I made it up that a main reason we gave up Sinai is because it was indefensible. It certainly wasn’t the right thing to do from my religious conviction. Rather than working Gaza and Judea and Samaria with a third sea of animosity to cover in Sinai, prioritize.

Nowhere to Go

The static problem is that for all the pressuring, as someone said of us, Arabs have nowhere to go. Impoverishing them has only aggravated that problem, too weak and starved on Spartan stones to move.

If displaced into Jordan, as some hold is their state, the Sunni-Shiite dynamic destabilizes for blow-back that spreads along that fault line throughout Arab countries.

Shoes are already starting to drop with Malaysian recognition of a Palestinian state. With a more concerning building boycott movement.

When people see no Hope for Peace, they, however reluctantly, go to war. Relying on international stagnation for starvation on the reservation may become increasingly difficult.

As babies, people aren’t as lacking in awareness as it seems.

Dislocating at least 2 million people is a major project, especially in modern times. The UN may be irrelevant, but their resolutions will be the least of our issues, as is already the case.

All politics local, Europe already strained will give up, a hugely insipid decision to diss Turkey.

Arabs Are Out

OK, let’s assume most Arabs are out.

Exclusivist Birthright state with booming Jewish population growth by immigration and reproduction, done. Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem sanctified. This accomplished, will fix the animosity into the ground. The Nakba of the Arabs of Palestine will become cut in granite in the hearts and minds of the world. No more plausible deniability. No more make believe.

But, let’s not worry about that, we need to handle our own business.

Raze the Dome of the Rock

Picture without Dome of the RockEven after a ‘cooling off’ period, will unify 2 billion Muslims, Sunni and Shiite against us, to the honorable death of countries in real jihad.

The rest of the world that disagrees with this troublesome exercise of old-South man-as deific religious freedom, who don’t see a rationale to destroy their countries, will support them.

Think Positive

Let’s think positive, have faith. Say we’ve defeated the three or four fronts of real jihad with tactical nuclear weapons and cluster bombs and whatever else works. We won.

What of Greater Israel? Reserve that with nuclear hot zones of radiation? Get her done, dude.


Relying on manna from above may not be the best plan when cherry-picking for the parts one wants to hear to ignore the rest. Consider an interpretation wherein all yetzer tov is only directed within. That in men-as deities’ conventional wisdomJustice Compassion Mercy for us is all that matters. Peace? Forgetaboutit.

We’re Chosen as old-South providential tailgaters to exercise dominion over the beasts of the field, that at least 2 billion ‘them,’

Rebuild The Temple

With what? We’ll be spending every penny drying up from people walking away from doing business with Idolaters on defense of Vermont with at least three fronts.

Even bankrupt America will have a reason to beg out. They’ll drop us like they did the Shah Saddam Mubarak and anybody else that becomes more trouble than they’re worth.

Bulwark of exclusivist democracy in the land of the Saracens for what? Off the scale energy prices? All the world split up in Us-Them?

Muslims may not just ‘get over it’ and make business. Everyone will suffer, but while millions are dying, what’s a few million more for a good Cause?

Really Hot Mess

Global depression will be unavoidable, a really hot mess . All except faith in wafers and wine old-South Coliseum droolers praying for their second coming of a Greek pagan myth will abandon us. Their influence is already waning, unable to select Republican presidential candidates with a wave of approval as before. Independents are already proved done with more airheads, why McCain lost. Say-do-whatever du Jour Marquis St. Romney will ‘evolve.

Even they’re unlikely to support defending our Exclusivist freedom of religion militarily as their economy tanks with world energy costs through the roof. How are those 29 ovation politicians going to go tell hungry mothers to send their sons and daughters to defend that old-South freedom of dominion, when sane America is fed up with warmongering? Allusive antisemitism goes physical as classic anti-Semitism will override the shallow good with Birds of a Feather Islamophobes who will turn on us, or rather back on us.


Then, there’s always the problem of Diaspora mutiny. My avatar’snot religious’ was a shot of man-as deity condemnation across the bow of Jews who’ve stood for Justice Compassion Mercy throughout history. That may reject my wisdom, but are still keeping faith. The willful progeny is bailed out faithfully until guilty of a felony as Razing the Dome of the Rock. Until they get fed-up too.

They’ll still love little misunderstood Timmy, but they may not show up so enthusiastically to bail him out. But they will. Until the whole family is brought down, as the house razed for harboring.

But if we truly believe,

have faith in wafers and wine

for miraculous reprieves,

all will be so mighty fine.

Assuming the right of way,

having the wisdom to yield,

maturity saves future days,

by clearer views of the field.

Using fortune of Chosen

makes these sincere offerings

of unjust covetous sin.

Instead of beacons becoming,

we fall to losing our souls

in vain unrighteous goals.