Never Forget that the shekhinah isn’t a thought from the mind any more than The Absolute-Unity is a thing. Neither are defined or confined by reason. It ain’t necessarily so, but I have Perfect Faith that the shekhinah is the foundation, the fundamental of everything we know in my binary interpretation. Though I try in most attempts here, I can’t articulate my Certainty that our millennia of tradition connecting to Not a Thing by the shekhinah does have its logic, reasons and rationales.

Lightning from Above

When I played Chess, I didn’t only study the openings middle endings and games positions and systems, sciences to know for pattern-matching on familiar ground, I loved puzzles.

Distinct from powers of cold crunching calculation and seeing positional slivers of opportunity as focal points to be strangled relentlessly with crystalline clarity, puzzles trained to pattern matching a new position for the lightning from above. That is as the famous Shaolin death touch, an ever-present possibility with sizzling crackles of energy echoing in the air with the smell of ozone.

Amidst the ‘logical’ and studied dynamics of a position, the routine, there’s a reasoned context of always looking for the realization that is the lightning from above. Contrary to seeing myself as an old-South automatomic decerebrate cousin of ‘unthinking prejudice‘ that feels compelled to file an incident report if someone expresses an independent thought deviant from Mary Had a Little Lamb, I’ve had my own process of reasoning from before being born.

I don’t mind being called superstitious, I can’t prove anything of Not a Thing. Nevertheless, in these attempts, I strive for a thinking prejudice for the lightning from above. Raising my self in the logic of Plato from the age of seven, that previous life of being an Icarus of rationalism teaches of its limits, that then leads to a logical dissociation from the expectation that reason can comprehend, or begin to know the Unlimited.


A fundamental of mental status is knowing where one is, to be oriented to Place Time and Person. Then routine questioning procedes with some current and past events the subject is expected to know to get a sense of depth: Who is the current president, who was the last vice president, count backwards, etc.

In continuation of the chess analogy, much of the purpose of studying the openings middle end and games is for a sense of orientation, to recognize familiar ground, know where you are to decide where to go.

The lightning from above isn’t wholly from nothing because though plopped into the puzzle doesn’t tell how you got there, the pattern to be matched is unknown while rifling through templates as flash cards looking for the familiar, the known.

Then, the more puzzles you do, the easier it gets, a circuit of familiarity, an organ of template-matching builds in your mind, like the physical stability and balance of kung fu but mental. So that the lightning is alwaysthere, floating in the air above the mundane.


The mind forms long-term memories and maintains cognitive maps for navigation so that matching the new pattern to the remembered past for the puzzle of the present decision brings the future. From patterns of our orientation, we signal our decision making cortex for motivationally significant stimuli such as those related to reward and fear in addition to social functions such as mating. To decide where to go, what to do.

And why. In the meanwhile, we’re auditing what we’re doing to form memories of causes and effects. As the mind is not flat but spacial, we store that as a multi-dimensional template, as a spacial memory for more pattern matching in the future; How did that turn out?

How did that turn out?

Our religion starts with; How did that turn out? → From that beh that created all existence, then turned out of the Garden of  Eden when disobedience didn’t turn out so well summarizes everything about our returning, in obeisant obedience, doing to hear. Why.

Through time, the elders angels prophets and The Divine Torah have told us what we’re doing from memories of causes and effects of the already true in His time that are not yet true in ours. The movement is a multi-dimensional template, no spacial memory more critical than the other for more pattern matching, meshing the Mitzvot of our wheels of doing in the present while wandering to His future we already know.

The shekhinah is responsible for the formation of our long-term memories of the future, determinate of our motivationally significant stimuli, guide and guideline from Not a Thing. Cognitive maps for navigation by pattern matching the already known future of the prophesies to the puzzle of the present. From an orientation of looking only to The Absolute-Unity, we signal our decision making cortex to Never Forget how this existence turned out. And why.

Motivationally Significant Stimuli

As the negative theology of Maimonides to Never Forget He is Not a Thing to be characterized as a thing, the role of the mind is to Never Forget that our prime directive, the first thing we must do is keep our motives toward stimuli and their significance in perspective so that we do not look to, idolize things, put no thing before.

Rather than rationalism as the substrate of enlightenment as that which was missed by choosing to eat of the forbidden fruit of the hubris of thinking we can know, the responsibility, role of the mind is in the negative, rejection, to be ever-vigilant against rationalizing idolatries that are lurking in every corner and behind every door to trick the mind into idolizing, having Faith in some thing to survive, most often the physical and mental — heters as needed.

To Never Forget that The Absolute-Unity has no pattern as a thing, no cognitive map that we should try to or can match. That we don’t know Not a Thing from our minds but from the shekhinah. Denying the shekhinah is denying everything from The Absolute-Unity. Instead of making it up from nothing, making it up from a thing, as a thing, to have Faith, Certainty in things — idolatries, to forget.


From that first breath after born, we see value in survival, in the reward of continuing to live, the original addiction. The conscious self is the thing we wake up to and that within which we sleep. The context within which we dream.

For every thing in existence there’s a potential for an idolatry, to look to that thing as the source of the reward of survival in the here and now, as power money might, beauty youth or old-South lying to prey.

Praying to wafers and wine to prey.

Idolatries are the devil that the drive to survive threatens to bring. Everybody needs to Put Food on the Table today, and that creates susceptibility to allowing exceptions to do the right thing to insinuate themselves, as lying is part of the job on the plantation.

Civilization is winding itself up in an ever increasing frenzy of an insatiable Ethos of lack with an attendant increased fear of not being able to survive, with an inhuman corporatist Borg at the top of the pecking order.

Today, unwillingness to lie, to prey, is unwillingness to work to survive.

As with Six Degrees of Lip Separation, there are lies by omission, misrepresentations, and full-smacking bald-faced old-South lies. Initially for those with a conscience, the proclivity to lie starts with conformity, acquiescence, silence of Accommodation in the face of the lie, then Assimilation that progresses to full participation, as is routinely the case on the plantation.

Through time, our previous in common of understanding from the shekhinah was the necessity to look to the laws of The Divine Torah, to do to hear. I don’t have Faith that Moshiach will come in my lifetime, but perfect Faith, Certainty that come he will, by the shekhinah, and soon. My ‘idea’ of Faith is better described as an internalized Certainty. The obligation to the mitzvot is of for and by that Certainty. Without that, it’s twirling abstractions, ‘ideas’ in the air, with meanings by convention, with no grounding, no foundation in reality, ‘bringing the devil in‘ to rationalize idolatries by reasonable assumptions.

Reasonable Assumptions

Look under Aristotle, and find an Athenian of a Nation-state with antipathy for Sparta. The other side of the duality of rationalism in an assumption of yetzer haTov for ‘us’ with an attendant rationalization of yetzer hara for ‘them’ — metareligion.

The assumption of Aristotelian rational ethics is as best practices of yetzer haTov within, for a departure without. By adulation of his nation-state, that on a continuum from the need to survive that blurs with idolatry, the fine ‘reasoning‘ for which he is so famous breaks down in either forgetting, or the old-South assumption that as democracy in America, the yetzer haTov was never intended for ‘them.’

Native Americans were defeated by the incorrect assumption of humanity of people of the assumption of the addendum Logos of say-do-whatever to prey, holding dominion by Antipathy as Virtue for hiding in tall grass of lies as a tool in contrast to the ‘savages‘ assumption that a man’s Word meant something of his measure — having the honor and integrity to tell the truth.

That, in contrast to the internecine conflicts of Native Americans that resulted in an inability to unify until too late. Today some desert wilderness Civilized Native Americans are descendants of the Confederacy with no need to know about Wounded Knee.

From a determination not to lie, to the rationalization that to Put that Food on the Table to survive, the self dissociates itself from the lie by the same Denial Anger Bargaining Depression then Acceptance of death. Over the past thirty years, the war within the states has brought the death of ethics, of doing the right thing. And, because everybody’s doing it, it’s become the norm — as Sodom and Gomorrah was rooted in idolatries given by the reasonable assumptions of necessity. To survive.

Rationalism and Rationalization

Topics of deep concern that are sensitive to even try to discuss evoke rationales and rationalization. As certain as I am of being oriented to Place Time and Person, I’m prejudiced against the addendums as fatal idolatries with the reasonable assumption that relaxation of the Mitzvot  — no need for a heter, and beyond that, dismissal of Justice Compassion Mercy is a slippery slope to rejection of Chosen to do the right thing — invoking rationalism for rationalization of no need to be Holy. To say-do-whatever.

The shekhinah has penetrated me to the core in such a way that there isn’t any rationale that’s going to change my understanding that we need the Mitzvot as our cogs of the wheel, for traction in His reality. That the Mitzvot are the touchstones of our awareness of Place Time and Person, our orientation — all our knowledge of The Absolute-Unity is from the shekhinah.

Orthodox is ostensibly predicated upon the rationalism of  Maimonides, my heresy is that while the mitzvot are critical, rationalism isn’t the end game. For us, what we do is both from and to the shekhinah, that is not a thought.

The shekhinah that’s beyond reason, without proof possible is treacherous. Unsafe. Dangerous. Because human mistakes are made of interpretations of the shekhinah. And that’s why a perspective of commensurate humility reverence and respect is necessary so that we take the care of Never Forgetting by even touching The Divine Torah with our hands in Awe of HaShem.

In my feeble way, these attempts are grounded in rationalism, the mind, to then add a call for the primacy of the supra-rational, the beyond. So that I’m not saying don’t study the openings middle end and exemplary games, rational thinking, but  to Never Forget that from the roots in the ground up, our floor ceilings and walls are from Not a Thing. Don’t get it twisted, Never Forget to be in Awe.

Reasonable Accommodation

I designed this project in my head many years ago. Then, I’m reading about SEO and how you’re supposed to write to appeal to computer programs that decide traffic. For most, there’s no conscious decision to be made. Find out ‘how it’s done,’ and conform. Then, I’m not interested in having my way of thinking or speaking dictated. Nor is my narrow target cousin dumb-as-a-post.

Ostensibly, the plan is to play off what is happening today, and engage a Zemanta video game of blurb Legos of the temporal and current, to catch the wave of the sound bite du Jour, while I’m more interested in placing the current into a context of a pattern being matched through the depth of time. That requires that I wait patiently for the shekhinah before I speak to an association, a relation.

So I’m being true to my Haredi mentality, to the shekhinah, willing to make ‘reasonable‘ accommodations without adopting a worshipful approach. I’m going to do the right thing into the depth of time, and if that means I have a poverty of traffic, despite Mayor Bloomberg’s truth, so be it. I have perfect Faith that a small and lonely voice in the desert wilderness is heard through the dust to the core of the earth and beyond the Heavens; that our life is in the doing without expectation of reward during this wandering to the shekhinah. I pray for the seeking Wanderer, if only one that is a world, to find a reason here to return to our roots of doing to hear.

Never Forget the Shekhinah

Though I talk incessantly about, I Never Forget the shekhinah can’t be characterized any more than Not a Thing. The shekhinah has created our roots of the tree of this life. Without, we’re as disoriented as landing in a ten-ahead puzzle without knowing how the pieces move, ignorant of the Culture of the Situation.

The shekhinah is our Culture of the Situation.

I’m as uncomfortable with characterization of the shekhinah as feminine in any literal sense of the word, as distinct from masculine beyond a from, as Eve from the rib of Adam. That discomfort is in the context that The Absolute-Unity cannot be characterized in any way, including as masculine, except by convention.

I can try to describe what the shekhinah feels like, how I’ve learned to urgently seek while patiently awaiting, and how my mind has been sublimated to my soul, but there isn’t anything ‘sexual’ or ‘gender specific’ about hearing and seeing with the soul.

I explicitly reject any association with the shekhinah and ‘romantic’ sentiments. I also explicitly reject that the shekhinah can be a foundation of hate. In the sense that man and wife are one flesh, the shekhinah and The Absolute-Unity are an indescribable unity so that the same respect and reverence extends to beyond this reality of mere things.

If the shekhinah is a ‘she,’ no more than The Divine Torah, do I want her bandied about, used to legitimate some sort of thingification, debased and on display. Pawed over by pagans. I don’t want the shekhinah cheapened to a thing for casual description. Prostituted to non-observant celebrities by ‘gurus‘ Putting Food on the Table, or evoked as a cause to Hate. Used as a tool. Or a cause of validation of any rationalism for rationalization, though the shekhinah informs my reasons.

We Chose the shekhinah as our guide, our pillar as fountain of reasons outside of, beyond reason.


Egalitarian Justice is unreasonable for men-as deities of pecking orders who are rationalizing holding dominion. Rationalism is the conventional wisdom of predator and prey, Athens versus Sparta. It’s also rational, makes sense for everyone to get along within the pack of predators, harmoniously working together as Birds of a Feather preying together.

What’s radical, irrational, supra-rational is extending that to ‘them.’ He isn’t asking for the reasonable. Reasonable won’t bring the World to Come.

As a stone to the forehead of Goliath, The Divine Torah is making the unreasonable to the old-South that’s allergic to Justice Compassion Mercy, to the reason for souls of yetzer haTov.

Reform through secular might be a rejection of my ‘unthinking prejudice‘ as the progress of modernity that reveals me as an ancient relic of obsession with the shekhinah. However, in contrast to my revered necessity of heters for fences within fences to militate against Never Forgetting, they are keeping me straight, from getting it twisted by reminding me of our why, of our responsibility to bring the World to Come. They’ve expanded the assumption of yetzer haTov for ‘us,’ delivered being from The Divine Torah as supra-rational reason for egalitarian Justice Compassion Mercy for the entire world by Tikkun Olam, that’s a people as a message from the shekhinah. That’s without doubt, a high vision of the responsibility of Chosen to be a light penetrating the world.

The Divine Torah is an instruction to move the world to Justice Compassion Mercy by a Rule of Law, as Officers of the Court and functionaries of modern Western governments have a sworn — religious duty to deliver Justice indiscriminately, blindly — without prejudice. The Divine Torah is irrationally, supra-rationally bringing the World to Come.


In the ascendancy of rationalism of idolatries in modernity, Faith in the mind with a pecking order of As If We Can Know, the participation in Western religion has devolved into an audience of cold sterile Herr Ratzinger Platonic pseudo-contemplation as prayer in mumbling rows without Kavanah. Exercises in filling by telling passive empty vessels someone’s thoughts, rather than souls overflowing with Awe.

Just as we Don’t Get it Twisted, we Keep it Real, by Never Forgetting our roots in the shekhinah; The Minyan of Ring Shout for the spirit to move.

The shekhinah arises out of participation, in the call and response, in being beyond. We have been called to responsibility for a doing, for a kinetic participation in the Mitzvot that are more than the cogs in our wheel, that are also spiritually strengthening for responding by ‘doing the right thing‘ in the unfamiliar, the new situation, answering that call — on principles from Not a Thing we can truly know; in the beyond the here and now of the past, and in the present that brings the future.

By this, and in all dimensions, it’s participation, practice, not cold stoic sterile contemplation, that trains the soul to go beyond, to override rationalizations of The Mind. Audiences are entertained, see a show, have a pleasant experiencePerformers, preachers project inspiration to an audience that appreciates that work of Putting Food on the Table, or assimilates the intellectual lessons of the teacher. Life, the shekhinah is in the doing. Participation. When we’re singing and dancing, working together, that’s beyond heart and mind — beyond just thinking and feeling, doing in relation to the shekhinah goes directly to Not a Thing.

Pledges of Jewish Allegiance to the State of Kahane

Political slogans are catchy, easily remembered, evoke a constellation of thoughts and feelings with a phrase. Paint a picture. As ‘Don’t Get it Twisted‘ meant maintain the correct understanding long before the TuPac song, or do the right thing long before the Spike Lee movie, Never Forget is a call to remembrance in conjunction with Never Again is now a call to action, a Call to Arms.

Now, fully in the mainstream of the ostensibly ‘correct‘ posture of the Diaspora toward the ‘Jewish state,’ our new religious observance addendum is the five principles listed on JDL’s website: That’s explicitly the official position of Israel’s representative Black Holes as-souls call for supporting militaristic unpopular things as doing the right thing, strafing dissenters with ‘haven’t thought enough‘ when it’s haven’t acceded to the rationale for the militaristic settlement enterprise rooted in idolatry of Jewry enough.

  • “LOVE OF JEWRY, one Jewish people, indivisible and united, from which flows the love for and the feeling of pain of all Jews.”
  • “DIGNITY AND PRIDE, pride in and knowledge of Jewish tradition, faith, culture, land, history, strength, pain and peoplehood.”
  • “IRON, the need to both move to help Jews everywhere and to change the Jewish image through sacrifice and all necessary means—even strength, force and violence.”
  • “DISCIPLINE AND UNITY, the knowledge that he (or she) can and will do whatever must be done, and the unity and strength of willpower to bring this into reality.”
  • “FAITH IN THE INDESTRUCTIBILITY OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE, faith in the greatness and indestructibility of the Jewish people, our religion and our Land of Israel.”

The JDL encourages, per its principle of the “Love of Jewry”, that “…[I]n the end…the Jew can look to no one but another Jew for help and that the true solution to the Jewish problem is the liquidation of the Exile and the return of all Jews to Eretz Yisroel — the land of Israel.” The JDL elaborates on this fundamental principle by insisting upon an “immediate need to place Judaism over any other ‘ism’ and ideology and…use of the yardstick: ‘Is it good for Jews?’  The JDL argues that, outside of Jews, there are historically no people corresponding to the Palestinian ethnicity.  Writing on its official website, the JDL claims: “[T]he first mention of a “Palestinian people” dates from the aftermath of the 1967 war, when the local Arabic-speaking communities…were retrospectively endowed with a contrived “nationhood”…taken from Jewish history…” and that “Clearly, since Roman times “Palestinian” had meant Jews until the Arab’s recent adoption of this identity in order to claim it as their land.” On this basis, the JDL argues that “Zionism [should be] under no obligation to accommodate a separate “Palestinian” claim, there being no historical evidence or witness for any such Arab category,” and considers Palestinian claims to be “Arab usurpation” of proper Jewish title.

The active mind is the devil’s workshop as much as the idle. Even more so when trained, assimilated to looking to idolatries, placing faith in things. From Adelson to the aligned rows upon rows of regurgitation machines that this is our religion as position, with which I agree until it steps over a line of forgetting that we’re human — to an idolatry. Along with everything from the long-term memories of the elders and the  prophesied futures, we must Never Forget Awe of HaShem to use commands that we remember to rationalize forgetting.

Nahmanides, the wisdom of the rabbis of the Mishnah and Talmud, as well as the Geonim (rabbis of the early medieval era) was unquestionable. Their words were to be neither doubted nor criticized. “We bow,” he says, “before them, and even when the reason for their words is not quite evident to us, we submit to them”

Kahane Rules

In concurrence with the internecine conflicts of Native Americans that resulted in an inability to unify until too late, Kahane-Kook-Gordis are to rule over me now, I’m to bow before them as they’ve decided that my ideas about observance of millennia from the shekhinah are outmoded, our call to arms in militaristic unity is a call to hate, masquerading.

I’m self-hating to buck these necessary-to-believe men-as deities’ golden calf made of Ba’al’s power money might. Some of us just aren’t going to make it, will fail to find the shekhinah in Hate Fear Fear Hate.

Worried about my portion in the World to Come, I was concerned for who will say Kaddish for me, from saying aloud that though Maimonides is a necessary-to-believe, my rejection of rationalism has been locked down by the shekhinah since 1973. Other rationalists as Albo and Crescas are much closer to my ascent to the shekhinah from Plotinus.

However, I distance from them to a duality of The Absolute-Unity and No Absolute in the Unity about ‘us’ then a duality of metareligion that’s about ‘them.’

Positive Constraints

The converse of faith in the man as if say-do-whatever rationalized with the ‘idea’ of negation of responsibility by Faith in wafers and wine addendum and this faith in unpopular things by Ba’al’s power money might addendum is my Certainty that positively constrains me from rejecting do the right thing because I know better.

Will felled as an ancient tree by the shekhinah, doing otherwise is asking me to deny Awe of HaShem, for which I have no rationale.

Now, those who I care for in a way I won’t trivialize by an attempt at description, drawn by a do the right thing, are not only in physical harms way, but in a spiritual conundrum of  by this militaristic Trojan horse of ‘unpopular things‘ rejection of all the principles of humility and humanity we’ve stood by for millenia, in another golden calf  in modernity. In the same confrontation of Aristotle, to survive.

When I started this attempt, I hadn’t intended to go down this path, had hoped to take the high road, keep it purely about observance. We’re down here on the ground, can’t escape being dust, if that. The lightning from above needs somewhere to go, has a context for being.

My Call to Arms, rather than a call to a higher Degree for a PhD in say-do-whatever is still and has ever, from being thrown out for disobedience, a call for a return to our observance of millenia from the shekhinah, our key to Doing to Hear. Being Holy..

Spiritual Athletes

The shekhinah isn’t a thought and the One Absolute-Unity that’s Not a Thing. The reason I was Hasidic before I’d ever heard the word is I was born with Perfect Faith in the beyond infinite power of spiritual athletes to cause the spirit to move, to part the sea.

The Minyan as a minimum configuration of a Ring Shouting the call for the shekhinah, breaks us out of our heads into our souls. Will also break us out of this existence into the World to Come.

Our charge isn’t a better-refined man as if Aristotelian Logos thought process of rationalizing justifications of say-do-whatever. I will Never Forget to care about Human Rights or that  Justice Compassion and Mercy are fundamental to ‘doing the right thing.

I’m not talking about playing Chess as though all the rational dynamics aren’t important, but while aware of all threads within threads, it’s the lightning from above that will part the sea, being Holy. It’s the getting beyond our rationales and rationalizing heads, leaving the Egypt of old-South conventional wisdom in Perfect Faith, that will break the uncontested World Record of the hegemony of Ba’al’s power money might to bring the World to Come.

We will all fulfill our role of the Soul as all the wheels of the movement are critical for us to match spacial cognitive maps as signposts while Wandering to the inevitable World to ComeNever Forgetting that we Chose to be responsible to do to hear. Oriented to Place Time and Person to the core by the shekhinah, accepting that I may not make it to the Promised Land of Birthright to do unpopular things, I can relax into my heresy of always and only looking in Perfect Faith, to The Absolute-Unity for the lightning from above. For wonder.

Never Forgetting that I’m certain beyond faith that The Divine Torah has already brought the World to Come in times foretold by the prophets from His shekhinah.

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