henotheists at best. Unashamedly monist, I believe that ours is a Unity of existence with Israel and Jews Chosen to unify this existence common to all, by lighting the way.

Theory of the Soul

A favored justifying distinction is a theory of the soul with a hierarchy of animal souls and a hierarchy of human souls above those. And that the souls of Jews are inherently higher than those of gentiles. The inherent is where we depart. While I revere elders of blessed memory, I do not deify them as though infallible. Yes, I Will do as they say, but my silent attic is my own, in Awe. Just as I have Perfect Faith, I am also aware that in this existence, there are no absolutes.

fancy mice juvenilesAnyone can be animalistic, many humans of souls less than mice. Jews have a unique opportunity to actualize a soul of yetzer haTov because Chosen responsible brings motive to consciousness on a continuous, all day basis as an identity that is committed to looking only to HaShem.

Cherry-picking the all good souls having their portion out of the reality of the World to Come creates being a Jew as an absolute, that’s then conflated through Eugenics to Birthright for a mirroring of Aryan identity interpretation.

The high origin of the human soul can not only depart from its first estate, and the second showing the way by which the soul may again return to the Eternal and Supreme, but be debased by embracing old-South animalistic faith in being men-as deities, in power money might. In war.

Levels of Reality

The life of the soul has levels of reality, worlds. The invisible world is the motivations of the soul that create potentials – hearing, and the phenomenal world is the kinetic expression of realities – doing. What is this like? One may pretend for invisibility to ones’ self, an ‘intent’ to do the right thing for the poor by killing the food stamp program, but the kinetic, the phenomenal reality is that doing so intensifies the severity of Maestrini’s law that will result in deaths on Spartan stones. Killing the one to kill the other, ‘conscious‘ intent notwithstanding. For the debased less than souls of animals old-South of decerebration, this is as natural as a wolf stalking.

For those of us who should know better, who have been called to a higher purpose than base predatory instincts of animals, the choice is conscious. We are not automatons of hate. We do not worship things. Or are we, do we? When we adopt their old-South Amalekite policies, assimilate to their dishonor, we go down with them, to be the less than animals, beasts they are.

As long as we’re alive, we can both go up to His yetzer haTov, or go down with rabid canines. That’s our ‘freedom’ of choice. As The Absolute-Unity is termed the transcendent One, our purpose is by His guide to transcend the natural snarling wolf within us to deliver on our Chosen to emanate ‘an eternal, perfect, essence (nous), which, in turn, produces the world-soul‘ that is the World to Come.

The One Absolute-Unity

The One Absolute-Unity is that within this reality, our divisions within, our disunity is the challenging reality of our Chosen. Our duality.

The primeval Source of Being is the One and the Infinite, as opposed to the many and the finite. It is the source of all life, and therefore absolute causality and the only real existence. However, the important feature of it is that it is beyond all Being, although the source of it. Therefore, it cannot be known through reasoning or understanding, since only what is part of Being can be thus known according to Plato. 

Being beyond existence, it is the most real reality, source of less real things. It is, moreover, the Good, insofar as all finite things have their purpose in it, and ought to flow back to it. But one cannot attach moral attributes to the original Source of Being itself, because these would imply limitation. It has no attributes of any kind; it is being without magnitude; in strict propriety, indeed, we ought not to speak of it as existing; it is “above existence,” “above goodness.” It is also active without a substratum; as active force the primeval Source of Being is perpetually producing something else, without alteration, or motion, or diminution of itself.

There’s an existential conflict in making as-if-I-know Leaps of faith to conclusions of real existence compared with original existence working (another presumption of thing) with a succession of projections as a pecking order of concentric circles with:

Each lower stage of being is united with the “One” by all the higher stages, and receives its share of reality only by transmission through them. All derived existence, however, has a drift towards, a longing for, the higher, and bends towards it so far as its nature will permit. Plotinus’ treatment of the substance or essence (ousia) of the one was to reconcile Plato and Aristotle. Where Aristotle treated the monad as a single entity made up of one substance (here as energeia). Plotinus reconciled Aristotle with Plato’s “the good” by expressing the substance or essence of the one as potential or force.

So more accurate than ‘knowing’ is that I like the sound of it, as this can no more be ‘proved’ than The Absolute -Unity. I adopt this as a belief in resonance that serves my Faith.

However, I apply this more so to speculation on the reality of the soul than to a general while unnecessary speculative description of existence. The correlate to Six Degrees of Lip Separation is the seven levels of reality of the soul, the why of the six with The One of pure yetzer tov. All within us as our souls choose.

Demiurge or Nous

By these extensions of Platonic and Aristotelian thought,

Being initially emanates, or throws out, the nous, which is a perfect image of the One and the archetype of all existing things. It is simultaneously both being and thought, idea and ideal world. As image, the nous corresponds perfectly to the One, but as derivative, it is entirely different. What Plotinus understands by the nous is the highest sphere accessible to the human mind, while also being pure intellect itself. As nous is the most critical component of idealism, Neoplatonism being a pure form of idealism. The demiurge (the nous) is the energy, or ergon (does the work), that manifests or organizes the material world into perceivability.

I turn that about to: In disunity, as we were spread as waters on the world is the way we, as Adam and Even, then as Hagar and Ishmael, were thrown out.

The idea and ideal world of Unity, is unnatural, entirely different from the teleological reality of this existence. This is from our goal as His Chosen. Souls of yetzer haTov are swimming against the currents of this existence.

I reverse derivative in time from origination in conventional wisdom, to a progression toward Unity. Our clocks of time are going forward, to a day and time when our souls go back, return.

The Shekhinah is the Highest Sphere of the Soul

I reject mental intellect, Logos as the highest sphere of the soul, for the Shekhinah, that is not a thought, not of mind. Illogical. Supra rational.

While some are focusing on, looking to physicality, as worshiping Ba’al’s power money might, and others on intellectualism as Logos, reasoning, as though ‘logical‘ reasoning with unreasonable people as panicked as the old-South will find the Good.

The Demiurge (the nous) is the energy, or ergon, that will bring the World to Come is the Shekhinah, neither physical nor mental. While this is dismissible as idealism, in my paradigm it’s realism by existential necessity.

People are grounded in their carnivorous teleological roots, not in any ideals of intellect that are routinely carried to existentially untenable absolutes. The Black Redneck merely gives Aid and Comfort to racism while dreaming of ‘thoughts,’ in judgmentalism.

The lesson of history is that neither pharaoh or Goliath is safe, an Absolute, the Parthenon a province of tourists. While the Coliseums full of cheering droolers are as immortal as Neptune. Honorable men stabbing Democracy with filibusters in the Senate.

Soul of the World to Come

My version of the world-soul is also in motion, a shot that will be heard around the galaxy and through the universe. That the events of history are coming to a confluence of awareness, that facilitated in time by the rise of technology.

Role of Technology

While some have lamented the impersonal drive of technology, the role of increasing awareness is unmistakable and inevitable.

As water, liquid or gas, will flow through any crack, the dam of controlling what people think and feel and what they say and do, while retaining purchase in the decerebrate automatons of animist Fox News of the World is threatened by the trickle of reality.

These disorganized molecular points of light have no focus or coherence, but here we have the lens of Israel as bringing the World to Come. That will bring being in yetzer tov to the forefront of all human consciousness. That will be the connector of the immaterial nous, the souls of individuals to an indivisible world-soul of the primacy of the Shekhinah over things, weapons and words as weapons.

Phenomenal World

Our phenomenal world is of metareligious treatments of Them, as the old-South’s prescription for their return of dominion by ‘hurt them more.’ Crass to literally worship a Golden Calf, they make deities of wealth to supplicate their avatars in this world.

What they represent is the animal in man, that has a long lineage back to packs of wolves roaming to stalk prey. There’s nothing new in them, in their conventional wisdom.

Their soul, as moving essence, has generated a corporeal or phenomenal world of antipathy thought, ‘higher’ intellectualized to be Virtue. Cloaked in an addendum of a man as if to make themselves as if, in perfect harmony with say-do-whatever as omniscient and omnipotent men-as deities.

Their fair and good Bright ‘idea’ is governing matter, holding dominion over people. Their ‘in the image’ of the upper world is having the upper hand. They thrive, grow strengthen and gain purpose from strife and discord; their goal is a conflict, a vanishing, illusive existence, for ‘them.’ While His charge we were Chosen to deliver is unity, they live for and in Hate that is their becoming.

Substratum of Souls

Their souls rest on a substratum of matter as what matters, determined to no qualities above those desired for the quest for survival. Both destitute of form and substance of yetzer haTov, their highest capability is irrelevance, that they will attain in the World to Come.

Each to His Purpose

They are here for us to overcome the call to join in with them as Sirens of hate. For the illusory safety of Ba’al’s power money might. To be in harmony with them as Birds of a Feather.

As there are four of five within them that are fixed from their born souls with an affinity for hate, we will save the afflicted souls of yetzer tov, the ‘us’ within ‘them.’ We will overcome the yetzer hara urge to collectivize all of them as souls of disharmony.

Fork in the Road

We resist the temptation to take the conventional fork in the road of becoming men as deities, (henosis). Heady sterile Greek contemplation of the primeval Being, the One — with the idea of becoming deity is a corruption of everything we are and believe as committed to looking only to HaShem. As though ‘an ecstatic approach‘  to a state of the masses in adulation of a man has foretold the tragedies of history.

The path is narrow, with descents to stones on both sides. Odysseus invited to the sounds of magic.

Thought cannot attain to this, for thought reaches only to the nous, and is itself a kind of motion. It is only in a state of perfect passivity and repose that the soul can recognize and touch the primeval Being. Hence the soul must first pass through a spiritual curriculum. Beginning with the contemplation of corporeal things in their multiplicity and harmony, it then retires upon itself and withdraws into the depths of its own being, rising thence to the nous, the world of ideas. But even there it does not find the Highest, the One; it still hears a voice saying, “not we have made ourselves.”

Philosophical contemplation will bring neither happiness or the World to Come. The ‘contemplation’ I embraced at eleven has the power to cause, but as this is an ‘idea’ for the individual soul, so is it for the world-soul. We are passing collectively through a spiritual curriculum. Are individually being called to a choice from within our silent attic of perfect passivity and repose, to decide whether we each will look to things, to Men, or to HaShem, by whatever terminology. To chose the Shekhinah.

The last stage is reached when, in the highest tension and concentration, beholding in silence and utter forgetfulness of all things, it is able as it were to lose itself. Then it may see G-d, the foundation of life, the source of being, the origin of all good, the root of the soul. In that moment it enjoys the highest indescribable bliss; it is as it were swallowed up of divinity, bathed in the light of eternity. Porphyry tells us that on four occasions during the six years of their intercourse Plotinus attained to this ecstatic union with God.

Forget Things

When the world-soul is in silence and utter forgetfulness of all things, we will lose the soul of yetzer hara within ourselves. That moment will be the dawn of the World to Come.

As I can’t ‘make it happen,‘ the Shekhinah informs, gives knowledge, for true Wisdom, that doesn’t try to use power money might for aims other than His, that always are an outgrowth of our human ‘higher thinking.’ Of justifications.

Not at a time of our choosing will the world-soul become the World to Come.

When we’re doing His right thing, against the current of existence, against what we understand as conventional wisdom, of the wolf.

The World to Come will not be a manufactured thing, any more than I can beckon the Shekhinah, at my Will.

This World

Human perfection and happiness aren’t attainable in this world, or in an afterlife where our soul’s purpose is relevance to bringing the World to Come. We are always and will remain in relation to this existence.

Rather than simply the absence of good, potential for evil is our natural default state of being within a duality, one against another, in a teleological struggle for survival. While no more than Plotinus do I ‘Affirm The Creator of The Kosmos and The Kosmos Itself to Be as Evil,‘ our human choice can be that of Cain, old-South ‘freedom.’

The Problem of Evil

My definition, the problem of evil, the fertile ground of injustice is in Absolutism. Whenever any thing is regarded as an absolute within this existence of dualities, the stage is set for creation of injustices.

Clearly, I hold as Maimonides ‘that all bad that exists within human beings as a matter of the individual’s attributes, and all of the merits of humanity are due to their general characteristics.’

And ‘that there are people who are guided by His higher purpose and there are those who are guided by physicality.’

I’m circumspect with my arbitrary four of five that everyone has the soul within them to make any transition from the higher of yetzer tov from the low ground of old-South physicality.

In common disagreement with Neoplatonic roots through Avicennaal-Ghazalial-Kindial-Farabi, and al-Himsi, that there is a primary and secondary of yetzer tov or yetzer hara, except by the Divine Torah, that is the true addendum to Conventional Wisdom that informs us of another way, a supra rational possibility in looking only to HaShem. Our universe, this existence isn’t overwhelmingly Good, but we are Chosen to make it so.

We Don’t Know

My prioritization of types of evil is similar, where the majority stems from harm we do to ourselves by falling victim to physical desires is back to our teleological drive to survive to survive wherein we don’t know if there’s enough necessary for the survival of both ‘us’ and ‘them,’ is of nature, natural. The problem is that as with the decision to raise all born is that there isn’t any way to ‘know,‘ but to have faith.

As eyebrows under burqaslearning to ignore our bodily urges, the root of evil is in the rejecting temptation to become a man-as deity. For a Marquis St. Romney rush of power money might.

Doing knowable wrong, killing for the sake of killing — murdering, coveting a neighbor’s wife or livelihood, adultery, stealing. Knowing it’s not rooted in survival and doing it anyway. While manufacturing a plantation of lies with ‘higher intellect’ cousin justifications that somehow wiping the Buffalo off the plains as killing the food stamp program, ‘coincidentally’ kills Native Americans, as they live to ‘hurt them more.

Taking The Name in vain.

Trading humility for hubris, a human soul for that below an animal. Having Faith in evil, as Thuggees of Kali.

Yetzer haTov

Our impulses of His yetzer tov are contrary to the natural flow of existence is a struggle toward light from darkness, returning. All return to The Source, The Absolute One in a state that is a reflection of their role of the soul … ‘after bodily death, the soul takes up a level in the afterlife corresponding with the level at which it lived during its earthly life’ with relevance to The Absolute-Unity. The slate isn’t ‘wiped clean and returned to a blank slate.’

My made up from nothing is that our slates won’t be clean or finished until the World to Come.

My Angels

My angels have their force or potential (dynamis) as their essence, have energy (energeia). Remain engaged in this existence. Elevated souls persist as elevated, and relevant. 

My angels are proof within myself of the pre-existence, and immortality of the soul. My human soul consists of a lower irrational soul and an illusory ‘rational’ soul (mind) that manufactures justifications on behalf of the ‘lower.’

The Shekhinah, the genuine ‘higher’ is the “vehicle” that connects us to our angels during life, that I pray will remain relevant to the One Absolute-Unity after death.

There is reincarnation, and ‘the most pure and holy souls would dwell in the highest regions,’ as angels, the purpose and import in this world period is pending participation in the World to Come.

Only then, do our souls of yetzer tov realize their full actualization. Our angels are still in this with us to His ends. In His time.

Almost Agreement

Almost down the line, I’m in agreement with much of what’s been said; particularly the call to improved observance. Much of what I say about old-South souls parallels the ‘revealing controversial‘ comments on the souls of gentiles others have made, but rejecting absolutes. When it goes into men-as deities telling in absolutes, I recoil. Unwilling to dismiss the one of five ‘us’ within the four of five ‘them.’ My made up from Nothing is that we were sent out to return them. Furthermore, this understanding of no absolute within the unity is the critical point.

A most egregious heresy is the notion that their are souls of yetzer haTov among Them, and yetzer hara among us. By existential necessity.

Promised Land

Eretz Yisrael was promised by HaShem, but in my paradigm, it’s our ancient Israelite promise to meet the challenge, there. The idea of ‘Jewish rule‘ creates a confusion with His rule. To look at what we’re doing as for ‘us’ is a rebellion, that risks creating Israel as a Golden Calf by human agency in modernity. Zionism and the diaspora are tools of HaShem to promote his divine scheme — to bring the World to Come. Not our homeland, but His. AbrahamIsaac and Jacob were describing the reality of Our promise, to HaShem.

It’s narcissistic conceit to pretend we were promised something beyond responsibility to do His impossible.

Focus on Militarism

The focus on militarism as the end all be all is a sign of disbelief in HaShem, and more specifically His yetzer haTov, Mercy for Them that we know already realized by His prophets.

We do have an obligation to Israel, but not as a deified thing, but for His sake. For Sake of Heaven. For the sake of All his creation.

We do have the spark (“Nitzotz”) in our souls. We will do the Mitzah of no-fault reconciliation with the Them thrown out, as we were thrown out, our Josephs, for us to have have our genuine reality of return.

For Unity, the wolf dwelling with the lamb.

The laws of the Divine Torah are the key to true harmony, and not cherry-picked to elevate Jabotinsky as another false messiah of militarism addendum. To be followed as debased old-South automatons animated by inhumanity. Zionism will force religious Jews to intercede on behalf of the coming of the Moshiach. Until he comes, we all have the obligation, the responsibility to be tzaddiks, moshiach in our kinetic for the potential of our spark. As I was dragged kicking and screaming after five years of praying, against my will. To pray here. Aloud.

Taken-over and Sitting In

Our cause of His yetzer haTov has been taken-over by a world-soul of Kali yuga debased animalistic yetzer hara, as evidenced by my old-South ‘supporters‘ of Hate carrying my standard of justice within and without.

Israel is awash in virulent racism elevated to a religious duty from a ‘higher intellect‘ of justifications. Sitting in His place of primacy, priority, as the only One we look to, we have Zionism Israel and being a Jew, as absolute ends rather than His means. That’s anathema to what we have stood for looking only to HaShem for millenia. What we have wandered to learn in our souls, beyond physicality and intellect, carrying the dust of our travels with us as return.

Allowed to Cause

Moshe was allowed to cause the sea to part by the children of Israel‘s faith in HaShem, not Moses when they made the choice to leave pharaoh of Egypt. That was the doing that was heard. We will not rebuild The Temple by force of Don Quixote’s mighty arm, nor by reasoning with the unreasonable. Chariots bearing down with spears of injustice behind us against a world-soul sea moving in yetzer haTov dashing against the rocks of yetzer hara, we are again between two impossibilities.

The Impossible

We will do the impossible of bringing the World to Come by returning to the Shekhinah within while willing to share as our angels without. From not knowing there will be enough for all, but raising all born souls of yetzer haTov in all the peoples of this existence, with Faith. For a communion with the elevated souls of yetzer haTov, we will vanquish, conquer, slay yetzer hara with both halakhah and aggadah. First within. Then without.

Settling Israel is an obligation that includes the obligation to speak up for the World to Come, for the supreme power of Faith in His Shekhinah.