Rabbi_Dov_LiorThe entire world is reaching back in consciousness of injustices uncontested. Not only the oppressed, but people who have overcome their histories, who are comfortable, men-as deities reaping the spoils of injustices are remembering their hunger and pain, remembering their roots in humanity. And reaching back, Returning. With humility.

Humility and Preening Got Mine Peacocks

There are good souls of yetzer haTov everywhere. Conventional wisdom is that having escaped, their only concern should be for themselves. Jews have led the fight for Justice Compassion Mercy throughout history. Reaching back, ever Returning.

However, we haven’t finished the job. Some have adopted the self-congratulatory preening as better than the rest of the world because we were Chosen. My made up from Nothing is that we were Chosen for a purpose, to do something. Not an end in itself.

alex-rodriguez-houseWhat is this like? A baseball player has been given a billion dollar contract: to do something. But, has forgotten the reason and is driving around in his fancy car being proud of himself for getting such a great contract. He’s getting fat and happy, the toast of the town. But hasn’t delivered the pennant, the championship, the goods. Has no humility.

We Don’t Have Ours

We haven’t satisfied our commitment to bringing about the age of His peace that is the World to Come. The job isn’t done. Instead, we have some hurling code-word epithets at others within us through inveterate misanthropic corporatists beckoning us to their proclivity for xenophobia from a man-made usurping The Name addendum for a new addendum.

We’ve established our own Man-as deity pecking order within to judge while adopting their not so bad strange fruit metareligion with yetzer haTov only for Us, yetzer hara for Them. Are we deifying the ethnicity (as if religion) that has held us together to fulfill our contract? To become men-as deities? Busy with the mirror? No, we don’t have ours.

The Task at Hand

In our internal focus, one might think that we’d be in spiritual training, building ourselves for the task at hand as spiritual athletes. Some believe that football players are all as tall as trees and built like bodybuilders, but for any pursuit, the form is made to fit the function. They’re not all the same. Often, seeing them on the street one might not even know that’s their profession. Some big as houses and fast and others compact, even faster.

If we’ve become preening condescending xenophobes with no humility on specious Idolatrous grounds as ethnicity, we’ve removed our capabilities, our form from the purpose. I’ve had to confront my own narrow thinking that Jews who eat pork and work on the Sabbath are destroying the world while not sufficiently acknowledging all the stands through time on His behalf they’ve taken, with certainly greater resources than I in my wannabe Haredi piety.

Evil Tongues of Judgmentalism

While I still think it important that we keep halakha to each person’s ability, I’m not a deity on this earth to stand in judgment of anybody. To reject humility. I cringed when I heard the evil tongue saying they’re ‘not religious,’ my own hypocritical quiet thought said too loud.

Halakha without aggadot is much of nothing, and vice versa. Like a bodybuilder in football tryouts, he may be big pretty and cut, but not suitable to the purpose. All for show and no go. Flex. In the mirror. Preening.

By adopting idolatrous specious xenophobic justifications for the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation, our internal ethnic and religious differentials become highlighted and activated within, fracturing us in adoption of the addendum’s judge not flipped on its head to must judge old-South metareligion. Ashkenazim better than Sephardim better than … better than Ethiopians better than Arabs is as against the purpose as a taste for pork, or a taste for idolatrous desert wilderness duty to judge to hate.

Reaching Back

We will reach back to our roots of humility with clarity. Yes, we’re powerful and strong, can nuke all comers, but is physical really the power we were Chosen to utilize? As a child it was clear, and I know beyond doubt that there is spiritual power. Far more capable that any imagined.

Just showing up at the ball field Israel to argue in fracturing judgments of our lesser Them on a pecking order within and without is forgetting what we were Chosen to do. To have humility in Awe of HaShem.

Admittedly, it’s easier to stick with my smugly believing that Jews who don’t eat pork are better in man-as deity. That’s better than exercising this spiritual power for antagonistic rather than unifying aims, without and within. Causality that’s better left on the table as I did at seventeen than used for ill.

Not from base vanity in self-satisfaction with having the contract without actually delivering on it, dismissive of humility, but when we have our hearts and souls, minds and goals set to actually doing what we Chose in accepting being Chosen, our spirits will grow up in faith to cause His lasting peace, that isn’t another man-as deity lie.

We have and can exercise the spiritual power to bring His Shekhinah.

Till then, I can’t say I’ve got mine, and we won’t have ours.