I Never Forget it’s wise to remember that of whatever I may say read or hear today, It Ain’t Necessarily So.

In Perfect Faith from the Shekhinah Even Though It Ain’t Necessarily So

Doubt is of that which cannot be seen and touched. Our faith is often in the integrity of words, in the case of scientists and associated medicine, collective honesty and competence. Trust.

copernicusWe trust the word of scientists.  Most of what we think we know has been constructed in the context of other people’s knowledge, the unknown yielding to the known.

On the shoulder of elders, the learned and truthful. Trustworthy. We accept truths that we can’t see, on faith. For the future of our culture, on the wisdom of ancestors elders parents to generations.

Oral Traditions

The Oral Tradition long predates written, with the handing down of knowledge from generation to generation. Person to person. Learning to crouch in the weeds while stalking until it’s too late for realization to do the prey enough good. Or that Unit Cohesion is important to survival.

As we’re trusting each other’s words for things, while we cluck and try to imagine how people believed that the world is flat and the earth the center of the universe, we also never forget that time isn’t standing still, and that while we strive to maintain continuity to the wisdom of the past, today’s decisions are living and breathing in this moment’s wisdom.

Trusting Words That Ain’t Necessarily So

Comfort, reassurance is in the concrete, the firm, the absolute. The ground beneath our feet is an absolute, save insipid vanity of hearing oneself pontificating in existential absurdity.

As the world was only recently in human history both understood and accepted as not flat we appreciate the publication of the almost math on Higgs bosun and wonder what it means. What’s next?

Though reality defies simplistic interpretation, we’re as Sisyphus, compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this action forever.

Knowledge of Things

Science is knowledge of things, the realities of things. Our knowledge is ever-increasing, then we always find ourselves at the bottom of a new hill, looking up from ignorance. Science is fundamentally as an army of ants that build on the shoulders of predecessors. Breakthroughs are always with a lineage of knowledge from predecessors.

With proofs. Evidence. Materials and Methods.

Math is the language of physical science, the language of physical reality. At its outer limits, it approaches new frontiers, that are always bounded by physical reality, Higgs-Bosun another in progression.

Wheels of Continuity

Ancestors, forebears, with love have passed down the conventional wisdom of ‘what works.’ As unit cohesion, necessary for human survival, physically weak compared to beasts, the glue that holds the group together in good times and bad is the Atlas of survival.

That in turn by necessity to be passed down from generation to generation, giving not only physical life, but the capacity to bring along the fourth generation to a better place of success. In all spheres of life.

Unit Cohesion

Unit cohesion is as old as in-the-pack recognition going back to when we were walking on all fours. No longer as pheromonally sensitive, with a confusion of complexity and increasing numbers to differentiate, we have adopted other bonding criteria, that sustain our will and commitment to each other, despite the buffeting of the struggles for survival.

Stick together. Be a team working together. Be a family. A tribe.

These are the fundamental determinates of success or failure, winning or losing the struggle.

The Blood Idea

I too believe in the power of the blood idea, not genetic but cultural blood. The simple-minded old-South, souls less than animals, train their children to Ignorance as Virtue as if that’s a thought process; that exists as a cultural value within them for lifetimes, into future generations.

By the time they’re seven, it is what it is, and unless there’s a soul within them to pull them out, they will always be in Egypt, no matter where they are. They’ll take it with them, if they can.

Experiential Education

There are two ways to learn something. One by taking someone’s word for it that you trust, and the other learning the hard way, from experience. Reinventing the wheel takes time and energy, why some cultures can’t get off the ground because they’re constantly reinventing a wheel that’s always late to production.

In one paradigm, Sisyphus rolls his boulder up the hill, and it goes all the way back to the bottom, to start all over where we started. And in another, the Sisyphus of one generation rolls the boulder up the hill, and the Atlas of the wisdom of ancestors holds it there for the next generation as Sisyphus to roll it up the next hill. By this, the oral Torah brought us up to the Divine, Choosing when we went into the desert.

The heroes of this story of life are the wisdom of ancestors to teach, and the generations that’ve learned how to listen. The reward of the previous generation is that the next generation assumes the Role of holding the next Universe together. The punishment is that everything’s always falling apart, having to put the boulder back together first, before rolling it up the hill.

The loss of how to teach how to listen to ancestors and elders is the lost to the fourth generation. What of the lost generations of ancestors and elders? The broken being looked to for how to be whole. What of a change in environment? Persisting in following a pheromonal trail to a dead end.


Some rulings from elders, that seem to be draconian, are given with love. And care for those souls for which they are responsible.

Some may not understand the context of the warning against being open to bubbles of buffoonery. There’s no need to warn me against touching anything with a befouled name on it that I won’t say. As Icarus, I had to read it; to the detriment of my health. That’s learning the hard way.

A lot of what’s been said through time reflects understandings of previous generations that have had experiences, and for our own good, please listen. Real poverty is having no source of wisdom, having to learn everything experientially. No one to trust.

Blind Trust

The other side of listening, taking other people’s words for things is blind trust, as the automatomic old-South, having no thought process of your own. Decerebrate.

The reason going to Amherst College was the best experience of my life is that they didn’t try to teach you what to think, but how.

Contrary to the old-South that’s screaming indoctrination — against their propaganda as they’re still trying to decide if the world isn’t flat and the center of the Universe, they teach inability to think, for Mary had a little lamb. And that to be read literally, with faith in a tradition of being superficial, thought as heresy; blindly trusting as Mary’s Little Lamb.

When the Sisyphus-Atlas paradigm of generations fossilizes, the question becomes; Is the wisdom of yesterday, today’s. There’s a distinction between guides and guidelines, flexibility to bend and not break. ‘…he did not blindly accept authority but used his own observation and experience.

Knowledge of Not a Thing that Ain’t Necessarily So

Divine knowledge is from the Shekinah from Not a Thing and human knowledge is from what we experience of existence, that’s been largely refined into science. Through history, predecessors – ancestors have been the sources of our fundamental wisdom, the shoulders upon which we stand. As in science of yesteryear, what we don’t know, we make up.

After the years upon years of philosophizing that culminated in wrting my thesis, The Absolute-Unity and Unity, I was of the firm belief to Abandonment, that philosophizing, twirling abstractions in the ethers of the mind was a waste of time. Rolling boulders, or pill-rolling as another analogy. As I thought of it at the time, ‘Is the door open, or is it closed?’ When there are no absolutes.

Reader’s Digest

Childhood with Plato, adolescence with Plotinus, I adamantly reject Aristotelianism for the shekhinah. Philosophy as of no greater import than terminologies that have no intrinsic value except by convention. As enthralling as Math is ordered cascades of logic, beautiful dialectic, conclusions amenable to proof.

Since, I use the abstractions of philosophy as a conceptual vocabulary directly descended from the idea I had as a Reader’s Digest child that, the wider the vocabulary, the finer the palette of the mind. Brushes and paint.

In Chess, the more openings positions and systems you know, the more easily comes the lightning from above. That is as the shekhinah, a realization more so than a thought. A new pattern matched, from nothing.

The Glass Mountain

As a child, I took turns reading Anderson’s and Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Still remember most of them. They were always interesting, The Glass Mountain — Sisyphus with a happy ending.

Halakha is The Glass Mountain, and all heroes who undertake the quest with a heart pure of aggadah are rewarded with the shekhinah that can’t be explained beckoned or controlled. Rare. Can’t be proved it. And meaning is a matter of interpretation. It’s like visiting another, unfamiliar place, getting to the top of The Glass Mountain. You can’t get there on your own, but are somehow brought up. But you will return home, as the Teri Garr classic Mom and Dad Save the World when it ends. You’re back where you started.

Still the same person with the same history and the same station wagon.

The wiser yet to be determined.

The shekhinah is not an end of itself, but my flawed interpretations have ruled me. Have made the foundations that penetrate to the core of time. I’ve learned to seek urgently while waiting patiently.


Cosmological Philosophy

As with faith, that is in things or The Absolute-Unity that is Not a Thing, my cosmological philosophy is Binary — Duality. There is no unity within existence that is existentially comprised of things, dualities. And everything has a duality. In the context of truth, whether ‘It’s So’ or not, in simplistically absolutist terms, one might think the answer is true or untrue, 0 or 1 in this binary idea, but because of there being no absolutes within the unity, reality is true while untrue. Certain while Uncertain.

As Math is the language of science, of things, the relation – language of Not a Thing is the shekhinah.

When I wrote my thesis, I was trying to make proofs of Not a Thing, with Aristotelian dialectic and mathematical analogies, when obviously – and it wasn’t so obvious to my juvenile mind at the time, there can be no proof made with things of Not a Thing.

There is always a gap, no matter how well the analogy metaphor paradigm is pushed to its limits, those limits are always there, even when they’re being dismissed as irrelevant.

Predictive Ranging

An earth-shaking experience in my life was in the context of a Physics computer programming assignment. The program didn’t need to do anything special, one could have printed out Mary Had a Little Lamb, and it would have been fine. Programming was my additional pursuit. At Amherst College of Intellectual Responsibility, you get a key on request.

The program I wrote was an orbital intercept calculation, like a space shot. I kept getting memory overflows. So I had to break it down into steps within a predictable log range to stay within memory limitations. I was a day late. Got an F. I was told if I’d been on time, I’d have gotten an A+, but I was late, and that was the law.

The point of my story is that in reality, we do predictive ranging all the time. We expect a certain range of values, and that’s made to fit into our limits of expectations. When people are trying to prove Not a Thing, there’s always a gap there, no matter what manipulation of things is invoked. Infinite doesn’t do it because it’s a thing. So then we cheat the gap with a linguistic beyond, that is simply an admission of not infinite. To make it fit.

The Shekhinah

The shekhinah is that spark that bridges the gap. Anything that’s of the shekhinah, as faith, isn’t amenable to thingification. Here, faith isn’t an idea, but a realization of Not a Thing in the moment of doing. Made up from Nothing is from the shekhinah. The prophecies are already true in His time though not yet in mine, The Torah Divine. Guide and guideline.

Interpretation of the Shekhinah

Seemingly, intellect is a safe bet. Logical. Dialectic. Reasoning. Assumptions standing on the shoulders of assumptions. The shekhinah steps away from the safe grounds of common agreement, the fundamentals of science. Without proof. Treacherous. Unsafe. Dangerous. Mistakes are made.

I’ve made mistakes of interpretation of the shekhinah. And that’s why power beyond our understanding of infinity requires commensurate reverence, respect. A perspective of humility. That we take care of even touching The Divine Torah with our hands. To Never Forget Awe of HaShem.

The shekhinah isn’t a thought, but we operate in thoughts, so we’re trying to translate Not a Thought to a thought that’s within our Predictive Range, that we can understand.

So when I say something objectionable, that Ain’t Necessarily So, please chalk it up to lack of Mentorship, wandering in a desert wilderness alone. I’m an infinitesimal spec, a quark in a molecule of dust, if that. Trying to look up from the bottom of the deepest ocean of ignorance, imagining Deep Space and just making it up as I go. Forgive me, have mercy.

The wiser yet to be determined.

Prophesy is from the Shekhinah

Prophesies are special realizations from the shekhinah, and they’re immanent as well as transcendent, as is The Divine Torah. What is this like? The strongest light, as a Xenon 40,000,000,000 candela search light approaching that of the sun can be blocked by a solid object.

There are other lights, kinds of waves, that can’t be blocked by any thing, that are Not of Things. The prophecies and my angels are lights still shining, still penetrating, showing the way, within us now. Elevated Souls have listened to the shekhinah. Our highest aspiration is to learn to listen as well, and if His will, take the responsibility of teaching others to listen as well.

That’s why I call our lights spiritual athletes, brought up The Glass Mountain, by the shekhinah.

Do Mitzvot to Hear the Shekhinah

Mizvot are the kinetic dimension, the soul at work. When I do something outside myself, I’m putting my self in the light of the shekhinah.

The reason aggadot is so important to halakha is whether I’m expecting some reward, as debased adulation of peers, even the shekhinah. She doesn’t come at mine, but when He Wills. If I’m doing something from that space of the thingification of expectation, it’s within myself. Has nothing to do with Not a Thing, and everything to do with some thing I want. Humanly, we live in an existence of things. It’s existentially impossible to divorce ourselves from things, to compartmentalize the human within us that is a thing to talk of absolutes as purity of heart for example. One of my angels has said don’t pray for things, for help, for Israel, only praise. Hardheaded, with Awe, I still ask.

Perfection in things is an illusion of an absolute. My fantastic demonstration of Fortran prowess was as vainglorious as anything. I still have a Haredi mentality, but I no longer judge anyone demeaned as ‘not religious.’ With more respect for a secular Human Rights activist who’s operating in the shekhinah, without expectation of personal reward or adulation, than a buffoon searching for Xenon that’s purportedly religious. Then, its being an absolutist to judge, to even make that statement. There’s No Absolute in the Unity. The shekhinah comes when she comes, and there aren’t any words or prescription of deeds, a ritual, but a seeking, looking only to Not a Thing.

wandering_jewWandering to the Shekhinah

Wandering alone, with no one to trust, to whom to listen, I’ve been winging it through time, making stuff up, from nothing. My interpretations of the shekhinah are human, imperfect, flawed. That’s why the core of my cosmological philosophy is here, because I know It Ain’t Necessarily So.

Sefer ha-‘Ikkarim

Clearly, I’m irrational, so Hasdai Crescas and Joseph Albo are much closer to my pre-existing beliefs since 1973. Not only do I reject rationalism, I adamantly reject the idea of human perfection (in this world), or that if it existed it would relate to intellectual achievement.

Because I don’t recognize any validity of the addendum or its adherents whatsoever, anything framed as a response to those are irrelevant to the prophesies, the Divine Torah and the shekhinah, to Not a Thing.

The Absolute-Unity, as Not a Thing requires supporting Maimonides’ negative theology, though I more than anything object to the topic. The ‘positive attributes’ of Hasdai Crescas, I attribute to the experience of the shekhinah.

Time and Space

Talking about The Absolute-Unity with respect to time or space is inapplicable. My concept of time with respect to existence in duality, is that it’s both counting up and counting down at the same time, not Aristotelian-physical and Neoplatonic-ontological because those are going up.

We’re coming down from The Divine Torah in the sense that there are always correlates of the past in the future. Here, a most simplistic concept if one of the most powerful.

The Divine Torah is our command to go against the tide of human nature, to swim upstream against the predatory souls of old-South beasts within existence. And, by the prophesies, we will Chose our role of the Soul in bringing the inevitable World to Come, to which we’re counting down.

Mentor-shopping as some doctor-shop, I’m certain of Albo’s argument that (pursuing) human perfection depends on the (pursuit of ) fulfillment of the Mitzvot. With the addition that until the World to Come, we will not have fulfilled the Mitzvot, The Divine Torah. That we are all in this together, to fulfill the prophesies, that are already true in His time. I know this by the shekhinah.

Humanity Free Will and the Shekhinah

We have free will to choose, so that we must chose. The realization of the inevitability, the Certainty by the shekhinah of the World to Come out of The Divine Torah is Perfect Faith in The Absolute-Unity. With a simultaneous uncertainly of our Role. It is this uncertainty that we answer with our Choices. Until the World to Come, we don’t know our personal outcome, but elevated Souls I call my Angels are participating in our choices at this instant, talking to us through the shekhinah, some are spiritual athletes in training.

It is in fact, the purity of intent that’s telling. The best way I can describe the shekhinah is as an experience of pure love, but more, beyond. If one thinks that the shekhinah is about a thing, the family as my example, or a place or a group, the mind will make it about that thing. The shekhinah is about connecting to the will of Not a Thing. The role of the mind, intellect, is to remind that The Absolute-Unity is Not a Thing. Never Forgetting that care must be taken to listen by doing, and not make it just validation of what I want to hear to do whatever.


Prophecy depends on The Absolute-Unity bringing up to The Glass Mountain of divine inspiration by the shekhinah, that is a realization in resonance, a vibration of the Soul being in tune. What we do know of Not a Thing is from the prophets. Laws of nature still apply to things, and where things are involved, math and science, power money might will rule the days, of things. Perfect Faith as realization doesn’t mean that there was no evolution, as everything here was written from one point of disgust with the ZOA adulation of a yutz explicitly in six days. On Principle. There are still a number of stubs under construction with almost continuous revisions, but all this was written in my head long before any were published. For cause, a reader will arrive at I’m saying the same thing over and over, because I am, it all comes from a single Not a Thing. Everything penetrates everything else.

The entire Divine Torah is prophetic. As Albo, I posit various levels of prophecy, that are also true on various levels of interpretation. I made up seven as exemplified by Six Degrees from Not a Thing, but I don’t directly know that. Actually, I liked the idea from Plotinus, so I plagiarized that. What I do know for a fact is that there is no need or value in trying to validate the shekhinah to leather-mouthed mules, to pagans. As my soul bled for The Divine Torah to be wrapped on that foul thing, my ears burst when Moshe passes their lips.

My Prayers

My prayers haven’t stopped since my shekhinah in 1973. So this isn’t a topic I have any expertise to opine. Yes, there are differing dialogues and levels of consciousness, so perhaps a Shakespearean monologue that I punctuate with ‘formal’ prayers is a better characterization. My answers are usually in the shekhinah, or just a firm thought, so certainly nobody’s ‘talking’ to me. It’s like a rolling tide of Awe of HaShem that sloshes around in my soul, a leaf always trying to Return to His light.

I live by the shekhinah. I have no will of my own in that sense. I make choices all the time, but I’ve been stuck on ‘do the right thing‘ so long, I gave up on trying to ‘moderate’ for the ‘culture of the situation.’ That for which I need forgiveness is from a lack of faith, and if I do it again, I’ve lied about repenting. I hate lies.

The air of this existence we breathe is a thing, the air of The Divine Torah is the shekhinah. This Certainty from Awe of HaShem rules my heart and mind, the things in me, my soul yearning always for the shekhinah. As existence itself is yearning for the World to Come.

World to Come

Nothing new under the sun, I found Albo whose cosmological philosophy is similar to that I was given by the shekhinah in 1973. The issue of the World to Come as can be seen throughout almost every attempt here is a central concept to my interpretations.

My made up from Nothing is communing in the shekhinah is the recompense, the reward. Our angels, the elevated souls with which we share the shekhinah will be able to appear to us as The Minyan. The physical question is irrelevant in my paradigm in that it won’t matter whether you’re physical or not to live in the shekhinah of the World to Come.

It Ain’t Necessarily So

It Ain’t Necessarily So is a song written by Gershwin and Gershwin that became part of the Porgy and Bess (1935) classic opera as a song sung by Sportin’ Life, famously performed by the John W. Bubbles for whom Michael Jackson named his chimp. Also played by Cab Calloway on stage and Sammy Davis, Jr. in the 1959 film. Superficially, one might imagine that the secular context of the song is profaning. Sung by a pimp in a mocking fashion, that seems to point out the absurdity of what’s believed. I will look at anything from the Certainty of the World to Come. No coincidences.


David and Goliath

David and Goliath is our eternal story of faith, not in Goliath of Ba’al, of power money might, but looking only in Awe of HaShem in Perfect Faith. That we not only stake our personal lives but the lives of our tribe and the World to Come on this Certainty of The Absolute-Unity. This is everything I have to say in a sentence.

O sure, I’m constantly kvetching about the old-South beckoning us to worship Ba’al with them. And I really start tripping when we say yes, making common cause with Amalekites by professing faith that their deity of power money might can save. Cannot be blocked by His reality. Theirs is not a deity that can save Israel. Any thing from Not a Thing.

Single Stone: The Divine Torah

The Diaspora is the sling that delivered the single Stone of The Divine Torah, to the forehead of Goliath. My made up from Nothing is that we had to go out to deliver The Divine Torah to the world, by being Torah. David reminds us today, this moment, that it’s strength of Perfect Faith, not faith in strength that will see us through.

It’s the doing the right thing, not thinking all up in our head. It was the Perfect Faith to walk out of Egypt that parted the Sea. It’s the Halakha with Aggadot, not the one devoid of the other, that will see us through. That will see Israel through. That will see the World to Come through.


Dagon-5Jonah and the Fish

If all there were is soothsaying, Greek Oracles predicting, we would not have The Prophets that were informed by the shekhinah and we listen to the shekhinah through the prophets.

As I’m talking about hearing from my angels, if there were no point in listening, we’d be pre-determination pagans as they. Praying to the Fates.

We Chose. Are the people of the Choice. We are Jonah in the Fish. Reluctant to live up to Chosen, I allegorize the turbulent sea as our argument within as to whether power money might can save. That’s why at the end of all my kvetching about those talking as though old-South Amalekites are human, I return to returning.

Swallowed by this leviathan after having been throw overboard, at our rebellious request, from a ship looking to things, The Divine Torah has been pawed by a hoard of pagans, that have tried to digest us into a Greek myth, into dry and sterile intellectualism and trying to convert us to say-do-whatever.

To looking to Ba’al of power money might. To deny the shekhinah.

Cannot Evade Chosen

We cannot evade our Chosen.

Sisyphus of halakha and Atlas of aggadot will roll the boulder of Chosen up The Glass Mountain until the World to Come.

As Israel is growing more religious that will become more observant, we are all going to return within, to looking only to HaShem. The mitzvot are the road along which we travel that energizes the Antikythera Mechanism counting down to the World to Come.

What we do that is beyond power money might, that we know from the Shekhinah.

This time, Nineveh is the world, this existence, coming upon Atonement.

And from our resignation, our total surrender, we Teshuva, looking only to HaShem with Perfect Faith in what we know from The Divine Torah and out of this Certainty we will find the Shekhinah. And HaShem will command dagon to let us go. His Will be done.

The entire world will look to the One Absolute-Unity in the World to Come. Happily ever after.


Redemption of Moshe

My made up from Nothing is that the Redemption of Moshe is a history that’s of the future. Moshe was redeemed from within the reeds by pharaoh’s daughter, an Egyptian, in an act of compassion for All suffering, and Jonah by Zarephath. We wil Never Forget this when we’re being beckoned to succumb to an idolatry of tribe, of family as my mistakenly narrow  interpretation of my shekhinah.

Responsibility to Redeem

As we have been shown compassion through history from among ‘them,’ we Never Forget that there are souls of yetzer haTov that are spread as waters upon the world, as the light of The Divine Torah is penetrating this world. That’s are our responsibility to redeem, return. To bring the World to Come.

There are no coincidences. There’s no coincidence that Moshe: Is the Prophet of the Prophets. The cornerstone of our clarity of not looking to men-as deities among others. Laid the groundwork of both our tradition, and that of our ostensible permanent enemy Islam. The reason that I have Perfect Faith that we will unite, both within and without. That our redemption is religious peace. Returning that which was lost, bringing in those who were thrown out. That among them are our lost tribes are the Us that is within Them, with Awe of HaShem.



Methuslah lived nine-hundred years. My made up from nothing is that his Soul could not rest until Noah knew from the shekhinah what must be done. Call it me making it fit, Predictive Ranging. The Souls of our Angels and Elders of Blessed Memory will not rest until the World to Come.

Noahide is the crew on Jonah’s ship of this existence, without idolatries and while not with the responsibility of Jonah, will be clear at all at the time of Atonement that there’s only, looking only to The Absolute-Unity.

Passed Over

In my allegory, just as there are non-Jews who will have their portion in the World to Come, there are so-called Jews who won’t. Is rejecting the traditions to stand in murder being a Jew? We’ll see. Being a Jew is an opportunity to be responsible. As we have the Uncertainty of free Will, there’s no Certainty that those who Choose looking away to things will be Passed Over in the Atonement. With Paint.

Especially since, we know better. Can’t plead ignorance; Never heard of it, don’t know what you’re talking about. We know, to the fourth generation. that our redemption is in returning. Will all be weighed.

It Aint Necessarily So that old-South idolatries out of predator and prey conventional wisdom, as intellect reason science tells us from every evidence in this existence that the ways of the world of things are all there is.

My human soul lives by Perfect Faith in searching for His good to bring the World to Come from His Shekhinah.

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