I have Perfect Faith that neither idealistic reason nor power money might will bring the World to Come. All the intellectual contemplation on ‘perfection‘ in this world nor genocide by Roman starvation with murder du jour will affect the root of all evils, idolatry. Only with Awe can we bridge the gap to faith in The Absolute-Unity that is Not a Thing.

Dada was a science schoolteacher who had gone through college ‘on the training table.‘ Back then, athletes weren’t relegated to football or some other but played some sport all through the year. He was determined that I not follow him into sports but placed my aspirations into becoming a person of science, of intellect. I determined to become a spiritual athlete,  imagined myself as Metaphysical.

Samuel Alexander Space, Time, and Deity

Samuel Alexander
Space, Time, and Deity

Metaphysic is by Continuity

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, nor can it “teleport” from one place to another—it can only move by a continuous flow.

That is also the basis for the existential ‘proofs’ of spiritual causality I discuss in the 1973 Absolute-Unity and Unity centered on Samuel Alexander’s Space,Time, and Deity with some Tommaso Campanella and Marsilio Ficino toppings on a fine bed of Neoplatonsim.

The fundamental issue of this attempt is that Continuity, in all its dimensions, is the practical Key to bringing the World to Come — connecting us from Down on the Ground to Heaven. I have Perfect Faith in not only the existence of elevated Souls, but also that they are invested in what we do here. That we are in partnership. Peace in Heaven doesn’t mean that Heaven is at rest, doesn’t care.

Not only do we honor them, there is a specific context of our in-common understanding as a language of the Soul. Some may disagree with my calling my elevated spirits angels. My angels have angels.

Be clear, I don’t worship them, and in my paradigm. I don’t perceive them as perfect but highly revered, elevated, and human like us. They, along with this existence, are still striving for the World to Come. Incomplete. There is no absolute in the unity. We’re all in common service of The Absolute-Unity. For the Sake of Heaven is not only in honoring their blessed memories from Down Here on the Ground, but in responsibility to our in-common mission of bringing the World to Come.

Holiness is Credibility

Martin Buber and Rabbi Binyamin

Martin Buber and Rabbi Binyamin

Our in-common understanding is the substrate, the language of our communication. Study creates great merit, and also creates merit for elders of blessed memory as well as we walk in their footsteps. That’s far more important than mine. This insatiable thirst is my addiction to paths and ways to connect to elders of blessed memory. Walking in their shoes. Looking through their eyes. Connecting to their Shekhinah. I learn, grow in continuity in my silent attic.

When the spirit moves in me, I’ve reached a signpost along my wandering way. Or sometimes it’s just a firm ‘thought,‘ from Nothing.

After I read and ‘meditated’ upon Saadia of Blessed Memory, flinging my Soul across Space and Time — I Will truly master Hebrew. Is a Doing to Hear. My prayers are only to The Absolute-Unity, but I’m busy listening to Heaven.

I don’t blindly accept any thing as an absolute, but I define Holiness as Credibility. And I take what they say very seriously — to heart. If I am encouraged or discouraged from a pursuit, I follow their directions as best as I can. Even if I don’t know that I agree. Delusional? Within reason. Perfectly reasonable by continuity.

No, I don’t hear voices. I do believe that nothing is coincidental. Nothing. So I am always watching for Signs in the moment as this one. The wheels of consciousness are Spinning their Threads, and when there’s a point of resonance, I take note. This isn’t to imply that I am a rote-learning old-South Ignorance as Virtue automaton with a less-developed thought process than a sand-fly. That believes that any man has been or is perfect — Incredible Infallible; a reason the Trinitarian Pauline addendum rankles so deeply. Clearly, I think for myself. While listening from a Point of View centered in Awe of HaShem. There being only One Absolute-Unity.

Comparable examples of this are jaime vu and déjà vu but in this paradigm je vais faire entendre voir être.


In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies than at others. Frequencies at which the response amplitude is a relative maximum are known as the system’s resonant frequencies, or resonance frequencies. At these frequencies, even small periodic driving forces can produce large amplitude oscillations, because the system stores vibrational energy.

As it is in Heaven, so is it Down Here on the Ground. The spirit moves in the Sound. The Shekhinah is the vibration of the Soul.

My hypothetical system of in-common understanding absorbs more spiritual energy that is the Shekhinah when the frequency of its oscillations matches a certain metaphorical frequency of vibration. Resonance occurs at the resonant frequency of nodes are the in-common understandings conveyed by the Shekhinah from Not a Thing.

We will connect both to our elders, now elevated spirits of blessed memory in series — through the Heavens and The Absolute-Unity in parallel. for maximum power of the Shekhinah. Connecting intersessionally won’t, nor will a direct connection without honor respect and the support of Heaven bring the World to Come.

Orbital resonances greatly enhance the mutual gravitational influence of the bodies. In most cases, this results in an unstable interaction, in which the bodies exchange momentum and shift orbits until the resonance no longer exists.

The in series wisdom of the elders, analogously as an inline capacitor tunes to the frequencies from The Divine Torah that stabilize the flow of the Shekhinah. The Divine Torah is also the Existential Construct, the frame of reference of our in-common understanding that enables the spiritual power we need to do the impossible already realized in His time.

Existential Constructs: Frames of Reference

John Coltrane

John Coltrane

What is this like? When I was at Amherst College trying to make the transition from my classical musical training with the beat this…long to jazz, a music professor was brought in named Bill Cole who would say, ‘Just Play.

We wanted to know what key, what tempo and melody and what chord progression where. When would the change-ups occur? From what to what?

What he couldn’t get is that even in improvisational jazz, there is a musical construct, a key, harmonics, change ups, coordination. There is a frame of reference underneath the ‘free expression.’ That is structured. Has definitions and limits.

As spontaneity in art is calculated, so is it within jazz derivative of the blues as is rock. The ‘free expression‘ riff – beyond, the solo, is in a key. Has a start and an end. Is coordinated with the ensemble. There was a derived melody. There is a beat. A chord progression. A hook. Harmonies and resolving discordances. Turns are taken, the spotlight moving. More than those, it has a direction and purpose.

Bill Cole’s idea was that we could all just start making noise and in some magical way that was supposed to become music.

Our Free Will is within a context. That has an existential construct.

As in musical analysis, “hearing is an active symbolic process (which must be explained): nothing in perception is self-evident.” It is just this necessity for explanation of context, that the wisdom of the elders clarifies our perception. Of what we are hearing out of doing. Humanly, I’ve made great mistakes of perception for lack of mentorship, wandering in the desert wilderness, staring up at Orion. Making it up as I go, from Nothing. The context of our in-common understanding is Rabbinic Judaism from The Divine Torah.

Rabbinic Judaism

Fixed GearRabbinic Judaism keeps The Divine Torah living and breathing in this existence, as well as spans our continuity to Adam, from which will spring the World to Come.

What is this like?: When I was becoming a bicycle racer, the first adjustments from riding a bicycle as meandering through the park was using toe clips. Cleats on the bottom of your shoes. Locking to the pedals so that the motor is directly and efficiently connected to the bike. That becomes an extension of the rider, like engaging a clutch for an efficiency advantage.

In order to put a foot down, you have to turn your foot in a certain way to release the lock. That is a conscious decision. A heter. Being locked to the pedals creates an awareness of everything that’s being done, and how.

Free Wheels and Free Will: The Big Spin

Free-wheel mechanism

Free-wheel mechanism

If you’ve ridden a bicycle before, usually, if you stop pedaling, the wheel just keeps turning. In bicycle racing we have free wheeling hubs like that, and fixed gear hubs used on track bikes and in training. With a fixed gear, if the rider stops pedaling the wheel stops because the wheel is directly coupled to the legs. Try doing that suddenly for a lesson in angular momentum. Stumbling. And falling.

In some conceptualizations of Free Will, pushing on the pedal is an option. With being the motor, and the responsibility to provide the power, the rider by training with a fixed wheel gains the understanding that the stroke, the aforementioned oscillation, is a circle, a wheel of itself, and not a stair-master. Lock into the clips on rollers and learn a circular motion and that both sides of the motor are also connected. That a circle is indeed round. Both pushing and pulling at the same time.

When using a free wheel, the rider doesn’t become conscious of the entire circular stroke, feel the wheel turning. Feel the relationship between push without the pull, or have the capability to pull on one side while pushing on the other. The Spin. The fixed wheel clears up any delusions about what is happening during the stroke that seems perfectly fine with the free-wheel. Just as I thought I was really doing something while pedaling all over D. C. without toe-clips. Au contraire.

Freewheel By some, halacha is an option like whether to press on the pedal or not. And when you decide to put a foot down, no special decision is needed. As learning The Spin, that locking is necessary to Move that in-common understanding from an intellectual and theoretical exercise, or a diffuse ‘spiritual‘ undirected feeling to beyond, to kinetic; to Bespiritual athlete.

My feet are locked to the pedals and His gear is affixed to my Soul. Yes, I have a Free Will, that is not my own.

Until you lock into the cleats and understand being locked to the wheel, you’re just pedaling in the park. The lightest bike, the best cosmological philosophy is nothing without a good motor. The strongest intellects of wisdom are nothing without the motor, that here is the movement of the spirit that is the Shekhinah. To do the work of bringing the World to Come. Big Spinning.

Oral Tradition

Indus Valley

The Divine Torah is our Cognitive Map to the World to Come.  A map in plain site that can’t easily be read in terms of location vector and rate if the gradients are unknown. Without the guidance of mentors. From my childhood experiences in spiritual power culminating in The Minyan, there is no question whatsoever. I know that there’s extreme danger to the Soul if impure. And if you don’t know what you’re doing. The necessity of the Oral Tradition, to me, isn’t an issue for option.

In physics a wave is an oscillation that travels through space and matter, accompanied by a transfer of energy. The spatial method of loci, of the nodes that are the Heavenly spheres in this paradigm are our points of reference conveyed by The Divine Torah through The Prophets and explained by our elders of blessed memory. Topographic memory involves the ability to orient oneself in space, … to recognize familiar places.’ In this case, places in Heaven only familiar to the elevated Soul.

There’s no point in looking at the map if you can’t read it. And what’s the point of wall art with no intent to go?

Here I add, nothing comes to greatness without a coach mentor guide.

Selective Listening

We all have a tendency to do selective listening, selective reading. We are editing while we’re hearing or reading and placing emphasis on what we want it to say rather than what is actually being said; we reify, making reality what we believe already. We pick the bits that support our pre-existing Point of View, and conveniently ‘Do Not Recall the pieces that aren’t fitting into the construct we want to create from the self; selectively hearing to do what we’ve already rationalized, rather than Doing to Hear.

Dissonance of Idolatry

Constructive and Destructive Wave Interaction

Constructive and Destructive Wave Interaction

A reason we’re still waiting is that we haven’t as yet been able to reduce the dissonances of idolatries. The Absolute-Unity requires that we put nothing as absolute in the unity before. Without, there are resonance disasters. Conflicts. Misunderstandings.

When our in-common understandings are corrupted by idolatries, as Racism and other Isms, the dissonance creates conflict commensurate with power beyond, that can lead to catastrophic failures. For harmony with The Absolute-Unity, idolatries creating dissonance need to be at a minimum. And allowable Idolatries are set to a maximum of none. That is the practical reason that punishment is sevenfold. And To the Fourth Generation.

That’s isn’t looking to our selves as though I’ve got mine. Or that I’m only for Us and not for the Us in Them in an idolatry of self. My revered and honored religion – that is a thing for which there is no amount of suffering of which I’m aware that I’m not willing to endure is the vehicle, not the Destination.

Using spiritual power for the self, though real, is an abominable idolatrous conceit. Of course pharaoh had magicians.There is the reality of ‘miracles’ of our and other’s history. Those with No Ears to Hear can’t do any thing with this power that comes from no man. Nor can we use this power for selfish, for personal vanity.

Only by willingness to completely and selflessly look only to The Absolute-Unity creates the yetzer haTov that is from Compassion without expectation of reward in this existence. With Perfect Faith.

The Ark of the Covenant

Rabbi AkivaRabbinic Judaism is the Existential Construct that makes us as playing music together rather than just making nauseating noise, our Ark of the Covenant; lost and in plain sight. Today. The capacitor of our in-common understanding that is is going to amplify the spiritual power from the dimension of the movement of the spirit and bring the World to Come.

Responsible to Do to Hear

The difference in my interpretation of religions is that I have a responsibility, not only to Us, but to the Us within Them; to have Compassion for all Suffering – except those without.

I have a responsibility to the World to Come. Most religions focus on the self, extending that self-interest to family, immediate or extended, or the community of co-religionists. Clan Tribe Nation. A finite US.

Some may imagine that this esoteric cosmology has some personal value or context outside of Rabbinical Judaism, to which I’ll most strenuously object. At the very least we’re talking about two different things. Regardless of the tradition within Rabbinic Judaism, it is the doing that generates the hearing.

Spiritual power can be used for both good and ill. It’s irresponsible and reckless unless tightly bound to mentors Down Here on the Ground and elders of blessed memory. There are many ways to stumble. On the other hand, the full team needs to take the field.

All in Motion through Time, both in the Heavens as well as on Earth, our in-common understanding is Doing to Hear.

His Free Will in Heaven

saturn-festival-cup-turn-2As we have Free Will, so do our elevated spirits of Blessed Memory.

Elijah will come, when He Wills.

Some advocate the same Greek Aristotelian ‘sit on your hands‘ before having any sort of ‘feeling’ and that ‘perfection’ of the soul is found in pure ‘cerebral’ contemplation. All of these stilted note this…long concepts are anathema to my belief that the spirit will move.

We connect when we create within our Soul the Shekhinah we share from an in-common understanding. Only with kavanah from Awe can we bridge the gap to our elevated spirits who are themselves bridging the gap to their elevated spirits in their Heaven.

They are elevated spirits because they have listened well. For this practical reason, I have Perfect Faith in them as they have Perfect Faith. My Will is certainly free, but always, always constrained by Awe of HaShem in all ways. I Will listen.

What we do Down Here on the Ground matters in Heaven. On this battleground of the forces of yetzer haTov in Compassion, we share opposition to the conventional wisdom of yetzer hara. We’re all in Motion through Time to the World to Come.

For the Sake of Heaven

Rabbinic Judaism is For the Sake of Heaven both in the Heavens and Down Here on the Ground. And, for the sake of all His creation.

The spiritual training in selflessness of halacha creates the ability to do the right thing, even against personal interest. In the moment. Spontaneous. Unscripted and unrehearsed. For a ‘free expression‘ of the Soul in the beyond. At any given next moment.

Sing the Song of Solomon

We won’t get so caught up in egotistically listening to the solo of the self and stop listening, with the in-common understanding that our elders of blessed memory Will have our notes be true. Sing the Song of Solomon, keeping time through time – in harmony.

Connect both individually pushing in parallel to The One Absolute-Unity and pull in series by our in-common understanding with the Heavens to create music instead of noise.

Bring the World to Come from his Shekhinah. 

The Minyan

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