By the drive of Abrahamic monotheism toward an Absolute of putting none before The Absolute-Unity, humans seize upon things in the here and now, that are not Beyond to elevate as Absolutes in symbolic abstracted deification. By the imperative of an absolute in judgment Should and Ought, my of Abraham of Isaac and of Jacob that pertains to my relationship to Not A Thing that’s Beyond words and description, isn’t the One Absolute-Unity Allah The Great Spirit the-unnamable-indescribable-Beyond. That in a wink becomes an idolatry in an attempt at description and characterization of HaShem. 

Monotheism and Absolutism: Imperatives

Absolute truth, the contention that in a particular domain of thought, all statements in that domain are either absolutely true or absolutely false

DURGA_DEVI_by_VISHNU108Creates an inability to accommodate shades of grey, as well as an inherent cognitive dissonance in the tendency to seize upon proximate references that are existentially reductive as though Absolute. Islam reduced to accepts Muhammad as the last prophet, Pauline as accepting the divinity of the conflated man-as-if, Judaism as the primacy of the ethno-religious ‘Jewish state.’

My terminology doesn’t need to adhere to conventional prescriptions in that I consider all religions to be functionally henotheistic within this existence by there being No Absolutes Within the Unity, including monotheism in gradations of reverence of references to divinity. My definition of deity isn’t restricted to personas so that any abstraction that’s treated as an Absolute, as infallible, has been deified. Personified deities are always anthropomorphized abstractions.

while in Judaism, the prohibited  worship of other gods is called Avodah Zarah and is not limited simply to visible idols (pesel in Hebrew). In order to examine the problems of the modern world, we must understand “idolatry” not only as serving visible idols but also in the broader sense of “invisible idolatry.” Katsuhiro Kohara

and the by the drive toward a singularity as an underlying ideal in Absolutism,

Idolatry is the elevation of a preliminary concern to ultimacy. Something essentially conditioned is taken as unconditional, something essentially partial is boosted into universality, and something essentially finite is given infinite significance (the best example is the contemporary idolatry of religious nationalism). Paul Tillich

Edge of The Abyss of Idolatry

911_memorialAttributing deific attributes as omniscience omnipotence infallibility, ultimacy to a thing is falling over the edge of the abyss into idolatry. Even with The Divine Torah that’s still being studied and interpreted, great care must be taken not to worship an interpretation as infallible and then conflate that to The Absolute-Unity. The Divine Torah’s kinetic immanence is through and in continuity with the Jewish people, who are fallible. The abstraction in Continuity creating in the concrete, in the flesh.

The challenge of Choosing to Return in Continuity of the future-behind is the living in Free Will Role of the Soul. Nothing’s been perfected in this existence except the past. The Absolute-Unity can be neither proved nor disproved, and so is it here in Both True and Not True. My certainty of the World to Come is logically and philosophically derived from Continuity as a pre-existing condition to the belief. The idea of either-or Absolutism is unrealistic, an ideal; whether ‘revealed’ religious or philosophical from ‘thought,’ does not exist as a fact, is a belief.

The ‘being thrown‘ as tendency in necessity to choose in either-or illustrates the underlying thought process that’s accepted as a state of ‘normalcy’ in modern conventional thought that stands on the idea of Should and Ought to be an Absolute.

Continuum to Divinity as (Almost) Infallible

eyeaccThe Torah is Divine, but cannot be worshipped. Humanly, the danger of the necessity to pay attention to the here and now is to look at rather than through references within this existence. The Jewish people Chose to be responsible for the Land as Blessing so that there’s a degree of conflation to The Divine Torah as a shared reverence. In this Continuity with the Divine, the fallibility of human interpretation is such that the Divinity of The Torah does not confer infallibility to men.

It’s actually interpretations of men that have become (almost) infallible by treatment. The Pauline addendum employs a filter of interpretation to support the pre-existing man-as-if belief as the militaristic Zionist addendum seizes upon ‘ownership’ as though 19th century physical in conjunction with the sins of Saul to support the pre-existing belief of the righteousness of colonialist uncompensated taking.

The concept of infallibility itself is inapplicable to The Absolute-Unity that cannot be characterized. However, the underpinnings of invocations of omnipotence omniscience and infallibility are transferred in authority for setting a package of Should and Ought. I will do to hear, but what that entails is available for interpretations. On the occasion of my ‘conversion’ from neo-platonic Agnostic to Absolute Certainty in Awe of HaShem out of writing, The Absolute-Unity and Unity, I misinterpreted the ‘so that‘ as ‘family‘ while ignorant of that meaning values more so than genetic. Lessons now being applied in a stead-fast rejection of the physical as genetic ‘blood idea.

Without guidance in interpretation, the reinvention of the wheel in lifetimes makes for late and short. Continuity as (almost) Absolute in my cosmological philosophy relates experiences rooted in abstracted values distinct from material objects. The distinction of Judaism among religions is being responsible to bring the World to Come for the Righteous of All Nations, is the special circumstance of both the Jewish people as well as The Divine Torah.

Unlike a Sabbatai Zevi, I won’t break ranks with elders of blessed memory. I know I have a heter for survival, but Absolutely, there are fates worse than death.

Existential Anti-Semitism

Abrahamic monotheism is a binary either-or prone to intolerance. I have no doubt that the Jewish people own the Land as Blessing along with The Divine Torah, that creates the jealousy of Cain. The more ‘devout’ of any are more prone to see the differences than the ‘in-common.’ Secularism is the ‘neutral’ ground while both the Pauline trinity and Islam are existentially anti-Semitic in rivalry, ‘the Jews this and the Jews that‘ in both. A tendency for intolerance as typified by my allergy to the Nicene and Athanasian creeds that I don’t consider to be monotheism, Islam a disappointed and distant reflection.

That either of their holy books are purported from divinity drives Antisemitism until and unless at least partially secularized from literal. Today, the wretched Pauline history is glossed over and Forgiven in an expediency of ‘making nice‘ as ‘Western’ compatriots against the in-common enemy of Holding Dominion Zionism, Islam. That while Islam and Judaism are as cousins when the conflation of a man-as-if is a dire assault on any representation of monotheism. Is more pagan than Wicca. Both would be as ‘no opinion‘ as Gaia or any of a number of other religions — if they weren’t jealous siblings resentful of the inheritance of the Land of Blessing of the First-born in The Divine Torah.

Struggles For Holding Dominion of Their Should and Ought

All Abrahamic addenda vie for supremacy as a Holding Dominion of their Should and Ought. Ought to accept Muhammad as a prophet, ought to accept the divinity of a man-as-if, ought to put the ‘Jewish state’ before Awe of HaShem and worship the ethno-religious Fourteenth Principle. In my case, it’s ought to respect the elders of blessed memory, albeit fallible, and the Continuity of succession of the Land as Blessing.

These rivalries are within a familial association to Abraham of rejecting idolatries that too routinely raises a version of Should and Ought to an idolatry. The rise of Holding Dominion militaristic Zionism is a Metareligion-in-common with man-as-if Southern Baptists, allied now in opposition to the compatriot Radical Islam Holding Dominion version. It was by exposure and rejection of Islamophobia that I evolved to accept a validity of the Pauline addendum for some, though never for me. It was by exposure to Islamic Antisemitism that I realized we’re not as close as I’d imagined. All have more in common than less in the commitment to a hard Should boundary raised as an Absolute Ought to be.

Unit Cohesion: The First Order of Religion

By Us-Them Metareligion, commonly, ‘Us’ has been and is often deified; put before. Of these is the group characteristic of adherence to the Ought in Unit-Cohesion as in religious agreement, sect, movement, denomination, caste, uniform as paint, colors, ‘race.’ For many, family and it’s identity extensions all the way to ethnicity is synonymous with religion. When they say they believe, the underlying ‘so that …’ is an affirmation of a tribal association.

That’s consistent with the perceived necessity to propagate one’s ‘personal seed,’ in a sort of afterlife by the Y chromosome or mitochondrial DNA. Commonly, their ‘family and extended’ definition is the embodiment of their belief concerning that which cannot be described or characterized, that’s Not a Thing. In some cultures that’s marrying within the family, not necessarily a sister, but cousin. Seizing upon ‘family’ and its extensions as a thing of absolute value.

Proclivity for Xenophobia is a fundamental old-South religious value rooted in the religious Should and Ought to pass judgement, to decide who’s in and who’s out as the Gordis tent. As a shooter aims with a gun-sight, that near post is looked beyond to the target. So often, we rest our gaze on the post and miss. Racism comes in the water supply in the Desert Wilderness, all are affected one way or another. We are not neutral on our moving train of this existence, choose our Roles.

Particularly in the American shared-value rise of Racism out of the One-drop rule as a religious belief in support of American Slavery, through the kindred idealization of ‘racial purity’ of the Third Reich, and now the ‘blood idea’ in the ‘Jewish state’ that’s mirroring Korea and Japan. For many, particularly in the old-South and derivative Abrahamic cultures, ethnicity, for lack of a more substantive basis of association, has become representative of that interpretation of monotheistic belief raised to an Absolute. One deity wife ‘race’ ethnicity book-to-read ‘right’ in Should and Ought.

Persistence of Absolutes by Accommodation of Exceptions

They like their Muslim doctor, but don’t want a mosque in their town. By making an exception in benevolently letting her be their doctor, the collectivization has been maintained that One-drop of Islam a terrorist makes, ‘… but Dr. Ahabah the Arab is so nice, so kind.‘ The Big Tent of Hate, accepts Confederate Negroes as acolytes of the Ayn Rand as prophet of Calhoun Calvinism while thirty years neck deep into niggerniggernigger, unlike the Honorable Jefferson Davis. If willing to fight for Dixie, Clarence Thomas, ‘Come on down!‘ So that the standard demonization by collectivization profile remains with an exception premised on a greater valuation, winning the War Within the States against egalitarianism — Communism.

Similarly, these were the great Henry Ford Charles Lindbergh reservoir of Classical Antisemitism in the United States as typified by Pauline-Identity. The amicable association of Israel to South African Apartheid and enemy of my enemy of Holding Dominion, (Radical) Islam, is such that suddenly the United States is a Judeo-Pauline Holding Dominion nation.

Values of Loyalty to (Almost) Absolutes

In the Desert Wilderness, loyalty has been elevated to an Absolute, trumps competence intelligence, you name it. That includes loyalty to your ‘ethnicity.’ Miscegenation is roundly condemned, ‘think you’re too good for a Black woman with ethnic hair. Marry within your race.’ as vigorously from the Negro community as the Caucasian. Associate and Go to Church within your race, even if pastor is white, it’s a Negro congregation.

Criticism of your ‘race’ is apostasy and all are busy kissing their inbred-anti-intellectual cousins so that going along to get along in self-affirmation is everything. The religious valuation of a narrow ‘Us,’ as with third world corruption, is more important, is higher on the hierarchy of values than success. Win with the correct team, as major league sports teams were eventually integrated in the pursuit of winning.

Now inarticulate social-promotion Mandingos as Charles Barkley-the-clown ignoramus Republican absolves Ebonics by having good credit. Consistent with the old-South positive embrace of lack of ‘book-learning’ as virtue. From this either-or Absolutism, all the ills within the Black community are ‘the man’ or the vagaries of Racism. When it’s this witless elevation of the opportunities to run jump and shoot that’s been deified as an Absolute that’s the cultural problem.

Or Racism no longer exists and any disadvantages are reflective of poor character – think they have a right to eat. All old-South white with an inability to think are by victimization of Affirmative Action. When it’s a cultural rejection of the value of the ability to think. Why a variety of other groups who value education and the ability to think clean their intellectual clock as routinely as they clean their guns.

Racism’s undoubtedly alive and a strong undercurrent in United States of a AmeriKKKa, but the ‘Black’ independence movements, as Marcus Garvey and the Nation of Islam, incorporate self-harmful and limiting (win with the correct team) Racism into their doctrinal philosophy, the same as Pauline-Identity and Southern Baptists. All the same ignorant and insipid old-South pots calling each other black.

The issue isn’t whether they will judge ‘the other,’ there’s a religious Ought to do so. Mormon addendum isn’t Kosher. Infidels must convert or die. Catholics must worship the infallible pope. Jews are misguided and damned. White people can’t be trusted, have no heart. Line them up, change the object and it’s the same Monotheism as Absolutism waters of Hate flowing within. Compelled by a belief in the necessary loyalty to an either-or, that extends to a thing as an Absolute.

Either-Or Absolutism of Abrahamic Monotheism

Monotheism when applied to an ethnic association as an Absolute is such that I’m either a Negro or a Jew. If I say I’m a Jew, I’m Haughty and Assimilated, ‘turning my back on my race that loves the Pauline avatar,‘ the same as if I say I don’t worship the ‘Jewish state’ for some. This drive to a singularity in Absolutism as an ideal existentially removes the validity of the other in either-or deference to the one. There’s no question that I’m more willing to betray a ‘race’ than good sense.

I certainly can’t imagine trying to mix being a Jew, as some pretend, with being a Pauline or Muslim, but the differences are substantive with hard Fault Lines. That’s distinct from a superficial quality as the color of my skin or the grade of my hair. Were genetics the sole arbiter of character, Cain wouldn’t have killed Abel and my parents’ daughter wouldn’t have Cain’s Murderous Heart. Then, from hence does the ‘other’ strain arise there? Becoming a militaristic Zionist dismissive of Justice in a conversion to Calhoun Calvinism is another hard either-or Fault Line, in Gordis’ tent or out.

To Each Understanding

GlendatheGoodWitchThere are innumerable Hindu ‘sects‘ or disciplines with a Diwali understanding that within that duality is a unity. The issue isn’t either-or as absolutely valid but association. There are allowances for differences without institutionalization of necessary condemnation in judgement.

That comes in the form of the caste system that purports to promote social order by a religious Ought to be satisfied with their lot, as Africans should have been satisfied and happy with theirs under slavery, then Jim-Crow. As I ostensibly ought to be with my One-drop, or being a subject of the ‘Jewish state.’ All in deification of a self-serving should and ought in the Conventional Wisdom of Pecking Orders.

The drive to put none before routinely falls into making a representative abstraction in association into an Absolute leading to error by being dismissive of the realities that neither ethnicity or religion for that matter, dictates whether someone is looking at their revered thing as an end of itself or through in Awe of HaShem.

In my penchant for condemning the trinitarian man-as-if and all Muslims are Amalekites, I’ve created those as unrealistic Absolutes. As unrealistic as all are misogynistic terrorists — because of Islam as though the Pauline addendum hybridized to Greek mythology is ‘Glenda, the good witch.’ While within me is a sincere call for herem of Amalekites down to all living beasts with a soul who might tell; that has to be actively checked to avoid that floating to the top of my considerations. In the abyss of not only a right to be unjust, but an Ought to judge ‘Them.’

Conceptual Standards in Cognitive Dissonance

Deities are conceptual representative abstractions that are handed down from generation to generation. That goes to the objection of the old-South to the deification of Reverend Martin Luther King. That while elevating John Calhoun Ronald Reagan and Ayn Rand on pedestals as deities, consistent with their Holding Dominion value system. Deification is on a continuum from Antipathy to Respect to Reverence to Divinity to Infallibility. The impetus of the demonization of Reverend Martin Luther King is framed in terms of being a womanizer, but the underlying conceptual standard being opposed is the Communist advocacy of Civil Rights. That also underlies the abstraction of fairness by ‘content of character‘ to be elevated as exemplary. Each deity has a specific abstracted meaning to either respect or disrespect.

A primary function of religion is to resolve cognitive dissonance by presenting beliefs as though facts. Dyslexic George (Cheney) lies to start a war that had already been Neo-con decided before taking office that will cost into the depth of time with no appreciable benefit, but loyalty necessary, Colin Powell sacrificed his honor to maintain honor as an obedient soldier. There’s cognitive dissonance, as with anthropomorphic personification as well as objectifying demonization that drives an impossible ideal as an Absolute when there are No Absolutes in the Unity. To simplify for the simple.

Leon Festinger‘s theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. When inconsistency (dissonance) is experienced, individuals largely become psychologically distressed. His basic hypotheses are listed below:

  1. “The existence of dissonance, being psychologically uncomfortable, will motivate the person to try to reduce the dissonance and achieve consonance”
  2. “When dissonance is present, in addition to trying to reduce it, the person will actively avoid situations and information which would likely increase the dissonance”

That’s invalid in the sociopathic old-South who’s sense of ‘right and wrong’ has nothing whatsoever to do with fact or truth beyond faith in the ability to make the reality desired. The latter Marquis St. Romney shaking the Etch-a-Sketch for the audience as the ‘right to eat’ debacle. All consistent with say-do-whatever in the primacy of Holding Dominion. Lying — cognitive dissonance being the least of concerns on the Plantation that’s as willing to lie to itself as anyone else foolish enough to listen.

The metareligious ‘Us-Them’ structure provides exceptions while maintaining the simplistic rapid-response rule. Slavery is OK for this person over that person who is better off, at least they have a place to stay and get food. Donald Sterling: Get to buy houses and cars. The condemnation of slavery as a simplistic rule has been accepted in exception for ‘Them.’ The ‘bad seed’ reality of a congenital disability of Compassion for anyone but themselves has cherubic boys ‘misunderstood’ despite knocking their daddy’s head off with a bat.

Reverence Versus Worship In Infallibility

My rabbi is my connection to elders of blessed memory, but explicitly cognizant of the fallibility of the respected. Conveniently, it seems ancient history that all learned of blessed memory were opposed to militaristic Zionist colonialism rooted in idolatry of being a Jew. There’s a thin line between reverence and worship, that I define as declarations of infallibility, ultimacy, as Absolutism.

The either-or Absolutism of Abrahamic Monotheism tends to negate the realities of Duality. Both creation and evolution are true, but in the attempt to apply the either-or concept of monotheism to things, choices that lack existential credibility are offered. Because revered elder said it, it’s Absolutely true through Absolute time in every context, sacrilegious to say otherwise.

Justice You Shall Pursue

Bobbsey Twins

Bobbsey Twins

I have a tendency to put Justice before. As the Bobbsey twins, Jews as an ethnicity distinct from religion and the racist premises of Classical Antisemitism are born of the same mother, a specious superficial basis of Identity for Us-Them. Where is the light of separation between the twins Hamas Hezbollah and Irgun Haganah Kach? Which the chicken and which the egg? Today.

I have no problem accepting condemnation because I reject all the addenda, though fully aware that Antisemitism is alive and well in the world and that given the opportunity there are more than you’d imagine that would do us harm – purely for being a Jew. Regardless of stands against the idolatries of militaristic Zionism.

The Long Journey Home

When I was at Amherst College, there was a long drive from Tulsa, a lot of time for reflection. The long journey in solitude eventually goes beyond reflection. So has it been with my long journey from Platonism at age seven to Agnostic at thirteen when I walked away from the Pauline addendum, to the milestone of realization that I’m a Jew in 1973, to others of several. To the Lo, Am I Brought Low courage in my Gordis-Kahane forfeit of a place in the World to Come to say that using invocations of HaShem to be unjust is an abomination. The Loving Kindness of leaving the door of return to Judaism — that’s an explicit rejection of idolatries, open doesn’t extend to disregard for the stranger in a putting Unit Cohesion before while using The Name in vain as a can-opener for Manifest Destiny.

Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.

Black Holes as-souls, by standing for Arabs as lesser animals without a soul, have destroyed the soul of the nation as reflected in the in-common state-religion in chorus.

Conflicting rules with attendant hypocrisy are a legitimate root of Atheism, many with whom I can identify as putting none before and pursuing Justice. This rigidity is reflected in Atheism: If not absolutely true, then absolutely not true; either-or. That makes it for some a form of Monotheism in Absolutism by deification of the denial abstraction without the accuracy in intellectual rigor of Agnosticism. Often to worship law philosophy science, or the goddess of math in my juvenile case. Atheists are more so than anything freeing themselves from the (almost) Absolute shoulds and oughts of Men who would be deities.

Challenges of Accommodation

Wisdom is good judgement. Commonly religion is associated with mind-less superstition. Then beyond dangerous when elevating things within this existence as Absolutes while pretending to look Beyond into an unknown future; an idolatry around every corner, over every hill, closing from behind – hemmed on all sides.

Accommodation is the process by which the vertebrate eye changes optical power to maintain a clear image or focus on an object as its distance varies.

A primary dialectical reason, that’s entirely metaphysical for Rabbinic Judaism, has nothing to do with Metareligious Us-Them, is by cognizance that fallible elders of blessed memory and Their Divine Torah of Abraham of Isaac and of Jacob are prisms through which to view this existence to maintain Clarity, to focus Beyond the here and now, to the inevitable World to Come from Continuity.

In my darkest moments as Job of no Compassion from the whirlwind, I have Perfect Faith that it’s necessary to connect both directly as well as through reverence of elders of blessed memory. To square the circle, either incomplete of its own; for Continuity. I don’t make revered elders as infallible men as deities, or use a should and ought obligation to respect them as a can-opener for division. It’s my – our responsibility to overcome their fallibility in the Space of Time, for unity.

If accepting any thing as infallible, as an Absolute, it’s been elevated to deity. Fallible elders of blessed memory and their Land as Blessing of The Divine Torah of Abraham of Isaac and of Jacob are frames of reference in navigation to a place this existence is yet to return, the World to Come in His Shekhinah. 



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