Basin and Ewer

Basin and Ewer

The extent that I can accept Forgiveness of the wrongs I’ve done depends on the existential connection of my Never Forget to Never Again.

My asinine injustices against others were rooted in lack of faith. I know my failures intimately as threads of consciousness.

Threads of Consciousness

I’ve never had faith like eat a wafer take a sip and say-do-whatever is OK. Until the plantation, I was incapable of lying except the most egregious injustice for which I can’t forgive myself. As certain as I am that I can’t forgive myself for that injury, I’m certain that faith in lying is a losing proposition.

Creating the Lie Is the First Step

Creating the lie is the first step in creating an injustice.

Lying may have short term gains, but in the end, the lie will be known and the injuries will tell into the depths of time. Those lies created permanent remorse to the bottom of my soul that I live with every day in consciousness, whether forgiven or not. In my great failure rooted in lack of faith, whether now later or both I can’t say, but pay I do and will as I carry my episode of lying rooted in selfishness, weakly afraid to tell the truth, with me into eternity.

Faith in Forgiveness

Faith in forgiveness has it’s utility, as the basketball player doesn’t let the last miss distract from the current reality, but unless that injured person is asked for forgiveness by the guilty, it’s not forgiven. Faith in some paradigms is believing in wafers and wine or ablutions as a get out of jail free for say-do-whatever. Fantasizing that a ritual abrogates this obligation is a treatment of convenience. This is an especially deepening abomination as the underlying choosing to lie continues unabated.

People rationalize all sorts of things, are operating with heters on every level every day, but there’s no heter for irreverently looking away from HaShem while abusing The Name, will not be held guiltless.

Operating as if commanded, obeying with murder covetousness lying and stealing justified by false witness, in the same space as any references to HaShem, is unforgivable. Murder on Spartan stones in The Name is a compounded injury as irrevocable as the deaths that result.

I Amen their: Judge not lest ye be judged, but for those with a proclivity for xenophobia, faith in flipping ‘judge not’ around like John Wesley Hardin being cute with his guns to judge for justification of covetousness theft and murder will never be forgiven. They’ve usurped by equilibrating a man as if thing, then take The Name in vain to do evil.

Dead Abel can’t Forgive Cain

As Murders in The Name won’t be forgiven, old-South injuries of the past aren’t forgiven because they unrepentantly evolve code-words for strange fruit on Spartan stones Redemption. Every day. While the impacts of their icebergs of injustices weave their way through time. Their purely superficial unrepentant change is only in terminology in their faithfully directing their xenophobic search lights onto new targets of opportunity in their man-as deific divine duty to judge. The desert wilderness is a good place to raise your children to a proclivity for xenophobia to justify lying murder and theft.


There’s an endless list of people without remorse or repentance, in no need of forgiveness for say-do-whatever that conventional wisdom holds aren’t going to be called to account. Who enjoy the love of their families who will defend their honor in their hearts as the Demjanjuks and Evrèmondes of later generations.

Surely the statute of limitations on theft has passed, Ken Lay absolved by death. It’s uncivil to remind of crimes after they’re dead, as if their black hole as-soul was Atwater sainted thereby. As if those injured have been made whole while heirs mourn their inheritance.

Never Account

Here, in this world of lies ruled by the conventional wisdom of Cain, the band teacher that stole my saxophone being righteous in the desert wilderness will never account for Thou Shalt not Steal. Some murderous hearts will never be called to account by Thou shalt not kill for their righteously exempt defense of Putting Food on the Table. In this world.

There are icebergs of injustice thought passed, buried under the sands of history. Native American genocide and impact of American slavery on those populations, their problem. Wafered wined and dined while they set the table of no-rights Federalism. The unrepentant will never be forgiven.

Culture of the Situation

Perhaps I was wrong: About objecting to doing contraindicated procedures. To decline to do the unnecessary to help the system. To refer patients to M. D. Anderson because it was the right thing to do, for the patient. To insist on doing preventive medicine while working for an HMO. To refuse to juice patients for as much money as possible or to exaggerate personal injury and workmen’s compensation injuries. To take care of my mother after her caregiver quit, then refuse to let her die for lack of a shot. To turn down the pill mill job. To refuse the salvation of Medicare fraud. By conventional wisdom, I was wrong.

Lots of heters are flying in the tornadoes of men-as deities.

Torn from the Killing Fields

Bewildered by the adulation of a rabid hate-monger, perhaps I am too ‘tight.’ I can’t have faith in the power of wafers and wine to absolve say-do-whatever, my do the right thing addiction and inconsolable certainty of the reward of good and retribution of evil in the continuity of time are both rooted in Awe of HaShemBorn to wander to the Shekhinah, I’m compelled to strive to obey, with no Will to look away from that light.

If the righteous are sustained by unrighteousness gains, if The Temple sacrifices are brought torn from the killing fields of man-as deific pecking orders, if Israel as an exclusive Jewish state is to be by Native American displacement by Evrèmondes of another generation, is He pleased? In The Name, to be forgiven?

I remember and repent the Great Sins of my life every day as the fabric of who I am. Whether ever forgiven, I’m certain to Never Forget.