The Art of Perpetual War

Two-state has always been predicated upon immiscible nationalism with an assumption of the necessity of the one Holding Dominion over the other that’s led to a perpetual war of insatiable entitlement to exclusive Of For By taking in exceptionalism on the one hand and an invocation of No Justice No Peace on the other. The expectation of the neo-colonialist ability to accomplish population exchange, ‘transfer,’ with Manifest Destiny paralleling Native American removal to Feiglin right-less vassals from power money might is the hope as motive of the ‘Jewish state.’

“No long war ever profited any country: 100 victories in 100 battles is simply ridiculous. Anyone who excels in defeating his enemies triumphs before his enemy’s threats become real … the best policy is to capture the state intact; it should be destroyed only if no other options are available”.

The intent as typified by the Prawer Plan is that non-Jews are going to be relocated to enclaves and emigrated in the main:

As Palestinians continue to emigrate and Jewish immigration picks up, she (Glick) adds, “some anticipate that due almost entirely to Jewish immigration, Jews could comprise an 80 percent majority within the 1949 armistice lines and Judea and Samaria by 2035” [my emphasis]

While there are arguments concerning demographic developments, the exclusivist Of For By of the ‘Jewish state’ demigod has no egalitarian demiurge.

Perpetual War From Inception of the ‘Jewish State’

The ‘due consideration’ of perpetual war was from the inception colonialist context that the Natives were to be subjugated and/or displaced. While there’s much discussion of Arab hostility to large numbers of Jews immigrating, clearly the intent in arrogation wasn’t cooperative as has at times been advertized but to displace. That remains as the definition of Jewish self-determination today.

Regardless of tailored historiography, the 1948 reality today is that the goal of a Glick One-state is population exchange as Andrew Jackson’s Manifest Destiny of American Indian Wars of almost two-hundred years. This long-slog as siege displacement isn’t expected to be resolved within a generation or generations, but over a protracted period of time. Rejectionists of the ‘Jewish state’ will need to emigrate, and those who stay will be willing for the dhimmi subjugation as civil-right-less vassals, the Zionist ethno-theocracy replicating dhimmitude.

Waging War/The Challenge

The economy of perpetual war in a state-driven militaristic settlement enterprise has created Israel as having the highest poverty rate among developed countries. The costs on international good will of winning one demolished house and one tree uprooted at a time, is becoming a cost greater than money — so far. This protracted siege of the strong preying on the weak, the hapless protester slain every other week as a massacre of a world and atrocity of the good name of Judaism with a Chinese water torture of drip-drab delegitimization, not of the Right to Exist, but the right to unfettered Deir Yassin uncompensated taking into the Native American depth of time.

The clear intent indicated by running the hasbara Fog of War machines on high to continue limitless quasi-legal land-seizures is becoming a cost of the conflict that threatens to extend ad nauseam. As a concerned world wakes up to the post-Two-state realization that maintenance of the status quo isn’t about defense in the traditional sense of ‘security’ unless understood as an aim to prevail in terms of demographic majority at any population exchange cost. That predicated upon a lack of faith in egalitarian democracy, the same as is being cited as the inherent evil of Islamism.

Perpetual Siege Warfare

The Feiglin-as-mainstream siege endgame ‘negotiation’ is ‘Palestinian Arab’ emigration and total unconditional surrender in subjugation as ‘Jewish state’-right-less vassals in reification of a Native American removal colonialist narrative in modernity. A siege occurs when an attacker encounters a city or fortress that cannot be easily taken by a coup de main and refuses to surrender. The military blockade with the intent of conquering by attrition as well as assault, one protester house or tree at a time is obvious, but the fortress is international law.

Siege warfare is a form of constant, low-intensity conflict characterized by one party holding a strong, static defensive position. Consequently, an opportunity for negotiation between combatants is not uncommon, as proximity and fluctuating advantage can encourage diplomacy.

The ‘opportunity for (perpetual) negotiation’ is to provide a cover of plausible deniability as ‘defense’ while maintaining maximum ‘pressure (offensive) ethos’ by low-intensity in terms of negative media attention. Flying under the relativistic radar of Human Rights abuses by as long as China in Tibet, or Russia in the Ukraine, or whomever wherever is worse, the ‘Jewish state’ Right to Exist as a displacement enterprise is defensible – ‘Goodfellas.’ Antisemites will Hate ‘the Jews’ regardless, so that the Bundle of Reeds in unity is integral to the representation that any opposition is Antisemitic.

Attack by Stratagem/The Plan of Attack

The Unit-Cohesion source of strength as unity, is being undermined by virulent Attacks on any ‘quislings’ squeamish about ‘unpopular things‘ with a relativistic Strategy that attempts to justify an infinite state-sponsored militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses that’s progressively undermining the quality of Alliances that have descended to Guilty by Association with the old-South drek of Holding Dominion inhumanity.

The absurdity of BDS is that everybody knows the militaristic settlement enterprise is state-sponsored, and that it’s silly to try to target entities operating in the ‘territories’ when the state itself is the primary operator. This is the shoe waiting to drop. So far, people have been willing to look the other way and engage in antics to ‘send messages’ in support of the Two-state fantasy while resisting any significant damages to the enterprise.

The problem is that the cognitive dissonance is becoming overwhelming. How can the United States have anything to say about Crimea when the fundamental premise of land acquisition by 1967 conquest is the blatant expectation? That’s as secret as Israel’s nuclear capability.

With a ‘public relations’ Army that strives to stifle the First Amendment in Academia that, as with the old-South association, is indicative of consciousness of guilt in a paradigm wherein any discussion of Justice is banned. In a country where the Dred Scott Supreme Court holds that money is speech, the lesson here is that money can foreclose speech. As the Carnegie massacre of striking miners, the effort to silence is more damaging to credibility than anything that can be said. As with the old-South Coliseum droolers, the association is more damaging than the reality that Two-state is Game-over.

Tactical Dispositions/Positioning

The moral high ground has been lost. Among those with no affinity for Islam, who don’t see the conflict in the ‘Us’ versus ‘Them’ being promoted, as Judaism and Islam are being reduced to ‘races,’ the 19th century nationalistic premises of Dresden and Hiroshima collectivization are falling on deaf ears by appealing to the same tropes on both sides marinated in hypocrisy. The Nimzowitsch strategic position that’s dismissive of the principle of Justice proves guilt in inability to deny — just deflect and avoid.

On the one hand, there’s the driving of Judaism as a ‘race’ and Islamophobia in collectivization, and on the other is the complaint that resistance to population exchange by whatever means necessary is Antisemitic. This gradient of hypocrisy is such that the Credibility of the effort as Holy has been lost if it ever existed. Then, there’s the need to insult the world’s intelligence that the Of For By ‘Jewish state’ moniker isn’t existentially exclusive. A position that cannot be advanced safely in modernity.

While Russia seizing Crimea and China in Tibet are compatriot exemplars, the march of egalitarian history is away from specious collectivization. Kissing Cousins, the pot calling the kettle black with a crass ‘With which pot do you want to associate? when the world of genuine progressive egalitarian civilization is tired of these ugly Kind After Kind pots.

The strategic opportunities of alliance with South African Apartheid, and now the depraved old-South Pauline Calhoun Calvinists have been seized to decimate credibility. At least for me, the association with the old-South was a greater blow than the battling narratives of the ‘Palestinians’ versus ‘Us.’ When associating with a known felon, the expectation of criminality goes from potential to kinetic, removed me from the ability to Say It Isn’t So. Snatched the blinders of romantic hope clear off.

The Palestinian Authority is well-known as a kleptocracy with less concern for ‘their people’ than Israelis, but as with the associations to Hezbollah and Hamas, associating with the Calhoun old-South has done the same for Zionism. Then lo, and behold, somehow the Pauline addendum avatar has shown up as Kosher. My word!

While the Second Intifada lost the Palestinian cause in the eyes of the world, the state-sponsored militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses have lost the Israeli cause. The entire world is bone tired of the whole sorry mess, and unlike the expectation that a few more generations of encouraging population exchange are going to be tolerated, there’s a practical need to see some sort of credible endgame. That’s created opportunities for the genuine enemy.


While redirecting energy to Judea and Samaria by unilateral disengagement from Gaza was a shrewd move, tandem quasi-legal taking inside the Green Line has had a synergistic effect with the militaristic settlement enterprise across the Green Line. Were it not for the aggressive practices, legislative and otherwise, against Arabs within the Green Line, Mizrahim emigrating or assimilating to Ashkenazim, the representation that there’s anything beyond crass ethnic chauvinism would be more credible.

The creativity has been spent in relentless taking on both sides of the Green Line, with a no time like the past present and future for more taking that’s built momentum into the BDS movement. Everyone understands that there’s a distinction in a purely racial Apartheid and ethno-religious quasi-theocracy, but the underlying Heart of Darkness in collectivization is in-common.

Weak Points & Strong/Illusion and Reality

The relative weakness of the enemy in third-world corruption is an opportunity to convert ‘Palestinian Arabs’ to Western civilization by Being Civil. We all know the sorry state of Pauline affairs drenched in millenia of blood, while certain in ‘orientalist’ Absolutism, that Muslims are incapable of the same progression into modernity. The problem centers on the desire to resurrect the biblical ethos of herem from the time of Saul within ‘Us’ while disbelieving Muslims are incapable of joining modernity.

They have to be collectivized because we’re have a duty to be a collective. Calling for a return to biblical Unit Cohesion principles within forecloses any expectation of acceptance of individuated modernity without. What’s changed in the fluid battlefield of this world is the correctness of superficial, ethnic’ distinct from cultural collectivization. All Pauline addendum adherents are neo-pagans worshipping power money might as Holding Dominion Southern Baptists. All Jews are dismissive of Justice by The Fourteenth Principle. All Muslims want beheadings and cutting on opposite sides for those who decline to either submit to Muhammad as a prophet or to feel themselves subjugated.

The Western narrative of ‘All Created Equal,’ albeit heretical to the Roberts Dred Scott Supreme Court, has great value and traction in the hearts and minds of people all over the world, including within Islam. This is the Strong Reality, that’s undermined by the ongoing War Within the States that has successfully recreated maximum inequality. This isn’t a one type of organized religion against another issue, but an issue of the progressive recognition of each life as a world, and that saving one life is a saving of a world. To the dignity of each life — by equal Justice for all.

That’s a system of values from The Divine Torah. There’s a serious deficiency in understanding of the power of The Divine Torah. While there are lesser reflections, the immanence of an affirmation of the necessity of individual justice is at counter to the ideas of collectivization, famously in asking How many Righteous will be needed to save? This isn’t a fairy tale but a reality as expressed in the norms of the civilized world of today. Defenders cry about favorable comparisons to Sudanese and Somalian pre-Adamites, but it’s a Hugh Grant – Elizabeth Hurley What could you possibly have been thinking? moment. You have The Divine Torah and are totally clueless about the treasure you have — at home.

Maneuvering/Engaging The Force

The danger of this direct conflict, not as advertised as a Clash Between Immutable Civilizations, both bent upon Holding Dominion over the other, but an existential confrontation of the reality that neither can ‘win.’ This forced impossibility that The Land can be ethnically cleansed on either nationalistic side is the Perfect Space in Time for Perfect Faith in ‘the other,’ the Stranger that’s the ‘Us’ within ‘Them.’ There are no herem maneuvers that will prevail.

Particularly unpalatable is this Feiglin promise being carried out of killing protesters. When people’s stomachs turn with spraying students in the face with mace, Kent state a fresh memory so some, the right to non-violently protest in the world of today is sacrosanct. You may imagine yourself as living in the time of Saul, but that’s just another convenient delusion. Sure, were they in Saudi Arabia or Arab country whatever, not only that protester but their family would be killed. In there relativistic terms, the king’s torah standard of the old-South ‘thinning the bucks’ may seem to make sense, as the BDS activist receives thinly veiled threats concerning how ‘the soldiers feel;’ foot on the bulldozer gas pedal.

Variation in Tactics/The Nine Variations

Flexibility is needed in turning away from the ‘ethnic cleansing’ as population exchange response to the shifting circumstance that Palestinian Arabs are as tired of being the scapegoats of proxy wars across their generations as Israel and her supporters. This is the common-cause at hand.

While the world will be rightly sceptical that Palestinian Arabs will receive fair treatment under a state-religion of entitlement to exclusive uncompensated taking in perpetuity, the reality that Western civilization is founded upon the principle of the dignity of the individual by the light of The Divine Torah will be a beacon to the Righteous of All Nations.

The Army on the March/Moving The Force

The Divine Torah has created a different situation in which this world finds itself as it moves through Time, and a response of Loving Kindness as foretold by rabbi Abe Froman is the necessity. On the one hand is the intention to drive the Jews into the sea, and on the other is the intent to drive Palestinian Arabs into Hashemite Jordan and Egypt. Neither will succeed.

The state-sponsored militaristic settlement army has been making the residents of Judea and Samaria as miserable as possible in a commitment to population exchange, as the old-South sheriff tells the Negro to gun his engine for a noise violation before the arrest and rubber hose beating or worse. That’s mobilized the world of those with Empathy for David looking up at Goliath. The concept of egalitarian Justice may be foreign to Muslim culture, but that doesn’t ensure that all their offspring will be so callous to the Fourth Generation under Assimilation to Western civilization.

A bit more faith in egalitarian democracy and society would be in order were it not for the reality that old-South Federalists don’t believe in anything beyond authoritarianism, with the only question being who’s going to have the authority. That’s the same mentality of everyone who still calls themselves a Zionist. This is the universal belief, virtually uncontested.

Perpetual War Reexamined

Incitement within Palestine parallels that within the Green Line of Feiglin and Lior, are both to be decried. By mutual demonization and recrimination, there doesn’t exist an ‘out,’ a principle necessity of the management of war as taught by Sun Tzu. Neither side can envision a genuine peace living side-by-side, whether in Bantustans in economic development zones with a corrupt and toothless Palestinian Authority subservient to rabid militaristic settlers under IDF protection. Would mow them down for chafing under their humiliation to just take it all and be done.

If all Arabs are ‘savages’ (including Mizrahim) as the pied-pipers of Hate contend, a Carolyn Glick annexation of Judea and Samaria with honorable provisions for equality is a capture intact. Both Kahanism, the state religion of Israel, as well as Islamism are Absolutist (ethno-religious) theocracies. Because demonization is as active on the Jewish side as on the other, with the power money and might clearly weighted in that favor, as building permits aren’t issued to non-Jews, what fantasy world expects Palestinian Arabs in an annexation to receive better treatment in applications for citizenship.

I’m always chagrined when people write as though the Israeli public (Jewish – Arabs don’t count) wants anything but the status quo, as though Netanyahu is some sort of rogue when he’s just an elected representative delivering on his perpetual total war occupation for spoliation mandate.

Face Reality: Commit to Truth Rather Than Ceremony

As Glick says, annexation of Judea and Samaria out of 1967 conquest will have costs to be weighed against the absurdity of Two-(three)states. Nevertheless, she’s operating from a truthful recognition that Two-state won’t really accomplish anything under the ‘non-negotiables’ laid as berms pretending to be speed bumps. It’s not rocket science to realize that even if a ‘deal’ were made with the Palestinian Authority as correction facility trustee, there’s no reasonable expectation that would in any way extend to Hezbollah and Hamas, Iran, or the billions who still believe in No Justice No Peace.

Carolyn Glick is closer to my truth, though possibly from opposing expectations. Who am I willing to trust? Hands down, she as Israel wins over a feckless third-world corrupt Abbas, successor to terrorist and third-world corrupt Arafat. With the demise of the Two-state fantasia, now is the time for all of whatever ethnicity and religion to accept that a ‘Palestinian state’ as economic enclaves within Judea and Samaria is even more impracticable than direct annexation.

This may be problematic to say, but I want the Perpetual Total War as non-occupation to continue, but didn’t want to say so while everyone of naivete has been so innocently and fervently praying for the never-a-serious-consideration for the militaristic Zionist enterprise Two-state. The only context being perpetual ‘negotiations’ while reifying facts ‘on the ground.’ An important principle in war, as in Chess, is bringing the adversary to a ground of your choosing.

Perpetual War Devoid of Moral Authority

I would be disingenuous to assert that Glick has some type of honor her countrymen lack, as priestess of the old-South colonialist Manifest Destiny Holding Dominion state religion. However, I do have Perfect Faith in the immanent and transcendent power of The Divine Torah. The United States will continue to veto UN resolutions into perpetuity by the Duopoly of Power locked in another existential struggle in the War Within the States. As long as there’s no endgame out of ‘ending the occupation,’ and Two-state isn’t an endgame I can support, I prefer the status quo.



With just enough rope by power money might to hang the exclusive Zionist Of For By ethno-religious idolatry, facts in perpetual taking motion on the ground will continue, until a silent shaking of heads  – with deflect and avoid. Inability to make eye contact regardless of willingness to shake a hand; to see as human. As in South Africa massacres of protesters, one or two at a time is sufficient. Numbers aren’t the issue, but the principle. Demonized out of demonization. What’s in a name?

Nothing to Lose

There’s nothing to lose in Facing Reality, that’s being forced upon us all. We all need to seize this opportunity to make the impossible that’s the only possibility work with a ‘soft-landing’ to egalitarianism. If the militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses are bringing the World to Come, it’s by defiling the Holy Name and the ground of the Holy Land itself with Icebergs of Injustices, until Isaac, bound to this Wheel of Time to return to a choice already promised: To put no thing before, and cries out.

Having avoided talking while awaiting the formal demise of Two-state, the Hamas – Palestinian Authority reconciliation and turning to the international community is a signal that, ‘You think you’re omnipotent, but while you’ve been insulting the world’s intelligence, maybe, just maybe, the world will come to the aid of Underdog!

This Sun Tzu ground to which we’ve all been brought as the Holy Land is of His choosing for his Chosen to Do the Right Thing, on both sides of the wall.

I have Perfect Faith that this egalitarian impossible One-state is the only viable possibility. That Israel will be in fact a beacon to all the nations in arriving at an ‘Israeli Solution’ that isn’t an exclusive Of For By, but an inclusive Justice Compassion and Mercy for Peace grounded in Awe of HaShem that will bring the World to Come in His Shekhinah. 

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