Seemingly, the mitzvah is sanctification of the Canaan of Joshua, and in assimilation of man-as deity valuation, no injustice is possible. What could be more important than Justice Compassion and Mercy? Than peace.

Rheumy Eyes

I don’t weep for the destruction of The Temple, I have rheumy eyes. Tears always there, never leaving, reminding as I look out at this world, of a loss that’s an abyss of sadness. That makes me large and small at the same time.

I’m surprised throughout my day of something that reminds of what we had, treasure of dimensions my mind cannot grasp, cannot fully remember. Looking out through my rheumy eyes of sadness, I see.

The Temple

He bestowed into our souls and our history the value of Justice Compassion and Mercy that The Temple, when we rebuild it will celebrate. Leaving these values that motivate my why, looking to rather than through things, I lose sight. Lose my soul.

The die is cast, chariots bearing down as this half again wandering of before war across generations refuses to let me go. With small regret: In another time: I’d kill them all with their plants and animals and salt the ground they walked; as none among them stood for Justice.

Those times, that world, is no more, out of our history, by our own efforts on His behalf. Born in blood, hate begetting hate, Murder begetting murder, I pray I’m not damned by injustices uncontested.


Indiscriminate ethnic relocation is existentially untenable as justice. We lose ourselves if Arabs are being encouraged to leave because of who they are rather than what they’ve done. Out of Shoah came the issue of moral imperatives carried to the responsibility of the individual, and Justice for each individual. No longer could anyone justify by saying I was following orders; they’re not human, ‘them.’ Not human as I.

Justice by fair trial to proof within laws was brought by our traditions. Old-South Republicans applaud their justly exercised freedom of genocide of Native American civilized savages further justified by Manifest Destiny.

Everything’s worked out fine, they’re both a hurt people but some are rich with casinos. Wafers and wine washed that from the continuity of history, nothing to do with tomorrow. Freedoms.


I must trust this beit din’s generations of judgment that sanctification of the Canaan of Joshua is His will to be done, in this way; an Exclusivist Jewish State created on an ethnic iceberg of Injustice. That my trust hasn’t been placed in Goliath. That this will bring a true Peace and not a lie that never ends. That basking in a blinding light of hate, I am His justice. That this is my Awe of HaShem.

Though I fear, I don’t revere deific men, revel in their condemnation of my Sabbath reverential obstinacy. We’ve learned from our travels. I know to the bottom of my soul that we must all return, first within ourselves, then within klal Yisrael then to Jerusalem.

My time wandering in the wilderness hasn’t been in vain. I’m enough of a man, not too righteous or proud, to apologize for innocent blood wrongly spilled in anger or hubris. I stand for a Peace of respect mutual admiration and consideration. We can be both for Israel and Justice Mercy and Compassion.

We must all share this world. Lead by the powerful giving the unthinkable, rights and dignity to those without, to choose life: We win, the world wins.

Conquer Hate

Conquer, stop the hate with Justice weighed with Mercy; our best hope.

Justice for Peace. Rights for Peace. Respect for Peace. Return to peace. Peace for Peace.

As the cold steely hand of this death closed upon mine, my angels helped my soul to hear unmistakable and clear notice that we must all return. Now is the time for us to unite as one, that we keep every Sabbath and every mitzvah, to Jerusalem.

May He who makes peace in His high places grant in His mercy peace for us and for all His nation Israel, and [I] say Amen.

In this death as in that life, in my soul there before, I die again, and my Soul still lives within:

Hear, Israel, the Lord is our G-d, the Lord is One.