As a Bundle of Reeds, there’s strength in Unit CohesionFor the protracted Siege of Greater Israel, unity within is necessary to the representation that any opposition is Antisemitic. The louder and more numerous the Jewish voices against the militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses, the more difficult it becomes to maintain the Fog of War necessary to fly under the relativistic Human Rights radar by China in Tibet, or whomever wherever is worse.

Because Antisemitism is a primary justification for the ‘Jewish state’s’ Right to Exist, any delegitimization of this ethno-religious exceptionalism as a united front also delegitimizes the Manifest Destiny enterprise. Undoubtedly, anti-Semites that will Hate ‘the Jews’ regardless, are seizing upon the Jewish voices of dissent to justify their assaults upon both Israel and Jews in a wider sense. The same as purported voices within, usually Pauline with ethnicity, are used to demonize Muslims.

Unit Cohesion: The First Order of Organized Religion

Unit cohesion is a military concept that corresponds to definition and delineation of an ‘Us,’ that’s the first teleological order of all organized religions. The premise of militaristic Zionism is that the Jewish people as nation are at perpetual war until the rebuilding of The Temple in a world to come of military victory as herem in the time of Saul.

By the definition of being a Jew as Birthright or tribal enlistment and fealty to the ‘Jewish state,’ supplanting lesser mitzvot as keeping Shabbat, the obligation is to serve the military effort to cleanse the land of its non-Jewish population infections. Military premises and modes of operation are applicable to civilian populations within and without in this ‘time of war’ in long-time. By this existential conscription, we’re all expected to carry out our Role.

the bonding together of soldiers in such a way as to sustain their will and commitment to each other, the unit, and mission accomplishment, despite combat or mission stress

Is inherently applicable to the pre-existing ‘Jewish people’ as Holy nation in ownership of The Divine Torah, now reduced to a ‘race’ — ethnicity. Repurposed from Being Holy to being Onward Calvinist Holding Dominion soldiers.

Command Hierarchy

From Knows-Best command hierarchy from Israel, everyone is to carry out their orders in complete obedience overlaid on the previous treatment of religious rulings of elders of blessed memory with The Fourteenth Principle grafted. Soldiers have morale, but don’t get to have an opinion about their orders, theoretically. Are expected lean in to execute their dutiful service with an ideal of above and beyond.

Within The Diaspora, that’s to serve as Total war extensors of Public diplomacy (Israel), educating themselves and others to the relativistic righteousness of entitlement to an exclusive ‘Jewish state.’ That unfortunately, from time to time and only in defense, has to break a few noggins to make the quiche. The necessity of ‘unpopular things‘ is clear in the context of demographic majority.

The problem is arising that perpetual non-occupation is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain out of perpetual ‘negotiations.’ Predicated upon advocacy of a draconian Donald Sterling 19th century value system in progressive pluralistic and egalitarian Western society.

The Diaspora mission is to ensure that political and other support, including within Academia, are maintained optimally. As with Federalist Big Tent of Hate electoral loses in some areas and success in retrogressive climes as the Desert Wilderness, the old-South Holding Dominion product in the War Within the States is understood. As with the efforts to intercede in the Presidential elections, The Diaspora needs to be ‘educated‘ to the right in order to get the troops in line with the underlying values of the rationales.

Opponents outside the group are one thing, but traitors within another altogether.

Centrality of Unit Cohesion

Unit Cohesion needs to assume centrality in the scheme of values, supplanting religious Awe of HaShem with metareligious awe of being a Jew. And failing that, fear of being ostracised from the Gordis tent. That’s to be applied to both theistically religious and irreligious alike.

Several scholars have cited the influence of Sigmund Freud’s thinking on theories of unit cohesion. A number of them noted that Freud wrote of cohesion breakdown among soldiers, asserting that it leads to panic, insubordination, self-interested rather than cooperative reactions to threats, and “a gigantic and senseless dread”.

Pertains to the panicked whining and doubt of the efficacy sustainability and value of the ‘unpopular things‘ militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses. Insubordinate to imagine that the mission of exclusivity is not holy in an assertion of the Jewish people’s entitlement to self-determination in Manifest Destiny. Self-interested to be concerned with the ‘feelings’ of quislings, those to be dispossessed, and opponents in a king’s torah time of Perpetual Total War.

Coercive Persuasion Surveillance and Political Control

For those who ‘strongly identify’ with Being a Jew, as the centrality of historical mitzvot is reduced, the corresponding identity as an ethnicity assumes centrality.

Chinese army relied on formal methods to assimilate recruits into their units. The assimilation process involved features such as coercive persuasionsurveillance, and political control

sabbath-2Once upon a time, there was reverence of the mitzvot, starting with no apostasy greater than public disrespect of Shabbat. With a clear majority of Jews no longer agreeing that public disrespect of Shabbat is the definition of quitting the Unit, now, it’s doubting the holiness of the militaristic Zionist effort.

Gordis’ threat of being thrown out of the tent is the most dire form of coercive persuasion in that regardless of variance of the necessity of heters, Jewish remains central in identity or the person would have distanced themselves from the Jewish people. Lots have decided to ‘pass.’

Those talking about ‘Arab’ rights need to be made aware they’re being surveilled and warned, then ‘further steps’ may be needed to correct any ‘misimpressions.’ This is as applicable within The Diaspora as within the ‘Jewish state.’ It’s important that there’s a chorus in consensus, a united front, that removes any doubt that an apostate is isolated from the Bundle of Reeds. Alone in the whirlwind.

There’s no such thing as a heter from allegiance to the Unit of Cohesion in Perpetual Total War.

Social Cohesion and Task Cohesion

The primary threat within is isolation and condemnation, on both sides. If a plate of Oysters Rockefeller is Kosher, what’ not? If the exclusive Of For By of the ‘Jewish state’ can be questioned, what’s next — liberal egalitarian democracy? Any resistance to the hierarchy of values that sets being a Jew at the top of the Conventional Wisdom Pecking Order is corrosive of both social cohesion and the task cohesion.

A drive to herem total annihilation predicated upon the centrality of the ‘Jewish state’ means that the same charges being leveled against Islamists are applicable under the militaristic Zionism addendum. Within Islam it’s Unit Cohesion to the exclusion of ‘non-believers in Muhammad as prophet, in the Pauline addendum it’s the man-as-if, and here, it’s anyone who doubts that power money might – with Unit Cohesion can save.

Apostates are stressed, made afraid, and isolated in recognition that doubt of the divinity as infallible of the effort can remove esprit de corps within a generation for what’s to be a multi-generational struggleSo that whether Reform Conservative Orthodox or other, Unit Cohesion is effectivenessThat certainly meets the criteria of commitment “to each other, and to the group as a whole” with swift-trust from an underlying in-common of being Jewish. Total Perpetual War necessitates all being as a Bundle of Reeds, standing the winds of time together. Before it was to maintain putting no thing before, now it’s the nation-state-as-if.

Mission-type Tactics

Mission-type tactics (German: Auftragstaktik, from Auftrag and Taktik; also known as Mission Command in the US and UK), … Ironically, since World War II, only the Israeli Defence Force seem to have come close to matching the Wehrmacht of World War II in the exercise of command in this style: partly due to a conscious decision on the part of Moshe Dayan, …

The mission of the ‘Jewish state’ and the Jewish people as a nation descended from Being Holy in The Divine Torah is now The Fourteenth Principle. That unifies the aims of quasi-legal taking within the Green Line, the state-sponsored militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses with extensibility into the demand that The Diaspora Get In Line!, and if you can’t Forgetaboutit, at least Shutupaboutit. This unification of identity of the Unit to be Cohesive, individual and group identity, and the infallibility of the purpose of the nation-state mission creates the factual basis of any opposition being Antisemitic and any dissent within as self-hating.


Zionism Wasn’t Kidnapped. It Was Handed Over. ‘Jewish education’ is now predicated upon instilling unquestioning support of the ‘Jewish state,’ that corresponds with Palestinian education predicated upon a continuous struggle until the demise of the same. Truly Believing the relativistic defense of not as bad as China in Tibet and a number of other examples feeds the narrative that attacking Israel’s Right to Icebergs of Injustices is Antisemitic, the bedrock justification of the ‘Jewish state’ itself.

Regardless of whatever issues may arise, the response has to loop back to the anti-Semitism on the one hand and Nakba on the other. Just as we Never Forget Jerusalem, it’s naive to expect them to forget Deir Yassin. The plan is to make them choke it down forever with power money might. While reminding of histories of dhimmitude and expeditiously forgetting the Pauline history.

Bat Ye’or defined dhimmitude as the condition and experience of those who are subject to dhimma, and thus not synonymous to, but rather a subset of the dhimma phenomenon: “dhimmitude […] represents a behavior dictated by fear (terrorism), pacifism when aggressed, rather than resistance, servility because of cowardice and vulnerability. […] By their peaceful surrender to the Islamic army, they obtained the security for their life, belongings and religion, but they had to accept a condition of inferiority, spoliation and humiliation. As they were forbidden to possess weapons and give testimony against a Muslim, they were put in a position of vulnerability and humility.”

with an explicitly cooperative ‘everybody doing their part’ manufacturing of justification to return the spoliation and humiliation favor — within the Green Line and no rights to protection from militaristic settlers whatsoever outside the Green Line. 

Command By Negation

The significance of Shapiro’s king’s torah is in a context of Command by negation

In practice, the doctrine is built around the idea that individual ship commanders or officers will be allowed to undertake autonomous operations. In exchange, they report their intention to do so to their superior officer, noting that the action will be taken “UNODIR” – UNless Otherwise DIRected – and provide a continual stream of information to the superior officer, who is not required to sign off on the plan or execute it, but only gets involved if the superior objects. Command by negation is the “override” that allows the superior officer to step in if they take issue with the plan, but otherwise allows the inferior officer to operate as they see fit.

The soldier in the field under Auftragstaktik can make a field decision to execute a protester as a ‘king’s torah’ potential future danger, even if subdued and handcuffed by the empowerment of the understanding of the in-common mission of herem. ‘Second-guessing’ that field decision overly much would undermine that empowerment. Mistakes may be made, but the principle of mission-type tactics cannot be a mistake. On every level, including the ‘intelligentsia’ that drives made to order justifications from every quarter, the cohesiveness of the effort is paramount.

Until there’s a declaration of cessation of hostilities in perpetual war, there hasn’t been an inception and cessation of hostilities but a continuous application of Attrition warfare, ‘the strategic concept that victory can be assured by wearing the enemy down.’ That’s expected to continue across generations ∞ on both sides. Both are locked in an existential struggle. The quasi-legal taking within the Green Line more so than settlement expansion per se signals the ultimate intent of ethno-religious population exchange else subjugation. Particularly, as this is the characteristic of the Dred Scott court system such that Arab Israelis, as Bedouin, have scant legal standing within the Green Line.

Unit Cohesion and Ethnic Nationalism

Ethnic nationalism is a form of nationalism wherein the “nation” is defined in terms of ancestry “of the same blood.” That creates this basis of association as debased in that blood alone doesn’t create commonality. This line of ‘thought‘ is old-South superficial in the presumption, as the first order of the difference in Abel and Cain, that commonality of ‘blood‘ has meaning as to the likelihood of being virtuous or murderous in an existentially invalid either-or. Is prima facie idolatrous in the ‘from the same blood’ being a meaningless absolute. If that ‘Unit Cohesion’ on that basis had meaning, the one with the Murderous Heart wouldn’t have done to the other, murdered his brother. That also goes against the admonition against punishing offspring for the sins of the parents, despite probability of acculturation. Critically,

… it is different from purely cultural definitions of “the nation” (which allow people to become members of a nation by cultural assimilation) and a purely linguistic definitions (which see “the nation” as all speakers of a specific language).

in that there’s no assimilation to ‘blood.’

In the context of accession to Jews as an ethno-religious nationality in collectivization rather than religion, all criticism of Israel is factually Antisemitic.

In a perversion of the Loving Kindness of the door being open to return to the religion on a matrilineal basis to an opportunity to be demographic cannon fodder in a particularist caste system. Before, rejection of the addenda to The Divine Torah was the foundation of Classical Anti-Semitism that’s now combined with jealousy and Allusive anti-Semitism. The very existence of the Jews is a thumb in a jealous eye, that’s also the impetus for ‘in your face’ Who’s your daddy? in Greater Israel for Arabs in need of capitulating to an agreement that Israel is Of For and By the Jews as well as by Birthright within by − Who’s your mommy? 

The greatest success of the forces of darkness, the adversary named Fear, have been the turning the people of Justice, whose raison de’tre is Chosen to bring the World to Come for the Righteous of All nations, away from pursuit of Justice in Awe of HaShem to embrace the militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses that have been from the inception. The intense pressure from within is to embrace the spoils of 1948 through 1967 through yesterday, then another four generations-to-come of quasi-legal uncompensated taking.

This authoritarianism that stands that any criticism of the demigod Israel, and it’s Of For and By crusade of ethno-religious sanctification of The Land by herem is the existential meaning of Jewish self-determination. One-state Judt Pappe Peled Shahak beyond Two-state Zionists Chomsky and Finklestein who are out of the Gordis tent with J-street all understand that when Antisemitic terrorists take over the plane, like Danny Pearl; the question will be, Are you a Jew? Yes or no.

Are You a Jew? Us Versus Them

Truly, in a choice of Us versus Them, I choose Us. That’s a reason that Kahane Landau and Glick are and have been attractive. My faith in reconciliation with Islam is, as Maimonides, primarily theoretical. 

Maimonides has no quarrel with the strict monotheism of Islam, but finds fault with the practical politics of Muslim regimes.

parallels my issues with the idolatries arising out of military-political as-if Judaism. As Hinduism goes nationalist, and derivative Buddhism descends into rank nationalism, the issue is that any religion conflated to nationalism that per force adopts ethno-religious chauvinism, as ‘Black Hebrew Israelites,‘ descends from a potential for holiness into idolatry of that thing, ‘Us.’ In a pretense of pitting The Absolute-Unity against HaShem against Allah against The Great Spirit against The One. 

Yes, I’m a Jew first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean I agree to deify Israel as demigod any more than I’m loyal to the kindred niggerniggernigger old-South Ronald Reagan as saint applauding murder in Philadelphia, Mississippi with Ayn Rand as prophet of Calhoun Calvinism. Provocative to say but the truth that we shouldn’t get twisted is that being a Jew means putting no things before.

I don’t argue that the Quran, that isn’t Holy to me, isn’t a textual hotbed of violent conquest, any more than I’m prone to defend the Pauline-Identity history of Crusades, Shoah, and pogrom du jour. Or the racist pronouncements of Maimonides as infallible. Or that the resurrection for correction of the sins of Saul in leaving livestock as witnesses. How absurd can you get, to condemn Islam for being a jealous and disappointed reflection while binding Isaac as The Diaspora to an altar of idolatry of being a Jew in power money might. With every intent of going through with the sacrifice of Awe to fear. 

The Feiglin within me agrees that Arabs are Muslims. Substantively, my relegation of Sindus as Amalekites is with the theoretical belief that depravity is despite Islam rather than characteristic. It’s that thin line of avoiding crossing into an existential absolute that underlies the necessity of avoiding raising Unit Cohesion as an idol to be worshipped.

Unit Cohesion: Strangers and Righteous Among the Nations


Ilan Pappe

Ilan Pappe

A stranger is a “person or thing that is unknown or with whom one is unacquainted, does not belong” to ‘Us.’ That Righteous Among the Nations, as everything else that’s been repurposed for Israel, has its roots in The Divine Torah admonition to remember the Loving Kindness of the stranger, the unknown righteous that are everywhere. Egyptian midwives that risked their own lives in defiance of pharaoh. Germans risked their own lives to hide and help Jews escape from The Shoah.

While there’s a need to maintain Unit Cohesion as a fundamental of teleological survival, by The Divine Torah, there’s the necessity not to put that thing before. In that Being Holy in Awe of HaShem is the genuine tie that binds, not a Bernard Lewis irreligious beyond The Fourteenth Principle ethnicity, the same drivers of only having mercy for ‘believers’ within Islam are reflected in a denial of mercy for anyone who doesn’t agree to the Conventional Wisdom of ‘Us’ Holding Dominion over ‘Them.’

That I’m yet to meet an honorable Muslim can’t mean that they don’t exist, just as everyone in the Desert Wilderness isn’t ‘only-one-book-to read’ old-South mentally-challenged Xenophobic and backward. Were the United States to be judged by that measure of stuck in another century, the red-state bastion of the next-best-thing of At-will, the pronouncements of America as a Great Satan would be closer to the truth. One cannot overlook that one of five are as civilized as any in modernity. Are capable of Compassion for All Suffering, giving truth to the Loving Kindness of the Stranger, Righteous Among that Nation as a grouping of people, some Born into it and others by choice.

Strange Worships

Idolatries are Strange Worships. Any thing that’s been deified as infallible has been put before. The stark either-or of ‘unpopular things‘ to ensure the survival of the ‘Jewish state’ (by population exchange and total subjugation) or another Shoah, is certainly terrifying. The solution still being trolled as bait on the perpetual negotiation hook is Two-state — that’s as absurd as the Likud says it is. On the other hand, it’s given the ‘liberal’ contingent a squeaky rubber chew toy to play with in distraction.

No serious Chess player fails to plan their position ahead. How can anyone imagine that the current states of affairs aren’t the result of a precise calculation. The militaristic premise is that power money might is all there is. Religion, as everything else of the totality needs to be repurposed to serve the Machiavellian nation-state. Israel can’t afford five-year plans, think of forty as the round number. 

Ego-trippin and I’m Thinkin of You

On superficial presentation, the Jews having a state of their own, a homeland, a profane Tower built into the sky for raising a name may be viewed as a city having a sports team or an owner of a NASCAR or Formula One team, but on the greatest world stage of nations. Or Sacred.

Regardless of the history of Native American removal in Manifest Destiny, the rooting of the creation of Israel within a context of colonialist injustices will always be profane until and unless some coherent just settlement is derived. So while Hegel: Social and Political Thought:

Their rights are actualized only in their particular wills and not in a universal will with constitutional powers over them. This universal proviso of international law therefore does not go beyond an ought-to-be, and what really happens is that international relations in accordance with treaty alternate with the severance of these relations [and]

The state is no ideal work of art; it stands on earth and so in the sphere of caprice, chance, and error, and bad behavior may disfigure it in many respects. But the ugliest of men, or a criminal, or an invalid, or a cripple, is still always a living man. The affirmative, life, subsists despite his defects, and it is this affirmative factor which is our theme here

The 19th century zeitgeist in particularism of the Zionist project, by the ‘unpopular things‘ necessary to maintain and progress that particularism is progressively becoming the international understanding of Jewish ‘self-determination.’ The humane and noble have been sublimated to banal and xenophobic survivalism. The page cannot be glibly turned on 1948, denial or admission moot to the issue of hell-bent in intent for continuation into all futures.

Unit Cohesion Immanence and Transcendence

Zionism as a religion that defines and emanates faith as the absolution of power money might militarism for ‘Us’ without a concern for any Humanity other than our own merely expresses worldly concerns, with no capability to transcend the physical. As a Corleone war consigliere as though priest, the foundation of war-time demonization of ‘the other’ for targeting raises Total Perpetual War in like contextual fashion to the Antisemitic pronouncements in the Pauline and Islamic addenda. That forces a unanimous dismissal of ‘the stranger’ as having a potential for righteousness along the same lines as Islamic people of ‘Peace or War.’ Either-or.

Even those who are ostensibly intelligent scholarly and ‘liberal’ Sing the Body Hasbara, educating themselves and others to toe a myopic hysterical historiographic line. Benny and the Jets ‘Cooking the Books’ to maintain an angelic halo of necessary albeit ‘unpopular,‘ a triumphant nation-state trophy mounted on the wall of the biggest-game of the world. Like a crack-head crawling on the floor, there’s no possibility of ‘rehab’ tonight when still in denial of the possibility of a need for treatment of an addiction to taking by power money might. Beyond the issue of what is the addiction.

On May 18, 1948, Wasson wrote “Looting in the captured Arab areas has now been so widespread and has been regarded with such indifference by the authorities that it is difficult not to think it is officially tolerated.”

The fait accompli assumption that everyone is as loyal to their ‘tribe’ as I’m supposed to be to mine, the psychological dependence on ‘transfer’ that’s also physical in the endless counting and counting with a compulsion to follow-through to ‘sanctification.’ Drunk on the pressings of rotten fruit, a corpse torn in the fields under a hot sun day dream of safety in Total Perpetual War, this existential rooting in the physical as the foundation of the militaristic Zionist enterprise has been the Unit of Fear to which we are to adhere. Awe cannot live in the same Time and Space with Fear. Emanating fear with no potential to transcend while maintaining Unit Cohesion. Finding common cause with the old-South praying for opportunities to prey — for a return of an ‘Us’ Holding Dominion over ‘Them.’

Transcending Unit Cohesion

Particularly significant in the ‘blood idea’ that’s been employed as a tool of exclusion in condescension is the reality that the lost Palestinian Jews are the ‘savages’ on the other side of the wall.

Chaim Weizmann, the first president of the state of Israel, famously said that it is by its treatment of the Palestinians that his country will be judged. Yet, when judged by this criterion, Zionism is not just an unqualified failure but a tragedy of historic proportions. Zionism did achieve its central goal but at a terrible price: the displacement and dispossession of the Palestinians – what the Arabs call the Nakba, the catastrophe. …

On one thing the two authors agree: the current status quo between Israel and the Palestinians is unsustainable. Both of them see the writing on the wall. The occupation, the relentless expansion of illegal settlements, the construction of the monstrous “security barrier” on the West Bank, the demolition of Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem, the flagrant violations of international law, the systematic abuse of Palestinian human rights and the rampant racism – all are slowly but surely turning Israel into an international pariah. Avi Shlaim

There’s strength in Unit Cohesion, as a Bundle of Reeds, but more important is what we’re sticking to; fear or Awe? Justice or Injustice? Born in terror to live in terror while terrorizing quislings within and ‘enemies of the state‘ outside: Don’t you want to do business with the technological future of the world? Aren’t all ‘Arabs’ Amalekites? Isn’t any resistance futile, and Antisemitic? You there! Get in line!

Only by Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace will we be able to not only emanate unity, but transcend the profane and realize Being Holy in Awe of HaShem to bring the World to Come in His Shekhinah.

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