Dualism in Continuity of Time Is (Almost) Absolute

With No Absolutes in the Unity, Continuity is the (almost) absolute within the Unity, the almost by ever-changing in the progress of Time. As long as there’s a future, continuity is never an absolute, only the past has been perfected. We face history, our backs to an unseen future, while relying on the rear-view mirror of beliefs, not facts.

The intellectual cognitive state of mind, as history, is in the realm of the physical as facts are amenable to empiricism. Actions from Free Will are not physically predictable but psychological – the psyche operates in conditionally valued beliefs that cannot be proved. However, values reflect what is actually done. The here and Now-present forces choices from Free Will into an unknown future. Beliefs are abstractions that require valuation in a totality that results in the action that moves the abstract to concrete – potential to kinetic – future in Now-present to past. Beliefs cannot be Absolute as in the Both True and Not True of (almost) Perfect Faith.

The idealized abstraction as belief is made concrete by actions in the Now-present. The individuated mind-body-psyche Space is in continuous transit as a discretely finite Space as well a relational component of an (almost) infinite composite Space continuously becoming. Interactionism is both within the individual Space as well as in relation to dualities in continuity with the progress of Time into an unknown future informed by the psyche as valuated beliefs. In the decision-making process, intellect is applied up to the moment of action that may gather all the facts available, but at the moment of execution, those facts cannot be absolute albeit as informed as possible. The dualism of an individuated Consciousness Space and the external composite-consciousness Space interaction is such that both are under continuous becoming with respect to each other. The composite as the individuated Space consciousness is evolving and not static.

Free Will: Roles of Souls In Continuity

The Role of the Soul in Free Will is beyond physical laws of inanimate objects, just as The Absolute-Unity is beyond Beyond and the future beyond the Now-present. The future outcome of interactions with other people with Free Will is even more unpredictable than of an individual. Beliefs operating in the context of the unknown conceives expectations that are to a lesser or greater degree relative to knowability. Stepping off a cliff will logically lead to an expectation of a hard landing, while trusting the Free Will of another person or group of persons is fraught with uncertainty.

Results of interactions with the Free Will of others can’t be predicted with physics, a reason that fundamental to most religions are how to deal with ‘Us’ versus ‘Them.’ That ties to an expectation of trustworthiness so that the teleological from pre-history of organized religion traditionally functions to reify the expectation of trust within the ‘Us.’ To transition from uncertainty to an as-though physical reliability as a step onto solid ground. In modernity, the ‘religious’ in-common understanding and behavioral expectation has been in secularism transformed to individual psychological into an

A choice from Free Will may be simply to do what’s told. Or to or not to step over a cliff. Or do nothing. Regardless of the choice, the Now-present cannot be recovered and is then in the realm of the physical past as history rather than spiritual. The soul isn’t imprisoned in the body, but is the divine ‘In-the-Image’ Form of Free Will with life as an opportunity to choose a Role of the Soul. The mind in a context of facts operates in intellect, and in a context of uncertainty operates in beliefs. Potential as an abstraction while considering an action and kinetic when acting that then becomes a concrete Absolute as history.

Politics is an actualized religious expression that reflects a Role of the Soul. The old-South incessantly talks about ‘religion’ and ‘values,’ but their antipathy for lives other than their own beyond opportunities to prey is reflected in their actions: Enchanted with the idea of ‘hurting them more.’ Cheering the idea of people dying from lack of healthcare. Attracted by disagreement with the idea that the poor have a ‘right to eat.’ Regardless of any smiling while condescending pronouncements of Platonic virtues of the simpler for the simplest, taking food out of the mouths of the poor is a different subjective experience in values for the old-South Amalekite than the Compassionate.

The Holding Dominion old-South will only try to reify what they think reality should be with no compassion for anyone but themselves, while those with Compassion for All Suffering strive to understand what reality is while Searching for the Good. In both cases, the actions become absolute past as historical facts in the movement of time. Beliefs are applied in the context of relative values. ‘Good’ for an old-South only-for-oneself Amalekite is of a different Form than egalitarian Justice from The Divine Torah.

Dualism of Intellect and Psyche

The soul as psyche cannot be proved; is psychological. Action from Free Will is always executed in the uncertainty of valued beliefs, that then oscillates back into a mode of the intellectual as a historical past as empirical as though physical concrete. The soul-psyche isn’t ‘intellect’ in the sense used in Western philosophy. The standard philosophical discourse conflates the mind as intellect logos to psyche when thoughts and ‘logic’ are not causal but results.

Pure math is the highest realm of philosophy. My cosmological philosophy is the same as it was when I was seven years old; that there’s the mental psycheual and physical. The first time I wrote The Absolute-Unity and Unity, I was focused on trying to draw parallels to Western philosophy to the Movement of the psyche that don’t exist. While terminologies intersect in analogies and metaphors, intellect and soul-psyche as psyche are distinct qualities. Are differing ‘substances’ that primarily exist in differing dimensions of Time that intersect for action in a Space of the mind. That based upon the simultaneous modes of intellectual consideration of facts that include continuous tracking of changes in the internal and external fact package as future becomes past that’s applied in beliefs with a correlation to an external reality by application of values.

The soul-psyche is in spiritual Continuity to The Absolute-Unity as our feet stand on physical ground, the intellectual in consciousness of both. As long as there’s a future in uncertainty, there’s belief. Facts can be proved, and beliefs cannot. Facts are a perfected understanding of the inanimate, including the historical past. The past perfected as fact is in the realm of the physical, amenable to empirical proof. Is of the mind’s consciousness of physically standing upright, or history or what’s understood as a belief. Intellect operates in facts whereas the realm of uncertainty relies upon beliefs and values.

Beliefs are speculative expectations of what’s going to become from animate Free Will. Logic – philosophy, as math, can do no more than describe; is especially unreliable in predicting human behavior in Free Will. In parallel, psychology can do no more than create consciousness of motives expressed in actions from Free Will. There are degrees of logical analysis, but actions always arise out of valuated beliefs. Philosophy predicated upon intellect – thinking as an absolute always crumbles in the face of the uncertainty of the future. Beliefs are always scaled by valuations.

Soul-Psyche Consciousness in (Almost) Non-existent Now-Present

The soul-psyche is a resonant wave of Consciousness by Continuity to the Beyond in the ephemeral Now-present Time in-common to Not a Thing. How long is that expanse of the ephemeral transient infinitive between future and past? This Time exists beyond existence. The issue isn’t mind-body, but psyche-mind or soul-mind. The mind is the repository of the intellectual as empirical understanding, but the soul-psyche operates into the unknown in beliefs.

Dualism of consciousness of the mind in Time is as physical with respect to the perfected past as facts and spiritual in the employment of beliefs into an ever-changing imperfect unknowable future. The temporal modes of Now-present-future-past correspond to belief-fact with the Now-present as the ongoing consciousness Space that’s the intersection of the two: intellect and psyche. Actions are ultimately decided in some degree of uncertainty as long as there is life.

Because beliefs are abstractions that cannot be proved, organized religions attempt to instantiate a system of Should and Ought beliefs into treatment as though fact. Religion-psychology driven by improvable beliefs run in parallel and intersection with an ever-changing reality. The perspectivality is temporal, both in the decision-making present as well as the simultaneous decision as having been made past. Here, static predicate property substance dualism ontology is sublimated in the potential to kinetic movement through individuated and composite Spaces and future-Now-present-past Time.

Physical and intellectual consciousness is the empirical as though physical Space, where the virtually non-existent Time between the known past and unknowable as uncertainty of the future is a non-existent wave in becoming. The present, the here and Now, doesn’t exist. However, we all have Perfect Faith that there is a Now; that isn’t the future or the past, is not a thing. That knowing the Now-present is the essence of the soul-psyche. This inference in Time is the in-common as intersection with the Beyond. In the approach toward infinitesimal brevity an expanse of being in no thing results. In the nothingness of a non-existent transitive is the approach to infinity. All by the singular metaphysical principle of dualism in Continuity.

Intellect in the concrete as history and empiricism is applied as available up to the moment of action, but the soul-psyche acts existentially from belief. Facts alone cannot be absolute in the face of uncertainty albeit as informed as possible. Psychology is the Free Will in operation, the machinery of actualizing the belief system in moment-to-moment interactions that are not wholly dependent upon facts. The term is rooted in belief in the ability to comprehend and affect behavior beyond external directives. There is no math or physics for determining the future in individual Free Will, regardless of probability. Religion is the context of group psyche as psychology has been rooted in modern Individualism that has supplanted group psyche in the Form of religion.

The hallmark of psychological disturbance is either an inability to perceive reality or behave – act consistent with reality. In the best case, the greater the degree of uncertainty, the more the degree of reliance upon belief in comparison to fact. If the reliability of the package of facts is high, that stepping off the cliff will result in a hard landing, the fact comports with the belief. If Free Will of other people, or next season’s agricultural weather effects on crop production is involved, there is great uncertainty albeit hope and faith. That intersects with worshipping men as deities, the sun and rain in supplication.

Dualism Wave Theory of Future-Past Modal Consciousness

The future unknowable, the modes of dualism of temporal consciousness are the past and evolving Now-present that is transitive toward a non-existent infinitive within which exists the soul-psyche — in an ephemeral moment of Time. The individuated mind-psyche-body Space is acting in psychological belief into an unknowable future. The passage of an ephemeral moment of Time transforms the Now-present into the past, along with any actions (or inactions). That’s a movement from potential-abstraction in belief at the moment of kinetic action into a concrete past composite internal-external history-physical Space.

Immediately upon passage of that ephemeral moment, of action or inaction in the Now-present, the history of that moment becomes concrete as though physical and amenable to empirical analysis. That past then becomes part of the fact package, in a Now-present continuously becoming the past into a future that’s forever beyond absolute knowledge. Consciousness is that ephemeral bi-modal wave of the Now-present becoming the past.

The mind is forever racing back and forth to keep up with the ever-incipient future unknown becoming past. The oscillation of consciousness between an ever-evolving past to Now-present creates consciousness as a wave in Form. An analogy to illustrate this concept if proprioception and accommodation.

The brain integrates information from proprioception and from the vestibular system system into its overall sense of body position, movement, and acceleration.

Where in this case, the principle is that the ‘conscious’ entity vascilates between apperception of the as-though physical concrete fact package and beliefs in abstraction. So that physicality in the expanded sense of amenable to empiricism that may include history mathematical calculations or any other provable fact as empirical apperception, and the psycheual that is the domain of that which cannot be proved is the transcendental apperception

Physics and empiricism are applicable to the concrete, while beliefs are the realm of the abstract and unknown. This wave theory of future-past modal consciousness doesn’t purport an association with brainwaves in a simplistic way though that may or may not relate, but to identify an existential dualism by the necessity of the empirical standing in uncertainty.  The expanse of the Time between future and past approaches an infinity of existential nothingness in the Now-present. The psyche with intellect Space of consciousness within that time is as vast in a dualism with the Now-present beyond.

Bundle Dualism of Internal-External Beliefs-Values

The dualism of beliefs and values is the interface of the internal Space to external Space. While above, I conflate beliefs and values, that conflated abstraction differentiates here along similar lines as beliefs are idealized abstractions that are treated as concrete Absolutes and exist in the realm of the empirical as physical perfect past. A belief has potential in a stationary definition in a naming convention. Values are kinetic by mobility in relativity. Values scale, beliefs do not.

Values are reflected in what is actually done, regardless of purported beliefs. The reason that since 1973 I’ve defined religion as the reality of what is done (within the Now-present Time of execution). Perfect Faith and Atheism are treated as Absolutes when the existential reality with No Absolutes in the Unity is that everyone is Agnostic to one degree or another. That being variable within a day is the reason religions encourage daily religious activities. One may ‘believe’ in Unit Cohesion as an idealized abstraction but in application of valuation, that may range from an unconditional Absolute to a ‘deal-breaking’ Fault Line that’s simply a better offer.

Beliefs have the potential to be value-neutral but the application of beliefs is in the context of weighted values at the time of execution. One may believe in deities or being ‘good,’ but the ‘so that’ valuation for implementation is another matter altogether.

In this paradigm, values are explicitly defined as in a societal context with respect to the soul-psyche in Free Will, not in the value of using a certain bait to catch the bigger fish. Spiritually, there is no individual soul as self independent of others. Personal identity as ‘privileged access’ consciousness is always in a social context, from the umbilical phase of the toddler to a society of peers. The soul-psyche operates in beliefs that cannot be proved in conjunction with facts that can in a continuity of individual chi with the external higher levels of reality Space of community chi levels of reality heavens, and The Absolute-Unity.

The dualism of beliefs and values is the difference in nouns and verbs. Values are existentially relative while beliefs are idealized abstractions that are employed as though factual. In complexity, the value system is the determinate of weighting of beliefs, particularly in the juxtaposition of conflicting rules. Believes in Human Rights but not for ‘Them.’ Metareligions and Pecking Orders are inherently implementations of valuation differentials.

The Fourth Dimension: Parallels and Intersections

The individuated-internal mind-body-psyche soul-consciousness Space is relational in valuations to external perceptual-physical-psycheual consciousness Space reality within the real-Time Now-present Space of the future becoming past. The future-past of the individuated and external as composite Spaces intersect in four dimensions: physical-ephemeral and individual-composite.

The soldier believes in staying alive, but also believes in protecting and giving aid to her Unit. Doing the job within reason in the face of danger is the expectation, when ‘above and beyond’ is going Beyond that expectation into a relative devaluation of personal safety. Until that moment in the Now-present of the execution, the belief is a potential that upon action becomes an absolute in the kinetic history of the moment.

The soldier is intellectually aware of danger, as well as the mission, and executes ultimately based upon values, the twin sister of beliefs, ‘without thinking.’ Action always reflect values whereas beliefs are as trees rooted in the land. Won’t go anywhere unless dug up burned down or die naturally by settlers. However values are the context of transcending the self and going beyond. Values live in the kinetic of concrete actions. So often the hero says, ‘I was doing my job.’ The fourth and transcendental dimension is operating in the Beyond in Perfect Faith.

Values: Religion Is What Is Done

Values are not terminological constructs that are as often propaganda as not, values are the kinetic what is done with intentionality measured purely in the concrete. That’s the context of my consistent definition from 1973 that religion is what is done and not what is advertised as motive or intent, even to oneself.

Both beliefs and values are cognitively interdependent, but psychology clearly drives behaviors without respect to dictates of intellect — as the normal case. The soldier is trained to a personality, a psychology that will do the logically nonsensical, and put aside personal danger in a valued Unit Cohesion and get their job done. That in the face of no stronger urge of the living but to stay alive. That is an ordering of values, in the same fashion that religions are about establishing Should and Ought values. Ought not be overly attached to things as personal aggrandisement.

The soul-mind dualism is of beliefs and facts, then at the point of decision, values in a social context are applied to beliefs. Ideally with knowledge unto wisdom as having all the facts aids intellect. The choice of action in conjunction with available facts is within the infinitesimal Space of the present being driven at the point of execution in the infinite expanse of beliefs with valuations that becomes a historical absolute as past.

The Shekhinah Is Heightened Spiritual Consciousness of Associations

There’s no proof of The Absolute-Unity, soul-psyche, or the shekhinah and no point in intellectual baton twirling as though there is. The shekhinah and what’s understood as soul-psyche are on a continuum of awareness all substantiated here by the simple principle of Dualism in Continuity.

As with levels of reality, there are greater and lesser levels of consciousness – to each understanding and the shekhinah is a heightened state of consciousness of associations in continuity to beyond reality. As beliefs are beyond perfected facts into the unknown, the shekhinah is resonance as wave amplification of the soul-psyche as wave to a higher state of psycheual awareness. Sometimes there’s insight into the higher levels of reality in the beyond. In this cosmological philosophy, the shekhinah arises out of Doing the Right Thing by resonance in the ‘heat of the moment,’ and not in cold intellectual logical calculation.

As levels of reality, there are differing degrees of spiritual awareness in a remembered past as well as an uncertain future that’s beyond ‘ordinary’ experience. A ‘revelation’ in the shekhinah is becoming conscious of a pre-existing condition by continuity of the soul-psyche into an ever-changing imperfect unknowable future. That consciousness is then concrete in the historical past.

Revelations from the shekhinah – creating a belief that cannot be proved from unknown beyond, is both dangerous and unreliable in interpretations that cannot be proved; are as often illogical as not. As I was in 1973 to believe that family is genetic blood when values are the glue from Awe.

A Clarence Thomas revelation in Ayn Rand awakening to Calhoun Calvinist idolatry of power money might with ‘freedom’ defined as compassion only for oneself is another’s call to Baal Shem Tov freedom from fear to an ability to have Compassion for All Suffering. The Role of the Soul chosen from within, there isn’t an in-common understanding between the Heart of Darkness as ignorance and those ever-returning to the Light except intersection in dualism with a parallel in opposition. Both with (almost) absolute certainty of their interpreted meaning of the Search for the Good.

Out-of-body consciousness experiences are real but dangerous as referenced in the Music of the Spheres as a form of Causality, as is any attempt to employ the shekhinah toward selfish purposes. Nevertheless, by this absolute certainty, the soul-psyche that resonates in the shekhinah is immortal in more than one level of reality. The heightened spiritual awareness of the shekhinah is a knowing like the perfected past, that though a belief that Ain’t Necessarily So is experienced as a historical fact. That is as my certainty of The Absolute-Unity the soul-psyche and the import of the shekhinah.

Who can say that the intellectual conceptualization of Dualism in Continuity of Time was the opening for the shekhinah or result? Absolutely, the shekhinah moved the abstraction to the concrete. That more than anything is the import of a higher spiritual consciousness, changing the existential reality. There are those who contend that the shekhinah is physical or neurological, predicated upon fantasy and irrelevant to reality. Might contend that all can be explained by physiological and anatomical physicality. That may be the case although there’s no disputing the phenomenon.

However, there’s no need for the soul-psyche and intellect to be characterized as separate ‘substances’ in a metaphysical sense in that the pre-existing ‘physical’ machinery is accountable as cerebral to limbic etc. Neurological doesn’t establish or preclude metaphysical as though a quasi-monist either-or one in distinction to the other. Nor is there a possibility of proving that the physiological system interacts with the metaphysical because of the existential beyond.

Bundle Dualism: Unity by Continuity of the Now-present to Not a Thing

The existential Dualisms in Continuity conclusions as belief that cannot be proved extends in all dimensions future-past individual-composite intellect-psyche facts-beliefs beliefs-values Now-beyond.

For existential deontic dualisms of the Now-present infinitely approaching a non-existent beyond in continuity with the future-past that is experienced continuously by the individual by Free Will with intellectual consideration of an ever-changing fact-package in potential for a Role of the Soul-psyche to ultimately become kinetic by creating a reality that may be the Good from beliefs that are idealized abstractions with weighted valuations that associate concretely to both the individual and composite external that’s in continuity to the community higher levels of reality heavens and ultimately to The Absolute-Unity that is Not a Thing that created the Now-present. That within the space of infinitesimal Now-present Time is, by that same principle of Dualism in Continuity, an expanse of infinite Time — in a Space of infinitesimal Time to infinite Time (almost) with No Absolute in the Unity.

This metaphysical cosmological philosophy is naturally multi-dimensional and not simplistically a citing of dualism but recognition of a logistic existential totality. Here, duality, continuity and time are the ‘mysterious substances.’ Unlike the tendency to imagine that aliens with poofy hair told the ancient natives everything, I’ve made it up from nothing that a spiritual collaboration has occurred worldwide in the expanse of time.

Deities are always abstractions whether persona or philosophic ideal raised as though an absolute in value as though true, the personas themselves being idealized abstractions. As in philosophy the revered abstractions are idealized and idolized for some, as I do here with respect to Dualism(s) of Continuity in (almost Now-present) Time that is held here as an (almost) absolute — that is my definition of deification. In this window of infinitive, my Wandering to the shekhinah was and is merely Returning to a pre-existing consciousness in a past brought into the Now-present to Perfect Faith in a remembered though future World to Come in His Shekhinah.

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