Israel’s Right to Exist as a Jewish State FOR the Jewish People

Israel has a Right to Exist, but what is the necessity of the doublet Jewish state moniker signaling exclusivity? From logical operation on Israel as FOR the Jewish people, non-Jewish Right to Exist is unstated until negated by application of the Calhoun Holding Dominion doctrine. In addition, that FOR instantiated and entitled by power money might in the ‘particularism’ paradigm prioritizes Ashkenazim over Sephardim over Ethiopian by continuity in the principle of inequality in an Authoritarian pecking order as conventional wisdom.

The ‘unpopular things’ package of the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation and quasi-legal forced taking as policy are logical outgrowths of the negation of non-Jews as having a Right to Exist in the nation-state that is FOR the Jews. The clear intent to disenfranchise non-Jews by mechanisms as the various Loyalty Oath strains of legislation declaring necessary submission to subordinate less than human status, or in the Livni Grand Two-state bargain, as well as no Right of Return are predicated upon only Jews having Rights. All dynamics, including that there is no written constitution affirms this as from the inception of Zionism.

Jewish State Moniker Signals an Exclusivity of FOR Jews

Avigdor Lieberman

Avigdor Lieberman

Jewish state‘ is catchall description as well as a Masada rallying cry that acts as Fault Line and glue both externally and internally. A sign on the door that reads as Korea is for Koreans and Japan is for Japanese to say Israel is FOR Jews. Or ‘Colored (non-Jews) to the Rear.’

White has been discredited as a basis for colonial exceptionalism, but the history of Shoah is exploited with every opportunity to the world  as Netanyahu’s Germany address to exploit guilt and shame in perpetual justification for ‘unpopular things‘ — ilitaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation to drive them all out or break their human will to acceptance of being John C. Calhoun right-less vassals. And to the Diaspora to induce a trance of go-along-to-get-along group-cohesion, regardless. To maintain exceptionalism for say-do-whatever or be condemned of being self-hating or anti-Semitic.

Those who will say that the Jewish state moniker is necessary will insist on the conflation as though Israel can’t be Jewish without the Jewish state moniker when everyone understands the word Israel was well as Japan and Korea, but it’s the juxtaposition of Israel’s Right to Exist to denial of indigenous non-Jews Right to Exist that brings the existential question of does the exclusivity have a Right to Exist. In that Israel is predicated upon being FOR Jews, no other entity can expect Rights beyond the ‘at will’ old-South standard.

From the Inception of the Jewish State

From the inception of the Jewish state, as in the dispute within Democracy in America as to whether ‘all men created equal‘ bore any specific expectations of Rights for non-white, and in this case non-Jewish, as Roger Taney of Dred Scott held that Africans had no standing. The folklore that non-Jews have any sort of rights within Israel is belied by there never being an agreement on a written Israeli constitution. As Federalists are so apt to point out, a Declaration of Independence is a statement of context and ideal, that of itself confers no Rights. That has left the door open for some to assert that non-Jews do have rights, and for others to hold and rule to the contrary.

The unassailable assumption is that Jews must have their own nation-state to protect the Jewry of the world from pogroms and worse and that being powerful wealthy and mighty enough to Hold Domminion is a deterent against any incursions into the individual Jew’s sovereignty worldwide. A despotic figure as controversial as Fidel Castro can summarize the case by:

This went on for maybe two thousand years,… I don’t think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews. I would say much more than the Muslims. They have been slandered much more than the Muslims because they are blamed and slandered for everything. No one blames the Muslims for anything. In my judgment here’s what happened to them: Reverse selection. What’s reverse selection? Over 2,000 years they were subjected to terrible persecution and then to the pogroms. One might have assumed that they would have disappeared; I think their culture and religion kept them together as a nation. The Jews have lived an existence that is much harder than ours. There is nothing that compares to the Holocaust,

So that while there are few who contest Israel’s Right to Exist, even fewer have articulated the existential and logical ramificaitons of the perceived necessity for exclusivity. Carlo Strenger’s Modern Jewish identity is not racist or nationalist:

The cure for the manifestations of chauvinism and racism in Israel is to make Israelis realize that Israel’s existence and safety depends on strengthening its ties with the free world, on embracing pluralism and detaching politics from religion. The way to liberate Israel from its current woes is not to make it less Jewish, but to make it more Jewish in the modern sense: cosmopolitan, open to the world, and committed to human rights. …

In contrast to Sand, I don’t think the deplorable aspects of Israeli politics have anything to do with Jewishness. Psychological and political research shows that human beings tend to become more nationalist and racist when they feel threatened, and unfortunately Israel is no exception to this. Since its founding, Israel has been under threat from its neighbors

When Jewish identity is rooted in matrilineal Birthright to Judaism, that isn’t a ‘polity built around a covenantal community‘ because the dominantly operative covenant is Birthright to return in observance with the exceptions residing in Judaism consistent with Sand’s “Zionism took the religious and ambiguous concept of “people” and injected it with national meaning, much as it did with other terms and symbols from the Jewish heritage.” Strenger says “Sand is throwing out the baby with the bathwater and misdiagnosing the sources of the illness.” when identity and religion are irrevocably interconnected as both rationale and defense, by deisgn.  The response by Shlomo Sand in On Israeli identity, Jewish democracy and oxymorons with:

Israel, which insists on defining itself as a Jewish state and not as an Israeli republic, alienates and discriminates against 25 percent of its citizens who, to their misfortune, aren’t registered by the Interior Ministry as Jews.

Israel was founded upon and exists as a Jewish state predicated upon an a priori feeling of being threatened for being a Jew, and simultaneously threatening the indigenous population from an absolutist existential inabliity to meet the exclusivist condition of being Jewish. That alienation and discrimination against 25 percent of its citizens, the non-citizens in the territories notwithstanding, alienates the free world that has had to overcome the viscitudes of John C. Calhoun white-supremacism in the United States for example, to realize the content of character as values that are not rooted in fortunate birth, that’s the Birthright baby. The underlying cognitive dissonance accepted as an uncontestable attribute — Jewish state, can be viewed in Kaniuk’s legacy who ‘petitioned a district court demanding that he be “released from the Jewish religion” and be registered with the Interior Ministry as having no religion’ when it’s said that:

Kaniuk was an example of an intellectual who pursued social justice. He and his friends first fought to create a state for the Jews, and afterward to establish that state as just, secular, democratic and egalitarian.

Yoram Kaniuk

Yoram Kaniuk

When the seeds of our discontent are integral to the Jewish state FOR the Jewish people that existentially and logically confers a corresponding not for non-Jews. For is a function word of exclusion, that:  a —used as a function word to indicate purpose <a benefit that’s particularly for the Jewish people> b —used as a function word to indicate an intended goal <the prestige of having one’s own Jewish nation-state on the world stage is for the safety of the Diaspora> <can act with nuclear weapons for the preservation of the Jewish people> c —used as a function word to indicate the object or recipient of a perception, desire, or activity < for the Jewish people to be elevated among the nations of the world> <‘unpopular things‘ in Judea and Samaria to secure Hold Dominion for your Civil Right to an elevated status among the nations of the world> <a word for an understanding of the context of the Jewish state>.

Rather than being a religious standing on Rashi as though simplistically physical issue as marketed, the same as the reason that there’s no written constitution of Israel, is the straightforward consequential logic from FOR the Jewish people as certain facilities and rights were for whites under the John C. Calhoun conventional wisdom of Holding Dominion by power money might or be under dominion, under tyranny. The Elders of Blessed Memory were uniformly opposed to militaristic Zionism. Founders of Zionism were not religious, but the religious definition of who is a Jew as well as the biblical historigraphy pragmatically serve for marketing refutations of Imperial colonialism as motive. And most importantly provide for a rationale to attempt to avoid the fate of most colonialists in the modern era. The three thousand years ago purported ownership of the land is used as though a definitive negation of the intervening three thousand years of interest by possession of non-Jews for uncompensated forcible taking, and to create the fiction that Israel isn’t a colonialist enterprise:

Colonialism is the establishment, exploitation, maintenance, acquisition and expansion of colonies in one territory by people from another territory. It is a set of unequal relationships between the colonial power and the colony and between the colonists and the indigenous population.

Were it not for the presence of an indigenous population to be displaced and or subjugated, the reality of the

Conquest can be understood to include not only its most direct manifestation, a conqueror gaining control of a land or a people, but also such subsidiary ways as a revolutionary conquest of an existing state, a coup d’etat, or even an entrepreneur conquering a market and institutionalizing his control through corporate means. Conquest tends to produce hierarchically organized regimes ruled in an authoritarian manner: power pyramids with the conqueror on top, his agents in the middle, and the people underneath the entire structure. The original expression of this kind of polity was the pharaonic state of ancient Egypt. It was hardly an accident that those rulers who brought the pharaonic state to its fullest development had the pyramids built as their tombs. Although the pharaonic model has been judged illegitimate in Western society, modern totalitarian theories, particularly fascism and nazism, represent an attempt to give it theoretical legitimacy.

And in the case of Israel, Zionism is operative as a modern totalitarian theory with respect to the indigenous population that undermines the assertion of a Covenant and the Origins of the Polity for the reality of a hierarchically organized society under the Authority of the Right to Defend the Right to Exist as a Jewish state FOR the Jewish people.

Zionism is a Response to 19th Century European Classical anti-Semitism

Classical anti-Semitism

Classical anti-Semitism

Zionism arose in the 19th century European Jewish Diaspora in response to Classical anti-Semitism to treat all dimensions of Classical anti-Semitism. Founded on the premise that having a pre-eminent nation-state ‘homeland‘ with Jews in charge of the resources of self-determination and self-defense removes Jews as targets of opportunity. No longer would there be the cycles of conditional acceptance followed by agitation and pogroms of humiliated and helpless Jews who either converted to an addendum or fled or died. By having a strong and virile nation-state FOR the Jewish people, the survival of the Jewish people would be assured.

This branding creates a sense of ownership and personal responsibility for Israel’s survival as though your own with an existential any-opposition-is-anti-Semitism chip on the shoulder. The smirking Got Mine peacock puffery and pride in elevated status so characteristic of Israel’s Authoritarian approach to both the Diaspora and others is a fundamental motive at the heart of Zionism: No longer will Jews supplicate with eyes cast downward, but will be demanding and threatening, being the feared and not the fearful. So Classical anti-Semitism that justifies militaristic Zionism that does militaristic ‘unpopular things‘ that creates hostility in Allusive anti-Semitism that can only be Classical 19th Century European anti-Semitism so that any resistance to anything Israel says or does is an existential threat to the Jewish people’s Right to Exist.

The militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation as well as idolatry of ethnicity in a principle of purity Blood idea all, as the Jewish state, have a Right to Exist as though synonymous with the Jewish people. While beyond presumption and baseless assertion, there isn’t any coherent linkage between the Jews in the Diaspora surviving, as thought Israel can Entebbe-rescue Jews across the globe. Bomb the train tracks to the concentration camps when Zionists refused to intercede in that process to the extent they could then, for a Greater Good. The Jewish character, that isn’t Jewish, to which Israel is referring is Holding Dominion by the forced taking and securing of a ‘homeland.’ Martin Luther King responded: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking anti-Semitism.” That’s consistent with any criticism of Israel as Classical anti-Semitism that denies the Jewish people’s Right to Exist.

Satmar Rebbe

Satmar Rebbe

Jewish People’s Right to Exist

More so than Israel ensuring the survival of the Jewish people, the Diaspora has to ensure the survival of Israel by dismissing millinea of ethnical monotheism for unconditional protection of the militaristic offense as defense package under the stiff-arm of any criticism as self-hating anti-Semitism and Shoah-denying. This is a primary realpolitik of the necessity of the Jewish state moniker, conflating Israel’s Right to Exist as a Jewish state to the Jewish people’s Right to Exist — to protect the Zionist enterprise for an elevated status FOR the Jewish people, not for survival. The name Israel alone conveys a complete understanding of the nationalist character of the country, but the Jewish state moniker serves as both finger in the eye of potential adversaries and as a Juden badge to stimulate the Never Forget motivation of the Diaspora to defend anything and every ‘unpopular thing‘ Israel does as though in the memory of those who died in Shoah, to put the Jewish nation-state before any other considerations, as Justice Compassion Mercy or Peace. The severity of Shoah conveys infinite license in the moral relativism of prevention ‘by any means necessaryUs or Them.

Jewish State as a Greater Good: Moral Relativism

Thousands from the anti-Zionist Satmar

Thousands from the anti-Zionist Satmar

Moral Relativism is the premise of the recurrent relativistic defense, both in the contemporary pointing to other offenders to say that it’s anti-Semitic to focus on Israel’s ‘unpopular things‘ in the noble context of prevention of another Shoah while not giving proportionate attention to grossly genocidal regimes. So that compatriots and the Diaspora are presented with a moral All or Nothing either-or. Either you support these necessary to maintain the character of the Jewish state ‘unpopular things,‘ or you support allowing another Shoah. Which is better? To amputate the Arab infection in our ‘particularist’ midst, or have the Jewish state die, and thereby allowing yourself to die of impurities that will render Israel a non-Jewish state?

By conflation of the Jewish people’s to Israel’s Right to Exist, the Jewish state doublet moniker provides an enthusiastic and committed as though life-at-stake advocacy. The rally-round-the-flag to protect the Jewish state during times of perpetual crisis induces the individual Jew to make a personal decision to embrace the by any means necessary’ moral relativism of ‘unpopular things,’ or be a Traitor of the Race. The Right to Exist with the logically attendant the right to defend has extended to the litany of offensives under the banner of defense with the ongoing militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation to create and protect demographic majority to maintain the Jewish state.

From Times of Israel  (photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

From Times of Israel
(photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

As John C. Calhoun Republicans imposing and maintaining maximal inequality as an ideal, the next best thing to slavery, nation-states operate in Machiavellian power money might, by worldly means, preferring to be feared as deities than lovers subject to fickle whims. Holding Dominion. The existential reality is that all the troubling aspects of Israel and its militaristic Zionism are continuous consequential and concurrent aspects of an integrated whole from the Jewish state FOR. The specious chicken and egg narrative is illustrated by the justification that Arabs had appealed to Nazis for protection from Zionism in the standard history of duplicitous some saying ‘we come in peace’ while it leaks out of the other fork that ‘They‘ will all be swept away, before they decided to seek that protection.

The from the inception necessity to offensively drive them all out with ‘unpopular things‘ with faith in the Fourteenth Principle is ‘defensive‘ in and of itself. That driving, not in a Deir Yassin historical past that the world can accept, accommodate, and move on with an agreement to disagree about histories, but an ongoing and intended future pressure ethos toward a theoretical ideal of purity that’s consistent with the decades-long intent of all policy. Regardless that Two-state is still being discussed in a fantasy context of Palestinian capitulation to no Right of Return in shrublands with the Arabs within the Green Line’s citizenship being negotiated away to disenfranchised guest-worker vassal status, settlements proceeding apace with borders ‘to be discussed.’ All an impossibility that is of itself to leave the door open for the ‘Peace Process‘ to be a perpetual state of ‘unpopular things‘ offense as defense. To be able to maintain into perpetuity the pretense that ‘we tried,’ but don’t have a Peace Partner — they are not yet ready for unconditional surrender. That exemplified by Abbas calling the bluff and taking Right of Return off the table for the ‘Peace Process‘ to go nowhere. Nevertheless, whatever ‘unpopular things‘ Israel may do, the Diaspora is expected to perpetually defend in a moral relativism of tribal Unit Cohesion — Israel as a State of the Jewish People

The majority, who view Israel as the state of the Jewish people, are of two orientations: those who see the Jewish people of Israel as practically coterminous with the Jewish people and those who see the state as the center of a larger people.

Is entirely consistent with necessary outcome of the reification package that marginalizes the iceberg of the True Torah Jews Against Zionism as though irrelevant apostates to the genuine covenantal addendum religion that is militaristic Zionism. That’s consistently dismissive of the indigenous population in the same pathway as Native Americans in the United States. Were it not for that dismissed and shushed and excused in exceptionalism reality, comparisons to other Ethnic Nationalisms and political systems would be cogent. So that it’s true that Israel is a democracy, with a consensus to tolerate settlements, status quo that includes the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses Project Humiliation and quasi-legal forced taking and the Wars du jour. With the pretense that ‘They,’ that indigenous population doesn’t matter, sold on the reification propaganda as though that will work today as well as it worked on Native Americans.

Logical Ramifications of Jewish Democratic Nationalism

These two goals of Israel as a Jewish and a democratic state must coexist and not contradict each other. So, what does that mean, a Jewish state? It is not only a matter of the number of Jews who live in Israel. It is not just a matter of numbers but a matter of values. The Jewish state is a matter of values, but it is not just a matter of religion, it is also a matter of nationality. And a Jewish state is not a monopoly of rabbis. It is not. It is about the nature of the State of Israel. It is about Jewish tradition. It is about Jewish history, regardless of the question of what each and every Israeli citizen does in his own home on Saturdays and what he does on the Jewish holidays. We need to maintain the nature of the State of Israel, the character of the State of Israel, because this is the raison d’etre of the State of Israel. Tzipi Livni

Neturei Karta

Neturei Karta

The first statement is consistent with the Fourteenth Principle that in order for Israel to be a democratic Jewish state, there must be a demographic majority. In order for there to be a demographic majority, not only must there be no Palestinian Right of Return, by logical extension, every effort must be made to ensure demographic majority regardless of birthrates or aliyah so that both the ‘unpopular things‘ to drive them all out goes hand in hand with Arab disenfranchisement as a condition of ‘peace’ reflected in the second.

The nebulous catchall issue of values conjoins for the principle of purity in ‘particularism‘ to become the old-South values of Zionism. If Jewish tradition can be separated from religion, that tradition then distills to the in-common experience of anti-Semitism and Shoah, that by the assumptions of Zionism recursively returns to Jewish nation-state Holding Dominion as salvation. Being a Jewish state is the ‘raison d’etre of the State of Israel,‘ despite there being no singular and simplistic coherent definition of Jewish, culturally or religiously, or even ethnically. The original premises of militaristic Zionism — safety in power money might, decried by the Elders of Blessed Memory, are all there is. John C. Calhoun survivalism in a necessity of power money might, the lack of which was responsible for Shoah. For downline multiculturalism in Israel will cause the Jews to go extinct in a narcissistic Blood idea fantasy that Jews weren’t already multi-cultural (and mutil-ethnic) prior to Israel.

End of Zionism equals peace

End of Zionism equals peace

Israel distills to a principle ideal of genetic racial purity, to be an in-common with Pat-Buchanan white supremacists so that militaristic Zionism is synonymous with John C. Calhoun Republicans with another package of circumstances so that ‘race‘ per sé may not be the issue, but a quality as immutably genetic in Israeli application, of being Jewish. For the attendant in simplification inevitable and logical push for Jews to be a race, or ‘ethnic identity’ rather than a religion is logically consistent and paramount with New Book Opens Lid on Jewish Race Question. With a pecking order from white-Ashkenazi to coloured-Sephardic-Falasha and black-natives. That contextualizes the Jewish state moniker as South Africa was white, with the same dire predictions that should the white moniker come off of South Africa, overnight, the native bucks will rape all the racially pure white women, recalling the rationales of Birth of a Nation in the United State’ old-South. Contextualizing today’s campaign to stop interracial relationships, women leading the Unity solution, Likudnik Livni notwithstanding.

That Jews are not a certain race or culture is pulled out for defense to cite that there are Arabs, Jewish and non, though rare, in positions of authority when under attack for ‘particularism‘ comparable to South African Apartheid. If the spectre of egalitarian One-state democracy raises its ugly head, the defense is the survivalist principle of the Blood idea purity in particularism. All of these cognitive dissonances are papered over under the banner of ‘values,‘ separated from religion, especially in that Judaism as a religion isn’t the militaristic Zionism Holding Dominion religion in a narcissistic valuation of Birthright identity. Then the regardless of context looping back to the conflation of the Jewish people’s Right to Exist as Israel’s right to say-do-whatever to be a Jewish state. Perfect infallible omniscient — relatively.

There is an unavoidable conflict between being a Jewish state and a democratic state. I want to emphasize that there’s nothing anti-Semitic in pointing this out, and it’s time the question was discussed openly on its merits, without the charge of anti-Semitism hovering in the background. Joseph Levine

that’s quasi-refuted with:

There is little that is inherent in the idea of a Jewish state which should preclude equal status among Israel’s citizens. Israel’s declaration of independence enshrines this ideal. The major institutional engines of democracy in Israel are well oiled, despite not enough separation of religion and state in civil matters (an issue that may very well be rectified by the expected incoming governing coalition). Mira Sucharov 

When the logcial issue is the Jewish state FOR that can’t be broached. Israel has consistently and willfully failed to uphold this phantom ideal of it’s declaration of independence such that individuals under occupation are both drubbed and not protected which is an issue of fundamental decency beyond Hague Conventions of 1907 Art. 43 and Fourth Geneva Convention Section III: Occupied territories. It would have the world believe that because of the standard place-holding condescending pat on the head with:

In the case of Israel, the question is not whether the Jewish nation was justified in forging ahead with the creation of a State of Israel, but how well that state is now able to create and nurture a civic identity among all its citizens, Jewish and non-Jewish alike. This is a project that clearly needs work. But its unfinished nature should be a challenge for the democratically inspired – not a death sentence for the aims of Jewish national expression.

the status quo ante that has been the logical policy of Israel from its inception so that the Declaration of Independence’s

… it will foster the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; it will be based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel; it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture; it will safeguard the Holy Places of all religions; and it will be faithful to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations

has been in no way the reality unless the John C. Calhoun ‘better for all involved‘ as a description of slavery is applied for an understanding. This ‘unfinished nature‘ that will take another few decades of forced quasi-legal taking, militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation under the rubric of defense — business as usual, while typically, Israel’s Absentee Property Law exposes an absence of morality. However, it is the internally directed Authoritarian hostility toward other Jews down on the pecking order in the Jewish state that most articulately undermines the noble pretenses of intentions so that anyone with compassion for All suffering, clearly sees the noble in the Zionist Dream Has Run Its Course. Not because of disloyalty or not even for not being Jews, but who they are. It is this habit as motive that makes the most eloquent and irrefutable indictment of intent. That’s logical and not religious.

Pathways in Ethnic Nationalism in the Jewish State

Ethnic nationalism or ethnicism is a form of nationalism wherein the “nation” is defined in terms of ethnicity. The central theme of ethnic nationalists is that “nations are defined by a shared heritage, which usually includes a common language, a common faith, and a common ethnic ancestry”. It also includes ideas of a culture shared between members of the group, and with their ancestors, and usually a shared language; however it is different from purely cultural definitions of “the nation” (which allow people to become members of a nation by cultural assimilation) and a purely linguistic definitions (which see “the nation” as all speakers of a specific language). Herodotus is the first who stated the main characteristics of ethnicity, with his famous account of what defines Greek identity, where he lists kinship (Greek: ὅμαιμον – homaimon, “of the same blood”), language (Greek: ὁμόγλωσσον – homoglōsson, “speaking the same language”), cults and customs (Greek: ὁμότροπον –homotropon, “of the same habits or life”)

Internal Discrimination

Tractional Effect of Particularism Within

The Jewish state moniker also promotes exclusivity by idealization of Jewish in the principle of purity, both within and without. By the ethnic definition, in logical consistency, Arab Jews are either being driven out with those other Arabs, or yielding to pressure to assimilate to Ashkenazi minhag in an idealized principle of purity. The shared heritage is Birthright, the shared language to be resurrected Modern Hebrew, and the common faith militaristic Zionism, that isn’t Judaism. Notably in the context of religion, Conservative and Reform no-need-for-heters strains are rejected as legitimate Judaism in Israel while most of the Diaspora that affirms a Jewish religious identity that also supports Israel as an exclusivist Jewish state are from those strains. The principle of purity drive to make being a Jew into a race is consistent with “of the same blood” with a pecking order within the Loyalist tribe. Of the prominent customs, values, a good Jew hates Arabs, that just coincidentally spills over into Antipathy for Arab Jews.

Biochemistry Analogy

Biochemistry Analogy

What is this like? In biochemistry, there are pathways. Many genetic diseases are a failure of the genetic creation of an enzymatic chemical pathway. A way to understand the tractional effect of particularism within is that the activating enzyme activates the pathway. Then the conjugating enzyme sets for targets that will be processed. So that in the ‘particularism’ paradigm, identities are necessarily processed by the activated pathway. Coincidentally, that’s also the way many medicines work, by blocking the action of an enzyme or a transport mechanism, as The Divine Torah reminds not to idolize superficial identities. When the organism, militaristic Zionism is predicated upon ‘particularism,’ everything is going to go down that path. So, as the old-South, there is a common denominator of a duty to judge in a theoretical ideal of a hierarchical pecking order as justification.

Whether racial, ethnic, cultural, the important point here is that All will be active because of the underlying premise of validation and justification for sheer existence of Israel itself is Collective narcissism. The dominant Ashkenazim group by force of habit will strive to Hold Dominion over Sephardim and Ethiopian Jews subjected to routine overt racism-in-evolution. Because this pathway is a cultural norm in justification ‘not looking the gift horse in the mouth‘ of forced taking from Palestinians, this ‘normalcy’ spills over in all dimensions, internally and externally for Israel to be the old-South epitomized. While there are dissident voices, the cultural norms are remarkable and consistent. Authoritarian Israel expects to Hold Dominion over the Diaspora, the Holy Land including Jerusalem with ‘at will’ access by the Islamic and Trinitarian addenda, as well as the Holy Name that they claim ownership to use as a can-opener, as any rightful owner would see fit.

Classical Identity as a Binary Principle of Purity

Adam and Eve expelled from Paradise Paul Gustave Doré

Adam and Eve expelled from Paradise
Paul Gustave Doré

Pragmatically, to aid the survival of Israel, application of the meaning of being Jewish needs to engender broad-based support and at the same time be narrow enough to resist being undermined by lack of specificity. The latter to be accomplished in a principle of purity.

Traditionally, in conventional wisdom, we understand our identities in binary, either or terms. Gender, either male or female, is a ready at hand example. When people talk about experiencing their opposite-gender side, that isn’t sexual per sé, but cultural role-conventions. Male and female roles are fluid so that the role isn’t necessarily neatly fixed. Some heterosexual relationships where the Ozzie and Harriet, Dagwood and Blondie paradigm needs adjustments in modernity, are made more successfully by some couples than others. If an identity as fundamental as gender with roles can be so difficult to pin down, the Jewish in the context of a nation-state is as a brand that needs to be both designed and controlled along a consistent paradigm. Either-or is a construction of convenience, and the fundamentalist principle of purity takes precedence over purity itself.

Recursively in reification of the ‘Jewish character’ of the Jewish state that’s for Jews in the positive, and against non-Jews in the existential negative, Birthright as both justification for Right to Exist and mechanism of defense has been elevated to the role of white in One-drop racism-in-evolution. The broad-based multi-purposing of meanings of Jewish with the Jewish state as a doublet on Israel as qualifying moniker contextualizes the FOR that’s a branding for exceptionalism that has pragmatic survival benefits to a start-up nation-state, distinct from Korea and Japan who’ve had no indigenous population to overcome in modern times. Both are modern-day examples where both genetic and cultural narcissism of centuries is in a context of local hegemony and a directly in-common lineage that leaves no question as to the location and identity of either. Israel the nation-state needs the Diaspora to be an integral component of defense as well as source of ethnic population growth to undermine the charge of minority rule in colonialism. The Jewish state moniker for the finger-in-the-eye exclusivity obligates the Diaspora to protect Israel regardless of any other considerations.

This branding package is to then rest on the bedrock of genetic Birthright, with the biblical historiographic association of the Jewish people to the Holy Land for a narrative as entitlement to this specific land even though militaristic Zionism had and has nothing to do with Judaism per sé. By the principle of purity, that has always included Judea and Samaria. In Judaism, Hebrew is the Holy Tongue, with Yiddish and Ladino as examples of internal secular languages as fences around The Divine Torah. Analogous to Latin being the liturgical language of Catholicism and the first reformation of Luther was delivery of the liturgy in the secular language German. Modern Hebrew has been resurrected to span these internal languages-as-fences to meet the principle of purity of an in-common language. By the principle of purity, the common faith qualifier needs to be Orthodox as a theoretical ideal in the principle of purity in continuity to both the Birthright as well as the biblical narrative justifications. The secular Jew satisfies the principle of purity by genetic Birthright in the Blood idea. As long as the principle of purity ideal is met in at least one dimension, everything is kosher.

The Jewish state doublet signals the intent of arriving at the same purities as Japan and Korea in the context of an initially heterogeneous population, but within the Jewish as well as the indigenous populations. The striving for the principle of purity underlies both the racist character of the country as well as old-South Holding Dominion support and others accusing Israel of being a race(-in-evolution) state. The ‘particularism‘ that Gordis markets is this same principle of purity as a theoretical ideal. By Naming and Necessity, the Jewish state moniker drives ethnically, genetically, racially, religiously, toward a theoretical ideal of purity in exclusivity, in every respect.

The vast majority of Jews, rightly, regard The Holy Land as sacred, along with the mitzvah of living in The Holy Land. That’s been twisted into a marketing idea to be reified that Israel is a religious state. So that the narrative to which Strenger objects is a fundamental justification. Second and lower valuation as ethnic Jews have made aliyah to discover that the ‘Jewish‘ has, by extension in the particularism principle of purity, a genetic pecking order with Sephardim marginalized in terms of availability of resources, to either assimilate or emigrate. African migrants, who cannot assimilate — denied request to convert to Judaism are humiliated to emigrate.

All driven by the principle of purity that existentially flows from the Jewish state moniker. So while what Jewish means isn’t simplistic, the nationalist principle is to find and reify an in-common simplification that serves as justification. In the positivist case of the United States, it’s the principle that ‘all men are created equal,’ and in the negative Republican John C. Calhoun old-South case it’s the converse, both present from the inception. For Israel, all Jews are created equal, with some obviously (white) more equal than others, Conservative and Reform, and most coloured, as Peruvian, Orthodox conversions invalid. That’s not confusing at all if viewed from the principle of purity.

Birds of a Feather: John C. Calhoun American Exceptionalism

That also explains the John C. Calhoun Republican devangelicals in Drooler’s Coliseum old-South adulation of an enterprise that stands for particularism (as if white) exceptionalism to go along with their version of American exceptionalism as the Henry Kissinger prerogatives of power money might, ‘liberty‘ as an entitlement to Hold Dominion. The old-South’s cheering for Israel isn’t biblical-historiographical, as they tacitly reject the Trinitarian Pauline addendum for their John C. Calhoun Holding Dominion addendum, but in reclamation of the legitimacy of ‘particularism.‘ Directly descended from exceptionalism for the Manifest Destiny of Native American Andrew Jackson’s Trail of Tears. Striving to recover the next-best-thing to slavery by a purportedly race-neutral maximal inequality that does in fact ‘hurt Negroes more.‘ Still licking their wounds from being deprived of slavery rooted in ‘particularism,‘ now we have the decades long old-South insurrection against equality in the War within the States inaugurated by Ronald Reagan on the occasion of paying homage to States’ Rights to maintain their ‘particularism‘ by the Nesohoba County of Civil Rights murders and 16th Street Baptist Church bombing — say-do-whatever justified by their Greater Good. The nexus of the old-South to the Levy Report Dyan Op-ed and Feiglin’s promise being carried out to kill non-violent protesters, bolstered by the Torat haMelech

It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for [threatening Israel]. If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments—because we care about the commandments—there is nothing wrong with the murder.

Are all consistent and rooted in the same genetic particularist Holding Dominion the old-South holds so dear, the most egregious sin possible being contesting their entitlement to Hold Dominion by a Birthright.

The Levant was colonized by Zionism as South Africa was colonized by Boers. The Jewish state moniker bypasses the white that was invalidated for justification of white South African colonialism while invoking the Birthright to remove the validity of the Palestinians as residents with legal rights. Arab Jews from surrounding Arab countries became refugees in an intended Deir Yassin ‘little ethnic cleansing‘ population exchange to find themselves second class, coloureds. This makes the Jewish state moniker on Israel as an effectual Code-word for the ‘white’ as on South Africa by virtue of there being a pecking order within.

The Jewish State Moniker Creates the Conflict that Also Maintains the Jewish State

Survival Model in Perpetual War

Survival Model in Perpetual War.0

Both the Jewish state moniker and the conflict are integral to the operational model of militaristic Zionism. The Jewish state finger in the eye moniker is protected by the United States motivated by the Diaspora that owns the Jewish identity with close competition from Birds of a Feather Calhoun old-South. Despite all the before and after propaganda that swirls as the jet-stream around the world, Israel as a protector of the Jewish people is marketing when the reality is the other way around. The Jewish state moniker ensures the state of Israel’s Right to Exist with Jewish ‘particularism‘ as euphemism for the blood idea. The nation-state needs protection from the International community because of the colonialist demographic minority immigrant reality necessitates the militaristic package that puts in more than a finger in an eye, that then necessitates the Diaspora to defend. Making a loop of necessity such that the Jewish state moniker as well as the militarism are integral to both the survival model and the conflict itself.

A way to understand this is as a United States Lite. The United States blankets the world with military bases and ‘influence’ with a long and storied history of say-do-whatever to maintain corporatists’ interests. The ostensible paradigm of Israel is that, as the United States, what the rest of the world thinks or feels about anything is beside the issue of having the power money might to reify, create the reality you want, the justifying ‘narrative’ is only part of the reification package on a continuum of psy-ops and propaganda. The Jewish state moniker in conjunction with the function word FOR serves both.

The United States Holding Dominion by ‘influence’ and the genocide by proxy du jour is marketed as a necessity for maintenance of the ‘freedoms‘ enjoyed within the United States with a near complete control of the narrative by concurrence within the Duopoly of Power as well as the corporatization of the ostensibly Free Press. The ‘necessity‘ of Spartan militarism question is off the table, just as the Right of Israel to defend herself is off the table albeit that that defense logically extends to pervasive racism and ‘unpopular things.’ Militarism in both systems is an operational model of survival by Holding Dominion.

Without the conflict, as in the eventuality of a genuine comprehensive regional peace agreement of the Levant as the Arab League Initiative, or as occurred in South Africa and has been proposed by various parties, the raison d’étre of the Jewish state and its pecking-order with an Authoritarian Israel at the top is sublimated. The Jewish state finger-in-the-eye that seemed so logical to drop in the flash of the attempt, Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace, is integral to the survival mechanism. That Jewish state moniker goads the antagonistic response that justifies the militaristic ‘unpopular things‘ defense that moves the ball forward. The conflict itself is the indispensable tail that wags the Diaspora and history of anti-Semitism dogs. The tendency to decry colonialist enterprises is to be overcome by marketing The Holy Name and The Holy Land as can-openers of guilt rationales for a nation-state predicated upon an idolatry of power money might. Born in conflict as rationale and conceptualization, Israel will live or die by conflict as a necessity of existence.

The Jewish state moniker can’t be abandoned, nor can the conflict itself, because as pharaoh letting the Israelites go, to do so would be giving up on the Blood Idea particularism premise that’s both justification, substrate of conflict, and mechanism of rallying support by tribal loyalty divorced from the merely mortal by exceptionalism. As expecting pharaoh to give up on being supreme deity, an issue far greater than letting some troublesome people go.

The Pressure Ethos: The Jewish State In the Shadow of Colonialism

In Japan, idolatry of purity of the Blood idea and culture to rejection of genetically descended ethnic Japanese who are paid to go home and South American Japanese immigrants are refused permanent residency status despite an extensive set of amendments to its restrictive Immigration with some calling for tweaking the immigration debate and demand an upgrade to denizen class. Not only is there no Right of Return of genetically kosher Japanese, there’s no consideration of any immigrant becoming a citizen under the most liberal of circumstances. The Conservative factions of both Japan and Korea promote the most stringent applications of both the Blood idea as well as cultural lineage with diasporas down on the pecking order from the ‘homeland’ version, still foreigners.

However, since most of the nikkeijin immigrants are of the second and third generations and were born and raised in South America, most speak Japanese poorly and have become culturally Latin American. As a result, they are ethnically marginalized and socially segregated in Japan as foreigners and have become Japan’s newest ethnic minority (see Tsuda 2003). From: Controlling immigration: a global perspective  edited by Wayne A. Cornelius

In this context, Israel’s view of the Diaspora as down a cultural and religious pecking order, pecking orders themselves being endemic to Authoritarian men-as deities, is a natural Authoritarian configuration. However, in comparison, Israeli immigration policy is as enlightened and progressive toward ‘the Blood idea‘ Jews as it’s draconian and repressive toward Arabs, both motivated by the drive for demographic majority. In the case of Japan, despite the need to address labor force deficiencies, the principle of purity has been a brake on adjustments. In the case of Israel, the Birthright policy is both a fundamental justification for Israel’s Right to Exist, and integral to treating  demographic majority while the principle of purity driver is seen in rejection of Reform and Conservative converts as not Jewish. And most importantly designed to undermine the colonialism accusation and thwart that routine outcome.

The conundrum of there being inhabitants of Judea and Samaria prior to Zionism can be compared to the ‘discovery’ of the new world as ‘uninhabited.’ Aside from the biblical historiographic narrative, ironic in that Zionists weren’t ‘religious,’ there is a need to arrive at Holding Dominion in demographic majority without the overt messiness of Native American genocide. That’s still turning out to be very messy. Most if not all other colonialist projects have eventually either reverted to native control or an egalitarian co-accommodation with persistence of economic advantage. Muslims, the Palestinian Diaspora, Arabs, Secular Egalitarian Democrats and Trinitarians are all aligning against this messy process of trying to do in the modern age what the United States did to Native Americans in an Andrew-Jacksonian age. The pretense that Israel is the religious center of the Jewish people is also integral to the reification package, the making believed that there’s religious justification for colonialist say-do-whatever, the ‘white‘ justification of United States’ Manifest Destiny a spent vessel.

The extremely small geographic size of Israel is a factor in the reality that Two-State is existentially insecure. This reality is an actual justification for resisting Two-State and settling on the ‘lesser evil’ of perpetual war that’s necessitated by the Jewish state being FOR the Jewish people. The old-South racism-in-evolution premise has created the same impossibility as the old-South giving up on slavery voluntarily. The society and culture within Israel has been so thoroughly indoctrinated to the John C. Calhoun Antipathy of Virtue noble Cause, that the only genuinely viable solution — egalitarian democratic One-state gets the same old-South ‘Over my dead body.’ that led to the War Between the States. By this nexus, the International Community is being drawn into the United States’ War Within the States.

The drive to depopulate into shrublands in a principle of purity under the rubric of defensive ethos can be understood as a pressure ethos, from the Deir Yassin beginning in 1948. Shattering a zionist myth: `Defensive ethos or mission of conquest.’ The helpless villagers are drubbed, the Arab countries, the Third World, and now the First World excepting the United States are drawn in to defend, that is an offense that justifies more offensive defense with an intensification of the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses Project Humiliation and the War du jour, the Diaspora rallies, and on it should go perpetually until the principle of purity in exclusivity has been assured. That’s the reason for the need for another thirty years to provoke troublemakers to pop up their heads for the coincidentally deadly messages from the heights of power money might as U.S. Jews outraged by Lieberman’s UN speech on population exchange. Israel is becoming increasingly a pariah as Jewish voices are interdicting the Israel as perpetual innocent victim of anti-Semitism narrative.

Many American Jewish leaders fumed Wednesday when Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman proposed “an exchange of populated territory” as part of a Mideast peace deal in a speech before the UN General Assembly in New York. Lieberman suggested ceding parts of Israel with large Arab populations to a future Palestinian state in exchange for Israel keeping large settlement blocs in the West Bank, a proposal which has been part of his party’s platform. Lieberman also raised the possibility of aiming for a long-term interim agreement with the Palestinians, rather than a final-status one, but warned that this “could take a few decades.” 

Today, information transfers are virtually instantaneous. Now, despite the Palestinian narrative being by default discredited and discounted because as Roger Taney said of Dred Scott, ‘They‘ have no standing compared to white. When the accusers were Third World tin-pot despots, it could go as grudges, but today Israel has been exposed as a colonialist entity. Whether called Palestinian or Arab no matter, the indigenous population is being subjected to a colonialist pressure ethos to drive them out, as the Israeli checkpoint guards are under a 4-on-4-off circadian sleep-deprivation pressure to exert pressure. Indicative of the most malevolent of intents to create checkpoints as integral to Project Humiliation, verifying the Palestinian narrative. The reification narrative has already been lost. Israel with the ‘unpopular things’ extra-legal militarism package has been discredited by Jewish voices, far more so than reification operatives can ever admit.

The Gordis tablet comes down from on Authoritarian high that now, being an observant Jew is supporting say-do-whatever militaristic Zionism. Racism-in-evolution tries to fly under the radar in the particularism euphemism. Settler violence on Arabs in Judea and Samaria so that UN to aid Palestinian victims in West Bank, justified by The Fourteenth Principle as an addendum elevated over the other Principles — to be unprincipled. Discrimination within the Green line impacting both Jews and non alike with no settled law on what being a Jew means beyond genetic Birthright as reflected in the Aliyah controversies, no homogeneous religious cultural or other unity within, can’t agree to keep the Sabbath beyond a social convention, the issue in it’s lowest common denominator boils down to ethnicity, race — genetic lineage. I know the hate-mongering to Hold Dominion old-South when I hear it. I know that sound. That only intensified the alarm raised by the disgusting ZOA adulation of a known felon of old-South hate-mongering in Code-words.

Judaism is an explicit rejection of idolatries such that religion was and is an underlying friction in Classical anti-Semitism from the refusal to put any before, abjectly refusing to be in awe of any man in a world of men as deites. By saying that anyone who questions the necessity of the Jewish state, as with anything else that Israel might decide to do in exceptionalism is to be as though questioning the Jewish people’s Right to Exist is going to elicit a contrarian response because that’s the Judaism that’s not Zionism chip on the shoulder, to be in awe of no thing. I should be in awe of you? In awe of a nation-state, a thing? Admittedly, I don’t take non-Jews word for much, but the expectation that the Jewish people can be led around with a ring of tribal loyalty through the nose in complacent old-South automatomic mindlessness may have risks. For everyone, there’s the inevitable raising of the moral relativism question, to then look realistically while parsing through the landmines of genuine Classical anti-Semitism to arrive at the ugliest of truths that creates Allusive anti-Semitism. My contempt of men who would be deities is the heart of my response to Classical anti-Semitism. I am not the result of luck, or an accident of fortunate or unfortunate birth, but that I strive mightily with all my Soul, to put none before, is contemptuous. To the depths of an unwillingness to even give myself quarter to be prideful of my greatest and immeasurable good fortune. That’s altogether apart from any comfort and accommodation of being humliated by any old-South, as they fix their souls as lower than a common beast in the process. I Will not be them.

Jewish voices, with the guilty association with the John C. Calhoun old-South and the insistence on the theoretical principle of purity with the moral relativism ‘values‘ of Henry Kissinger: some nation-states are excepted from morality, International Law by power money might. That’s to overshadow the genuine Jewish history of ethical monotheism. That has been delivered as a system of laws in Justice from The Divine Torah that is of the genuine value that make the Jewish people a Nation of Holy Priests, a Nation that isn’t a nation-state as militaristic Zionists contend is necessary for the respect of power money might. As it’s increasingly understood that Arab non-citizens are without rights, even to life, as Feiglin’s promise to kill non-violent protesters is being carried out, the shoes of condemnation are dropping all over the world. Crying anti-Semitic wolf is failing, particularly when the most pointed critics are Jews.

The Jewish people are being cleaved under another pressure ethos, as people had to ‘choose sides’ in the War Between the States. Choose the side of ‘unpopular things‘ in pursuit of Birthright to Holding Dominion in rejection of genuine Judaism, or be a self-hating Traitor of the Racist justifications. As the pace of settlements intensifies, and pictures are telling a narrative more eloquent than words and smilng glossy presentations with inspiring music, the Jewish people are being confronted with moral choices. Protection of Israel’s Right to Exist as a Jewish state in the current conceptualization that’s the miltaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses Project Humiliation and forced taking by any quasi-legal means imaginable in a debased context of narcissistic John C. Calhoun ‘They‘-have-no-rights because the Jewish state is not FOR ‘Them,’ logically. This existential reality has the downside that some Jews with more than a Birthright to have an opinion by unassailable credentials are starting to speak out everywhere.

Confusion Conflation and Conundrum of Birthright in Judaism and in Zionism

Tower of Babel Gustave Dore

Tower of Babel
Gustave Dore

Birthright has been elevated to an idolatry of genetics so that all the twists and turns in the conversion drama reflects a reluctance to accept that people without the proper genetics as ‘race’ are legitimate Jews in the context of the Jewish state that’s pursuing a principle of purity to reify Blood idea justifications. Jewish identity has its roots in Birthright to the loving kindness of matrilineal Right of Return to Judaism without conversion as eternally obligated from Sinai has been converted into obligation to a nation-state rather than Awe of HaShem. In the Fog of War, it’s been easy for Jewish people, as well as the world, to confuse Israel with Judaism when militaristic Zionism isn’t Judaism at all. To say that Israel isn’t the top of the Judaism pecking order is the height of apostasy in self-hating and anti-Semitism when the most pointed voices against Zionism have been actually Religious Jews both prior to and subsequent to the creation of Israel as a Jewish state, that has been here to fore successfully relegated as a lunatic fringe. Those, largely ignored, its only been the increasing secular voices from within as Sand Shahak Pappé and Peled that have been deemed credible when the Elders of Blessed Memory warned against all that has occurred long before Israel became a nation-state, Finkelstein and Chomsky Two-state supporters notwithstanding.

Birthright to have an opinion is the Zionist conundrum, the Achilles heel in the rationalizations that any activity in any dimension including criticism by supporters that Israel deems as ‘unhelpful,’ is a priori an attack upon the Jewish people’s Right to Exist. Few outside the Jewish community, as many within, are aware that power money might Holding Dominion militaristic Zionism was and is adamantly opposed by traditional Judaism. The practical reality is that we all, even if adamantly opposed to militaristic Zionism, don’t want to see any Jew come to any harm.

The Jewish state Moniker is Unnecessary to Israel as Refuge of the Jewish People

By virtue of millions of Jews living around the world with no intent to relocate to the pre-1950s United States Jim Crow old-South in a racism-in-evolution particularism that translates to a duty to judge in the context of Holding Dominion as the operative paradigm, the validity of the assertion that the Jewish peoples’ ability to survive is dependent upon Israel has to hinge on the diplomatic standing of an Israel that has so far arrived at the grand low indicated by Israel’s popularity sinks even lower in 2012, in reaction to those necessary to survive unpopular things‘ that drives allusive anti-Semitism that’s having increasiing difficulty being conflated to Classical anti-Semitism. At core, the underlying Zionism, as a religion premises are the same forces acting toward its demise, from the original exceptionalism for say-do-whatever to reify Israel as a Jewish state FOR the Jewish people, with some Jews more equal than others and an invisible indigenous population.

As outlined in Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace, there are precedents for preservation of the Jewish character of the nation-state without maintaining John C. Calhoun Holding Dominion inequality as an ideal, However, removal of the Jewish state moniker would be as removing the ‘white’ from South Africa. Israel the country can survive as an egalitarian democracy, but the white Holding Dominion would be lost despite survival of Jewish advantage in a structured constitution. That is what’s really meant when it’s said that countries and the world must accept Israel’s Right to Exist as a Jewish state — must accept that Jews have a Right to Hold Dominion over another indigenous people. There were coloureds Jews and Africans in South Africa, as there are a variety of ‘races’ as ethnicities in Israel, but that didn’t keep white South Africa from being white.

Nor is there a necessity for Israel to have the Jewish state moniker to be Jewish. Already, the Law of Return provides haven, that can be bolstered by having an actual written constitution with that provision written into it. The reason there isn’t is the problem, as with the Corwin amendment still pending to legalize slavery, that the desire to write into the constitution that the indigenous population has no rights will not be ‘helpful’ to hasbara, so that’s actualized as ‘policy.’ As with the Gordis disagreement with the Levy Report, the objection to Lawmakers to debate proposal giving Jews ‘unique’ right to self-determination in Israel won’t be about whether morality can ever be involved, but simply indelicate to say aloud, as an admission of nuclear capability.

Analogously, the United States didn’t lose the protections of privilege in the inception of accommodation of the inequality of slavery, and the Reconstruction Amendments albeit under constant assault by the old-South are the law of the land. Jewish advantage and prerogatives as protectorate of the Jewish people and respecting holidays even more so than today does not necessitate the Jewish state moniker redundant to the name Israel, nor denying non-Jews having Rights in an Israel this is only FOR the Jewish people. This Jewish state branding that serves to bind the Diaspora to the protection of Israel rather than the other way around is an illusion of moral relativism as the norm in the Diapora, who have yet to discard their Souls of compassion for All suffering, To the Fourth Generation.

In no way has there ever been stated a dimension of Jewish character that requires Holding Dominion beyond the simplistic recursive assertion as though fact that there’s something qualitative off in the ethers that’s Jewish other than the Virtues of Holding Dominion that would be sacrificed in a purposed egalitarian democracy. No one has ever attemtped to articulate that Right to Exist as a Jewish state beyond an article of faith, that’s not only unamenable to proof, but description as well, as is true of The Absolute-Unity that is Not a Thing.

Everything the Lord does is done well.

I’m not proud to be an American, born here, I’m thankful and fortunate to be an American. Pridefulness, kissing cousin of hubris is faith in the ability to create a desired reality that’s faith in the human ability and the desirability of being a man-as deity. I’m not proud to be a Jew, I’m thankful and fortunate that I was brought out of Egypt. I could adopt the conceit that I did it, but I can only be in Awe of His strong arm. My Civil Right to be in Judea and Samaria is fundamental, Jerusalem is beyond that, but I can’t be badgered or cajoled into having faith in a thing. A return to actual observance in Perfect Faith is what’s needed, not more power money might as though those deities of Holding Dominion can save. But the genuine Jewish values of Justice Compassion Mercy Will.

We Will return to the observance of Doing to Hear that has been the actual definition of the Jewish people for millenia, only in Awe of HaShem.

And they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make ourselves a name, lest we be scattered upon the face of the entire earth.”

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