All Life is Suffering

All Life is Suffering, and the question of this life, this existence, is who’s Suffering will receive compassion, from purely the personal self to all His creation.The Absolute-Unity is the creator of all, including religions of and from Souls of yetzer haTov, and the image of the divine in us is that we have the Free Will to act from compassion for suffering.

By Hans Bernhard

By Hans Bernhard

While most have No Ears to Hear, there are some in All Nations who are hearing His Call for Compassion. Across religions and non-religions. In the in-common understanding that as All Life is Suffering, our question, His only question, is for whom we will be compassionate. And why. For what cause?

Yetzer HaTov

Yetzer haTov is Doing the Right Thing — acting from compassion for suffering, without expectation of personal reward in this existence.

Our souls are in Motion through Time: from the animistic wolf soul that we’re Born with, to the tzaddik that is a lamb.

In primal need to survive, from that first breath, we have hard-wired self-compassion, are purely motivated by the personal self. Compassion is only with respect to the need for re-assuring pleasure and to avoid suffering, as in hunger in the context of self-survival. Instinctually supplicating for its caregiver’s, a mother’s smile. Submissive behavior crying or keening from infancy is a supplication for Compassion that’s instinctual in all animals. [That the wolf-soul old-South carries forward as loyalty to Federalist authoritarianism as parent in modernity, for it’s mother’s smile.]

Kannon - Bodhisattva of Compassion

Kannon – Bodhisattva of Compassion

Later, from the unity of self with the mother that characterizes the earliest phase of child development – oral, through experiential sharing with the co-identity – rapprochement, to an individuation of self out of the ‘no’ phase – anal. Later, through the transitioning from purely personal self to identifying with family to peers to community to culture to Nation and higher in an integration of the perception of self to other attachments. This primal pack-animal motive to Associate for survival expansion of the self in Compassion is always under construction. Even in Heaven until the World to Come. Of selflessness.

Always with Compassion for something, even if purely the personal self, some learn to have Compassion for an ever-widening Them. That is hybridized to the personal self for an expanding Us. Often termed as ‘love’ for our immediate family, extended family, clan. tribe, nation, ethnic group, those who speak our language, share our interests and goals, allies in survival. In the neoplatonic paradigm of Six Degrees, 1 – self 2 – immediate family 3 – extended family 4 – community  5 – Nation 6 – All His creation. Seven, Compassion for The One Absolute-Unity.

A seemingly paradoxical concept is Compassion for HaShem — what He wants that we know by His Prophets. Surely, there’s no anthropomorphic context of The One Absolute-Unity needing any of created things. In our self that reaches into Heaven we know that there is His need for us to be Compassionate. If I am listening, I can’t help but hear that my prime directive is Compassion. For me, that’s in the specific terminal context of the World to Come, the wolf dwelling with the lamb. Being a lamb.

The character of these attachments is willingness to sublimate personal pleasure and pain — suffering, to this hybridized self in a progression toward the beyond, that at it’s highest expression is by Awe of HaShem is purely operating For the Sake of Heaven. Most are neither purely for their personal self nor for Heaven. Holiness isn’t an absolute, but on a progression to His beyond.

th_WolfSnarlOn the Other Hand is Self-Preservation

There’s the valid and human need for self-preservation — to survive.

Abel Magwitch may have handsomely repaid Pip’s kindness in Dicken’s Great Expectations, but rarely is such a hunted fugitive, or the Jean Val Jean of Hugo’s Les Misérables, the beneficiary of Bishop Myriel’s Loving Kindness, able to return. Les Misérables was the first ‘adult’ book I read as a child, dictionary by my side. To then read it again, knowing the words for messages that resonate with Souls of yetzer haTov, while the Amalekite has No Ears to Hear.

Dada had a practice of giving whatever I had to juvenile delinquents, my first car, a 55 Chevy, later my 64 Chevy, the first bike I built by dragging a wagon around and picking up glass soda-pop bottles to be redeemed at two cents a pop, whatever, you name it. Aside from his The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away perception of himself as deity, is that apparently someone, a Bishop Myriel showed him some Loving Kindness, that he attributed to his redemption to become the father who stayed.

What he missed most in his life, a father who stayed rather than Abandoned, was something I had better than a bike or car. So he gifted whatever I had as his candlesticks in a forced giving to the undeserving. Who smirked at me while laughing at him behind his back. Despite my supplications to end his folly, he never changed from the blind faith that one of them in an constellation of irredeemable trash would be redeemed as he was, by an act of Loving Kindness for the wretched – undeserving. Prospecting for diamonds in the rough. Perhaps he did make a difference for some, one of Them.

While Dada was busy healing the world of juvenile delinquents, he refused to give at home including a kind word, forget affection — his grand gift being the father that stayed; except for beatings for no reason and a policy of taking to create a Great Depression of poverty as character-building. Perhaps his idea of character-building was to be moulded by the Great Depression and the idea that had his father stayed, and beat him for no reason, he wouldn’t have needed to be saved by Bishop Myriel’s candlesticks.

Nobody knows tomorrow, and today, with rise of the Ronald Reagan’s Antipathy as Virtue, the ascendancy of yetzer hara in malignant say-do-whatever Kali Yuga greed in the at-large culture is a black hole that strives to destroy, consume all the space for Compassion. For Loving Kindness

Amalekites Reject Compassion

Bobby JindalAmalekites are people and cultures that have no Compassion for any Suffering beyond their own. The old-South Federalist does nothing without a quid pro quo expectation of return on investment, for profit. Murderous hearts are routinely perceiving themselves in their forced taking to be righting some real or imaginary injustice. Taking the candlesticks, for Justice.

There’s no possibility of Compassion, of Loving Kindness that doesn’t directly reflect back to their narrow self interest. Even the good they do is necessarily with an expectation of personal reward, for the adulation of others, ‘good business.’ Compassion is weakness. Caring is a Fault. The weak and infirm at the back of the pack should be preyed upon, Just the Way it is. The wolf soul at peace in its pack of predators is their highest possibility of development.

Through time, in agricultural societies in times of scarcity, female offspring were placed on Spartan stones because they were deemed not only less productive to the self-interests of the parents – group, but also a risk of conflicts without the compensation of a farm hand. That carries forward today in an insensate misogynist caste system that maintains the canard that men have more value.

In their context, ‘religion’ is but a tool of deciding who is Us and who is Them to use ‘niggerniggerniggercode-words to rally the pack to attack. Their say-do-whatever absolved by ablutions rationale du jour or wafers causes immense suffering to others, for profit, to get to Heaven or Paradise, for the just cause. They don’t murder, blow themselves up, keep a finger on the scale of commerce or justice, or commit genocide for the benefit of mankind, but for their own calculated selfish reward. While marketing themselves as altruistic, or righteous – good for making business. Repairs lost self-esteem. Compassion (for themselves) devoid of Awe.

Quid Pro Quo

Roman SoldierThe Roman soldier went to his death with Faith that his family will have provisions. The Roman practice of dispatching juvenile delinquents was not only in honor of the society, but preservation of the family as well. Dysfunctional family members routinely ruin entire families, as those with addicted family members can attest. Even if that person who is mentally ill or addicted dies or is cut off, there remains a wound as thread in consciousness. Ongoing damages, consequential.

Spartans viewed the imperfect frail or infirm as deleterious to self-preservation. Fast-forward to today when many families are brought down by having a member who is mentally ill, in the Criminal Injustice System, or infirm in this new Sparta that is the United States of Ares. Who’s ‘defense’ expenditures are an Imperial enterprise that’s Too Big to Fail, bankrupting the nation both economically and morally.

The donor who designates their largess, or as is the custom in the desert wilderness to inquire ‘Have you been saved?’ in the qualifying interview is stipulating a condition. To get that Salvation where the concept of self is understood as narrowly as possible, you not only need to be ‘saved,’ you also need nepotism-cronyism connections in family first. You’re not donating to the needy as in the corner of the field left unharvested for the stranger, you’re donating to the for-familyprofit business of those donation farmers. And not the Army of cotton-pickers employed for a bowl of soup to ring the bell. Donations may be dispensed at a high rate, but to whom? Us first.

Ares - Greek god of war

Ares – Greek god of war

The donor who gives to get their revered name on the wall or hospital has done good, but the anonymous donor who gives without expectation of recognition in this world is in the spirit of leaving a corner of the field for any stranger that is in need. Notice that if a person is known, justice, tzedakah doesn’t need to wait for the harvest. The highest mitzvah is for anonymous, selfless Compassion in Awe.

From the natural tension of preservation of the self versus Compassion for the stranger is the interface to faith.

Leaving a Share

As partnerships are a necessity of human survival, Compassion for the stranger is beyond self-compassion.

Leaving of a share in the field for whatever stranger comes in need blind of judgment tzedakah is the ultimate Loving Kindness, distinct from harvesting it all and gifting based upon judged merit or potential for self-profit. Perhaps a simpler time before tax deductions, but this premise of Compassion for the Suffering of the stranger, who may or may not be deserving is a doing the right thing without expectation of reward in this existence, this lifetime, in this world; is His fundamental expectation of my Awe. The good Samaritan.

Compassion and Faith

I don’t have faith if I Do the Right Thing, ‘It’ll be alright,’ that I won’t suffer. I know I Will. Routinely, a pearl has been cast before Dada’s swine. Nevertheless, in my Iron Maiden of a Great Depression of poverty, any setback of severe consequence, Down Here on the Ground, I Will. Be Compassionate.

Faith is being Compelled by Awe



My idea of Faith is a compunction, not an idea or a feeling. It’s poorly calculated. Ill-considered. In the moment. It isn’t the belief in say-do-whatever and say sorry later, it’s acting from Awe not from time to time, or even moment to moment, but in the continuous Now.

The low-income mother who decides to bear her child today, distinct from the times of welfare-rewarded breeders, rather than having an abortion despite the hardships she knows she will have to endure for this stranger, is a decision to act from Compassion rooted in a Faith that ‘It’s going to be alright.’ And, if it isn’t, His Will be done. That’s different from the affluent ‘single-mother,’ or with political ambitions and an entourage playing at pro-life with faith in her entourage. Or the billionaire investing millions in an election compared to the hand-to mouth poor that sends five dollars. It’s the being at risk that makes it Faith.

On the lie Plantation, these kinds of impulses are anathema. And from Reagan’s holy pilgrimage to sanctify Murder in Philadelphia, Mississippi, this existence has been led by the greatest nation on earth against care, in opposition to Compassion in the ascendancy of the old-South Federalist Party of justifications for Hate to deny Compassion — from their Duty to Judge: “Have you been saved?” Now, we’ll send a drone to save you — with Compassion.

Because the world has been both increasing in awareness of yetzer hara, and devolving from the barriers that make a formerly ineligible-for-Compassion collectivized Them to now being recognized as having an Us within Them, for whom we are Free to have Compassion, the convenient black and white of collectivization is cracking.

At the same time, the forces in pursuit of a purely selfish existence of their pack in this world only increase in fervor because their premise of survival is the conventional wisdom of the wolf eating the lamb, the strong preying upon the weak. This is a clash within civilizations, not of. Our ability to be Compassionate is being challenged at every moment, in ways both obvious and obscure. Decimate that trouble-maker middle class, and crush them in their poverty. In times of hardship, scarcity will create ‘hard choices,’ to deny Compassion. Infanticide and infant mortality skyrocket as direct measures of loss of Compassion. To Murder yetzer haTov, to slay Faith

The Mote in My Own Eye

platoIn My Solitude, as the son who was thrown out in firm rejection of the man as if addendum, without a mentor in this world, I’ve made Martin Buber and Abraham Heschel my mentors, my angels. I take everything they have said very seriously. Orthodoxy interpreted as rooted in Platonic Stoicism is as unreliable as mental and physical without the spiritual, without Kavanah. The way I listen to the Compassionate is a from and to whom I should be Compassionate.

In The Way of Man: Ten Rungs, Buber talks about having Compassion for the wicked. I’m not there yet. My attitude toward them is that of blotting out their name. I refuse to listen to anything Republicans or their ilk have to say. As though they haven’t stood in  silent acquiescence, in collusion with the thirty-year ‘niggerniggernigger‘ old-Southern Strategy and are not dung-coated themselves from the inside out through their pores as a result.

For the MSNBC Fool’s Errand of trying to rehabilitate as credible these the so-called ‘moderates.’  To me, they are fixed in time and space by the self-confession of calling themselves Republicans. Who stood by their Big Tent of Hate for the past thirty years while Compassion was and is being tortured on the old-South’s rack.

Common Sense

Common Sense

I’ve made it up from Nothing that Semites will unite, so I read the Quran and found a lot in common. I was also impressed with the ‘the Jews this and the Jews that‘ sting of rejection cut into stone, lumping us with pagans. Then a couple phrases later, there would be a ‘some from all will find their way’ to what I call the World to Come. So I don’t reject it as holy, and it’s certainly prophetic; it’s just not holy to me in that I don’t feel compelled to accept in whole cloth whatever is said there, or that I’m a pagan.

What I accept as true, like everything else is from the Shekhinah within my own Soul. That will always try to be compassionate except for the hateful, so I’ve resolved that as the Us that is within Them. Our books-in-common are about the Call to Compassion. Loving Kindness. Ever merciful.

The Call to Compassion

The Call to Compassion

The Call to Compassion

I also realized that despite the Pauline Trinitarian addendum having severe doctrinal conflicts with the pagan intersessional dogmatic overlay, creating justifications to say-do-whatever as long as ‘believing‘ within souls of yetzer hara with No Ears to Hear, while the Souls of yetzer haTov are hearing the Call to Compassion — in the same. I won’t be badgered by fear into denying that there’s a Them within Us that will twist anything and everything to the Conventional Wisdom of selfish interest that’s dismissive of Awe, to justify.

An ironic source of this commonality arose from the discourse from an avatar of the Atheism religion by saying that if the Sermon on the Mount message of the addendum avatar were the foundation of their dogma, the Call to Compassion would have a different presentation.

Along with being a reincarnation of Lord Krishna, the addendum avatar has found his place of credibility in religions from The Divine Torah within Islam, another irony. The premise of faith in the addendum avatar can be either interpreted with the emphasis, underlining and highlighting the Call to Compassion for all, or alternatively can be as the old-South that lives in judgement of who is worthy of Compassion and who isn’t as the wolf-pack trolling for targets of opportunity.

Each soul, in all Nations, chooses from within, in Free Will. That is His image.

That closes the loop to the unified theory of religion I’d sought in 1973 when I stopped in interpretation at 2 – immediate family, that was not beyond.

The Meaning of Life: Light to All the Nations

Have Compassion. The difference in Chosen is that the requirement, the duty is to have Compassion for All His creation.

Zi gong (a disciple of Confucius) asked: “Is there any one word that could guide a person throughout life?”
The Master replied: “How about ‘shu’ [reciprocity]: never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself?”

Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.  – Confucius

If people regarded other people’s families in the same way that they regard their own, who then would incite their own family to attack that of another? “For one would do for others as one would do for oneself.” – Mozi

The sage has no interest of his own, but takes the interests of the people as his own. He is kind to the kind; he is also kind to the unkind: for Virtue is kind. He is faithful to the faithful; he is also faithful to the unfaithful: for Virtue is faithful.
Regard your neighbor’s gain as your own gain, and your neighbor’s loss as your own loss. –Laozi

That which you hate to be done to you, do not do to another. Ancient Egypt

One should never do that to another which one regards as injurious to one’s own self. This, in brief, is the rule of dharma. Other behavior is due to selfish desires. — BrihaspatiMahabharata

            O’ my child, make yourself the measure (for dealings) between you and others. Thus, you should desire for others what you desire for yourself and hate for others what you hate for yourself. Do not oppress as you do not like to be oppressed. Do good to others as you would like good to be done to you. Regard bad for yourself whatever you regard bad for others. Accept that (treatment) from others which you would like others to accept from you… Do not say to others what you do not like to be said to you. —Nahjul Balaghah, Letter 31

Killing a living being is killing one’s own self; showing compassion to a living being is showing compassion to oneself. He who desires his own good, should avoid causing any harm to a living being. —Suman Suttam, verse 151

That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation; go and learn. Hillel the Elder

For the question of who is the Us that is your fellow, answered by

The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as one of your citizens; you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I the LORD am your G-d. —Leviticus 19:34

For the inescapable conclusion by the Point of View from the World to Come, that there will One-State, that unless Machiavellian in violation of all we know with all citizenry equal by Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace.

Einstein is ridiculed for proposing One-State, but the truly ridiculous is the expectation that there will be an exclusivist World to Come, with some dimwitted while docile and grinning Confederate Negro servants to run the trains and deliver the mail, lambs servile to the wolves who have ‘won’ by worshipping power money might. Without Compassion for Their Suffering.

zk18Throwing Bones

Judaism is my only religion of the World to Come, that makes as an entire Nation as bodhisattvas of compassion for All His creation. With one addendum throwing a bone of divinity of the other addendum avatar for unity, while the other addendum throws a bone to Trinitarian paganism in an expansion of Us. And a new addendum that’s a 14th Principle that’s dismissive of the Suffering of our Left Behind, Arab cousins. Expediently re-defined as Amalekites – the wicked, for resisting righteous say-do-whatever herem in Manifest Destiny.

Now, secular humanism is establishing itself as a new addendum, predicated upon the Call to Compassion from the same Divine Torah, without evoking names that have been so misused and abused.

The Middle Way

This existence is all about the strong preying upon the weak, the wolf eating the lamb.

Neither my disability to lack Compassion for others, and by that, lacking Compassion for myself, nor their Amalekite disability to have Compassion for anyone but themselves are The Middle Way. Neither pacifism nor militarism marketed as defense are The Middle Way.

The World to Come isn’t The Middle Way either, is without precedent in this existence; liberation from the self for All His Creation.

If I decide that it’s expedient for me to designate, rationalize the non-Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria as Amalekites while embracing and drawing close old-South materialists who worship power money might, whose entire Meaning of Life is in their Proclivity for Xenophobia to justify dismissing His Call to Compassion for Their suffering, I am rejecting Awe of HaShem.

If I limit my Compassion for Suffering to the strong of power money might, I’m placing my Faith in my self as having the Power to Save my self, narrowly defined, as Federalist loyalists supplicate, I am rejecting Awe of HaShem.

If I reject Justice Compassion Mercy and Peace, I am rejecting Awe of HaShem.

And beyond that, I’m rejecting my own personal responsibility, of my self that is wholly sublimated, in submission as some call it, to selfless Compassion for HaShem. In my obligation as opportunity to listen to my mentor Martin Buber, I found a way to have Compassion for All of the Us within Them. Just don’t expect me to Ever Forget what Amalekites are as [addendum] Conservative Voters Boo Ron Paul’s (mention of the) ‘Golden Rule.’ That are the already-irrelevant irredeemable trash of history both past and present who reject Compassion as anathema to the Roles of their less than wolf-souls.

Excusez-moi, I still Hate haters

What is this like?

Faced with a fratricidal war, a despondent Arjuna turns to his charioteer Krishna for counsel on the battlefield. Krishna, through the course of the Gita, imparts to Arjuna wisdom, the path to devotion, and the doctrine of selfless action.

To put a long story short, I hear the words of the Compassionate, and most pressing are the words of my mentor and friend, Martin Buber, but I have a duty to oppose the forces of yetzer hara. Though dominant in this Kali Yurga, I have Perfect Faith that it is He who will prevail. The only answer to my prayers has been a terse, Don’t be scared. I remain afraid, but ride out to meet them nevertheless.

My heresy from the standard static hierarchy of souls, is the dynamic, kinetic hierarchy of responsibility of the Souls of yetzer haTov within All Nations to be in Awe. Most recognize a self-interested need to support and give Aid and Comfort to their family clan tribe community nation religion – familial associations, but our responsibility we Chose to Be Holy is to do the right thing, For the Sake of Heaven, even to the stranger. To Be a Light for the Us within Them in All the Nations through selfless action. Here, in the tradition of the elders of blessed memory, speaking truth to power, even if afraid. Destined to suffer.

It is from the unrehearsed act, the unexpected confrontation with the beyond in Compassion, that the Shekhinah explodes from an attachment in Awe to The Absolute-Unity so that nothing, not even the self comes before.

Willingness to Suffer for Compassion is the definition of a Soul of yetzer haTov — selflessness in Not a Thing. This potential from Free Will, common to All, even in Nineveh, regardless of doctrine, is the kinetic doing – the sound of Being in the Spirit of Compassion, that will move the spirit that we will create to bring the World to Come by His Shekhinah.

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