Doing the Right Thing connects us to the shekhinah, is the foundation of our relatedness to The Absolute-Unity.

More important than any other, this issue is our most serious challenge to unity within. With expected blurring of lines, differing paradigms have disparate interpretations of what that means, what’s involved.

Wheels within WheelsObservance, to the best of one’s ability is as the cogs in the wheel, that make the fundamental traction between us as things and Not a Thing.

‘In radio interview, Rabbi Shlomo Amar said non-Orthodox rabbis uproot the foundations of Judaism and enable assimilation.’ U.S. Jewish organizations slam Israel’s chief rabbi for criticism of state pay for non-Orthodox rabbis.

There’s a fundamental issue here that goes to the foundations of Unity for the World to Come.

Wheels within Wheels

The foundation of who we are as a ‘do and hear‘ people is what’s at stake here. Everything’s at stake here. While all of my attempts here are, as my original thesis, an attempt at a rational articulation of the supra-rational, here we’re at the nitty-gritty, the hard floor of doing the right thing to bring the shekhinah, that will bring the World to Come.

Every thing is connected, from the doing from elders angels prophets The Divine Torah, to the purity of our souls in rejecting idolatries, all from the fountain of the shekhinah — that connects us to The Absolute-Unity.


What is this like? A fine watch movement, with wheels related to other wheels, won’t work if you decide to take one of the wheels out. They all work together, are all necessary to do the work. So, to say this wheel is the important one, and that one can go means in our context that there isn’t faith that the movement works. That He moves, does anything.

It’s just a set of objets d’art for aesthetic appreciation that do nothing while we contemplate the beautiful wheels in their casement. Cherry-pick your favorite wheel and sit there and look at that one, for a show.

In modernity, we don’t expect the movement of the spirit to do anything because we forgot that the shekhinah tells us of time, of times past now and to come. Don’t have Faith that the knowledge from the shekhinah that’s been handed down to us through time is more than Superstition. UnthinkingFairy tales.

Trying to explain miracles with physical and intellectual absurdities, standing in the either true or untrue.

The Foundation

It ain’t necessarily so that the shekhinah is the foundation of our connection to The Absolute-Unity, but I’m Certain, have Perfect Faith that everything we know of The Absolute-Unity is from the shekhinah, not from our minds in the sense of some Aristotelian logical contemplation. Without that understanding, you’re talking about things when I’m talking about Not a Thing.

Unwilling to talk about HaShem in any way, everything I say is about the shekhinah, that is the foundation of our connection, relation. In every way.

As the A.M.E. church arose out of the ‘uncontrolled displays of emotion‘ of Ring Shouters disrupting the Methodist church, ‘bringing the devil in’ is the exposition of dogma to an audience being ‘ministered to’ with a quashing of the shekhinah, ‘uncontrolled displays of emotion’ for Herr Ratzinger stoic Platonic sterile and cold void cerebral contemplation. Let’s crawl ever deeper into our Aristotelian logic and because we idolize rationalism, ‘thinking‘ as the good, we’re getting there, to holiness.

And, intersessional men-as deities will do your thinking for you, thank us very much.

Wandering to the Shekhinah

Rejecting idolatries connects us to the shekhinah. The Mitzvot are both from and to the shekhinah. From in the immanent sense that they came from The Divine Torah the prophets the elders by the shekhinah. And to in the transcendental sense that doing the mitzvot both builds spiritual strength, Will if you will, and by, especially by doing the right thing, against an expected reward, swimming upstream in the here and now against idolatry against self-interest, places us in the timeless beyond-space of the shekhinah. For the ability to hear with the soul, out of doing.

What is this like? We see admirable feats of athletes all the time. We may think or imagine ourselves as being like Mike, but reality is that Mike put in work with Will to get there. Being observant is spiritual work, that builds spiritual strength, out of sublimation of the most natural idolatry, the self. And, being observant connects us to our angels prophets The Divine Torah, to the past and the future in the beyond-here and now by sharing the shekhinah. That expresses in principles that are both guide and guideline.


As Icarus who flew too close to the sun, I know there is great danger in carrying observance to dangerous extremes, shortened my life working twelve by five and trying to be strictly Haredi while trying to dig myself out of the desert wilderness after The Real Skeleton Key. As for some pursuits the dictum is don’t try this at home, here it’s don’t try this alone.

Mayor Bloomberg said of people like me that we need to get in the real world and quit being superstitious, or something to that effect. We all understand the point. Being Haredi, insisting on Never Forgetting Awe of HaShem can be a vow of poverty.

Reality is that to live in this world of things, ruled by idolatries of men-as deities being unresponsive to the realities of the drive to survive is an ever more difficult challenge. At the tip of a spear of failing health, I had to rethink what I was doing. In my solitude, I had to give myself a heter for survival, while still trying to be true to the principle of maintaining my observance as best I can, praying to improve in the future.

Throughout my wandering, more than once, I was encouraged to go Reform. The Jewish Federations of North America:

It is a fundamental Jewish virtue to ‘love your fellow as yourself.’ We condemn comments that disparage fellow Jews and, in particular, well-established branches of Judaism that represent 80 percent of North American Jewry,” JFNA President and CEO Jerry Silverman said in a statement.

With all sincere and deepest respect, by my ‘Is the door open, or is the door closed?’ out of my shekhinah that rejects Aristotelian rationalism, the doing the right thing, doing our best observance is what being responsible means, what it’s – the shekhinah is all about. And having Perfect Faith that the spirit will move in the shekhinah by getting out of Herr Ratzinger’s cold sterile void of deep space Logos that ‘brings the devil in‘ to rationalize is fundamental, the foundation. I’m cautious of rationalism from any quarter. Including my own.

The mitzvot are the cogs of our wheels; the floor walls and ceiling of our context of being, the bedrock of reality upon which we stand.

Necessity of Heters

My made up from Nothing is that the necessity of heters may be the fundamental conceptual difference of our disunity. From one perspective, the default is the necessity of the heter to not do. And from another, as the doing is optional, ‘at will,’ so is the heter; dismissed. A duality of looking at the same thing, our common obligation to Not a Thing.

My concern with assimilation is that existential differential, that validating the doing as optional is the threat. My observance is wretched, but I can never concede that it isn’t my duty to strain with every fiber of my being to do my best.

Knowing that I’m human, imperfect, for every deviation, I have to have an explicit heter. That forces me to decide, is this failure really necessary? From what I think I want inside to out, rather than hearing the shekhinah to resist rationalizations outside, beyond to in.

I’m not interested in being reasonable in regard to Not a Thing. We all need mentors, someone to have faith in us, a coach that encourages our best. Just asking for the heter is a deterrent to being cavalier. We’re not expected to kill ourselves with our observance, but the inconvenience is integral to the point of standing in the beyond the self. If it weren’t inconvenient, outside the self, there wouldn’t be any beyond.

I’m not doing it for me, for reasonable, I’m doing it for the Sake of Heaven, out of respect, of everything I am, as acknowledgement of my obligation to He who gifted me the shekhinah. That I can never even begin thank the elders, the prophets, The Divine Torah, and Awe of HaShem. So when people say they reject the mitzvot, they’re saying they reject all that. They’re rejecting my understanding, what I’m certain beyond faith that I know I know anyway.

Nobody is expecting perfect — we’re human. When I say I have Perfect Faith, within the context of no absolutes within the unity, I’m standing in the beyond, standing in the shekhinah. So it is with my decrepit observance, in my infinitesimal Soul.


I vehemently object to old-South idolatry of dominion being any sort of monotheism.

As many elders have said, the most dangerous addenda are from within, one a dismissal of the necessity of heters, and another dismissive of the need for a heter to forget Justice Compassion Mercy. In the context of rationalism, the shekhinah may be estranged, a sin against Heaven, but in the others in using the Holy Name as a tool, may not be forgiven.


What really keeps tracking through my head is; Is that Treif really necessary? Reform has been the standard bearer of compassion for All suffering in the world, a penetrating light, but striving to revere traditions that have been given as The Divine Torah by the shekhinah honors the prophets, our angels, and my idea of Awe of HaShem at least.

The Trefa Banquet is a famous turning point in our history, but

Such an explanation inevitably failed to conciliate his critics. Two weeks later, Wise admitted in the Deborah that “because the Cincinnati Banquet Committee allowed a few dishes to be served which are forbidden according to Jewish ritual law,” those who applaud liberal thoughts now “make a great to-do” because “liberal thoughts appeal to reason” but “liberal actions come in conflict with unthinking prejudice.”

really gets to the core my disagreement by an ‘appeal to reason.

As fundamental as the split in the A.M.E. church in the hiring of a seminary-trained preacher was ‘bringing the devil in‘ to appeal to reason, as Herr Ratzinger’s cold and soulless Logos, is ‘bringing the devil in,‘ opens the door to Assimilation of idolatries.

However, Reform, Emancipated from the Necessity of Heters, has assiduously held to the Spirit of Justice Compassion Mercy, taking a stand for all Humanity, and not only for an ‘us’ in opposition to ‘them.’ Refusing to deny the Humanity of all mankind in an application of the spiritual foundation of The Divine Torah to a vision of the World to Come.

Reform has expanded the assumption of yetzer tov for ‘us’ and reasoned that to the entire world by Tikkun Olam. That’s without doubt, a high vision of the responsibility of Choice from The Divine Torah as light penetrating the world.

In contrast to the revered reasons for fences within fences of the necessity of heters to militate against not keeping the law.

Reform might be a rejection of my ‘unthinking superstition‘ as the progress of modernity that reveals me as an ancient relic of obsession with the shekhinah. The Emancipation from the fence against cultural assimilation has transmitted the Spirit of The Divine Torah that’s begun the attendant healing of the World by reverse-assimilation to Justice Compassion Mercy as Virtue in opposition to the old-South’s Antipathy as Virtue.

All playing our role of the soul in the bringing of the World to Come, my made up from Nothing is that Reform inclusive of ‘secular’ Jews have delivered The Divine Torah, spread as waters penetrating the world of humanity for a rising tide of egalitarianism that is integral to bringing the World to Come. As standard bearers of the light of The Divine Torah penetrating the Souls of the world, by pollinating the flowers of the souls of yetzer haTov among old-South thorns.

A Flower Among Thorns

Reform has led the world in doing the right thing for humanity, have truly been responsible for the opening of the flower of The Divine Torah on the spirit of the world. Through time, it’s not necessarily been the demonstrably observant, but the principles, the guide and guidelines of do the right thing from the soul enlightened by The Divine Torah from the shekhinah that have shone through the thorns.

What is this like? Bees carry pollen, and without that critical function, the ecosystem will (and may already be in) collapse. As wheels in our movement, those standing up for humanity individually and collectively have routinely been driven by doing the right thing, against the tide of the old-South conventional wisdom of say-do-whatever to hold dominion over prey.

As the bees return to the hive, mission complete, I have Perfect Faith that we will all return to doing our best observance, faithful to the necessity of heters. To bring the land of milk and honey that is the World to Come.

Mosaic Law

Keeping the Divine Mosaic Law couples with the shekhinah that is the source of life in the transcending, going beyond our mundane selves, for the reason of Not a Thing — for the sake of Heaven.

Amar said “The greatest danger for our generation is the danger of assimilation, and we need to be strong and steadfast in our fight,” Amar said. “It is forbidden to remain silent because there is nothing more serious than this measure.” … to recognize non-Orthodox rabbis could “uproot all the foundations of the Torah.”

that really brings the question of “If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?” When hate-mongers say that we are to be only for ourselves in particularism, our unity of observance is to be abiding militaristic unpopular things reasoned as tribal loyalty, not to the elders that decried the rise of militaristic Zionism, but the attendant beckoning to idolatries this particularism engenders.

The shekhinah is the fountain of Divine energy within our existence, the mitzvot the foundation of the Torah. The cogs connecting wheels. With great respect and admiration for all branches of Judaism, my heretical question is how to unite within. That has nothing to do with whether non-Orthodox rabbis receive funding in Israel, but everything to do with the search for the Good, here for unity.

Silverman said in his statement, “We condemn comments that disparage fellow Jews and, in particular, well-established branches of Judaism that represent 80 percent of North American Jewry.

“Federations believe in a pluralistic, inclusive Jewish people and work hard to bring members of our people closer to their heritage. We know that the Chief Rabbi’s comments and language are completely rejected by the millions of Jewish people whom we represent from all streams, including our Orthodox brethren. Statements such as those made by Rabbi Amar only serve to alienate our fellow Jews from our religion, our people and the Jewish state.”

Save the Afflicted

As reliably as the ticks of a clock, through-out these attempts, I disrespect Ba’al of power money might, his men-as deities and their pecking orders and just about everything of militaristic predatory conventional wisdom. I’m not a pacifist, but realist. I strangle the souls of idolatry of power money might with every scintilla of observance I can muster, as a militant of a spiritual revolution of His power to Cause.

Ba’al of power money might can’t save. Did not bring us out of Egypt part the Red Sea or give The Divine Torah. Will not bring the World to Come. While some contemplate saving the prey of militarism, in our coming unity, we are also charged with saving the go along to get along predators who have been sucked down into Idolatry first by conformity, or acquiescence, that starts as silence in the face of the lie, accommodation and progresses to full participation then rationalized assimilation as is routinely the case of lying on the plantation. Into the Culture of the Situation.

Isn’t it Ironic

Isn’t it Ironic that Reform was decried as an abandonment of the shekhinah for ‘reasonable‘ with a dismissal of the necessity of heters. While rationalism holds sway in the no need for heters Religious Zionist idolization of power money might as maker and keeper of the golden calf, worshiping Ba’al’s a golden calf of militarism pot of old-South dominion that’s accusing the Reform care-for-humanity kettle of being a black threat to the shekhinah.

By our betters on the front line of militarism, we’re to become racist idolaters as a necessity for survival of a Right to Return to European Ownership of dominion. This rationalized addendum is a school of remora hiding in a camouflage of righteousness. Cherry-picking to justify injustices, without the consideration of fencing it into a metareligion but as another addendum taking the Holy Name to usurp, a doppelgänger to replace and hold dominion over as Cain standing over Abel.

From reasonable assumptions, a conscious descent into acceptance of idolatry of power money might is beyond the pale of all of reasonable decency. For a perversion of observance as assimilation to Antipathy as Virtue in support of unpopular things. I can understand a lot of heters, even to the depth of lying on the plantation in a need to Put Food on the Table – to survive, but standing in no need for a heter to do necessary unpopular things? For what reason?

Is the Door Open or Is the Door Closed?

By Mercy, His door is always open for us to return, to turn away from looking to idolatries and to looking only to HaShem.

When I adopted this as a fundamental question out of writing The Absolute-Unity and Unity, I thought I was thinking about rejecting abstractions for the concrete. Reality being of six plus one levels, so is it with this. Obvious with the dichotomy of the mitzvot from the shekhinah as the concrete, and the abstract speculations twirling in the airs of Aristotelian dialectics in cerebral contemplation while in Denial of pre-existing conclusions. That give a self-serving delusion of open-mindedness operating dispassionately.

From the mercy from the shekhinah of always keeping the door open for return to the shekhinah, now another addendum substitution for a Birthright as an Aryan race, holiness without the need to be holy. The metareligion of old-South xenophobia that comes of millenia of persecution by idolaters is being played upon with this debased Aryan idolatry of genetics in a ‘one culture’ flip from the old-South as those that were murdering us through time, to our Birds of a Feather.

For a total rejection of humility in a better than, euphemistically passed as particularism with wafers and wine for say-do-whatever for this addendum from the man as if addendum.  Now, according to some our in the spirit is to be in go-along to get-along with the devil of idolatry of race as Birthright as a golden calf that’s been made into reality. Infallible. Sacred. Holy.

Birthright a keeping the door open for return has been turned into a racist idolatry by some, observance as abiding injustices.

Devastating Consequences

The Rabbinical Assembly also condemned Amar’s statements, saying that that “incendiary language can result in devastating consequences.”

The inability of Native Americans of a man’s Word as honor to unite against the forces of say-do-whatever is a history of continuing devastating consequences. I step into the fire fully expecting to be burned to say For the Sake of Heaven a Logos for embracing a default position of the acknowledgment of the need for a heter from making each cog in the wheel of life bringing the World to Come.

Reform resistance to the call to embrace observance as an Idolatry of tribe as greater than The Divine Torah as a fire for the benefit of all mankind, is the reasoned context of the World to Come. This other addendum showing ‘devotion‘ to the Divine Torah to rationalize dismissing Human Rights, withdrawing the wheel of Mercy from the do the right thing of Justice. For the devastating consequences of unnecessarily associating with rabid Cujos. Assimilating to the say-do-whatever of Amalekites to thwart Amalekites.

As the unity of Halakha and Aggadot mesh to connect us to the Divine, the unity of all branches of Judaism will have the devastating consequence of completing the felling of Ba’al’s Goliath of Antipathy as Virtue, by The Divine Torah.

Loving Kindness

As Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, the Rabbinical Assembly’s executive vice president, and Rabbi Gerry Skolnik pointed out that ‘The Talmud (Arakhin 15b) teaches that hateful speech has the potential to kill.‘ we will heal out rifts within with loving kindness. By appreciating the Good within all branches of our Tree of Life.

I don’t know a heter for accepting allowing ourselves to remain unnecessarily divided.

I have faith by the shekhinah that observance of the Mizvot is fundamental to not only who we are, but are the cogs of the engine of bringing the World to Come. And to say otherwise is as denying Awe of HaShem. I’d rather burn.

While at the same time, it ain’t necessarily so that Reform has any less Awe of HaShem than I. I won’t say that either.

However, it’s clear that this militaristic addendum is far more threatening than the insanity of the man as if addendum, with the definition of Jew being usurped to for of and by unpopular things as doing the right thing, tribal loyalty to trump Awe of HaShem.

Religious Peace Within

Ours is a difference of perspective concerning the necessity of heters as the foundation of doing the right thing by The Divine Torah. By that, one may imagine that our divide is as cavernous as humanity and a man as if. Nevertheless, we’re all standing on the same Divine Torah, our in common of beyond things will unite us in His time. All Wandering to the shekhinah.

Let’s make religious peace by returning to the Necessity of Heters and returning the wheel of Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace as integral to not only within, but without. It’s spiritual strength depth and breadth that is our responsibility to build, collectively. Not a collectivization of an Us for icebergs of injustice against Them.

These mountains of Aristotelian rationalism are as a spec of dust, that per His force will be swept away by the shekhinah. That from the reality that there is only looking to The Absolute-Unity, and not to things.


I’m not going to stay quiet in go along to get along like an old-South decerebrate automaton and abide injustices rationalized by idolatries, or say that the Mitzvot aren’t fundamental, with no need for heters, to who we are. Neither assimilation to a taste for treif nor militarism will bring the World to Come.

It’s the underlying idolatries of reason, ‘bringing the devil in‘ that’s the most serious issue for complaint. It’s the adulation of reasons to find none to reject unnecessary treif, or worshiping Ba’al’s golden calf of power money might, of militarism, dancing ’round da’ fire.

Blessed with lifetimes of wanderingI know by the shekhinah that the spirit will move by the grace of The Absolute-Unity in Awe. Simultaneously, I know that there aren’t any words to convey this certainty to anyone. The truth is, I knew the shekhinah is the foundation of reality, what I was looking for, before I started walking in the path of do the right thing. How? You tell me.

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