We will build strength within, as Spiritual Athletes moving each soul of yetzer haTov toward unity. Until we get the hate out of our hearts for each other, we’re far from any next steps in harmony.

Do to Hear: Listening

Let’s pray together, dance together, sing together. Stop Talking for a moment for the spirit to move hearing the sounds of our souls listening. We will unite in observance and build ourselves spiritually.

Training Camp

Alcohol and meat only in contexts of mitzvahs, and it has to really be kosher. Vegetarianism is best, should be standard policy excepting a mitzvah.

Stretching physical fitness as martial arts or yoga help. We will unite in observance but also cleanse our souls of the assimilated idolatries of our sojourn with idolaters of strange worships. Having an open mind in association with Amalekites is more dangerous then eating toxic pork.

Spiritual Exercises

I stopped spiritual causing as a child, and got spiritually stronger which ended in The Minyan. In rare weakness, I’d do a little to see if I still had it, but felt as though I was damaging my soul. The capability is real, but dangerous, shouldn’t be used for human petty aims. Vanity. Great evil of great power. The soul is at risk.

Value of Enrollment

I was in a Jungian educational set of courses where they measured in enrollments, the leader measured his success in income, and everyone else was virtually volunteering. Participants were motivated to enroll people in the courses, the first course $400 the next $900 and those after that in time invested to deliver on promises of enrollments.

People had psychological epiphanies but whether they were Transformational is irrelevant. Idolatry of enrollment in his Idolatry of money undermined the credibility of their truths. But, from this, I’m reminded of the value of enrollment, extended actualized internally, as Chabad. Enrolling in our unity looking to HaShem has true value.

In enrollment, the person is persuaded to invest themselves because they’ve been persuaded that it’s worthwhile.

Duality of Self-Interest

My Jewish coworker who eats pork all the time was safe from anything but gentle questioning, as; Is that really what it seems? If I can get a talking-to by a manager for saying my avatar is a ghoul when asked, I sure wouldn’t take it further with him in the desert wilderness, but we’re talking about Israel.

Jews don’t work on Sabbath or eat treif. How much argument does there need to be? But persuasion, enrollment rather than men-as deific forceful draconian imposition is the consideration.

I’m glad to pay my dhimmi to Man-as deity for honoring the Shabbat. In the Jungian enrollment context cited, there’s tension, a duality of self-interest of the enroller’s promise, and enrollee’s interests. The ‘trainings’ were a great experience, but I wouldn’t have someone miss their car payment to keep my promise of enrollments. For many, making their number is all that matters, making it about themselves.

The Reward of Opening Your Soul

Looking into the heart and soul of the enrollee is as much for the enroller as the enrollee. People ultimately enroll  by how the enroller is being, for themselves. The idolatry of enrollments to Put Food on the Table killed credibility. As Idolatry to a determination of gentiles as beasts of burden kills credibility as righteous.

Approaching from ‘must believe as I do’ Idolatry is Man-as deity. Tzadiks don’t spit at fellow Jews, even in disagreement. The honorable, the right thing to do is enroll them in your point of view, and even failing that, your position is humanized and you’ve had to examine your own thoughts and feelings with them, open your soul.

Standing in Should and Ought

Have we deified our minhag to a point of irrevocable division, to simply invoke should and ought with willingness to harm in disagreement? Will that insipid spitting in judgmental condemnation to oppress into compliance by humiliation win their heart, raise their soul? Make a true ally, and not a lie of respect that’s only hate-fear? Bring unity?

We need strong spirits within ourselves, not enemies out of enmity and disrespect, left and right spitting words back and forth. No words pulled me out of my silent attic, but three pictures: One of a wailing woman with a tree that had been torn up, another of the Turkish ambassador on a children’s chair, and the third of my ghoulish avatar of Hate after his ZOA ovation. The issue of course is that the pictures were ‘unhelpfully’ published, not that any of it ever happens. Blinders on automatons.

Idolaters of Hate

I love my trees, find the disrespect of the ambassador reprehensible, and hate haters with the intensity of a billion suns. I slay those beasts with all the observance I can muster. Most disturbing is hypocritical convictions of critics by associations near and far while standing for ovations of Idolaters of Hate who lie and steal with providential impunity, our history of marriage to South African Apartheid deific infallibility.

We’re to pretend that all this is fine and dandy, but if anyone dares criticize settlers pulling down trees or disrespectful ambassadors they’re anti-Semitic. Though I agree with the goals, the means are reprehensible when they employ Hate, negating value. Crying wolf, the penalty of liars is not being believed. For cause we lost our ancient spiritual power by misuse, disobediently putting our know-it-all selves before HaShem.

I’d hope and expect that people aren’t working on the Shabbat, read with interest the concern about the lights being turned out on the Shabbat. Have difficulty appreciating the need for buses on the Shabbat.

I read about the Israeli Rosa Parks bus controversy. If you’re getting a rise out of seeing a pre-pubertal eight year old girl’s arms, maybe a little eyebrows under burqas gut-check of your own is in order.

Perhaps inviting the father or a respectful dialogue mother to mother would be more effective than men disrespectfully spitting at a girl whose state of dress is being determined by her parents. There’s a difference in man-as deity coercion and enrollment wherein you open your soul in I-Thou.

I found a shrimp recipe on an Israeli website interesting, that kosher taste of pork’s been decided as something to pursue.

As indicated in the name Looseness of Association, our minds are always running back and forth and up and down. Minhag must be strict to prevent the mind from dragging the soul into trouble.

A Spiritual Athlete must be disciplined and clear above anything, must purify their heart mind and soul.

What is this like? Dragsters are hitting 300 miles an hour in 6 seconds from standstill. The ‘setup,’ from the integrity of the minhag chassis to the exact mental tire pressure to the prep of spiritual engine and out-reach track, is all about making and controlling immense power.

Power without control, without direction, misdirected into vanity and hate is catastrophe.

Rejecting Idolatries of Deities

I’ve always been tactless and say whatever’s on my mind. I’ve tried to learn how to go with the culture of the lying situation. Now here, I disrespect and insult the deities of beauty money power and might. There’s an industry to attack anything out of conventional wisdom under the banners of infallibility.

JPost plays down Ha’aretz the B’Tselem traitor of the race for saying the obvious. Do we rely on militarism, or do we work to placate and appease politically? I assign the former to physical and the latter to mental. I don’t believe we’re going to kill or reason to where we need to be, in Unity. As when I was eleven, I believe it’s Spiritual.

All in Your Soul

The idea in some cultures is to feel nothing and be as dry and emotionless as possible, all in your head. In some, the words mean less and it’s the soul, the spirit. The poofy-haired alien-visitors’ enthusiast attributes huge ancient stones being moved by aliens when the technology of today can’t do it. It’s spiritual energy. While what I’m saying sounds crazier than the poofy-haired alien avatar, I know Spiritual Power is real. Perhaps we were the aliens already here, learned. Wandering back. Returning. Chabad is a Key.

We already know there are dimensions that exist outside our experience. The reason I don’t know whether the souls I met are living or dead is that I wasn’t dead. They could’ve just as well been the one as the other. I became afraid of dying, but I was as aware of being alive as I am now. I wasn’t dreaming on drugs or sick.

Get Ready for the World to Come

The spiritual power is to be built, not sullied by our unknowing down-here-on-the-ground  ideas of when and where and how, and when our angels call for it, as the lights are already dropping on The Tree; we will be prepared as Spiritual Athletes for that any given next moment: To lay down the Power of the Unity of the Shekhinah of the good souls of yetzer haTov of the Heavens and earth in creating His Shekhinah.