Thomas Shipp Abram Smith

Praying for Strange Fruit

Failure to diplomatically pretend that the old-South isn’t praying for Strange Fruit today in go-along-to-get-along is a plantation ‘happiness‘ violation. Disrespecting people and their associates who stand in the civility of Code-words to pump up Hate may be deemed uncivil. America’s been dumbed-down to the cousin dumb-as-a-post standard of illiteracy so that it’s a national security emergency while there’s been too much tact with those with a proclivity for xenophobia.

People who reject Hate are affording associates of Xenophobes credibility to give respected opinions as states-persons and religious leaders when underneath their smiles and Code-word tolerance they’re for thinly justifiable manslaughter on Spartan stones and vigilantism, for a Fool’s Errand to try to rehabilitate them as human.

They’re dim-witted because they have no need to be able to think, just need to be somebody’s cousin. We’re to let them plead to involuntary manslaughter by reduced capacity for humanity, to accept their pretenses of shock dismay and surprise, their pretenses of innocence of intent. The beat of injustice will go on, and when the new story du Jour hits, the old are filed away as irrelevant histories to the future, absolved with an insincere apologetic confession then wafers and wine. While it’s tempting to hit the story that day, be current, tweet something, the Trayvon Martin story isn’t new but a continuation of a story that goes back to the inception of accommodation.

The old-South preys for ‘not so bad’ strange fruit as fighting for their freedom of dominion. Since the godfather of Antipathy as Virtue inaugurated the War within the States by paying homage to States’ Rights to Strange Fruit in Neshoba County for the dominion Way of Life, every ‘Them‘ has been subject to both physical and spiritual vigilantism, that has brought a culture of say-do-whatever to restore as much inequality as possible while beating the Federalism pan as though they didn’t lose the fight against having a Bill of Rights. Yearning with all their power money might to create ‘at-will’ as the standard for everything, including life.

Drooler’s Coliseum: At-will Power Over Life and Death

I’ve branded The Republican Party Big Tent of Hate as Drooler’s Coliseum. The masses in ancient Rome got to vicariously participate in being being men-as deities with power over life and death in this world by sticking their thumbs in or out then the thrill of seeing somebody die, or feel the rush of imaging that they have the power to save.

A benefit of at-will is that unlike civil service I experienced in Washington D. C., where the employee worked hard until out of probation, to then need to hire a new employee to do their job because it’s so difficult to terminate, the at-will on the lie plantation is a form of ‘destructive capitalism’ that thrives on turn-over. The other two pillars are humiliation and nepotism-cronyism. The result is massive roiling incompetence because of the inability to retain employees who are trained (by trial and error).  Formal training isn’t a feature of the Ignorance as Virtue cutural paradigm. Their faith is in a culture of fear. And, as deities are known to be, the arbitrariness of favor and wrath also serves to ramp up the culture of fear. The rush of old-South bullies is to create fear (terror) as the engine of their success.

Intelligence and competence aren’t the issue at all, which is why some companies may find that the ‘at-will’ plantations have the advantage of being able to get rid of bad apples quickly, the problem with the low educational levels and value of education in those climes means that there’s a bunch of ignorant cousins who rise to the top by willingness to inflict pain as overseers who are promoting their cousins and friends, again with no need for competence but willingness to do anything – lie or more, out of fear.

old-South Culture of Fear

Fear-Hate is the cultural value of the old-South. They fear that they will lose dominion and hate anything or anyone they perceive as a threat to that elevated status of nearer my deity as self to thee. The reason eye contact with a white would get a Negro hung is that, like a monkey showing its teeth, that act of humanity is an act of overt hostility to their pecking order, irreverant and sacriligeous. The politics of fear will always work with them because fear is their in-common undertanding of the world and how it works. The good they do is purely out of fear, Their religious dogma is rooted in fear. As a dog that can’t be trained with positive reinforcement, but can only understand beatings, handing out beatings is what they do as their language of communication. About everything. The only question is who’s up for the next beating. Who to hate out of fear and who to make afraid. Wid’ us er’ agin’ us. In or Out.

The reason that guns are a deity of their religion is the reassurance of power over life and death in their hand, and the more the better. The more fear they can inflict, and the ‘safer’ they can feel. Having the stick of the gun is as important to these souls lower than the common beast, as canines are to a dog. And to be all the predator they can be, they need all of their teeth, that translates to a religious value, directly descended from their worship of power money might down the pecking order from a soul of pure fear.

Strange Fruit: The Continuum of Humiliation in old-South Culture

In primate behavior, the pack has to be deferential to the member up the line. ‘Humiliating well.’ Roll over on your back and stick your paws up, whine and keen. Be sure not to bark (talk back) or growl (get huffy). Stand up (act like you’re going to defend yourself) and you’re dead,

Hermann Cain wanting ‘service‘ from the prospective employee wasn’t about sexual gratification per sé, it was about ‘Humiliating well.’ like a dog piddling onto a tree. Which is a large part of their loathing of the intelligent and articulate, logical consistency and accuracy of facts, because their pecking order – at a time called ‘good ole’ boy’ has nothing to do with competence in any objective measure, but with being able to speak the language of humiliation and submission. To piddle and be piddled. That’s what ‘got along‘ and ‘not so bad‘ meant, Negroes knew better than to look them in the face. Accepted their lot.

On the loyalist pecking order, there is an expectation of deference. The old-South remains stung and wounded by the loss of slavery that they strive to restore with ‘at-will’ isn’t only because of loss of property, or the material effects of that War, but because it shook up a natural deferential pecking order based upon ‘race.’ Lacking in every quality but the luck of the right skin color or family, the last thing you need is competition – for survival. From lynchings to public embarssments, to private Hermann Cain altar-girl moments, the core purpose is humiliation. To bully from power. To demonstrate to the victim community world the power to humiliate into a despair of hope, the essence of terrorism to hold dominion.

The Right of Strange Fruit in the Coliseum

For the old-South, no matter what they’ve done, or may do, as Thuggees of Kali, is justifiable to maintain their dominion way of life. Bombing litte girls. Assassination of Medgar Evers. Strange Fruit of Chaney Goodman Schwerner. There’s nothing beneath them because their souls are lower than that of beast, they’re monsters who smile at each other and into the camera while speaking enthusiastically and sincerity about religion. They are defending their true religion which is the inequality way of life. Their Dominion Theology has nothing to do with The Absolute-Unity, and everything to do with men-as deities and a pecking order. As deities, they’re omnipotent because they’re infallible. Naturally, their faith in power money might is rooted in war, whether direct military or war by other means politics and in reality always both.

Vigiliantism, militarism, genocide, the necessity to join any war on one side or another unless it involves worthless darkies, religious opposition to background checks — Calvinism as a whole stresses the sovereignty or rule of God in all things – in salvation but also in all of life. so that as deities on earth, their sovereignty is their salvation. Understand their right to Strange Fruit as divine in their narrow mind.

Bullies in Space and Time

Bullies operate from a primal fear for survival. A bully over age seven is incorrigible, it is what it is. You can put it in better circumstances so that it’s not as fearful of survival, but Never Forget that it’s an it. No matter what it says, make sure you don’t trust it. As the Monsieur Marquis learned to moderate its behavior and be sure to operate within the law, so its own interests, there’s no soul in there to talk to. Heschel says to attack their soul, I say if they have a soul to attack. There’s an Us among them thathas an actual human soul, and only the strongest among them will come out, in Perfect Faith. I made it up from Nothing that being born soulless as one of these lower souls than a common beast with No Ears to Hear, is a kind of hell on earth, that brings hell to earth. They have purpose in human Souls seeing the gaping maw of the forever lost as walking deadly automatons. Who’s only value to existence is to see them as hate.

If it wasn’t in them, they wouldn’t have done it. While I talk about the old-South, I don’t mean a ‘race’ color or even a country. The soulless are all over the world, among every people every nation men and women as waters on the earth, no absolute in the unity. And no group has an intrinsic monopoly on honor integrity and virtue. Within any oppressed group, there will be significant numbers that have no Awe, no  compassion for anyone but themselves. It’s easy to look at racism and believe it has something to do with ‘race,’ that I hold is a human fiction. What is active here, as Hermann Cain wanting his ‘service,’ is power. Money. Might. Calvinists leading another pogrom.

Strange Fruit of Infant Mortality Out of Militarism as State Religion

The ever-mounting povery rate and infant mortality rates are reflective of ever-widening inequailty such that the United States is a Tale of Two Countries with an ever-shrinking middle class in a Duopoly of Power of professional poiticians where one side, the side that was accommodated for inequality from the inception of the United States democracy wants to return corporatists as the newly inaugurated king that they pledge loyalty and fealty in hope of some crumbs trickling down to them on the pecking order.

Strange Fruit in Neshoba County Mississippi

The latest thirty-year chapter since the godfather of antipathy became the patron saint of the freedom of Strange Fruit in Mississippi, inaugurating his campaign at the Neshoba County Fair and the Warwithin the States with a message in support of Strange Fruitous hearts.

The Spook by the Door hired to legitimate Islamophobia disappoints by saying we know what old-South Code-words mean. With ungrateful apostasy, he Tourettes the truth against pretenses of the talking-point lies in go along to get along with the Xenophobic old-Southern Strategy operated in Code-words.

The ex-maverick old-South convert apostate of torture speaks poetically about injustices in Syria while they all kneel at the altar of Neshoba County Strange Fruit singing the praises of the Godfather as if freedom of Man-as Injustices isn’t his, their role of the soul.

The rise of the Warwithin the States as the Wild-Wild West Stand-your-ground law in recent question is sending a message of the prerogative to meet out vigilante justice at Man-as deity judge jury and executioner whim with impunity.

Automatons are willful ignoramuses in their loyalist faith in their Man-as deity of power money might, but the world may not be as infatuated with hate as the desert wilderness that passes an anti-Sharia law to send an affirmative-action message to Identity Wahhabis in sundown Enid.

The Soul of Dixie

Part of America has changed, but within the old-South soul of Dixie, it’s as it should have been and always will be. I didn’t need to check whether it’s been passed in the desert wilderness that still makes Negroes wait for good white folk to finish their business first. If that Negro wasn’t guilty, one of ‘them‘ was. When they’re talking about tolerance, it’s to decry being intolerant of their not so bad Strange Fruit Strange Fruit from time through time.

The old-South avatar is thanked for speaking on TV as he exclaims we don’t know the facts: the killer of an unarmed is presumed innocent until the jury of old-South peers rules. As if outside intervention wasn’t already necessary. As if the old-South police chief and district attorney weren’t already standing in suck-it-up, know your place. Humiliate Well. As Assad and Sudan are standing in suck-it-up, we crush our enemies. As if more unwarranted Yankee aggression talking Civil Rights imposed by an illegal-to-them Federal government that doesn’t respect Federalist States Rights to ‘at-will’ Strange Fruit wasn’t already the only plan, no incriminating evidence obtained.

old-South Can’t Be Trusted

Negroes are still angry subjects because they still can’t trust the Criminal Injustice System, can’t trust a society to be just that plays so nice with old-South xenophobes. Their lives are still worth less, undeserving of egalitarian justice. For mercy to heal, their Injuries have to end. The cowering and bowed to abide as they hear; Know your place, and keep smiling. Hear the Tears in their Voices.

I collectivize the old-South as their kindred-spirit Strange Fruiters in France Syria and Sudan. All over the world, in every ‘race’ creed and color. I don’t collectivize all Muslims as Strange Fruiters any more than I collectivize all white people in Florida or all Negro basketball ex-players in New Jersey. As a wannabe Texas Ranger chose to execute the Negro, the old-South Carolina Negro basketballer chose to execute his chauffeur. One drunk with neighborhood-watch righteousness and the other with man-as deity wealth, but that money buys a reduced sentence in New Jersey and race buys absolution in old-South Florida is my issue, not race or money.

Faith in Dominion

While the issue may seem to be race, it’s faith in dominion over lesser valued, whether justified by anti-Semitism homelessness homophobia Islamophobia misogyny obesity poverty racism ugly uppity what ever.

Old-South idolatries of Ba’al have infected the world with hatred du Jour and love of power money might while they strive to turn back every clock of progress in America. They gerrymander while defending inveterate corporatists and vigilantism with as it should have been Federalism as men-as deities today. The old-South standing in Xenophobia du jour has given America a collective Presumption of Guilt globally.

Plantation Happiness Violation

People debate how racist the killer of the Negro is, looking for a Federal justification for redress. With Degrees of Hate and exceptions for money and association, the issue is moot. What was in his, the police chief’s, and district attorney’s ‘hearts‘ doesn’t matter.

The issue is people who justify with Code-words are to be believed while expressing ’empathy’ as customer service representatives delivering talking-point scripts. They’ll apologize that a mistake was made, and mute (but the Negro must have resisted old-South lawful-vigilante neighborhood-watch authority by trying to escape, got uppity and tried to fight back when attacked, then committed a plantation happiness violation by hollering for help. Didn’t know his place.)

Officers of the law have uniforms and badges to inform that they represent the authority of the law. They identify themselves as such immediately to establish that authority. That that authority was extended to a vigilante that didn’t need no stinking badge to pursue and engage a suspect so-designated by race is the issue. Anyone who’s had firearms training knows the rules of engagement within the context of self defense.

‘Good Kids’ and Blocking Fouls

All these old-South entertained by ‘good kids’ know what a basketball blocking foul is, but the chief and district attorney couldn’t extend that to an unarmed and afraid Negro trying to escape being accosted by a told not to pursue aggressor that delivered a hard foul. Paid in full by the time he took in coordinating a story. The story isn’t that a wannabe Texas Ranger, Negro subjects and all, got carried away. The story is that an old-South cousin dumb-as-a-post police chief and old-South Cousin Dumb-as-a-post district attorney took his word for how the dog ran into his gun while he was holding his dominion ground. They were certainly following the old-South spirit of Stand-your-ground vigilantism law. The chief takes a pause talking of having ‘feelings’ for his child. The district attorney recuses. Yankees are called in handle the bad press. The mystery is that they didn’t sprinkle some crack on him as Dave Chappelle jokes, as we laugh to keep from crying.

When I was taking care of Momma and Dada in Houston, our house was next to a crack house with another across the street. Before I moved in, crackheads routinely kicked the door in and took whatever might be worth a rock. I installed bars on all doors and windows and learned that bright lighting is primary defense. I had a gun in every corner and got out of my car with a gun in my hand. I walked my dog with a laser-sighted stainless Mini-14, on my property.

I was the one with the temerity to call the police with the weekly gunfight nearby, bottom-floor windows blacked out with thick plastic to avoid tempting pot-shot light profiles. I went to the neighborhood meetings at the police station, became known as a community partner. I knew not to pursue, knew the boundaries. Standing your ground isn’t moving the ground for a confrontation, isn’t part of any concept of self defense even in Texas where this was already the reality before the Stand-your-ground law only passed to ‘send a message.’

Officer of the Court

While taking care of Momma in the Real Skeleton Key, I watched CourtTV until thoroughly disgusted with blatant attempts to influence trials they were covering. Prosecutorial misconduct writ large by a Strange Fruitous heart without Officer of the Court integrity to allow the guilty to be fairly convicted. The president of Southern Baptists decries the old-South being accused of racism as he cites O. J. Simpson to justify, as if Negroes were celebrating Strange Fruit rather than police misconduct refuted. Benched by racism during that trial, the backlash already in progress before the acquittal they pretend as justification, I saw police incompetence and misconduct proved. Police he says Negroes are wrong to distrust to turn around and say the ‘big government’ his old-South fights against for freedom of say-do-whatever States’ Rights will ‘handle the situation‘ [until an old-South say-do-whatever administration pardons as Godzilla’s anti-trust violations.]

Be Nice and Make Believe

He speaks for calm tolerance of injustices to be forgiven, cites the Injustice of trucks dragging up ancient-today history buried in shallow graves. Let’s all be nice and make believe. Democrats in Stand-your-ground law states supplicate old-South Xenophobes by riding around in pick-ups wearing plaid shirts attesting to being Conservative. They voted for this Stand-your-ground vigilante law chasing after them like a jilted lover that thinks a beating is love to be accomplices before these facts as America’s tilted progressively to the right. We’re all to politely look away Dixieland from what the xenophobic old-South represents to avoid being inflammatory, to pretend to believe their insincere ‘oops.’ Chase more balls of incrediblity as a Fool’s Errand.

Impersonal Statistics

I can’t exactly explain why my soul chose to say a prayer for Danny Pearl and Mickey Schwerner often. I keep their memory as a touchstone of who I am. I’ve removed them from impersonal statistics to ticks in my clock. I honor them by saying aloud that old-South xenophobes are honoring Strange Fruit in Neshoba County when they cite the godfather as hero.

They righteously accept killings of lesser subjects as dogs accidentally run over without conscience. Evrémondes to flip a compensatory ducat out the window to the down-trodden and run-over at home. Generously. Smugly. Irritated with the delay of good and noble folk going about their old-South Dixie business. Their smiles remind of other pictures as well.

Worth Less

His life not of human value beyond tort, and certainly not worth such a fuss from ungrateful Negroes and bedraggled Occupy hippies, new Goodmans Chaneys and Schwerners meddling in good folks’ Dixie freedoms. The old-South charges up a Willie Horton Tesla of Hate with Code-words, then pretends innocence as their police chief and district attorney following the Neshoba County vigilante script. Perhaps had he lived, the chief”s Evrémonde descendants would’ve cheered for him as he entertained them as gladiator of his dreams on some red-state team being a ‘good kid.’ My heroes didn’t die for Hate but of Hate. I fight Hate on their behalf, on mine, on His.

old-South Scum of the Earth

I’m not going to dirty my Civil Rights Cause with guilt by association with Code-word disciples of the godfather to stand in Hate to don their mantle of man-as deity dominion rationalization. Standing on the same conspiracy theory ground of the drunkard of neighborhood dominion with his ‘challenge and identify‘ before the hard foul. The old-South pretends they aren’t xenophobic when it defines them, their root justification of primacy of power money might they want to restore under a new godfather monument a year as Code-word flag of self-righteous antipathy. They except those Confederate Negroes who fight for Dixie on the right hand as friend, and those who fight against their prerogative of injustice on the left as sinister foe. Pretending that godfather dominion-religion adherents aren’t another version of Assad’s man-as deity right to defend their ‘way of life‘ ground tidied for marketing by Code-words is counterproductive to the truth. That these lower than the souls of beasts are the absolute scum of the earth, nothing in existence lower then the free will to say-do-whatever from Hate. In another context, first there was light. The global realization of this truth will light the way to His World to Come.

Stop Pretending with the old-South

People who are against Hate will turn up the volume, will stop pretending with old-South Xenophobes. As when some rabbis wrote fatwas that killing of innocent gentiles can’t rise to Strange Fruit there was an outcry from others, until Muslims start speaking out loudly against anti-Semitism the forces of Islamophobia will win those days. The old-South stands for men-as deities to say-do-whatever at home while pointing a finger at Assad as his man-as wife points a finger at Gaza. When I heard about the Strange Fruiter in France, blood boiling, I wanted him and everybody he knew on the rack on the way to being drawn and quartered while half-hung, guts on his chest. I’m still not going to forget as those Jews flocking to the old-South Republican Party for a man-as deific dominion solution, sublimely turning aside egalitarian progress Jews have stood for through time.

For and Against Human Rights

America and the world is in a contest of those for and against human rights. The old-South striving for no rights, even to life. Each of us is being asked where we stand. Do we stand for Strange Fruit, conveniently pretending in go-along-to-get-along that the godfather wasn’t standing for Strange Fruit in Nicaragua, Mississippi at the Neshoba County Fair of Goodman Chaney and Schwerner Strange Fruits? Pretend good intentions of Strange Fruitous hearts while whistling Dixie for freedom to deny human rights? I should Forget and sign onto this old-South men-as deity dominion Republican Party cabal to walk in the graves of heroes? For?

Events are accelerating clarity, exposing those who stand that killing of innocents can’t be Strange Fruit. The covers are being pulled off, the lights are coming on, and the realities of the old-South man-as are surfacing at home as other man-as deities’ are being called to account worldwide. Associating with inhumane old-South xenophobes assuaged by; I cheer the boys who entertain me, vote for them when they sing Dixie, like my foreign.

Presumption of Guilt

By Degrees of Hate judgment as deities, they impose a Presumption of Guilt in the case of their unjustifiably slain, and a presumption of innocence for their vigilante heroes until disowned and denied as Rudolph the McVeigh slayers. Swilling wine from the godfather’s unclean Neshoba County trophy cup is going along to get along with people on their way to nothingness in His World to Come.

My sixth grade teacher told me if I’d stop using so many big words and learn some tact, I’d do better. I’m still tactless, lack diplomacy, severe, pejorative, my rhetoric ‘over the top.’ Strange Fruit is severe, disparaging, derogatory, and belittling as Cain stood over Abel. While I’m tactless, unpleasant realities in ugly pictures aren’t mitigated by being silent when ancient history will flow from their Black Holes as-souls tomorrow. They’ll still be here, talking about their noble intentions until He silences them.

Banished in Place

emetttill1We will stop listening to them now. We won’t be seduced by their smiles and feigned concern. Some will waste energy on ‘dialogue‘ with old-South souls less than a common beast that will remain the as-it-should-have-been Birth of a Nation role of the soul of the Republican Party of Drool’s Colisuem of Hate until Afghanistan stops growing poppies.

I reject any violence against them as I reject their worship of violence.

I’m inciting voting against them including Democrats riding around in pickups wearing plaid shirts that vote for vigilante Sharia laws. I’m especially inciting ignoring them. We will turn our backs on them for banished in place, their Congenital Deficiency of humanity exposed on our own Spartan stones of compassion for All suffering, except these who reject compassion for any suffering other than their own.

We will not waste the energy to Hate them, but look away with disciplice. Never Forgetting the Hate they were born to be. For us to turn away from them in free Will. We will look past them to people with Souls of yetzer tov of whatever type or description. Hating their Hate, we leave their tests of faith in wafers and wine to HaShem. We will speak out for Justice Compassion and Mercy. Loud enough to be heard and tactlessly enough to be as clear as the godfather’s Neshoba County Code-words of antipathy. Play nice plausible deniability be as damned as their souls of hate up to and through old-South plantation happiness violations.

Our choice is becoming more stark every day as His World to Come approaches.



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