Being the tzaddik of my own mind, I’ve removed the sexualization of eyebrows that some say should be under burqas out of my own mind.

Idolatry of Sexualization

burqa (1)Before a woman is beaten for her Eyebrows being seen, the men who see sexuality there should look at their own idolatries, and consider giving themselves a beating first.

Men can make the choice not to see Eyebrows as sexual.

Eros Platos and Filia

The Shekhinah is the root of all loves. Eros Platos and Filia are recognized as descriptive of loves of people toward each other, but if the foundation, the base is missing, we’re as leaves blown off the tree.

Western culture, without the distinction of the Shekhinah as only toward HaShem has confused Eros as animistic sinfulness. This view of women, that any circumstance that displays, even an Eyebrow is an irresistible beckoning, as the Shekhinah is irresistible, is a cultural metareligion.

Men Are Responsible as Well

0411france-burqa-ban_faThe idea that men are naturally always dogs ready for a bitch in heat, females only responsible to substantiate their value by that attraction, or to unilaterally refuse it by her coverings and actions is debasing. Honor killing for rape is an ultimate expression of this misogynistic injustice of men making themselves as deities of life and death over women.

Leaders show the way by how they’re being, not by what they don’t allow to be seen. For some, women are the convicted ‘them’ within ‘us.’

We need to take sexualization out of our own minds, both male and female. Overwhelmingly, western male doctors take the sexuality out of their minds when seeing a female patient. To do otherwise is disqualifying of licensing in the priesthood of healthcare. In some cultures, women aren’t seen by male doctors under any circumstance, to the healthcare disadvantage of those women.

Differing Roles Don’t Mean Differing Responsibility

burqa (2)He saw her eyebrows and couldn’t be expected to control himself. While teleologically men and women have differing roles, the responsibility to HaShem is mutual, not one greater or better than the other. Historically, women supervise the nest and men interact with the outside world, especially in the context of rearing.

Without women, men are nothing, as well we know. Disrespecting life as a mutual undertaking in an Idolatry of one more important than the other creates disharmony, for programmed failure.

The Eye of the Beholder

Cultures make their set-points of propriety, where the lines lie. In the illustrative case, it’s at Eyebrows. At another extreme, nudity isn’t sexual, as a professional caring for a patient in that illustrative case. The idea that a woman allowing her Eyebrows to be seen is being lascivious and seductive as a street-walker in another context is in the Eye of the Beholder. Secular culture has taught that looking at a woman’s Eyebrows as a sexual showing of hair is immodesty and lasciviousness is on the part of the soul looking.


Modesty, rather than an ‘ought’ from without, can be indicative of freedom from bowing to deities of sexual attractiveness and dehumanization as a lesser toward chattel. More so, modesty is both without and within, and the responsibility is shared. Dressing with modesty is reasonable, but the root of the issue is Idolatry of sexual attractiveness as female valuation and Idolatry of maleness in assigning all the responsibility to women.

burqaFreedom of Modesty

Our dress is minhag by agreement. Men imposing a Burqa or stilettos and showing some leg for acceptance, is an imposition of man-as deity in either case.

Women all over the world are appreciative of being able to be modest, appreciated as the soul of a people that they are. In the West, women are asserting their right to wear head-coverings and dress modestly consistent with their own consciences, not out of being badgered or cajoled by anyone.

Beauty and youth are deities in many cultures. That beauty is externally defined by an industry. I’m saddened that women are praying to the deity of beauty so unnecessarily as eating pork and shrimp.

In the Garden of Eden

Aboriginal Adam and Eve, weren’t ashamed before their disobedience, their need to cover coincident to the need to hide their sin, from themselves. Aborigines walking around virtually naked were not embroiled in sexual innuendo, until Europeans put the dirt in their heads. As we’ve covered ourselves in shame, we’ve created in our own minds that Eyebrows are sexual, the sin within projected to the person being seen.

indian-sari-woman300The Culture of the Situation

When I was in Washington D. C., there was a club happy hour that was all about the dance. It wasn’t a place to be sexual, it wasn’t about making hook-ups, hitting-on, or taking numbers. More like an Insanity gym than a rite of fertility. In that dance club that wasn’t at all about sexuality, regulars learned that this thinking wasn’t within the culture of the situation.

If someone couldn’t accommodate that, they were banished in place. Learn or leave. It was about people who liked to dance, not slow. Because it wasn’t debased by fertility and animistic mating rituals, like singing with your body, it was it’s own pure unsullied asexual experience.

Idolatry of External Beauty

The greater underlying iceberg of injustice is the judgmentalism of women’s appearance in obeisance to the deity of beauty that’s resulted in nose jobs augmentations Botox collagen injections eating disorders, that plastic surgery cosmetics and fashion industries rely on by marketing.

Beauty Is Within

Reality is that inner beauty and intelligence, commitment to looking to HaShem with a pure considerate heart are what constitutes beauty. The idolatries we’ve abided in the larger culture are direct assaults on the well-being of women that are related and as serious as immodesty because they’re cultural impositions of two sides of the same coin of dominion over women.

Imposing modesty without addressing context is man-as deity. As I’m standing for women to be free to choose to be modest, I have to stand that they be free from the marketing whose raison d’être is to sell them on superficial inadequacies.

Reject the Deities of Beauty and Sexuality

My made up from nothing is that when women are able to throw off the shackles of sexualization, and the deities of beauty and youth that crassly serve some Putting Food on that Table, they’ll be free to choose to be modest. Free to love themselves without having to wear a Burqa that covers her Eyebrows or get eyelash extensions to match her hair extensions.

Everybody wants to be appreciated for who they are, cellulite sags bags wrinkles and all. Inner beauty by looking to HaShem will be elevated in the wider culture in mutual, yes equal consideration despite differences in roles, as we serve as holy priests standing for modesty both within and without.

Why Separate Some Activities

I’m backward to some in that I don’t believe congregations should be mixed in services – I’m Orthodox.

My reason is that in opening our souls to Him, the risk is greater of distracted thoughts polluting. I appreciate that hearing a woman singing is more difficult that seeing Eyebrows. Can be dangerous territory.

But I have to look at myself if I react to seeing Eyebrows in a secular integrated setting. Or see sexuality in a beautiful voice in a secular setting.

The assumption that a man’s beautiful voice in a secular setting doesn’t call the spirit as a woman’s is by convention.

I’m extremely uncomfortable with public displays of affection. Public touching and sexual innuendo as a way of being are as inappropriate, immodest. I’m not arguing for public nudity or immodesty.

The Soul of the Culture

Jewish Muslim womenWomen are the real and original peacemakers, accepting ‘them’ as human through time. Women are the soul of the culture. It may seem that it’s a man’s world, and for men-as deity, that’s true. But women are the foundational leaders of the culture. Teach their sons to respect their fathers and from mother’s milk have children know who they are as they develops an identity separate from her. Teaching him to respect and learn from his father, gives over their soul of eternity to the father. They see the man in their sons he doesn’t know he can be.

They’re not to be discounted or taken for granted. We can better hear them without the imposition of man-as deity.

Picking Fruit

In modernity, they choose men as winners and losers, pick who’s genes go on since before we were human.

Western cultures don’t know how to pick fruit, romantic fantasy a weak foundation, but it’s feedback when daughters choose yetzer haTov outside the group.

Choose Looking as a Holy Priest


What is this like? I got in the only line at a store and two young women were in front of me in their short-shorts. I might have looked rather odd standing there with my back turned, and backing up to the counter as the line moved. I had no animus toward them. They were perfectly within their rights to be dressed as they were, and it was my free choice not to look. As they will have the free choice to be modest in the future.

I’d have been grateful had they been dressed modestly, but if I find someone’s dress too revealing, I just don’t look. If too uncomfortable, I’ll just leave and come back later.

I reject the debased sexualization of cultures that hold women with all the responsibility with men having none as unjust. Rather, we will become progressively more modest as we grow toward unity in looking to HaShem, rather than less.

To choose not to look at Eyebrows that way in Awe of HaShem.