Antipathy is Hate

Macbeth on Throne

Macbeth on Throne

As a definition, Hate is a lack of compassion based upon collectivization. Putting the murderer convicted under just laws to death isn’t hate, but compassion for the murdered worlds lost. But, holding a finger on the scale of justice so that the death penalty is applied inequitably is hateful, even if all cases at issue are proven to be guilty. That is a doubled injustice because the killing of the poor or minority murderer has been invalidated as just because the wealthy cherubic ‘must be misunderstood’ receives unwarranted compassion, because of who they are, that is also an injustice to the worlds they murdered.

A Hate crime is killing someone because of who they are. Native American genocide by denial of resources for survival was as much a Hate crime as dragging a Negro behind or running them over with a truck, because it’s based on who they are, not what they’ve been convicted of doing in a just court of laws. Idolaters nor haters can meet Noahide. Withholding Justice Compassion Mercy based upon Hate Disregard Disaffection Antipathy to the thoughtless too dull to feel compassion for all suffering, other than their own.

Hate is the Qualifier on the All in Compassion for All Suffering

The driving by when the injured person sits in their catastrophe, leads to an understanding of Hate and its energy as not 0 or 6, but a distribution between if who the injured person is factors into considerations. That fact of itself is hate. We walk in and by hate all they time, the sound of their voice, they’re rude, abrasive, arrogant, inarticulate, bad hair, ragged clothes. Most often, hate is a numbing, a choice not to consider that suffering, as domestice violence until recently in most and still in some, a ‘private’ matter. Republicans wanting to kill Food Stamps is just hateful, while they talk about religion and morals, the common beast has more compassion. Hate is on the same line with compassion for All suffering, for Hate to operate in the application of All.

What is Hate Like?

Momma required that we use proper table manners. Chewing without gross mastication, as a cow eats hay, and without lip separation was the law. No smacking was possible. Gloria Vanderbilt and Emily Post were my casual reading as a child because I’ve always wanted to do the right thing. Etiquette is being considerate; how to act so that other people’s feelings and sensibilities are under consideration, had and has value to me. I’ve had a habit of judging people with whom I have personal interactions by how considerate they are.

Later in life, I made it up from Nothing that how someone ate was a reflection of their degree of consideration of other people. Conveniently, I graded lip separation from 1 to 6, with 0 being none, 1 slight lip separation up to 6 gross mastication. Then there’s smacking.

hamlet_to_be_or_notTo smack or not to smack

To smack or not to smack  is a question. Amazingly, some can grossly masticate without loud smacking, though you need at least a grade 2 lip separation to get a good smack going.

An at the time marriage candidate with whom I thought I had a lot in common and I went to a jazz club in Annapolis from D. C. Her smacking and crunching table snacks was so loud, the singer and the audience kept looking. I asked her to stop. She refused. I learned on the long drive back to D. C. that her food didn’t taste right if she didn’t get the air into it the right way.

Later, she wanted to go to dinner and the D. C. jazz club on her birthday when I was on unemployment after getting fired for not doing a cystoscopy (putting a metal tube through the urethra) of a young man who had gonococcal urethritis to Put Food on the Table for the doctor for whom I was working who didn’t care it was contraindicated and would give the patient a stricture later in life. I told her repeatedly, I have only so much money. She took me to Le Lion D’or, one of those places with no prices on the menus. I assumed that because I’d told her my financial situation with emphasis, she, a well-paid professional, was going to take this tab. I ended up spending my month of unemployment on her birthday. So my theory held.

Gradation of Realities

Later, I found that table manners are not an indicator of wealth beauty or capability, but still believe in the principle. I’m morbidly fascinated as the most beautiful woman in the world sits there in her opulent splendor eating with her mouth open, meaning I don’t know her but see her as inconsiderate.

However, the idea that there’s gradation in realities, that there are degrees of whatever is valid. Life and nothing in it is black or white, off or on, but shades of grey, degrees of lip separation usually not on a conscious level. People don’t analyze their performance while eating on a per bite basis as an Olympic diver reviews the last dive in their mind. As with following pheromonal trails, there’s something endearing in the innocent obliviousness to the evils of eating with an open mouth, smacking.

Accommodate Hate by Assimilation

People adopt table etiquette, and accommodate hate by assimilation. If explicitly taught etiquette, the issue is raised in consciousness. So it is with hate. In my paradigm, Hate doesn’t need to be gross, but has Degrees.

A person may not be for violent assassination, but perfectly comfortable with starvation by denying resources by discrimination that results in earlier death rates and higher morbidity; both as deadly, the latter able to plausibly deny their Hate disguised as Antipathy. On a continuum of effects, terminology is moot. I don’t care for them; putting people on Spartan stones of survival of the fittest is Hate. Not stopping to aid is Hate. Not having compassion.

Hate is a genuine and official old-South family value. The same Hate charging continues apace with Code-words of condemnation, as successful an edutainment industry as The Coliseum while serving the same purpose of vicarious participation in man-as deity. Gross Hate, as my avatar’s ilk, is high degree, raises the socially acceptable degree of lip separation that varies culturally and individually. These are, as a whole, unlikely to go out and commit a Hate crime, with the Brownian-motion exceptions that get carried away with the rhetoric of demonization and go shoot people such as abortion providers, or legislators of the other party. Or drag a Negro behind or run over them with a truck. Or tie a homosexual to a fence post to die of exposure. The policies of the culture that flow from the energies of Hate charged up results in impactful actions that express themselves over decades in real deaths and destruction of lives.

Hate as a Conscious Choice

As targets of Hate by lies, Hispanics Jews and Negroes are historically sensitive to the issue. In the confluence of the world of awareness, continuing to act hatefully, to eat with the mouth open becomes a conscious choice. Now, white people bitten by the decerebrate walking deadly automaton of Negro or Hispanic racism conditioned to expect white racism have become sensitized to assumptions, prejudices of expected their racism.

Old-South Republicans say they’re being unfairly labeled as racists, when epithets of Hate as ‘liberal’ being spit at people is indicative of a mind-set that’s rooted in a metareligion of hate by idolatrous justifications in a proclivity for xenophobia. Willingness to vote for a Confederate Negro fighting for Dixie doesn’t mean they’re not racists as their search lights of xenophobia probe their heart of darkness night sky. That they operate in Hate is the issue. That Hate is their motive and pillar is the issue, not where that Hate is being directed at that particular moment.

We’re social animals, Birds of a Feather flock together, and I’m not of them. Decent (alledgedly) people of good heart stuck in a pack of sociopaths that make the bus go sit there like the mother of the murderous heart on death row, professes their love, says Timmy Joe is misunderstood, knowing that it’s a monster, hers. Born and raised, took the family or peer values of hateful Code-words to heart to be all the hater they can. After demonization over a long enough period of time, targets of haters either start hating the hater or internalize the Hate in an acceptance of the truth of their being lesser. That’s what all the pride this and pride that is about. It’s not about Negroes Latinos  homosexuals being better than Caucasian heterosexual. It’s about rejecting the rationale for their hate as valid.

It’s either say no to that, or drown in the Hate, cut up like a monster with my avatar’s Hate light-saber: Native Americans Negroes Jews add poor Caucasians now Muslims homosexuals and illegal aliens. I Hate haters hating whomsoever. Hate begets Hate. As the white supremacist whose brother was murdered by Latin Kings seeks revenge by Hate.

Kinetic Hate

As with table manners, our behaviors are subconscious with respect to Hate. Our world is in evolution, from packs of predators on all fours with canines to upright women and men looking only  to HaShem. Jews know about lip smacking Hate, now add drooling for more not so bad strange fruit in the old-South Coliseum. It is existentially inconsistent to decry Racism directed toward oneself and tolerate it toward others; hypocrisy is a small stone that slays a Goliath of credibility.

Kinetic Hate is activity that is Hate-based. The potential energy of Hate stored will eventually release over time, usually toward an object of the Hate, but also has impact internally. Without and within. Kinetic Hate is not giving a job for which someone is better qualified. Just as wrong if a white person is denied as Negro. Hate-mongers crying about affirmative action as the death of freedom are intensely hypocritical because their whole family got their job, for which they weren’t particularly qualified, through the qualification of nepotism cronyism association.

Cousin dumb-as-a-post’s family, so better qualified. They cry about the unfortunate reality that sometimes it’s easier to hire another person to do that governmental employee’s job and leave them on than fire them. When cousin dumb-as-a-post is a stand-up guy as the same arises in other ‘at will’ local monopolies, and closer to home nepotism and cronyism, it’s just the freedom of man-as deity prerogative. Most employees, as most people, want to do the right thing.

The Tesla of Hate

Hate speech is the charging mechanism of Hate as energy. The impact of the Hate energy of American racism in evolution has been so high for so long, that it has a life of its own. Hate is energy, behaves like energy, flows with the power to do work. Charging with Hate speech to build up the potential energies of Hate is so integral to American culture that it’s constitutionally legal, unlike most of the rest of the world.

Code-words, epithets are the short-hand language of Hate: Propaganda, marketing, the charging mechanism that builds the potential energy of Hate. Marketing doesn’t need to be true, isn’t the point. The point is the work capacity of the stored energy of Hate, to increase the likelihood to buy man-as deity, accept the pecking order. America bought the Racism One-drop lie, and the old-South clings to it like a property right in evolution, repackaged as new and improved diffuse misanthropy. Then marketed and delivered it all over world.

Hate speech charges the Tesla Coil. The resonance, the sound of Hate, is electrifying charismatic enthralling invigorating stimulating uplifting, a religious experience of closer to a man-as deity of judgment in power over life and death on earth. This is the old-South’s ‘religious.’ The circuit is the automaton walking deadly mass with its tentacles of influence. Hate is faith-based because the hater has faith in the correctness of their lie based in a belief that can’t be proved because it’s not true.

The xenophobia Tesla is still discharging its energy on Negroes and other targets of opportunity with Code-words to keep the energy up. Anti-Semitism has been a diversion in Arab countries of Hate energy that would naturally be directed toward local man-as deity sources of Injustice. Stick that Antisemitism wand in to keep the charge off Sunni monarchs who know not to caress the Shiite Tesla capacitor of Hate.

Elevate that with Hate speech of epithets that then pump up the charge from slight lip separation to snarling frenzied wolves crunching bones. In America where Hate speech is legalized edutainment, one may not go out with a rope for strange fruit night out with the boys, but take a lesser action or inaction out of the same pool of Hate energy. And plausibly deny that deliveries of rotten meat to reservations were murderous. The devolution of America in recent decades is a reflection of the phoenix of old-South Hate by War within the States.

Hate is Routinely Subconscious

The most important aspect of lip separation, as Hate, is that it’s routinely subconscious, an accepted normality that doesn’t rise to conscious contemplation. In the extremes of prim adherence of civilized conventions of table behavior, awareness of the issue is ever present, along with the sequence of utensils and protocols of civility.

On the other extreme of total lack of care, other animistic considerations take precedence. Societies of genocide, whether overt or by Roman siege in place, are focused to oblivion on their self-directed goals in firm rejection of any compassion for any suffering other than their own. Infant mortality is as genocidal as abortion.

In the sublime pro-life case the thumb of condemnation points out, and in awareness of infant mortality, the thoughtful and considerate, the Human, turns the question to within. As we’re all aware of recorded history, those who make the choice to ignore these issues are willful. Am I my brother’s keeper?

Abel or Cain

None of us pure and most not as sociopathic as the old-South, what and how we accept or reject as Hate has a spectrum that is a life-long work under construction. The work we do in yetzer tov in compassion for suffering or yetzer hara of Hate has lasting reality, through time. A personal change of heart during a ritual does not remove the Hate energy already put into the world, and if continued in evolution, false repentance an abomination on top. Add The Name in vain for a real trinity of condemnation.

The sensitivity may be group qualified, so that Xenophobia against other groups is itself subject to the same degrees of lip separation, but when directed toward them, the sensitivity is acute. Jews had historically been champions of compassion and sensitivity to racism directed toward other groups, for some to now fall to laud Islamophobes. Now, as America has been dragged to the right, Islamophobic Pied Piper’s of hate are being seen as friends, leaders. The only thing this ‘friend’ can ever serve is the deity of Idolatry of Hate.

Zionists have inoculated the world against any criticism from without or dissent from within of materials and methods to support existential rights of self defense. Soldiers hunting down Native Americans off the reservation trying to survive were acting in this same righteously oblivious self defense as settlers removing means of survival under the protection of the IDF rogue anxious to send a coincidentally deadly message. What kind of deity on earth gets to decide this life and death for other people? Man-as deity.

Armageddon is the fight for the freedom of each soul from deities of dominion that’s awakening in our Middle East, and spreading all over the world. No one else can answer our question in His Canaan of Joshua. He placed Perfect Faith in us to do the right thing. Yes, I believe so.