Search for the Good 

In people across cultures and religions despite differences of understanding, and make an amicable peace.

Western-Wall-03While looking, there are always historical and contemporaneous points, distant referential targets, HaShem beyond any, not a point, not a thing. In monotheism, great care is taken to emphasize that references, Jerusalem klal Yisrael Israel The Divine Torah, The Temple; are not HaShem.

Henotheism: is common to all, some more consciously than others, some embracing and some resisting lesser deities.

α>—- Ω>——-∞———-à 

 Looking Through Not At

We look through the Western Wall, not at it. In Akan African traditional religion there are traditions of worshipping, looking through an admittedly lesser accessible deity, but with an important understanding that He is beyond any thing, beyond description naming and words. The lesser revered deity is the sight but understood as not the target.

Hinduism is the same, the deity being looked through understood as not HaShem. Shinto through ancestors. Native Americans through ancestors to The Great Spirit. In my neo-Platonic dialectic terminology, The Absolute-Unity.

These have been called pagan for looking through toward, when the getting it twisted, even within ostensible monotheism, is losing sight resting sight on created things.

There is Only One

Their Koran, their prophet is not HaShem. With differences in traditions and ways to focus for looking, we are all ultimately either worshipping, looking to the same He who is beyond description words and characterization, or some thing He created.

Raising our references, our things, over theirs in condemnation as better to their lesser makes us as abominable as any worshiper of the Ba’al of power money might. I don’t have to agree with their dogma or revere any of their references to know that by existential necessity, there’s no absolute in the unity. We can’t put any thing before HaShem, even ourselves. Turnabout is not fair play in this, not fair to my beyond description that fills my soul that can’t be approached, conveyed, as a terrible Awe of HaShem.

A Greek Tragedy

Within the intellectual tragedy of the Nicene and Athanasian Creeds, conflated to a must believe in a man as if or be damned, that creates a necessity to stand in judgmental condemnation of other people as dogma; some of them are still seeing through to HaShem.

Imagining slander, I forced myself to read through the scene of the crime of men creating a hybridized thing. With the hubris to do this, what else can’t be done? They call traditional religions looking through ancestors or elevated spirits to HaShem pagan while looking at a thing of their creation themselves. No Idolatrous can meet Noahide.

They condemn and murder around the world through history, claiming divine providence, while creating themselves ‘in the image,’ to usurp. They talk against idols while making a deity with graven images in words and statues, shrouds. It’s disgusting, nauseating beyond articulation that they put HaShem and The Divine Torah in their mouths, nothing more disrespectful than equilibrating HaShem with a thing.

Avodah Zarah

This forcibly removed from Avodah Zarah is far more injurious than any looking through toward. A tradition of cavalierly trying to talk about HaShem is beyond offensive, more so than any so-called wardrobe malfunction. Once I thought the reason not to watch TV was to avoid temptations but now I think it’s to avoid getting sick from these.

Hate Isn’t a Good to Find

If this is tactless, these words pale to the disrespect of HaShem they assume as men-as deities of the righteousness of graven images.  ‘The Jews this and the Jews that’ is in both the addendum and Quran, has been seized upon by both in times.

Unite In Islamophobia

We’re rallied to the dhimmitude complaint to pretend to forget that our erstwhile man as if friends murdered us through the ages. Their old-South acceptance after 911 was to unite in Islamophobia, Birds of a Feather to flock together in hate, enemy of my enemy, while I’m still lesser on my way to burn in their hell if I still refuse.

The overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful monotheists with all the qualities of good. There are men-as deities among them damning the infidels, death to America, death to Israel. The Identity culture rooted in idolatry of racism compels demonization of them all, the same as Muslim men-as deities. As with Jefferson Davis not wanting Negroes seen as human soldiers, Muslims as human on TV undermines the premise.

Crocks proving that Islam is violent are psychologically projecting their own attributes, thoughts, and emotions to Islam, and yesterday Zionism as hungry to rule the world, while crusading with genocide. Words aren’t as much the question as what we do, for all of us.

Deifying References

Raising our sighting points to an absolute be-all end-all, deifying, our traditions and doctrines words as description and characterization loses sight. That this is integral to addendum dogma is illustrative of the issues that grow from man-made deities idols. Men-as deities holding a sword over peoples’ heads saying submit, believe this absurdity, or accept Muhammad as the last prophet, or die, then rolled into their dogma to justify.

Holding epithets of anti-Semitic and self-hating if not Islamophobic, in must believe as we say is assimilation to a man-as deity. Our tradition reminds that there are good souls of yetzer haTov in all peoples. I struggle to refrain from passing judgment as if their dogma that’s noxious to my sensibilities is their pheromonal soul, from assuming a mantle of judgment unjustly.

Convictions Must Be Just

Laws of civilization are based upon our conviction that convictions be just. Among all religions and non-religions, there are people who’re looking to HaShem, standing in yetzer tov not only for their ‘us,’ but for Justice Compassion Mercy for all mankind.

When I intellectually dialectically realized while writing The Absolute-Unity and Unity, as if I proved it to myself that there were really no words description or characterization worked to beyond, is when my Shekhinah happened. There’s no intellectual, dialectic way to make Justice out of a lie.

One Step Program

I don’t care what your conversation is today, whether you’re eating ‘skrimps’ wrapped in prosciutto dusted with matzo flour and fried in lard. I pray that we all take a step returning in our tradition of yetzer tov, even if it’s just keeping the Shabbat in your heart if you’re still working on their Saturn day before sun moon days. If only remembering that we hold HaShem in Awe as you hear both of them toss referring words around with the reverence of dead mail. Make just one nano-step on the path, no matter how weak.

We were Chosen to Search for the Good by the references w we’ve been given by The Absolute-Unity, for the spirit to move the soul of this world to the World to Come of Unity in His Shekhinah.