In the sixth grade, Marcy Parker gave me the nickname ‘muscles‘ because my muscles are in my head. I’ve had periods of being in the spirit that last various amounts of time. This isn’t related to any substances whatsoever. In fact, substances, including meat and alcohol are detrimental. It isn’t only flashes in a communion of souls, as in a religious meeting or chant session, but has lasted days to weeks as a heightened sense of awareness of associations — seeing and hearing with the Soul. It isn’t something I can evoke, and I don’t know if it will happen again. I can’t make it happen like a medium putting themselves into a trance or meditation. It most often comes out of an unexpected doing the right thing, or a prolonged and intense search for the Good

MosesCausality from Spiritual Power

The first big one was out of spiritual exercises I started as a child. I thought if people can strengthen their minds and bodies, they can strengthen their spirits. I started working in earnest in the sixth grade. Early on it was more of a spiritual concentration, then a mind-projection sort of thing, then mind control as I got stronger. I decided it was bad karma, like giving psychic wedgies. So I stopped, and renounced causality. But I continued the exercises for their own sake. I hadn’t heard of meditation so I can’t call it that. Perhaps meditation when I’ve tried it seems to come easily, but I’ve been more prone to heightened awareness than calming. Perhaps someday I’ll have a mentor who will teach me how to do it right.

Dangers of Spiritual Causality

I found myself operating from judgment while existentially fallible. As any hard-projection from the soul into existence can’t be undone in space and time, by necessity of continuity, there is damage of the Soul of generating spiritual energy in vanity. I renounced spiritual Causality as too dangerous to my own Soul as a child.

Calibrating what doing the right thing means is very difficult. And what qualifies me to decide, to judge? Fully aware of the damages, I still struggle at times to refrain from blessing Amalekites’ generations when forced to interact with them. Aware that soul before me is less-than-animal, there’s no point in wasting spiritual energy there, so I’m tempted to impose my judgment by fixing their generations to be as without, to The Fourth Generation at least. That’s a very ugly business indeed. Though I firmly reject compassion for those without compassion, my definition of an Amalekite, standing in His judgment and fixing someone’s generations to be without as that thing before me to the end of all time may not be appropriate when Fifty Nazi descendents join Auschwitz march. My Heart of Darkness is far more interested in blotting out the Demjanjuk children’s children’s children’s names as well, as they stand there supporting their monster, than bothering to waste spiritual energy on him, the already irrelevant to the World to Come.

Hard Projections of the Soul

These hard-projections from Souls into existence also relate to the significance of icebergs of injustices. Cousins who would be men-as deities as a Demjanjuk have faith that their wafers and wine, denials, excuses or legal defense, whatever works Down Here on the Ground has pushed history into history and there’s no liability. Nothing to fear but being caught without power money might. All’s well that ends well, for them. I know these spiritual energies can’t be undone in space and time, and by necessity of generating spiritual energy from justice, their bad karma will come due in the ultimate weighing of their soul. Because all Souls are immanent from The Absolute-Unity, all injustices against others are unjust to Him, who is existence, as well. There’s just no way I’ll ever believe wafers and wine or ablutions can make say-do-whatever ‘all good.’ Nor that apologizing, that’s their ultimate penance, means they’re repentant, returning. Only He can judge that.

We can’t be trusted with the immense power of spiritual Causality because the greater the power, the greater the potential to damage our own Souls in evil, disobedience, hate. Humanly, in moments of collectivization, I forget that humans are not fixed as evil as they have been in Six Degrees of Lip Separation by congenital ignorance and incapacity for compassion, and because of an injusticepermanently fix their generations in space and time with no Right of Return. Out of the temptation of power to make oneself into a man-as deity, if I have condemned to the nth generation unjustly and fixed by blessing that into existence as a sin against Him, what I’ve really done is condemn myself. From my decision of applied spiritual development I know the capability of the tradition to Cause on spiritual planes beyond this reality is real. And that we shouldn’t. What qualifies me to to judge? Albeit sixth grader’s logic, I still believe this to be the case.

That it’s unjust to condemn the son for the sins of the father, or the father for the sins of the son — the soul of collectivization, hateful.

Effects of Cognitive Bias

An example of this is risk of misjudgment is cognitive bias. I fully expect other nations to say-do-whatever. My interest in what they do is limited as I would have an interest in a stray dog that’s managed to get into my yard. Because I don’t view them to be as human as mice, there’s no more point in being concerned with them as long as that stray dog is across town and not in my yard. On the other hand, I’m particularly disappointed and impacted by behaviors of Jews, who are expected to be human. There’s nobody else’s business that I’m noisier about. I have the chutzpah to think their’s is my own.

The ZOA represents me. Part of my shock of elevating a rabid Cujo that doesn’t have the sense not to parrot what they heard doesn’t absolve the human evil tongue that said the ‘not religious,‘ or my mind that thought it. I’m guilty of being disappointed with Jews who will eat pork. On the other hand, it was there being applauded for it’s evil tongue, and ironically, that wasn’t the religion it was talking about, but The Fourteenth Principle say-do-whatever men-as deity addendum religion. On that basis, if I were to be tested on my willingness to say Orthodox is better, I’d fail according to some who want to say that Conservative and Reform aren’t Judaism while being at least go-along-to-get-along with this Fourteenth Principle addendum in a narcissistic assumption of a pecking order of valuation. There are zealots and opponents of the fourteenth principle across all stripes.

Some piously keeping all halakha while embracing faith in hate as another addendum, completely frum while endorsing indiscriminate Spartan stones by ethnic discrimination. Some others are the ‘not-religious’ tatted homosexual wearing hot-pants and loves a ‘good hot dog‘ that puts their energy into compassion for All suffering, carrying The Divine Torah in what they are doing, and hearing a lot more than that other that claims to be doing it right. That not-religious liberal cum quisling gave themselves a heter from the frum that gave himself a heter from having compassion for Them, staying true to HaShem. While focused on treif-eating, I’m distraught that some have assimilated to the man-as deity addendum of collectivization hate that’s been murdering us through the ages, as new and improved Birds of a Feather with Cains to stand over Abel. Any numbers of these, with immense spiritual Causality would do obvious harm were they capable. It’s for cause that we no longer have capability for spiritual Causality. Without the wisdom of the Good judgment of Solomon.

What’s left is Causing Unity

People are operating with heters on every level every day. I cherry-picked Hasidic as consistent with my own long held beliefs, preferring to be clear about the truth rather than worrying about lying if asked any questions, or lying by omission in go-along-to-get-along. The best, professional liars, tell the lies high so that it trickles down as truth. It’s another lie that we can’t unite. We will direct our spiritual energies toward Causing unity, without judgmentalism.


Judgmentalism in vanity is ‘bringing the devil in.‘ There’s a necessity for clarity, to step firmly on the path despite wandering to Return. For this, discernment and judgment is critical. A reason for my Perfect Faith in Rabbinic Judaism is that it’s wise to walk in the footsteps of Elders of Blessed Memory, who’ve been studying and living the map to the World to Come that is The Divine Torah a lot longer than I have, generations. Problems, weakness is out of our disunity when there’s a fork in the road and two authorities are indicating the need to make a choice — deal-breakers. Rarely is the distinction of valuation, of judgement, so clear as is the case in some others. We all need a mentor, as I realized as a child. Commonly, it becomes the offer at hand. How many have become ‘secular’ due to irreconcilable differences with a pecking order of mentorship?

Rather than being divided: more than anything, I want us to unify. Most are all looking through the same elephant from different perspectives. Awareness is the first step of genuine repentance. Reform has been a light to the world, saving the afflicted is as much our minhag as not eating pork. Many secular Jews have stood for mankind, for HaShem, without payot. I’ve had to Zen stop being shocked and tripping about The Treif Dinner while I sincerely pray that we all do our very best to Return to the tradition. I’m clear that the necessity of a heter is doing the right thing, and few advocate being Haredi unto death. The Good mentor shows a middle way. To not split the baby while giving Him the loving kindness of a firm commitment to a maximum effort in Awe.

Forty Acres and a Mule: A Metaphysical Concept of The Land as The Blessing

In a metaphysical sense, The Land is being grounded: Firmly on The Way, feet on the grounding in Awe of HaShem. The effect of disunity is as dividing The Land, the grounding of The Way such that the land of spiritual Causality isn’t productive.

What is this like? A farmer named Abraham received his portion of Forty Acres and a Mule named I’m right. In loving kindness, the farmer  passed over the first son named Ishmael and gave his another son Isaac his blessing called The Land. Isaac passed over his first son named Esau to bless his other son Jacob. Later and over time, the blessing that is The Land gets divided among the generations who divide it among theirs with this continuing over many generations. Then came a time when The Land as the blessing was so divided that each only had enough to feed his own family. Because mules don’t reproduce and no one could agree on who was going to use I’m Right to cultivate the blessing that is The Land. So the mule that is the power of Spiritual Causality that a son named Moshe used to part the sea and defeat the Amalekites belongs to everybody but can’t produce the Good Fruit called Miracles anymore because The Land is so divided that all the generations have to use the work of their hands to feed their ever-dividing family. Then one day, a son of a son many generations later named Moshiach said, we only have one mule named I’m Right so let’s make The Land one portion as blessing and name it Unity of the Shekhinah so that we can use our mule to be productive of the Good Fruit named the World to Come.

Both the Physical Land and The Blessing are Holy

This metaphysical level of reality that’s glossed over when we read about the blessing and the physical land are holy. By Gordis et. al. of threats of excommunication for being heretics of The Fourteenth Principle addendum, our minhag is tribal unification in faith in Manifest Destiny justified by exceptionalism for 19th century European ownership. The freedom of men-as deities’ Native American removal signaled by idolatrous xenophobia, going around making Madam Defarge Arab-lover lists. That some Arabs are men-as deities is no more a condemnation of Islam than some of us embracing Islamophobic ghouls as representatives of Judaism. This and any other alleged injustices will be forgiven. Rejecting His reality we already know will be in His time by the prophets, to which they say it ain’t necessarily soLo, am I brought low by the absurdity of the notion that the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humliation to take the physical land (back) with power money might will bring Moshiach. Will Cause His Blessing. So that my definition of secular has evolved from who’s eating pork to who’s advocating materialistic faith in power money might, in things, as though that is realism.

I made it up from Nothing that The Blessing as The Land of Awe of HaShem is the grounding we must have the Perfect Faith to take. By not doing as the Canaanites do. By not being those nations that reject compassion for suffering that we Never Forget as what Amalekites do. By owning an in-common understanding of the continuous contiguous connection of all of our little gardens that we’ve been working with no mule to cultivate Miracles at hand. We can’t unify the world without being able to unify ourselves, fulfill the promise we Chose. Until we are one, the powerful mule of the tradition of spiritual Causality will just have to wait, This…long.

A Bridge Too Far

Then, when letting go of a rationale for divisions within in judgmentalism of our Us, it naturally came to me from Nothing, that we will come together in our traditions to free All those from all nations who are looking only to HaShem from their Egypt.

We look from our self, but if we look from the eternal reality of The Absolute-Unity, all of us who are looking to HaShem will be a Unity when we drop our divisions based upon specious judgments we’ve erected as insurmountable walls plastered and cemented with vanity.

Our Purpose of Being Chosen

Conventional wisdom is that our Us is better while if we elevate our Us to a deity, we’ve lost the purpose of our being Chosen – to Unify. Some will say that’s not what we need to do. We need to perfect our exclusivist Us, and they don’t matter. I disagree. I’m religious, born to wander in The Way. I don’t believe that we should concede an inch of Israel the land, or a sliver of our minhag, of who we are. At the same time, I don’t agree that means to annihilate them. I don’t believe our job is to displace by Roman seige on Spartan stones as necessary herem to murder billions of worlds but to find common ground with Them in looking only to HaShem.

Conventional Wisdom

Those are the choices of conventional wisdom, that we’re bound to be perpetual enemies when as I’m certain of the prophets, ultimately there will be His Peace — with Them. Looking from that Unity in His time as already fulfilled, more than man-as deity Ba’al’s power money and might is indicated. Is the loving kindness of His peace only to be for us? Are we Birds of a Feather waiting for the worm of our ultimate conquest to be delivered? Are They really to be our beasts of burden? Is it to be by the powerful might of our Don Quixote arm? I say yes, we are to conquer, but first the narcissistic conceit that we’ve been Chosen to become pharaohs over Greater Israel when the word I prefer to remember is a nation of holy priests. I disagree that it’s priests of Kali Yuga. Some will say I’m against peace and self-hating because I don’t believe in Two-State or perpetual war in hate, traitorously advocating Justice Compassion and Mercy for Peace. A quisling.

The Big Spin

What is this like? When in medical school I decided to quit smoking because I was getting short of breath running stairs, those ‘Me soon come, man.’ Howard University Hospital elevators were a Zen experience in patience. I decided to put the same money I put into a pack of cigarettes on a racing bicycle in layaway. I paid over months, got my bike, then cleats pants hat. Quit smoking. I thought I was really doing something pedaling all over Washington D.C. by myself twenty miles and up no problem. Then one day, one of the salespeople, Larry Magwood, in the bicycle shop asked me if I wanted to go riding with them. Being ‘dropped’ is getting left behind. I always got dropped, but a little later every week. Eventually, I started keeping up but still finishing last, then not last. I found out what they meant about hitting the endorphin floating Big Spin.

Chasidim, mentors of the tradition may someday invite a mystical ride when minhag, the framework that transmits the energy to the rubber meeting the road, gets the souls as motor for the Shekhinah causing unity of our spirits. As bicycle racing is a team sport, there’s no individual who can be successful without a stong team. When Moshiach comes, he’ll need a strong team of spiritual athletes to hit the Big Spin in Unity, causing the spiritual power from our tradition through the Heavens to change the Soul of this world.

There are and have been Ravs, as the Rebbe, who have had a portion of The Blessing while Down Here on the Ground. There have been in other nations elevated spirits Down Here on the Ground as well. I’m judgmental in my allergy to pork, will get deathly ill if I go to church, gladly leave that sort of mission to others. As adamantly, I don’t agree with the tradition being taught secularly, to the undisciplined without minhag. The tradition is only to be used for His purpose, that I say is creating Unity. And we should.

Chosen to Unify: Search for a New Land

We will be a team of giving up both unnecessary treif and idolatrous hate? Taking turns breaking the headwinds of history by using our tradition of spiritual Causality to unite halakha and aggadot through all worlds. Unlike the fracturing ZOA avatar blurting the ‘not religious’ epithet, we will stop the hate within and without to have Unity by searching for the Good in each other. Hate, even directed elsewhere, isn’t good to find. Without a mentor, I’ve had the reverence to leave the tradition of spiritual Causality well enough alone, praying to take care here in discussing, clear that The Blessing, and it’s real and immense power, is bestowed from mentor to protege as from Issac to Jacob. Why the Shekhinah can’t be evoked from within, but is bestowed from above in loving kindness.

Moshiach will have His Blessing, that we, the sons of generations will merit by the wisdom to combine our blessings as a New Land as grounding, feet firmly stepping in The Way. This Land is my land of being one in unity in Awe of HaShem that can Save the Afflicted, have Him pass over his first son of the conventional wisdom of power money might as Esau the hunter, and bestow His blessing in loving kindness of the World to Come with Rebeka’s mentorship named His Shekhinah