Almost everyone who occupied buildings at Amherst College to disrupt campus operations in my freshman year ended up in the Criminal Injustice System by some ‘unrelated,’ either for a marijuana seed in a carpet possession or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I was so square, glued to the science library, that I was spared. Later, I became the so-called Minister of Defense whose job was to plan building take-overs. I learned that some people want to demonstrate then demand without working through issues to avoid unnecessary confrontations, justified by exceptionalism.

Insipid and Unnecessary Demonstrations

I found myself in the paradoxical position of employing that Role to stop insipid unnecessary rah-rah ‘demonstrations.’ Fortunately, my college compatriots were able to listen to reason from the militant militant. [The sole-survivor that wasn’t on probation.] When I went to Howard College of Medicine, similar so-called Negro militants were beating the same cousin Dumb-as-a-post pan as though the Negro administration was ‘oppressive‘ by requiring passage of the National Boards to go to the clinical third year.

Under the Bus

As for every action, for every thing taken, something will be given. I listen as a small army of discredited war-mongers declare that the Obama administration is throwing Israel under the bus by continuing to try to deal with Iran diplomatically through the international community rather than attacking on command. As if faith-based dyslexic Bush listening to cousin Dumb-as-a-post Neo-cons, to show ‘go it alone’ American ‘leadership’ with one Texas Ranger named Hubris. Israel has been throwing herself under the bus by cramming Onward Roman settlers in Judea and Samaria down the throats of friends in the international community, forget moderately-hostiles, nailing the coffin of Two-State, with which I disagree, without the courtesy of a reach-around in the form of proposing a coherent alternative.

Smug and Arrogant

We all, the world knows Two-state is over, but to be so smug and arrogant that ‘This is my car, and I’m driving it where I want to go, and don’t ask me any questions. Now, you need to chip in some gas money. And we have a drive-by coming up, you shoot.‘ Out of the dyslexic Bush’s ‘coalition of the willing,’ nobody’s willing any more, to charge into another war of choice alone based upon the representations of the same cousins that were discredited by the Iraq war. Not that it was done, but the ignorant of history way it was done. So that Israel doesn’t go it alone, America needs to go it alone, broke tired and mired in a War within the States to the political death. The American dream has been dying as a casualty of perpetual war the godfather.

Groundwork of Diplomacy

Sounds like the same insipid ‘Let’s (you) Take-over some buildings and I’ll handle the demands’ I rejected then. I don’t want a nuclear Iran. The world doesn’t want a nuclear Iran, doesn’t want nuclear weapons hanging over anybody’s head. The point of take-overs and sit-ins was to create empathetic attention to a moral position. Taking over just to show it could be done was a dumb-as activity that I had to stop then, especially when the groundwork of diplomacy concerning a genuine grievance hadn’t been done.

Noble Goals

There wasn’t some noble goal underlying the freshman-year take-overs. It was because Negroes on financial aid wanted to have cars when it was against Amherst College policy to allow any students on financial aid to have cars, an expense. The rationale for the exception was existentially racist because the premise was that ‘we’re special,’ can’t be expected to assimilate to the bus way of life of white students on financial aid. The noble goal masquerading as ‘Civil Rights‘ was an exception to accommodate Negro racism, that rooted in old-South dogma against miscegenation and social integration. Demanding the justice of being unjust.

Exclusivist Jewish State

The decision has been made that Israel is going to be an exclusivist Jewish state. Everybody else needs to be banished in place until they get out. In the same ‘me-me’ focus on ‘I want to be able to have a car,‘ because I’m here to be an old-South ethnic nationalist (racist) exceptionalism. The comparative Injustice and the lack of wisdom in that position was dismissed by racial group-think exceptionalism. Israel is entitled-to-particularism because of victimhood out of particularism to be the homeland refuge and protector Jewish state, that’s being protected by the Diaspora in collusion with the same lower-than-animals that were murdering us before. That by resonance as Birds of a Feather of proclivity for xenophobia exclusivity in the schadenfreude of not so bad strange fruit in the Coliseum that gets a thrill in-common with reports of Human Rights abuses. All of this while the religious canard has been undermined by Jewish Arabs giving up on the dream and exercising the desired Project Humiliation self-deportation emigration in lieu of population exchange solution. For that reason, while Israel talks from nobility of the need to be a Jewish state, there’s no clear definition beyond Russian aliyah as to what that context of exceptionalism means. It’s become like a drug habit that started out as relief of pain, and has devolved into maintenance for the sake of maintenance. Not to suggest that Jews don’t have a right to live free wherever, including the Levant, but what exactly is the reason that Israel cannot be inclusive, and Jewish? Beyond preference. Meanwhile, particularly Arabs on Sparta stones under Maestrini’s law, don’t have anywhere to go either nor the resources; no matter how gleefully zealots apply the screws. As Buddy’s buffoon, they’re my Arab vassals, so I’ll treat them as I please. Better compared to Mubarak, Quaddafi, Assad, my dear departed Shah. Not our problem? Yes, it is our problem, the problem.

Black Glove in the Summer

There was a buffoon on campus that walked around with a black glove in the summer, in remembrance of the Olympic medal demonstration. That raised the hair on the back of my neck for an opportunity for proactive anger management. This kind of vainglorious puffery without substance, as the old-South pretending to be pro-life while pro-death after is a depth of hypocrisy that hits a raw nerve, in people who care about humanity all over the world. Who value honesty. As the puffery in denial that pretends that Arab treatments have nothing to do with perceptions of Israel. With diplomacy.

Bullied Into Looking the Other Way

I was all for the take-over of the Hebron house, and keeping it. Justice. But this obviously contemptuous smirking smugness, that the world is going to be bullied into looking the other way when injustices are occurring. As Buddy’s Amalekites, by them, no injustice is possible. Ownership. Dominion. We take Migron without concern for international opinion, then proclaim that all our papers are in order in Hebron. We don’t need no stinking badges for the former, legal in the later, and calling the big badge on Iran. Come Texas Ranger. Do your job. So I don’t have to do it for you, inflaming the savages.

Thumbing Our Nose at Europeans

Thumbing our nose at Europeans, forget the moderately-hostile Arab world, without articulating any plan to evolve to another paradigm, even if its unpopular is a bridge too far. As Gordis speaks of unpopular things that are existentially untenable things. Old-South automatomic decerebrates and their neo-con intelligentsia who haven’t heard of a Crusade that wasn’t a good idea have been discredited. The hypocrisy of saying anything about Israel’s nuclear weapons is anti-Semitic is staggering, exceptionalism. As on record against Two-state, I’m against the Sword of Damocles injustice to humanity of nuclear weapons. Colonialism was a normalization of exceptionalism as a prerogative of power money might. There’s hardly any narrative that goes to hypocritical exceptionalism the way who can and can’t have nuclear weapons. Who was Apartheid South Africa needing to nuke? Soweto? I talk from nobility about working three jobs while in college, but hidden in the fine print is that at least one of them was to feed that car justified by exceptionalism. A mistake.

America Can’t Tell Israel What to Do

As America can’t tell Israel what to do in Judea and Samaria, America can’t tell the rest of the world how to think or feel about what Israeli is doing in Judea and Samaria either. By acting all smug and Nobody Knows, the message being sent isn’t about my legitimate Civil Rights, its about my old-South freedom to kick women in the ass. Holding dominion.

Say It

If the policy is population transfer, rather than trying to shut up the world about it with Jacks and Jills crying anti-Semitic wolf, articulate the right to live free in Judea and Samaria. Say it. Rather than stonewalling for no moral authority, say out loud that’s what I’m angry about. What I am anyway. I’m moving in. Bad neighbors are welcome to get out. And those good souls of yetzer haTov can stay. But that isn’t the spirit of collectivization demonization either, now is it?

No One’s Intelligence Recommends

Iran isn’t only one target next door. Cousin Dumb-as-a-post forgets as a bad dream while intelligent people all over the world learned from Vietnam, that won from underground with an empathetic population above. As if J-dams can penetrate a mountain of international ill-Will. The American economy is still teetering on the brink of two unfunded wars and of course at the snap of the right revisionist finger, my Homey called and ‘it’s on now.‘ They mistreat Buddy despite everything I’ve said and done to tell them it’s a problem, but when the ice storm hits the trees, I need to be neighborly. Come when called. Help a brother out. Let’s demonstrate. Send a message. Kick some ass. Then make demands.

Another War of Choice

I didn’t agree with evacuation of the Hebron house, as an abrogation of Civil Rights. But all this pan-beating for another war of choice, from the same discredited imbecilic cousins that foisted that one-ranger one-Iraq-war ‘strategy’ on the world is a lesson in the hubris of the self-righteously insipid to knot their ties and check their hair then sally forth with another ridiculous idea. That no one’s intelligence recommends. Tin-pot fops want to act as though five hundred civilian casualties and a world in chaos is tolerable, not a problem, in comparison to the effects of a nuclear assault by a suicide-bomber Iran, is the height of cousin dumb-as-edness. As free as the Iraq war that was going to make money for us. More of that low-cost don’t worry about it, for war. As if there isn’t a material and moral cost for everything.

Dimwit Know-Nothings

It’s ridiculous and absurd to imagine that the world is supposed to pretend to be a decerebrate old-South loyalist who’s so dimwitted that the idea of re-invading Iraq while giving Iran a good thrashing in the woodshed is a solo pursuit for America and/or Israel is a capital idea. If you think the Obama administration is non supporting, consider that a majority of people in America, including independents wouldn’t vote for an unstable if not senile/dimwit know-nothing administration that could be relied upon to attack whatever moves, against a freshman senator who’s primary quality was being intelligent. A thinking man.

Delaying Gratification

The world is tired of people who make stupid decisions, as if having a car to get women is more important that keeping a clear head and costs low and focusing on the real business at hand; delaying gratification. This business at hand is that a diplomatic solution of both nuclear weapons in the Middle East and the humane status of Arabs within Israel need to be intelligently resolved. On all sides. They can’t be existentially divorced no matter the fervor of the pretense, and silencing of reason as the pejorative of that time, uncommitted. That comes as all kinds of quisling epithets for anyone who lacks faith in power money might.

Moral Authority

Then, as G. H. W. Bush’s ‘read my lips,’ the idea of building a coalition to take military action isn’t macho enough, when what that’s about is having moral support for military action. But we don’t need no stinking moral authority as long as we have old-South automatons that drool in The Coliseum for the smell of strange fruit while eating pork rinds. If Iran is going to be militarily defeated, its not going to be with an episode of Shock and Awe for Ayatollahs who sent a generation to their death unarmed, Cetshwayo’s forces better armed at Isandlwana, are willing to demonstrate their determination to fight the denizens of the injustices of the Shah and Savak re-entrant from exile today. Neo-cons decry weak-kneed President Carter’s lack of support of Savak and the Shah, but ticker-tape dimwits forget that the Shah had lost moral authority. Iran’s revolution was a cause.

Collateral Casualties

We have a cause too. Rather than saying it articulately, we huff and puff. Moral authority is the first thing to go. Ghandi. Mandela. The old-South lost their moral authority in Neshoba County, until the godfather resurrected antipathy that’s dragging America into the ground today by the War within the States, moral authority shredded by the murders of dreams of millions for inveterate misanthropic corporatist ‘freedom‘ of say-do-whatever and now the collateral casualty of the American dream at home.


The same short-sighted Negroes accusing the Negro ‘administration’ of ‘oppression’ in medical school is playing itself out as ‘Price Taggers’ and ‘rightists’ attacking the IDF. Too caught up in their demonstrations to realize we’re all on the same ‘side;’ seeking the justice of being free in Israel, including Judea and Samaria. Or is it just Kabuki theater for a press release. Reality TV with a script. Armed settlers on their national guard outing can roll over unprotected unarmed Arabs in Judea and Samaria, but there may be a value in having friends in the international community at some point in the future. If ‘mind your own business, he’s mine‘ is the best we can do, perhaps they will get the message and really leave us to ours.

Rely On Say-do-whatever

Rely on empty-jeans Marquis St. Romney whose only ambition was to get the job for his resumé then delegate his possé to tell him what to think and how to feel, as that dyslexic delegator as if decidor. To keep his corporatist say-do-whatever word? As we follow in the footsteps of Lieberman endorsing doddering McCain as retribution for being nominated as Vice-President, to join the old-South anti-Semitic team of a state that wouldn’t vote for their own favored son with a Jew as Vice President on the ticket. Brilliant. What seems inevitable, that shouldn’t be allowed to happen, is another dumb-as pointless take-over show of force without diplomacy, for the voices of reason to be drowned out by chanting and demonstrations of ‘committed‘ people who, blinded by exceptionalism, haven’t bothered to work through the real issue that there is humanity on all sides who are seeking Peace with Justice rather than unnecessary wars over European ownership.

While the Jewish are dreaming of population exchange, the Arabs are fantasizing about Right of Return. The Jewish state prerogative is both fundamental and necessarily exclusivist, and there isn’t any way beyond cognitive dissonance to separate the Jewish and the exclusive because they’ve become Siamese twins conjoined at the heart to hate fear fear hate. Islamophobiaanti-Semitism. The Jewish finger in the eye has to stay, so there’s no way to differentiate that from the forced taking. Bottom line, it ain’t necessarily the colonialist application of Manifest Destiny, but the exclusivist principle of justification by exceptionalism. As for every thing given, something will be received. No Justice no Peace. Applies to everybody. There are no coincidences. Nothing is unrelated.

Exceptionalism is Collectivization

Exceptionalism as justice for Us without compassion for Them to rationalize injustices is at root of the corruptions of nepotism cronyism as well as nationalism. The basis of the slave that takes up the whip if able by having adopted the metareligious belief that the holder of the whip of collectivization is entitled to the special treatments that had been enjoyed by their previous oppressor, based upon collectivization.

Nepotism is that the family deserves special consideration, for cronyism it’s friends and associates on a pecking order that narcissistically focuses on identity as the self. Nepotism and cronyism are endemic in the old-South regardless of race because of the enabling faith in collectivization. The faith that some are better than others is in opposition to the egalitarian ideal from The Divine Torah that people are people, and people who are human are by the free will choice of compassion for suffering. The ultimate, the absolute level of reality being compassion for All His creation. This is the nexus of civil human animal homosexual, any kind of rights you can imagine, with the rights being from free Will as Libertarians and Federalists correctly hold can be denied as they reject of compassion for any suffering beyond their own. The question of societies, of cultures is whether the entity, the identity that is that collective soul, the community chi, Qi for Chinese agrees to afirm or reject compassion for suffering.

Nationalism as Exceptionalism

The egaliatarian ideal is all, the nationalist ideal is for that identity. That’s the premise of the exclusivity of Israel as a Jewish ethnic state that rejects compassion for their suffering, that extends to Arab Jews as well by the application of Them. The premise that brought Brown v Board of Education had previsouly justified historically Black Institutions. In the desert wilderness when I was growing up, there was no compassion, based upon race. Had I not gone to Howard, I might not be so clear that race isn’t the issue at all, but that black holes as-souls who want to wield the whip will find a rationale.

For the souls of yetzer haTov, that embrace not only the letter but the spirit of The Divine Torah that none of us have a right to his providence, but we all have a right to save the afflicted, to oppose those whose born role of the soul is to reject, to deny compassion. The labels are only tags, code-words of judgment of to whom this compassion is going to be extended. The slave who sees the injustice of being beaten for no reason, and can see through that in Awe of HaShem to want to stop the beating of the helpless slave when able. Or the slave with No Ears to Hear, resting their gaze only on their own suffering, incapable of associating that to other suffering to yearn to become the overseer with the whip.

Collectivization Exceptionalism is Idolatry

It’s for these reasons that I see nationalism as an idolatry on par with race, including Black Nationalism. The Civil Rights movement in the context of rejection of white racism by going past neutral, admittedly there is no absolute in the unity, to an affirmative in Black Nationalism reactionary to Pat Buchanan white nationalism was a descent to his low old-South of ‘niggerniggernigger’ was a betrayal of the race, a specious distinction, from within by accepting the validity of the premise of race.

A history of being beat for no reason can’t be used to justify wanting the whip for yourself. In my lifetime, I’ve experience as much or more injustices at the hands of ‘former-slaves’ enraptured by the touch of leather in their hand. Unjust collectivization, both in the negative as well as the affirmative are part of a Chimera, a three-heads as idolatries beast with one of self, another of identity, and the third as collectivization of the ‘other.’ The conventional wisdom is that the first two are to do with ‘love,’ but the proclivity for specious collectivization is the fundamental of hate. I struggle, as I believe we all do who have been bitten by the learching deadly walking automaton of hate with the chronic relapsing infectious disease that is collectivization, in all its forms.

As we all look within at our self as Soul in awareness and our identity by associations, we must Never Forget the necessity for humility in Awe of HaShem.

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