Israeli Settlement Enterprise in Judea and Samaria

Israeli Settlements in Judea and Samaria are the issue of our times. Anyone who questions the wisdom of a perpetual occupation as Roman seige for Native American removal in modernity as Manifest Destiny justified by ethnic particularism is a self-hating quisling. Today’s ubermensh cheers the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation with its proclivity for xenophobia that’s been elevated to a new addendum, The Fourteenth Principle of Jewish faith, materialistic kissing-cousin to Trinitarian Pauline addendum, faith as believing in say-do-whatever absolved by exceptionalism.

I’m Going to Settle

Jewish_Settlement_MigronTo settle or not to settle, is an issue. I’m not for pretenses. Nor am I for 1967 borders. My issue is the hypocritical pretense that Zionism and what’s going on in the world has nothing to do with the Israeli settlement enterprise. That’s just another go-along-to-get-along look the other way while whistling Dixie past the graveyard lie. I’m going to settle. Let’s get that mystery solved right away. I prefer tactless truth to lies that can never end.

I have a Civil Right to live free of the worry that I’ll be gunned down by an Amalekite in the desert wilderness, or in Judea and Samaria. The idea that I have to confine myself to a certain area, as the Negro side of town or the Jewish ghetto, is unjust. My objection is rooted in hating haters everywhere. International law is against me. But, I have a right and duty to follow-through on my Civil Rights.

National Security: Offensive as Defensive Ethos

The full force of Israeli policy and resources as a coordinated national effort has gone into the militaristic settlement enterprise and the IDF and settler Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation in the occupied territories since 1967. As empowered forward command in a time of war, those at the point of contact have a free hand to do whatever is deemed to be appropriate to Palestinians and their sympathizers, up to and including killing with virtual impunity.There’s a de facto consensus within Israel that they must all be driven out, or agree to rightless subservient vassal status if they do stay (not recommended).

Hamas and Hezbollah as implacably anti-(Jewish)Israel is cited as a security liability that will enable the militaristic settlement enterprise into a permanent future. For national security: My exclusivist Jewish finger in the eye has to stay. Right of Return is off the table, makes no sense while I’m busy driving them all out. Israel might consider assassinating President Obama for saying the anti-Semitic Two-state dirty-word. Everybody needs to stop talking about democracy while I’m busy trying to disenfranchise those who aren’t loyal (Arabs) to the unpopular things ethnic-nationalism Jewish state. Arab Jews that look like ‘Them’ need to get out with the rest of the sub-human trash. Arabs shouldn’t be employed or sold or rented housing.  The U. N. is irrelevant. International law is irrelevant. Territory isn’t the issue (already handled that, thank you very much). The Fourteenth Priinciple is an interconnected package, that’s self-reinforcing.

settler_graffitiUndeclared Martial Law in Perpetual War

Migron Lawyer: ‘It’s Our Brown v. Board’ for eventually Police complete largely peaceful Migron evacuation, the very next time around,  The Supreme Court had to uphold it’s decision to evacuate Migron or abdicate all credibility for a failure of the system of checks and balances, the rule of laws that define modern democracy that’s directly immanent from The Divine Torah. The militartistic settlement enterprise ignores Arabs as having any rights when the Israeli Supreme Court under a Rule of Law can’t. If that deal could’ve been cut, it had to be before they ruled. Bombshell for the settlement enterprise in Levy report was just a writing up of the policy that’s been in effect for forty-five years and Choose hope: Don’t adopt the Levy report. is just don’t say it out loud. We don’t admit nuclear, as Publishing discriminatory Jewish ruling was blunder and Shapiro’s Torah haMelech – just too much talking out loud. Not to deny, but silence is prudent. Chess strategy, cards close to the vest. Beyond that, why say the obvious? Besides, It’s wrong to push out Israeli settlers, even if its legal.

The inevitability of conflict within Israel’s democracy by defying the Supreme Court rulings can’t be avoided by whistling past the graveyard of modern democratic intentions. The system of democracy has been overthrown under an undeclared Martial Law of perpetual war, still in process since 1967 with Israel tells High Court will demolish illegal West Bank buildings according to own ‘priorities.’ The Supreme Court can’t enforce anything but bad press, but the fact that illegal Migrons can’t be removed, and in the rare instances that they are is emblematic of the entire ‘legal’ illegal settlement enterprise permanence. Aledgedly, the Netanyahu administration is having difficulty protecting the settlement enterprise, though that’s been, and will be, managed very well as a national effort for the past forty-five years under the banner of ‘defense‘ as New ‘alternative Zionist fund’ supporting right-wing settler groups.

Settler Violence to Smoke Them Out

Settler Violence to Smoke Them Out

The Fog of War: Perpetual Obfuscation

Seemingly, the ‘secret’ plan is infinite prevarication obfuscation and denials for perpetual war. Without a confession as the Ronald Reagan standard, there’s no crime. And even if there has been, alledgedly, there’s certainly no victim. As long as we shush those who know, discredit those who fail to get that message and speak out, and confuse the rest that are too stupid to know how shoes are tied, it’s all good. However, there’s a body of evidence and witnesses with crediblity. Protesting these efforts isn’t going to make them go away, particularly without any coherent articulation of my Civil Rights or intent to accommodate theirs in any way whatsoever.

The unintended consequence of all this petulant anal-phase boy with his finger in the dyke of an impending flood of world condemnation who stomps his foot and cries wolf in such a cynical way that people are seeing the lies in the body language, reading the tea leaves. When old-South bullies are my best friend, those rags I’m wearing on my head to raid the Native camps to pretend that the nation-state isn’t complicit in my international alledged crimes is third-rate vaudeville without a plot. Kabuki theater with staged Netanyahu, right-wing leaders condemn attack on IDF base in West Bank, misdirection for (im)plausible deniability. It’s all a tawdry story of dominion from conventional wisdom older than time that only the insipid and hateful can stomach as the developed world is getting nauseated, disgusted.

israel-settlers-attack-palestine-womanAs the ZOA adulation of a feckless troll woke me up, the world is waking up in a Migron of reality surrounded by a pack of bullies carrying code-word clubs to bludgeon with labeling: quisling Hellenist self-hating anti-Semitic savages sand-niggers kushies liberal bleeding-heart weaklings Arab Jews Arab-lovers nigger-lovers what ever, let’s not forget that not religious. As Jewish Anti-Semites Finally Come Out of the Closet written by an agnostic embracing The Fourteenth Principle addendum to discredit quislings who lack faith in power money might. Zealots vilify anyone sceptical of the wisdom of Manifest Destiny justified by ethnic particularism. These reject not only International Law, but the wisdom of the elders of blessed memory in a knows best that it’s the power of humiliaiton, the mighty arm of Don Quixote and the United States’ money that will exclusively save the afflicted by having no compassion for suffering other than our own.

I’ve lost it dude, lost my credibilty as anything to do with holy as The Land. That scruffy beard coat and hat I’m wearing has been turned into nothing more than an as-if-hallowed between reality and a Delusion in Common costume. Yes, I certainly did show ’em. Now, let’s crank up using The Holy Name as a can-opener another notch. Please.

What isn’t clear is what’s supposed to happen by 2015, or in another ten years of herem that will change the situation in any substantive way. American regime change? The rapture of Colisuem droolers when they get enough not so bad strange fruit? For the generation of heretics that still rejects idolatry to pass away? The breaking of the human will to justice? What? Exactly.

anneNothing Can Save the Two-State Solution

The idea that the Israeli militaristic settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria will ever be dismantled to accommodate a contiguous ‘Palestinian‘ state is unrealistic, a pretense at best. That’s already not possible. Just don’t look at the secret anti-Semitic-to-publish map. In Open Letter to Peter Beinart: Boycotting the settlement enterprise will not save the two-state solution, I just need to stave off any criticisms from within and keep the war machine oiled and running, cold and sterile of hope and efficient. I certainly agree that Two-state can’t be saved.

The militaristic settlement enterprise makes more sense than Two-State with 1967 borders with mutually agreed land-swaps to create contiguity because islets of populations are much more straightforward in management by a proxy Palestinian police state. Are far more manageable than a free-ranging and fluid population. Think cell blocks; no prison just lets the inmates have free range. Arabs can have local input in a version of constitutional monarchy, wherein the monarch as Israel retains sovereignty and veto power. Locals can vote on their local dogcatcher and acceptable Mubarak clones as trustees. This ruse of Palestinian economic development as a recompense for vassal status is just propaganda, like sitting on somebody’s chest and saying you need to breath more deeply, make yourself comfortable.

While my Jewish, ethnic-nationalist state that discourages Arabs, Jews finger is pressed into the Arab eye and now the eye of the world as an exceptional religious entitlement of agnostics cross-dressing as religious, Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorists and I’m an old-South freedom-of-dominion fighter. The Israeli militaristic settlement enterprise and its permanence against any surrender of Judea and Samaria to a contiguous Two-State implementation is already fait accompli, game over. Forgetaboutit. The Two-state dreamers need to just get over it, including Beinhart Chomsky Dershowitz and Finkelstein. Frank Jacobs summarizes reality succinctly:

The network of settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank is by now so dense that a unilateral Israeli withdrawal seems utterly implausible. The religion-inspired obduracy of a large segment of the settler community would make even the smallest concession unthinkable. If a final settlement is reached, present circumstance suggests it will be imposed by Israel on an unwilling Palestinian Authority. The remainder of the Palestinian territories will be locked away behind the so-called separation barrier. This barrier — a Middle Eastern variation on the Berlin Wall — has been an effective tool in stopping terrorist attacks inside Israel, but it constitutes yet another annexation of Palestinian territory: largely ignoring the Green Line, it cuts deep into the West Bank, occasionally isolating Palestinian towns and villages from their hinterland.

Forced Uncompensated Taking

69686992Migron represents a fulcrum of crisis within Israel’s democracy by the underlying issue of forced uncompenstated taking. As long as the forms are filled out and the right stamps have been applied, it’s fine, just don’t try to be totally dismissive of the rule of as if law. This is how you need to do it: Declare it state land. Or abandoned – coincidentally because I won’t let them get to it. Hire some Andrew Jackson consultatants from the old-South. Get those identity thieves to make up some fake legitimacy Hebron house papers. Git ‘er done. The only fort still left standing is the one named Privately Owned that has papers to prove ownership even though the courthouse burned down, aledgedly.

Unilaterally taking by imposition of man-as deific power money might won’t pass an international smell test. Given that the most vociferous accusers are men-as deities with dirty hands, the perception of Israel taking without attempting to negotiate any sort of settlement with those being displaced will become, as it already is within the Disapora, emblematic of Israel as intransigent to any recognition of ownership interest by investment over time. Lacking fundamental decency.

U.N. rights inquiry says Israel must remove settlers

U.N. rights inquiry says Israel must remove settlers

Whistling by that graveyard won’t make the ghosts of international condemnation go away. Won’t stop that ghost from further eroding international support. People everywhere have a fundamental belief in justice, fairness. That we delivered by The Diaspora, immanent from The Divine Torah. Pretending otherwise is simply whistling past the graveyard of reality. Regardless of the depth of the Delusion in Common and volume of shouting I’m an exception. I’m the refugee with the Right of Return, by Birthright.

Beside the issues of ethics and truthfulness and a responsibility to Be holy, to have compassion for All His creation, a ‘good Jew’ is required to be Birthright-racist with Kind after Kind xenophobia outside and within to justify this forced uncompensated taking. To inculcate in the ‘tribe‘ the readiness to pull the trigger without hesitation as are they all, men women and children, trees animals and sympathizers, simply ‘targets.’ Savages in the way of righteous Manifest Destiny. That has become a Delusion in Common in consciousness of guilt.

Consciousness of Guilt

Evidentiary rules allow a prosecutor to introduce testimony that tends to show that the defendants actions prove he knew he was guilty (at least of something). This is sometimes referred to as “consciousness of guilt”. For example, such evidence may include actions the defendant took to “cover up” his alleged crime. Flight, when unexplained, may indicate consciousness of guilt if the facts and the circumstances support it. A person’s false statements as to (his/her) whereabouts at the time of the offense may tend to show a consciousness of guilt.

In the same way that Native Americans were labeled as savages, despite having assimilated and some civilized long prior to European contact, in the same way that African slaves were labeled as having the old-South three-fifths of a soul, the demonization effort, as well as the push to emulate being religious despite faith such as it is having been placed in power money might with an ethnic idolatry, all goes to a consciousness of guilt to be asuaged. Were it as simple as a Kali Thuggee, this is my victim in the wrong place and time, or a hapless customer that wanders into a their store, there’d be no need to construct these psychological justifications. Make no mistake, that’s what they are. It’s saying that savage, that darker should be put on the Trail of Tears or should be enslaved. Palestinians as rightless vassals. Better for all involved. In pure self-interest in search of justifications while having heard of Good and Evil. Making excuses.

Delusions in Common

Ironically, all this bellicose posturing has called world attention to a consciousness of guilt, certainly got mine. To paraphrase Ceasar’s Brutus after he and his Birds of a Feather had done the deed, guilt shared is better than guilt within:

Israelis, Jews, and philosemites! hear me for my cause, and be silent, that you may hear: believe me for my religion, and have respect for my religion, that you may believe: censure me in your wisdom, and awake your senses, that you may the better judge. If there be any in this assembly, any dear friend of Palestinians, to him I say, that Brutus’ compassion for Palestinians is no less than theirs. If then that friend demand why Brutus rose against the Palestinians, this is my answer: –Not that I loved Palestinians less, but that I loved the Jewish people more. Had you rather Palestinians were living here and die of another Shoah, than that Palestinians were banished, for all Jews to live as free? As they are our cousins, I weep for them; but they just had to go, I rejoice at it; as they were unwilling to accept their lot, I mourn them: but, as they were ambitious of rights, I expelled them. … Who is here so rude that would not be for a Jewish Israel?…. Who is here so vile that will not love his ‘tribe,’ his own people? 

Without eloquence, the crux of the authoritarian attacks within as self-hating and a one-size-fits-all anti-Semitism without is an argument from justification that is as much a soliloquy of the self as a polemic than to be believed by the audience (the world) that doesn’t matter, is officially irrelevant. A world that’s been treated to the most self-righteous obstreperous and narcissistic beligerant and demanding two-year-old that will hold its breath until it passes out before it submits to any sort of authority — telling it what to do. This is the narrative of the Delusion in Common thats swept the Israeli consciousness as a mob that hasn’t heard from Antony yet. The founding religious premise of the not religious Zionist militaristic enterprise grew out of a faith in and need to survive by power money might.

Essay of the week: What drives Israel?

The only version of this solution that is acceptable to Israel is the one that both the tamed Palestine Authority in Ramallah and the more assertive Hamas in Gaza could never accept. It is an offer to imprison the Palestinians in stateless enclaves in return for ending their struggle. And thus even before one discusses either an alternative solution — one democratic state for all, which I myself support — or explores a more plausible two-states settlement, one has to transform fundamentally the Israeli official and public mindset. It is this mentality which is the principal barrier to a peaceful reconciliation within the fractured terrain of Israel and Palestine.

Klotse En Sukke Diplomacy

1844913777Israel’s Public diplomacy bull in the china shop campaign has brought back fond memories of Charlie Chaplin the Keystone Cops and The Three Stooges’ Moe cracking Curly Shemp and Larry head’s with a relentless authoritarian campaign to squelch any dissent. From perfect faith in the narcissistic necessity to go-along-to-get along with whatever I say-do. The entire world is obligated, to be shamed as guiltly of perpetual persecution to make-believe as my believed is perpetually made. The current arrangement that’s to last until Arab herem is complete has been called a bi-national state on the premise that Arabs in Judea and Samaria will never have Civil Rights.

The pretense being rammed down the throats of the world is that Israeli settlements don’t have anything to do with anything. All of it’s just anti-Semitism. There’s no relationship between the militarism and the so-called ‘Peace Process,’ Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, the United States, Muslim disapproval of Israel, genuine religious Jewish rejection, BDS, Protestant defections, nothing. La la la la la, I don’t hheeaaarrrr you. La la la la la and la. Pfft.

Two-state advocates are quislings on the Democratic, pro-democracy team, and those in support of ignoring the world and a herem in modernity, starving Gaza and the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria as Native Americans into submission is to be on the authoritarian Republican Federalist Party faith in power money might, beating the pan of a religion of rejecting compassion for anyone’s suffering other than my own. I’m on the most powerful team materially, and the weakest morally. Gasp, people are starting to find out that militaristic Zionism ain’t necessarily Judaism. My goodness, what’s next?

Everything is peachy except for the terrorist sympathizers Haaretz and B’Tselem. Quiet. Stable. The Palestinian Authority is stepping up and cracking down, but behaving badly by threatening to tattle. I will punish you if you don’t know your place — just do as I say.

Nothing Really Matters

Nothing really matters; except perpetual war for European ownership. ‘Unpopular things‘ for ‘particularism.‘ Nothing really matters; beyond getting the message out to compatriot old-South Amalekites who reject compassion. that we’re Birds of a Feather, and that if you ‘bleeding-heart’ almost-Jews (the only real in Israel) can’t Forgetaboutit, at least shut up about it. In or Out of the Got Mine Big Tent of Hate. 

Let’s just deny: Deconstructing “Israeli Apartheid” when the Jewish nation-state has less to do with religion than Supremacy with a perfect faith in ethnic providence in a model mob-consciousnessMoshe Feiglin of the Arabs are the enemy Is Now Mainstream while desecrating The Holy Name with between-the-lines we’ll ‘take care of Them,’ and naturally they will have no rights in the Jewish state. The ‘centrist’ statuesque of Livni will have the Arabs within the Green line join their co-conspirators in these shrubland ‘entities‘ so that the pinnacle of ‘Peace Process’ success is going to be their expulsion from within the Green line as well. Kind after Kind.

Hamas and Hezbollah aren’t going to change. I’m not going to change. I don’t have a Peace Partner because they haven’t sufficiently realized that I’m going to beat them up until they holler uncle. And then beat them some more, until they get the message and get out or die protesting. They just don’t understand their place, which is out. The world is anti-Semitic because they don’t understand how very exceptional I truly am, Chosen for 19th century European ownership.

Mahmoud Abbas Won’t Allow Peace Deal is just that the terms of surrender of the Palestinians is accepting right-less vassal status in townships, enclaves, pens, cell-blocks, whatever term floats your boat. The conflict is not about territory because that’s off the table too. It doesn’t matter that Arab League softens stance on Israel’s final borders because there’s no point in resumption of Israeli-Palestinian talks. We’ve settled into this forty-five-year-old ‘secret’ plan and we’re dug in like a tick on a hound and there’s nothing anybody can ever do about it anyway. Now there. Why waste the time? Nothing really matters. Except me.

The United States Will Veto

The United States will veto regardless of what administration is in power. However, the United States, the world, does have a dog in this perpetual war. Pretending that the United States hasn’t been Israel’s staunchest ally and is known as such globally and prominently is just the pouting brat angling for its next pacification treat — U.S. finalizes exclusive arms sale aimed at ensuring Israel’s ‘air superiority.’ Daddy needs to make things right in the schoolyard by bankrolling Richie Rich’s social-engineering Humiliation Project.

All this will eventually wear thin, even within the United States except those old-South Coliseum-drooling dogs of war that come saluting to ‘niggerniggernigger‘ hog calls of hate. The world knows the old-South Islamophobic code-words of justification as the hope that an Obama administration would moderate the militaristic settlement enterprise policy, a primary world issue, is historical; abject failure per routine. G. H. W. Bush withholding military jet deliveries in the context of Israeli policy facilitated his credibility in the Arab world. Mutual land-swaps is as saying fold the tent and go home, with nothing but bluff and bluster puffery coming for the right of dominion.

Let’s Go It Alone

Poll: 56% of American Jews think U.S. should strike Iran,  and 58 percent of Israelis opposed a strike on Iran without US backing, and Iran could recover from attack on its nuclear sites within six months, says U.S. report. The majority of Americans disagree with another dyslexic Bush war of choice. Of course, Etch-a-sketch Monsieur Marquis St. Romney, will promise to attack Iran on his first day in office, what the old-South and the Israeli right wants to hear.

Expressing disappointment that ostensible European allies voted against Israel is insufficient incentive to dismiss their interest in world stability, their own internal population issues, their own progression as liberal democracies with hopes of an internally peaceful multi-ethnic state. Neither a nuclear Iran, nor attacking Iran is a good idea, between a rock and a hard place. Sabre-rattling or a bombing campaign will expose the core of ill-will left by the dyslexic Bush administration Gambling on Wars. The world economy will collapse, leading to severe instabilities among friend and foe.

Europe is tired and the United States is broke while stuck in an intractable War within the States. No, the United States can’t tell Israel not to attack Iran. Nor can Israel tell the United States to attack Iran with a coalition of two. Arab countries are concerned with a nuclear Persian Iran, but if the United States ignores them again as dyslexic Bush, the world as we know it will collapse. Dyslexic Bush’s thin coalition of the willing was entirely different from G. H. W. Bush’s Desert Storm. Afghans are committed to avenging their My Lai. Iran is the world villain today, but attacking them will create them as victim, as Erdogan: No force should threaten Iran’s peaceful nuclear program. Sunni-Shiite conflict is ready to expand as the Arab Spring yields to disillusionment, our last regional ally King Jordan on pins with Thousands in Jordan call for end of peace treaty with Israel.

migron_outpostVoice of Authority

I take Professor Dershowitz’s words seriously. There’s hardly more immense pressure on the Obama administration to abandon any criticism of settlement enterprise policy, while expressing unconditional support of Israel’s safety that we all share. He brushes over settlement enterprise policy as an ‘internal disagreement,‘ while pretending in the Delusion in Common that there’s a disconnect between the Israeli mlitaristic settlement enterprise and the roots of ongoing tensions. Then a year later gets boo’d down for presenting plan to restart peace talks.

Comparing Chamberlain’s treatment of Germany to Iran is whistling past the graveyard of democracy with wishful thinking. As those gangland head rags made a remarkable fashion statement, losing the diplomatic judgment to avoid interfering in an American election motivated by the rabid yearning to protect the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rigths abuses and Project Humiliation is known around the world. Many Americans have become automatons programmed to perpetual distracting entertainment that don’t want the mental stress of doing a book report on Mary Had a Little Lamb. What’s really going on in the world beyond had-been-news CNN sound-bites is irrelevant.

The good news is that the rest of the world that still values logical consistency and accuracy of facts has an in-common interest in avoiding the escalations of a nuclear Iran. Or another ten years at least of slow-rolling herem by Roman seige of the helpless ‘suspects‘ in Judea and Samaria and Arabs Jews and Muslims within the Green Line. The bad news is that the most damaging thing Iran could do to Israel is to pull that ‘We want nukes.’ rug out. And for the Palestians to renounce the Two-state Tar Baby that’s so dead the maggots have given up on it —  Leading Palestinian intellectual: We already have a one-state solution, and What is a Palestinian State Worth? anyway.

The Physics of Delegitimization

Public opinion has both Inertia and Momentum. No one starts neutral. I started out with more compassion for Israeli suffering, with inertia and momentum in that cognitive bias. At the point that the reality became apparent by bad company, despite all my Denial Anger Bargaining and Depression in disappointment, when arriving at Acceptance of the reality of the Heart of Darkness that’s consummed Israel, so that compassion for Jewish is to mean having no compassion for Their suffering, favorable bias toward Israel, the nation-state shifted. I’m still committed to Israel, but I hate haters with the intensity of six million suns. Lying is the first step in hate. I can’t lie to myself about Israel anymore.

Denial: Sun is Peeking

The same is true for the rest of the world. The gig is up. We’re coming out of the Denial phase as world realization. People are getting angry, in the first world. And for intelligent people, that won’t be anti-Semitism but a rejection of the 19th century collectivization premise upon which all ethnic nationalism as Abe Foxman so presciently cited is predicated. Within and without we’re arriving at the realization that The occupation is a cancer that is eating us and that Israeli occupation is un-Jewish. Israel represents neither Judaism or the Diaspora that’s immanent of The Divine Torah, from secular to frum. In loving kindness, no one has wanted to say all this out loud, airing family business in public, but the attack campaign on fellow Jews took the gloves off. The intimidation campaign had a paradoxical effect. If you tell me to shut up, I will then enunciate pronouce while taking particular care with my grammar and syntac, for clarity. We’re all getting clear.

Anger: Blindsided

As malevolent intentions became clear, resistance to the old-South is mounting. So is it with Israel as international support splinters daily. I’m angry that this new golden calf has so many dancing around the fire with that demographic majority bone stuck up their nose. I’m angry about idolatrous racism. I’m angry that the real Jewish religious community hasn’t been more assertive as so many have been misled to stumble and stray from the traditions and path by these idolatries. I’m angry that I found myself compelled to start talking about it.

I have abandoned Israel as an exclusivist Jewish ethnic state, but I will never abandon the Jewish people that are in Israel, Never Forget. I’m angry it took me so long to see through the situation, to hope. Haaretz and B’Tselem are, contrary to the authoritarian position, the direct proof of the merit of Israel. A cause to hope. There are many good and positive people, Jews and non that I have the utmost good-will and blessing to bestow. So while I’m angry for being compelled to speak, I’m also angry it took me so long.

Bargaining: Still Hopeful

From the journey of this attempt, it’s become apparent that as long as the United States of Manifest Destinies remains firm in it’s support of the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation, the situation will continue on course to state-suicide that Paul Krugman mentioned. Perhaps he’s correct that it’s better not to think about it. Especially because the Delusion in Common has been elevated to a state religion, The Fourteenth Principle.

As we ask the world to go to the wall against a nuclear Iran, rather than pretending that the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation is irrelevant and coincidental, accept that Arab owners of the Migrons are settled upon have rights of investment over time that need to be accommodated in the process of taking. My caution of a ‘confederate structure’ as Give Israel’s Secular Liberals Their Own State is that it facilitates States’ Rights of old-South injustice. Rather than divisions, I will always strive for unity. Please note: The human will can’t be broken.

Depression: Chapters of the Fathers

I would be hypocritical to say that anyone else should boycott Israel when I won’t, still sending more than I can afford. Instead of hoping to some day make aliyah, never say never, but that idea is at the bottom of a frozen sea under icebergs of injustice. I do mourn for all the Souls of compassion for suffering that have been drawn into this group-think Delusion in Common. There’s just so much here from Chapters of the Fathers, that informs everything this is about Down Here on the Ground. I’m reminded of Rabbi Fred Neulander, not in terms of what he did, but much greater is the desecration of The Holy Name with all this sorbid business of being an ethnic nation-state. Remarkable.

The idiom of whistling past the graveyard refers to an attempt To stay cheerful in a dire situation; to proceed with a task, ignoring an upcoming hazard, hoping for a good outcome. or To enter a situation with little or no understanding of the possible consequences. The expectation that all these icebergs of injustices and descents into idolatries are at no-cost to the soul is simply unrealistic. I am actually relieved to realize that these people don’t represent me or my religion despite the hard-press of the idea that I should abandon Awe of HaShem on behalf of my ‘tribe.’ I won’t be an idolator of any thing, including my tribe, religion, or my self for that matter. Forgetaboutit.

Acceptance: One-state with Equality for All

We will create a new Peace initiative, not based upon dead Two State, but upon Sari Nusseibeh’s position with a twist of hope from loving kindness. Give everyone hope. Enroll the ‘liberal’ constituency in support of Israel to converting Two-State advocacy to a prolonged period of phasing in Arabs rights, if necessary over a generation; a combination of Nusseibeh’s Arab quiescence with a twist of His light at the end of the tunnel. Israel is permanent. The Israeli settlements are permanent. Arabs are permanent. Creating more icebergs of injustice as epitomized by the taking of Migron will only increase the toll of eventual and inevitable reckoning. Faith in being able to ignore reality and impose pharaoh’s will to infinity is unrealistic.

One state – one vote: Rethinking an Israeli Spring is an idea that recognizes the reality that neither the Israeli settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria nor Arabs are going to leave, but will need to gain a mutual accommodation that isn’t a pretense. The difference in my proposal and those I’ve seen so far is an equilibration over time of Arab democratic influence in a One-state solution that not only supports maintenance of the existing settlements, but without the militarism Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation in affirmation of my Civil Rights, while serving as a mechanism of accommodation of just compensation and redress of interests,

Justice Compassion and Mercy for Peace as an alternative that phases in over time, for hope.

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