There Are No Absolutes in the Unity of Things in This Existence

Everything is both component and composite, existentially related and relational, whether Higgs Bosun or the totality of the ‘firmaments’ in  conceptualization, there are no absolutes in the unity of things in this existence that’s in Time and Motion from The One Absolute-Unity. The relationship of Higgs Bosun to this reality is discussed. The meaning and significance of possible variants and their relationships to other things is discussed, but as an absolute, it’s just another thing. Things cannot be absolutes, existentially, as infinity is an understanding that doesn’t exist in the finite, by definition.

No Absolutes in the Unity of Cosmological Philosophies

Cosmological and philosophical systems operate in absolutes when absolutes are existentially inconsistent with duality. Duality within existence renders all as relational, to some other thing.

Plato_AristotleThere is no absolute true or false, no perfect logic. Any attempts at ‘proving’ the existence of The Absolute-Unity are recursive and inferential grounded in conceit, and always ends in a leap of faith.

The Absolute-Unity cannot be characterized in any way whatsoever. Even as a reductive ‘it,’ is not a thing. Any characterizations of the ineffable, are metaphorical, for our understanding. The concept of creation is itself a human construction, an interpretation that serves. There are others, but none are derived logically, or mathematically.

The activity of attempting to create a ‘proof’ itself a degradation, a thingification; cannot in any way be ‘proved’ as a thing of existence. I can prove an infinite value, but it’s still a thing.

No Absolute Proof of The Absolute-Unity

One of my favorite analogies when I wrote my thesis, that persists to this day, is set theory. If The Absolute-Unity is Not a Thing, and outside, beyond the set of Things, there’s no point in talking about autoepistemic logic when logical operations are on things, even abstractions, there is no uncertainty of inference nor probability of arriving at a result. An exercise in substantiation of a concept that cannot be empirically proved.

The Absolute-Unity as a thing is a vacuous truth, for an a prioi exclusion  that’s a contradiction of any validity of logical operations. To start out exploded with no theory or logicmodelrecursionproof, or relevance, not even a fuzzy line to be drawn, between things. There’s no uncertain inference by a degree of Certainty as a fact of Not a Thing; so that trying to apply ‘logic’ is invalid with no truth values in a probabilistic interpretation.

As insipid as my differential calculus to prove infinity as a concept analogous to The Absolute-Unity rather than a reality to be renormalized in this physical context, nothing, no Thing can ‘prove’ Not a Thing. The summary fact is that there are no absolutes within the unity, no ‘proof’ of the ‘beyondness,’ the ‘otherness’ of the The Absolute-Unity as Not a Thing, of things. To ‘end up’ in an inference, whether logical or mathematical beyond the concept of infinity. To then talk about a leap to faith in that reality that’s beyond any ‘proof.’ Words or symbols.


Religion is inherently teleological. As humans are biological, religions routinely represent a paradigm of survival, whether by offspring or the continuation of the soul or both. Whether the Book of the Dead with souls weighed against feathers or the World to Come. Karma as a weight of the soul, reincarnation, or wafers and wine promising to remove the weight of say-do-whatever, survival by faith in absolution. Survival.

Teleology is any philosophical account which holds that final causes exist in nature, meaning that design and purpose analogous to that found in human actions are inherent also in the rest of nature. The word comes from theGreekτέλος,telos; root: τελε-, “end, purpose”. The adjective “teleological” has a broader usage, for example in discussions where particular ethical theories or types of computer programs are sometimes described as teleological because they involve aiming at goals.

Biology is Teleological

Nature, and living things in nature don’t have any other ‘goals,’ beyond survival. Biology is teleological, and survival is biological existence. What has survived is reality.

The ‘for the sake of an end’ in teleological is based in this reality of existence, and that these relations will be a greater and lesser on a continuum.

The activation of genes versus dormancy is the frontier of  biological survival. Darwinian and non-Darwinian evolution  is consistent with neither one or a necessarily other, now  ‘Genome reorganization‘ as a Third Way. The heights of NBA players in a short

Trying to All or Nothing simplify to the one or the other will always fail as there is both order within chaos and chaos within order. Always there is a duality within this unity. That’s both and not nihilist. Humans are rooted as all biology in surviving or not, everything seen through that prism of self-interest.

More so than anything, when referring to humans, I’m referring to motivational tendencies as teleological. That there is continuity back to our roots of biological survival, that we remain motivated to survive.

Human Drive to Simplify to Absolutes for Survival

The notion of identity in difference is the naming compartmentalization with a decision process of recognition applied based on survival, of affirmation or threat. There is no true or false while our human naming drive in distinctions is to simplify. Categorize. Characterize. Compartmentalize.

Humans exist as any other biological entity in a yes or no, this will aid or impair survival. The concept of causes based in ends as explanation is attractive. In reality, there are inevitably multiple pathways to the same ‘end.’ However, the extrinsic finality of any biological ‘thing, process, or action’ is always fundamentally rooted in intrinsic biological survival.

Neither chance nor design are true or false, reality is both. In our desire to reach a conclusion, to simplify for our end-point of thought, we dismiss that both are both, that any conclusion about ‘the beyond’ can neither be for nor against what can’t be proved. Nothing can be determined one way or another concerning the Absolute-Unity, and the human root is the drive to simplify what can’t be, of Life.

Life is Both Extrinsic and Intrinsic

  • A thing or action has an extrinsic finality when it is for the sake of something external to itself. In a way, people exhibit extrinsic finality when they seek the happiness of a child. If the external thing had not existed that action would not display finality.
  • A thing or action has an intrinsic finality when it is for none other than its own sake. For example, one might try to be happy simply for the sake of being happy, and not for the sake of anything outside of that. [In relation to what?]

A cellular process or a member of a community has roles within a unity of dualities, but there is always both an extrinsic and intrinsic component. With an external reality. In complex interactions, the triggered genetic expression, or assumption of role is for the intrinsic value to that process or role, that has an inherent existential extrinsic context.

There are a lot of useful concepts and terminologies in metaphysics and philosophy, but they’re limited by relevance to things. Existentialism is descriptive of reality, with borders as any other of existence. The truths lost in the extrapolations as nothing can be said about the Absolute-unity, even the words not or is.


Philosophy as the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with realityexistenceknowledgevaluesreasonmind, and language purport to be critical, systematic and reliant on rational argument, when the idea of rationality is itself a Leap of Faith. The stark reality of chance in duality to design negates any sweeping fundamental truths. As we are finding in science, both are always together.

We can’t control chance, control being all about survival, so we dismiss that there is no absolute wisdom. There are no pat answers. The pinnacle of “wisdom” is the recognition of the impossibility of any absolute within the unity, including knowledge. What we really want, philosophy as teleological as religion, is to have an idea of what to do, to survive. Philosophy is routinely a religion that looks to thought.

Both religion and philosophy reject chance, some to invoke the Fates, or Destiny — predestined more comforting than arbitrary, undetermined; not assigned a specific value. Atheist’s take the not a thing with arbitrary to mean does not exist, and some as may exist but irrelevant, as chance or human action is determinate. When neither are absolutely true but both true and untrue simultaneously.

All ‘final causes’ are within the only singularity that cannot be a thing of existence. Existence is the process, in agreement with Hegel of Heraclitus. Reality is Aristotle’s; “It is absurd to suppose that ends are not present [in nature] because we do not see an agent deliberating.” but both by Chaos within Order and Order within Chaos, not the one or the other, neatly characterizable for survival.

There is no “the absolute idea” or “absolute knowledge,” there will always be contradictions and negations. There is no logical, developmental order that underlies every domain of reality that is ultimately the order of self-conscious rational thought.

Hubris of Thinking We Can Absolutely Know

Immanuel Kant’s challenge to the limits of pure reason is correct. There is no ultimate philosophical truth, nor logic that can get there, only the human conceit or wishful thinking, of a ‘dialectical process‘ to ‘make sense of things.’ The operative word being things.

Dialectics are always going somewhere, like Eeny meeny miny moe, the target Chosen before the counting while all we’re ever doing while we think we’re thinking is describing reality, or what we want reality to be. “Being” and “nothingness” are mere empty abstractions, especially when employed for those extrapolations.

Any thought system that makes the fatal step of trying the fathom the unfathomable, can only attain the grandiose status of spinning words in the air to nowhere. All we can ever do with words and symbols is describe reality. Speculation is the province of hubris, the land of make believe. Recursive arguments for some mechanistic external reality do not involve anything beyond looking around, at this existence of commonality of relations. Classifying. Naming. Making connections. Understanding continuities.

Continuity within Dualities of Coexistent Paradigms

One paradigm of causation doesn’t negate the other, both are always coexistent on a continuum of valuation. Valuation that’s routinely situated for trickle-up to men-as deities of power money might by conventional wisdom of pecking orders rather than down as typified by ‘more for us’ old-South metareligion rooted in hurting them more: The Way of the World of Human Survival.

The importance of continuity that existentially confers a continuum is routinely sublimated to the desire to simplify to absolutes, to reify the distinction, making the believed. In a theoretical ‘All or Nothing,’ there’s a right and wrong, good and bad. Reality is that everything exists on a continuum with application weighted by value. In nature, for survival.

End results are created by a Pecking Order of valuation, for survival. Consequentialist ethics, as utilitarianism focuses on the end result or consequences. John Stuart Mill‘s “the greatest good for the greatest number”, or the maximum utility’ is simply that without a risk of significant penalties of inveterate misanthropic corporatists telling the lie to aid profits. Improving survival.

In medical academia, classically, lying is anathema to honor, the most egregious sin. The lines blur in the real world of business where the welfare of the system becomes a consideration.

Business Ethics as an (Almost) Unitary Valuation Paradigm

By metareligion, ‘ethics‘ themselves invoke a duality on a continuum. Monopolies are the archetypal dismissal of the consumer. So quality does still affect operations in some quarters, some more so than others.

Business ethics are an oxymoron in a Zeitgeistcollective consciousness, that deifies profit, gives overwhelming weight to that valuation to supersede any other considerations.

If fraud hurts profits, the behavior is reduced, if not, the behavior is reinforced. The singular purpose, the both extrinsic and intrinsic ‘Cause’ being profit – toward survial. Marketing, good ‘public relations’, facilitates profits. There is no ‘higher purpose’ in eschewing fraud, except the waning business expectation of some that ‘Telling the Truth and Selling Low’ still matters. For both extrinsic and intrinsic value — to profits – toward survival.

Now divorce corporatism from humanity by monetization and add globalization for a disconnect from nationalism for a disconnect of both valuations. Corporate survival is neither for human or national survival, but purely for the survival of the corporation. The stock market being the customer, not the consumer. Service industries are ‘closer’ to the client as consumer that’s disregarded as Ayn Rand Greenspan no-oversight of the financial system. The big fish Holding Dominion with advantages, rooted in higher valuation of traders over the little with no oversight of the stock market monopolies of Too Big to Fail. That differs from service industries that still have a constituency, as doctors have patients. Though medicine is a business, the persistent difference is that standards of care and tort liability – that’s under relentless assault, provide continuing additional considerations.

Medicine as a Paradigm of Mixed Valuation

The same applies to medical ethics with the distinction that ‘doing the right thing‘ for the patient, that happens to be a customer, also lies on a continuum of valuation. Some provider systems that sublimate patient interest to profitabliity contrast to the only consideration being the welfare of the patient purist, a valuation differential. Or the pigs-at-the-trough mentality that was entirely profit-driven.

Profitability is always a driver in any business. Provider systems operate on a profit incentive and create a Metareligion of rationalization to survive. HMO/PPOs will have incentive to ration, and Procedural Profitability will rationalize doing more. Both to then substantiate by rationales their differences as ‘better,’ than the other, for both the patient (and profits). Both holding forth as the Good.

That some patients are denied and others not is also on a valuation of the survival of that patient. As long as the patient isn’t a legal liability in both, the one will deny and the other will create charges. On this interface is the differential in the high cost for result in the United States of Profits. So that the outcome for the patient is a consideration while the outcome of the system itself has been sublimated to the profit drive.

Now consider that the medical profession is the last bastion of professional ethics, that’s under ever-increasing and intense pressure to be more mindful of profitability, by external contextual necessity. While negotiating the differing interests of profitability to survive in tension with purist patient interest.

Teleology is reductive and exclusionary only when there’s a simplistic exclusion of the continuum, as though there’s a one or another, a right or wrong, good or bad. If the medical provider system isn’t profitable in an environment that necessitates profits, there’s no way to divorce the ‘business’ need for the one from the ‘medical outcome’ need for the other.

Gradients of Values

A convenient gradient of human values is the Maslow’s pyramidal hierarchy of needs. In the thirty-year juggernaut of the Ronald Reagan’s Antipathy as Virtue, the collective consciousness of the culture has been driven onto Spartan stones under Maestrini’s law. The ‘higher purposes’ being discussed by some as if ‘in the image,’ has become in the image of animals, predators.

Corporations are driven to an expectation of ever-increasing profits, famously Skilling and others sublimate the value of truthfulness, that operates at the level of esteem and above to survivalist amorality in never enough profit. The in-bed auditors, as the FAA and most other Federal agencies who are being paid by the industries that they regulate have an open-mind to their true clients. As the top of the pecking order of the culture, the freedom to say-whatever to do-whatever has become the cultural norm, for safety.


Assumptions of Safety having been removed at the top of the pecking order, the entire culture is operating in survival mode teleologically. Everything is predators and prey, with the physiological rise in poverty and infant mortality, and diminution of education and overall societal wellness grounded in Faith in more for us, by hurting them more. Their only ‘in the image.’

Durkheim’s collective consciousness in the United States has become that of self-interest, rooted in pure fear for survival. The pure self-interest of the Conservative model holds that by the bell-shaped curve, some should fail to survive. And better us than them. Antipathy as Platonic Virtue as a pitiless poverty of care.

Like a drummer so busy being fast in frenetic fear that the beat, the rhythm of life no longer has any meaning. The societal ‘integrity and coherence’ in this modernity has become an assumption of fear. So that David Hume’s reality in the thirty year devolution of the United States is in the human sense perception that everything is predator and prey.

The ‘in the image’ of predators as ‘only the strong surviving’ by creating prey, by hiding in the grass.

Hiding in the Grass

The old-South metareligion of the United States of Manifest Destinies has become shared worship of Ba’al’s power money might, to be the Godfather of Antipathy’s idealized dominant driver within the society.

Creationists‘ are operating purely from self-interest justification of misanthropy to create prey rather than some ostensibly noble assessments of the nature of man that can be extrapolated to another man-made conflation-to-a-thing addendum.

Unless that thing is a predator hiding in the grass of say-whatever camouflage for do-whatever.

Everything is say-do-whatever for survival, from genocide wafered over and washed down with wine, to hold dominion — to survive. ‘Pro-life’ as misdirecting camouflage pretense of motive while pro-death proud of increasing Infant Mortality and Poverty. Their interest in the effect of laws, religion, and education are for social integration to their teleological drive for dominance as survival.

Durkheim’s agreement with Comte that the social sciences could become scientific only when they were stripped of their metaphysical abstractions and philosophical speculation, is dismissive of the base biological motives of the Faith in Ba’al society, pagans as the old-South, the marketing that the predator hiding in the grass is not there, to prey. To be sociologically unrealistic of the inherent nature of the old-South by statistics that don’t lie concerning genuine motives. By empirical results.

Bastardization of the Concept of Teleology

Avoiding teleological terminology in biology is based upon the idea that scientific rigor, that finitude isn’t served by ‘leaps of Faith,’ those extrapolations as any, are an existential bastardization of the concept.

In 2005, a U.S. Federal Court ruled that intelligent design is a religious argument and is not science, and was being used to give pseudoscientific support for creationism, the religious belief in a designer.

‘In the image’ is based upon a ‘leap of Faith,’ an a priori belief, from a point of view, when only things have points of view. This to get dragged into some deductive ‘purpose,’ another thing.

That to then draw conclusions from the reality of relations in all existence, complexity and continuum as some sort of ‘deeper’ theological ‘proof’ for another constructed characterization of a thing when the panaply of these ‘lines of reasoning‘ are artifices of people wanting to legitimate a pre-existing ‘leap of Faith,’ in dominion.

‘Design’ is the existential, teleological drive to exist, and in nature, to survive. The attribution ‘Intelligent watchmaker‘ is another conflation addendum designed to characterize the Absolute-Unity as an ‘Intelligent’ ‘thing,’ like us, because we’re smart, but more. The value in pursuing this impossible to prove is the desire to rationalize dominion, to create men-as deities. Fredo Corleone; I’m smart, complex, willful.

To suppose or imagine that we ‘know’ or can. Have an opinion or glimpse of the unfathomable. To extrapolate from relationships between intra-reality distinctions of Identity and relatedness to create another graven image in words and ‘ideas.’

To then apply an ‘All or Nothing’ simplistic reduction, that’s grounded in survival or not with ‘looking forward’ conclusions based upon teleological ‘extrapolations’ when all we can ‘conclude’ about the cause of this reality is a more refined description of reality. Pretending to prove that which cannot be proved.

Self-determination: ethical reasoning, the human soul’s ‘pinnacle’ in the hierarchy of nature, the order of the cosmos, and an assumption with ‘reasoned arguments‘ for a prime mover is a hiding in the grass ploy of nearer my deity to thee. Kant imports Plato’s high esteem of individual sovereignty to then assert a hierarchy, a Pecking Order of souls grounded in the ostensible ability to think. That Hegel rides to talk of existentially impossible absolutes.

Animalistic Freedom of Survival

Hegel’s freedom or anyone else’s self-determination is only at the upper scale of Maslow’s Pyramid, irrelevant down on the ground of abject animalistic survivalism. There are no genuine ontological implications, for soul or mind or divinity. Philosophical abstractions of the nature of beingexistence, or reality, as well as the basic categories of being and their relations have no relevance whatsoever when confronted with an Alawite or old-South Loyalist standing in say-do-whatever, intent on more by hurting.

The relevant hierarchy is reduced to power money might, having or the lack, the only entities operative. As playing shuffleboard on an ocean cruise, the outcome only relevant to those fortunates who will eventually retire to the buffet and bar, irrelevant to the crew.

Thinking, anathema to the old-South, isn’t a potential coinage of exchange when the only constructive development is primal fear, the predator’s fear of lack, need for a meal. The soul of the animal hiding in the grass has no higher or fuller reality than Stones being swept by a glacier, the chemistry of hunger and shelter as atomic as the molecules in a rock.

The Loyalist following their Pecking Order has no higher ‘thought process‘ than the dog following for crumbs from a pocket. The chemistry of hunger and the fundamental need for shelter are the meaning of survivalist human in the hegemony of the old-South of raw primal fear?

Duality of Freedom of Will

Kant‘s dualism of freedom versus nature is only intelligible by accepting the brute teleological drive to survive “given” when dealing with brutes. Only by safety from them, can any considerations of ‘freedom’ ensue. There is no “ethical life” beyond parlor talk with the barbarians at the gate. So while Being and Nothing is accurate to no Absolute within the unity, the fundamental freedom of the human being in Sartre’s Being and Nothingness, determinism is neither true nor false, but wholly dependent on a societal gradient.

The person confronted with Nature, predators whether on two legs or four, has no “freedom,” “duty” “good” “ought” as fatuous as ‘The finite has to become infinite in order to achieve reality.’ when the going beyond finitude, transcending is becoming a metaphorical good meal. The fulfilling reality.

“Finite” things don’t determine, because their essential character is determined by their boundaries, over against other finite things. Here, in order to become “real”, the ‘down on the ground’ must become intelligible as a progressively developing and self-perfecting whole Assimilation as predator in a Pecking Order to their Man-as deity, or their prey. By Conventional Wisdom.


Everything we see in Nature, all conventional wisdom, in both religion and philosophy routinely works its way back to an us versus them. Routinely the religion of philosophy strives to create a pecking order of valuation purportedly rooted in logic, when the teleological drive to survive underneath is irrational. That is, not within the bounds of conscious thought, no more than our next breath.

All with the one exception, of departing from parlor games of terminology, that spans all philosophical ‘thought systems’ and religions as justifications that are active within the wolf stalking the lamb. The ‘freedom’ that departs is choosing from yetzer haTov for all humanity. Anything less is back to predators and prey, merely conventional wisdom.


The rational, self-conscious whole is not a thing or being that lies outside of other existing things or minds. Rather, it comes to completion only in the philosophical comprehension of individual existing human minds who, through their own understanding, bring this developmental process to an understanding of itself.

The intentional force is actually faith, that is a disembodied ‘idea’ when it departs from the Conventional Wisdom of Metareligious yetzer hara, from our billions of years of biological drive to survive. Everything about survival is and was within us all from before we were human. It’s the ability to depart from that that’s outside of us, to stand for yetzer haTov for all Humanity.

Kierkegaard was the first philosopher I read, Fear and Trembling and Sickness unto Death loaned by Pastor Dalman in the desert wilderness. I agreed with his criticism of Hegel’s ‘absolute knowledge’ unity. But more importantly than anything else, his paradox that I say is of interpretation, in yetzer haTov or yetzer hara, is that with Fear and Trembling we step away from conventional wisdom, to His wisdom of yetzer haTov.

By all things being related, there is no ‘objective spirit‘ beyond a self-serving validation of a subjective perspective, the predator learns hiding in the grass as conventional wisdom. ‘Identity’ is naming, making a differentiation for classification purposes, illustrated by the Us-Them paradigm that is contrary to extension of yetzer haTov to them, that isn’t logical or amenable to any form of dialectics.

The egalitarian process toward full self-consciousness of the world has been delivered from The Divine Torah as an illogical belief that is contrary to base predator and prey animistic ‘logic’ of conventional wisdom. With no evidence precedent or proof, but only in a Leap of Faith, to do the unnatural, with no promise of survival. The only application of ‘freedom’ that’s unrelated to more of the same; What’s for dinner?

Hegel’s distinction between Civil society and state in his Elements of the Philosophy of Right is another specious conceit. The dialectical relationship between Hegel’s perceived opposites, the macro-community of the state and the micro-community of the family is shown by the War Between the States within the States as the issue, decades of egalitarian progress rooted in yetzer haTov undone in an ascendancy of the yetzer hara of rejecting compassion for suffering other than your own.

For the millions ground into poverty, both the political left and right are subsumed. Karl Marx‘s civil society as an economic base; as well as the right’s culturesociety and politics of unrestrained corporatism are predicated in an idealistic misunderstanding of the default predatory teleological human psyche of survival. This liberal distinction between political society and civil society was followed by Alexis de Tocqueville, who’s Democracy in America is now consumed by the ascendancy of predators in opposition to equality of prey.

Progress within existence being delivered from The Divine Torah is the rise of egalitarianism, of compassion for all suffering, the most unnatural of outcomes. Not measured in science or technology, though those have their role in the spread of this consciousness as waters on the world. These purposes are outside the base primal predator with canines we know ourselves to be. The issue of faith, isn’t whether, but what.

A Higher Purpose

Faith does affect human interactions, as exemplified in the default persistence of the conventional wisdom of faith in the pecking orders of men-as deities.

An example of ‘deontological ethics, such as Immanuel Kant‘s the Categorical Imperative, in which an end result or consequences are less important, or even irrelevant but the action itself, the means or will, is the focus,‘ is illustrated by the old-South that ignores their Men-as deities to the detriment of the credit rating, ‘for a higher purpose.’

The only differentiation being in the assumption of ‘focus,’ valuation. The ‘job creators‘ rejecting sacrifice of the economy, the Creationists of the ascendancy of old-South Misanthropy willing to kill the economy to ‘win’ their War Between the States within the States.

With Faith in the ‘big win’ downrange of no regulations to Godfather-ignore. In a turn-about of Knows Best as true-believers in Ayn Rand Greenspan anarchy, principled. Faithful.

The ‘end-point’ in history is as subjective, again based upon the inevitable ‘leap of Faith.’ The “grand narratives” are as rooted in Faith of Roman soldiers in their families being taken care of should they fall honorably in battle. The grand narrative is written on the common teleological ground of ‘taking care of my family.’

Will as Fear

Hegel’s Zeitgeist of a collective consciousness in these times before the World to Come is in the distinct direction of fear. Kant and Hegel’s logical optimism and the belief that individual morality could be determined by society and reason just aren’t true. As Schopenhauer said, the overwhelming mass of Humanity is operating from taking care of themselves and their families, with predatory yetzer hara for them; Wille zum Leben (Will to Live). The Will to Power of Nietzsche goes as Conventional Wisdom.

Schopenhauer’s compassion grounded in yetzer haTov and malice and egoism of yetzer hara is Metareligious Conventional Wisdom of those following in the pheromonal trails of ancestors with no more thought or free will than a Stone; “every human being, even every animal, after the motive has appeared, must carry out the action which alone is in accordance with his inborn and immutable character.” for four of five.

The word of The Divine Torah is out. Carried by the Diaspora to all nations for that fifth among the four souls of Stones. For a choice of freedom from Conventional Wisdom. They are the point of our wandering, Those we’re to find and redeem from their Desert Wilderness.

Heroic Corruption

Politicians who bring Military-Industrial dollars home are heroes, those ‘other corrupt’ are doing the same for theirs. Consider the Base-closure process as illustrative of the ‘intrinsic’ value of the money as survival to the locale as superseding, primary over any ‘extrinsic’ national interest. By valuation, from perception, point of view. Close their base and not ours, rationales to ensue.

Politicians have an ‘open-mind’ to the desires of donors, the idea that one preceded the other is irrelevant to the understanding of both extrinsic and intrinsic value for survival as being reelected as ever-coexistent.

More For Us

Third World corruption will be refractory to ‘first world’ ostensible egalitarianism, as the United States drives to nepotism and cronyism for Cousin Dumb-as-a-post, for the ‘higher purpose,’ that parallels the same ethos of ‘more for us’ in the Third World. Profitability for survival, abandoning valuation of thought for fealty.

Intrinsic value for survival rules, extrinsic only relative as farming H1Bs avoids the need to pay ‘home-grown’  in such a way that they can pay off Student Loans. India’s tightening of the exodus of talent reflective of their losses in this ‘go along’ with this purportedly ‘friendly’ fundamentally self-serving relationship. That has been an effective ‘cost shifting,’ exporting educational burden while importing India’s state-supported best and brightest. While deporting American-educated foreigners infected with first-world morals.

And Never Enough

The ever-increasing frenzy of never-enough-profit conjoined to Faith in dominion, in preying, renders ‘sociological’ as well as ‘philosophical’ abstractions moot.

The collective consciousness of the society driven to the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is then a hierarchy of what teleological means to a persons’ society’s culture’s drive to survive.

That parallel’s the Syrian Alawite drive to survive by say-whatever denial while committing do-whatever genocide.

Both refractory to ‘reason‘ by Faith in the treatment of the ‘opposition’ that has been elevated to a Metareligious duty, as an issue of Faith. Neither can voluntarily stop, but can only intensify efforts to prevail in their Conventional Wisdom. In a struggle to the existential death.

The Inevitable

The idea that people are logical, with ‘rational purpose and direction’ beyond survival is another fatuous conceit. Reality is that overwhelmingly, people are grounded in the biological drive to survive, the animal in us. The old-South, and their Alawite compatriots will press their case to the end, as the predator will chase until either the prey has been caught or is away. All they know or will.

All the pretty words and ideas, metaphors and similes won’t matter. Part of my rejection of ‘metaphysics‘ and philosophy at the time of my thesis is though I still think in these terms, it’s spinning irrelevancies in the air. The people of yetzer hara will play out their role as certainly as pharaoh before, from their born soul.

Global warming will fall over the edge, they will have their wars, and manage to collapse the world economy. As Eugenic Schopenhauer said, they will play out their role. as he his. All are as inevitable as the lion hiding in the grass. The course of history, the world-soul of Plotinus has been mounting this stage of the inevitable conflict of the souls of yetzer hara in opposition to the ‘unnatural, other-worldly’ souls of yetzer haTov for a Third Way, of the World to Come.

With No Precedent

All we have ever known is predators and prey, still animals with canines that emerge from pretty ‘ideas.’

We’re awash in a collective consciousness of fear, with a Leap of Faith in HaShem, the only external to this reality that is not a thing. A leap uncertain of survival, but of doing His right thing. The only will other than our own. That I know is His explicitly because it isn’t ours, isn’t teleological — is beyond survival.

I choose to believe. I choose to act or not to act. I choose to believe the prophets, that The Torah is Divine.

That this Wandering has purpose and direction is my aspiration, my purpose, that my will not be my own. In this, only a ‘leap of faith’ will do. One way or another. I choose to believe I am purpose-built, and have a function beyond survival. While believing in survival with no proof, and no precedent for the World to Come.

The Shekhinah

Beyond valuation for survival, the Shekhinah is beyond mere things. Not a thought or a feeling, nor an emotion or deductive dialectical exposition of any thing. Perhaps an endorphin high beyond highs. That is both and not. From within with unfathomable extrinsic or intrinsic value.

An unknowable reason in my seeking, that was an a priori found. An extrinsic cause that cannot be divorced from intrinsic. Without any proof possible, I know He put His spirit within me, and I will live. I choose the Shekhinah as my guide, my pillar of reason outside of reasons.

Or did the Shekhinah choose me?

In my paradigm of dualities, it’s always both, on an inextricable continuum of relatedness to valuation of a leap of Faith. As He, the only beyond that is Not a Thing. Of survival.




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