Monsieur Marquis St. Romney

Monsieur Marquis St. Romney

When in some Social Studies course at Amherst College, doing my time in Humanities requirements, the format was to discuss a book in a weekly seminar and write papers on four. The seminar discussions were so thoroughly inane I asked Professor Cobb if I could write a paper on every book instead of having to listen to all that Mindless Drivel.

Say-Do Whatever Fine Print

I was proud of my twelve excellent papers, but he’d omitted, didn’t say when we made the agreement telling me he’d discount a grade, the do for not coming to class, Fine Print. A lesson relevant today of avoidant willingness to ‘dialogue’ with the terminally insipid.

While valuing scholarship, ‘leap of faith‘ religious beliefs depart from rational influence. No one can dissuade me from those certainties. We find people who agree with our already-held views wherein a pecking order of influence ensues as teacher-student, Mentor-mentored, with some co-equal collaborations and extensions on predecessors of variable scope. Most are under the influence of someone else, whether oral or written. Everybody who’s been successful has a great Mentor. Every great President has had great advisers.

boogie-man-the-lee-atwater-storyDyslexic Bush: Expressive Aphasia

I’ve heard that the dyslexic Bush is intelligent despite his expressive aphasia. Dyslexics ain’t necessarily lacking in intelligence. Circuit issues don’t mean they can’t think. I was living in Texas when he was governor. Despite discomfort with his Bob Jones old-Southern Strategy that correlated to the godfather’s Neshoba County message of antipathy, I expected an amicable relationship to Democrats and the world. Perhaps because the role of governor is different in Texas, but more probably because he was under the influence of his associations, the divisions in the country were driven wider, rather than being a force increasing unity. Out of 091101, opportunities to unite the world against hate were converted into icebergs of injustices to further alienate the friendly world.

Seminal Dimwits

Dyslexic Bush

Dyslexic Bush

The depth of animosity that’s resulted from a group-think seminar-dimwits lack-of-thought process for say-do-whatever is immeasurable. His faith-based administration ignored history at every opportunity. Decisions were predicated upon leaps of faith. Sunni-Shiite history was ignored. Military competence was undermined by appointees, the general that recommended a higher force-level in the invasion of Iraq was dismissed by faith-based group-think. Important cultural treasures of the world were left unprotected to protect the oil industry that ended up being sabotaged anyway.

The incredible Shiite huckster was influential by delivering the say-whatever the group-think wanted to hear to do-whatever. Shock and Awe was to trump boots on the ground in modernity, ignoring the history of bombing effects as recently as WWII. Japanese not Vietnamese, asymmetrical warfare was also dismissed by group-think. Ba’ath outlawed, the civilian population left unprotected for co-retribution attacks complicating the nature of the opposition. Afghanistan turned over to compatriots to catch Bin Laden. Iran expected to stay out of it and be controlled by puffery. A moment of code-word silence for the spending that went through Clinton’s silver spoon and left the tab on the table for the Obama administration to pick up.

The Land of say-do-whatever Make Believe

The list is endless, but the American one day after the next short-sighted ticker-tape say-do-whatever mentality wants to relegate even recent history to irrelevance. Gone by. Wafered and wined, never happened. It’s impolite to talk about dead administrations as though relevant today. Gone the heaven. The devolution of the American middle class has been over thirty years of worship of an idealized godfather of antipathyThere’s a self-serving pretense, make believe that the current administration didn’t inherit an economy on its knees with an iceberg deficit and two unfunded wars in progress expending the most expensive weapons in the world as disposable paper cups from an infinite dispenser. The say-do-whatever war promised to cost nothing cost trillions..

More than that, it left an Iceberg of animosity in the world that’s still underwater. Not because of the invasion, but because of the insipid say-do-whatever way it was conducted, and the reality that Iraq, due to then-available scholarly history, wouldn’t become the forward German beachhead of democracy in the Middle-East to replace the force protection agreement with Saudi Arabia. Sunni-Shiite pecking order contests smolder on dry kindling today as Iraq allies with Iran.

Fatuous Attractive Air-head

McCain lost because he nominated a fatuous though attractive air-head as Vice President. The list of credible candidates that he’d have won with is long. Being from the desert wilderness, committed to never again vote for a Democrat that rides around in pickups wearing plaid shirts to advertise being a ‘conservative,’ to then vote against equality. I voted for Tom Coburn. So I’ll use him as my example. Without question a serious man, though found as co-conspirator in the dishonorable ‘stick it to the President,’ as Vice Presidential candidate, McCain would’ve won.

Coburn’s sensible positions and willingness to work with Democrats would have sent a different message than; Look cousin dumb-as-a-post, I love you enough to nominate you for my Vice President. A woman (a wink and a nod as if intelligent women will overlook that she has none) that’s both decorticate and decerebrate, but demonstrably pro-life faith-based with a Special Needs child, and attractive. All the important affirmative-action qualities of the old-Southern Strategy invoking proclivity for xenophobic faith in say-do-whatever paradigm. Despite his dive to the hard right into the land of making-believed in say-do-whatever, McCain showed himself to be unhinged with poor judgment by climbing over the edge with a blow-up doll.

Red Meat

The faith-based old-Southern Strategy rooted in xenophobia was to get its red meat from this association that misinterpreted the primacy of Bob Jones cum Neshoba County racism that elected the godfather of say-do-whatever and dyslexic Bush with independents that want competence, a uniter rather than divider.

As I, a lifelong independent was willing to overlook Bush’s Bob Jones association with Xenophobia on the Faith that he’d be the kind of President he was as governor. I didn’t want an unhinged if not senile/dim-wit McCain administration. While old-South xenophobia is partly their religious necessity to stand in judgment of people, they’ve lost credibility. They can’t even hand-pick the Republican Party Presidential nominee anymore. Santorum is Buchanan to G. H. W. Bush.

MussoliniMeaningless Sound-biters

An advocate businessman of a Republican administration was interviewed saying the Obama administration’s policies aren’t pro-business. While I’ve heard this sound-bite, its’ meaningless because it’s an automatic talking-point from the discredited being parroted by decerebrates. I wanted to hear just one substantive example.

I don’t know whether he’s arguing for inveterate misanthropic corporatist freedom to lie with impunity, say-whatever, for unfettered do-whatever predation without any regulation in Ayn Rand Greenspan faith-based free-market anarchy or reasoned pragmatic substance.

The rise of the corporatist culture of say-whatever to make the sale then do-whatever as epitomized by Marquis St. Romney is at root of the thirty-year devolution of the country since the godfather of murder in Neshoba County. Without more information, it defaults to the standard ‘trust us, we’re goodfellas.‘ For the old-South that worships power money might, Corporatist lies are a freedom to uphold.

I try to think I have an open mind with my curiosity for the substance of a reasonable man’s argument against President Obama, but my heart’s been closed to Republicans because of the decades of old-Southern Strategy that hinges on Xenophobia, that’s become their substance. Hog-calling the ignorant and insipid. Loyalist idolization, worshiping men-as deities of power money might of the Ba’al religion is a negative. The culture of the situation in the corporatist world is that willingness to say-do-whatever is Honor and Virtue. Lying is enforced on the lie plantation as part of the job. That extends all the way up through Wall Street and beyond to halls of Congress.


Dismayed by the Willie Horton Hate-mongering of Bush senior, from Republican-leaning open to economic conservatism sympathetic to the obstacles governments can impose upon businesses, I’ve become an Independent committed to caucusing with Democrats because the Republican Party has devolved into a Big Tent of Haters. All they are or will be, From Now On.

The last time I considered voting for a Republican for President was on the occasion of Pat Buchanan’s 1992 hate speech at the Republican convention. I liked the senior Bush, wanted to vote for him because he put his country first by violating his ‘Read My Lips‘ in compromise. But, I voted for Clinton despite his willingness to lie, something I abhor, because I’m allergic to haters.

Hate is Their Core Value

As hate’s become the core of the Republican Party, their long and honorable history’s been lost with the Hunley in the War within the States. As they’ve divided the country by vitriolically demonizing their ‘enemies,’ no more than I could accept a man as if deity, can I be attracted by hate-mongering.

President Obama is clearly intelligent and well-educated, what they’ll find a code-word to deride as uppity — because he’s ‘Black.’ I’m not infatuated by faith-based attractive airhead blow-up dolls. That make insipid decisions without regard for the welfare of the country or the world, to say-do-whatever.

The Package

When a President is elected, the party package comes along. When the Democrats had the Senate and House, Democrats that ride around in pickups wearing plaid shirts couldn’t be enrolled any more than Republicans, knowing they were going to run for re-election in old-South dominated territory. They lost, will lose anyway. Democrats are sinister to the old-South, even those. Republicans appeal to hate in Code-words as their conventional wisdom old-Southern Strategy. It’s their core family value, though they’ll complain if anyone ever says they’re being Xenophobic with their Code-words heard around the world.

Presumption of Guilt

They’ll argue that racial Presumption of Guilt has nothing to do with the way the slaying in Sanford County was handled. They dismiss as ancient history the godfather-approved Neshoba County treatment of Civil Rights workers on some warped illogical basis that because the group murdered was integrated, it wasn’t about race at all, and the godfather’s choice to inaugurate his campaign for States’ Rights to murder there was purely coincidental. Just say-do-whatever.

As if the world is as willing to be as thoughtless in accepting say-do-whatever as their intellectually-inbred decerebrate automatons. Golems made from a whole-cloth of hate. Dyslexic Bush went to Bob Jones that had already been cited for banning interracial dating, to send a message of accommodation of hate.

The old-South concern is that Marquis St. Romney won’t continue their War within the States without compromise. Dyslexic Bush didn’t compromise, will be seen as a great President of that war in their version of history. They worry that say-do-whatever Etch-a-sketch Romney might become like G. H. W. Bush’s Read My Lips and at some point compromise with the enemy ‘for the good of the country.‘ And not only raise taxes on the rich, that will eventually happen regardless, but worse than that attenuate the imperial military enterprise.

Marquis Saint-Romney avec son épouse

Marquis Saint-Romney avec son épouse


Etch-a-sketch: More than anything, Marquis St. Romney’s an inveterate misanthropic corporatist, a very successful used car (company) salesman that will say-whatever to get you to sign before the do-whatever fine print; an empty suit, pair of jeans, for appeal to his prospective customer. His positions change as a well-oiled say-do-whatever weather-vane because he wants to make the sale, be President. That’s what American corporatist ethics mean in the Sucker-Born-Every-Minute paradigm. Make the sale. Close.

The company bottom line appeal to the stock-market overrides any antiquated ideas about customers – suckers. While people are impressed that an op-ed in the Times would speak of the devolution of culture at Goldman Sachs’, this ethos has experienced a thirty-year rise in America from the godfather to a complete disconnect from truth in marketing. Business ethics are as historical as Civil Rights in the world of say-do-whatever. Lying rules.

say-do-whatever to Get Their People In

The old-South will vote for Romney: despite their dissatisfaction with his not being of their pretended religion, Etch-a-sketch and all because as dyslexic Bush, they’ll get their people in if he wins. In the duopoly of power, voting for President is voting for the administrative package they bring with them. As the assumption of Negro votes within the Democratic Party, the old-South enjoys that position in the Republican Party now.

Marquis Saint-Romney

Marquis Saint-Romney

A Deity of Their True Religion: Corporatism

Their proclivity for xenophobia will override any qualms about voting for the Marquis Saint-Romney because though they know he’s not one of them, he’s not Black, not a Democrat, and not a Liberal. Romney’s a corporatist, the deity of their true religion.

Though he cares even less about their social issues than poor people, if he’s elected, knowing where his bread was buttered, and wanting to be re-elected, they can say-do-whatever. As an amoral lawyer retained to represent a client, he’ll advocate for their social causes under their influence as was dyslexic Bush who went into the Presidency a uniter to become a say-do-whatever divider under Cheney’s mentorship.

Paul’s more conservative than any, but isn’t militaristic, says America can’t afford to continue to be Birmingham policemen of the world. A real old-South fear is that Romney will back away from American imperial militarism, nation-building the world while neglecting education and infrastructure at home. The pre-senile apostate of torture says America shouldn’t have ended the occupation of the Iraq colony despite not being able to get a Protection of Forces Agreement.

Social programs they interpret as Communism are to be terminated for a Federalist restriction to the common defense that’s become offense for corporatist interests. Their foreign policy main lines will be that the Obama administration gave up Iraq and Afghanistan (by promising to leave) and doesn’t support Israel by not immediately complying with Netanyahu’s request as directive of the Lone Texas Ranger, is still talking about Two-State. The saber- rattling threat of  Iran was inordinately delayed, ‘sent the wrong message.

say-do-whatever To Drive the Country into the Ground

As the U.S.S.R. they’ll drive the country into the ground with militarism to maintain imperialism while pursuing, already in progress under Republican governors, complete dismantling of social programs standing in the godfather of contra genocide’s shoes that dismisses the Bill of Rights and Amendments as a meddling Communist invasion of Neshoba County.

As warriors in the War within the States, no compromise is possible with the party of Lincoln’s perceived bondage to federal interference in States’ Rights to Murder.

Abolitionists of Federal Government

They’re abolitionists, of federal government. The choice isn’t between President Obama versus  say-do-whatever corporatist Marquis St. Romney, it’s between the role of government in Neshoba County. The godfather’s administration wouldn’t ‘get involved in a local matter‘ by talking about Civil Rights, ignored under the godfather unless proven a priori, by confession. If Negroes don’t like being killed or not being able to vote or whatever, they can emigrate, self-deport. By Federalism, Rights and Amendments are invalid: No ‘big government’ telling state Tyrannies of Majority what to do, including judicially validated vigilante open-season on minorities voting contraception abortion discrimination whatever in say-do-whatever.

The say-do-whatever Confederacy

There’s an arc of influence of Conservatism that’s created a canyon of animosity within the Duopoly of Power, the country, and the world in an escalation of the War within the States that’s driven the country progressively to the right. As saboteurs continued to attack infrastructure being rebuilt in Iraq with America in occupation so that the American enterprise couldn’t be successful, the Republican Party serves as an opposition that values defeat of federal occupation influencing states.

They have faith that compromising extremism in the defense of liberty is a vice. They don’t want interference in their right to defend their freedoms in Neshoba County, and abroad in Nicaragua, the needs-to-be-reinvaded Iraq that’s making nice with Iran. An Iran that Mossad says shouldn’t be attacked. They can’t collude with demonized enemies as traitors for the good of the occupation (federal), national enterprise.

Romney’s strong suit is competence that McCain surrendered with his Vice Presidential nomination.That dyslexic Bush eschewed with his faith-based say-do-whatever making-believed administrations. By association, those who vote for faith-based attractive say-do-whatever corporatist Marquis St. Romney will be allied with xenophobes that eschew thought and education.

He’ll surely win the desert wilderness and it’s ilk. Democrats will appeal to care for humanity and ask people disappointed with efforts to compromise with the confederacy that can’t be dissuaded from never compromising as a religious duty in contrast to the Obama administration’s willingness to put social programs on the table for a ‘big deal,’ that seemed weak.

Of Discredited Dimwits

Can Republicans come up with substantive and coherent arguments that will persuade thoughtful independents? That aren’t sound-bite talking-points from discredited seminal seminar-dimwit say-do-whatever group-‘think tanks’ delivered by decerebrate automatons that led to the debacles of the dyslexic Bush administration?

Will independents keep faith in a Yale law professor without tenure who’s proved both intelligent and competent in his first term?  Or decide to vote against President Obama because the seceded confederacy refuses to cooperate with what the old-South says is a ‘foreign’ One-drop occupation?

If not, they’ll need to send some Democrats that aren’t riding around in pickups wearing plaid shirts. Both will be correct in saying that this will be the most important election to date in this lifetime because America will decide whether it’s ruled by yetzer hatov, or not. And by extension as leader of, the world.

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