Code-words Beckon the Pack to Attack

WolfCode-words are tools, whether a word or phrase, of beckoning the pack for an attack. A designation of friend or foe, to be allowed to live or be killed. As small animal predators through time, humans to their canine roots, attack from strength in numbers. The utility of Code-words is that as an in-common understanding, a great deal of information can be conveyed in a simple word, a ‘handle.’

Per Wikipedia: “In communication, a Code-word is an element of a standardized code or protocol. Each Code-word is assembled in accordance with the specific rules of the code and assigned a unique meaning. Code-words are typically used for reasons of reliability, clarity, brevity, or secrecy.

What Humans lack in physical strength, is more than make up for in opposable thumbs for tools and language. Through language, we’ve been able to create massive packs with fantastic tools. While we were still running around in packs, we were barking, howling, calling the pack together for the chase, for the kill. That has evolved in the modern incarnation of the pack predator to Code-words, as mighty a tool of destruction as any ever devised.

Code-words both Designate and Create Targets: Propaganda

"Wolf Stalking Prey" Photograph by Vanessa SleaPropaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community generally with an appeal to emotion, not intellect. Atwater hog-calls of the faithful of hate, canines and friends of decerebrate automatons needn’t have more intellectual depth than a wolf’s howl.

They deny being racist and misogynist and a variety of ‘ists,’ and of course my phobias du Jour, and that’s all likely true at least in the sense that their primal teleological motive is to prey on the weak. To amass a drooling horde and descend on prey with a broken leg, a leg they broke with Code-words. And to warn any that might come to their victims’ aid that they can become prey as well.

One-drop was a Bright Idea because it was a convenient handle on creating a mass of already shackled into permanent prey. Other immigrant groups went through periods of discrimination, and were routinely eventually accepted as ‘white,’ the list is endless. Italians and Spanish were Moors. Irish. Jews. ‘White’ Hispanics.

However, as corporatists are amoral, decerebrate automatons are predators. Their calculus is on joining the ‘winning team,’ and signing on as Roman foot soldiers in hopes of ‘taking care of their families’ despite being both ignorant and without an ability to think despite their propaganda to Charles Murray’s and Sowell, the Black Redneck’s bell-shaped curve contrary.

golemCode-words Recruit Decerebrate Automatons

Code-words define the enemy of Ba’al, designate ‘them’ for retribution, both warns and threatens any opposition. In an ostensibly open and free society, Code-words are the gangster throwing signs for a show of power before the drive-by guns blazing. While at the same time recruiting old-South automatons with a proclivity for xenophobia by their faith in men-as deities’ freedom of inequality.

Common sense might tell the decerebrate Loyalists that the richer getting richer isn’t going to trickle down to them in their down-on-the-ground lives, but loving in romantic fantasy trained to Greek mythology, against all evidence, they faithfully persevere, have faith in their men-as deities. Corporatists are divorced from the issues of honor or truth, humanity or nationalism by say-whatever marketing that goes hand-in-hand with do-whatever to Put Food on the Table.

One-drop Racism in Evolution

One-drop racism in evolution: Epithets have been sanitized for media to Code-words: Now liberal reads as Negro-lover, a catch-all curse that includes Negroes Jews and Hispanics homosexuals and whites who vote against revisionist old-South redemption. One-drop of compassion or belief in egalitarian rights meets the standard for the Communist Code-word as a threat to their man-as deific freedom of genocide. As illegal as compassion for targets of ‘at will’ discrimination. anti-Semitism as in opposition of do-whatever Israeli infallibility, Hellenist and McCarthy’s Communists, those who hire Arabs as nigger-lovers.

Lee Atwater of niggerniggernigger

Lee Atwater of

Hispanics are illegal aliens, unless they fight for Dixie. The welfare tag, undeserving poor, once exclusively for Negroes has expanded to accommodate poor whites, now lumped with Negroes if dissatisfied with their vicarious largesse of being white on food stamps, their new Code-word.

The liberal epithet has been so effective that the target group has abandoned that word as description for progressive, to Duck and Cover.  Liberal has been retermed as progressive as in support of egalitarian rights, in affirmation of the Bill of Rights and the Amendments, some excepting the Second. In modern free-speech discourse paradigm, the purpose is plausible deniability while preserving clarity to walking deadly automatons.

Racism Is an old-South Religious Belief

They rely on people being as dismissive of history as cousin dumb-as-a-post. Conservatism has been reduced to Federalist Revisionist Atwater xenophobia for as it should have been without the Bill of Rights and Amendments (except the Second) so that there are no egalitarian rights, to ‘hurt them more.’

Racism as an old-South religious belief in furtherance of dominion is reflected in any Spartan stones survival-of-the-fittest statistic and the patterns of change in those statistics. Being a Redemptionist fighting for as it should have been old-South Dixie can trump race, but any who oppose their man-as deific will of Ba’al’s power money might are fair targets of retribution.

Bullies with Code-words

wolfattack3Bullies. Code-word derision is the mechanism of societal interaction among children seen as a concern while exemplary old-South adults spit Code-words at anything with the temerity to contest their deific will. Snitch is a Code-word for whistle-blower that’s a Code-word for violator of confidentiality agreements on a hypocritical continuum of legality for sale.

Once upon a time, being a bully was looked down upon, while today, edutaining pied pipers of American-legal hate speech are only chastened by withdrawals of advertising endorsements, divestiture. Lear Capital and LifeLock stood by their man of Hate while Citrix, Sleep Train, Sleep Number, Quicken Loans, Allstate Insurance, Sears, Bare Essentials, AOL and Carbonite were perfectly comfortable the until Code-words crossed a line of exposure by violating the ethos of plausible deniability marketing by calling a woman testifying for health-care coverage of birth control with ‘poorly-chosen’ terminology.

The principle of imposition of Man-as deity not the issue, but making trouble by failing to walk the line of being obvious and clear with well-chosen Code-words. I remember my bullies, believe they chose from their born role of the soul. Through time, they’re frozen within me as their last episode. If they’ve led an exemplary life since, I’d be surprised, but that doesn’t undo history. That Code-words are tools of bullies is coincidental to the culture of the situation where a beating or physical assault as the Crusades or Spanish Inquisition were implemented in another time to enforce Men-as deities’ will.

Code-words Rally Bullies: Weak Predators Need All the Help They Can Get

Calling Native Americans as savages and One-drop were both pied-piped rallying of bullies and invalidating any rights of the targets. Those implementing the same Code-word mechanisms in modernity adopt the mantle of those injustices, to be guilty by association.

While the temporal perpetrators may be dead, they live on in the old-South Republican Party of Antipathy as Virtue. The previous Republican Party has devolved by a Stygian bargain with haters. Social Conservatives stand in man-as deity to preserve or restore the old-South plantation ‘wid us ‘er ag’in us’ pecking order. Legitimate issues are undermined their belief in corporatist infallibly predicated on fealty in a pack pecking order. Rather than reasonable consumer protections, they stand for none. Rather than reasonable balance of rights, they stand for no rights. By association with Pied Pipers of hate by Code-words, the collective has lost credibility, as human.

Everyone Understands Code-words

Everyone understands what the Code-words inveterate misanthropic corporatists’ men-as deities’ cousin dumb-as-a-post loyalist xenophobes on lie plantations mean, despite thin plausible deniabilityOld-South predators have been rallying their pack for the thirty years since the Ronald Reagan of Antipathy as Virtue inaugurated the War within the States in Neshoba County in honor of their freedom of not so bad strange fruit in their Drooler’s Coliseum, the Big Tent of Hate.

For pursuit of liberty Code-word for unfettered militarism while choking the middle class unmercifullyConfederate Negroes and opportunistic buffoons lend cover to racists and haters while preening peacocks say-do whatever as Black Holes as-souls whose role is to pump hate with Code-words. Delivering that mainline fix for murderous hearts that pretendwhistling Dixie past the reality that Federalists lost their fight against the Bill of Rights, still dreaming of King George the Dyslexic of faith in Ba’al of power money and might. A mouthful in a word — Republicans.

motivator1015355_xlargeAs they’ve endeavored to expose the weak on Spartan stones, their souls are exposed by His light of day, heard and understood by all as they’ve hog-called the faithful of hate and destruction with their Code-words to prey for dominion.

Judged as they’ve judged, the words of bullies, both large and small, adult and child, living and dead should be ignored now by all humanityAs they reject compassion for all suffering other than their own, their speakers will be silenced in the World to Come.