All across the world, Cain is and has been murdering Abel, by a variety of means and justifications.

Struggle of History

heic0514aThe fundamental struggle of history continues between those who want to decrease Justice, and those who want to increase in a future we’re already in that will progressively contest the vicissitudes of unchecked economic predation and authoritarian and corrupt impositions of power, worldwide.

Actions from yetzer hara and yetzer haTov transmit energies that persist in the future of worlds above here and below. These energies convert to energy of work, as events, as actions of people.

Everything we say and do individually and as communities, nations, is real history with real energy that lives in all worlds. The realities of history aren’t intentions but irreversible actions that have real impacts through time.

Israel may be committed to bi-partisan support, but can’t stand on both sides of history.

The streets of Israel demonized by my hate-monger know this issue. Human history knows this issue.

The Rise of Yetzer Hara

The top is blowing off all over the world in protests of masses releasing pent up energies accumulated from subjugation by men-as deities corruption, greed, discrimination, injustice of no compassion or mercy.

American weaponized-racism hate energy was channeled into the anti-communism code-words for generation of a generation of misanthropy that has resulted in decades of no compassion or mercy being allowed without resistance since my godfather of antipathy, now and ever-faithful hero of Neshoba County.

The old-South has risen from the ashes of discredited honor, in a war  within the states for an unchecked explosion of energy into trampling the weak reflected in infant mortality and poverty rates and education near the bottom. Depending on what’s cherry-picked, some might see the three decades rise of this ethos as anti yetzer haTov.

Mystery Solved

America, one of the least representative democracies in the developed world, without Proportional Representation, suppressed democracy marketed as fighting Communism with strong-Men-as deities and dictators.

Old-South Republicans still do everything they can to attenuate democracy under the banners of freedom of their State’s Rights to Tyranny of Majority.

The Republican Party tries to stop minority voting rights and failing that gerrymanders without shame. Then, hypocritically, they kill hundreds of thousands to assassinate and overthrow elected governments while lecturing the world on the Virtues of freedom and Democracy.

Intelligent people worldwide have solved the mystery of this self-serving forked-tongue hypocrisy.

World Awareness

Injustice, discrimination, all of the ills of the world are now being connected in world awareness. It’s un-American to the old-South Republican Party to talk about these histories absolved with wafers and wine because they don’t believe in Democracy; their truth is an Autocracy of inveterate misanthropic corporatists. Countries are electing Islamists because crusader addendum religion supports hypocritical freedoms of dominion over subjects, is as dismissive of compassion and mercy as democracy.

Barriers of previously separable systems are falling, more so daily. Global instantaneous communication moves information transfer rates toward infinity. The understanding that all societies are heterogeneous is infinitely approaching judgments of individuals, and justice for individuals.

Justice for Each and Every

The Arab spring, democracy movements worldwide, and human history going back to Magna Carta – predicated in our tradition – is toward Justice: for each and every person. Worlds.

The masses are becoming restless in Ukraine then Russia with the thin democracy of Putin with his neo-monarchy descended from the politburo of a pecking order of criminal cronies, the barbarian Barzini behind anything and everything Tattaglia, back to well before Perestroika, from the times of and now back to Tsars.

Repressive regimes restrict internet access and speech, trying to reduce the porosity of interchange. Arabs are too distant to be protected, but accessible enough to be attacked for non-violent protests.

No Statute of Limitations

History has no statute of limitations, remembers the fine print even after the check written on lies has cleared; records left in the energies of Hate.

Once upon a time, an Assad or Gaddafi could murder hundreds or thousands and a rumor from the silenced to be denied may be able to be managed. The tide of coming Justice has swept a long list of modern despots. I have Perfect Faith that the truth will be known. Power and money can’t kill or buy His Justice Compassion and Mercy, even if almost all are killed, as with Native Americans.

Globalization Destabilizing Systems of Injustice

Increasingly, inveterate misanthropic corporatists and despots aren’t able to maintain systems of injustice by suppressing social uprisings speech information. Now, masses rise up against their local Man-as deity’s survival-of-the-fittest Spartan stones policies as distractions become less effective anesthesia by misdirection, reducing the global state of order. More so than economy, information transfers drive progressively accelerated globalization destabilizing systems of Injustice by awareness, socialization.

Corruption a common prerogative of men-as deities pecking order worldwide metareligion, ‘chop’ in Africa, baksheesh close to home is standard treatment, as good-ole-boy as-it-was affirmative-action for cousin dumb-as-a-post makes its comeback with nepotism cronyism and the death of quality in America. Farming H1Bs for say-do-whatever compliance.

‘At will’ nepotism cronyism discrimination has been the order of the day all over the world such that Sunni-Shiite friction is more on that basis than a doctrinal religious disagreement while one idolatry of bloodline calls the other kettle of lineage black.

Contrasts of choices between good and evil are increasingly difficult to ignore for each and every individual worldwide.

By global recognition that we are all human beings that deserve respect accordingly, we are at becoming one world, a Unity. Not with the power brokers of men-as deities who were safe playing Roman thumbs in The Coliseum of life and death, but each soul.

The Armageddon We’re Already In

This is the Armageddon we’re already in; people in the streets and all over the world, who’ve had Enough of injustice. People who love living, value their life, and love their families; who not only put their lives on the line, but lose their children’s saying: Enough. Enough.

Judea and Samaria are within Israel, but ends don’t justify any means; absolved by man-as deity salvation from judgment by believing we can get away with being unjust without compassion and unmerciful because we’re righteously assimilated Calvinists, deities by providentially justified might. No longer can we cover our eyes, wash our hands, and call the other demon in Us-Them.


There’s no absolute in the unity, but now, when we’re all assembled in His room together, each heart and soul is being called to stand and choose good or evil. Right now.

I fully confess allergy to the idea of a man as if, but readily concede that there are souls of yetzer haTov who nevertheless manage to see through, not focusing on that existential invitation to idolatry. As there is only HaShem, and good can come from every people, how to turn our back by collectivizing Muslims who hold as we that there is only He?

Idolatrous Hate

Conventional wisdom is that The Dome of the Rock is in the way, that Arabs and billions of Muslims who will go ballistic if we touch it are in our way. We’ll dislocate Arabs by SN2, and after we get rid of billions of them we’ll get rid of it.

As unjust as telling me to leave the food counter in Judea and Samaria is telling me that I’m to give away my soul: that Justice doesn’t matter. That justice without Compassion or Mercy is just. I’m Zionist through my soul, despite this earth quaking endorsement of Idolatrous hate, my true enemy.

I still don’t think it’s justifiable to sell smallpox-infected blankets to Native Americans because I covet. We know of starvation that kills the infants exposed on Spartan stones first.

Following Instructions

I can’t imagine any sort of reconciliation with murderous hearts, will proffer within a nanosecond that it’s waste of energy. At the same time, I tried to take care of my parents though I couldn’t afford it, not because they deserved anything, but following instructions. Not for convenience, but because He required I reject the addendum at the age of responsibility to wander alone without compass.

I don’t soothsay, make no attempt to divine, have no interest in the eschatological prediction du Jour, renounced causality as a child. I can’t believe He is for injustice: that Goliath is safe, or protection.

In HaShem who dismisses the inconsequential powers of any pharaoh I trust, not man-as deity — Goliath. All will be weighed, not only our revered and righteously intended beliefs and rituals that can only be a part of a whole.

Eventually, His Justice has already overcome pharaoh’s power, prevailed, at any given next moment. Our MitzvahAnd the afflicted people thou wilt save: He requires us to stop the hate to have ours.