I’m melting! Melting! What a world! What a world!

Who would have thought that a bunker under a hospital and a maze of tunnels could destroy my precious moral superiority? Oooooh, look out! I’m going over to the Dark Side of the Neo-con! Oooooh! Aaaaaa-aaaaah! Ruh Roh!!!

Wicked Witch of the West: You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done! I’m melting! melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness? Oooooh, look out! I’m going! Oooooh! Ooooooh!

I hate to be wrong, but I apologize.

Oooooh, look out!

Collapsing Position

Operation ‘Protective Edge’ has been a glowing Israeli success in proving that the Either-Or, choose a side, of Gordis’ unpopular things tent is unfortunately true, Just the Way It Is.

Antisemitism is factually associated with opposition to Israel so that as food contaminated with insects, it’s impossible to embrace the one without accepting the other. Just as Hamas is purely rooted in violence and founded upon an anti-Semitic ideology, and the Palestinians have ‘united,’ no longer is there any point in progressives as I am, pretending that these people aren’t irrevocably malevolent and need to be squashed. There are times of ambiguity and indecisiveness, and I can only be grateful to Hamas for making it plain.

If my left was serious about putting the kibosh on Kahanist Greater Israel ambitions, they’d have managed to persuade Hamas et. al. to recognize Israel’s Right to Exist, and not as an exclusive ‘Jewish state’ but as an egalitarian oasis surrounded by the barbarian hordes of monarchy, and renounce violence. Just as the Two-state solution is dead, so is the idea that the incendiary factions on both sides haven’t already ensured that Either-Or has prevailed, and the Carolyn Glick One-state of annexation is the only game left in town.

Glenda the Good Witch

Carolyn Glick as Glenda the Good Witch

The situation in Gaza is appalling, but anyone who’s experienced dealing with someone who’s holding and hitting emotionally knows that being hit is being hit. It doesn’t matter in that sense that she’s a hundred pounds soaking wet and he weights two-twenty-five. If Hamas wanted to stop the rockets from coming from Gaza, they could have. To argue that they were coming from rogues is as ridiculous as the militaristic settlers aren’t acting as agents of the state. If there were Zionists in their midst, the life expectancy would have been measured in days.

Just as the non-occupation is a state sponsored project that’s carrying out a drive them out pressure ethos of the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation with no intent to ever surrender the ‘Jordan Valley,’ so has Hamas – Gaza with the drip-drab rocketings been intent upon provoking violence from Israel. Add to that all the energy that’s gone into creating South Vietnam with a tunnel infrastructure project on par with the de facto infrastructure annexation of Judea and Samaria and you have two hands of the same body, that know what each other are doing.

Were it otherwise than Hamas is predicated upon Antisemitism and not on any impetus toward egalitarian Justice, … but it’s not. I’m depressed and distressed that I actually agree that If you voted for Hamas, Israel has a right to kill you. in a falling off the edge of my world of being driven by Compassion for All Suffering. Finding myself at this state of being is as the wicked witch being doused into the face with a bucket of cold water. To face the reality that:

Us sticking together is more important than justice for Them, misguided to think otherwise.

There! I said it!

Face Reality

Face Reality

The situation has created itself as a particularistic militaristic Either-Or, which the chicken and which the egg beside the point. Progressive to the bottom of my feet, I’m done with worrying about the wretched civilians who are being used as human shields by what are, in fact, terrorists. Historically, there was no possibility that I’d ever vote for a niggerniggernigger Republican in a William Kristol joining the (racist)side I’m on. However, like ‘Reefer Madness,’ when the lies and exaggerations of Israel-bashers become starkly exposed, I can only be chastened to the most depressing and distressing reality, the Just the Way It Is, that standing in solidarity with Us as a Bundle of Reeds is more important than justice for an unjust Antisemitic Them. There! I said it!

Face reality, Doing the Right Thing includes refraining from Compassion for the Suffering of people without Compassion for mine, ours. I’m opposed to the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation on principle, but like a chess player whose position is collapsing, incapable of agreeing that Anti-Semites have any value for anyone under any circumstance, I’m trying to hold onto egalitarianism despite having made the decision to refuse to be manipulated by terrorists sacrificing human shields as Khomeini sent hordes of unarmed youth to their deaths in the Iran-Iraq war. This tactic, ostensibly to garner my sympathy, has had the exact opposite effect. This is not Apocalypse Now with the pile of little arms as moral clarity.

I’m squarely back in the Kahane-Jabotinsky Likudnik camp tent, eyes wide open. I know it’s so and have decided that I don’t care, decided not to have Compassion for the Suffering of people with no compassion. I will refrain from saying or doing anything that may accrue to their benefit directly or indirectly. As though I don’t take being threatened to be wiped out of existence personally as well as seriously in a Desert Wilderness Gary Davis, ‘But, you’re not a nigger.’

I remain opposed to creating injustices, but now, (almost) purely because of the poisoning of the soul of Israel by the ascendancy of attendant Racism. Wandering in a no-mans-land between not being a suicidal willing martyr, but still believing in egalitarian Justice while trying to hold out for that end-game draw.

I May Be Crazy, but I Ain’t Stupid

Gaza Tunnel

Gaza Tunnel

Murdering trees that are hundreds-of years old is a genuinely loathsome expression of insanity. The Kangaroo quasi-legal taking under whatever pretense Israeli ‘court’ farce competes with Texas’ ‘justice for sale’ by campaign contributions Injustice System while fooling no one. However, because both Hamas et.al. and the militaristic settlement enterprise that is modern Zionism are both rooted in Holding Dominion Manifest Destiny violence, the issue, unfortunately, boils down to a ‘Whose side are you on?’ in a Charles-Fried inability to abstain. I’m going to support a violent and Murderous Them because I disagree with the violent Us? Fat chance — I may be crazy, but I ain’t stupid.

I’m not going to side with terrorists like Hamas, and I don’t need to hear that ‘freedom-fighter’ clap-trap because they’re not talking about freedom, but the opportunity to oppress. I never say anything I don’t mean, and take people at their word. I disagree with the Judaism as a ‘race’ drek, but this is asking me to endorse a fascist to combat communism. When I won’t endorse either. Were Hamas talking about egalitarianism, but they’re not… . So I’m stuck in Us as the responsible position.

Colonel Kurtz:

Colonel Kurtz: It’s judgment that defeats us.

The Palestinian plan to stimulate violence from Israel that causes the deaths of civilians with an obvious militaristic plan for the ‘Jews’ to be driven from Israel (at the right moment) as the United States was driven from Vietnam means that having Compassion for the suffering of Palestinians is a manipulation, itself rooted in violence. The only thing this has been able to elicit from me is a conscious decision not to care about the suffering of Palestinians. For some, this is harsh and insensitive. For me, it’s after long deliberation, and going against the fibre of my being. Or so I’ve thought.

I’m genuinely chagrined that this position, forced by the violent intentions of Hamas et. al., has landed me in the company of people who have no capacity for Compassion for suffering for anyone except themselves. There have been, and injustices are ongoing. Asymmetrical violence may garner sympathy from the weak-minded, but as bombing galvanized Britain in World War II, and the violent response to non-violent movements in India galvanized the world against Imperialism, the naked intent to terrorize into the depth of time, just as the militaristic Zionist enterprise intends to take into the depth of time, leaves space on neither side for ‘compromise.’ Who is more guilty recedes as a consideration.

When fellow Muslims cannot be judged, the reason the ‘rogues’ of Gaza have been able to operate with impunity, don’t bother me about Islamophobia, the case having been made from its own mouth. The success of throwing off the French and United States from Vietnam, and a host of other colonialist enterprises, is the Palestinian model. There was a role of violence in all these instances, Mandela a terrorist according to the South African Apartheid aficionado Ronald Reagan. Revulsion at old-South violence had a prominent role in the progress toward Civil Rights (being undone by ‘Justices’ under that Godfather of Antipathy’s influence of freedom to discriminate as you’re reading).

The sheer idiocy of a maze of tunnels in a dream of Vietnam has done nothing more than harden my heart. Israel has been building building infrastructure in Judea and Samaria for permanent (non)-occupation, and Hamas has been building building South Vietnam. I’m going to pay them 50 billion and trust they’re not going to do the same as with concrete? Please. I may be crazy, but I ain’t stupid.

Welcome Palestinian Unification

I welcome Palestinian unification. We all associate the great with the small. By that, as people are prone to anthropomorphize The Beyond, the human tendency as Schopenhauer’s will to live same as my drive to survive is to simplify into accessible generalizations that become beliefs by a loss of specificity — analogize, make metaphors. An acquaintance wanted to draw a distinction between the Murderous Heart mom and her product of conception in an on birth control deception Boy. As though he’s under an influence that can change. As Norman Bates of Hitchcock’s Psycho, he is her, they’re one and the same. How surprised I was to find myself walking around as Dr. Baruch Goldstein reincarnated.

So is it with Hamas Hezbollah and the Palestinian Authority. They’re playing Mutt and Jeff with Hamas and Hezbollah as Mutt and the Palestinian Authority as Jeff. Good cop bad cop. Two-state ‘liberals’ and Kach. Black Panthers and non-violent Southern Christian Leadership Conference. ANC within, BDS without. I’ve decided to ‘turn my back‘ as Pauly on Henry Hill in Goodfellas on Palestinian suffering as dim-witted incorrigibles without honor. If the Palestinian position were one that I could support, rooted in egalitarian justice, I’d be more interested. But it’s not… . Elected Hamas isn’t Edward Said.

I’m ‘Over It:’ Just the Way It Is

I’m over it. I don’t care if they suffer. Even though I’m a member of PETA, the humane mouse traps falderal from people who’ve never really lived through a Desert Wilderness mice infestation gives way to a determination of extermination. Yes, I poisoned them as a matter of life and death. Plain and simple, after I’d suffered enough trying the PETA way, I got to the point that I don’t care if they suffer. Faced the reality that I was harming my own health worrying about the morality of their manner of death. People whose help deal with mouse issues can sniff down at me, but the reality to be faced, the Just the Way It Is; that Compassion for the Suffering of those without Compassion, for Amalekites, is forgetting. Mice don’t care if you suffer.

As mice, Hamas et. al. as well as the compatriot settlement enterprise will never get enough. Trying to live and let live is suicidal, on both sides. Anyone who thinks a sovereign Palestine between the Mediterranean and the Jordan is possible is ignoring all sorts of realities. The militaristic Zionist enterprise has already de facto and permanently annexed Judea and Samaria by virtue of infrastructure, despite Finklestein’s idealistic as ifs. And the Palestinians are no more interested in a Two-state Peace, but in the Duty to Mitigate Damages by trying to set borders. A containment operation. That’s as or more anathema to the existential essence of the ‘Jewish state,’ ‘I’m your landlord and masters, and will do as I please. Walk in and claim whatever whenever. Now, say it, say ‘uncle.’ Sound off. I can’t hear you. Say ‘Jewish state.’

pg-4-gaza-1-epaThe Two-staters want another strong-man Mubarak oppressor, that can be toppled as any, an absurd idea on its face. Cousin Dumb as a Post Dyslexic Bush gambled that the (terminally corrupt) Palestinian Authority would win in Gaza and we’d have peace in our time. Unfortunately, the Obama administration is also placing idealism before the necessity to face reality in a willingness to pretend that Hamas Hezbollah and the Palestinian Authority are separate identities. Interested in peace when all their leadership wants is more money to make business in peace negotiations while playing their asymmetrical warfare hand out. In it to win it. As if their common goal isn’t the dissolution of Israel. Time and again, I want to quit my Likudnik tendencies, and just when I think I’m (almost) out, they, all of them, pull me back into the white Russian Either-Or land of Uri Landau.

Face Reality: I Won’t Be a Willing Martyr

If walls could only talk, they’d be as someone who passes well as goyim as I, who genuinely wonders that those who call for the dissolution of the Zionist project really know what they’re talking about. As a Negro, no one suspects that I’m a Jew unless and until I refuse to work on Shabbat and other Jewish life events, or they see my library. Or how I spend money, the bank contesting money going to Israel as ‘suspicious activity.’ I see the depth of Antisemitism more so than some, and the same admonitions from elders of blessed memory are as applicable today. I see behind the curtain of purported tolerance.

Jews in the United States are overly dismissive that much more than are realized have an Antipathy for the openly Jewish. We still aren’t safe within ‘other nations.’ While that’s taken as Zionist hyperbole, it’s also true despite the layer of opposition to Israel as Allusive anti-Semitism with Icebergs of Injustices swirling in the winds, the Gaza siege measure of success in Infant Mortality rates. Anti-Semitism, as Racism, isn’t expressed openly in polite company but is far more common than many imagine. The ADL study was criticised as biased, but it would be interesting to inquire of converts and those of atypical appearance as walls that can talk. That anti-Semitism is alive and unwell isn’t justification for conversion to Calhoun Calvinism, but has to be kept in mind, to face reality.

Want to take a Pepsi challenge? Keep the mitzvot even if you think it’s ridiculous superstition, be openly Jewish for a year, and then tell me how safe we are in the United States. How well we’re being accepted for our Judeo-Pauline values. The value that’s being accepted on the right is being converts to Holding Dominion Calhoun Calvinism, and on the left by the secular Blood of Compassion is thicker than the water of ethnicity. Those who are critical of Israeli policies need to keep the factual association between Antisemitism and opposition to Israel prominent in their minds while attempting to formulate what Should and Ought  to be.

Hamas is the Brer’ Rabbit that didn’t have enough sense to stop trying to fight the Israeli Tar Baby and give the moral imperative of non-violence a chance. Cultural, religious, whatever, I don’t fault Israel for wanting to exterminate terrorists. I want them exterminated.

Kahane was right, but it’s been taken too far into an unrealistic collectivization in response to collectivization, a judgement that walks and quacks like Racism that’s defeating us. That’s the hot tar that’s sticking the feathers of Zionism as racism, that will progressively coat us as BDS. It isn’t that I’ve annexed Judea and Samaria, it’s that I’m being a ‘white’ European that’s integral to the ‘face’ of Israel being Michael Oren. That’s a greater colonialist perceptual association than the reality.

Israel bombs Gaza and is amazed that Israeli Palestinian citizenry is aflame, or is that to inflame the Israeli Palestinian citizenry in the shtick of dynamite into the pond to flush the ‘terrorists in our midst’ out? As Hamas rockets Sderot and is amazed that progressives like me want them exterminated like mice. Sincerely. Yes, in a moment of weakness, or Colonel Kurtz strength, I’d level Gaza for electing terrorists. Shoot every male ‘volunteer’ throwing stones that’s old enough to have Hair Between Its Legs. Then take a nap.

On the one hand, I vehemently object to the racist colonialist premise of militaristic Zionism, the judgement that’s defeating us, and on the other, I’m not going to be a willing martyr and turn my back on my own survival. I bemoan the sordid and rancid character of the Code-word associations as ZOA’s racist pond-scum Glen Beck et. al. and a host of despicable pagan never-heard-of-a-war-not-to-like Neo-cons. Who are appropriating Nietzsche’s Will to Power reduced in binary to drive to survive as another particularist fascist enterprise. What better allies than survivalists unto the (as if Second) Coming of a Greek Myth?

Just When I Thought I Was Out of My Sderot Bunker

Standing for Do the Right Thing doesn’t matter to these people. Jews standing for Do the Right Thing for Palestinians, contrary to any hopes that will undermine Antisemitism as Neturei Karta imagines, does not. Given the opportunity, their compatriot Islamists will say, O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Popping out of a tunnel from Gaza. As Lot’s heart had to be turned to stone as his wife in looking back, that cold dousing of reality has finally turned mine. Hardened concrete with tie rods in my Sderot bunker. That these people would genuinely like to exterminate me because I’m a Jew given the opportunity, regardless of my stands for Human Rights, has resulted in giving myself a heter from worrying about their suffering, my heart hunkered down, gone underground in a Sderot bunker.

I recognize the colonialist cum ethno-religious fascist impetus of the militaristic Zionism project as genuinely objectionable. Judaism as a race defames The Holy Name; is a horrific abomination. At the same time, Hamas Hezbollah et. al. pull me back in, achieve far less sympathy from me than mice I’m willing to poison. Hamas, as Israel’s is an elected government. I’ve always found it silly when people, especially on the left, talk about Netanyahu as a feckless opportunist, in an ‘If only he were a great leader.’ when He is, as Sharon, doing the job that he was elected to do, carrying out the will of the people, as is Hamas.

The Jew in the Family

The Jew in the Family

Sharon’s one-front strategy of Judea and Samaria while making Gaza into a Dunkirk is going to bite us in the BDS ass bigtime. I objected then, as just non-sense. Not out of some messianic drive them all into the sea, but just like a sovereign ‘West Bank’ is a ridiculous notion, so is a peaceful Gaza under a siege of starvation until they paddle to the coast of Florida in fishing boats and swim ashore.

The Genghis Khan past of slaughtering the entire population if the leadership decided to fight spoke more so to the leadership. In democracies, however representative they variably are, as it’s been the will of the people of the United States to endorse Corporatism and suppress democracy all over the world under the banner of fighting Communism, it’s difficult to pretend that the collective punishment of firebombing electing Dresden wasn’t much less barbaric than imperial Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even if the tunnels are not all found and destroyed, Israel has destroyed Hamas. They are sacrificing women and children. That fact just pisses me all the more. Yes, hold the baby blown to bits up. Look! Any human’s soul has to weep. But in finding fault? Judgement? When fellow Muslims can be judged, I’ll redouble my efforts to judge fellow Jews.

How Hard Can A Heart Be?

How Hard Can A Heart Be?

The same as I wouldn’t piss on Amalekites, people whose incapacity for Compassion for suffering is a virtue if they were on fire, and I’d consider it a blessing if they were. Hamas et. al. want to kill me? The feeling is entirely mutual. As I wouldn’t want to ever say or do anything that will accrue to their benefit, directly or indirectly, I’ve had to extend that to their associations including with deep sadness, within my own left. Back to being the Jew in the family again, the black sheep. Resignation tendered.

The Problem with Poison

The problem with poisoning mice isn’t their suffering, but the unintended consequence of poisoning oneself. When a dog I took in had puppies, even though I went around and tried to clean up the poison I’d thrown under here and there, one of them somehow managed to find a piece thrown behind and under when all my dogs were adults and couldn’t get into small spaces.

So is it with the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation tied to Jewish Identity. Even though out of my frustration I stopped caring about the manner of death of the mice, I was poisoning myself in that my Compassion for my dogs, greater than for myself, was keeping me alive. I was dying inside even though the outside was better.

With my Compassion for Palestinian suffering set aside, even more glaring is the corrosive character of the racist thinking that arises out of rendering the generic (Arab/Palestinian) enemy as inhuman targets. Glowing and flashing as a greater issue than ‘bleeding-heart‘ concern for Their suffering. As use builds a muscle, the activated pathway for dehumanization of the target has the spillover and (possibly) unintended consequence of introducing an orientation toward, an old-South Proclivity for Xenophobia. With a dehumanization of the dehumanizing — making Jews into goyim.

Untouchable Muslims lesser than Cushiim than Caucoyim than Beta Israel than Sephardim than Ashkenazim. Than Brahmin? As in the old-South, there isn’t a question of whether there will be discrimination, but directed toward whom. Derbyshire-Sowell hold that the exercise of this Amalekite muscle of blind prejudice is a virtue. It goes hand in hand, that as Bob Marley’s I Shot the Sheriff, but we are shooting the deputy.

That poison I put down to kill the mice came back to bite me in the ass by killing puppies that are exploring and getting into small spaces, as the souls of generations of young and impressionable Jews are growing up to be permanently incapable of Compassion for any suffering other than their own. Who like ‘the Boy’ won’t be able to be saved. Capacity for Loving Kindness being poisoned away. Capacity for Compassion for the stranger, distant history.

The pretense that setting a Palestinian youth on fire alive is soccer and not societal is another Whistling Past the Graveyard of credibility that Zionism that means an exclusive ‘Jewish state’ isn’t itself a particularistic (racist) abomination. Just because Hamas is Antisemitic, doesn’t mean that Jews should lose their good judgement to become (racist) Calhoun Calvinists. That Muslim-Jewish adversarial enmity on the short-term (since the creation of the ‘Jewish state’) in comparison to the long time (almost) peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Jews for millennia. An Egyptian politician was promptly denounced for saying that Jews who’d lived there prior to 1948 should be repatriated in a Right of Return, but it’s just this type of initiative with an egalitarian drive that’s needed, as the realpolitik of the Levy Report, not Vietnamese tunnels. Trust me, I’m not going to be pushed into the sea. Forgetaboutit.

People Are People and Mice are Human

The Smell of Racism in the Morning

Getting Used to the Smell of Racism in the Morning

Mice are human. They laugh cry argue fight amongst each other in times of adversity play have leaders and followers nurse their young make plans work together. Share bonds of Compassion, just like any other mammals. And put the word out that house isn’t a good place to be, the scouts never reporting back. They remember. In them, I found the commonality of all mammalian souls at least. Differing tool sets but fully in possession of a soul nevertheless. It’s their being (almost) human that cemented my determination to never eat mammalian flesh again, and over time, the smell of cooking flesh isn’t attractive but off putting to say the least.

Jews are becoming accustomed to the smell of Racism when, as have I found myself shot with a diamond through the forehead in realizing Targeted protester Killings are based upon Hair Between Their Legs. And in agreement. A better way of putting my not caring about their suffering is that I decided to care more about my own than theirs. So is it here. I’ve decided to care more about the suffering of my Jewish people, OK Gordis, tribe, than Them.

While my Chess position has collapsed in the sense of being driven by Compassion for cannon-fodder Palestinians, (and with poverty rates being what they are in Israel, cannon-fodder Jews as well), I’m pulled right back into the same position in opposition to the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation on principle in that the particularistic motive of exclusive Zionism is poisoning the puppies, the generations to come to the fourth. Remarkably, even though my heart is hardened to Palestinian suffering, and I’m not looking back, my position is still the same because my tribe is suffering with this poisoning of the soul from within. Even without caring about Them, I still lament that Being Holy has become a willingness to sacrifice the soul of Israel to The Fourth Generation under The Fourteenth Principle.

Loving Kindness: Just the Way I Am

Just When I Think I'm Out

Just When I Think I’m Out

Most organized religions are founded upon a principle of an Us. For most, Loving Kindness is restricted to an Us as Just the Way It Is — always directed to the self. There’s no movement into the Beyond because it’s as buying a gift for oneself. Add that name recognition is simply a cost of doing business, as the Republican ex-crack-dealer turned rapper who murdered-for-fun is known for its (tax-attorney recommended) generosity.

We are not Them, Chosen explicitly to Be Holy, to go Beyond.

The reality that ‘other nation’s’ kindness is with an expectation of personal reward is deployed to defend that same policy of restriction within. Despite only one in five are human, because they’re being rolled into the collective, worlds are being decimated daily. Poisoned. Arbitrary collectivization is unjust, on both sides, Racism of the ugliest descents into idolatry. Along with Anti-Semitism.

It’s not for their majority, that baby that my soul weeps today, its in Compassion for our own Suffering in this racist poisoning from within. It’s for the soul of Israel in this poisoning with exceptionalism from being Chosen to be just. From the need to Be Holy. To have Loving Kindness for the stranger, Never Forgetting that we’ve been blessed by the kindness of strangers in times of need.

Face reality, it’s Just the Way I Am that regardless of how my hardened heart wants to exterminate Them like mice, and they are human and not mice, not for their benefit but for the sake of Heaven, we, I still need Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace to bring the World to Come in His Shekhinah.


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